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computer turns off when moved on battery power (As...

Q: computer turns off when moved on battery power (As...

Hi, My battery seems to hold a charge very well. However, the problem is when I try to move my laptop on battery power; it suddnely turns off. It also shuts down when jostled or bumped. The battery is great when the laptop is stationary. I noticed this problem when I move from one class to another: The Aspire V works great during class, but the moment I shut it and put it in my backpack it shurts down and I need to reboot it for the next class. The laptop is great when it is plugged in. This seems like a hardware issue but I don't know what to do. Thanks for your help!

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Preferred Solution: computer turns off when moved on battery power (As...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Bought Yoga 900 on 12/30/15.  Recently, it shuts down randomly on battery or AC Power.  Is there a software update I'm missing? It doesn't appear to be battery related since the issue occurs when plugged in too.  I reviewed Power Settings to ensure it wasn't being turned off as a result of a setting.  Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

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Hi, There seems to be a problem with the power management on my T570. I have two batteries, and I think the main one to be used is the battery 2. Sometimes, I'll be working unplugged, and my computer randomly turns off. Not the usual "Windows turning off" sequence, but an immediate blackout with no feedback. When I turn the computer back on, I see that Battery 2 is at 0% and Battery 1 is now in use. It does seem to be a problem in the power management, no? Thank you,Fred

A:My computer turns off immediately when Battery 2 reaches 0%, even if Battery 1 is 100%

Sounds like power management or battery reporting status wrong.  Are you still under warranty? If yes, call support first.  Can you get (borrow) another battery to try?

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When I attempt to turn on my computer the power light comes on and I hear the fans running but after a second or 2 the light goes off and the fans stop running, after a count of 2 the light comes on the fans start up again and the same thing happens again, on off on off I don?t have to touch the button the only way I get it to stop is pull the plug from the wall. I thought maybe it was a power supply issue so I replaced this with a new one but I got the same results. Does anyone have an ideas????   

A:Computer power issues ! turns on then off turns on then off ...

Dear Customer, Welcome to the HP Consumer Support forum. In order to isolate the issue, please try and perform few basic steps as follows: 1. Open the hood and ensure the 4 or 6-wire power supply cable is seated into the connector on the system board2. Check if a device is causing the problem by removing ALL attached devices (such as hard, diskette, or optical drives, and expansion cards).3. Power on the system.4. If the system enters the POST, then power off and replace one device at a time and repeat this procedure until failure occurs.5. Replace the device that is causing the failure.6. Continue adding devices one at a time to ensure all devices are functioning properly.7. Locate the header and jumper labeled CLR_CMOS8. Remove the jumper from pins 2 and 3.9. Place the jumper on pins 1 or 2.10. Put the jumper back on pins 2 or 311. Replace the access panel12. Reconnect all the disconnected devices one by one and then power on the unit and check if the issue persists. In case issue persists please get back to us and we would be glad to assist you. Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again. **Click the KUDOS star on left to say Thanks** Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GR1Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP 

I am an HP employee

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I've had this computer for less than 3 months and the battery as the title says has stopped recharging and unless the computer is connected to mains it won't stay on.
I've heard quite a few other people have the same issue, Did anyone find a solution?

A:Dell XPS 9550 - Battery at 51% not charging, if not connected to power turns off

What is the status/color of the Power and battery-status light ? Solid Amber ? How about the Indicator light on the AC adapter?  Solid / blinking white light ?

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Yesterday, I spilled a little bit of coffee on my laptop. It got on a few keys but not a lot at all. It worked fine, then I didn't use it for a few hours. Went to go do some school work and it wouldn't turn on and hasn't turn on since. When the charger is plugged in, the light comes on and it charges but no other lights come on and the computer won't turn on. I tried a hard reset but that didn't work. I really don't want to lose everything on my computer, I need it for my classes. I took it to my colleges tech department and they cleaned it and said there didn't seem to be water damage to the motherboard so i'm not sure if he just missed it or if something else is the problem. SOS

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I have a HP Probook 4730s and it has an i7 processor, 8gb ram, 700GB HDD. I have this new software program called Corel Videostudio Pro. I am in the middle of rendering a large 20GB HD video and all of a sudden the computer shuts off. And the weird thing is that I cannot turn it back on, even when plugged in. I can only turn it back on when I remove the battery and replace it.
What can I do to finish this rendering of my video without the computer shutting down?

