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Old Ultra Laptop, Please help!

Q: Old Ultra Laptop, Please help!

A friend asked me to get this old laptop to work it is an Ultra TS30EG with a 486 DX4 processor.

When it boots up PhoenixBIOS A486 Version 1.03 comes up and then it comes up with a non ystem disk error replace and press any key.

I tried to boot with Windows 95 disks but it states its not a system diskette.

Any help would be appreciated! It only has a floppy drive.

Preferred Solution: Old Ultra Laptop, Please help!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Old Ultra Laptop, Please help!

Reboot with a bootdisk and from the a prompt type sys c: then remove the disk and retry to boot.

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Hi all =). I'm getting a computer made with a 450w power supply. I'm getting a Geforce 6800 Ultra at least, but the company recommends a 480w supply for this card. I've heard of people having problems with their power supply not being able to cope with this card, but I don't know exactly at what power their power supplies ran. Will I run into any problems with the power supply I'm getting, or should I upgrade to 480w or more?

Don't know if you need this information also, but I think this may also effect my power supply:

Asus K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard
Athlon 64 3400+
1.5 GB pc3200 DDR Ram
120 GB HDD

Also heard that AMD uses less power than Intel or something...sooo I was thinking that perhaps my graphics card will not be affected as much because of this...but dunno. Help would be greatly appreciated =D.

A:Regarding Geforce 6800 Ultra, Ultra Extreme, or Asus v9999 Ultra Deluxe

One, Use a title once.

Two, nope nVIDIA GeForce 6800 families or newer REQUIRES 480w of psu minimum, PERIOD. it is not matter how much watts amd or intel uses, what you means that you must have 480w or higher to have GF 6800 working properly.

Recommendation, get ATI Radeon 9600XT or 9800XT, they merely used up less than 350w.


You will get better games or things out of ATI instead of nVIDIA due to power usages

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Hi guys, back after a few months away from this great site/forum.

I have a question regarding the CHAINTECH VNF4/Ultra Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard I was searching all over the web but can't seem to find out if this motherboard will support the new AMD 64 X2(dual core) 939 CPU? It says it supports the AMD 64 & 64 FX CPUs, but what about AMD 64 X2(dual core) 939 CPU?

If anyone here can help me out, I'd be grateful. Thanks.

A:CHAINTECH VNF4/Ultra Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard

Most nForce4 based motherboards support such CPUs but not all of them do so out-of-the-box. Make sure to have a motherboard from the latest production batch. If not, it might be handy to have a single-core to flash the BIOS in case it doesn't want to power up with the dual-core one.

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Can I put an Ultra ATA hard drive in a laptop that used a SATA hard drive. The reason I want to do this is because a friend's laptop won't boot , not even in safe mode,( imo the hard drive is nackered) and of course there was no backup done.The files are needed. Now of course you'll say why not use Acronis to transfer the files to an external HDD but the problem there is that none of my friends laptops USB ports are working( haven't checked this but I'm assured it is true), so there is now way to connect an ex. HDD to it. What I'm thinkin of doin is putting the HDD into an old laptop of mine and using Acronis to transfer the files to CD or an external hdd.

What ye think? I'm inexperieced with laptops so please be gentle if this is a stupid post.

A:Can I put an Ultra ATA drive in a laptop

It is possible that you might be able to connect an ATA HDD to the buss where the CD/ DVD drive is connected. Whether that is SATA or PATA is anybody's guess.

Although, if the Laptop's HDD is broken, I'm not exactly sure what you think you're going to accomplish by doing so. If it's dead, it's dead, and that would require the drive to be dealt with data recovery methods. Very expensive.

Plan "B" involves running a cable to a desktop from the laptop, and offloading the data that way.

However, dead is dead, be forewarned

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Is there any way to use an external monitor with the XPS 13.  It would make working with photos on the road much easier.

A:using an external monitor with an XPS 13 ultra laptop

Yes - through the mini-displayport connector.

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Hello everyone. I was hoping you all may know of an excellent laptop that can handle or
run The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC game on Ultra settings smoothly?

From a few hours of searching, I have come across a few laptop brands and models
backed up by actual videos showing that it can handle the game with High or Ultra settings.
I am going to put all that I found in a list below and would like to know which one you
think would be the best one out of the bunch. I know prices will vary and some of these
are no longer in stock, but I may still be able to find them elsewhere, so I will still include those too.

