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Monitor screen won't come on with computer boot up. Will blink but not engage.

Q: Monitor screen won't come on with computer boot up. Will blink but not engage.

My computer boots up immediately but my screen won't stay on. After 25 times pushing the button on and off the screen finally comes on. Any thoughts.

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Preferred Solution: Monitor screen won't come on with computer boot up. Will blink but not engage.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Windows Vista32
2gighz processor.
Lcd monitor

ok ive recently started having this problem been googleing it for a couple of days on and off and havent seen a solution for me.

I turn on my pc to boot it and power comes on fine . i turn on my my monitor either before the pc or after (either is the same result) but the monitor stays black while the pc goes through the normal booting up process.I know its booted because if i switch on and off the monitor roughly ten times it the picture finally appears.at this stage the pc and monitor work normally.Until the screensaver comes on if i leave the keyboard or mouse for whatever time is set.then the pc goes black (was mistaken before not sleep mode) if i havent come back to the pc.then the problem is most of the time the picture wont come back.the pc is still on but i have no picture again.then i have to turn the on switch on and off a couple of times again till i get a picture.
If i use the pc for a long time period i have no problems as long as i dont let it go to black(think its poewer saving).example put the screensaver to 20mins.
Also if i have to restart the pc , doing updates etc the pc reboots fine and the monitor works fine.
so basically on boot no picture. on reboot have full working monitor.

Hope someone can help me sorry if theres a lot in my post but i thought i should explain the whole problem.

A:monitor does not engage on boot up but pc does.

Hello batrico,
Do you have access another monitor you could try ?.
Check all the cables, both power and data.
What is the make and model of your video card ?.

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Dear All, As all of you aware , there;s an issue in the batch of Yoga laptops its ghosty screen I have a lenovo Laptop ( ThinkPad yoga and bought it long time ago , and i thought its w software issue and its already out of warranty and it has a well-known issue in the screen and its mentioned in the fourms , the screen has many shahodws and its ghosty Im really disappointed and need to escalated this issue to the hightest level .I will never use lenove laptops again!! PLEASE I NEED A SOLUTION!

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Hi. I turned off as normal but when Windows shuts down, the monitor goes black but the green light stays on. When rebooting, a whistling noise comes on and only when turning the monitor off and on again, does Windows load. One time it started in Safe Mode and the screen was split into three with three cursors appearing. I am at a loss.

A:monitor on blink?

Have you tried another moniter?

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My monitor goes through an erratic 'blink' every now and then. It only lasts a half second and has no set pattern. It's not doing it now, I just turned it on. I'm trying to remember if it tenders to do it more when warmed up, possibly. I have given my connections a check and they seem tight. Could it be a joint on one of the monitor boards? I've done a search here and didn't find anything pertaining to quick blinks, only long ones!! It's about 1 1/2 yrs old. Any ideas?
p.s. FYI - Don't shut down your computer at night and forget to take out the win98 cd! When I fired it up today, for some reason the auto run didn't kick in, it got to desktop fine. I tryed to connect to internet and got an error 666 . "modem not conneted or is not functioning". I went through all the checks, found all in order. Decided to reboot. I then noticed cd firing up, removed it and all is fine. Just thought that was a little strange. The win98 cd causing that error.......

A:monitor blink

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My MAG Innovision 15" monitor has begun "blinking" during use. In every instance but one an area develops random black and white static-like images that run horizontally across the entire screen. This happens for just a split second and on an irregular basis. It may go half an hour without an episode, then have five within a minute or so. On one occasion the entire screen went blank for approximately two seconds.

I switched the computer I have hooked up to the monitor and the problem continued, seemingly eliminating problems peculiar to the original computer and isolating the problem as one with the monitor. Should I begin looking for a new monitor? Can this one be saved? Should I even worry about it?

A:Monitor on the blink-- literally

Well it may be time for a new monitor.. One thing I learned in the past is that computers get out dated fast but a good monitor never does... Not to say that they wont go bad.

My brother has a 1.4ghz Athelon and I have a overclocked Celeron at 850mhz.. He has a 17 inch monitor and I have a 21 inch one.. I kick his butt in Tribes 2 all the time Big screens kick butt.. Picked it up for $200.