A:Computer turns off, can only turn on when battery removed and put back in?

Install this software CPUID Hardware Monitor and check your system temps when you are rendering the video, I suspect an overheating issue.

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My computer regularly turns off all by itself. It could be anywhere from 3 miniutes to 3-4 hours for it to turn off by itself. When I unplug the computer power cord and plug it in again then the power turns on again but usually turns off again after a while. Why does my computer turn off by itself and how can I resolve this problem?

A:Power on computer turns off by itself very often

This could be caused by a component of your computer heating up and telling the computer to shut down to prevent over heating. Make sure the computer is clean on the inside first and foremost! I suggest finding a temperature monitoring program like MBM5 or speed fan so you can tell just how hot things are getting. Hope that helps! Give it a shot and tell us the results.

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My computer has been running amazingly untill about a week ago it started shutting off right in the middle of operation. When I would boot it back up Microsoft would do the "Send error report" thing and it would send me to a web page saying that it was a hardware problem but it didn't know what hardwear was failing. It gave me a list of possible:
If overclocking turn off (Which I was and did disable)
Check Prossesor (My AMD 64 X2 +4200 is brand new and appears to be working fine)
Over packed power strip (Not a problem)
And Power supply. ( I think this is the most likly but have no way of proving it. I'm running 4 Hard drives. 1 Floppy. 2 CD drives. PCIe graphics card. 2 180mm fans and 1 80mm. all on a 450w power supply. Is that too much for it to handle? and Yes it's all nessisary.)

A:Computer turns off as if power went out.

It also can depend on the quality of the power supply. A cheap PSU will say 450 W but this is a peak value, and is an unrealistic dream. If it is a name brand or one of high quality it will put out a constant 450w. Check the label on the PSU to see if it is 450 Peak power, or 450 Constant. If it is peak, I would be looking into getting a more powerful PSU. I personally like to buy quality PSUs. I have a Cooler Master True 550w and it has never given me a problem.

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My computer regularly turns off all by itself. It could be anywhere from 3 miniutes to 3-4 hours for it to turn off by itself. When I unplug the computer power cord and plug it in again then the power turns on again but usually turns off again after awhile. Why does my computer turn off by itself and how can I resolve this problem?

A:Power on computer turns off by itself

A few initial thoughts.

- How old is the PC? If it isn't that new have you ever cleaned it out inside?

It could be a heat related issue although I would of thought you would get a warning before shutdown (although not always). If the temperature reaches or exceeds the temperature set in the BIOS the system will shutdown to protect itself.

- If it runs for a while, then shuts off. When you turn it back on does it normally shutdown again after a very short time? Or can it run for ages again before turning off?

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Well I'm sure you guys have read the whole "last night I turned off my computer, and the next morning my computer won't boot on." I have the same situation and found out that my power supply is the problem when I try powering on my pc with my old pc. Although when my psu is plugged in, a dim green light is on. I researched and found the paperclip test. I tried it and saw that the green light is bright and the fan turns on. So I'm guessing my psu is not fully dead (if that makes sense). What is wrong? Why will it not boot my computer althought an old psu does?

A:Power supply turns on, but not my computer..

anyone? i can't find any solution. also if there is one i do not want to spend money then later finding out. i have to do some summer work and i need help fast!

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So I have my background set to change to another picture in a slideshow once a day, but I often use the laptop unplugged, and the slideshow doesn't change.

The first few days I was confused, but then I realized that the option "Allow slideshow when on battery power" was turned off, so i turned it on, but the background still wouldn't change the next day. I've now realized that every time I close Settings, the option defaults to "off".

How can I fix this?


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I recently moved my computer from one side of my desk to the other and somehow it managed to make it so when I press the power button nothing happens. I've disassembled and reassembled the computer numerous times and tested the psu. The psu is working and it seems like the motherboard is the culprit. What is confusing me the most is that when I short the 24 pin connector to the motherboard then plug it in if I also press the power button I can turn on the computer. I dont see that as a permanent fix just in case it sleeps and I assume it is not good for the computer so I am looking for help on how to permanently fix my issue. Thanks in advance.

