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Windows 7 Memory

Q: Windows 7 Memory

How do I add memory, my memory is low?

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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 Memory

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have just bought some new memory, 2 x 1 gig, inserted it and ran the test. I get one error in the Stride38 test. Address expected is different to the one returned.

I know which chip it is, should I send it back, or is this 1 error acceptable for the system?

Thanks for your response

A:MEMORY UPGRADE - Windows Memory Diagnostics Flags 1 Stride38 Error

please read the sticky about upgrading memory.

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I'm posting in the XP forum because I was under the impression that I had/have windows XP. The complete message is

"Windows NT has found only 495K of low memory. 512K of low memory is required to run Windows NT. You may need to upgrade your computer or run a configuration program provided by the manufacturer"

The computer is a 2001 or 2002 Dell Rev. A03, It won't load windows and I can't seem to access any boot menu. I have not made any changes to the computer's hardware.

A:Windows NT has found only 495K of low memory. 512K of low memory is required to run..

Windows XP is of the Window NT File System (NTFS) family. Download the ISO image for Memtest in my signature and burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature. Boot off of the newly created CD and run the tests with ONE stick of RAM in at a time. testing individually. If you get any errors, that stick is bad and needs to be replaced.

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After my new build froze up during boot up into Windows 8, I tried to run Windows 8's built-in Windows Memory Diagnostic, extended setting, but it got stuck at 21% of 1st pass (10% overall) after running it overnight (at least 12 hours). I had 4x4GB memory modules, and re-ran this test with only one stick in different slots, all with the same result: it would quickly get to 10% overall complete, then apparently get stuck there. However I noted that I could still access F1 options when it got to 10% complete, so it wasn't frozen, but the system became extremely slow, with the screen displaying text one word at a time.

Some ideas on how to isolate the problem? I wish I could just return both the motherboard and the memory to the store, but there may be a restocking fee involved with the motherboard unless it's defective.

My parts are:
Intel Core i7-3770K
Corsair Vengeance 4x4GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) model CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9

Other information/symptoms:
- I can not run memtest at bootup either by using a DVD/CD or USB key. The motherboard's boot code indicate that it keeps trying to detect the device (DVD drive or USB key) and then gives up. Maybe memtest isn't compatible with this hardware, or I am not configuring it properly, or there are some hardware problems here.
- The keyboard sometimes did not work during boot up, such as when attempting to select the USB key to boot into memtest (attaching a USB keyboard worked, but I still couldn't get memtest to run)... Read more

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After my new build froze up during boot up into Windows 8, I tried to run Windows 8's built-in Windows Memory Diagnostic, extended setting, but it got stuck at 21% of 1st pass (10% overall) after running it overnight (at least 12 hours). I had 4x4GB memory modules, and re-ran this test with only one stick in different slots, all with the same result: it would quickly get to 10% overall complete, then apparently get stuck there. However I noted that I could still access F1 options when it got to 10% complete, so it wasn't frozen, but the system became extremely slow, with the screen displaying text one word at a time.

Some ideas on how to isolate the problem? I wish I could just return both the motherboard and the memory to the store, but there may be a restocking fee involved with the motherboard unless it's defective.

My parts are:
Intel Core i7-3770K
Corsair Vengeance 4x4GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) model CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9

Other information/symptoms:
- I can not run memtest at bootup either by using a DVD/CD or USB key. The motherboard's boot code indicate that it keeps trying to detect the device (DVD drive or USB key) and then gives up. Maybe memtest isn't compatible with this hardware, or I am not configuring it properly, or there are some hardware problems here.
- The keyboard sometimes did not work during boot up, such as when attempting to select the USB key to boot into memtest (attaching a USB keyboard worked, but I still couldn't get memtest to run)... Read more

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To start, I have Windows 7, on Sony Vaio laptop.

I have been working on the issues with the malware removal team, but now machine looks clean, I am still having issues.

When starting the computer and going to the task manager, I can watch explorer.exe start at about 18K memory usage and then grow constantly until it is running with almost all of the computer's physical memory after about seven min. I cannot get the context menu to show up after a few min by right clicking on anything.