If you all have any suggestions on a laptop outside of this list, do let me know.
I was hoping the price range could be below $1,000. I will try to include links to
each one so that you can compare the specs faster instead of having to search each one up.

They say on most of these videos that the recording program they use to record their game play causes the skips and makes the FPS drop by 10 or so.

HP Pavilion DV6-6135DX ------> Video showing this on High Settings, not Ultra

Toshiba Satellite S55-A5294 ----> An older version that can run Battlefield 3 on Ultra
Toshiba Qosmio X505 ------> Video Showing Ultra Settings

Acer Aspire V5-572P-6858 -----> An older model running on High Settings
Acer aspire 5560-sb613 ---> High and Ultra side by side comparison

ASUS K55 Series K55N-DB81 -----> Not Skyrim, but plays Black Ops 2 almost on Max settings
As... Read more

A:Laptop that can run Skyrim on Ultra Graphics

You can find laptops for gaming. And as you noted, you will pay more for a laptop over a desktop, sometimes as much as twice the price. And while it's nice to have a mobile computer, it's only mobile in the sense that it's easy to pick up and move about. Run time on battery power is very short when you are stressing the hardware and gaming machines are more likely to experience heat related issues. Just a few things to stress to your friend before spending the money and learning the hard way.

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My hard drive recently went on me, so I ordered a new one. I guess I did it kind of hastily, since upon its arrival today, I came to find out that it is an SATA hard drive, while my laptop only furnishes an Ultra-ATA (44 pin) connection. DOH! My question is: does anyone know if an adaptor exists which would allow me to use this new hard drive on my laptop? And if so, any ideas where I might be able to get it? I did find that such adaptors exist for desktop computers, but haven't been able to find anything for the laptop. I've also found the universal USB adaptors, but that won't help either due to the fact that this will be my primary/only drive, and needs to be bootable. Any help here would be appreciated, I'm really trying to avoid returning this thing.

Thanks in Advance!

A:SATA HDD in laptop with Ultra ATA connection

There's no room in laptops to install an internal hard drive adapter, return the SATA if you can, otherwise buy the proper IDE laptop drive

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I just got a flip video camera Ultra and shot a few videos. When I plugged the USB cable into my Toshiba laptop (I use windows vista if that matters) and double clicked on the icon in "My computer", it said I had to format the disc. Ive had this happen before with other things, I don't remember what they were though unfortunately. So I clicked "format" and when I did a box popped up alerting me that by formatting the disc, it would erase everything on it.

I cant afford to loose the videos I have on my flip cam. Is there some way to get the videos to upload onto my laptop without formatting the camera or as my computer calls is, the disc? When i read the info that came with the flip video camera, it said that some software was supposed to open and install when I plugged the USB into my laptop, but nothing popped up. I had to open up "my computer" and find the camera icon.

Also just to clarify, this is a Flip Ultra, not an HD.
This is a link to it on amazon:

Flip Ultra Camcorder 2nd Generation 120 mins

I hope someone here can help me, I thought it would be the best place to ask

Thanks in advance,

A:Flip Cam Ultra uploading to laptop issues

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My laptop has started to run slow on wifi - It used to speed test at around 13 meg consistantly but for the last couple of days its speed testing at between 0.5 - 1.5 meg on wifi

If i plug in the ethernet it speed tests 13+meg

the wireless router seems all ok as all my other devices still run at full speed, Iphone, blackberry,xbox etc

Im hoping this is just a setting problem

Thanks in advance!

A:WiFi on laptop running ultra slow!

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I have an XPS15 laptop (it says Reg Model P56F under the XPS door at the bottom).  This laptop is extremely sensitive to vibrations, hits or jolts to its case.   For example it can be running normally, but if you drop a pen or pencil, onto the keyboard area, it will freeze.  If you have it in your lap and rotate around a chair and it bumps the edge of a desk... it will freeze.  If you bump it into anything, chances are it freezes.  Usually it freezes with a scrambled screen, sometimes portions of the scrambled bits are flickering or moving, like an old NES game that you had to blow on the cartridge before it played.  Sometimes it freezes with the screen going black (but the backlight remains on).   The only way to recover is to hold down the power button until the laptop turns off.  Then you can power it back on and wait 5 minutes at the Windows 10 Please Wait... spinning circle until you can log in again.

