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Update: HP 4540s Graphics problem with AMD Radeon HD 7650M

Q: Update: HP 4540s Graphics problem with AMD Radeon HD 7650M

Update (Sep 23rd) Figured out graphic will only switch when the AC is plugged out and the notebooks running on battery. While the battery is in and the ac is plugged in it won't switch. (AC in + Battery out neither.) How come the it manges to switch only on battery + after closing the game -> a 100% Bluescreen comes.(I'm sure it tries to switch back to the HD 7650 .. and somehow it does not manage.)_________________________ Hi there, hope you guys can figure something out .. so far i tried everything to my knowledge.First the Specs:HP ProBook 4540s (C5E12ES), 15.6", Core i5-3210M 2x 2.50GHz, 6GB, 750GB, AMD Radeon HD 7650M 2GB(integrated HD 4000) (pre-installed OS > SUSE 11)Current OS: Win 7 Professional 64bitProblem:Installed almost all drivers that were offered here:http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/ProductList.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=135&prodTypeId...(ofc. for w7 64bit; and they claimed to be working)But it never switched to the Radeon HD 7650M no matter what i assigned in the AMD Catalyst (High Performance) + Energy Mode Max Power (also checked the option all were set for max power). So basically the problem is the discrete Radeon HD 7650M graphics card is never available. I tried disabling in the BIOS the "Switchable Graphics Mode" > causes only that the HD 7650M isn't even visible in the Hardware-Manager + not available + Catalyst shows that it isn't working properly. (+ there is no Option that worked to assign the gpu manually) Since the system should be a AMD dynamic switchable graphic i can't even download other drivers than those offered by HP (won't work of course...). >> In Games only the HD 4000 is visible (even when the 7650M is completely disabled games and videos run with HD 4000 >> which tells me so far only that one has been in use (i wanted to clarify that since some think the HD 4000 is supported "in the background" by the discrete gpu -> its not!) Could it be that there is no driver to handle the 7650M atm? As much as i have read Sony somehow handled that problem for their products with the hardware mentioned above. Also tried removing all drivers and only installing AMD's (not a good idea .. without Intel's HD drivers NOTHING worked - well since only that integrated gpu was doing its job so far). Oh almost forgot .. somehow the pre-installed BIOS is a newer version than the one offered on the driver-section for the hp 4540s: Bios Version: 68IRR Ver. F.02, 27.07.2012SMBIOS: 2.7 If helpful i can provide screen-shots. (Side-Note: Notebook was released like this Month i guess). Thanks for any advice/help in advance. Maybe useful References:http://www.manualowl.com/m/Hewlett-Packard/ProBook-4540s/Manual/277780?page=39(only page 39) probably useless Info:Tested the system also with 3d-mark-11 > preset it beforehand to "High Performance" (in Catalyst) i was astonished how bad the test ran (Results were like 10-20-times "weaker" than the average same gpu (7650M) < also that was the first time i saw that a program used the discrete gpu. > "Message: The graphics driver was not accepted" .. i can confirm that. What also bothers me is the fact that some hardware probably the Intel 4000HD is really buring stable around 122-130C (though the notebook doesn't feel hot at all - maybe the sensors are nuts...)

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Preferred Solution: Update: HP 4540s Graphics problem with AMD Radeon HD 7650M

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Update: HP 4540s Graphics problem with AMD Radeon HD 7650M

Switching problem SOLVED! Since it switched the graphics on battery mode i new that probably the energy-options could interfere - checked all and found one that blocked switching the graphics: > Click the Battery > Energy Options (for the current scheme) > enhanced energy options > check ALL entries there are 3 that can conflict with the switching: > Set the dynamic switchable graphics for battery and ac to automatic> Set the intel gpu power plan for ac to max performance (or both - if you want)> Set the ATI Powerplay-Options to max/optimal performance! Also Check that you have set the application/game to HIGH Performance in yourCatalyst Control Center (+ do not disable the Power Play Option in Catalyst Control Center) (+ don't forget after switching from balanced to high-power or energy-saving these entries must be set as well) ^ Graphic will switch!! What remains ... the computer still will bluescreen afterwards (maybe this also can be resolved by playing around with the Energy Options. !Also keep in mind that applications/games still will show that you can select the HD 4000 only but it does switch to the discrete gpu (7650M HD). Higher FPS + better graphics will also prove that. Screens to make it easier to understand:

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Hello, First I tried to google this problem but i didn't find any solution , even in your solutions ( the famous one : http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-System-and-Recovery/Update-HP-4540s-Graphics-problem... )  so I have Probook 4540S I3 with both graphique card  I installed TechPowerUp GPU-Z to show you both graphiqs  then  the second     My win 10 just install AMD 7650M at the first Time , then I download AMD Catylist  From hp center here : ( http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=5229456&swItemId=ob_171482_1&swEnvOid=419... ) so i had  this   and i make also Batterie options  && so when i make a game in high performance  ( first it does't show me that it use AMD graphique ( i know that ) ) and it show me bluuuue screan every time i run application or game in high performance , even in 5 sec before bluescrean the game  doesn't use my AMD at ALL Please Help ME and thank you very much   

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Hi. I have my HP ProBook 4540s with both integrated intel GPU and HD radeon 7650 M. It seems that my radeon GPU was overheated and dont working anymore. Is it possible to replace that GPU with some new? Thanks for help guys

A:Radeon HD 7650M replacement?