I had been experiencing "freezing" while playing Eden Eternal (an online role playing game) before that, which made me consider malware and seek help here at BleepingComputer. The freezing has ended, last time I played on that machine at least, but now there seems to be some issue with the explorer.exe taking all of the memory. I haven't been using the machine since I don't trust that there's not something running in the background that shouldn't be.

In resource monitor there were "connections" that had "-" for both the name and the PID, but I don't know if that was the malware of if that's normal somehow?

Issue with explorer.exe seems to be limited to only one user account, and not the other one. That is to say that if I log on one of the other accounts explorer.exe behaves normally, as far as memory usage.

Previous topic linked here,

Topic before linked here as well,... Read more

A:Windows 7 explorer.exe running at total memory after a few min. "memory leak?"

Please download MiniToolBox , save it to your desktop and run it.Checkmark the following checkboxes: List last 10 Event Viewer log List Installed Programs List Users, Partitions and Memory size.Click Go and paste the content into your next post.Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 .Louis

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I have windows 8 on a Lenovo desktop PC with an AMD A4 5000 APU 1.5 GHZ., 4 GB ram. 
I downloaded a game called Rohan Blood feud a month ago and every so often this common error comes up after clicking my character after I log in. memory 0x77 at referenced memory cannot be read. the error itself is hit and miss, sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't. I have narrowed it down to three possibilities. Game guard the hacking prevention system built into the game is not compatible,not having enough ram to process the game request at the time i try to run the game or There might be an issue with AMD catalyst control system being out of date and is interfering with my game. Is there anything I can do besides uninstalling and re-installing the game? I have done this 3 times and it is only a temporary fix since the error is back after 2 game plays. 

A:memory 0x77 at referenced memory cannot be read error in windows 8

if it helps i downloaded the game from the Gamepron mirror, which i believe is a mirror in Australia even though it is English.

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Hi - running patch current Windows 8.1, and am having an ongoing but not always constant issue regarding how much memory I have available to me on any given boot of Windows.
I have 32 GB of memory installed on the computer, and yet almost 17.3 GB of that is not available to me, and is shown as Hardware Reserved when I look at the Physical Memory in the Resource Monitor.
I have validated the memory is error free through multiple runs of Memtest, have removed memory strips and blown out any possible dust from memory slots, and SOMETIMES, it properly will show me around 30.4 GB available, however most boots it is showing pretty
consistently that 17.3 GB is flaged as Hardware Reserved.

I did some searching, and have tried some of the suggestions, such as making sure the Maximum Memory box is not checked in MSCONFIG, and have also tried editing ClearPageFileAtShutdown in the Registry to change it from the default value of '0' to a
new value of '1'.  Nothing has worked thus far.
I DO need access to as much of that 32 GB of memory as possible, due to this computer using huge amounts of memory as a Digital Audio Workstation, recording music with huge volumes of samples loaded fully into memory.  Performance suffers greatly when
half of what is installed is not available.
I have also looked in the BIOS for any ways to adjust video memory and memory mapping and neither exists in the BIOS at all for me to try anything with.  The CPU happens to be an AMD ... Read more

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Has anyone experieced the sace where Windows 7 Pro reports memory issues and to contact the manufacturer however when run the HP memory test it says it's ok. Any help would be appreciated.  Elitebook 8740w, Windows 7 Ultimate, BIOS F.09 (that I cannot upgrade or rollback, which is another question altogether) Thanks!

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I ran Windows Memory Diagnostics multiple times (1GB Ram = 2X512), sometimes it reposrts errors, and sometimes not!

I'm running two OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64Bit, where I'm encountering bad performance, and Windows 7 32Bit which runs smoothly.

I'm not sure if it's really a memory damage or something else. I upgraded lately my CPU from Intel Pentium 4 506 to Intel Core 2 Duo 7500 (compatible with my mobo), when the BSOD appeared again and again.

Thanks in advance!

A:Windows Memory Diagnostic Reports Memory Problems

Hello TheHero2012, welcome to SF!

For better mem testing use:
Download a copy of Memtest86 and burn the ISO to a CD using Iso Recorder or another ISO burning program.

