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Latitude e5470 laptop backlit keyboard question

Q: Latitude e5470 laptop backlit keyboard question

I purchased a Latitude e5470 laptop without the backlit keyboard and without the extra tracking ball you find in the center of the keyboard. I just have a regular non-backlit key board and then the tracking pad.
I've only seen the backlit keyboard with the tracking ball included. This does not fit my keyboard slot. There is an extra edge under the spacebar. I want to know if I can now buy a replacement keyboard that has the the backlit feature and fits in my keyboard slot.

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Preferred Solution: Latitude e5470 laptop backlit keyboard question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello Everyone!I bought an open box Dell Latitude E5470 today at a very cheap price. Unfortunately this laptop had a non backlit keyboard and a TN (1600 x 900) panel but it had the much needed 6300HQ, so I went ahead and bought it thinking that I can always buy a backlit keyboard later from aliexpress. I looked at aliexpress again today and noticed something I had overlooked before purchasing the laptop and that is that all backlit keyboards available for E5470 have a different shape thanks to the two stupid top mouse buttons that are not present in my variant of E5470. I now have to find a new top panel with frame that has the cutout for those two extra mouse buttons. This is a nasty situation for me as I am not even sure if the required top panel will be compatible with my variant of E5470. Any advise on what I should do?

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I was wondering if the backlit keyboard (no point stick) of E5450 or E7470 is compatible with E5470? From the images I have seen the dimensions and mounting holes look identical to E5470's Keyboard (no point stick) .

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Hi All,
Decided to to upgrade my E6320 with an backlit keyboard so i got an new unit from Parts-people.
Now installed to new board in my E6320 but the backlit function doesn't work. everything else on the keyboard works like it should but no backlit. downloaded a lot of new drivers like "dell system manager" and tried so many things.
I'm starting to doubt if they send me an actual backlit keyboard, but it has an capslock button with an lighted led which works and my old keyboard does not have this. so i'm geusing this isnot the issue?
Any input help would be great.
Thans a lot for checking.

A:Latitude laptop backlit keyboard (not working)

Hi Hildo,
E-series Latitude portable systems have the option of a backlit keyboard. With the E3 series keyboard, there are several ways to set the backlit keyboard illumination. One can either press <FN> + <Right Arrow> to adjust the illumination. The other way is to adjust the illumination through Dell Control Point (DCP). From the main DCP screen, choose ‘Keyboard Backlight’. The settings you can adjust are as follows:



Activation Settings:- 

Keyboard light will automatically time out if there is no activity for certain time frame where the setting can be preset from 5 seconds up to 5 minutes.
Resume lighting from time out with default option as 'Keyboard'. This means whenever user presses any key on the keyboard, the keyboard backlight will light up provided the brightness is not set to 0%(Off). The other option available is 'All internal input devices'. If this option is chosen, other internal input devices like the touchpad, will also turn on the keyboard backlight on one touch.

You can also install Dell control point for your computer from link: http://dell.to/XDJhTF 
Steps to download:-

Click on “Download Now”.
Save the driver on your desktop.
Once the driver is downloaded on the desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
Follow the prompts on screen and restart your computer.&n... Read more

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Hi, I need some help on finding out whether it is possible to replace my current non-backlit keyboard with a backlit one. (Dell Latitude 3150, service tag:<Service Tag removed> and I have no idea if my laptop supports it)
Thanks in advance!

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I'm interested to hear about your experience with this.
Do you use fingerprint recognition? How does it work for you?

Mine is terrible, it doesn't work or is very slow.

I'm interested to know if this is a fault with my PC or normal for this reader.

