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X1 Touchpad - Change Double Click = Zoom to Double...

Q: X1 Touchpad - Change Double Click = Zoom to Double...

I want to change settings from Double Click Zoom to Double Click "highlight" and don't know how.

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Preferred Solution: X1 Touchpad - Change Double Click = Zoom to Double...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


i was thinking if there's a chrome/FF extension (or userscript) that allows the PC browser to emulate smartphone behavior. for instance, when we double tap on an area of text, it automatically zooms in to that area and wraps the text nicely around the window.

right now, i do it manually (using ctrl+scrollwheel, then adjusting the horizontal bar to make it fit). any recommendations for automation?

A:double click frame to zoom in to text (emulate smartphone behavior)?

I could not find anything that fits what you are looking for. You've probably looked and found existing extensions are fairly similar to what you do presently.

Out of interest I wrote some scripts with Macro Express and AutoIt. It only took a few minutes. They worked from a hot key (rather than double-click) and pasting into a new window at larger font or appearing in Notepad. I found that it was easier to select text with the mouse (followed by the hot key), so don't rule that out if you find such an extension.

I also made a version where it copied the text in the area so many pixels above and below the mouse. Worked OK but it could miss some text in the top and bottom lines where there was a mix of left-, centred- and right-aligned text. Unfortunately I don't know the programming for FF or Chrome so I can't help with the request. My basic apps did have the advantage that they worked for any document that has text that can be copied to the clipboard (and the text could be directly pasted anywhere else).

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Can anyone please help me figure out the solution to this? My Dell 14R 5437's touchpad isn't properly working lately. It's right-click button and double-tap to right click function isn't working as intended; the left-click button and single-tap to left click function is working ok. When plugging an external mouse, however, I can right click as normal.
I tried reinstalling the driver from the Dell website and it's still not working properly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501, WinXP, and the touchpad is doing double and even triple clicks when I do a single click. The problem is intermittent. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it's horrendous. This almost cripples the computer for doing any serious work (3 windows open instead of one, programs get closed by accident, windows pop up and down all over the place). I have reintstalled the touchpad driver from Dell several times, I have fiddled with all mouse settings in control panel, and I have replaced the actual touchpad hardware, the housing that includes the touchpad, so I don't think it's the physical button itself. However, an external mouse connected to the computer does not have this issue, so it could still be the hardware. Any ideas?


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WLM opens emails with a single click rather than just selecting the email. The boxes selecting double click to open are checked. This box is in the folders section and may be for folders ouyside of WLM. I want single click to select and double click to open emails.

A:How do I change single click to double click to open emails?

Quote: Originally Posted by flyboyo2

WLM opens emails with a single click rather than just selecting the email. The boxes selecting double click to open are checked. This box is in the folders section and may be for folders ouyside of WLM. I want single click to select and double click to open emails.

Correct. "Folder Options" refers to Windows Explorer. The "folders" within a program, like WLM, are under the control of the program. However I noticed that my version of WLM (2009) behaves the way you want without the "Reading" pane turned on. If I turn it on then a single click shows the email in the reading pane. If I turn it off, it takes a double click to open the email to view it. The reading pane is controlled via the "Layout" Viewing option.

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Hi, I am trying to find how to alter my touchpad settings - precisely, I would like double tap to be right click (and alter other settings too, such as double swipe to left works as back in browser). Does anyone know how to do it? I can't seem to find manual for the touchpad. Thanks in advance!!! Darian

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Hey! I've got a Dell Inspiron 3000 series which just recovered from some boot problems--I had to reinstall a Windows 10 image from the Microsoft website; was having problems downloading the Dell factory image.
One thing is still bugging me; I'm convinced that before the troubles, I could tap with two fingers on the mouse touchpad to send a right click. I've grown very used to this and can't figure out how to get it back. I downloaded and installed the touchpad drivers listed for my service tag, and the touchpad is working just fine for basic operations, but I don't have any control panel options to customize the touchpad beyond what a generic mouse could do. Is there any way to get this option back? Thank you very much.

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I work as a volunteer instructor in a group providing computer practice and training, mainly to the elderly, in the use of their own devices, and this one has me puzzled. The computer is a Packard Bell EasyNote TE 69KB running Win 8 - not a touch screen - and its owner has nerve damage in his right arm that reduces both the sensitivity and flexibility in the fingers of his right hand. He was having problems with double clicking and I said 'Easy, we'll cut the speed down.'
I am not overly familiar with Win 8, I don't have a computer of my own running on it, but anyway. Top right corner, Charms, the cog wheel, control panel, mouse / trackpad. I found a couple of controls for the mouse but not for double click.
Can anyone point me in the right direction please. If Win 8 doesn't have a double click speed control it will be the first version of Windows I have run into since 3.x that doesn't !
Chris Cosgrove

A:Double click speed - how to change?