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Hello. I am trying to fix an HP G62-367DX Notebook PC.
Operating sys: Win 7, 64bit, AMD Turion(tm) 530II Dual-Core Processor, 4GB, 2.50GHz. I had this laptop since December of 2010 and on June of 2013 is when I used my notebook PC and was initially of no use. I have been working on my laptop on and off since. I am not afraid to open the sucker up and get this thing up and running.

The problem started out with what most ppl call it, the "blue screen of death". Like most ppl, I did ignore the blue screen and did a restart which brought me to the normal Windows screen and then it would start back up just fine. I found this in Device Manager's (Hidden Files):
Non-Plug and Play Drivers
-! ehdrv
-! epfwwfp
-! Security Processor Loader Driver
I am not sure if it has anything to do with what it was the blue screen situation, but I tried searching on the net on what it all meant and to see if I was able to fix it, but before I was able to do something about it, the blue screen kept popping up and it was getting worse.

The problem progressed to where on Windows startup it would just stop there, blue screen would pop up and of course I had to restart it and do an F8 key press for Safe Mode. I had to work on Safe Mode for a good couple of weeks before I can figure out the problem/s. I believe I had went into the system and found out it had something to do with some kind of error... *sigh* I did write it down, but that was like a month ago and I am unable to locate my ... Read more

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nothing goes dark, just that once or twice a minute, there is a kind of bright flash on the external monitor.   
i am not having the problem same HDMI cable and viewsonic monitor on a different laptop.   so it must be my dell e6530, not the cable or the monitor.
what do you think could be the problem?   more detail:
windows 10, Nvidia nvs 5200M, intel HD4000 graphics.   i disabled "optimus" in BIOS so it just uses tne Nvidia card, not the cpu graphics.  
device manager shows settings for 'display' and for 'monitor'.  for "monitors", device manager shows both the 'generic pnp driver' and the 'viewsonic' driver; disabling one or both of these "monitor" in device manager does nothing.   in the 'display' section, it is just showing the Nvidia because intel was disabled in BIOS optimus.

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Hi Dell Community,
Please help me to diagnose what is wrong with my new laptop.
My Laptop is Dell Latitude E6440 but every time i connect external monitor to my laptop HDMI port via HDMI to VGA converter, the external monitor always blink randomly every couple of seconds. This HDMI to VGA converter is working fine when i used it to other laptop.
Currently i still don't have chance to try my laptop HDMI port to connect directly to HDMI monitor because i don't have it.
Are there anybody have the same problem with me? thanks for your help.

A:Latitude E6440 display blink when connect to external monitor via hdmi to VGA converter

Hi M. Zemmy Indrapatih,
Thanks for your post.
Sorry you are having difficulties with your laptop and monitor.  If you could send me the name and model cable adapter you are using and the name and model of the monitor,  I might be better able to understand the issue.  Thanks

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My screen is now blinking once before welcome screen and once it loads the desktop , it returns to normal after a blink. I have installed a old 7600 gt that I had(This blinks started after that, my integrated card was 6150se). Installed the latest driver. My monitor is Philips 105e.

A:Screen blink

What's the problem here?

Do you get a normal working desktop?

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I have a hp 110 desktop pc series running windows 10 and i have a hard time logging in and when I get logged in all the screen does is blink there are no desktop icons and i cant do anything i cant even get task manager to open up

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Today while I was browsing the internet, my laptop suddenly shut off. I tried turning it back on. The lights on the computer blink once and the laptop stops. I have tried the discharging the whole system, but I get the same effects. I noticed that every light blinks white, except for the disk light, which blinks orange. What does this mean? I am sorry if this question has been asked before but I could not find a duplicate.

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Hello everyone, I have a problem with the laptop probook 4740s which sometimes does not start after pressing the power button . After pressing the button , the LED flashes the SHIFT key, and after a few seconds the fans run fast . Other times the computer starts normally . What may be due? I tried to make a bootable USB flash bios update but it failed! Thank you

A:Boot problem and MAIUSC Led blink

Please... it does not happen to anyone else???

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Hello i writing because my screen is blinking all the time after sleep mode until i restrat it. I have update BIOS, and video drivers but still sometimes it starts blinking any solutions?