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I built my computer about 5 months ago everything worked fine and I quit using it for about a month ago and I had problems when I turned it on like it would turn on and off constantly so I replaced the psu and I got a gpu cause I got a deal on it but now the computer turns on right away when the switch on the power supply is turned and the power button on the case only turns the fan off and not the mother board and also doesn?t show anything on the screen I also tested the ram to see if they died but they were not the problem

A:Computer only turns on with power supply and no display

Hi Merktwisted, and welcome to TSG.

How about giving us manufacturer's names and full model numbers for ALL of the items you mention in your post.

How did you test the RAM modules to know they were not the problem?

Have you tried operation with the new PSU but without the new GPU?

I may not be able to come up with a solution, but the above information could help someone else here to help you.

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Hey guys. The PC I'm on right now has been turning itself off randomly when I am using it. When it does this the power light is still showing, mouse is still lit up usb sytick still lit up etc.
What could be the cause of this and how can I fix this??

A:Computer turns itself off and power light stays on

Is your computer going into hibernation and are your temps OK?

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i have a computer that when you plug the power cord into the powersupply it turns on.
I removed all the connectors for the PS, HD, and any others that connect to the front panel, and the computer still comes on once you plug in the power cord.
Bad Mobo? or Bad PS?

A:Computer turns on automaticly when connected to power

It could just be a BIOS setting on the motherboard. See if there is some type of power-up option in one of the BIOS configuration screens.

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Well my computer (gateway gt5662) has been working great the past 2 years but all went down 3 days ago i turned off my computer (Doing a normal shutdown) unplugged the cables and all the others and left to goto my dads house so me and my friend were bringing all the parts to my dads car when we got to his house i plugged it in straight away fans started blowing i was all like wtf... and the blue power button was not lighting up about 300 unplugs and replugs it lit up then crashed about 20 more clicks turned on i went into bios eveyrthing seemed normal i just said to put on fail safe i did that my comp finally turns on then about 3hrs later it dies again.... I've seen lots of people with this problem i just don't fell like buying a new comp when there could be an easy fix
Thanks Slipknotic

A:Computer Auto turns on when plugging in the power cord

It might be the power supply, a lot of the Gateway and eMachine computers have problematic power supplies. See if you can borrow a power supply, say from anther computer, and try it.

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Hello everybody!
I have a Dell Inspiron 3847 with an i5 4440, 8 gb of ram, and 1 tb of hard drive. I purchased an evga 500 watt PSU and successfully installed it. My pc worked normally and everything was fine. I then purchased an evga 1060 sc and attempted at installing it into my pc. After installing it I started up my pc and it turned on. The fan for the gpu didn?t spin so I turned off my computer, opened the case, unplugged the 6 pin then plugged it back in. I turned on my pc again but it made an odd sound before the power button flashing orange then completely shutting off. Now every time I turn it on the light turns orange and the fans spin for a split second then they stop. Any assistance will be much appreciated...

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This morning I came to my computer and it had a BSOD from my wireless adapter driver. This has happened a few times before. But when I turned it off and tried to turn it back on, it wont start! As soon as I press the power button, the lights flash and the fans get one jolt of power causing them to spin and die out immediately and then everything stops in under a seccond. What could be causing this? I did add a new new hard drive to my computer yesterday, but it has restarted fine a few times since then, and unplugging it didn't fix the problem. Other than that, I can't think of anything that is different that would be causing this. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Computer turns off immediately after pushing power button when I turn it on

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After getting a couple blue screens I am having the following issue:

When I turn my computer on, the fans and drives all start up. After approx. 2 seconds the computer shuts itself off. After another 2 seconds the computer turns itself back on again. This time it stays on but i have no monitor output. I don't hear a beep which tells me it is probably not posting.

I have read a few other threads that have a similar issue but not the same. I am thinking it is either the mobo, GPU, or PSU.

I would like any guidance and assistance that you guys can give me on this specifically what i should look at first and how to diagnose. Thanks. system specs below:

ASUS P5Q Pro ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor
EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 896-P3-1265-AR Video Card
Antec EA650 650W Power Supply
OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Memory

A:Computer turns on, turns off then turns back on but has no video output

Motherboard Short

I have helped somebody who had a similar issue and it was the motherboard being shorted out by the case. We took the motherboard out of the case and it booted up just fine. Something you might want to try before purchasing new components.