Unfortunately I have the same problem ... the "discrete" video card from AMD is not working any more. I guess I also overheat it during some game ... and now is not ussable... it simply generate blue screens. I had to disable it in safe mode ... or I disable if from bios options. Not sure how to fix this or where can I find this part.

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when i run NFS-Revels my graphics card can't work properly.it's run with Intel HD 4000.It don't run with my AMD RADEON driver.Inn some momments it stop to run.Even I can't play any games with high regulation.Please help me...

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A:AMD radeon can't work properly on win 7 in my probook 4540s

Hi SRSAKIB, I am sorry to hear that your Graphics card is not working properly on your HP ProBook 4540s Notebook PC. Your ProBook is a Business computer and you will get your the best answer on the commercial forum. You can post here at the HP Enterprise Business Community. In the meantime here is the  HP ProBook 4540s Notebook PC that may have the information that you need. I hope this information helps. Take care and have a great day!

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Sorry if this doesn't belong here, as I'm obviously a newb, but I require help.

My laptop is about a year old and when counterstrike source boots up it tells me to update my graphics card. My card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700, and I'm running XP.

I downloaded the Catalyst driver from the ATI site and when I try to install it, it says:

INF Error
Video Driver Not Found

Setup was unable to complete the installation. Try to setup your display adaptar with a standard VGA driver before running setup.

All I'm trying to do is get a better FPS rate, and I don't know if the Catalyst was supposed to work or if it's the right one or not (however it's the only thing I could find on the ATI site). I tried googling, and found someone else with a similar situation and someone told them to download an Omega driver and then install Catalyst after, however this is not on the ATI site and I want to make sure it will work and is official. Thanks for any help!

A:Help me update my Radeon graphics card driver

did you downlaod the moble drivers, or the regular ones?

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Hello! I have a really weird problem with updating my graphics card. The only driver that works with it is from Dell support downloads, but the driver is from february 2013. There are many releases of drivers for my graphics card in AMD website and when i tried to update it from there  (properly) with the latest driver it gives errors. So really? The only driver I can use is from Dell support and it's so outdated that almost every new game crashes and stuff? 
Note: It's with switchable graphics, the main card is Intel HD 4000 and it really pisses me off.
Hope that you can find solutions for me and thanks! 

A:Cannot update AMD Radeon HD 7670M with the latest graphics driver on Inspiron 5520 [NEED HELP]

Did you update the Intel driver as well?  That needs to be up to date before the AMD driver can be updated.

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1. I installed reference amd ccc driver but there was no option to disable swichtable grapics.2. i installed amd ccc driver provided by hp. but there is no option too.  how i can disable ??plz help me. ths for reading.

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Hello everyone, Specs: HP Probook 4540sWindows 7 Professional 64 bit8 gig ramIntel core i-5 3320Intel HD 4000 GraphicsAMD Radeon HD 7000 Switchable Graphics I have a serious problem with my HP Probook 4540s and I really need help.  I am somewhat tech savvy but this one has me floored.  So my brother recently installed a game on my computer and it completely crashed my system.  Apparently I didn't install some important updates on my computer and the new graphics updates corrupted my system and I have received several blue screens before my system crashed completely.  I reinstalled windows (fresh formatted copy), installed all upgrades, but as soon as I install Catalyst Control Center, my system crashes again.  I installed the base graphics drivers for my Intel HD 4000, but Catalyst Control Center will crash my system.  This is a switchable graphics system.  Am I missing something here?  I did a memory check, I did a full system diagnostic, and nothing.   Please help.  Thank you.

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I have an HP Probook 4540s Notebook Pc laptop with i5 3230m processor (2.6 GHz) and Intel HD Graphics 4000. I use 4 GB RAM.I want to add Extra Internal Graphics Card (such as Nvidia).Can I do it?If yes, how? Please explain!


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A:About adding extra graphics card in HP Probook 4540s Noteboo...

LOVE_DREAM wrote:Is there any other way to use a graphics card?Hi, It already has video chip (card). As mentioned above, no way you can add an external video card to your machine. Actually there is one way which requires the following steps: (a) Buy a new motherboard which supports external video card,(b) Buy a new video card,(c) Buy a new cooling system,(d) You may need new power supply (charger) And at the end of the day your machine may NOT work as you dream and the total cost would be more than the price of a new, better computer. Hope this explains a bit more. Regards.  

