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SSD backing up

Q: SSD backing up

Using win 7 backup, i want to backup up my ssd(now its in full go). Where is the best place to back up? I have a 500gb hdd with my docs on(was my old C drive etc) is it best to back up here or to an ext hdd?
Also just in case of failure im thinking of backing up the hdd with my docs on. Any recommendations.
I have acronis true image but would rather using windows system image, because once ive done a clean install to the SSD i can restore using the system image.

Many thanks

Preferred Solution: SSD backing up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: SSD backing up

Kingscurate, Your post is a bit confusing.
What is the size of your C drive?
Why don't you want to use Acronis to create a system image?
The windows backup (full image) can be stored on an external USB hard disk and then restored to your
C drive.

If your C drive is full then the image would end up being full also.

What you can do is to move files to your external hard disk and then clean up your C drive.

SSD's have not that much difference from regular hard disk except they are faster and more expensive.

Windows image backup will not restore to a hard disk smaller than the one that the image was created from.


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my computer has a weird file named "mr.bean on show.avi" 331kb
and its wierd it is located in almost all main folder of my computer such as local disc C,D and even all of my documents main folder i tried to delete it but it back and back again T_T

it crashes and slows my pc when i try to open any folders it not responding and resulting "end now" and freeze my pc its so damn.. so i restart it after i restart, it change my login password!!! so damn!!!! my solotion is go to safe mode log in to admin and remove its login password

also i can't access to task manager when i alt+ctrl+end+delete,my task manager opens up for a secs and it closes automatically and showing up a command prompt for a sec and closes too..

i've tried full system virus scan using AVG full update anti virus but it cannot find any virus on it i dont know if it is a virus,trojan,spy or?
my final plan is to reformat it,but i dont want to delete my very important files

any idea what is it? and how can i rid of it?
thnx a lot

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I've bought an external hard drive and I'm wondering if there's any way of backing up everything on my hard drive? By everything I mean all of the programmes that are installed as well. If something went wrong with the laptop or it was stolen etc, I'd be able to drag everything off the external hard drive back over to a machine again.

If there is a way of doing this, can I then do it once a month or so, so that it would just update what has been changed rather than doing the whole thing again?

(Sorry, I'm not too clever on these things as you can probably guess).

Thanks for looking.


Hi geezawolf, welcome to the forums

Have a look at This tutorial from Brink. It should answer your question.

Hope it helps

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I have never backed up my system using a backup utility. I have always backed up important personal files manually onto a disc or other device. I want to do a thorough backup now as I may have a serious infection of which is posted in the HJT forum and to which am waiting for a response. I installed the Windows Backup utility from the operating cd. The problem I am having is knowing how to find the proper location in which to backup. Other than the C drive, the only drive options are removable discs and even when I choose one of these, I am told that I cannot backup there as there is not a proper path.

Can anyone help with this?


A:Help Backing Up

You cannot use the Windows backup utility to record directly to a CD/DVD.If you want to back and store those files on those media...you must first store the file to a partition, then burn it to disk just as you would any other set of files which you want on CD/DVD.http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=c...mp;aq=f&oq=You need either another hard drive or the means of creating such on your current hard drive (which means that you require sufficient space to do such).I've not used NT Backup...but I don't think it will allow a user to create and store a backup on the same partition which is being backed up. Many backup utilities won't.IMO, the smart solution is to add a hard drive to your system, which which you can use for backups and nothing else.Louis

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i just made a win 10 clean install along with my drivers. i wanted to create a back of of this in my local hard drive as well as in an back up USB .The image should be such that in case of a refresh or reset , the installation +drivers both should be installed .pl also guide what same should be done if unable to boot into windows , so wanting to install windows+drivers from the same back up USB.

Thank you.

A:backing up win 10

A full system image backup will do the trick and enable you to recreate your current system including all the drivers and programs - it is an exact copy of the drives and partitions on the hard disk of your laptop.

You can use the built in windows system imaging software and it will prompt you to create a recovery disk too so that you can boot from a USB or DVD drive in case of any system failure.
System Image - Create in Windows 10

Alternatively there are good 3rd party tools which will do the same; Macrium Reflect is often recommended on this forum.