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I recently bought the following of and am having trouble turning on the backlight of the keyboard, you give me a hand?
keyboard layout: Italian

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Bought my machine used, so it didn't come with a warranty. Was strapped for cash after my HP fried, and wanted something to use. Anyway, the backlight on the keyboard won't stay constantly on, like I'm used to. BTW..very disgusted with HP for 3 years. Voiced my opinion to my pc-savy son, and he said that Dell is the step child of pc's. So, naturally I expected tech support, out of warranty like I had in the past with my other machines. Nope! No such animal. was told umpre-emptily that they cannot help me. I'm like ***?
Hope you can help. Right now, said backliight is on, but don't know for how long. Thanks.

A:Backlit Keyboard on Latitude E6410

Please click on link below, hopefully it will be a help to you. By the way, what version of windows is on the system? Windows 7, 10, etc...?  

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How can I verify if my Latitude E5450 is compatible with a backlit keyboard?
Service Tag: <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

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Latitude 6430u: Is there a setting to keep the backlit keyboard ON?
 Mine times out @ 10sec.

A:Latitude 6430u Backlit Keyboard Control

Hi ironmiketaos,
Unfortunately there is no option to keep the backlit keyboard always on. As and when you type it goes on.

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Hi people,
Do you know if it is possible to take an E5430 that was built with a non-backlit keyboard and upgrade the keyboard in the field to the backlit version?
I gather from what I've read elsewhere that this may be possible with some models (perhaps the E6400) but in others (perhaps the E5510 for example) extra control and/or power circuitry would be absent in a model originally equipped with a non-backlit keyboard, meaning that even with the correct keyboard, BIOS and control software options the backlight still wouldn't function. Assuming these two categories do exist, I can't find a list of which models are in which category.
Any help appreciated!

A:Latitude E5430 - backlit keyboard retrofit?

Hi Brandon,
Belated thanks for the reply. I can see how that would be a useful test for other models, but this one only has a single cable connecting all of the keyboard functions whether fitted with a backlit keyboard or not, and having read other users’ experience of the E5510 (see below) I wasn’t convinced that the single cable, and seeming location of the inverter on the keyboard guarantied success.
Bottom line: This is now resolved for me; I asked a lot of questions, finally found an economical and low-risk way of trying a backlit keyboard, ordered an appropriate part and now have a fully functional backlight! If you want more detail, read on.

It might seem obvious that a backlit keyboard could be successfully retrofitted, but I didn’t feel confident, especially having read this excellent thread: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19442203
As well as trawling the net and asking here I followed the links to Dell parts support and sent them an email. By that stage I had received two replies from sellers of supposedly genuine Dell parts – one selling a backlit keyboard for £20 that strangely (it seemed to me) lacked the trackstick, saying that as my machine was built with a non-backlit keyboard he doubted it would work, and another selling what appeared to be the standard backlit keyboard (with trackstick) for £50, who said ‘it should be ok’. Both these sellers later confirmed that they were offering ... Read more

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I'm looking to upgrade the keyboard on my 5480 i7 7820 to the backlit version.  Is this possible?  If so, what parts are needed?  Are there any procedures after the swap that would need to take place?

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Looking to increase the time the keys stay backlit.

A:Latitude E7250 with AC - can the keyboard backlit time be changed?

Please click on link below, hopefully it will be a help to you.

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Dear colleagues
On my laptop above, I have just installed a new backlit keyboard to replace the old (non-backlit) keyboard. 
The good news is that the backlighting works perfectly.
Once the laptop has been placed on the docking station, one can still type with the new keyboard. However with it on the docking station the backlighting is not working at all. Whatever I do; with it on the docking station there is no backlighting. As soon as I release it from the docking station the backlighting is operational again.
Please does anyone have similar issue with solution or can anyone provide some advice or solution. I would like to be able to use it on the docking station with backlighting operational
With thanks, 