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Hi - I'm having a problem with booting and getting a black/blank LCD screen with an external montior connected via the displayport on Windows 10. I've tried the option of disabling fastboot in the power settings but this only relieves the problem during a restart rather than from a cold boot. The graphics mode is set to 'discrete' rather than 'hybrid' (which seemed resolve the issue for those using a dock). If I hibentate then resume the LCD screen displays.. Anyone experiencing the same problems or have a solution ? Many thanks

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I had previously hooked this up to my big screen via the hdmi.  The next morning I went to turn it on and got nothing.  Holding the power button down with power plugged in, not plugged in any combination for 1 - 120 seconds produces the same exact result.  The little light on the " i " lights up for exactly 4 seconds and then nothing.  I have tried a different power cord and get the exact same result.  I have tried using the emergency reset with a needle on the back of the device...same result. Any help would be great.

A:Yoga won't boot. Red light comes on for 4 seconds no blink.

Can you clarify when you say it "lights up for exactly 4 seconds", is it a solid light or a blinking light?

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Good morning to all! My computer was running fine, either with Windows 7 64-bit or with the upgrade to Windows 10 64-bit. My battery is dead, so i use the laptop without it. Just AC cord in. Last night, as i was setting up a Wi-Fi router at home, i left it on for about 3-4 hours.When i finished, i powered it down normally. This morning, i took it out and set it on the dinnign table, and when i powered it up, the leds from the sound, wi-fi and mouse pad stay lit, the fan starts up, the leds from the caps-lock and num-lock blink once, but no bios or OS boot. I powered it down, removed AC cord and reset holding power button for 1 minute+ 3 times, then power cord in and powered it up and the same thing happened, but this time i got 2 blinks from the caps and num lock, then 5 second pause, and another 2 blinks: BIOS corrupted, right? Since i have customed my laptop with an HyperX Fury SSD drive 240Gb from Kingston, i don't have the partitions from HP Recovery or HP Tools, so i tryed to get the BIOS file from HP Support and created a BIOS recovery flashdrive. The BIOS file is not the latest BIOS update tool from HP, it's Winflash, so doesn't allow creating a recovery flash drive directly, so i extracted the contents and put it in a 4Gb flashdrive, formatted in FAT32, Renamed HP_TOOLS, and tryed the whole reset process, then hitting Win Logo + B keys in and pressing Power button for 1-2 seconds to recover BIOS. Worked once out of 7 tries!... Read more

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Hey all! Hope there's some help around... My t5500 randomly died. Would turn on for a few seconds, without booting then turn itself off. Swapped MB out, now get 234 blinking diagnostic lights (halted before transfer to BIOS control, and the fans slowly get louder.). This is with three different motherboards, two different cpus, two GPUs, two power supplies. If the BIOS isn't being transferred to, could it be corrupted? Is there a way to flash a new BIOS externally myself? This was such a great tower, and I'd rather keep it running than replace. 6x2gig RAM. First gen MB with fans on both bridges. Nvidia gtx 950 or fx1800 available. Single CPU e5530 quadcore. Terabyte Seagate 7200rpm. Any questions or input is welcome. I cannot work without my station being operational. Thanks all

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I have a Dell vostro 5470. I changed a samsung SSD 850 EVO 120GB. My computer then cannot start up with only the power LED blink once every time when I press the power on button.
Anyone has methods to solve it?
Thank you very much.

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I recently started having an issue with firefox. While it's open and i move my cursor to the top of the screen it'll start to blink. If I remove my cursor quickly it freezes the computer for a few seconds and if I leave it there it will finally go blank and shuts down all apps and send my PC back to the log-in screen (I have a password on my PC). If I move my cursor to the right, left or bottom nothing happens the computer seems fine. I am currently using chrome with no issues and I tried removing and re-installing FireFox and I get the same issues. It seems to have effected other windows programs, now when ever i maximize the app and i put the cursor near the op to minimize or close the app I get the same blinking results and if left there to long it resets back to the log-in screen.

It only seems to effect windows programs and apps, 3rd party apps (adobe, chrome, etc.) seem to be fine.

A:[SOLVED] Firefox causes screen to blink

If it's affecting other programs as well as Firefox, it could be a Windows problem. Try running sfc /scannow as admin with your Windows disc inserted to fix any corrupt or missing system files, then reboot and test.

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hello..I have hp pavilion g6 2230 notebook. yesterday night i was working on my notebook. then i shut down it. next morning i tried to on my laptop, but it is not start. i perform hard reset 3 times. but laptop does not satrt. caps lock and wireless key led does not blink and screen also does not blink. charging is done as earlier.