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Hey guys, ive had my lenovo y50 since August and have backed it up frequently and consistently on Lacie 2tb drive since I got it. However, my last backup was in March. This is because the last few times I have tried to back up, it gets to around 80-90% done, and then my entire computer freezes to the point where the cursor stops moving and I have to do a hard reboot. When it freezes, the hard drive light turns off, so i don't think it's still writing anything to my external drive when that happens. This has happened with system image backup, one key recovery, and multiple third party applications. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Does anyone know what to do? I'm running Windows 8.1, with a 2.6ghz processor and 16gb of ram. Thanks in advance.

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is there any way i can sync 2 hdds

so that they are a copy of eachother and then when i copy 1 to the other again only the files that have changed sinse last backup change

bit like the xp breafcase function


A:backing up

Syncback and AllwaySync free versions do that quite well along with a whole bunch of others.

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Using Acronis Trueimage Home I have been backing up my PC, and, via a wi-fi connection, my laptop. Since putting a security password on the laptop I find I cannot access it to do a backup (or do anything else). Do I have to remove the password, and replace it after the backup, or is there some way of inputting the password and getting access?

A:Backing up

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When my download of W7 finishes do I just burn it to a DVD and that's it or do I extract the content and then burn the extracted content to a DVD? Just that I saw something mentioned about this along with a tutorial (which I can't seem to find) the other day.

A:Backing up to a DVD

You will need to extract the iso and burn it to a dvd, or just burn directly to the DVD using software like Iso Recorder. That's what I personally use, but I am not sure if there is a better program.

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Okay, I have a bunch of games, software and the like, some of which is showing signs of abuse. [Who, me? Never...]
My question to you... whoever might know... is if [using Unreal 2 as my example, because it's the one I'm lookin' at right now] I copy the install and play disk onto a DVD-R with separate folders, one named "UNREAL2_PLAY_CD" the other "UNREAL2_INSTALL_CD," will it allow me to use that "backup" disk, leaving my originals to be stored away in the safe confines of waythehellinthebackofmydesk-land?
This'll save me a lotta time, and a few coasters.

A:Backing up CDs

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Hi, Im wanting to re-format my computer, but im not to familiar with backing up my mp3's, What is the best way to do this so as I can put them back onto my computer once im finnished, I tried once before, a while ago, but when I tried putting it back on my computer, alot would not transfer back, but some did, I have a cd and dvd burner, and use nero. is this program anygood for this ?? and if it is, what format do I burn it as?? thank-you, Ryan.

A:Backing up mp3's

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Hello, I am going to reinstall windows 8 but I want to keep some of files. Please help?

A:I Need help backing up!

The easiest way is:
Backup the whole image to an external drive using Macrium Reflect Free - CNET Download.com so that you'll have a copy of everything in one single image file.Re-install WindowsInstall Macrium again. Mount the image file from the external disk then you can selectively drag and drop whatever you want to restore.
See screen shot. It only takes a few minute to do a complete backup.

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I just installed Windows & home Premium OEM On a new build I developed an issue so MSI had a free HDD back software so I backed up my install on another hard drive when I restore on the original Drives will I have to reactivate W7 ?.......The actual issue is Im running Raid 0 and need to move the SATA cable to a different location......

A:Backing up HDD

If you made an image and then restore that image file to a hard drive you should not have to reactivate.

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Last month I made back-up copies of my files, I had 3 cd's. Today I wanted to update the cd's. When I went into backup & restore program, I selected backup, and inserted disk 1, instead of it updating the info, it asked me for blank cd's. The backup took all day!!!! and when I inserted disk #6, it stops, says it's not formatted and that was it. I need some how to's concerning backing up. Thanks


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Is it possible to back up my operation system windows XP? The computer did not come with the disk and I would like to reforrmat the hard-drive.

A:Backing up OS

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Ok so I'm not entirely sure that's what I mean but I think it is, I'll explain.

I have a dual boot with xp and windows 7 - Xp was the original installation.

One of my wonderful children just got XP infected with a virus - Agent r. something. After spending hours trying all sorts to get rid of it I decided the safest way was to format the partition and reinstall XP.

After I did that it no longer offered me the boot options at boot up, so I reinstalled Windows 7 as well.

I did lots of other things before I reinstalled Windows 7 but in the end it took that long that I thought might as well just reinstall it.