I'm currently on my Windows 8.1 Pro system, and my mouse applet does have the ability to change double-click speed.  It's under the "Activities" tab.  I don't have a touchpad because my only Windows 8.1 systems are desktops.  I tried to copy and paste the actual mouse applet window, but it doesn't work.  It says

"Because of your browser security settings, the editor is not able to access your clipboard data directly. You are required to paste it again in this window.

Please paste inside the following box using the keyboard (Ctrl/Cmd+V) and hit OK"
However when I do that, it still doesn't paste anything.  I'm using Chrome with default security settings and don't know what I need to do.  I've seen numerous posts with graphics here, but I'm stumped.  I'll try in a minute with Firefox & see if that's any different.
 I wonder though.  Would the guy you're trying to help be aided by a real mouse?  They're certainly cheap enough.

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I accidentally screwed up my double click speed. Where should the bar be for the default double click speed or is there a registry key I can change for this.

A:Change Double Click Speed

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> Currently, if I double-click a drive containing a disc, for example, a game, rather than opening the drive's folder, it runs the associated autorun file contained on the media.

> I've already changed the default actions when inserting a disc, but now I need to change the default actions when double clicking the drive's icon.

> Before you point me onto gpedit, you'd want to know I'm running Home Basic (which is a pain to tweak at all, I know). Which registry entry do I need to change for that default action - on all users, if possible?

A:How do I change default double click action for CD's, DVD's and BD's

You can set it from your folder options.

Start Windows Explorer, highlight any folder and click Organize.

Click Folder and search options then check Single click to open an item (point to select).

Apply and OK out of the Options dialog box.

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I knew how to change this in XP, but I just can't work it out in 7. For an example of what I mean, in XP you could change it so that for .reg files double clicking would Edit and you had to right click to Merge. That was Microsoft's own example for a 'How to' for XP. I'm completely stumped though...

A:How to change the default double click action?

Are you looking for changing default program to open a file, such as AVI .... change the open option on double click from WMP to VLC ?

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I'll attempt to be as clear as possible when explaining my goal - a goal I was able to achieve with Windows XP, but have yet to learn the Windows 7 way.

I have a file named whatever.rar. If I double click on the file, WinRAR opens the file and shows me what it contains. This is not the action I want my computer to do when I double click.

What I WANT the double click action to do is to invoke WinRAR's "Extract Here" command - a command that I currently have to do by right clicking on the file and choosing from that menu.

As I said earlier, this change was a piece of cake in XP since the properties of the right click menu can be modified through the Control Panel (once you know where to look). All I had to do was deselect "Open" as the default action and specify "Extract Here" as the default action. Once this modification is made, the "Extract Here" option appears in bold when the file is right clicked, and "Open" is no longer bold.

This is what I want Windows 7 to do. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

A:Change double click ACTION - not merely the file association

Have a look at the discussion here:

Windows 7 Help: Change the Default Double-Click Action? - Icrontic

Make sure you have a backup system image, or at least a registry backup before playing in the registry.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

Registry - Backup and Restore

Good luck.

A Guy

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Okay, since there are many questions on this topic, none exactly the same as mine, I'd like to make myself perfectly clear.
I know about Default Programs, and I know about Autoplay settings in the Control Panel.

What I want to achieve is use Media Player Classic (comes with the K-Lite codec pack) to open my audio CDs (and DVDs) when I double click my drive in This PC. I was able to set MPC as the default for all media files it supports:

I have also changed AutoPlay settings:
AND I have changed MPC's settings as well:

And still, when I double click my CD/DVD drive (when a CD disc is inside), I see the ugly face of WMP:

I can vaguely remember getting around this in Win7 a few years ago, using some sort of registry hack, but I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore.

What can I do to force Windows to use the player I have chosen?