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I bought a backlit keyboard for my latitude 6420 which was only equiped with a non backlit model at the time I got it.
When hitting Fn + >, nothing happens. I read many things on the web and it looks like we have to go into the BIOS and enable the backlit. I've been told that I should find the menu under System configuration and Keyboard Illumination but I don't have this menu...
I also had a look and the hot keys and don't have the ones related to the backlit keyboard... Looking at the Control Panel, Keyboard Properties, I don't have the Backlight tab, "Keyboard Brightness".Does someone know how I can enable my backlit keyboard and have it detected as such?
Prior buying the backlit keyboard, I got in touch with the Dell support to make sure I can upgrade my notebook with a backlit model without facing compatibility issues. They told me that I just needed to order the backlit model as a spare part and it will work... but it doesn't...
Does somebody know how I can get the backlit keyboard working or is it just a bad luck and it will never work? thanks in advance for your help!

A:Missing BIOS activation menu for enabling backlit keyboard on latitude e6420

Not sure if this question has been answered but, while I came here looking for the answer I accidentally figured it out on my latitude e6410, hit the function key and the right arrow, it was lumped there with the scree brightness.

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I am currently having HP Pavilion laptop (Product number: Z3D15EA; Product name: HP Pavilion -15-au191sa) which has a standard keyboard/Is it possible to replace this with a backlit keyboard?

A:Replacing HP Pavilion laptop keyboard with backlit keyboard

Hi,Yes you can.It only comes along with topcover and touchpad assembly.Go through Pages 3, 55-56 for the part number you need to buy: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05273198RegardsVisruth

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Dear members
I have a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop with a non-backlit keyboard.
I have thought to install a backlit keyboard but it is quite expensive. 
I did see one going cheap but it had a french keyboard layout ie AZERTY rather than QWERTY . A number of keys are in different places.
I understand one could change the keyboard layout in Windows to the QWERTY but  I would like to ask a different question please.
Would I be able to remove  keys from the non-backlit keyboard and put them onto the backlit keyboard.
Also: would I be able to "swap round" the keys on the backlit keyboard.
What I would essentially be trying to do is make the "french" backlit keyboard into an "english" backlit keyboard.
If anyone could advise on this please it would be much appreciated
Thanks Ian

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Latitude E5470 with Win10 64bit has an unknown device:ACPI\VEN_DELL&DEV_ABC6ACPI\DELLABC6*DELLABC6Do you have a driver?Thanks

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HI folks, 
Not sure if this problem belongs here but I thought I'd give it a try. 
So my laptop(on battery) windows loading starts and ends and before the logon screen the laptop goes dead. 
On AC power I don't have this issue. 
I havent tried fresh windows installation etc because it's a work laptop and would result in a couple of days delay before i get back on track. 
Any solutions ?
Many thanks 

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Keyboard doesn't light up when typing. Is there a key or setting to turn on? I paid the extra for it and it is listed on the invoice. Thanks


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A:New laptop backlit keyboard

I had to call HP tonight to see how to turn on my backlit keyboard. It doesn't work with Fn and space bar. I built my laptop DV6 quad core online and it just came today. Mine was F5 with three small squares on it. That turned it on. It is beautifully lit up. I just click off for the daytime and on in dark typing. Thanks for the help but they said mine was one of the newest ones out there.

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I just have a quick and simple question. Does anyone know of a store or website that sells backlit laptop keyboards (I have an Inspiron 1520)? Thanks in advance.

A:Backlit Laptop Keyboard...

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Hi Guys,

 It's my first post, i need help with a Latitude E5470, we got it with Windows 7 preinstalled, i load our Windows 10 corporate image on it and encripted using Bitlocker.
 The problem is that the user forgot his Bitlocker PIN and locked the TPM, i got to Windows using the recovery key and decrypted the drive succesfully. Now, when i try to encrypt the drive i got the "The tpm on this computer is currently locked out" message.

 I already upgraded the BIOS to versión 1.4.7, formatted the drive and loaded OS again, restored BIOS defaults/Factory settings, used PowerShell commands but all with no progression.
Thanks in advice for any help.