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Hi guys, im currently using a radeon 9600 and having a little trouble.
When my computer boots up it now boots up in resolution 1024 instead of 800x600, even though the settings say 800/600. The monitor turns itself off sometimes... well more like it just stops receiving anything, the power is still on. any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Radeon Graphics card problem

also if u can boot using a s-video cable and set it to the right res, mine had the same problem afetr i installed new drivers and this worked for me, but i'm no expert

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I recently went on holiday for a few weeks and my computer wasn't in use during this time. When I returned I went to install COD2 but when I tried to load the game the videos never appeared. I could access the menu, so i tried playing the game, the game was a strange mixture of sharp spikes and boxes which i am guessing was supposed to be a trench. Well I thought it would be a driver issue and updated the ATI drivers with the latest ones from their website for the Radeon 9800 Pro, this then failed to load up windows and just presented me with a black screen. I also noticed that black lines had appeared on the boot screen for windows xp which made me think that its not a driver issue. I reinstalled all the drivers trying several different versions and still no luck, eventually plumping for the Windows XP default radeon 9800 pro drivers. The strange thing is I can run everything in windows that is 2d, as soon as I try 3d I get wierd grid things appear (see attached image). I thought it may be the fan dying, but its still spinning fine and doesn't appear to be overheating, its not dusty and the power connections are all excellent (all options I have seen on other threads regarding this card). The only thing about this card is its coming on for 2 years old, but its never really been pushed graphically. Does anyone have any solutions or proceedures I could try to fix this problem?
I appologise for the long essay, just helps explain the background to the problem... Read more

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I have been having bsod atikmpdag.sys when using the amd graphics card. I have recently recovered my windows 7 professional and now my laptop restarts automatically withoud a bsod when using the amd card.

A:Amd Radeon HD 6750M graphics problem

hi , Coud you update the unit graphics  driver with the help of the AMD Driver Autodetect and check the status . http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/auto-detect-tool //Click on Kudos and Accept as Solution if my reply was helpful and answered your question// I am an HP employee!! r-K

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I need help. Its ATI Radeon Graphics driver problem........ I have X300 Radeon Slot and driver too but it still causes problem like after shut down given to PC PC Hangs up for 5 minutes and then becomes normal. Which grapics driver of ATI Radeon card and driver would be best for my x32 bit processor Vista Ultimate ???


A:What a ATI Radeon Graphics driver problem ??

Originally Posted by Life_Rulezz

I need help. Its ATI Radeon Graphics driver problem........ I have X300 Radeon Slot and driver too but it still causes problem like after shut down given to PC PC Hangs up for 5 minutes and then becomes normal. Which grapics driver of ATI Radeon card and driver would be best for my x32 bit processor Vista Ultimate ???


Hello LR,

Try these alternate ATI drivers from Omega...OmegaDrivers.net - Home of the ATI & NVIDIA Omega Drivers. ATI


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I'm not sure if I should have posted this in the games forums

Yesterday I got my new Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB graphics card. I upgraded from a Gforce 3.

I know this is a sweet card but strangly I'm not seeing much of an improvement in my graphics processing AT ALL. I still get really low FPS (20 at times) in UT2K4 with LOW settings.

Why is this???? Is my 1.5 GHZ processor bottlenecking everything or what? Could I have it set up wrong?

Drivers are up-to-date...

Any help is appreciated!


A:Radeon 9800 Pro Graphics Card Problem!

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I just installed a new ATI Radeon HD graphics card, and for some reason these lines and squares keep showing up on the screen.


intel i7 processor, with Windows 7 32x
ATI Radeon HD 3640 graphics card

I tried playing both Amensia and Hitman, and I think all my other games will have the same problem when I play 'em:

My desktop was having the same issue, but I fixed it by turning off aero and putting the basic desktop on.
But now it's happening with my games.

Help me, Windows7Forum.
You're my only hope.

A:Visual problem with ATI Radeon graphics card

Let's start with doing this first,

If you're unsure of what anything is this should show you,

Speccy - System Information - Free Download

Also help to know the make and model of power supply you have. For this you're going to have to actually look at it as ther is no way to find out with software.

Once you have done that then it will be far easier to help you.

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Upgrading my evga GeForce FX 5500 to the best AGP I could find at a good price:

Visiontek's Radeon HD 2600 XT

Followed instructions, clear old drivers with add/remove programs like nVidia likes. Power down, swap cards, reboot. Don't let XP plug n play, load drivers from CD. Problem is after I get the drivers on, for some reason XP is detecting another unknown PCI device (nothing in any of the PCI slots), and the 2600 XT doesn't seem to be running the graphics, seems like its still running on-board video. When I go to update the drivers for the card, the zip file downloads, extracts, starts the install wizard, then tells me no compatible hardware was found and stop install.

In device manager window, I'm seeing the 2600XT in display adapters, but also the horrible yellow ? for unknown PCI device further down the list (not in display adapters). I've tried forcing drivers on the unknown, but nothing takes. I've cleared all ATI drivers, updated mainboard drivers and reinstalled video drivers several times and no luck. I've tried skipping the whole Catalyst thing and just getting the video driver, I've checked and made sure DirectX is up to date. The drivers aren't XP signed, but I don't think that would make any difference.

At this point, I've cleared out all the ATI drivers, and swapped back to my FX 5500. Am I looking at bad drivers, bad card or imcompatibility with a slightly older comp?

In case it's not ez to see... Read more

A:Graphics card problem: Radeon HD 2600 XT

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I've radeon 8730m and i'm running windows 8.1 the problem was that graphics card dedicated but notwork how can i disable hd4000 built-in and use radeon card ?