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hello, Ive had the yoga 900s for over a year, and in the last few weeks, suddenly my battery is acting out. I can charge to 100% and it works fine until around 20% when it suddenly shuts off with no warning. I concect the charger, and turn it on - the battery gauge always states 0%.  why did this start happening - is ther something I can do, or do I need to get it to a lenovo center? thanks,Nir

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As the title says.

My battery is 100% charged, when i disconnect the power lead after 30 seconds or so my laptop powers off.

I bought a new battery today charged it to 100% and it does the same thing
Any ideas please

A:Dell Inspiron 7720 Laptop - Battery 100%, turns off when not plugged in, have tried new battery

harrrrrrry.Cable LooseIf you have a cable that is loose, try removing the cable and reconnecting it and make sure it is firmly in place.If the cable is still loose, check for any bent or broken pins or damage to the connector or cable.If there is damage to the cable that is causing it to become loose, the adapter and or cable will have to be replaced.Check the BatteryRight-click the battery icon in the lower right-hand corner, then click Dell Extended Battery Life Options. If this option is not available, proceed to Step 2. Click the Battery Health tab. Make note of the message on the page, when the battery shows as "This battery is performing normally", then the battery is performing as it should.Make sure your bios is updated. You can also run the diags. click the link below.http://dell.to/2k3NUrHTo run a full diagnostic on your computer, go to the Dell PC Diagnostics page, click the Advanced tab and click Run Diagnostic. Uninstalling & installing the Battery DriverIf the above steps don’t resolve and you might need to uninstall the battery driver, and then restart your computer. Follow these steps:Open Device Manager by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, and then, under System, clicking Device Manager.‌ If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.Double-click Batteries.Right-click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Con... Read more

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Hey there,
I've been using my upgraded Inpiron 17R SE happily for a couple of years by now. I've even gone as far as buying an 128GB SSD to futureproof it. This is the only drive - besides the DVD drive - currently present in the laptop. However I've had an issue for quite a while:
Whenever I try to boot the Laptop only using the Battery (even fully charged) it Posts then loads Windows and turns of just before the Login-Screen (I can't see it). When I proceed to turn it back on, it Posts then beeps and says that there is a Real Time Clock Error and gives me the option to proceed booting or to enter Setup.
This however doesn't occur when using the Power-Brick. Moreover it isn't always the case. Sometimes the Laptop boots and works fine just using the battery, but then upon opening a Programm (while under battery-power) it shuts of and gives the same error message again. If it decides to work the battery still lasts for 2-2.5 hours.
I'm really confused to what the problem is. It could be a power delivery problem, but it's still the original battery and laptop with only the HDD changed to a SSD.
I'm aware of it being a rather old machine, but selling it is my only hope for getting a new laptop for college, but I can't sell it in this state. 
I'm at a lost and really really sad because of this issue. I'm sorry for any typos or grammar mistakes, I'm a non native english speaker.

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I have a strange issue. I have a Lenovo T60 laptop and I am experiencing problems with the power management/power guage.

It will often show the battery not installed (power gauge is a greyish-white color with dashed lines) or it shows a red X. It does not matter if I am on AC power or on Battery power, it will show the full range of power, battery level, not installed, or an error.

I have searched Lenovo's site and I seem to remember seeing an FAQ about this, but now that I need it, I cannot find it.

What can I check or do to stop this? While it is annoying, I am not sure if I am having a battery problem or not. I did check my battery on Lenovo's site to see if it was recalled and it is not.

I do appreciate any help that any one can give me.


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Hi,I have a Yoga 910 which turns itself off when I physically move it while its on. Its very annoying each time I slighly ajust the laptop to the left or right the screen go's dark. Sometimes I need to actually log in again sometimes I can just hit a key and it comes back. Anybody else has that issues? Grateful for any tips....

A:Yoga 910 turns of when moved

When you say "turns off", do you really mean turns off or do you mean screen goes black?

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o__o it's acting really quite odd...

my laptop was purchased in jan. 2004. it is a dell inspiron 5100. up until recently, it has never really had any hardware issues. but this is just obnoxious!

note the sometimes. if i move it from room to room while it is powered on, it seems to be perfectly fine. i also play maplestory. but sometimes the movement or button-pushing freaks my computer out. sometimes, however, only sometimes it will do one of three things:

1. it'll stop on one screen and just freeze the whole image there.
2. it'll stop on one screen and freeze the image, then fade to a purple-white.
3. (and this just happened the first time tonight) it'll suddenly go into bad-tv-channel type mode. like black and gray lines going (moving) across the screen.

i've compared it with my dad's laptop, same brand, same model, that was purchased two months after mine. there are only two physical differences i could find.