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Hi all,
I borrowed the following code from this board, and need it modified.
Option Explicit
Const MYRANGE As String = "A1:A10"
Private Sub Workbook_SheetBeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
If Sh.Name <> "Sheet1" Then Exit Sub
If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Intersect(Target, Sh.Range(MYRANGE)) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
Cancel = True
If Target.Value = "" Then
Target.Value = "X"
Target.Value = ""
End If
End Sub
This code places an "X" in any cell in the set range by double clicking the cell. What I need it to do is change the font color of (black) text that's already in the cell to red by double clicking the cell. And, if possible, I'd like it to toggle between about 3 or 4 other font colors as well.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

A:Need to change font color in a cell by using Before Double Click Event

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I found an article about this on microsoft's site, but it doesn't apply exactly. I got my fool self in trouble trying to see if it's possible to change icon sets, and wound up with a mouse that either searches, or opens a command prompt window when i double click (also the top two options when you right click) a folder. The microsoft site deals with how to change what program opens various file extensions, not about folders. any help appreciated.

A:How to change or select which program starts when you double-click a folder in window

Hello ,

have you tried to do a (system restore) to before you made these changes ?

let me know

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Weird problem bugging me for a while. Every email I sent became double in the receivers' inbox. When I upload photos, every file became double. The above happened since a month ago, I believe and I didn't think much about it till this morning. I bought something on ebay, and that listing has multiple quantity available. I bought 1 item, but in the end it became 2 separate transactions. Both end times are the same, even the seconds are the same. So why is this happening? Can someone help me please? Thanks.

A:Double emails, double uploads, double transactions

Hi Luther,

What email client or clients are you using and is it setup to connect to Exchange or POP or maybe both?

By the way we only see one post...

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Hello, to enable/disable double tap zoom in browser (IE) just create this registry REG_SZ and set what you want:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\]

"DoubleTapZoom"="yes" or "no"

Can be done in HKCU if you want.

A:double tap zoom in IE

ledjam38, thanks for the detail but it seems that this no longer applies since the release of pro, and you please update, I'd really like to disable this, I have a 3rd party app which is set to initiate at double click but it can't because the stupid zoom.

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Hello. Using vb.net, I've been trying to figure out how to paste the clipboard into the window your mouse pointer is pointed.

If anyone has used unix you are familiar with what i am asking for; just to double right click or middle click and to paste the content of clipboard to the given window.

Can anyone offer any ideas for .net?

I would use double right click, or middle click, or single right click.

Please respond with your ideas~



A:Help me paste clipboard text with double right click (or right click, click)

This is kind of confusing but I just wanted code to paste the clipboard by using the mouse.

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I have recently noticed some odd behavior in my computer, for some reason when I open My Computer and double click on a hard drive (I have 3) it will not open the drive. However I can still right-click and choose Explore to get around it.

At first I thought that this was a virus but after 3 scans with SpyBot I am still clean. Any ideas? It's not critical but I do find it odd.

A:[SOLVED] Baffled again, double-click does not open hard drives but right click will

What happens when you double click? Nothing, or Search opens, or a command prompt, or something else?

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My symptoms are these:
right click hangs on all files but not folders for about 30-40 seconds then works fine for a few moments but once I click away or do anything else the problem comes back
using the keyboard to copy hangs and then once the computer "unfreezes" copy/paste with keyboard works fine
double clicking on a file that would launch a program hangs for a while then opens the program.
using the delete key hangs
Otherwise performance is normal everything runs fine while using all programs.

What I have tried so far:
Running Adaware and AVG to determine if spyware/malware installed
using shellview to disable processes - no results
cleaned temp files and defragmented drives
uninstalled hp easy button keyboard software

Problem does not occur in safe mode.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:41:43 AM, on 6/20/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16674)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svcho... Read more

A:Right click hangs, copy/paste, double click on files hang

Bump, please

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Lately my pc has been acting a bit weird. I have windows xp. Sometimes when I go to click on something it will jump up or down and I have to scroll back to it and do it again..anyways I ran SUPERAntiSpyware and it detected 114 file threats which it said it got rid of but everytime I do a scan the same ones continue to come back. I saved the scan log to show you. Can you please help me get rid of these once and for all.

SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log

Generated 12/11/2014 at 12:23 PM

Application Version : 6.0.1164
Database Version : 11645

Scan type : Quick Scan
Total Scan Time : 00:03:21

Operating System Information
Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit, Service Pack 3 (Build 5.01.2600)

Memory items scanned : 313
Memory threats detected : 0
Registry items scanned : 16716
Registry threats detected : 0
File items scanned : 4312
File threats detected : 114

Adware.Tracking Cookie

A:double click, get clicky, fast click keeps coming back even after

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please slove it 
i am click single time but mouse take double times and files are open 
please slove it
thank you

A:double click problem in mouse i click single time

G'day hassensk, and Welcome to BC.
Windows 7 ?    windows XP...? Windows 8 ?......