Boot from the CD, and leave it running for at least 5 or 6 passes.

Just remember, any time Memtest reports errors, it can be either bad RAM or a bad motherboard slot.
Test the sticks individually, and if you find a good one, test it in all slots.


Sorry, should have read better. W7 64B will not run on just 1Gb of RAM.
If it runs ok on the 32B then there is prob nothing wrong with the ram itself.

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I've noticed my memory is sky rocketing up to the 90%s when gaming or idle. I checked my specs and have realized only 6.6gb is usable. I was wondering if anyone had a fix to this? Thanks.

A:Windows 10 6.6gb memory usable out of 16gb memory.

Moire info needed.

Make/model of system board/computer.

What does your BIOS show? At first glance it appears you have shared memory, typically this is a laptop setup and if memory allocated to video less available to the system.

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Hi, i recently bought a 1GB VERBATIM usb memory key like the one shown in the photo below. The problem is that when i plug it in windows recognizes it as being a 600mb memory. I don't know why is that, i went to manage on my pc to see the partitions but it doesn't let me erase or create anything. Any help i would really appreciate it, thanks!

A:Windows shows 1Gb memory as a 600mb memory

Check to make sure it's not Write-protected.There should be a switch somewhere on it.
You should then be able to reformat /repartition it. If not then it could be a defective product. I'd return it and try another.

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It didn't usually do this, but probably after some windows update it started happening. 50+% of 8gb ram used when idle. Task manager and resource monitor doesn't show what is using the memory. When I add up all the services, it doesn't even add up to 50%. More like 15-20% of total ram.
Does anyone have a fix? I've looked and already tried disabling the ndu.sys via the regedit (changing value of start to 4). It didn't work.
If you don't have a fix, perhaps you can guide me in trying to identify the problem.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6017 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 217212 MB, Free - 19517 MB;
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Don't know why it says windows defender is disabled. It is not.
Also, the system info utility did not detect my AMD Radeon HD 7576m 1024mb

Windows was upgraded from 8 to 8.1 a few months and and didn't display said problem until recently. Windows is legit and registered etc

A:Solved: Windows 8.1 where is all my memory going? memory leak

Ok, I had hyper-v enabled. Although it wasn't running, it seems as though windows was still reserving some resources for it. Once I disabled it via "turn windows features on or off" and restarted my memory usage immediately returned to the way it was.

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I have a Toshiba laptop three years old. Its Windows (C memory used currently 148 GB out of 149 GB available. However the Windows (C memory of other computers for example in the library and in the college used only between 40GB and 60 GB even though they are bigger than my laptop. As a consequence I have problem because I have little memory left in my laptop. My laptop has some applications like all the computers but I think that each application uses approximately 1 GB. Hence I would like to know why my laptop used so much memory and how can I free memory.

A:The Windows (C:) memory of my laptop uses too much memory

Hi and welcome to Seven Forums reading from your post its hard drive space you need to free up ....... How much ram do you have ? The link below will help you clean up your hard drive.

Disk Cleanup - Open and Use

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hello madame and sirs,

Ihave got 128 mb ram on my pc. when i start my pc it shows 32mb shared memory. windows shows 96mb ram. i am not able to install some applications which require min.128mb ram.(windows 2000 pro)&(windows98se)

i once used KNOPPIX LIVE CD and then created some swap file as prompted..... which i deleted later on. i dint notice the ram showed my windows then. incidently i have even formatted my c: drive lateron .... but windows shows 96 mb ram

I want my ram to be fully utilised.. pls help

A:RAM (Random Access Memory) - "Shared Memory" , Windows shows less RAM.

128 - 32 = 96

Shared memory means that a part of your system memory is used by the video card and is not available for programs. You should be able to adjust the amount of shared memory in BIOS setup. Note that you will never be able to get the full 128MB unless you get a proper video card.

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I recently upgraded my Windows 7 laptop from 4GB of physical memory to 8 GB. The Bios immediately recognized the added memory but it appears the Task Manager physical memory has not changed and only recognizes ~3.5 GB of available memory. Is there a way
to have Task Manager recognize the added memory? Is the fact that the Task Manager does not recognize the added memory mean other functions are not recognizing the added memory?

