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Tecra 9100 - scrolling stopped working on the left and right buttons

Q: Tecra 9100 - scrolling stopped working on the left and right buttons

I can no longer scroll by pressing the left and right buttons above my left click button. It was working fine until one day it just stopped doing anything. Any solutions?


Preferred Solution: Tecra 9100 - scrolling stopped working on the left and right buttons

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Tecra 9100 - scrolling stopped working on the left and right buttons

Why you don?t try to configure the touchpad settings again.
Did you check the settings in the control panel -> mouse ???
There should be a option and some touchpad properties which could be changed.

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I've just bought my first laptop - a second hand Tecra 9100.

There's no manual. I have worked out that the two larger buttons are right space and enter - what are the two small buttons at the top for ?

Is there anywhere I can download a manual anywhere ?


A:Buttons on Tecra 9100

Yes you can download it. Please visit Toshiba support page under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > Support & Downloads > Support Homepage. Check Download section and there you will find link for Toshiba User Manual.

Under Product type choose ARCHIVE.
That?s all!

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While in IE the errow buttons have stopped working, I have to use the slider bar to move up, down and sideways.
In other applications they work ok.

Where am I missing the control?

A:Solved: Scrolling/errow buttons stopped working

after reboot errow buttons now work.

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Hello there, I'm using a G580 lenovo, windows 7 64bit all of a sudden, hotkeys stopped working at some points, i assumed that it was because I needed to clean up some space and that i was loading the processor too much. Until one day out of nowhere, they stop working totally, no up or left directional keys working, and navigating through the hard disk had never been slower before. Copying or opening a folder became like the worst thing to do ever. I assumed again that it was because of windows or something, formatted and reinstalled windows, and again its still doing the same thing.what do i do ? Im thinking of opening up the laptop manually to check if there was aome sort of short circuit or something because i didnt drop it, nothing got spilled on it or anything.  

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I've just bought a second hand Tecra 9100 with a 40gb hard drive (not received it yet it's in transit).
I'd like to swap out the hard drive and put a bigger one in but was wondering.

What is the biggest drive the BIOS will support ?


A:Tecra 9100 - What bigger HDD can I use?


This forum contains a lot of threads regarding the similar questions.
Why you don?t use the search option and search for similar threads?

I found these threads:

Here in this thread someone upgraded the HDD to 80GB

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I Googled the Ram manufacture code 'PA3164U-1M51' to list all sellers of this type of memory. All sites listing this spec point to Offtek.co.uk. Strangely though, Offtek lists 'PA3164U-1M51' as 'Toshiba - DynaBook 1130-S156 - 512MB Module'. I'm not sure whether to trust this as I have a Tecra 9100.

Curiously, I searched Offtek from scratch for 'tecra 9100 ram' which led me to a product listed as 'Toshiba - Tecra 9100 - 512MB Module'. This however has no MFC and lists as a different product code. They're the same price though: £22.21.

Are they the same Ram? Because I don't want to buy one and realize I should have bought the other.

A:Tecra 9100 - help choosing RAM


you must no go after the partnumber. The Tecra 9100 needs DDR RAM PC266. Only the PC266 counts!

So, if you want to be sure you buy the RAM which fits for that machine you must only buy a RAM with the PC266 specification which means you must google for PC266 DDR SO-DIMM.

The best ones for your machine are Toshiba or Kingston modules.

Hope I could help.


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I installed a Toshiba Harddisk into a Tecra 9100. Checking the BIOS it shows "Enhanced IDE", but trying to start from the HDD does not work. Even trying to install a new operating system shows, that the HDD is not detected.
Starting the notebook also takes very long.
Any idea?

A:Re: Tecra 9100 - New HDD is not detected

Is your new HDD bigger as 120GB? The HDD controller supports the 28bit LBA and bigger HDDs as 120GB will be not recognized by BIOS.

What you mean with Enhanced IDE? Does the BIOS recognize the new HDD with model number?

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This relates to earlier thread which for some reason got locked and marked 'assumed answered', when in fact it wasn't.