Yes... I know....

So now everything is back as it should be - is it the MBR that I back up just in case I have to format and reinstall anything in the future - and if it is, how do I go about it?

All help much appreciated :)

A:Backing up mbr

You would make a image of your drive to restore in the future. There is more to multiboot then the mbr.

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I am trying to find the 'right' software that will allow me to backup my system and allow me to restore it exactly as it was before a crash, like partitions, data, OS, etc.

I have Norton SW 2005 and Windows XP.



A:Backing up XP

I am trying to find the 'right' software that will allow me to backup my system and allow me to restore it exactly as it was before a crash, like partitions, data, OS, etcWhat system???????I see you have XP. Sorry about that.

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I just purchased an external Harddrive, I have a couple of questions on backing up my system.

First off, I want to know if it's possible (with any freeware programs preferably) to back up the entire content of my C drive, so it will work, in the case windows crashes.

Secondly, if I do back it up like that, would it be possible to say...remove programs from my PC, and if I need them, access them from the external hard drive? If not I need to do two-seperate types of backups. Because part of it was I'm attempting to clear space on my C drive, not just back it up.

Also, if it is possible to do both, can I do it two seperate PCs on the same external HDD? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Backing up

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Is there a way or is it even possible to do a full backup for windows updates drives programs settings ,every single thing on drive c ?

A:Backing up everything !?

Hi You could clone the drive or do a system image.

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With W7 backup, is it still necessary to use proprietory programmes such as Acronis?

A:Backing up

Necessary? No, but I like and trust Acronis more than W7's backup utility. Many use it without a problem, but when it froze the third time that I tried to use it, I gave up on it. If you don't want to pay for Acronis, there is also Paragon, which has a free edition, and some use Macrium Reflect, which is also free.

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I have formatted my old hdd which is slave to my system hdd, a SATA 120Gb hdd. It was suggested I back up my main current hdd to the old hdd. What files specifically should I be looking at to back up? The old hdd is 19Gb and I also want to use it to store my digital camera photos.

A:Backing up

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Hi! A friend has a computer running XP. The computer is about 10 years old, so it's going to go soon, not to mention that it's soooo slow. He's not very computer literate, so I figure the best OS I could put on a computer for him is Windows 7 as it's close to XP without much of a learning curve. I've picked out a nice computer for him, but it comes with a SATA3 hard drive. His current drive is HDE. He needs to keep the software programs he has on it and the data in them. What can I use to copy/backup these programs so they will be usable in the new OS? Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi I just got an external HD,(WD),
My question: Is there a way to back up using XP and on a scheduled basis, or do I need an application.. If so does any1 know of good free one?

A:backing up Xp

Hi .XP has its own backup program, which is gratis.I don't use it, but you can read up on it and see if it meets your needs/wants.Using NTBackup in XP - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308422 WindowsXP Tips, Installing NTBackup on XP Home - http://www.onecomputerguy.com/windowsxp_tips.htm You may be interested in http://www.easeus.com/disk-copy/Louis

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Hi there,
I have a Compaq desktop that came with genuine xp pre-installed. However, it did not come with a system recovery disc.
Having had to re-format my laptop after my stepson infected it with a vinut (infecting all .exe/.scr & zip files ) I am worried in case something similar happens to my desktop.
So here's the question...... is there a way to make a recovery disc or to copy my operating system to disc so that, if required, I can rescue my system?
Thanks for any help you can give me.:

A:Backing Up XP???

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How do you do it?

A:Backing up the MBR

Here are a half-dozen links involving answer(s) to your question 8-bit, I'm not exactly sure of your particular circumstance(s) ...123. seems the best link, IMO456. Interesting command prompt instructions.

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I was trying to do a back up on my Dell Inspiron i3, i put the disc in, it ran so it said put another disc in i did it ran.  Then it says there were errors and the discs i had made were not any good to use for restoring system cause of errors & to put another disc in. I decided not to put more disc in until i can resolve what all errors & fix them.
Should i continue or what i don't know what to do.  I've been having some trouble with my keyboard on pc will type something totally different than the keys i'm pressing.  It's listed under Forum: Keyboard Problems if someone wants to take a look & tell what i should do, i'm very confused. 