A:Tpm on Latitude E5470 locked out

The TPM can be cleared by using the Windows administrative snap-in (start-run-tpm.msc).
Note that doing so will clear not only the TPM keys but everything protected by them.

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Can anyone point me to a simple guide to setting the bios such that the system will boot from a USB drive if attached?


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Will the following batteries:
Battery RYXXH  or YD8XCWork on a Latitude e5470
It appears they are compatible


A:Latitude e5470 Battery

Both are compatible with that system.

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I want to upgrade my drive to a hybrid TB drive but I can only find those in 9.5mm width. Will that fit my laptop?
I can't find a straight answer in the support docs.

A:Will a Latitude E5470 fit a 9.5mm 2.5" HDD?

That chassis will take a 9.5 mm drive -- the higher line 74xx models are slimmer and are 7 mm only.

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Recently installed the latest BIOS update with the Intel security patch and now I'm unable to use bitlocker to encrypt the drive as it states "The TPM on this computer does not work with the current BIOS. Contact the computer manufacturer for BIOS upgrade instructions". 
Dell Latitude E5470/ Windows 7
Bios version 1.14.4
Please Advise

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I was offered either a Dell PA-2E and a Dell PA-3E by a friend to use with my Latitude e5470. I lost my original charger and part of the attractions of these other two chargers is that they are slim and better for packing for the travel I have to do.
Is there any reason that these two charges would not work with my Latitude?

A:Latitude e5470 Charger

If the system has integrated video, either will work.  If it has  hybrid video you need the 3E (90W) -- the 2E (65 W) doesn't provide sufficient power.

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Hey all, Does my new 2015 laptop have a keyboard backlight? tried the F5 key and the Fn+spacebar trick, got nothing. Thank youse!

A:HP 13s102ns laptop keyboard backlit or not?

Hi, No, it does not have backlit keyboard:    http://support.hp.com/my-en/document/c04850173 It only has normal  Full-size island-style keyboard keyboard. And you can't upgrade. Regards.

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For around $500ish?
I found an AUS at Bestbuy, its at 649.99.
Asus - Laptop / IntelŪ PentiumŪ Processor / 15.6" Display / 4GB Memory / 500GB Hard Drive
I liked my old laptop, Inspiron 9300, but I always used it late at night and always wished I had a backlit keyboard.
My main computer has a Core i7950, 6GB Ram, 1TB HDD, yada yada yada, so I don't need much for a laptop. Something to carry around, mess with while I'm on the couch, etc. Would like a decent sized screen...my Dell was 17" I beleive, wouldn't want anything tiny.
Thanks and Happy Holidays.

A:Decent Laptop w/ backlit keyboard?

Wireless N
also would be nice, the more I look around, I more I think I'll be spending...

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Is there any way I could install a backlit keyboard on my HP 255 G5 Notebook PC? I find it very hard to see what I'm typing without a backlit keyboard. Also, would it void my warranty?

A:Any way to install backlit keyboard on my laptop?

@Bad_Wolf This series does not support the backlit keyboard. Service and Maintenance Manual Although I have not used one for awhile, I have in the past made use of the USB keyboard lights that you can find at various online stores.  Some of these devices are arguably better at the task than others -- if you are sitting in the dark facing a dark keyboard, almost anything is better than staring at a dark abyss. If you decide to make use of one of these useful devices, read the reviews before you purchase and see what others say. When you see a Post that helps, inspires, provides fresh insight,or teaches you something new, click the Thumbs Up on that Post.Fixed / Answered? Click that post Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.                                                                      The Year of the Rooster 2017! 

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we have the dell Latitude E5470, new, and its very unresponsive
Checked for malware / Antiviru, none found.
ran dell update, all updates installed.
windows updates installed also.
but for a new machine I5, 4GB ram, the "spinning whell" of microsoft is seen a lot, a lot of "Not responding" errors too.
what else should i check,? even turning off visual effects its still handling like a brick.... 