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Display Devices
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip type: GeForce 8600M GT
DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0407&SUBSYS_15151043&REV_A1
Display Memory: 2028 MB
Dedicated Memory: 237 MB
Shared Memory: 1791 MB
Current Mode: 1920 x 1200 (32 bit) (62Hz)

System Information
Time of this report: 4/22/2008, 14:37:30
Machine name: NICK-PC
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Ultimate (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (6001.longhorn_rtm.080118-1840)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
System Model: G2S
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7700 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 4094MB RAM
Page File: 1506MB used, 6857MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 10
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 6.00.6001.18000 64bit Unicode

A person in my thread here: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=5784544444&postId=59801079620&sid=1#24


That doesn't look right , my 8800GTS 512 displays

Memory:512 MB
Dedicated Memory: 512 MB
Shared Memory: 512 MB
Could you have bad videocard memory? Or maybe reinstal direct X? Click to expand...

So I'm not sure where to start and I'm hoping someone here can point me into the right direction as to what it is I need to do to fix this problem I've been having wit... Read more

A:Display Memory,Dedicated Memory,Shared Memory not consistant

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2008 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 780 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 223434 MB, Free - 43767 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0G848F
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled
I have a Dell Inspiron 1545-0504 laptop that I bought in Italy in December 2009 which is running Windows 7 in Italian. The computer is old, short of memory, and is running hotter and hotter, so I have been meaning to replace it with a newer laptop. But I am a professional Japanese-English translator, so on the new computer I will need Windows in English and/or Japanese as well as MS Office in English and Japanese. And for the last few months I have been in Montenegro (where the language is Serbian and it might be hard to find even Windows in English) and Albania (don't even think about it). At the end of next week I should be flying to Tokyo, and there I should be able to buy a new laptop to meet my requirements, though I intend to keep my present laptop around for some time. In the meantime, today the laptop suddenly started acting up.

I have had Windows Update turned off since mid-May because, after weeks of reading around and various attempts, I could find no other way to keep Windows Update from sucking up all avai... Read more

A:Windows 7: In normal mode virtual memory gets reset to zero and Windows Update is blocked

There are three other things, but I do not know if they are significant.

1. On my first bootup yesterday (the first bootup after the installation of the QQ upgrade) the computer stopped during bootup and I got a black-and-white screen telling me that the power source was not recognized, and to press F1 to continue, F2 to ..., etc. I pressed F1 to continue, and when I arrived in normal mode I saw that the computer was recognizing the battery just fine. Since then, however, I get this same problem every time I reboot the computer, unless I first remove the battery, hold the power button down for 5 seconds, and then reinsert the battery. I have had this problem a few times in the past, perhaps one or two times per year, and that is how I have always resolved the problem, apparently a problem of residual charge. But until yesterday I had never had the problem repeatedly. So it might be that instead of malware I simply have a bunch of corruptions to Windows that occurred during the upgrade of QQ. (But due to the aggressive way QQ hides itself and protects itself, I still suspect the presence of malware.)

2. When I booted up this morning into safe mode I received a popup message -- one that I received 1-2 times yesterday after I had tried inserting values for virtual memory -- telling me that duplicate paging files had been created, which might cause a problem. I checked how much virtual memory was allocated, and it was back to "no virtual memory". I specified once agai... Read more

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Hi, my XP mode was working fine until couple of days ago that I got error: " 'XP" could not be started because there are not enough system resources or memory in your computer. You can shut sown other virtual machines or close open application
and try again." I was reading the forum and I saw everyone was able to fix the issue
disabling ?GoogleCrashHandler.exe (64-bit version)? or by disabling "Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google" through Chrome's configuration. But
in my case I'm running 32 bit windows 7 so there is no GoogleCrashHandler.exe running and also I haven't got Google Chrome on my laptop. I have only got internet explorer and Firefox (Chrome is blocked by our IT!). And I have actually got enough
resources on my laptop, I have got 8 GB of RAM and over 65 GB free space on my hard drive.