1. when i move his computer screen, it's stiff. it will stay exactly where i put it. mine, however, moves around. it doesn't like... fall over or anything. but it really has quite a bit of give. i'll position it in one place, and if it doesn't like it, it'll fall back a little.
2. a while back, the plastic piece that you stick the headphones into broke into several parts. and i couldn't manage to get one piece out of the hole. i'm hoping that it's not lodged in there somewhere... >_> bu... Read more

A:laptop turns off when moved sometimes.

yeah it sounds like possibly a loose connection between the computer and the screen. Based on when you bnought your computer, you should call Dell on this one, since you are entitled to lifetime phone support on hardware issues. If your warranty is still in effect, they'll replace any parts that need replacing, otherwise, they'll sell you whatever you need, or tell you how to make your existing parts work.

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When trying to install my Windows 7 Service Pack1 updates I keep getting this message "Your Computer is Running on Battery Power". I get the message even when the computer is plugged in. What could be causing this?

A:Your Computer is Running on Battery Power

This seems to be a battery problem. Some computers will run only if the battery is in good shape, and do not run at all with the battery removed.

Your's is a minor annoyance that can usually be solved by getting a new battery. Depending on you how use the computer it is safe to assume that a battery is past it's service life after 6 months to 1 year. If that is so then please get a new battery.

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I have a new hp pavillion notebook that has power issues. . . it works fine on battery power, if the power is off & i have it plugged into the power adapter it will charge.  If the computer is running, i can plug the power adapter in, the icon over the battery on the task bar shows the AC connection, but only for 3 seconds , then goes it goes out. So also, the battery is using power very fast,  IF ANYONE HAS A OPINION ON THIS MATTER , I WOULD APPRECIATE THE HELP

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Hey guys, i have a dell laptop with 2 gb of ram.. When it is plugged in it does not lag at all.. Like if i move the windows around it doesnt lag, but if its on battery it does.. i have tried to change the power option to performance, but it still lags.. Thanks

A:When on battery power computer lags??

Is the battery fully charged?

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After my friend's laptop wouldn't run on battery power OR charge the battery I tried many "fixes."
Shockingly none worked that I found.
Only one thing worked for me to my surprise.
A last ditch effort was to open up the laptop (sony pcg-81114L) and disconnect the cmos battery for a few minutes to reset the CMOS.
To my surprise, when powered on, the battery instantly showed it was charging AND when removing the power plug the battery POWERS the laptop now! (and I'd thought I was wasting my time.)
Worked with an off brand battery also.
Many times this has saved many computers that have odd "unsolvable" things wrong with them.
Surely someone else has done this also but I haven't seen it posted anywhere to my knowledge.
Thank GOD for bringing the idea to remembrance!

A:sony vaio won't charge battery or run on battery power (CMOS BATTERY FIX!)

Hi askfault,
Do you have any information on how this fixes the battery problem? would be interested to know.

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Ok heres the problem. Every time windows start firewall turns off and then back on (sometimes it stays turned off for longer and sometimes not).

I'm using Windows XP. I don't know if this is useful but about a week ago I had something that's not exactly a virus but spybot recognized it, it's called NewDotNet and I removed it with some trouble and now every time computer starts I get a message, something like: Can't run *something*/newDotNet.dll does not exist. And I remember removing that file with killbox. The window where the message is showed is called RUNDLL and the process is called RUNDLL32.EXE.

Also, yesterday Ad-aware found a keylogger and I removed it (don't know if it has anything to do with firewall like, it sends passwords when I start the computer or something).

P.S I scanned the computer with Ad-aware just now and it found nothing but MRU lists.

If anyone could help me i would be very grateful.

A:Firewall turns off [moved from XP; probably needs Security help]

So nobody knows about this problem?

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My laptop,Toshiba Satellite A105 about three years old, has two problems. First, when running it randomly the screen clicks off. Seemingly the computer is off but the power light never goes out indicating the computer sis not turn off. This is especially true when you move around. That problem on its own, I would think its a loose connection.