Eldorado pointed me to Markus77's answer. Thanks, but neither Markus77 or Eldorado state that they have tried the modules listed there and actually got them to work in a Tecra 9100. The link in Markus77's answer only points to one of many similar supplier sites I have seen, which say that 2x512MB modules are supported. The point is, Lewislite had tried about 5 different brands/replacements, and none of them were any use, they either slowed his system down or it failed to boot at all.

I was asking, since I would like to upgrade my current 512MB too, whether anyone had actually managed it successfully on a Tecra 9100, or whether this was one of those few cases of a model with a motherboard cache which is insufficient to support more than the manufacturer's stated limit, which for the 9100 is said by Toshiba to be 512MB. Perhaps because most laptops will accept 2x512MB, suppliers simply assume the 9100 will do so too and so offer them to anyone willing to buy them. But has anyone actually done it and got it to work?

The fact that Toshiba make 512MB modules is not in itself an answer, because these could be intended for other models. The facts remain that Toshiba themselves say the maximum for the 9100 is 512MB, and Lewislite tried 5 different modules in an attempt to exceed this and found that none of them would.

So, has anyone actually managed t... Read more

A:Tecra 9100 - help choosing RAM

Had a look at the Tecra 9100 Detailed Specs here: http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/jsp/home.jsp?nav=Download

It shows that Kingston 512MB KTT3614/512 RAM is compatible. I'm assuming you can run 2x 512MB Modules.

Make sure you use DDR PC2100 memory. PC2700 should work but there may be a compatibility issue.

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I have a Tecra 9100 with Windows XP and I need to run an aplication of my job.
When I try to run it, a message appears "system is without resources and aplication will be closed".
I'm waiting for a solution, please.


A:I cannot run an aplication on Tecra 9100


Please don't be mad on me but it is not ?Toshiba issue?. If you use some ?company specific? software for any support you must contact your company administrator or people who are responsible for this.

They should know which requirements the notebook should have to run this certain software successfully.

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Thinkpad E540, Windows 8.1 The touchpad has been bugging randomly throughout the year, but this time the two finger scrolling has completely stopped working I have tried disabling and enabling, reinstalling drivers, resetting to default, nothing is fixing it.

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Hi, I have an MSi laptop with an elan touchpad and recently the edge scrolling stopped working. I've upgraded the driver through windows and also installed it myself, I've rolled back the driver, I've tried to get into the options but no matter what I've tried they're greyed out and inaccessible. I even went into regedit to try and find some sort of settings, to no avail. I've recently upgraded to Windows 10, but for about a week I had no touchpad problems at all. I even went in and told windows not to upgrade drivers anymore. I've been trying to fix this for seven hours today and I'm so tired. I just want this fixed. Please anyone, help me.

A:Edge scrolling stopped working?

I can neither confirm nor deny this: I've read posts by people who say as Win 10 updates, MS removes your "do not update drivers" selection.
Do you know the date and version of the old working driver? If not, see if you can find it from the MSi site.
Look at the current driver you are using. Does it match or has it again been updated against your wishes?
If so, see if you can rollback.

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Hi everyone,

I?m still having problems with sound on my T9100 and it sounds like other people are having the same.

I purchased the laptop with dead mobo so got another to replace and fitted no problem, fresh install of XP Pro Sp3 and its up and running but no sound.
Having read other threads on the subject I used my Toshiba recovery discs and all went well but still no sound.

I tried updating drivers for the Yamaha sound card but still no good. So I got another sound board and knowing it?s a good one.
I fitted it but guess what no sound, at the moment its running Xp pro but I haven?t updated to any service packs.

If I used the recovery discs surely it should work because its how you would of got it from new! I?m lost now and don?t know what to do.

If I uninstall Yamaha altogether and restart I get found new hardware audio controller. Then I get found new hardware Yamaha sound device, then get Yamaha didn?t install and might not function.

Any ideas please rob

A:Tecra 9100 - OS recovered but still no sound


The problem is that your sound card driver from Yamaha does not support the SP1 or SP2.

You said that you have installed XP Pro and Sp3.
The SP3 can be installed ONLY if the SP2 was installed too? so the reason why you don?t get sound is clear; compatibility issue between the MS service packs and Yamaha sound driver.

Please check the Toshiba European driver page. In Archive -> Tecra -> Tecra 9xxxx -> Tecra 9100 -> sound driver you will find the two different XP sound drivers.