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I have no idea what is going on with my computer but if someone could please help, I would appreciate it more than you know! Anyway, I left on vacation last week, and un-plugged my computer. I returned today and have been trying to get on it all day with no avail. (I am on it right now in safe mode+networking) Everytime I start it up it gets to the welcome/login screen and the screen is all shakey and flickering I can barely make out what anything is...I got lucky once and clicked on a login name and once logged in it did the same thing just all messed up - i cannot see anything. I tried a system restore but only had two available dates and niether worked...Can someone please tell me what to do!! :) Thanks in advance!

A:Screen Shake, Blink, Flicker...

Taking a complete stab in the dark, I'd try to update the driver for your graphics card from safe mode. Safe mode uses a different driver to the one used during normal boots, so that points to a software rather than hardware issue and probably explains why safe mode fixes the problem. Perhaps. Maybe.

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My daughter's laptop has died.  When you push the power button the power light on the side comes on and stays on and the hard drive light blinks momentarily then not at all.  There is a blink code on the Caps Lock key that appears to blink twice - one blink followed by a second about 1 to 2 seconds later, then a longer wait and the code repeats.  There is no LED on any other key.  I've tried the hard reset by pulling the battery and pushing the power key for a long time.  No change. I've looked up the blink code which says it's a corrupted BIOS and used the Windows key/B key combination before pushing the power button and nothing happens except the blink code continues. This is all that I can find to try with this laptop and the daughter needs it for her online college courses.  She bought it from Amazon and it is a refurbished unit.  Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Radeon X850
Driver Packaging Version 8.383-070613a-048640C-ATI
Catalyst® Version 07.6
2D Driver Version
2D Driver File Path System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Video/{CDC58337-DBC6-49A0-ADB5-F185B09D5CEC}/0000
Direct3D Version
OpenGL Version
Catalyst® Control Center Version 2007.0613.1506.25058
AIW/VIVO WDM Driver Version
AIW/VIVO WDM SP Driver Version
AV Stream (T200) Driver Version

When I start older visualbasic (I think) applications (solitaire games) and start moving cards around, the screen shows partial cards in places. If I wait two seconds the sceen area of the application flickers twice. If I wait til after this there is no problem, but if I move cards while flickering it takes a 'snapshot' of where the cards are and leaves a trace of them. I'm running windows xp home edition with sp2 and all updates. I have pretty good antivirus and spyware software installed (AVG). Any ideas? Do I need to update Visual basic or will only updating the ATI drivers fix this? TIA paj692

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my laptop core i 3 hp pavilion series 4 gb ram, 500 gb hd,  2.4 processors has a problem is that its screen blink after interval of seconds, whats the matter ? have there any solution?

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hello my laptop asus x450JN with windows 8.1 OS pro , antivirus just malwarebytes and win defender and i am use startisback for start bottom , ram upgrade to 8GB i have some issue with my laptop regarding my monitor screen is randomly blink screen like this=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmMdS8xA8xg BUT on my laptop it only 1 or 2 times with randomly heppen not like that video is happen all the time. what wrong with my laptop i have update my windows and driver i am also got check into manufacture service center but they technician dont detect any wrong with my hardware please help me guys Thank you

My laptop deteils spec and OS

A:Help Asus x450JN my screen blink randomly

When it does blink, does it go black then back to normal screen ? Now it could be failing hardware, bad connection from hinge to monitor and even possible interference. Also could be the Video adapter drivers are corrupted.

This is the laptop ?

I believe from specs shown here it has a NVIDIA Geforce 840M, if you can double check that, go to the Control panel then the Device manager, go to Display adapter left click it, it should tell you there the model.

If it is correct NVIDIA, first thing i would do is uninstall older drivers, either go back to Control Panel in Programs and Features do it there, but first download the latest drivers here NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL

After uninstall reboot and install one you downloaded, see first if this helps the blinking.

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I have updagraded to windows 10 after upgradation my hp envy touchsmart m6 sleekbook blink screen on windows 10 each time when charger plugin. Kindly help Thanks in advance!!! 

A:hp envy touchsmart m6 sleekbook blink screen

Hey @Waqas10075, I understand you're having some trouble with the display blinking after upgrading to Windows 10. I would be happy to help. Please follow the steps in this document, and get back to me with the results: HP PCs - Blinking or Flashing Screen After Upgrading to Windows 10 If this helps, hit that Thumbs Up, and Accept as Solution. Cheers,TechSurge.