I've already had the laptop sent out for this issue.  It came back with an upgraded 4k touch screen.  I love the screen, its such a great, free upgrade.  But the problem persists.  It's not AS sensitive as it was when it had the regular 1920x1080 matte screen.  Before you could drop a pen NEXT to the laptop and that small of a vibration would cause the freeze.  Now you can bang on the table as much as you want, and as long as you don't touch the actual laptop, it remains oper... Read more

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Does the the ThinkPad X1 Ultra Sleeve fit the T480 Laptop? Is it a good fit? I think my screen is around 15".

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Will windows 10 64 bit run on my hp touch smart tx2 with a AMD Turion X2 mobile ZM86 processor. Currently running windows vista O/S

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hi people. it's been a while since i first asked a question.
I come here again to ask this question

should I try to buy a gefroce fx 5600 ultra(256 mb), or geforce fx 5700 ultra(128 mb)?
I've heard smth about fx 5700 being unstable, or just simply it sux.

so just to make sure, which one shd I buy?

A:geforce fx 5600 ultra? or 5700 ultra?

the 5600 ultra should be the best value. i would go with it

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I have a SCSI PCI controller that is ultra 2 and I have found a 36.4GB SCSI hd from HP that is ultra 3. Will the adapter slow the transfer rate of the ultra 3. If so to what degree the controller I have has a sdram slot on it with a 16 MB stick in it . Will it still work If I put a 128MB stick in it?

A:Solved: SCSI Ultra II to Ultra III Adapter

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I received an EVOO 11.6? Laptop for Xmas. After using for 2 weeks it stopped charging, turned off while plugged in and will not turn back on. Any suggestions?

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When the P50 is docked with the lid closed, my two Dell 23" monitors (P2317H) connected via  2 Display Ports both recieve a signal from the dock. When the lid is opened, one monitor will lose signal. I have updated the Nvidia driver on the P50, as well as the firmware on the dock, which did not resolve the issue.  I have also tested this with a differnt P50, dock, monitors, and cables with the same result. OS: Windows 10 64-bitHardware: Lenovo ThinkPad P50, Lenovo ThinkPad Ultra Dock 40A2, Dell 23" Monitors P2317H 

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My company has issue me a Lenovo T470s and an Ultra Dock to replace my existing equipment. I have two external monitors connected to the docking station with display port cables. The problem that I am experiencing is that if the laptop is docked and the cover is open, I get video on the laptop display and one external monitor. The other external monitor gets no signal and goes to sleep. If I close the laptop cover, I get video on both external monitors. A co-worker told me that this was working as designed and that the solution for getting video on all three monitors was to connect one external monitor to one of the display ports and the other to the DVI port. (He hadn't tested this configuration and is using two display ports with the laptop cover closed.) I tried my coworker's suggestion and got the same result but prior to switching to DVI, I downloaded and installed the latest(?) driver for the HD Graphics 620 adapter from this website (lenovo.com) and that seemed to solve the problem (when using two display ports) but after shutting the laptop down, I had the same issue the next day. What I want, is to have the laptop cover open and still be able to use two external monitors and get optimal resolution on all three monitors. What's the best configuration for achieving this? (Don't guess, like my co-worker. Give me something you've tested and that you can confirm that it works.)

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I am planning to buy Kensington Combination Ultra Laptop Lock (K64675US) for Dell XPS L502X. The security cable slot is present on the backside of the laptop. But, I want to security slot's compatibility with Kensington lock (K64675US). 
Please refer to following link for information about lock model specified above:
Your reply is appreciated! Thank you!

A:Compatibility of Kensington Combination Ultra Laptop Lock (K64675US) with Dell XPS L502X

Hi amitd,
The security slot on a laptop is of universal standard and it will be compatible with any Laptop Lock. You may consider purchasing the same.

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I was having problem with amd graphic driver update it would not able to install display driver so i reinstall windows 10 and it worked and after then i tried to update amd display driver it started having same problem so i dled the latest windows 10 from Microsoft and did reinstall but during reinstallation after getting ready it reboot and stuck at hp logo forever.
I tried hard start nothing happen same stuck at hp logo i did diagnosis of hardware all stated passed did chksdk r .
It couldn't load into safe mode also and just stuck at hp logo.
Tried refresh but it say failed .
I can't lose my files cuz my whole semester work is in there and I have to submit my project next week. I need a Big help.