Try to update it!

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I hope im putting this question in the right thread.

i have been trying to connect my laptop/notebook to my tv without success i put cable in left hand side of notebook and connect other end to video out on tv i then switch both off and back on again but nothing happens.

Also the Tosh button does not do anything when pressed and the fn button to control the F buttons along the top also do not change anything.
I have disabled these anyway and is there a way to get them working again.

I have the discs to reset to factory settings. Will i need to use these and/or will i lose the content stored on my notebook?

If anyone can help me with the above problems i would be most grateful,

Many Thanks


A:Some issues connecting Tecra 9100 to TV

Usually the using of the FN+F5 buttons should enable the external display devices.
You could switch between the internal notebooks display, external monitor or TV.
If the buttons don?t work then there must be something wrong with the drivers or the system files?

The usage of the recovery CD would be advisable because this would set the notebook back to the factory settings and generally this helps to get the Toshiba features working.
But the usage of the recovery CD will format the partition (HDD).

So if you need you files then it would be advisable to backup the data?

However, to connect the TV to the notebook you will have to use the right s-video cable. On some TVs you will need to enable the s-video option (channel). Then you should use the FN+F5 buttons to switch to the TV.

Best regards

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I have problems with updating the BIOS of my Tecra 9100. The current version is 1.5, and I want to update it to 1.6, so that the UJ-820 DVD-RAM will work.

I have tried to do with the windows tool within the Zip-File (error message: User does not have administrator privileges), and with bootdisk (error message: unknown chipset).

What can I do next?

A:Re: Cannot update BIOS from 1.5 to 1.6 on Tecra T 9100


You are right. On Toshiba support page there is 1.60 update available for old Tecra 9100. As I can see just one option is available ? WIN option. That means you must do it under running Windows. So the option with bootdisk cannot be done at all.

Start your Windows, download update (910078v160.exe) and extract it to the desktop. Close all running applications and execute exe file. That?s it!

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On another thread about this sound problem a person said go to http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/faq.jsp?service=EU&FID=TRO0000001b59
Well I went to there and got the drivers but half way though installation it says warning drivers not installed and closes.

Can anyone help?

A:Tecra 9100 and sound problem

How to help if you didn?t offer exact description what you do with your notebook?
Do you make clean WXP installation?
Which version do you use (without service packs)?

Please post more info and don't afraid to write a little bit more.

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I need a MS XP driver for the accupoint of my new (used) Tecra 9100. Or at least I think so, because the accupoint is not working and there is no configuration tab on the mouse menues.

On the driver download page http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=EU I do not know which is the "driver type" I have to select.
Can somebody help me?



A:Tecra 9100 - need accupoint driver for XP

For the Tecra 9100 and Windows XP there is no accupoint driver available.

I searched on the Toshiba website too and I looked in the installation instructions, but there is no driver available.

Sorry but this is fact.

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I have Toshiba Tecra 9100 that I was using to connecting my ps3 to the wireless internet. For some reason my Tecra is dropping the Ethernet to the ps3, the wierd thing is if I run the laptop off of the battery only there is no problem but as soon as I plug I back up it starts to drop the connection again.

Does any body know what the problem is?

A:Tecra 9100 - Ethernet is dropping


To be honest I do not have precise answer to your question but maybe you should try to install latest LAN and WLAN drivers. Check also device properties and be sure all power saving settings are set to maximum level.

In Toshiba power saver tool when notebook is connected to AC power supply set all to maximum.
Intel Speedstep option set to PERFORMANCE.

I hope this will help.

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What is the biggest size for SD-Card and HDD in a Toshiba Tecra 9100?

My biggest SD-Card has 512MB and works fine. Can I use 2GB or 4GB SD-Cards?
My HDD has 160GB and works. Can I maybe also use 250GB HDD?

Best greetings


A:Max. Size SD-Card and HDD in Tecra 9100

Hi there,
SD-Card size should be both supported, 2GB and 4GB. Bigger ones like 8GB I'm not sure but maybe possible as well.

The Tecra 9100 was shipped with two different sizes of HDD, 40 and 60.
You can be pretty happy that your 160GB are working fine, but I'm afraid such 250GB HDD could not be recognised by BIOS.