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I need some help with my computer and have to admit I don't know that much about them. I am not ever sure I am posting in the right section for help with this problem.

I have a very old computer but I don't have the extra funds to buy a new one at the current time but I want to fix it so I can at least get my information and files off that computer. I don't have another computer available to to use either.
It's a Gateway 510 S model. Everything is the original hardware except the power supply which I replace several years ago. It's got an Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 2.60 GHz.
The computer does turn on and does show the gateway logo but after that it goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor and just stay there and doesn't do anything else. No error messages pop up. The only time I can get an error message to pop up was when I repetitively push either f11 or f12 and then it say pxe-e61: Media Test failure, check your cables.
I've tried to do a windows repair with the xp disk but the repair options isn't available. I've open up the computer took out the bios battery and put it back in. That didn't work. I unplug the cables connecting the hard drive those long ribbon ones and replug them back in still does the same thing. I've gone through the bios system I think it's saying the hard drive still there it list the following

Pata Primary Master: WDC WD800BB-53KAD (I think this is the HDD)

PATA secondary master: Lite-on comb LTC-481611 (DVD/CD rom Drive I think)

I tried t... Read more

A:Black screen with blink cursor problem

You say you don't have another computer to use, but your posting from a computer? Anyways to backup your files use a Ubuntu Live CD to a USB Flash Drive
To Repair your computer boot off of the XP CD and get to the Recovery Console, here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.

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My computer fails to boot and gives me a caps lock code. The LED blinks twice. I have tried hard resetting and reseating the memory, but nothing worked. I have had this problem for a fairly long time, however in past the computer would eventually boot up after I forced turned it off and on a number of times. I am at the point now where over the past few days I have been trying this and it so far has still failed to boot up. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to fix this!

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Whenever I plug in the charger the screen blinks black for a second, but goes back to normal afterward, and lags the computer for a few seconds (i figured that because my music or videos skips on WMP). The same thing happens when I unplug the charger.  I didn't used to have this problem, it started happening when I reinstalled windows xp pro or updated to service package 2.  But the previous times when I reinstalled windows, it never gave me this problem.  The first time my brother reinstalled Windows he had this problem, and recently just reinstalled windows and he doesn't have this problem.  Also, we have the same exact laptop and we used the same Windows XP Pro. disc.I don't know how to bring up all my information, I'm guessing its called BIOS, but I have a Dell Latitude D531, it has AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-56, 1gb of RAM, using SP2, using an OEM battery and charger(I highly doubt the battery and charger are the problem, but I thought I should mention that).If you need anymore information I'm more than welcome to get it as long as you'll willing to tell me how to find it if I have trouble.
Any help will be well appreciated. Thanks

A:Why does my screen blink black when I plug or unplug my charger?

To help others who search. Posted by Shafimuhammad here:
The video "refresh rate" is switching between 60Hz (on AC power) and 50Hz (on battery power), and the screen momentarily goes blank.
While on AC power, Desktop>Right Click>Properties>Settings>Advanced>Monitor. Here, under Monitor settings, set the Screen Refresh Rate to 50 Hertz. After applying these settings, the blinking problem gets fixed.

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This notebook is out of support, so I don't know if it's right to post here. When I start the computer the screen never turns on (no background illumination either).  But the LEDs lights up and I get blinking codes. Seem like it's two different stages for the blinking code (I call it "stage 1" and "stage 2"). "Stage 1":When I turn the computer on, the num/caps lock blinks twice several times. In this stage it's possible to turn of computer by holding down power button. If I then start it again it will still be in "stage 1". If I don't turn off it will eventually restart and go over to "stage 2". "Stage 2".Only caps-lock flashes with a constant rate. If flash drive is connected it reads this in 2 about seconds. After about 20 seconds the fan starts spinning for full. I can't turn off other than diconnecting power.  If I reconnect power again and press power botton it continues in "stage2". To get it back to stage one I need to remove the clock battery and hold down power botton. But if I hold down win+B after doing this I still get directly to "stage 2". Therefore I guess it's automatically trying to restore BIOS is "stage 2". I tried to create recovery flash drive with the SP73917 BIOS. When it's unpacked nothing more happens, but I found out it's a SP73917_E.exe and SP73917_F.exe inside the unpacked folder wich can create BIOS flash drive. But I have tried both and nothing happened when I started computer with og without holding d... Read more

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Hi,I am using my HP Pavilion DV6 7023tx laptop. It is 1 year 3 months older(warrenty expired). It was working fine but one evening i found it start with black screen and caps lock blink twich every 2/3 seconds and after some times it's getting hot. I have tried to solve the issue accoroding to the following link http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01732674  It looks like BIOS corruption failure. but it will not automatically recovering that mentioned in post. So what should i do now? Could you guys tell me what should i do? Thanks in advance. Product Information:===============HP Pavilion DV6 7023txSerial No : 2CE22927FGProduct ID: B3J66PA 

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A:Blank Screen; Caps lock Blink Twice Every 2/3 Seconds with o...