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This week at Mobile World Congress, Huawei announced the new HUAWEI MateBook X Pro powered by Windows 10: a new, ultra-slim laptop that weighs only 2.93 lbs and offers up to 12 hours of 1080P video playback, 14 hours of regular work or 15 hours of webpage browsing[1]. Let?s take a closer look:

HUAWEI MateBook X Pro
The new Huawei MateBook X Pro is an ultra-slim yet full-featured 13.9-inch notebook with an all-new 3K touch-enabled HUAWEI FullView Display and 91 percent screen-to-body ratio. Powered by an 8 Generation Intel Core i7/i5 processor and Windows 10, it boasts a long-lasting 57.4Wh (Typical Capacity) battery and a discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics with 2GB GDDR5[2] ? making it incredibly light and powerful.

The 3K High definition display with touch and incredible audio with Dolby ATMOS deliver a beautiful, productive computing experience. With Dolby Atmos Sound System, sounds flow above and around you, making you feel like you?re inside the action.

With Windows 10, the MateBook X Pro arrives with great features built-in, including your digital personal assistant Cortana[3] and an integrated fingerprint reader that allows you to login quickly and securely with Windows Hello. The MateBook X Pro also weighs just 2.93 lbs., making it super portable, and has a battery life of up to 12 hours of 1080P video playback, 14 hours of regular work or 15 hours of webpage browsing[4], so you can work and play all day.

Pricing and availability: Beginning in first ha... Read more

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After connected my dell XPS 13 with Dell 34" ultra monitor via Kensington SD4000 universal docking station. Have video but no sound coming out from my ultra wide monitor. The only sound that I heard was from the XPS laptop. My Laptop's OS is window 10 and I tried to use Chrome and explorer Edge, none of the search engine is able to solve the problem. Moreover, I checked my all connective cables to/from the docking station and it seems fine to me. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I cant find any information about this "Ultra" brand laptop, its a p3 1.1ghz and i have no idea how much video memory it has.

The actual brand is "Ultra"

No other info listed,

can i upgrade this? i wanna play some games.


Steve Laboy


A:on-board video card for "ultra" brand laptop

is there a model or serial number somewhere on the unit? be sure to carefully check all surfaces of the unit, including any areas that are accessed via removable panels. you may even be able to find the unit's FCC id, in which case you can get further information from the FCC website (they have a nice database that lists any device based on its FCC id).

what do you want to use this laptop for? usage possibilities depend largely on the RAM and video card, which are not strong selling points for most laptops.

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Gigabyte nf4 Ultra or DFI nf4 Ultra of MSI NEO4 PLatinum?

I will be running a system:

AMD 64 3200+ or 3500+
2 x 1Gb Corsair Value ram
2 x 250Gb Seagate NCQ
LEadtek 6600GT Extreme
Tagan 480W

Now my question is, which board is faster, more stable, has better equipment ... ?

I will NOT overlock my system, so in the first place I need a motherboard that is stable and doesn't couse too much problems ...

Which of these two do you reccomend?


A:Gigabyte nf4 Ultra or DFI nf4 Ultra

I'm pretty much building the same PC you are. I still need to decide on the videocard, either the 6600Gt or x700pro.

For the motherboard, I've decided to go with DFI. I haven't seen reviews comparing both, but they seem pretty much to deliver the same performances. I like the design of the DFI better, but the main thing that made me choose the DFI was the number of PCI-e slots. The gigabyte model has only 2 PCI-e 1x slots and 1 16x slot, DFI offers 1 1x slot, 1 4x slot and 2 16x slots. So I should be able to use PCI-e parts more easily in the next few years.

Feature wise, gigabyte offers 8 SATA ports(4 on 3.0Gb/s) while DFI has 4 on 3.0Gb/s only. Both seem to offer 10 USB ports and 2 lan connector.

There's not much difference specs wise, it pretty much comes down to who you trust more and price wise.

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Hey guys, i'm looking to put together a nice setup and psu is now the question. SLI will be a future investment so headroom is needed. Calculated power requirement for the sli came to 660 watts for the machine. I'm left to decide between Ultra / X-Pro / 750-Watt / ATX for 199.99 and the OCZ / GameXStream / 700-Watt / ATX. for 179.99. Which would be better quality or best choice to go with?