A:Latitude E5470 running very slow

The Dell diagnostics may reveal something - F12 at powerup.  Also, 4G of RAM is relatively low for a 64-bit system - you may be seeing a lot of virtual memory use, and if that's on a conventional spinning hard drive, is likely the system bottleneck.

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I think it comes with i5-6440HQ and HD Graphics 520. But I couldn't find what's the HDMI port version.
Would like to buy a 4K screen, but not sure if the HMDI port support it.

A:Latitude E5470 HDMI version? 2.0 or 1.4

It's HDMI 1.4 -- Intel's support for HDMI 2.0 is over Thunderbolt 3 (which the system does not support).

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I just got this computer, but the fingerprint scanner does not work.  It seems not to have a driver, and I suspect that the Windows 7 was loaded by our IT folks.
Can I get a driver?

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Dear all,
I have a Dell Latitude E5470. It is 13 months old. I'm experiencing a very annoying problem. During the last weeks, as soon as I turn on the PC, the battery led starts flashing orange, very rapidly. Once I'm in Win10, the battery icon reports that the battery charge is 5%, but it is not charging. If I try to turn on the PC without the power supply, it doesn't start at all, as any battery is pugged in.
I tried several solutions I read and found on the forum (remove/add the Microsoft ACPI, turn off the PC and remove the battery, update the BIOS, etc.) but none of these succeded.
The BIOS says that the battery is plugged in, but there is a "communication error" so that the status of the battery cannot be identified, whilst the power supply is correctly identified (it reports "90W"). The ePSA diagnosis ends up with an "ePSA 4300-19 - Alert" that says: "Battery - The battery is not installed" and "Error code: 2000-0131".
Honestly I'm running out of ideas other than send the PC to the assistance: that means tens of days of inactivity...
Vincenzo Suraci

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Hi ,
I am having problems installing our corporate version of Windows 7 Enterprise.
I have four new E5470 Laptops, all without an internal CD/DVD drive installed.
When loading Windows 7 Enterprise from either an external USB connected CD/DVD Rom drive, or from a USB 3 stick, the installation commences as far as letting you change the language set from US to UK English but then bombs out after this.
It comes back with the error "No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains drivers and then click ok". 
I have downloaded and installed all the drivers from the Dell web site for this model laptop onto the installation USB 3 stick but it still does not see and let you select them. Or if you plug in another separate USB stick or if you burn the drivers to CD and change the disk in the external drive unit.
It seems to be because these 'drivers' or whatever files are required, need to be slip streamed into the installation routine.
I have four of these laptops in total, all brand new, and the fault happens on each.
Windows driver problem? 

A:Latitude E5470 - Win 7 Installation - No Drivers

If I understand your situation properly, we're in the same boat. Basically I received a laptop with the 7 pro install on it directly from Dell and wanted to install 7 enterprise by using a bootable USB.
Due to the age of the win7 ent installer, a lot of new dell systems are coming with usb hubs which can't properly read an external drive without the USB3 driver being manually installed during the process. Since the problem is that it can't read the USB, you can't put the drivers on the USB. My solution was to put them onto a partition on the internal drive and install them from there. Once that was done (and the installation media was in the USB on the right side, as the back would still not recognize it?), I hit the rescan and the OS installation went forward without issue.
If you want to actually solve your problem to avoid this in the future, you could potentially import the USB drivers into the bootable .wim through use of the DISM tool, but my first attempt resulted in a frozen installer so I didn't bother. I have had the same issue with a few new Optiplex towers, so it might be worth it in the future.

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We just received a batch of E5470's but we are unable to encrypt them with Bitlocker.  We will be installing Win7 64bit.  The BIOS is at 1.12.6.  We will PXE boot and image these from a MDT.
In the BIOS, we select:
Boot sequence - UEFI (uncheck onboard NIC ipv4 and 6)
Advanced boot options - Select "enable legacy option ROMS" and "enable attempt legacy boot"
Integrated NIC - Check "enable UEFI network stack" and "enabled with PXE"
SATA Operation - AHCI
Security TPM 2.0 - "TPM On"  "SHA-256"  "Attestation Enable" "Key Storage Enable" and of course "Enabled"
Secure boot enable - "disabled"
MBAM gets loaded during the image.  When we login and attempt to enable bitlocker, it fails to encrypt every single time. 