Hope this could clarify some things. ;)

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I have a Tecra T9100 and the MAT****A DVDROM now won't*read burned CDs.
It has no problems when reading manufactured CDs / DVDs.

I noticed this after upgrading the BIOS with the 1.6 version.

Is there something else I need to do / configure / install ?

Thank you.

A:Tecra 9100 won't read burned CDs


Maybe you should check different CDs from different manufacturers and should change the burning speed to the slowest one.

If this will not help then a CD/DVD drive issue might be the reason why not all disks are readable.


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I wnat to use an UJ-820B DVD-Writer on my Tecra 9100, BIOS-Version 1.6.
If I change to the UJ-820, I receive the IDE #1 Error in the Bootscreen, and the device is not recognized.

Any tool or update to fix this?

A:Tecra 9100 - IDE Error with new drive

An IDE #1 error normally appears if a wrong drive or connection settings encountered.
So I think the drive is not compatible with the notebook.

Look in your user manual and choose a drive that is listed in the manual. Not every drive is compatible with every notebook.

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yesterday suddenly a bunch of bottons on my keyboard stopped working (a,q,z,1 are the buttons). I have a toshiba satellite laptop. thanks for any help

A:Certain buttons on keyboard stopped working

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Multimedia buttons ex: play , Mute , Volume up , Volume down all stopped working , I dind't update anything lately. Would appreciate anyone helping. 

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For some reason, yesterday I turned on my pc, and when I tried to write my password, It only wrote some letters. I searched on many forums and tried everything they said, remove battery and click on power buttom for 1 second, tried system restore, nothing works... It happened all of a sudden, the only numbers that work are 5 and 6. And all of the middle of keyboard buttons stopped working but G and H. Is there a solution or do I have to buy a USB keyboard?

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Hey both my enter buttons have stopped working, the problem is that i have only used one of them.Ive tried reintsalling the drives for the keyboard, reinstalling windows 7 aswellNone of these helped. I am completely lost becasue i am 1 hundred procent sure that i havent spilt any soda liquid on it. Greetings person whose quite desperate atm 

A:Both my enter buttons have stopped working

G'day hamthu, and Welcome to BC.
Do you have access to a spare keyboard ?

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Refresh, Back, Forward, Home, and other IE8 buttons stopped working today. I can still perform the above commands by going into the menu. What happened? How do I fix this problem?

A:Solved: IE 8 --- buttons stopped working

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Two-finger scrolling has suddenly stopped working on my Yoga 710. A reboot hasn't worked. Two-finger zoom still works, but when I try to scroll it malfunctions. Pulling two fingers down on the touchpad minimises the window. Pushing two fingers up takes me to miniature view of all my open windows. Very occasionally it will scroll slightly in one direction but not the other, but I can't get it to happen often enough to work out why it works occasionally. What is going wrong? EDIT: It now seems that the zoom is a bit finicky too. It works much of the time when I try to enlarge or shrink Facebook in my browser, but not all the time.

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Hello, This does keep happening a lot with windows/lenovo driver updates, isn't it? Before I start rolling back drivers, was wondering if others have experience this and if so, what has the resolution been, if any.  Thanks,  

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Yesterday my PC (a Tecra W50-A; with Windows 8.1 x64) performed an automatic windows update. Upon finishing the update, some keyboard keys stopped working (keys A, B, N, right Shift and both Enter's). Since everything was fine before the update, I think it is not hardware-related but rather associated to the update itself, such as installed software or drivers.
In the meanwhile, I have tried to restore my PC to a time point prior to the Windows Update, but the problem persists. I have also tried to find the original drivers for this model in Toshiba website, but couldn't figure out which driver to download/install (none specific for keyboard).

Looking forward for your help.
Thank you in advance

Best regards,

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My Tecra R950-F0036 touch pad suddenly stopped working (Serial No.4D027959H bought in South Africa).

I have tried all the usual options such as updating the driver.
The driver appears to be there but FN F9 does nothing to switch the pad on.

Any ideas on how to re-activate the touch pad?

A:Tecra R950 - touchpad has suddenly stopped working

I don't know which OS do you use but check please hardware status. Check please device manager and be sure touchpad is listed there and enabled properly.