A:Ocz Or Ultra?

Go to tomshardware and check out their tests and reviews.

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Some guidance please. When I boot up my screen displays usual system properties and also 'SMART Ultra DMA capable but disabled' . I really don't know if this will be OK to enable.
OS Win XP Pro (sp2)
proc AMD 1.6g
HD's (2x40gb) quite old I think-Samsung SV4012H & ST 340015A
Optowrite cd-rw CW5205
External USB DVD/R (not recognised see other post)
Would appreciate any help whatsoever.

A:S.M.A.R.T. Ultra DMA ?????????????

S.M.A.R.T is Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology

S.M.A.R.T has little to do with the operating system you are using as such,
but rather is a mechanism for monitoring the state or condition of your
hard disks.

I would advise you to run with S.M.A.R.T. enabled, as this
should then help you get some advance warning of any potential hard disk
problems, whilst you still have time to do something about it, such as
backing up your data before the disk actually fails.

Regards Howard :grinthumb

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In the BIOS is the ultra DMA suppose to be enabled or disabled?and what does it do?

A:ultra DMA ???

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Would a good 650watt psu be good enough for this you guys think, substitute two of these for my current specs in my sig. thx for help.

A:G80 ultra

Try like 650 KW maybe.

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I am planning a new upgrade.. I'm planning on buying an Athlon XP 2100+, 256 PC2700 DDR, and a new motherboard..
I'm having a bit of trouble trying to decide between the MSI KT3 Ultra2 (KT333 chipset) motherboard and the New MSI KT4 Ultra (KT400 chipset) motherboard...
Anyone have any opinions on these boards..

I originally was planning on the KT3 Ultra2 board, but then i got thinking and the 8x AGP really appeals.. I'm planning on getting the top card based on nvidia's upcoming chipset and it'll probably 8x. I also like the onboard usb 2.0.. What I'm afraid of is, if there are any bugs with the KT400 chipset..

thanks guys

A:MSI Kt3 Ultra 2 or KT4 Ultra

Most of the reviews Ive seen are solid. A couple of sites reported instability running DDR400, but with the DDR 333 you are buying it is stable. Get CAS2 RAM and your performance will be good.

I guess youve read this: http://www.tomshardware.com/mainboard/02q4/021007/index.html

To me USB 2 is basic anymore for a new MB. It is the coming thing and there is no sense in having to install an adapter card.

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When I start my PC (Win XP) and it's scrolling through the initial pre-windows proceedure
it states that the hard drive is Ultra-DMA capable but not enabled.
Could anybody explain what it means and whether I should enable it?

A:Ultra DMA?

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So my g80 card is running at 80 degrees celcius right now. The fan isnt automatically speeding up, and ntune wont let me increase the fan speed, any suggestions. I already downclocked it, but it still wants to run hot.

A:g80 ultra 80C,

Way too hot. 176 degrees farenheit. May be damaged.

Try another very good CPU fan... Zalman or better... new thermal paste, case fans.

Tell us more about the board brand and model, as well as the cpu... and do a Google search for related problems.

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I have a WDC 40GB 7200 RPM ATA/100 drive than is performing considerably slower than it should under XP (according to SiSoft's Sandra benchmark utility). I installed the latest Intel ATA drivers for my motherboard's chipset (Tyan Tomcat i815T S2080, Intel 82801BA Controller) but see only a marginal improvement. To be certain the DMA33 drive (slave) I have using the same IDE channel isn't slowing it down, I removed it from the system and ran Sandra again to benchmark and got the exact same results.

I've noticed that if I display the IDE Primary controller in Device Manager, it shows that the drive is using DMA Mode 1. I have read elsewhere that ATA/100 is Mode 5, and if I run Intel's Application Accelerator tool it does show the drive as Mode 5. Has anyone had similar problems or can anyone offer any advice on how I can increase my drive speed?

In addition to the hardware above, I'm running a P3 750 100FSB with 256MB PC-133 RAM and 128MB PC-100 RAM. I have a CD-RW and CD-ROM on my second IDE channel, and I am using the correct 40 pin cable for the HD's.

A:XP and Ultra ATA/100

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I am looking for an additional hard disk for my computer. I have looked around but notice two standards... Ultra ATA/100 and Serial ATA...
just wondering that if my comp can use one, does that mean it cannot use the other or can it use both?? BTW my existing HD connects via Ultra ATA/100 w/ an IDE ribbon... and despite being the only Hard disk in my computer, it is set as slave and I boot from it. Isn't that odd????