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Hi, I'm new here. I've posted at a few other sites, but both were too technical or couldn't see the forest for the trees. Not bad sites, just not easy for me to understand and execute the steps necessary to keep my computer clean. First of all Hallelujah for the file database and other similar sections here. wish I had found it a long time ago. I intend to use them extensively. BUT, first things first. I have an HP Pavilion p6610f PC desktop computer, with windows 7 Home Premium, AMD Athlon II 635 quad-core processor, 4GB DDR3 sys memory, 750GB HD, Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n, ATI Radeon HD 4200 integrated graphics, SuperMulti DVD Burner with lightscribe, 15-in-1 card reader, HP MediaSmart Software Suite, and started with Norton internet Security 2011 but subscribed for Norton 360. I also have an iPad2 and the apple assundries that go with it for the pc also. For periphreals I have an HP Officejet 5610v all-in-one, an HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus Network Printer, a Wacom Pen Tablet, and a set of stereo speakers. We have ATT UVerse, which has everything tied in together. That is the home phone, the tv, the internet and the ps2 and 3, and vcrs. There was a home network set up for me and my husband which has the same computer of his own. I have it set so the only thing that is shared in the network is my music.I have been having trouble with the speed of my computer so I cleaned up the start-up section, cleared out the temp files. trash, unused and unecessary programs, a... Read more

A:Double Files, double folders, now iByte desktop icon

I'm back and I found it is iBrte desktop icon. I looked at my Norton Security logs and I don't want to list everything in this comment box. but wwhere would I upload it. I don't want to do this incorrectly. It appears that there was an attack of sorts( according to Norton 360) and it had my local ip address. It looks like there is at least 1 program on my computer or external HD that I never heard of that was responsible. I have Nerds to go pretty close by should I have them scour my machine? I have all the info that Norton shows, incluing the destination ip.

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Info on my PC is below. In many windows such as those opened within Internet Explorer, a right mouse click on the right-hand scroll bar acts like a double click, making the scroll go down much further than wanted. It used to be that a single click on the empty area of the bar would make the screen go down only one screen height. It now goes down two. Please help as this is irritating.

A:Mouse Single Click acts like Double click

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What I mean is that let's say I am trying to hold and drag a desktop file it will sometimes just click, making me drop the file on the spot. It will also double click when I try to make a single click. I tried to lower the settings for double click timing on the settings menu.

EDIT: Tried out another mouse, it doesn't click out of nowhere but is there a way to fix my old mouse? I can switch the buttons so right click acts as left click so it seems that specific button got practically destroyed

A:Mouse double clicks when I click once and click when I hold it.

Do you mean the other mouse works fine? As far as I know there's no way to fix a mouse other than making sure the trackball or optical lens is clean, whichever your has.

A repair would cost more than a new mouse I suspect. You can get an ordinary one for about $5 or so.

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It's taking over a minute for a file to open or for the box to appear after I right click. It just hangs with the hourglass cursor until it finally responds. I know this isn't normal. So what's causing it?

Anyone, anyone,

...Bueller, Bueller

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Just a goofy phenomena that seems to be puzzling me. Each time I single click on a desktop icon, it acts like it was double clicked and opens the file/program. When single clicking on a scroll-bar to the right of a window, it acts like it was double clicked, traveling much further down the screen than expected.

I'm using Windows ME. My mouse is an IBM Scrollpoint II, 3-button mouse with a small scroll pivot-lever. Any assistance to solve this problem will be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Single mouse click acts like a double-click

Hi there Amaul,

One thing to check is go into the 'mouse properties' in the 'Control Panel' and under the 'Buttons' tab there will be an option for 'Files and Folders'. Make sure the 'double-click to open an item' is selected.

Hope this helps.

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Many times when I single click on an item with my mouse, whether it be a program, a shortcut, or whatever, more often than not , it acts as a double click. When I double cliclk, it opens up the program twice more often than mot, also. I have the Folder options set up to double click so I don't know what's going on. I regularly run AdAdware, Spybot, and I have ZoneAlarm Suite running all the time.

Any ideas?

A:Mouse single click but double click response

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I am having this problem since a few months...
Sometimes when I make single click, my computer receives double click...
suppose I try to select a file by double clicking but it gets opened

is there anyway to fix this?
please help

A:Solved: Single click makes double click

If it happens everytime, there is a setting in windows, but if it's only sometimes, it might be time for a new mouse.