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i recently bought a new laptop which is an inspiron n4050. I downloaded amd installed the graphics card driver from the dell website. I have amd radeon hd 7450m 1 gb graphics card . i switch my graphics to the graphics card to play games. but i havent been able to play any of them as the game lags ie., the frames per second id very slow. infact slower than if i play using intel hd graphics. this is very annoying as i bought the laptop with a graphics card for gaming.
please solve this problem..
my configuration is 
i3 2nd gen(2.4 ghz)
4 gb ram 
320gb hard disk
amd radeon hd 7450m(which came as 6470m) 1gb graphics

thank you

A:graphics card problem(amd radeon hd 7450m)

Probably ATI card running on Microsoft drivers instead. I have same problem with ATI drivers which have reputation to have problems. Did u try newest Crimson drivers? What OS?

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I?m having a problem with graphics on my laptop. Whenever I switch to full screen, either watching a movie or playing a game, the screen starts flashing and jerking. The end result is the movie or game goes back to the minimized size and I get an error message. The message states that my display driver failed and was restored. I?ve also noticed the icons in the upper right corner (minimize, restore, close) stop functioning.
My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A135-52276. The operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate-Service Pack 1-32 bit. The graphics information shows ATI Radeon Xpress Series (0x5A62). The Total Available Grphics Memory: 831 MB. The current driver is from ATI Technologies, driver date 12-01-08, Version 8.561.0.0. Resolution is 1280 x 800.
I?ve tried Windows Update to check for updated drivers-tells me what I have is the best choice. I?m hoping you could help me-it?s really frustrating. Thank you.

A:I am having a problem with my ATI Radeon Xpress Series graphics.

Welcome to Seven Forums Snoopster03.
Windows update is often behind with drivers. How old is the laptop? The ATI designation indicates 3-4 years? You can go the Toshiba support site and see if they have a newer driver available for your model. Most laptops have specially created drivers which should be used for best performance.

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I would like to draw your kind attension about this serious problem I'm facing with AMD Mobility Radeon HD7670 driver for windows 8.1
I'm using Hp pavilion g6 2305tx which has dual graphics. I bought it 6 months ago and it cost about 60 grand in Bangladesh.
I was using Windows 7 and everything was fine. I could play every game I want  but after upgrading to window 8.1 I'm facing this switchable graphics problem. Device manager shows that driver has installed properly but when I switch to high performance for any game, it(game) stops responding but game can start without any problem in Intel HD 4000 graphics i.e I cannot use my dedicated graphics for which I bought this laptop!
Also, there in no driver for blueooth. Specificly Ralink RT 3290 Bluetooth driver. I found driver for this hardwere but not suitable for windows 8.1. Okey BT is not a big issue but what about the graphics driver? What is Hp doing? sleeping? Where the updated drivers for Windows 8.1? How long I have to wait? As I have brought it with BDT 60 grand I have right to ask for updated driver and I want them ASAP.
I repeat, I have AMD Radeon HD 7670 graphics in my laptop and driver has installed correctly but whenever I switch my graphics to high performance I cann't play  any game. This is because I am not provided with correct drivers for Windows 8.1 64-bit os.
I been looking for this driver for months but I'm not getting any updated driver for AMD mobili... Read more

A:Switchable Graphics(AMD Radeon HD 7670) Problem in Hp Pavili...

 The problem is solved. It took 6 months but in the end I finally figured it out  Follow the steps accurately 1. Open This Pc or My Computer and then go to Uninstall or change a program 2. As the list is displayed, you will see Intel Graphic Driver & AMD Catalyst install manager. You have to uninstall it both in express mode so that no other previous setting are available anymore. 3. First, uninstall Intel Graphics driver. If it asks for a restarting the pc than go for it. 4. As the list is displayed, you will see AMD Catalyst install manager, right click it and uninstall it in express mode. Uninstall all the AMD component. Restart your PC as it will ask you. 5. Go to This Pc or My Computer and then C Drive. Open Program Files & Program Files (x86) both of them if you are running 64-bit Os. In the search box write AMD and you will find some remaining files- delete them all. 6. Now you PC is free of previous drives and the remaining files. Although right click to Windows sign and go to Device Manager. You will see Display adapters and uninstall them both. This step is not necessary but just to be sure that your PC has no previously installed drivers. 7. Open your browser and download the latest Intel Graphics Driver for your PC. My driver was Win64_153322. Install it. If you install it correctly than you are half way through. Restart your PC if it requires. 8. Go to AMD web site and download the latest driver. To avoid ... Read more

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Heys guys windows 7 .. I COULDNT INSTAL IT SO I GAVE UP
Anyway now i came with a new problem . Everytime i try to instal my graphics card ... it shuts off n it tries to restarts comes to the loging screen for 3 seconds them boom ... What can i do to prevents this ?
NOTE: XP prof =32bit

A:Radeon sapphire xvapor 2gbddr5 graphics problem ON XP.

I'm generally not picky about grammar or don't care, but come on dude!

What do you mean it shuts off? I hope you are turning off the power to the pc at least or removing the power cord before you physically put the card in the motherboard in the case.