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So, I just bought this new laptop with 1.8ghz, a 40gb hard drive, and 1gb ram for $120. I have installed all drivers provided by toshiba including the latest bios update. According to the online PDF user manual, when the battery is charging, it's supposed to say solid amber color, but mine flickers. It flickers very rapidly when the laptop is turned off in regular intervals. When it's turned on, it flickers about 8 times a minute, also at regular intervals. On the laptop power options, the battery always says 100%, but it won't even last one second when you unplug the laptop. My question is, is it the battery or the port receplicator on the motherboard that's out? I was told by another guy that the board was bad if it did 8 long flashes and then 2 short, but it's not doing that. I don't really trust this guy though, cuz he was one of those snakey horrible people that are just out to get your money. So, is it the battery or port receplicator?

BTW, I've already called Toshiba directly and all they tell me is to send it in to get looked at. They arn't allowed to say the answer to this question over the phone.

A:Toshiba Tecra 9100 battery issue

Doesn't anyone have any ideas?

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Like every other Tecra 9100 user, I can't get the latest sound card drivers to load. THe ones on the web page dont fix the problem.

A:Toshiba Tecra 9100 sound drivers for SP2 or SP3

hi i have xp sp2 running on my 9100 and i got the drivers from this website.http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.c...?service=UK.go to this and then type in the serial number and it will bring up the europe toshiba support page for the 9100 and then go to the sound drivers and download them.these are,as far as i know,the latest sound drivers for the 9100 and they should fix your problem.hope this helps.

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After installing xp pro sp2 onto Tecra 9100 the audio device is not showing up.
I have tried allsorts looking on forums and websites.

I have found drivers on this website but my laptop wont install them.
Do i need to locate audio device before getting drivers?
I know this is a very old issue but i have been trying for 12months to no avail.

Any help appreciated.

A:Tecra 9100 - No audio device after XP Pro install

You are still using this oldie? Surely it?s or it was a nice notebook but maybe it?s time for something faster? ;)

Back to your question;
On the Toshiba European driver page you can find the Tecra 9100 drivers.
You have to search in Archive (in product type choose Archive instead of notebook)

There you will find two sound drivers for Win XP.
It?s Yamaha sound driver version

I assume the is a newest one which is available and I think you should use this one!

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Hello, I hope I'm posting my thread in the correct part of Your forum...

My question is - is there anything I could do if I forgot my BIOS password for the Toshiba Tecra t9100 LapTop?
Model no: pt910e-0049g-dk

Thanks in advance for Your swift reply

A:Tecra 9100 -I forgot my BIOS password - what can I do?


Unfortunately you cannot do anything and you need help from Toshiba service provider. They can delete old password.

Check please - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB4600PR000JR01.htm

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I'm trying to repair an older Tecra 9100 Laptop that is having sound issues. I have one out of the two bulletins I need to fix it. I have TCR-0312, but I need TCR-0308 to fix the sound issue the laptop is having. I was wondering since it is a very old laptop, maybe Toshiba could release the bulletin so I could fix this vintage tech? Or maybe someone has it archived somewhere? A Google search has come up with zero results...

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Hi! So I have a good keyboard called X7 G300. And I've never had any issues...until now. A few of buttons on the keyboard suddenly stopped working. The keyboard worked fine last night before I went to bed, when I was gonna check some sites before school, and a few buttons was not working. I have borrowed another keyboard right now but its tough using another keyboard after using the same for over a year. Any tips? The keyboard has never been hit or dropped. Any tips? Really want it to work again.

A:Some keyboard buttons suddenly stopped working!

Is the keyboard wired or wireless?