A:Backing UP

I would not recommend using DVDs for doing a backup. Use a USB external hard drive instead. Is this a file backup or a complete disk image backup?
The keyboard problem seems to be hardware related. Does the same thing happen in Safe Mode?

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Of late my laptop's DVD-ROM has been giving a lot of problems to me. It isn't being able to read CDs/DVDs. Each time I have to eject the disc, then insert it and do the entire process a lot of times for the CD/DVD to be read.

This problem has irritated me for a while now. There are many games which need the CD/DVD to be inserted, and each time when I change the discs, it takes away at least 5-6 minutes.

Is there a way by which I can back up the discs in my HDD and play the games without inserting each CD/DVD every time?

And the problem is DVD specific. For instance, the DVD of Ashes Cricket 09 is read in 2-3 attempts but that of NBA 2K11 takes at least 7-8 attempts for the laptop to read the disc. Is it a problem with my laptop or the DVDs?

And I tried installing Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools, but the installation process keeps on asking me to reboot. After a reboot, it gives the same message.
I read somewhere that there are some issues of SPTD drivers on Windows 7 but couldn't really find a solution to it.

Any sort of help will be appreciated.

A:Backing up a DVD

Will the drive read anydisk? It could be the drive is bad. I don;t know a way to test this other than replacing it.
Here are SPTD drivers.

You can try to extract an .iso image of the disk(s) with UltraISO. Then you can use it to mount that image to a virtual drive, just like you have a separate drive.

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I bought a Maxtor 500gb external drive which I was wanna use for scheduled backing up. Can someone walk me through or link me to a tutorial on how to schedule a backup using the windows application?


A:Backing Up

Read this tutorial mate.

Click here.

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when i try to back up my entire system through the back up utility in windows vista ultimate it comes back with an error message saying:
"Failure in a volume shadow copy service eperation. (0x807800A1)

Additional information:
The writer experienced a non-transiet error. if the backup process is retried, the error is likely to reoccur. (0x800423F4)"

is the a way to fix that?

A:Backing up

I read some of the reviews they don't seem to promising, and I'd rather a free way of doing this?

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Computer - AMD Athlon[tm] XP2400T. 2.00GHz. 1.00 GB of Ram.
System - Microsoft Windows XP. Home Edition. Version 2002. Service Pack 2.

I am a researcher, transcriber, cataloguer. I cannot afford to lose the ten years work that is on my Data Folder, on disc C. The Data Folder has 2655 folders and 8557 files, and its size on disk is 1.02GB.

I am daily changing and amending the content of the Data Folder files, and also adding new folders and files.

I have been backing up my Data Folder with Nero. After the Data Folder exceeded the capacity of a 750MB disk, I compressed the data. But now I need another reliable way to backup my data and I am unsure what to do.

I have a friend who has told me to buy an external hard drive that has a 2USB connection, and then to backup [download] the Data Folder into it. He tells me that if I do that, all I need do at the end of each working day, is download the Data Folder, and the next day do it again, and again, until the external hard drive is full. He has told me to forget about incremental backups because that I am not burning to a disk. He says that the external hard drive will sort the data out when my Data File is downloaded into it, and that if my computer breaks and I have to do a restore into another computer, my Data Folder will be safe.

But I am wondering if I would need two external hard drives, to do alternate backups? Back up with the first on a Monday night and backup with the second on the Tuesday night. Then... Read more

A:Backing Up - With What?

That is one way. The other is an internal hard drive with a RAID 1 or Mirror a drive. This is simple a on the fly exact copy of one drive to a second drive. This is something you can do your self. It is of the shelf technology. There are software and hardware RAID. SOftware RAID is just as the name implies. It is RAID that uses software to mirror drive 1 to drive 2. In the event of primary drive failure the second drive would take over and the primary drive.Hardware RAID would be a card that is installed inside your computer to manage the operation of the RAID.This will that a little setting up but in a "mission criticial application is a good solution. If CD-Rs are not larger enough, you may want to step up to dual layer DVD-R. The capacity is 8gb+. You should still backup your work product and save it off site in the event of a disaster, like fire, flood or the thief of your computer.I hope this was of help.Reference:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAIDhttp://www.promise.com/product/product_lis....asp?familyId=2http://www.directron.com/sbtsrd2.htmlhttp://www.pcguide.com/ref/hdd/perf/raid/l...leLevel1-c.html