I would much appreciated if anyone could help me fixing this problem.

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Tried to fit what I could in my topic so someone can help me or move me to the right forum lol..

Okay here is what happened.. My husband got me a brand new laptop.. windows 7. Sony Viao VPCEH (if that last part means anything lol)

all was well for the first few weeks or so.. Then it started BSOD on me. I have bull guard antivirus & it said all was well & updated.

Few days later it would BSOD again.. no biggie, restart & it worked fine.

NOW a few days ago it started with this million screen error message thing saying something about not being able to store things on the hard drive & something about system 32 (sorry I dont have the actual message this is a different computer) BTW My laptop is running 64 on it .. not 32. (not sure what those are but my husband said he thinks Quick time, which I was trying to install at the time) tried to change things to 32 or something & that is why it is all going nuts now..

My icons disappear from the desktop, besides the recycle bin... and my start menu is empty as well. I was following directions from another thread on here who had similar problems.. installed & ran that unhide program.. ran MB & told it to fix the items found.. restarted & all was well for a few days. Now today it is back doing the same thing.. Only now I can not restore it, repair it or start it in safemode at all. Just gives me the BSOD. I have pictures on there that I REALLY want to save, if possible.. Tried to throw them on a disc w... Read more

A:Windows 7 Laptop. Memory failure, BSOD & now wont go to windows

Any ideas on saving my files at least?

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The NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol) service in Windows NT 4.0
and Windows 2000 contains a memory leak in a routine that processes
news postings. Each time such a posting is processed that contains a
particular construction, the memory leak causes a small amount of
memory to no longer be available for use. If an attacker sent a large
number of posts, the server memory could be depleted to the point at
which normal service would be disrupted. An affected server could be
restored to normal service by rebooting



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When I run the application of windows media player wihtout playing any video files, I test the memory usage in the following aspects: working set, pages files, virtual memory.

When I play the mp3 in the background and connect the internet in the foreground in the windows media player, the working set, pages files, virtual memory all increase.

Who can tell me why the virtual memroy increase?
why the page files increase?
why the working set increase?

A:memory usage for windows media play in windows XP

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I have the following 2 problems:

1) Keep getting "Windows Running Low on Virtual Memory Message". This is NOT a problem with Virtual memory as I've tried changing the setting to "system managed", 1.5 the size of my RAM etc. I have just re-installed Windows XP and I deleted the old partition and created new one, I did complete formatting with NTFS. After my first boot into Windows I started getting the above message after a couple of hours of being up.

There are no services in the background that are causing this, nothing loads at start up that would cause this, it is some kind of setting/driver/hardware issue. I have tried all of the typical solutions and none of them worked. Once again the problem starts happening at the first boot up after install of Windows XP. I've had Windows XP before and never received this message with the same hardware, originally this laptop came with Vista but installed XP by completely wiping everything and had XP working for a couple of years without any problems. Recently, I've had to re-install recently and now keep getting the above message after a couple of hours of being up.

2) Shut-down takes 10-15 minutes.

Everything else works perfectly.

This must be some kind of issue with the install of Windows XP.

Any help would be appreciated, please don't suggest doing the standard chckdisk, running defragger, increasing virtual memory size or getting more RAM. I've tried all that and again the problem st... Read more

A:Windows Running Low on Virtual Memory After Windows XP Install

Please perform the following: Publish a Snapshot using Speccy

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I have this problem:
Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)

The driver could not be loaded because a previous version of the driver is still in memory.

and now I am not able to connect any usb device to my laptop making it virtually impossible to use windows 10.
How do I downgrade to windows 7,have enough of the beta testing.
I even have a purchased version of windows 10 pro which I really regret buying, worst investment ever.

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So when my computer was made, it had 2 drives. My C: drive and my D: drive. My C: drive is an old drive with 55.7 GB of memory, while my D: drive has 1 TB. Now ofcourse thats plenty of memory. However, I don't know much about hardware and Im unsure how I can make is so my D: drive is where programs like Windows 10 are stored since I dont have room in C:. I understand it involves getting a screwdriver and swapping some wires to and from drives however I am concerned that if I make D: primary it wont work due to the fact D: doesnt have windows on it. Ofcourse I may be completely stupid and not understand a thing, but thats why Im here asking for help.