At the first login after the image, the TPM does show in device manager as "Broadcom USH" with an exclamation point.  After running Windows Updates and rebooting, it'll show as "Trusted Platform Module 2.0".

Does TPM need to be at 1.2 instead of 2.0?
Could someone please post the exact steps in order to get this enabled? 

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I just got 2 monitors and would like to attach them to my laptop. However I have a company laptop and I do not want to get into trouble for plugging in unauthorized hardware. The monitors are very similar to the ones I use at work. If I plug them in will they send out a "red flag"? I know that if I was to plug in a memory stick via USB that would flag. Any advice would be helpful, thank you.

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Hi I recieved a new Dell latitude E5470 running Windows 7 enterprise today for work, but can't get the Fingerprint reader working at all, can anyone help please?

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is it possible?  more precisely adding a samsung 960 Pro Nvme 1T

will I be able to boot Linux using it?

thanks and regards.

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I would assume this issue is because our company images laptops and removes all of the Dell software.  Can someone tell me what I need to download to be able to see on-screen volume and brightness?

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So yeah, the new TechSpot laptop buying guide is superb, thanks to it I found the Sager laptops, which personally, I love. I hate the weird looking ASUS or Alienware laptops. I want a nice, chice looking laptop that would still look right in a professional envoirenment, yet is a beast under the hood. So I will probably go for the Sager NP8760 with a IntelŪ Core? i7-720QM Processor, GTX 460 and 4Gb of DDR3 1333Mhz. My only problem with them is the lack of backlit keyboard, and that's a big deal to me. I am a computer tech, I have replaced backlights in LCD's plenty of times, so I know more or less the theory behind installing my own backlight, and here's what I was thinking:

Part's Needed:
3" x 5" EL Backlight
Power Inverter for EL Strips
SATA Power Extension Cable

How to do it:
Hopefully, the keyboard will by such as the one in the ASUS Eee as in this article. Install Light Pad, and then place power inverter in empty HD bay, and connect the Power Inverter to the SATA power connector (which I know supplies 12vdc).

Would that work? Atleast theoretically?

A:Buying new (gaming) laptop, need backlit keyboard

A 3 by 5 backlight would only cover about half of your keyboard, so if you go this route you might want to get two of them. Also there is a chance that the EL backlight will not fit behind the keyboard. If you are set on getting the laptop, I would do that before you buy all these parts for the backlight.

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Does anyone know of a PC manufacturer(s) that tends to offer Win8 laptop models with backlit keyboards at prices substantially less than the lessor MacBook Pro model with the DVD drive? I am looking for something with approximately the specifications below, but not the Apple price. I find many PC laptops similarly equipped enough, but without backlit keyboards. Also, I could stand to have a 14."

I am not ready to kick Win7 off my current MacBook Pro/Boot Camp partition. I don't know what Apple is going to do with respect to Win8, but IMO Win8/Boot Camp is not yet ready for prime time. I could buy an older refurbished MacBook Pro for Win8, but that might be risky. Not sure what it is going to be required for Mac/Win8 to coexist.

MacBook Pro 15-inch (I could do with 14" PC.): 2.3GHz

2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz4GB 1600MHz memory (I would want 6GB.)500GB 5400-rpm hard drive1Intel HD Graphics 4000NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 512MB of GDDR5 memory (I wouldn't need this much in the graphics deptment.)SSD (Hardrive OK)DVD burner (Must burn double layer)
2 USB 3.0 (One will do.)Thuderbolt (The PC wouldn't have thunderbolt in all likelihood. Gigabit Ethernet needed.)Built-in battery (7 hours)EtEtc., Etc.Free Shipping $1,799.00

A:Backlit Keyboard Main Stream Laptop

Wasn't BootCamp updated for Windows 8?