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Recently (in the last month) my computer has started giving me a double click on a single click of the left button.  This is very irritating.
It does this with both, a USB Logitech Track Man Wheel and with a wireless HID mouse.
I have tried adjusting the settings for the mouse but that doesn't seem to have any effect.
I have AVAST antivirus.  I have run Microsoft Security Essentials, Malewarebytes Anti-Malware, Spybot search and destroy, Super Anti-Spyware and Junkware Removal Tool.
I have updated all of my drivers and used Drive Booster 3.
When I click to close a window on Firefox it will double click and minimize the browser.
This problem is active in all of my programs that I run, not just the browser.
I have Windows Vista, 64 Bit on a Dell Inspiron laptop.
Does anyone have any suggestions.
I think this has to be a software problem, but I don't know how to correct it or which software is involved..
Thank you

A:Mouse will double click on single click of button

Personally I think your problem is an overused mouse. I used to have a mouse that does that, but the problem disappeared when it was swapped for another mouse.Have you tried another mouse to rule out the mouse itself?

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Hello all, from a few days until now I have started experiencing what seems to be a recurrent problem in the P50 laptop touchpad drivers. When using the driver for synaptics pointing device, the left button of the touchpad double clicks most of the times (about 70-80% of the time). If I decide to update my drivers to the latest version,, then something even worse happens: the left and right buttons are inverted (and I have checked that the box of inverting the buttons in control panel is unclicked). From what I have been reading this has been an issue that has happened before already, but I don't know if Lenovo fixed it, or it has just been unsolved until now. Maybe someone around here can help me with this?

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ive been trying 2 download my old game i used 2 play on my new PC i just bought and it wont let me double click it or right click 2 open idk wats wrong i turned of the firewall thinking tht may be the problem but didnt work i tried installing the exe file that i saw for .exe files nt working that didn't solve it either any help would be appreciated

A:game not working cant double click or right click 2 open

It would probably be helpful if you actually named both the game and the download source.

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I came up to a problem that I cannot solve. Using the Explorer (not IE but the plain explorer to organize folders and files) I cannot change the behaviour of an Active Desktop like in WinXP or others.

I am very used to this procedure: single click = mark an object / doubleclick = execute an object.

Unfortunately, the Explorer just uses the option single click = execute. I remembered the option in XP/Vista, that you can go to Extras -> folder options -> Select Elements and tick a radio button for the Active Desktop method or the classic method (execute via doubleclick). Just as described in the tutorial "Single-Click or Double-Click to Open an Item" within this forum.

I tried this, and now I'm getting nuts: The radio button is already put on the classic mode (execute by doubleclick, select by single click). The other option is grey, i.e. it cannot be selected.

I guess, there's some tick wrong in the registry or else, but I cannot find out which. Does anyone has an idea what can be done?

A:folder options / single-click or double-click

The checkbox/radio button option is under the View tab in the same dialog.

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 When I move and single click, it double clicks. I deleted the driver, and I was able to move and click at the same time. However, now I can't use any gestures . 5558 i5 :8.1

A:touchpad double tap

Akshay shete,Click the link below to download and reinstall the touchpad drivers.Dell Inspiron 5558 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

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I have a HP G7000 and run on Windows Vista Prem. Whilst my cursor still works from the touchpad, the Double Click facility doesn't. I have tried some suggestions i found on other forums, such as powering down, removing battery, installing updated drivers but so far nothing has worked. please advise..

A:double tap on touchpad not responding

You can't 2x-click by using the mousepad or the left button?

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Hello, I just Bought Envy dv6, after inital setup i found that the double tap is not working as expected, i mean i am unable to drag & drop anything nor i am able to select any text. I checked all the possibilities from control pannel and Synaptics options, i also tried to reinstall the touchpad drives but problem is still there. If i tap more then 2 times some time i am able to drag any object but mostly it just ignore the taps! Is there any solution for this issue or should i sell it as it is? its extremely frustrating!! Thanks in Advance. TechInfo:Notebook: HP ENVY dv6 7210TXOS: Win8 64 bit (shipped with Notebok)  

A:Double Tap on TouchPAD is not working

I would recommend downloading the synaptics touch pad driver directly from synaptics website. This will be the most recent driver available for your notebook and may improve the functionality.