Hello SuperMario1, Thanks for your response. The last thing i did, remove CMOS battery and after a few minutes i plugged it.Then connect AC power adapter and press power button.Laptop starts but gives a error message "The CMOS checksum is invalid, The BIOS will be reset to the default configuration and will be rebooted."Finally laptop start normally. It works fine ... But same problem when i restart"blank screen caps lock blink 2 times every 3/4 sec" So finally1. remove CMOS battery and after a few minutes i plugged it again2. connect AC power adapter and press power button3. laptops starts normally (with a error msg same as previous)4. Upgrade bios to F.29(previously i had F.24)5. Everythings works fine (restart/shutdown have no effect)   Nirupam Chandra Modak

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Hello guys, my Laptop starts with a blank screen and both, Capslock-LED as well as the Numlock-LED, blink twice. I've tried to use the Windows+B Button with the Power-Button combination, but to no avail. I tried to create a USB Flash Drive, but the Software only runs on Win 7 while both my Desktop(from which I work on this issue) and my broken Laptop are Win 10. I don't know how to go on from here, what else can I do? Thanks in advance.

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i have a urgent problem which needs to be dealt with,
i so miss my pc i have been without it for 3 days now,
i am using my laptop now to do this message so here goes,
last week i noticed my dvd rom drive wasnt recognizing my dvds or cds in my dvd rom drive at all and i love playing thesims2
if i was to go to (mycomputer) the disc would not get picked up at all
and i noticed my dvd rom wasnt spinning as fast as it should be and not as noisy but me just thought i would deal with it later and put my disc into my 2nd drive to run the game so i could play it,
then my computer switched off as normal one night, and the next morning i woke and turned pc on to find that annoying message on my pc, which ive seen before
(sorry for the inconvenience but windows did not start successfully) etc,
and i couldnt get my pc to go into safe mode to go and look at what was going on
and from 10 mins of trying to start my pc up, with no luck i knew my only option was to completely restore my pc with my recovery disc
but i soon realised with my dvd rom drive bing down, how the hell was i going to restore my pc? as when i booted my comp up the recovery disc didnt even get recognized. in fact my drive didnt do much at all (but was trying to run)
so i had a plan and decided to put the disc in my second dvd rewriter drive.
and booted my pc again and (yes) it picked the disc up as this one isnt faulty or anything,
but when i tried to restore my pc i couldnt with that drive for some reason maybe its... Read more

A:please urgent dvd rom and computer on the blink

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My Compaq 615 laptop screen doesn't come on, instead it blinks capslock 5 times. What shlould I do? It has an AMD Athlon X2 processor, with Radeon 3200 graphics. I didn't install any new software or hardware recently. All I did was work with the system at night, shut it down, and when I turned it on the following morning, the screen refused to come up, but the caps lock blinks 5 times.

A:Caps lock blink 5 times on Compaq 615 laptop, but screen doe...

Sorry to hear that. Please refer to the Blank Screen LED Error Codes document from HP Support. It sounds like a "General system board failure." The explanation says to contact HP for assistance. The motherboard might need to be replaced, and you will probably require the assistance of a technician to fix the problem. 

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After normal use and simply closing my laptop, it will not reboot.  I have had this happen before and was able to reboot by restarting. Following various forum instructions, I've removed the battery and attempted recovery from discs several times.  I've connected the unit to my smart tv, but cannot see my computer screen on the tv monitor.   What's happening now: When I turn on the laptop, the caps/num lock LEDs blink once.  There's power, but the fan seems quieter than usual.  It has been a little loud and running a little warmer recently.  The light at the power cord is white, and the light on the touch pad is on/white.  The wifi light and sound light are both red. Any advice?