A:Ultra ATA/100 HD help...

In Windows 9x through ME, you can boot from a drive set as slave if there is no master present. I'm not sure about 2000 and up.

I haven't seen any boards with IDE and Serial ATA. You can, however, get a serial ATA add-in card and use a Serial ATA drive on any system with an available PCI slot.

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I have just bought a new hard disk (Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 8 Ultra ATA/133)

I have checked my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-7VTXH) and see that the IDE bus master is specified as ATA66/ATA100.

Does this mean

A) The drive will not work with this motherboard
B) The drive will work but not as fast as it is capable of working
C) It will work but you will have to . . . . . . . .
D) Something else

Thanks for your advice


A:Ultra ATA 133

A. The drive will work fine with your MB
B. True but I don't think that you will notice it.


C. How big is the drive and what operating system are you using?

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my motherboard says it suports ultra dma 33< http://www.intel.com/design/motherbd/sv/>
My qustion is does it activat on its own or do you have to turn it. And what is the diference betwen ATA 100 and ULTRA DMA 33?

A:Ultra Dma 33

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Hi guys,

I'm thinking of getting a new system and figured some expert help would do me good... I have a few question on the hardware I was planning to get.

The system I was thinking of getting:

AMD X2 5600+
Abit KN9 Ultra / ASUS M2NE
2 x 1 GB Kingston DDR 667 ram
160 GB Seagate SATA HD
Liteon DVD Burner
450 W PSU

I'll be carrying over my Sapphire X1300 from my old pc till the new ATIs come out.

There are a few things that are bugging me, particularly with the motherboard.

1. Will the KN9 Ultra be able to support the X2 5600+?

2. I've read of a few problems with the KN9. Do I really have to flash the bios when I first start the system? I never had to do that with my other systems (also amd on abit boards). Also, quite a few people have said the same thing about the ASUS board..

3. Do I have to install SATA drivers during the win xp setup? I've read through the online manual and they don't mention to install the drivers. (Note: I am not running or planning to run RAID)

4. Can I install Vista on this setup later? (the board is not mentioned as Vista certified)

5. Is my ram seletion ok? or should I go for the DDR 800s? Also, I've read that on the KN9 I have to readjust the ram voltage settings. Is this true?

6. Lastly, is the power supply I'm thinking of getting going to be able to support the system when I change my video card, or should I get something more powerful?

I really appreciate any help I can get on this.

Thank... Read more

A:KN9 Ultra Help

Nobody likes me......

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In the BIOS is the ultra DMA suppose to be enabled or disabled?and what does it do?S.M.A.R.T. ???

A:ultra DMA ???

Ultra DMA

This technology for transferring data between a computer's hard disk and memory was developed by Quantum and Intel. The maximum burst rate of an Ultra DMA hard drive is 33.3 MBps. The original DMA (Direct Memory Access) protocol could only transfer data at half that speed. Thanks to Ultra DMA programs can open faster and run more smoothly. This is because Utlra DMA can send more data to the memory in less time than the original DMA.

A bit gobble-de goop

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is ultra memory any good? they were offering a killer deal at radioshack and it almost seemed to good to be true ($35 for 1 gig of pc3200)

A:ultra memory

According to these reviews HERE. Ultra ram is very good. it does sound like a good deal.

You need to make sure that your mobo will support the make/size/speed etc.

Regards Howard

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how come i cant find a card sportin the 6800 Ultra GPU i can find the 6800XT's and the 6800GS's at newegg

also i was wondering if i would be better off with a 6800xt (or ultra if someone know where i can buy one) verse a 7600GS i know that a 7600GT would be the best bang for the buck, but i'm tight on cash..

i plan on have in a 3800+ x2 from amd and an asus A8N-SLI Deluxe with a gig of patriot ram for the time i will only use 1 graphics card, but hope to upgrade later this fall

A:6800 Ultra

I'd highly recommend a 7600GT or even the GS. I'm sure they perform better than the 6800 series. And they are newer too.