NOTE - I know this isnt really about Windows 10 but I have no idea where to put the thread.

A:Help me get memory for Windows 10

If its not windows 10 - what version of windows is it
If you change the IDs so that C: is the 1TB drive - you would need to re-install windows
it maybe possible to use a clone/image software - but other members would need to assist there

you could move all your USER ID folders onto the D: drive
and then just use the C: Drive for programs and windows - it maybe big enough

I would ONLY move the folders and NOT the user , as I know in Windows 8/8.1 that caused issues
But I suspect the majority of the space is used up in



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I have a computer here that my sister's friend gave me. It's a Compaq Presario 4712 running Windows 95. Nothing with it... no recovery CD's, nothing.....I'm not sure how much memory it has (RAM) or even the processor speed.

When I boot it up I automatically get the option to start it in Safe Mode, etc. with a message that says "Windows has detected a registry/Configuration error - Choose Safe Mode to start Windows with a minimal set of drives...."

When I choose Safe Mode and press Enter, I get a message that says there is not enough memory to start Windows then it shuts down.

Is there anything I can do to wipe it clean and start over? ... or is it hopeless?

I've never done this before, but am learning.

A:Not enough memory for Windows?

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Hello guys, i got a problem. I few days ago reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit into my pc becouse old one was ~2 years so it was full of trash and started to lag so i reinstalled windows, installed most imported for me programs like skype, chrome, player and that all for now, but in run werry slow, i checked a task manager ant see that from 4000mb i got only ~300MB free, while i runing chrome and player. So if you guys have some ideas how to fix it i will be werry thankfull!

I add photo of pc, and task manager. If need some more tell pls

Untitled - Paveiksl?lio per?i?ra.
Untitled1 - Paveiksl?lio per?i?ra.
Untitled2 - Paveiksl?lio per?i?ra.

I add it with image insert but it don't show so here is links for it.

A:Windows 7 using all available memory

Welcome to the forum.

A low value for "Free" memory is a good thing, zero being the optimum. The value you need to look at is "Available" and that is 1421 MB. While 64% usage on a 4 GB system may be somewhat high there are numerous legitimate reasons why this may be so. 64% usage on a 4 GB system is not going to be causing performance problems. It does not seem likely that your problem is memory related.

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So I have a Laptop with 4gb of DDR2-800 SDRAM

I have done the winsat mem test and get a result of 3700 mb/s on average.

I also notice that my memory is never above 2gb used.

So whats the deal? is my system running the way it should be memory wise? Do allot of people use only half their memory? is 3700mb/s what is to be expected from my memory? Because I see ALLOT faster times from the memory assessment sticky post (I know that some of them are from monster systems and you cant compare...but 3700 seems slow compared to others.

A:Windows 7 and Memory

are you using 32-bit or 64-bit editions of Windows 7? For 4 GB of RAM then you need to be using 64-bit

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How much memory dose Windows 7 allow for a program?
Can I get 3GB or more?
How is it different from XP Pro?

I am trying to resolve a high end CAD / CAM program running out of memory.
I have tried getting the 3GB Switch working on Windows XP pro but it will NOT work for this system. *See post below for info in interested.

I am willing and ready to upgrade to Windows 7 if this will help resolve the "out of memory wall"


A:Windows 7 & Memory

Win 7 32 bit will have the same limit, the 64 bit version will give you up to 4Gig per process> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...8VS.85%29.aspx

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I am running a Gateway 1.1 gig with windows XP sp1 and 256 megs of ram with only 42 megs free. What is using SO much ram and is there a way I can safely turn off certain programs that auto-start on boot that I don't really need and if so, what are they and how can I tell which is which? Oh, I also am running Norton 2004 AV and ZoneAlarm Firewall and I have a slave drive partitioned into several different drives and one of them has Windows ME on it. Can that in any way be causing my problem ? I don't use the ME for anything, I just put it there when I upgraded to XP... just in case Thank's for any help y'all can give me. Chuck

A:Windows XP memory hog !