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my laptop when plays The Sims 3 it turned black but i can see the cursor and it blinks like goes completely black then goes black with the cursor and then it does that til i have to shut it off. It sometimes just completely shuts off randomly, it sometimes shows me the blue screen then restarts. With other games like Diner Dash, it will be okay for a little while approximately ten to 15 minutes or so and then it shuts out of the game. Its full screen and then it goes to the homes screen. Its been really slow too and lagging a lot, this is not like my computer at all. This laptop is fairly new only maybe two years old. Iv tryed a lot of things such as updating software and drivers, iv downloaded drivers from the internet, done malware scans nothing comes up. Iv tryed the list of things to do on the windows website if you get the blue screen http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows7/Resolving-stop-blue-screen-errors-in-Windows-7#section_1 I recently had my screen replaced because my screen got cracked. Other than that no big changes have been made. I appreciate any help and support i get to my answer.

A:Why does my laptop screen go black , blink repeatedly and shut out of games?

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Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
System Manufacturer:HP
System Model: Hp Pavilion DV6718CA Notebook PC
Processor: AMD TURION64 X2 (1.90GHz)
Memory: 2GB RAM

When I start my laptop it display the Hp screen as usual but after that instead of booting it display a blank screen with white cursor blinking at the top LEFT corner, the fan is working like... after 3 minutes of waiting the Windows 7 logo appears and Windows Starts. I thought the problem might be that the bootloader got corrupted or something, so I tried booting with Windows 7 CD both but no change still same blank screen with white blinking cursor But Now it gives me Operating System not Found after 3 Minutes Windows Starts Normally. Please note that I have been able to enter Bios setup and change the booting option as well. Bios was showing all the hardware as it usually shows. I Tried to change the HardDisK But the Problem Remained.
When I try to Press F11 recovery button it performs same thing, blank screen with blinking cursor.
I Also Tried to Format but because when i boot it doesnt take the cd and remain with the blank screen with blinking cursor. After Window Started I Entered and run the setup.exe and installed Windows again but the problem was not solved !!!

Any Help ???

A:Laptop starts to a blank screen with white cursor blink

Is this a brand new computer? When did this start happening?

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On my low end netbook, I patched UXTheme using Universal Theme Patcher. When I rebooted Windows, the loading screen started blinking on and off and it wouldn't load. I needed to power off the computer, restart in safe mode, and unpatch UXTheme. Universal Theme Patcher works on my laptop, so why won't it work on my netbook?

A:Universal Theme Patcher Makes Loading Screen Blink

Who knows it may just not fancy it, maybe try this:
Enabling Custom Themes - Windows 7
UxStyle - no more patching.

Hope this helps..


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Black screen, caps lock light is blinking once blink every five seconds. Was just using it not ten minutes ago. Please help. I've tried removing the batterie with no success

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I need help urgently. I have my finals tomorrow for my AP english class and all my files were saved on this laptop. Everytime I boot my laptop, it does not go past the windows 7 loading screen. It just shows hp and press f11 for system recovery. The thing is, when I press f8, or f11 , to system recover or to go to safe mode, the laptop goes to the black screen with the blinking white cursor at the top left. I can enter the system diagnostics screen and I checked everything on there. It says the battery, all hard drive, and memory is ok. But I can't friggin system recover or get past the hp screen. Is there any commands or anything I can enter to factory reset the laptop? I can enter the command prompt screen because I have a disc, but the disc does not allow for factory reset. It only allows system restoring to an earlier date, and I've tried every single of the restore points. Each one still gave me the black screen with white cursor at top left.

A:Windows 7 Black Screen white blink at top left. URGENT. Please Help


Originally Posted by Dennyzzz

I need help urgently. I have my finals tomorrow for my AP english class and all my files were saved on this laptop. Everytime I boot my laptop, it does not go past the windows 7 loading screen. It just shows hp and press f11 for system recovery. The thing is, when I press f8, or f11 , to system recover or to go to safe mode, the laptop goes to the black screen with the blinking white cursor at the top left. I can enter the system diagnostics screen and I checked everything on there. It says the battery, all hard drive, and memory is ok. But I can't friggin system recover or get past the hp screen. Is there any commands or anything I can enter to factory reset the laptop? I can enter the command prompt screen because I have a disc, but the disc does not allow for factory reset. It only allows system restoring to an earlier date, and I've tried every single of the restore points. Each one still gave me the black screen with white cursor at top left.