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I was able to adjust the brightness of my screen using the f2+f3 button but suddenly they stopped working and am not able to adjust the brightness of screen from any place neither control panel nor any other option tried some methods but they all failed

A:Screen brightness buttons stopped working

Hi, Try the following. Download the Intel HD Graphics installer on the following link and save it to your Downloads folder. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp68001-68500/sp68117.exe When done, download and reinstall the Chipset driver on the link below. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp73501-74000/sp73543.exe When the Chipset reinstallation has completed, do not restart as prompted, instead open your Downloads folder, right click the Intel Graphics installer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation. When this has completed, shutdown the notebook. Unplug the AC Adapter and then remove the battery.  Hold down the Power button for 30 seconds.  Re-insert the battery and plug in the AC Adapter. Start the notebook and let Windows fully load for a few minutes before checking. Regards, DP-K 

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Hi, The lower mouse buttons on my laptop work fine. The upper ones stopped working recently. When i first got the laptop, they worked fine. Then a few months ago, I updated drivers through Lenovo Vantage, and they stopped working. I don't rememeber what I did to resolve the issue. I may have uninstalled the drivers and used some default Microsoft ones, but they did start working again. But now I ran Vantage again a few days ago, and they are again not responding. I would like them to work with these latest drivers supplied through Vantage. Any ideas guys?

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Hello all

I just built a PC for the first time this past weekend. Everything fired up and worked GREAT except for one thing. My Wireless Logitech MX3000 keyboard hot keys and the side buttons on my mouse no longer work.
I installed the Set Point software. I reset all the hotkeys and the side mouse buttons. But to no avail.

Any helpful hints would be appreciated. Here is the system I built:

Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

NEC 18X DVD±R DVD Burner With 12X DVD-RAM Write Black E-IDE / ATAPI Model 7170A-0B

G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F2-6400PHU2-2GBHZ

NEC Black 1.44MB 3.5" Internal Floppy Drive

SAMSUNG SpinPoint T Series HD403LJ 400GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2b 1pk

OCZ GameXStream OCZ700GXSSLI ATX12V 700W Power Supply

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Card

PNY VCG88GTS32XPB GeForce 8800GTS 320MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Video Card

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80557E6600

EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard
PS: In case it matters. The Mouse and Keyboard hotkeys did work on my prior PC.

A:Mouse & keyboard hot buttons stopped working

The first thing I'd try is uninstall & reinstall the drivers. Instead of using the disk to reinstall from, download the latest ones from the Logitech site.

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my daughter received the above from f. christmas. the touch pad and associated buttons have stopped working - no cursor. how do we get it working again? Rod+

A:Satellite C50-B-189 touchpad and buttons stopped working

Hi, this is due to the pad driver (which is bugged), just kill the process using CTRL+SHIFT+ESC AND THE TAB plus DOWN ARROW to navigate to the target process. I have to do this each starts.

From tomsguide (november 2014):

These fixes don't help, all that happens is, after some time, the touchpad fails again. While Toshiba works on this, I have figured out a quick, effective workaround. This is for my new Windows 8 Toshiba.
Press CTRL ALT SHIFT to get your processes to come up. Find the Touchpad "enhancer" process. End the process. Your touchpad will work fine until next restart at which point just repeat this step.
If you are struggling to end the process without being able to use your touchpad, I found a curious thing out. If you hold a mouse click down, you can move the mouse arrow with the touchpad just fine. Its a bit... inconvenient...but all you need to do this for is to end that process and after that you can use the touchpad normally.

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It's a Sony Vaio touchscreen laptop i5 that came with Windows 8, upgraded to 8.1 about a year ago. Yesterday, the buttons in the available wireless connections stopped working. When you click on an available connection, they no longer provide the drop down that offers connect or disconnect.

Everything is up to date...connecting to LAN works fine.


A:Windows 8.1 Wireless Buttons Stopped Working

Did this happen after installing the new 8.1 update?

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Win XP, SP2, 1Gb memory, nothing else special.

Those pretty little buttons have stopped firing up software. The only function seems to work is that the one next to the power button turns the machine on!

Any Ideas?

The only recent change is I upgraded Microsoft Office 2003 recently.

The buttons ARE set to fire software up.

A:A 200 - The 3 little buttons by the power button stopped working


Well, I don?t know why it doesn?t work but these 3 little buttons are Toshiba Controls.
Did you try to update the controls driver? You can find it on the Toshiba website under

http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com and ?Support & Downloads?.

Furthermore you can check the settings. I?m not sure but I think you can find them in ?Control Panel? .