However, the other more aggervating problem is that the laptop will not turn on/boot up. With full battery power, plugged into the wall or not, the power led lights come on but the screen never does(not even a flash or backlight) and windows never boots because I never hear the start up sounds. When this happends there is power to external ports,i.e.USB ports. I hear the fan running and the CD drive being checked but nothing ever happends. I have to manually hold down the power button until the device powers down and retry startup. I can try for 20-30 minutes and then sddenly it boots up like nothing is wrong. I have checked my power save modes, run PC Diagnostics and run SpyBot, checked for malicious viruses. I have all avaliable updates for Windows XP. Nothing I do seems to show any sign of a problem and then suddenly, randomly the screen cuts off again.

I am ready to open the laptop up and pull out everything but I wouldn't know what to look at. I have worked on desktops with my father growing up but I have no experience with looking inside a laptop. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have had this computer for a few years and a few months ago the battery slowly stopped holding a charge until it stopped working all together. Leaving the battery connected to the computer made the computer run wonky so I took it out completely.Recently I got a new battery to replace the old one in hopes of making my computer portable again, but it is doing basically the same thing {except the battery is at full charge rather than rapidly depleating}. Basically what happens is the battery is at full charge- great, I disconnect the power cord and then.. A few seconds later there is a popping sound and the computer goes completely dead until I plug it in again and start it up, proceeding with the 'windows didn't shut down correctly' screen, ect. This has lead me to believe that in essence something is wrong with the computer itself, making it in essence 'allergic to batteries'? I cannot afford a new computer at this point and at the time I spent a great deal more money to buy a better laptop so that I WOULDNT have issues with it or have to replace it every 3 years. Is this something that has to be brought to a computer mechanic who can take the thing apart and physically repair it?{{As a side note, I have to shut down the computer by unplugging it or else when I start it up again I will not get my user account to appear- it will just be the blue background without any options to shut down or log in availible. This problem is worse with a battery attached to the computer-... Read more

A:Computer shuts down without warning on battery power when no...

Hi, Is there a way for you to boot the computer back again?If you can then kindly hover your mouse cursor to the lower right corner down to the battery icon and check if you will get a message "Plug in not charging"..? If Yes then follow the steps herehttp://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/windows-10-update-prevents-batt...  Cheers!

"Education costs money; so does Ignorance"If my post has helped you, click the Kudos Thumbs up!If it solved your issue, Click the "Accept as Solution" button so others can benefit from the question you asked!

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On battery power, my laptop shuts off with no BSOD after 20 minutes of light use (web browsing).
Laptop will not restart on battery power - only when plugged in.
When restarted (plugged in) the battery level shows 85%.

Laptop diagnostics say the battery is fine - 99% charge capacity.
HP diagnostics say the battery is fine.

HP 455 notebook running windows 10 64 bit.
When plugged in, the laptop works perfectly.

I see kernel power error event 41 task 63

A:No BSDO - repeated computer shutdowns (on battery power only)

Programs that claim to update your drivers install either the wrong or corrupted drivers.
If you have installed any driver with Driver Booster 3, please remove them as it may cause trouble.

Get the battery out of the laptop, set the laptop on the back and try to put the battery back in the laptop.
If properly done, the battery should fall in by itself with little help of pushing the battery in its place

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On battery power, my laptop shuts off with no BSOD after 20 minutes of light use (web browsing).
Laptop will not restart on battery power - only when plugged in.
When restarted (plugged in) the battery level shows 85%.

Laptop diagnostics say the battery is fine - 99% charge capacity.
HP diagnostics say the battery is fine.

HP 455 notebook running windows 10 64 bit.
When plugged in, the laptop works perfectly.

I see kernel power error event 41 task 63

A:No BSOD - repeated computer shutdowns (on battery power only)

Programs that claim to update your drivers install either the wrong or corrupted drivers.
If you have installed any driver with Driver Booster 3, please remove them as it may cause trouble.

Get the battery out of the laptop, set the laptop on the back and try to put the battery back in the laptop.
If properly done, the battery should fall in by itself with little help of pushing the battery in its place

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This happens whenever my computer encounters "Bootmgr is missing". After fixing up that problem, when I let my computer around 5 minutes, it goes to "Power Saving Mode". I have checked the settings at power management, and I never set my computer into that mode. I also replaced my monitor with another one, but it appeared the problem is still persist.