For some reason, Alienware's laptops are what comes to mind with backlit keyboards.
Alienware Laptops

The 14 laptop starts at 1,000 and similar or better specs. But they aren't ultrabooks obviously.

I also think I've seen some HP ultrabooks, maybe with touch, that has backlit keyboards and relatively similar specs.

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EDIT: The short version first: Everytime I try to run the HOTKEY drivers for my laptops backlit keyboard I get an error telling me that they have stopped working.
The long version:

If anyone could help me with this problem that has been annoying me for the past 7 months it would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Clevo P150sm laptop. Windows 7 Home SP1. It came with drivers (hotkey) that were supposed to control the backlit keyboard already installed(various colours, brightness etc). This didn't work out of the box. I then downloaded and installed some custom backlight keyboard software designed for the Clevo's. Link to it here:

Backlight Controller with LightFX | clevomods

This actually worked, the program ran fine and I was able to change the colours etc.. But it only lasted a week and then stopped working. I simply couldn't figure out what was wrong. I tried the latest Clevo drivers and a reinstall of the custom software and I got a Windows message saying this:

"Exception caught: the type initializer for #[email protected]@#@% threw an exception. Runtime terminating (0) true InnerException: System.InvalidOperationExeptopm: Cannot open OutLLog on machine.. Windows has not provided an error code--> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception. The interface is unknown ---End of inner exception---"
and it goes on like that...
That was a few months ago. Recently I tried to install the latest hotkey drivers released by Clevo. They are actually for the Clevo P150sm-A t... Read more

A:Backlit keyboard drivers won't work for laptop

You mean that you can't install the drivers for your keyboard, i just have the same issue with my HP 2000, it turned out that the driver file that i have is out of date, and the program named DriverIdentifier has helped me, you can try it (http://www.driveridentifier.com) , when you register, remember to select to use as personal so that they will give you free access.

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Hi,I would ike to know i anyone could help me with upgrading my laptops keyboard to a backlit on because it is kind of annoying when i can't see while I am using the keyboard while late night gaming.Thanks,TKTGAMING

A:upgrade laptop keyboard to backlit and suggestions

Hi,Manual: Page 8http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05087748Specs: http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-15-ay000-Notebook-PC-series/10862300/model/11830173/document/...You laptop came with Intel Core i3-6100U, UMA graphics, non touch display.Your laptop model series is not compatible with backlit keyboard, motherboard doesn't have ZIF connector for light cable of keyboard (if any), and there is no backlit keyboards listed.RegardsVisruth

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A little while ago, I posted a question asking what was wrong with my laptop and why it wouldn't boot. Because there were so many variables, it was impossible to pin down one solid answer. I own a device strikingly similar to the MSI GT80S Titan, and I ended up spilling Kool-Aid over a portion of the keyboard. It's a Cherry MX keyboard with red backlights, and it would seem that they shorted out during the spill. The interesting thing is that once I unplugged the LED wire from the keyboard to the motherboard, my laptop booted up normally. Before I did this, however, my laptop showed no signs of life at all (apart from the battery charging indicator.)

While it's clear that, yes, a LED-backlit keyboard can prevent a laptop from booting, why does it do so? Is it because the laptop is smart enough to detect some sort of short and prevent booting to prevent harm to the motherboard? If so, that sounds pretty smart to me. Or, is something else going on?

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I recently bought a 7559 laptop from a Dell certified re seller of refurbished laptops. I didn't get the backlit version but i regret that now.

I see I can buy the backlit board on numerous sites, but im unsure if the connectors are  on my model ready for me to connect it to :(

Any ideas if my NON backlit model with accept a backlit board?

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