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I have an HP Envy 17t 3000 CTO Notebook PC Product# LW900AV Every so often I would get the message "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" for quite a while but was never able to fix the problem. Then I started to get the blue screen of death which said something about a memory dump and a memory driver. Usually I would hold down the power button and restart it.

Then while in regular windows mode the screen got all staticy, upon restarting I got to the windows logo, then I'd see a black screen with static in it and it never fully started. I can go into safe mode with no problems, graphics or otherwise.

Going into Device Manager I deleted the AMD Radeon HD 7690 M XT Graphics driver, then restarted, and it would start and run fine with the other driver (Intel driver) until Windows loaded another driver for the Radeon driver (I couldn't stop it) after loading the screen would go blank again. Nothing found online so far has fixed the problem.

I then went into Recovery and went back to factory settings. Which worked for a few hours, everything worked fine. Then I started to get the static again, to the point I'm right back to where I started.

Can anyone tell me exactly what the problem is? Hardware or Driver? Why did it work temporarily? Is it possible to totally disable the Radeon driver for good, where it doesn't reload when restarted? My computer has two graphics drivers (not sure why) Is there a way to use the other driver instead (the Inte... Read more

A:Problem with AMD Radeon graphics card on my HP Envy Laptop

I can't tell you how to turn off the Radeon card for good, as that information isn't in the HP Envy manuals that I was able to find, but I can tell you a few things.

1. It sounds like a hardware problem. The Radeon card may be failing. The other possibility is that the Radeon driver is becoming corrupted somehow (how I don't know, and it's a bit of a mystery as to how it could become corrupted)

2. The computer has two graphics cards in it. One for low power general use (the Intel) and one for more demanding graphics duties (the Radeon). In your laptop, whichever card is used is supposed to be switchable.

3. It works properly in Safe Mode because the laptop only loads the Intel drivers in Safe Mode, not the ATI/Radeon driver. Therefore the Radeon card is not being used in Safe Mode, so it will always appear to work properly.

Since it's out of warranty, you might want to have it evaluated by a trained technician. The graphics card may have to be replaced (if it even can be - some cant be). Get a quote first on how much the evaluation will cost, and how much a graphics card will cost if that turns out to be the trouble. If its a significant chunk of a new laptop's cost, you might want to reconsider fixing that one, and just buy another.

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This is my system

Dell Dimension 3000
Intel pentium 4
2.8 GHZ 512 RAM
windows XP (sp2)
Intel extreme graphics 2 onboard video

The video card im trying to install is a
Radeon X800 PCI series

When I try to disable the video card it seems to only reset my graphics settings to 8 bit and 800 x 600 resolution, I've looked at other posts here about the Intel extreme graphics 2 and I know that it will consistently try to reinstall its driver if uninstalled. My ATI Catalyst software will not install itself for some reason. I put in the disc and it goes through the installation process, aburptly stops but it doesn't install any ATI things onto the computer, when I look in my control panel afterwards there are no ATI things in there whatsoever.

I know this video card works and everything cause it was working in my other dimension 3000 even before I disabled the onboard video on that computer it allowed the ATI software to be on the computer. I tried getting the latest drivers from ATI but when trying to install them it pops up a message saying
"Setup was unable to find components that can be installed under your current hardware or software configurations. Please make sure you have the right required hardware or software"
what does that mean? Im not sure what hardware or software I may be missing...

any idea as to what I should do? Thanks in advance!

A:Intel extreme graphics 2 or radeon X800 problem?

You may need microsoft .net framework 1.1 which is on the ati site as well as microsoft's!!!!

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Can any one help
This has got to the stage where I am going to dicard this card,
Its a radeon 9200 series 128mb,
I have contacted the manufacturer with no success, downloaded all the up to date drivers, changed my monitor settings .. the list continues
the problem is when I play games , Doom half Life Medal of Honour, ( by the way the PC is a 1.6 Ghz with 500 + of ram these games worked fine on Win 2000 but on XP there`s a problem) this being that the graphics flicker and you can see behind certain images, not explained very well I know but the images flicker on and off in like triangle blocks so if you looking at say a wall , the wall is there but it flickers to black triangles.. if anyone can understand waht I`m saying maybe they could advise

A:radeon 9200 series Graphics Card Problem

I'm asuming you have Cats 5.12.
Does the card have a heatsink and a fan? If it does, is the fan working correctly?

If it is, then you've got a bugged GPU, see if you can get it replaced.

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For some reason while playing WarCraft 3 The Frozen Throne or other games utilizing 3d graphics... my graphics go crazy to where you start seeing ridiculous colors everywhere as seen in the screenshots I attached. I have the latest BIOS, updated drivers and everything, and it still won't cease to stop doing it. This leads me to believe it is a bad video card, but I'm not sure, please help if possible.

My setup is: Windows XP Corp with Integrated SP2 / 1 GB Ram on 1 DIMM / AMD Athlon 64 3400+ (2.2ghz but equivalent to 3.4 ghz on intel) / etc. etc.

A:Sager-4750 / 3D Graphics problem with Mobile RADEON 9700

i assume u got latest drivers right. did u check u connected your vidoe card to a molex connecter if it requires one.
i dont think its a video card problem. run prime95 for a a couple of hours. that would rule out ram cpu, or psu as a problem.
has this happened before? when did u get this problem? did you do something before that? is anything overclocked?