Appreciate your kind advice and solutions for this problem.


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So today I was just watching a YouTube video, not gaming, not doing anything too intensive. Suddenly my computer shuts off with the power button blinking green. No BSOD, just powered off and won't turn back on. I tried unplugging the power cable and holding down the power button for 30 secs with no luck. My computer is pretty hot idle at 60 degrees Celsius. But it's been this way for years with no problem. Could something overheating just by watching a YouTube video? When a CPU overheats it goes into blue screen right? So it can't be my CPU. I have a cooler master PSU. CM is a trusted brand. And I also have an MSI motherboard.

A:Computer randomly turns off with green blinking green light on power

Doesn't necessarily mean the screen will blue out because of heat problems mate run the BIOS and post back the readings for the CPU temp (seems a tad high to me for idle) and the CPU fan speed.

The other thing to do is check out the PSU as well via these
PSU - Jump Start


but try the BIOS first and if you do the PSU stuff DO NOT attempt to open the device itself you just need to measure the volts on the leads. However volts does not necssarity mean enough current (amps)

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Okay, it starts like this. I wake up one fine morning sometime around 9:30. I didn't have to go into work, so I was up for a countless string of hours on my beloved computer, something I hadn't gotten to do in days. However, I would have to wait a while longer...

I arrive at my computer to find that my modem won't start. It's a PCI Modem, and though I don't have the software for it anymore, the drivers were already installed on the computer. Windows Help is almost never helpful, but I was desperate, and this problem was probably just a fluke. So, I tried looking through Windows Help, as well as trying some of the more common methods of remedying this kind of situation (taking it out and putting it back in while the computer is off, uninstalling the modem and then trying to detect its presence, restarting the computer, etc.)

The problem seemed like a fluke because the problem was on and off. Every time I rebooted, a different scenario. Sometimes the modem wouldn't start. Sometimes the modem wasn't even being detected as hardware. Sometimes the modem would be detected, but would have to be reinstalled. Sometimes the modem worked perfectly for a while, but whenever I disconnected it wouldn't start again.

Reinstalling didn't work, because for some reason, the drivers that I could SEE on the computer, were not being detected by the Add Hardware Wizard. So, I stuck to the manual methods stated above. (Taking the card out, restarting... Read more

A:Modem, Battery, and Power Supply: The suspects in this mystery with my computer...

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Hello guys! First of all, english is not my native language, so I hope I won't make too many mistakes. As stated in the title, I own the Lenovo Yoga 500 - 14IBD. Whenever I move the display inwards it gets black for a little while (maybe 1 - 2 seconds) and then gets back to normal. I don't have this problem when I move the display outwards. I guess I has something to do with the switiching between tablet and normal mode? Does somebody know how I can turn this off? My guess is that some sensor is broken. I wouldn't mind uninstalling some drivers if it helps (I mean I can switch manually between tablet and normal mode in the settings). Thanks in advance for any help!

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My friends computer turns on for 5 seconds and turns off and during that 5 seconds preiod the computer makes a weird noise like beping sound.
His computer is Dell and its XP iam affarid i dont have much of his computers specs. If any one can suggest how he could solve it.

thank you for reading and helping

A:my friends computer turns on for 5 seconds and turns off again automaticly plz help

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product number t6c49ua#aba ive tried everythng i can think of please help me

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I asked this question once before here, only on the video boards - got nowhere then, and I've changed almost all my hardware but the video card (and reinstalled with the upgrades) since then - so I'm giving it another whirl here.

My monitor won't power off consistently. It's an ingoing issue, and has lived through more than one complete format & reinstall, and more recently a motherboard/CPU swap, and now a new monitor. I ended up with a burn in my old monitor, and would love to avoid burning into this one too.

It cropped up sometime after I switched to LCD from CRT, but I'm not sure it's related to that - it didn't happen immediately with the switch.

Neither Google searches nor searches here have turned anything up. Help, please!