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My Aspire M5-481PT laptop was working fine for months with Windows 10, then suddently the trackpad stopped working after an automatic update. I was able to install the most recent Synaptic Windows 10 driver, and after a few hours of farting around got the trackpad to work again, but the two finger scrolled still doesn't work...it doesn't show up as an option in the Synaptic settings (see screenshot):Has anyone come up with a fix for this?   This seems to be a common issue with Windows 10 and the new automatic driver updating which is impossible to turn off.  Come on Microsoft / Acer, how could a critical piece of hardware like this stop working?!  Let's do some better testing before rolling out updates....every time I waste hours to getting my computer to work with little support from the manufacturers, I am a one step closer to buying an Apple machine next time. Thanks for your help,Allen

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Hi, I upgraded my OC to Windows 10 today, after the upgrade tapping and scrolling stopped working on the synaptics touchpad. the toucpad only finctions as a pointer now. for taps/Clicks i always have to use the buttons below the touchpad. It was working fine before the upgrade, the earlier OS was Windows 7 I have checked for driver updates but i get a message that the drvier is up to date.I have check the device setting and confirmed that tapping and scrolling is enabled.I have also done a device reset. Nothing solved the problem, i also did not find a relevant answer on the forums.Also, the same problem did not happen with my other HP laptop (Notebook PC) which was also upgraded to windows 10 recently. Does anyone have a solution? Regards,Siddharth. 

A:Toupad Tapping and Scrolling stopped working after Windows 1...

@Siddharth_P?, Hello and thanks for posting on the HP support forums.  What you will need to do is the run the Windows Update Fixer tool.  Here is a link to help you with that.  Make sure you run all updates including optional. Fix Microsoft Windows Update Issues If that fails to work the only other option is to roll your system back to the original supported operating system that came with your notebook. Thanks again for the post and have a great day.

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I am helping a friend who has an HP Pavilion dv9700t laptop, with Windows 7 Pro x64 installed. The laptop has been running fine until recently, when the Synaptic touchpad's scrolling ability stopped working. The touchpad has not been exposed to excessive heat or subjected to liquid damage, and no changes have been made to the Synaptic Preferences or the Mouse options in Control Panel. A different driver hasn't been installed over the existing one. He asked me to help him determine why it has stopped working, but I can't figure it out. The only thing I can think of that may have caused both the horizontal and the vertical scrolling to stop working could possibly be a Windows update, but trying to determine which one is the culprit (if any) is almost impossible. I've tried disabling and re-enabling the scrolling options, and I've deleted and reinstalled the driver, but no luck. Should I roll back to a previous version, or try something else?

The driver version is and the Synaptics Touchpad version is V6.3, if that helps at all.

A:HP Pavilion Synaptic Touchpad scrolling stopped working

Hooray! Great news! I figured out what was causing the problems. It turns out that my friend had broken off one of the laptop keys, and in an attempt to get it to remain on the laptop, glued it back on to the keyboard, without telling me. I discovered this when I opened Wordpad to write some notes, only to find the 9 key displaying in an active line, like this: 99999999999999999

The key had been glued so firmly that it was permanently pressing as though someone were holding it down. As a result, the trackpad wouldn't scroll (as the 9 key also doubled as the right arrow key) and the BIOS would remain stuck on the initial boot screen until another key was pressed.

After removing the key, I scraped the dried glue off of it, reattached the plastic switch to the metal brackets on the keyboard so it snapped firmly back into place, and sternly lectured my friend about why superglue and keyboards do not mix.

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I have an old Tecra 9100 and I need to access the Setup, I have written to Toshiba Spain provide data on my computer and from there I have been forwarded to another mail client and atencionn the truth is that after almost two months now nevertheless no one has contacted me!

On the page for access to this forum is reported that if the user is logged on the Club, among others, will receive the password if required.

I am really very disappointed with the service it provides to its customers and Toshiba but I am about to buy a new one, I have serious doubts emerged whether to opt for a Toshiba.

If anyone can help me write in Spanish, my post is [email protected] Address



A:Tecra 9100 Setup password-Toshiba aftersales

The Passwords are a security feature that deters unlawful access to your PC (if someone stole your laptop for example). On some laptops it can be very difficult or impossible to remove the password without special tools.

An Authorized Service Provider can remove the password for you for a small fee.There is an ASP list on the Toshiba website.

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