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My HP Probook 4540S webcam has stopped working after Windows 10 update KB3194496 was installed. I installed the HPUniversal camera Driver but the webcam still doesn't work. Prior to the KB3194496 update the webcam worked perfectly. Has any else experienced this and is there a fix?! Thanks!!

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 Brief :Product Name: Probook 4540s  (Laptop)A short description of the problem : After logging on, screen blinking untill log off or shutdown. Detailed information:Product Name and Operating System: Probook 4540s / Windows 7 64bitHistorical Problems: 2 times virus attacksConsequence: complete format as I wasn't able to use the backup copy of my original Win 8Additional Information:Machine was originally supported by windows 8Antivirus Legally installed: Bitdefender Description of the problem:After 2nd virus attack I installed bitdefender successfullyI had problem configuring video controller (VGA compatible) but each time the driver wasn't compatibleMachine was stable but after couple windows updates and restart screen blinked continuously after log on until logging out. I checked the machine behaviour after doing the following events but problem remains:Disconnecting power supply and reboot.Disconnecting battery and reboot.Reset the bois to default setting and reboot.Try to uninstall updates through safe mode but was unsuccessful.

A:hp probook 4540s screen flashes after last windows update

Hi MeroYasso, To get your issue more exposure I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums since this is a commercial product. You can do this at Commercial Forums. You could do a system restore. It would reset the update that has caused issues.Thanks. 

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Hello folks!

One of my friends having a problem with her laptop's switchable graphics (Intel & AMD Radeon) driver on Windows 8 OS. She wants to switch to Windows 8 from 7, but had issue with graphics driver. I also tried to help, downloaded the latest graphics driver for HP Pavilion G6 1215-et (64bit) named "SP59147" from the main site of HP, installed correctly but it says "WDDM 1.0.blablaba" on device manager, and shows its model as Radeon HD7000 with a caution sign..

I also searched the problem on the net a lot, but could not find anything, neither from HP support pages. Tried to install old but main driver from Win 7, it worked, but still had problems while switching, the game and videos didnt work well, also laptop heated itself a lot. Between all of these steps and the others, used Driver Fusion to clean/erase package remains, and restarted at each step.

Does any of you has a solution for that HD 6470M on Windows 8? Any idea/suggestions about it? All comments are welcomed!


A:AMD Radeon HD 6470M (switchable graphics) driver problem with Windows 8 on HP Pavilion G6

First thing, Plz let me know more detail of it, can u provide the screen shot that particular error?

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Here is the situation:

I have an ATI Radeon 9800XT. Currently I have drivers installed on it from 2005. I believe these are the drivers that came with my PC. I use my computer mainly for gaming. So havning the latest video drivers is rather important. So I went to ATIs website. I select my drivers. Install them. Computer reboots and the resolution is as low as it can go. Once I hit the desktop I am informed by a pop up message that: "The selected video driver is not compatible with this version of windows. Using a standard VGA driver" Or something like that. I check the Device Manager and it shows the new drivers as being installed but they obviously are not working correctly. Went I revert back my video works fine again. But in order for me to get the most of my gaming experience I need to figure out why this is happening. Also a side note. I was over my friends house and was helping him clean up his computer of viruses spyware and such. He was also having an issue with his video on a game we play. He has a Radeon X600 and the same OS as me. And gets the same error message when he tries to update his drivers. Is there something going on with ATI I don't know about? Thanks so much for reading this!!!

Windows XP Pro SP2

A:ATI Radeon Driver Update Problem

Just a bump so I can't get a little anttention on this issue.

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so i went to to amd and did an autodetect so i can get the newest driver for the HD 6770m video card..once i downloaded the new driver updated and installed it, i cannot open my catalyst and says that i dont have any hardware supporting it and i also get the blue screen crashing my computer..so in order to fix this, i had to do a system restore and rollback all drivers and im currently stuck with the driver version of 8.882.2.300 which was released in the year 2011..i have a HP Pavillion dv7 -6195us laptop and i ill post up my gpuz so u can help me solve my question.. thank you please help me 


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A:radeon hd 6770m update bluescreen problem

I have a HP Dv7 6197ca with the same card as you, so here is how you should fix it: Update your BIOS to the latest version, then in the BIOS screen (Press ESC then choose Bios Setup) and change the Setting for Graphics Mode from Fixed to Dynamic. This should fix your issue. If you  can't find that option after you update the BIOS, then try the UBR tool in the UnifL Installer. I suggest trying the values F840 and F940. If the resolution is all wonky after you switch in the BIOS, you need to re-install the drivers.