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Hello. I am looking for some advice...I hope some of you can help me with your opinions. I just bought Nero 8 Ultra at Best Buy for $59 today. A great deal from what I have seen. My problem is...I don't know which of my two computers is best set up to handle the workload. I've read that Nero can be demanding on resources. These are my options...My Desktop - AMD Athlon 64 3800+ 2.4 GHz512 KB L2 cache3 GB of PC3200 DDR SDRAM 400 MHzNVIDIA GeForce 6150LE 256MB (shared)200 GB (SATA) 7200 rpm HDD16X DVD(+/-)R/RW (+/-)R DL LightScribe driveWindows XP Pro (Media Center) SP2My LaptopAMD Turion 64 X2 1.6 GHz Dual Core Mobile TL-502 X 256KB L2 Cache1 GB 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) (2 Dimm)NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (UMA) up to 128MB (shared)100GB 5400RPM (SATA)Super Multi 8X DVD?R/RW with Double Layer SupportWindows XP Pro (Media Center) SP2I'm new to video editing and burning DVD's, so researching all this stuff has been pretty mind boggling. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

A:Nero 8 Ultra

Your desktop, primilary because its easier to upgrade for the future e.g if you run out of HDD you can easily replace/add, memory is cheaper, if you need additional cards your desktop is the way to go IMHO.

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is ti true that the bfg 6800 ultra is compatible with agp and pci-express? just wondering cause i wanna up grade to pci-e later but i wanna use my agp now

A:BFG 6800 ultra!

I doubt it is, as on newegg i see one of each, and those slots are different.

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im recently having issues booting up into window's or even getting to the bios i sent my computer in to be fixed all 4 led light's are red and stable and they can't figure out the problem the only thing they said was that the bios chip might be corrupted im wondering if anyone here know''s anything i can do to fix it and im wondering if i just buy the same motherboard and put the ram and cpu i have in it along with my graphic's card or is it worth bying the motherboard cause they don't know if the ram and cpu are fried with it as well if someone could get back to me asap would be muchly appreciated!

A:nf4 lanparty ultra-D

This forum is intended for issues related to systems running Windows 7. I see that you're on XP. (I also see that you like run-on sentences.)

That said, I don't know what to suggest. The Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D is a fairly old (2005) Socket 939 board. I think eBay may be where you'd have to go for a replacement motherboard, or a replacement BIOS chip. (Both the board and the chip are listed on eBay.)

If you'd like to try just updating the BIOS, the latest version is 406, from April of 2006:

DFI LANParty:The Best OC Platform! Overclock, Motherboard, Intel, AMD

I suggest using a floppy-based version, as it's safer than flashing from Windows.

Good luck.

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Recently I been seeing the latest interface M.2 go yet again to another level, with speeds up to 32Gbs! Im wondering how they do it, and if you really could take advantage of such data transfers which looks pretty promising on paper..

A:Ultra M.2 interface

The secret is that they use the processor?s leftover PCIe 3.0 lanes to feed it, so it runs as PCIe 3.0 x4 (32Gb/s) which is over three times faster than the others PCIe 2.0 x2 M.2 (10Gb/s) and five times faster than mSATA (6Gb/s). You can find it on the AR Z97 Extreme6 model.. is there any others?

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yea so whats better serial ata or ultra ata. just wondering cause im looking at buying a new hard drive for my computer. thanks

A:Serial ATA or Ultra ATA???

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I just got a vnf4 ultra from Newegg, and it looks different than all the other pictures I've seen. Is it a newer revision or something? It has a blue pcb rather than black, and the chipset cooler has fins and says Zenith VE on it.

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I recently got my hands on Nero 7 Ultra, and I'm not too sure how to use it. I have several episodes of a show on my hard drive and I want to know how to burn them onto a DVD, including a menu and the episodes divided into chapters. Anyone proficient in using Nero wanna help me out

BTW they are all in .avi format, i heard that I have to convert them so they work on the DVD.

A:Using Nero 7 Ultra

Use the NeroVision program that comes bundled in Nero 7

Add each video file to it, and follow the prompts. It will do the conversion for you. I trust that you obtained these episodes of a show by legal means - because Techspot doesn't condone piracy.

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Hi; I am new here. The reason I am here is to find out about ?Ultra 100 Bios?. It is not installed on my computer. My computer works fine. What does ?Ultra 100 Bios? do?

A:Ultra 100 Bios

It simply an extra IDE controller to add more IDE drives to your system. If your computer works fine then all is well, you can disregard that message.

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