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Let me start by saying I am a student studying computers and networking. I obtain PCs/laptops from family and friends to work on. What I want to do is back up the PC/laptop prior to working on it. When I say back up, I mean everything, (apps, OS, files, etc...). This way if I really mess it up, I can get the PC/laptop back to where it was before I started working on it. I have read about clone and image, but am still a little unsure as to exactly what they are and how to do one and then put it back on the PC/Laptop. I see XP,Vista,7, and 8. Any guidance in this area would be very helpful. Also, at this point, I'm only concerned about getting the thing back to where it was. Not concerned with continual back ups at this time.

A:backing up PC

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Have had a HP Pavilion 520c since 2002 and for the most part I have had reasonable success. However, since the HP warranty has run out, I have decided to clean everything HP out of the computer, add a second 80 gig drive and reload with a retail version of Win XP Home with the Service Pack 1 package. The computer has a ASUS A7V-ML 1.09 mother board. My question may sound simple but I can find no technical details on this board. It has 3 PCI slots (ivory colored) and then one more shorter socket (black). What is this slot used for?

A:Backing out of HP

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is there a way to back up my win XP OS onto a cd disc.. I don't have a dvd re-write..what I'm afriad of is if my operating system crashes.

A:backing up XP

You will need a third party program such as Norton Ghost. I don't think it will fit on one CD, but I believe it will span it to multiple cds

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Even though I back up my emails, I do not know which files to back up to protect my Signatures in Outlook Express>Tools>Signatures. Any ideas?
Any help would be gratefully received - thanks!

A:Backing Up.


Which version are you running?

Outlook 97


Outlook 98


Outlook Express 5


but it uses the registry so be warned.



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Great website....I've learned a lot....thanks!
I have a Dell desktop with Windows XP. I want to buy a decent back-up system for my downloaded programs, documents ...everything I guess). Just don't know what type/size I should be looking for. As embarrassed as I am to say this, I've never backed up my data before and have thus far been VERY LUCKY! So I figure I've cheated Lady Luck long enough....it's time to get with it and back up my PC. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

A:Backing Up

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Im trying to install win xp home on my friends computer but ran into some problems.She didn't have her startup disk that came with the computer so I decided to try to install win xp from someone elses disk of win xp on it,but was unsuccesful when trying to use the origanal oem product key that came w/ the preinstalled os.
My other friend has the same dell pc withe the same oem win xp installed on it, is there a way to copy the required files from the running dell pc,and make a bootable disk to install it on the one without an os?If so how would I go about doing so.

(Pc that needs an os)
Pc spec;
Delll dimension 2400
256 mb ram
(had)win xp home oem
30 gb hdd

Not sure the others pc specs but it is a dell dimension 2400

Your help is appreciated

A:Backing up win xp


To install an OS from any disk that was not specifically purchased for this computer is not legal. Therefore, we can not help you. This thread is closed.

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After cleaning out computer for the last week, I'm comitted to keeping evrything running smooth and safe, but have never backed up anything ? What's a quick, EASY backup system you guys use, and how often do you back up ? Preferably something within windows (I have xp) No important doc's, just lots of important e-mails, pics, etc. Thanks in advance!

A:Backing Up ?

I like to use an external USB hard drive for backing up important data

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Had a major crash and lost loads of data a few weeks ago so now have new system and invested in a one touch Maxtor 100g external hard drive. I have done a back up already, but can anybody tell me when i do more back ups do they just override the one before or does the disk fill up with multiple back ups.

A:Backing Up

I think it would depend what program is used to back up, if it removes old backups before applying new ones. I use Cobian Backup It's free and very good for what I need.


I only back up to my hard drive and burn to dvd every week or so. But I think it will go to external hard drive and it removes old backups.

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Anyone know any good programs to backup your pc cause they say its good to have a backup and i have none.Another thing will i lose my pictures and stuff if i ever had to reformat.

A:Backing up my pc

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anyone have a program that i can use to burn my documents and settings to a cd-r or cd-rw? i have over 5,000 songs and other programs that i need saved

A:Backing Up

IMO...those type files have no business in Docs & Settings. They probably belong in a separate partition.