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Hello, I use my notebook ProBook 470 G2 long time with old version of driver AMD Radeon R5 M255 (19.8.2015/ 15.201.1301.0) and now I will try to install new one - 18.7.2016/ 16.300.2311.0 and notebook is flash black two-times and than it say it must be restarted for changing hardware. I tryed older driver too (21.6.2016/ 16.200.1021.0), but the same result - flash black and restart message.Then I returned to old driver and everything is allright.My HP Support Assistant find no new updates. Why it not working? Thank you very much for any advice. Miress

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Hi I am using win7 ultimate 64bit on my 4540s.My dvd can not read 4.7 gb dvd but it can read 700mb dvd.When i tried to install dvd driver from hp support page, installation give warning as my operating system is not suitable for the driver. (i downloaded win7 proffesional 64bit.because there is no option as ultimate in hp support page.)I need to back up my computer and need to solve this dvd problem, any help will be useful. 

A:4540s win7 dvd problem

Hi, Please try a fix from the following link:    http://support.microsoft.com/mats/cd_dvd_drive_problems/en-us Regards.

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I have a Probook 4540s, 3 years old. When I try to move it, the screen becomes black. After that the HDD light becomes yellow instead of white, the fan becomes louder and windows cannot start. Also, after I have read few topics on this forum, I counted the number LED light on caps lock flashes and it flashed 5 times. I've read this is a system board error? I don't know what is considered by system board? After 15-20 minutes the things are normal until I try to move it again....

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I upgraded to Win 10 Pro from Win 7 Pro during the free upgrade period, at the time I had a 500 gig 5400 rpm hard disc, later I replaced the HD with an OCZ Vector 180 ssd, used the included copy of Acronis disc cloning software (i updated the Bios to the newest Version HP offfered prior to installing the ssd), now when I do a cold boot it gives me an error message saying no operating system found, if I go into the BIOS Setup menu then exit out of it without making any changes it goes ahead and boots normally. I can also do a warm boot (restart)it also reboots normally. I tried contacting OCZ support, they had several suggestions such as delaying the startup time 5 secnds, didn't do anything, increased it to 10 seconds with thes  same results (OCZ said the ssd needed more time to initialize itself). After trying 6 or 7 of their suggestions they sent me a new drive, I had saved the original HD so I cloned it to the new ssd, got the same results, no cold boot.  I've tried evey setting I can find in the BIOS, changed it from UEFI to Legacy boot with no results, disabled network booting, everything but Optical Disc, disabled Quick Boot, but nothing has changed. In Legacy mode it shows the internal hard drive to be the first thing to boot from, but that does nothing but say it can't find a bootable drive and then the option left is shut down the computer. Looking in the BIOS under Devices it doesn't show the ssd at all. There's no firmware update available for the ss... Read more

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I have 4540s probook , I am using PS of 19.5 V and 3.34 A , when pluged in one time white blink appears , it dose not boot when I press start also ten times blinking and no action , after a wile blinking changed to amber color ... kindly advise

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I have 4540s probook , I am using PS of 19.5 V and 3.34 A , when pluged in one time white blink appears , it dose not boot when I press start also ten times blinking and no action , after a wile blinking changed to amber color ... kindly advise

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I am using my HP ProBook for past 3 years. When i tried to access my laptop i'm getting this error message- "bootDevice not found(3F0)".But i have a pre installed OS on my harddrive. I read few solutions on the internet but it didn't help. When i tried to access my BIOS , it was asking for a password (Which i dont remember setting up one). Now , i dont know the BIOS password and i cant access my laptop. There are a lot of important stuffs in it. So i can't simply get a new harddrive. Please help! Thank you.

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Hi,last time I tried to start up, my NB 4540s results a start screen with:Windows Boot Manager problem 0xc000000e It says to use the recovery disk, and this is what I did, but each time I try to restart the screen is the same.I tried with ESC, F8, F11, and so on, but nothing solved.I tried to keep pressed ON button withouth battery to descharge laptop, but all is the same. I have seen the recovery disk with windows 8, but this NB has windows 7. Maybe this could be a problem when recovering ? Anyway the disk runs, but nothing different each start, the same windows boot manager windows appears.I can reinstall the system from scratch withouth problems, but how can install from cd ? Thanks

A:4540s Notebook windows boot manager problem

It is likely that there is a problem with either the hard drive or the memory. If either is true it is not going to be possible to restore an operating system unless the bad component is replaced.  Can you get into the BIOS (F10) or diagnostics (F2) at bootup? You should run the hardware testing programs which are available at either place. Let us know what you find or if you have trouble getting there. 

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Dear support team,  since I upgraded my notebook's operative system to win10/64 bits I can not use a HP v210w 64GB pendrive. The displayed error in the "connected devices" tab, at configuration control panel is "Error de Controlador" (driver error, in spanish). I tried the pen in other notebook, that uses win7-64 bits, being possible to access.  Would you, please, help me? Thanks in advance. Regards,Jorge V

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I downloaded a Windows update which included optional AMD updates.  Since then, I'm having graphics problems when playing games on Facebook.  It also updated IE to 10 even when I unchecked the box.
I did a Windows System Recovery but it's still not fixed.
I'm running Windows 7 x64 and have Norton 360 and use CCleaner on a regular basis.  I was using AdAware but uninstalled it when I got a pop-up from Norton about a conflict.  Earlier today I installed Malwarebyte with no threats detected in a Quick Scan.  I try to be diligent but I guess something got by me.
If you need any other info, please let me know.