If you recover you will lose your files. I would check that the hdd is seated properly

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I have HP 15-d054ee Notebook black screen 2 caps blink code error ... help needed and I check my RAM slots remove it and reinstall it but nothing happen,  I empty the electricity to hard reset but also nothing happen I got nothing on the screen of the laptob  I need your reputable help and I think it has a bios error (maybe) may I install the bios driver from another computer (if so) how? I am in need to use my laptob 

A:HP 15-d054ee Notebook black screen 2 caps blink code error ....

two blinks is corrupt BIOS. Connect the power adapter to the notebook and the hold down the Windows key and the B key at the same time. It may take a full minute or so of holding down the two keys, but you should  see an onscreen message responce that says that it is recovering the BIOS. 

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Please Help me with this,
One day I get home, turn on my computer, it comes on... checking email...alls fine, then my computer just turns off... click the on button...loading... screen comes up...bam....off again! Not even any error messages! I continued like this for about 10-15 minutes untill now I only get it up for about .7 seconds and nothing appears on the screen.

1. I have the power supply, fine.
2. I have checked all peripherals, fine.
3. I have checked the video card and RAM on different computers, fine.
4. I have continually cried, fin... never mind...
5. I checked the Hard drives, mointor, all other drives, FINE!

My system specs are as follows:
| AMD Athlon 64 3200+ |)
| Gigabyte GA K8NS |)
| Apollo Geforce FX5500 256MB DDR |)
| 3 x Corsair 256GB DDRAM |)
| Western Digital 250GB ATA IDE HDD |)

Thanks in forward for any help or ideas, but one thing that I could use is howto test to see if you motherboard is damage.

Thanks even more!

A:PLEASE HELP, computer won't turn on, fans come on and lights blink

Have you checked that your fans are spinning up? Is the heatsink sitting flush with the CPU? Have you made any changes to your hardware on the mobo?

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Laptop orignally ran on Vista.  started having problems with boot up.  Sometimes it would boot up.  Sometimes it sounded as thhough it was looking foor a CD (CD drive empty).   CapLock AND NumLock LED blink during atempted boot and even continue after boot up and everthing seems to operate OK.Upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit to see if it was a Vista issue. Problem still exists. The LEDs flash one time and then again after about 3 seconds.Help

A:HP DV7 CapsLock and NumLock LED blink one time computer some...

Hi,Please try a hard reset and see if it works.1. Power off your laptop2. Remove the a/c adapter, battery and everything that is attached to your laptop.3. Hold the 'POWER 'button down on your laptop for about 10 seconds.4. Plug in the a/c power supply (without battery) and power on.Regards.

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My htpc system has been acting weird lately , whenever psu is plugged in , the cpu fans,leds etc start running without me pressing the power button , the pc boots normally if i press the power button . Im wondering if this behaviour is normal , i havent installed any new component , the cpu is a4 6300,4 gigs of ram 400 w psu and gigabyte motherboard

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+, x64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2045 Mb
Graphics Card: Radeon X1300/X1550 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228121 MB, Free - 91954 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 5641 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc, 0YY821
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A couple of days ago I needed to use Skype and my Logitech Webcam Pro 9000, both of which I hadn't used in a while. Skype asked to run an update, which I allowed. The Logitech Webcam also asked to run an update, which I also allowed. Everything seemed to work fine. That evening, I shut down my monitor but left the computer on. Next morning, turned on monitor, which showed vertical stripes and the screen was frozen. Rebooted computer. Black screen came up indicating computer did not shut down properly and requested to run repair and restore. After this was done, computer rebooted and all was fine. There was however an error msg on the desktop screen: "Runner file name Logitech Desktop Messenger. exe lacks a '-' (the app id separator)"

Closed error message. Went to Logitech website. Said to try and delete Logitech Desktop Messenger from the control panel (uninstall). Tried to uninstall and received msg: Set-up exe has stopped working. Could not uninstall Desktop Messenger. ... Read more

A:Solved: Stripes on Monitor Screen? Screen & Computer Frozen

A member on Bleepingcomputers.com solved this issue for me. Required using an uninstall provided by Logitech for their Desktop Messenger program, which they have discontinued. FYI, the uninstall is located here: http://logitech-en-amr.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13853/~/uninstalling-logitech-desktop-messenger-%28ldm%29#LDM This solved the error message on start-up and appears to have solved the graphics card crash screen (vertical stripes on monitor issue).

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