I don't burn copies of such, I just store them on a separate hard drive, in a separate partition, same as I do my system backups.

What's the total space these things take up on your system?


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Ihave volumes of inf. on my computer - sent and received emails, excel file and lots more.
What and how can I do to back ALL this inf. up. to keep somewhere else just incase.
Do not want to print it all off, that defeats the object.
Now remember - I know nothing about computers so PLEEEEEESE keep it simple.
Do I put it on to discks, plug in pens or what and then of course HOW ?

A:Backing Up


I would put the backups on CD would be OK

Make a folder and name if say Inf backup (put in date also) either right click on the file and sent to....that folder that should make a copy of it in the folder.

If you have all the files you want to backup on a page then click Ctrl + A that will select everything on that page...then press Ctrl + C that will copy them....then go to the folder you made and open it and press Ctrl + V that will copy them to that folder.

when you want to put them on CD then as I am not sure what burning software you have do this. right click on the folder you want to put on CD choose Send to.....choose your CD drive...send all the files like that you want to put on CD but do not exceed the size of the CD.
put a CD recordable in the drive ..go to My Computer then double click on the CD drive and on the left click on Write these files to CD.

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Hi all
Has anyone had any bad experiences using xps backup facility. I am presently using it to backup my C andD drives to an external 250gb usb enclosure. I read about all the backup software thats available, but is it necessarily better than that which Windows supplies.
Cheers vomog1

A:Backing Up

If it works for you, then it's OK. But the true test of a backup utility is when you need it to restore your data. I'd suggest testing that ability before you actually need it. Try and restore the backup to another drive or folder just to see "if" it works.

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I am trying to get offsite backup going in my office but before I spend the money for hardware, I want to know whether or not it is going to be worth it to make the purchase. My office has a direct T1 (between offices) that is used during the day and free at night, so I am wanting to utilize that bandwith for my backups.

I keep hearing different figures on this so I thought I would put it out here. How much information will I successfully be able to send across that T1 in a night? Will I be able to back up 95Gb per night or is that reaching for the stars?

I would appreciate in input or experiences that relate.


A:Backing up over a T1...

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering what I have to name a file for backing it up. I'm using the windows xp backup utility wizard but when I get to the step that says to choose a name for the backup file, (I used the name "musicbackup"), it then proceeds to tell me that the "E:\musickbackup.bkf" file name could not be used. It also tells me to ensure that it is a valid path and that I have sufficient access.
No idea what I'm doing wrong as I never used the xp backup utility before. Thanks for any advice.

A:Backing up

What is your Drive E:?

If it is an optical drive (cd/dvd), then that's the issue. NTBackup will not write directly to an optical drive.

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ive had my comp for about a yea and wen i got it i instored everything myself (os & software) the problem is that i havnt got a boot disk, i dont no wat a boot disk is or how to use one, and i dont no how to backup evrything, etc. wat is system restore, how do i use, etc. i hav a cd burner, if that helps. i really need a ''computer guide for dummies" type manual, or something. i no my way around computers more than ur average joe, but i need help on the 'essential' stuff. if u can help, or point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated, THANX.

im running XP Pro (os)

A:Backing Up

unfortunatly XP has no boot disk that will allow you to do the same things as a win98 boot disk can and with that having been said a win98 boot disk cannot read the NT File system XP runs on

The best way to back up files in your case is to burn all the files you want to keep onto cd's using your cd-writer

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I have computers on two locations, do some traveling between them, but like to have programs disks to restore software on one or the other with me. (Computers do like to crash - specially on me ) Stuff like a WinXP-copy, Office, Burning software, Recording and Audio software etc. Altogether some 10 CD's, which would nicely fit on one DVD. What I'm looking for is software (preferably freeware) to copy CD's to a hard disk, add a tree structure and copy the whole bunch back to one CD. Is there a simple method for doing this, could Nero (or another burning program) do it for me, would protection codes play havoc with my copies (I am a legal owner of all the software and have the access keys, but I'd use them on copies of the original software) or should I go on carrying 10 CD's with me all over the continent?
Thanks for any advice!

A:Backing up CD's on DVD??

I would install all my programs to a seperate partition and then make an image of that partition. When you have problems you can just restore the image.


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