Here are my machine specs (everything's at stock speeds), a cpu-z dump and hijackthis log:

2x1gb ram
AGP x850xtpe
acer 2216W (previously a Princeton 19" LCD)

Number of processors 1
Number of cores 2 per processor
Number of threads 2 (max 2) per processor
Name Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
Code Name Conroe
Specification Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz
Package Socket 775 LGA
Family/Model/Stepping 6.F.6
Extended Family/Model 6.F
Core Stepping B2
Technology 65 nm
Core Speed 1863.1 MHz
Multiplier x Bus speed 7.0 x 266.2 MHz
Rated Bus speed 1064.6 MHz
Stock frequency 1866 MHz
Instruction sets MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, EM64T
L1 Data cache 2 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associa... Read more

A:[moved from other h/w]My monitor won't power down correctly, as set in power options:


Im not seeing anything out of line, except no antivirus and possibly no firewall..

Curious how a 3d screensaver looks to be running while you took that log

there is a kb article related to that although i doubt its part of the problem

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So, my issue that ive looked everywhere for a solution to is this.  I was about to give this laptop to someone and I reformatted the hard drive to clean it up before doing so.  After this I went to dells site and loaded up the drivers for this machine.  All is fine up till this point.  Then I updated the bios to the newest version a12, and all went fine.

Well, later that day I needed to unplug the laptop and go to a different room and It just turned off after I unplugged it.  It wouldnt turn on with battery power either.  Plugged it back in and it loads fine but the battery is stuck on 36 percent charge and says not charging.  Now im getting a message saying the battery needs to be replaced as well, which is *** because I know that the battery was working just fine before this day.  Not only that why wont a battery with 36 percent charge turn on the laptop?  Its got the flashing red battery symbol when powered on with the ac adapter but without the computer on, but still plugged in, the battery doesnt charge or have any lights. 

I have already tried the uninstalling of the acpi trick, as well as the taking the battery out while its running, or taking it out purging the power and reseating.  Ive tried all the common tricks to no avail.  Not sure whats going on but I know this battery was good, and it still says 36 percent but wont charge and wont power the laptop on.  Hope someone can help.

Thanks Gary

A:DELL VOSTRO 3500 BATTERY ISSUE (not charging and wont power on computer with charge) HELP!

First check:  make sure the BIOS (F2 at powerup) recognizes the AC adapter.  If it does not, the battery will not charge. 
If the AC adapter is not recognized, try another Dell OEM adapter.  If that doesn't solve the problem, replace the DC jack:
And if that doesn't solve the problem, replace the mainboard.
If the AC adapter IS recognized, but the battery will not charge, unplug the system, remove the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Try again -- if the battery still won't charge, odds are the battery itself is bad.
If the battery is original to the system, it's about four years old - well past its expected lifespan.

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My computer turns off then pressed again and turns on fine. This maybe due i went cheap and got a psu with case but i believe it needs to warm up for it to turn on.

Thanks for the help!

A:Computer turns off then pressed again and turns on fine?

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So, I installed Vista yesterday and it was working like a charm and last night I turned the computer off.

I woke up this morning, pressed the power button, lights/fans/computer came on for a few seconds (3 seconds approximately) and then the computer just shut off instantly, then another 3 secondsish later it turned back on and did the same thing, and it keeps doing it.
The only way I could fix it was by unplugging the power cable and turning off the switch at the power socket, I thought it may was a one-off thing.

I left the computer on, got back about 6 hours later and the computer was off (nobody turned it off, no power blackouts etc), I turned it on and it did the same thing. So I had to turn it off at the power etc and it boots up fine and it works.

This wasn't happening until I installed Vista.

Thanks in advance.

A:Computer turns on for a few seconds then turns off [loop]

I just realised, I haven't been shutting the computer down, just been clicking the power button in the Start Menu (which I have just realised isn't shut down - hovered over it: Keeps your session in memory and puts the computer in a low-power state so that you can quickly resume working). I'm fair sure this is "Sleep" (Vista noob).
I just went into Power Options and saw that Sleep was set to 1 hour, so I'm assuming:

* Last night I put my computer into sleep
* Today it went into sleep by itself (after 1 hour)

Therefore it's a problem with the sleep mode?

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I been recently having this problem where my battery run low and instead of warning me it turns off. What should i do ?

A:No Low battery warning, Just turns off.

Replace the battery. They don't last forever and this is what happens when they die.

I strongly recommend getting the OEM battery and not a cheap chinese knockoff. I never take chances with ink/toner and batteries. The real deal or nothing.

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