This may help http://www.pacs-portal.co.uk/startup_content.php

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"windows is low on memory please close the blank application to avoid file loss or windows needs to close this blank application"

quick question,i always get this message when multi taskin 6-8 application and playing 2 games while heroes of newerth is open,can i disable that system message?thanks in advance.

A:windows is low on memory

First, fill in your system specs, and what version and platform of Windows 7 you are using. We'll need that before we can even begin taking guesses.

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Hi, i am using windows XP, can anyone help me to get rid of any unwanted programs and files to increase my PC speed??????


Can you explain a bit more what issues you are experiencing and how much ram you have installed?

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I want to use Windows 10 on a computer I've built. How much memory do I need in a usb flash drive to download windows 10 and plug it into my new computer's motherboard so it can operate on that system?

A:Windows 10 Memory on USB

To download the ISO you will need just over 4GBs.

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Below is a screenshot of my task manager. I have no idea why my machine does not use all of its RAM even though it knows the full 12GB are there, nor how long it has been doing this, but I think since I purchased the laptop.

It is running windows 8 and I have not updated to 8.1, could an update make any difference? I assume there may just be a setting somewhere but have no idea where

Any help is appreciated, and sorry if I missed any details.

A:Windows 8: Never uses all of my memory

I don't think one wants ALL the memory being used.
That might lead to a freeze up.

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Hey guys, so here is kind of the opposite of what usually people are asking for help to do..

but I bought 16 gigs or DDR3L Ram (which still isn't even that much in today's standard from what i've seen on some crazy hardcore machines..)
I can't get windows to use my memory more..

What are things I can do to make windows use memory??

-things like turning on AERO or all options in the personalize Visual (advanced settings) "adjust for best visuals"

A:Use my Memory Windows!! Use it!

Use more programs that are RAM hungry!

There's only so much RAM the OS itself needs, after that, extra RAM lets you multi-task more programs or use programs that require a hefty amount of RAM.

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I have 3.5GB ram and with hard i can maintain 1.5gb free. If i play a game or do something that process a little the pc i get just 400mb free ram and that slow my pc the graphic of a game start to mess up.

Is there a way to have a good memory on x32 or i must upgrade it to x64?

CPU E8600

A:Windows's 7 memory

There are a couple of things that you can do... Open up msconfig from a command prompt and check the startup tab .... disable everything that you dont need...I only run my antivirus and firewall ... Open up your task manager and check what process are running...some of these can also be ended, and free up more memory... Hope this helps

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my windows 7 64 bit system is only seeing 2.87gb of the 4gb installed memory. checking the Resource Monitor, it says 1153gb has been allocated to Hardware Reserved. any idea how i can use all the memory? i have already tried unchecking Maximum memory under msconfig/boot/advanced options without success. below is my system properties. i have flashed my system with the latest bios.

OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name SOLO-PC
System Manufacturer System Manufacturer
System Model IL9 Pro
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz, 2400 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 080012, 9/17/2007
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume2
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7600.16385"
User Name solo-PC\solo
Time Zone Pacific Standard Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 2.87 GB
Available Physical Memory 1.83 GB
Total Virtual Memory 4.87 GB
Available Virtual Memory 3.66 GB
Page Space 2.00 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

A:Windows 7 64 bit seeing only 2.87 of 4gb memory

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Hello, I have a problem at hand. Use Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on a pc with quad-core 2.4, 4gb ram, until so good, but when I go in the properties panel, my windows says I have 4gb but I can only use 3.24 gb why does not he is using it?
thanks in advance!

A:windows 7 does not use any memory ram ... help!

Where are you seeing that you have a 64 bit machine and OS and are using only 3.24 gb of RAM?

Post a screen shot if you can.

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I was wondering how much RAM Windows XP home 32-bit supports?
At the moment I've got 1 GB, but I was thinking about increasing it to 2 or 3 GB.