A:Graphics problem after Windows update

updating drivers from Windows update should be done only if there is no updated driver is available from the manufacturer's site (or you have a problem with the driver provided by manufacturer). If you have a desktop, ATI and NVidia drivers can be downloaded from their site.
So uninstall the AMD driver currently installed (control Panel --> Programs) and download the latest driver from below link.

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I have lenovo G50-80 and i was having issue related to my Intel HD 5500 Graphics Card. when i install graphics card driver it start flickering and i can't play videos or games. To solve this problem I download all drivers from levono website and after installing BIOS file, when it showed current verison and installing version I canceled the BIOS update. I shutdown my laptop and when I press start button, the power led on for 2 seconds and then powered off again.  please guide me how to recover updates on my lenovo G50-80 without windows and without any access to other laptop. The Display screenshot for graphics card problem is attached here with.  

1.png ?289 KB

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Hi, I am facing graphics problem after upgraded my laptop(3543 inspiron 15) with latest graphics driver  from dell site. After installation when I open graphics control properties and any option it throw following error then close.
Another thing happened when open mycomputer properties it also give the error message “windows explorer has stop working” then close the dialogue. When opening window 7 games it also shows similar error.
What should I do? Plz help 

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Reformatted my computer and reinstalled all the updates and drivers that came with it and the quality of the graphics or monitor did not return to how they were. Rounded edges look scratchy and choppy and text is basically stupid trying to read. Before i reformatted i first booted up this comp & i updated the optional nvidia driver through the windows update panel and my monitor quality and graphics immediately improved so i remain puzzled.

I have updated everything in the device manager driver-wise still no improvement.
This pc has Nvidia Geforce 6150SE nforce 430

I have browsed all around the web looking for solutions i have tried to change the resolution, which is currently set to 1280 x 1024 if that helps, tried using the actual monitor settings to change things, tried using the nvidia control panel to mess with stuff and none of that helped. Also tried basic troubleshooting and even tried a second reformat / recovery just incase a bad driver got installed.

Because of these bad image and video graphics i have started using the windows 98 theme ghetto mode to compensate for it. Makes me feel better lol. Any help would be nice. Sorry if i posted this in the wrong category.

A:Graphics problem upon reinstall and driver update

If you haven't already go to the system screen, windows key and pause/break key, and run your WEI. I've seen situations where Aero won't work until you run your WEI at least once. If you are using an LCD screen to get the best picture if you want to set the resolution to the recommend "Native" resolution for that monitor. If you can't do that post back and we'll go from there. Might want to fill in your system specs in your profile too.

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Hi, Yesterday I updated to the newest BIOS-Version (2.29). I also installed the newest Graphics Driver (Intel After the BIOS-Update I changed 2 settings in the BIOS:(1) I increased the RAM of the Graphics-Card from 256MB to 512MB(2) I changed the Boot-Mode from "Both" to "UEFI Only" A few hours later something weird happened: The fan suddenly started to work at a medium level (not maximum) and didn't stop even after 1 hour the fan didn't stop. I restarted the OS but the fan still didn't stop. Then I closed the LID (so the Laptop does "Suspend to RAM") and after I opened the LID the fan did stop. The same thing happened again today.So, what is this? I'm not sure if this has something to do with the BIOS/Graphics Update or maybe something in my T440s is broken? I'm running Windows 7 x64, installed in UEFI-Mode.

A:T440s Fan-Problem since Bios/Graphics Update

I noticed that lately my T440s fan has been running constantly while my T440s is on (i7 with 8gigs Ram). Even if I close all applications and its still going. I ran mcafee virus scan an hr ago with the latest virus definitions and it found no viruses or malware. Was not like that before. Seems it started after the latest windows 8.1 update. what gives?

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Hi folks...

I've recently resolved a virus infection on my Toshiba laptop,
but when finished with that process and Windows 7 updates
took place... it seems that something happened to mess up
the graphics display.

The model number of the Toshiba is: Satellite A665-S6050.

I've tried a few things to troubleshoot the situation, but still
the problem remains.

The Display is now: 1. Generic PnP Monitor on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
and the Resolution: 1024X768

The only other option is an 800X600 resolution and that does not help at all.

It's been suggested that I post this problem here in hopes that someone might have a solution.
12-May-2015, 10:52 AM #85
That may be a problem with a Graphics card update.
Your machine appears clean of malware right now.
I would post about it in the Windows 7 forum here.
Top menu > Operating Systems > Windows 7
The helpers over there are better at solving that kind of issue.

Any ideas, or known fix would be great. I'd really love to get this back to normal.

Thanks in advance for any aid that can be offered.

A:Possible problem with Graphics Card update and display. Help needed.

Toshiba Satellite A665-S6050 Laptop (PSAW0U-01100G)
You should add and save this site in your browser's favorites/bookmarks list so you can quickly refer to it when needed.

According to its "Manuals & Specs - Detailed Specs" section, it originally came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
It has a 16" widescreen display with a native resolution of 1366 X 768 and has Intel HD graphics.

If you click "Drivers & Updates" and then click "Display" and then click "Windows 7 (64bit)", the list of display drivers will appear.
The topmost Intel driver (version is what you probably need to download and save and then install.


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