Here is a link to their driver downloads: http://www.synaptics.com/resources/drivers

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I am unable to double click on any application icons. If I do, I get the RED error window letting me know that there is no associated file. I believe that I caught a virus causing this issue. I have ran multiple anti virus and scanning programs and have determined that I have cleaned the system. I just need to fix the issues, possibly with the registry. Anyone able to help? I am running a Sony Vaio Laptop Windows 7, Intel Core 2 Duo. I was just using the computer as is, but wife just bought me a Apple IPAD and I cannot install I-Tunes, and assume that this is a related issue.

A:Cannot Double Click Any Icons... Must Right Click Run As Admin

Hi, run the attached .zip file and then right click on the returned .reg file select "merge" restart computer. Link post #2.

[SOLVED] I insanely associated the .lnk extension with NotePad. Arggh!

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Just went through my sister's computer and removed all the spyware and viruses (a lot). While doing this I noticed that I couldn't double-click on anything in Explorer. I could double-click on anything on the desktop. I can select objects in Explorer, but no double or right click on the files. To open anything, I have to select it and then File > Open. Anyone have a fix for this?

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I have a couple windows xp computers that the mouse is making a single click as a double click sometimes. I made sure that the setting wasn't selected to have a single click be a double click. This doesn't happen all of the time but is starting happen more frequently. Has anyone else ran into this issue or have a fix?


A:Single click acting as double click

Hi bjb21! I believe your answer to rectify your problem can be found here. Best of luck to you!

Troubleshoot mouse double-clicking when you single-click


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When I try to open any of three drives by either double clicking or by right clicking and explore/open. I can't open them. A strange window appears on each of them...Also I can't select windows explorer to always open them since the 'always select this program to open this kind of file' checkbox is grayed out or disabled.Also when I right click on any of the three drives. Some weird symbols appear on the right click menu.I already scanned with malwarebytes and avast. They detect nothing.PLEASE help me solve this problem. I am desperate. I will be very grateful to anyone who helps or at least trys to help.THANK YOU.

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Hi all,

I have a wierd issue - I removed my laptop from a domain, because I left the company. Before doing so I created a new local profile, logged on, logged off, logged in as admin, copied everything but ntuser.dat stuff to the new profile, then removed laptop from domain.

Now when I log on my new profile, anything I double click on desktop items (folders or my computer) I get an error "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item" - If I right click and hit open, it works great...

Also - programs seem to open fine, just problems with folders and my computer. I also get the same error from the start menu.

I have tried removing my account as administrator and then restarting and making it administrator again. Removed my permissions and readded them - cant think of what else to do.

A:Error when double click on folder - Right Click OK

so I figured out if I turn off UAC, the problem goes away - turn it back on and the problem comes back - is there a way to repair UAC?

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The same touchpad that selects links without being clicked on, also randomly requires a double click or a single click, or a light touch anywhere on the screen, or a serious hard tap on the left corner.   It is not consistant.  Can it be adjusted or disabled?  

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I've got Windows XP Professional with SP3. About 3 weeks ago my computer started taking a single mouse click as a double click. I've gone into control panel/folder options and made sure it is set up correctly there ("double click to open item")

Any of suggestions??

I've got McAffee virus protection and it is up to date. I ran a full scan and nothing was detected. For Grins and Giggles I did a "CHKDSK /R" but this did not help either.


A:Solved: single click is double click

I just tried the obvious - BAD MOUSE was it.

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I'm hoping that somebody has seen this issue and can help. I'm running RC 7100 and it's working great. The one problem I have occurs consistently after the machine has been running for about 24 hours. Suddenly you can no longer open files / folders or start programs by double clicking on the icon.

It works when first booted, then stops. If you reboot it works again.

I tried changing the options such that you can open with a single click, and it didn't fix the problem.

Anyone else seen this? Any known solutions?

A:Can't open folders with click/double click

I have not seen this, but was this an upgrade or a clean install?

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Recently I changed my wireless Logitech mouse's left button to function as a double-click instead of click/select.The problem is that I changed it in the computer settings, not the mouseware properties.The article said it would save batteries and my mouse would last twice as long.Unfortunately now when I try to open some menus I don't have enough time to see what I'm selecting(preview).I change the button configuration in the mouseware properties but I still can't get that button to change back.The real problem is I can't remember how I changed the settings in the first place. HELP!

A:double click

Control Panel, Mouse, Buttons ??

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double click won't open folder but opens search

A:Double click

Hi rydell, welcome to TSF...

all you need to do is run the VBS script which is in the zip file here. Once it's done, you may need to reboot before you notice any changes but it should restore normal function to double clicking folders and drives.

Hope that helps

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