A:Memory on Windows XP

the OS will keep reading the memory as you add it but the main thing you need to check is how much memory you motherboard takes and what the bios support some times you need to flash the bios but is far as i know the OS will take what ever you give it the highest i've seen is 16GB of 800 Mhz

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Windows suddenly is goig to 90%+ even with little programs running.
I have 4 G of RAM, so I'm used to run Firefox, Chrome, Photoshop, Illustrator and many others at once.
I guess there's a memory leak somewhere, what can I do?

Edit: I forgot the screenshot.
ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

A:Windows out of memory too soon

Post a screenshot of all the processes in Task Manager(Ctrl+Shift+Esc)

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My wife's computer is a Dell, OptiFlex GX60, with Windows XP. For awhile now, it's got a big "memory hog".

I've run all kinds of anti-viruses (AVG), Spybot, and AdAware, and none have found what's doing it.

It has expanded memory: 2046mb memory (DIMM A 1024mb, DIMM B 1024MB). It's possibly the slowest computer out there. Everything works fine, it's just terribly slow.

What would a good, logical approach be to finding out the identity of the "memory hog" is? Once I know what is going on, then I can probably get a fix for it.

A:windows xp memory hog

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I have Win7 x64 installed and like it very much. I have a question. I have 5 gigs of RAM in my machine, but Windows reports 4 gigs as usable. Is this normal? is that meaning the OP system is taking a 1 gig for itself? I included a screenshot to help.

A:Windows 7 Memory

Welcome to SF.
Do you have a onboard video card? Cause if you do you might have 1gig shared video this option would be found inside your BIOS.
And can you fill out your Systems Specs in your UserCP with will help us answer your question.

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I've had my laptop for over a year now and it's always been fine however, recently it's using 50% Ram of it's 4GB capacity. I've scanned for Virus' and also done a system restore to a point i knew it was definately knew it was working. Still no closer to fixing the problem myself. Any help will be appreciated. 64 Bit operating system.

A:Windows 7 using 50% Memory.

As you install more and more software, more crap runs in the background on startup.

The simplest way to reduce your RAM consumption off the bat of booting, is to toy around and disable useless software in MSConfig (hold windows key and tap "r", then type "msconfig").

Don't disable anything that looks important... or post what's in there back here, and we will help you decide.

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What is the max amount of memory that Windows XP SP3 will use well? Like in some programs its said that only about 2 Gigs to 3 Gigs are properly used, is there any point to getting 4 Gigs?

A:Windows XP max Ram memory

Yes and no - well, actually it's maybe

Seriously, it all depends on how much RAM your system is using. If you're not maxing out the use of your RAM now, you won't be likely to see significant performance increases by adding more.

Each program has a 4 gB virtual address space assigned to it - this doesn't mean that it takes up 4 gB of RAM. It means that programs can only use 4 gB of virtual address space (and they don't have to use all of it). The Windows Memory Manager manages the Virtual Memory and swaps it in and out of physical memory according to it's own rules.

For example, in most computers with XP there are 40 or 50 processes running at any given time. Each of them has a virtual address space of 4 gB - and this is a whopping 1600 - 2000 gB of virtual address space. But they use much less than this, so the Windows Memory Manager can work quite well with only 1 or 2 gB of RAM and a windows managed pagefile of about 1.5 to 3 gB.

Another example is my system. I went from 32 bit Vista with 4 gB of RAM to 64 bit Vista with 4 gB of RAM and didn't notice any difference in performance. Then I went to 8 gB of RAM and still no performance increase. What I did get was the ability to play games while having 18 icons in my System Tray, 8 programs open in my Task Bar (to include Firefox with 22 tabs open, IE7 with 8 tabs open, 3 separate Virtual Machines (in Virtual PC 2007)). I've also got 70 processes showing in Task Manager - and I can... Read more

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I just bought a new Dell laptop with XP installed, and also a USB Flash Memory Key, hoping thereby to exchange files with my Dell Dimension desktop with Windows 98 (2nd edition) installed. The laptop recognises the MK, but the desktop tells me no driver is installed, and I can't seem to find or download a driver that will make it work. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks, Pablomar.

A:Memory Key/Windows 98 +XP

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