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Lenovo y510P Dual 2nd Graphics Card not firing?

Q: Lenovo y510P Dual 2nd Graphics Card not firing?

Hey Everyone, I've recently noticed my laptop slowing as I played games like h1z1 on the lowest setting. Eventually, I would get error messages about my GPU when the game would crash. I noticed my drivers were out of date and SLI was also not enabled. I have since updated the drivers and enabled SLI but I still get many of the same problems. The laptop has two GeForce GT 750M's. I downloaded MSI afterburner and it shows both graphics cards at 135/405MHz at rest. But while gaming, the second graphics card remains at that same amount and relatively the same temperature while graphics card number one goes to about 1058/2499MHz and 75-90 degrees C temperatures. I've also taken out the ultrabay with graphics card number 2 out and put it back in to make sure it wasn't loose. I honestly don't know what any of the data really means, but I'm really hoping to get this fixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Let me know if I can provide any more information!

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo y510P Dual 2nd Graphics Card not firing?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I currently own a Lenovo Y510P which is unable to run several graphically intense programs due to this error:?Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware.?Graphics Cards SpecsExtra PC InfoPrograms which trigger this error have been CSGO, Overwatch, and more. These applications are unplayable - they run for a short period before quitting, often a few seconds or a minute after loading the main game. Furthermore, Firefox has also been able to trigger this error, but very rarely.  Solutions Tried:Re-install graphics driver manually (No Change)Run games and programs in compatibility mode. (No Change)Underclock GPU to increase stability/lower temps. (No Change)[Fix which used to assist CSGO:](https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/4b0i8t/technical_difficulties_playing/)

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Can someone tell me if and how well 2 - Asus 4K monitors will run with the GT720 video card? This is a link to the monitor: https://www.asus.com/us/Commercial-Monitors/PA328Q/ Thanks!

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Hi all. I just bought my Y510P from a guy on craiglsist who had barely used the laptop. (Like turned it on once and then put it in the corner for a year and a half)  When I got it, the guy had restored everything to the factory settings which was just Windows 8.1. My first problem is that the computer keeps defaulting to use the HD 4600 instead of the 755M that I have set as the default graphics card in NVIDIA Control Panel. I disabled the 4600, but then the computer was super slow. Any idea why this is happening? My second problem is that I can't find anything to speed up the fans so that the computer will automatically overclock the i7. I'm tempted to slowly force it to overclock and have the fan speed increase with the temperature, but I'm afraid that I'm going to break something that way.  If anyone knows of a way to control the fan speed then that would be great. Thanks. Computer specs: Lenovo Y510Pi7-4700MQ8GB RAM1TB HDD24GB SSD (PCIe)Intel HD 4600 Graphics and GT 755M

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Hi all. I recently obtained a used lenovo y510p from a friend with the following configurations. Windows 8.1 ProSLI capable with 2 geforce 750M cards6gb RAMItb Hard disk2gb dedicated video memory. It plays games at decent speeds with medium settings but I get different errors from each of the 3 games I've tried. For dragon's dogma dark arisen, the game suddenly slows down for a few minutes and picks up speed again after a few (maybe 5) minutes. With mass effect 2 the game screen hangs, while sounds and music continue as normal. ctrl alt deleting and pressing esc will make the game proceed as if nothing ever happened. Finally, for the witcher 3: wild hunt, I get the windows display driver has stopped responding error. The games are properly purchased and as far as i know, so is the OS. I've tried all nvidia display drivers between and including 347.09 to 364.72. I've tried closing all other apps, and ending all nv processes in the task manager. I've also tried different power plans and different nvidia power management modes. I've been monitoring the temp with HWmonitor and it usually tops out at around 81c which I understand is fine for this particular laptop. I even have a targus chill mat to help regulate the temp. Lastly, I've spoken to my friend and he doesn't remember having those issues at all, but he never managed to game with the laptop very often. Any help would be appreciated, this is my first lenovo product. I pereviously owned a dell xps.

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Hello Lenovo community! I am here on another level of frustration. Bare in mind I have had this problem for a couple of years now doing a TONNNNN of research and I just can not get it right. My problem is: Any game I play, even not playing a game can just be browsing websites I get error: application/program.exe has been denied access to the graphics hardware. When this happens minus the internet it generally closes the game, League of Legends.. problem occurs and I bug splat can happen up to 8 times a game sometimes it will go several games without happening once. Same thing for Path of Exile, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft so on so forth. PC Specs:i7-4700mqSLI gt750m16 gigs memory1TB HDD28g HDDW8 64-bit Things I have tried SEVERAL times of each method.. DDU drivers in safe mode, reboot: reinstall, DISM cmd prompts repairs, underclocking through advanced power options in battery options, using each graphics card individually, running programs as admin an windows xp service pk.3, malware scans, restoring comp to factory settings. I even ran intel processor diagnostics tool and everything checked out. This has been on my nerves for a couple of years now and I come here to find support and get this case worked out. PLEAAASE !! for the love of god someone help me <3 

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Hi All, I have a Y510p with GT 755m graphics and i've had it around 2 years now with no problems. Just recently when trying to play games I just get a black screen when game boots. Some games then crash, others just remain black screen. Sometimes i get a message that "blahbla.exe has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware", sometimes i get nothing at all. I have tried 6 different versions of the appropriate drivers, I have tried reinstalling windows and checking as many settings are right as i can think of. Now i turn to you to ask why my graphics card might be **bleep**ting the bed every time i launch a game. Many thanks for any suggestions in advance.

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Just wanted to let others know about the SLI Graphics Card. All of a sudden my pc shutdown while viewing a Youtube video. I smelled some weird burning smell coming from the computer. Wouldn't boot, eventually I pulled the second graphics card on the right side of the pc. Looked at it and there was major burn spot on it. Started up the PC and it was fine without the graphics card. There must be some sort of overheating issue and they are defective. I rarely play games on this pc and this occured simply watching a youtube video which seems really odd. I do have two monitors hooked up to the system.

A:Y510P SLI Graphics Card Burned

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Sorry to hear of your problems.  I would recommend that you discontinue using the card and contact Lenovo Support for additional assistance.
Lenovo Support - USA1-877-453-668624 hours a day 7 days / week

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Hi, I have y510 laptop with this detailsProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GT 755M and I can't play some games like fifa 17, so I was wondring if I could change the graphics card? is it possible? and if possible what's the best choise for me, should I buy the same card and use it as sli? or remove the card and get new one?  

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I got my graphics card replaced during my warranty because there were some issues with it. Now the computer will not start up unless I turn off the graphics card from the config and remove my second graphics card. It can only use the intel HD graphics card.

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I got the y510p with 2 graphics cards with 4gb of memory and I think that it has not detected both cards. First of all air only comes out of the one card and it says I only have 2gb of dedicated graphics, Can anyone help me with this? 

A:Y510p doesn't recognize 2nd graphics card

still need help with this problem 

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First off I have an ideapad y510p with a Gt755m, So a little while ago i got a BSOD with the code driver power state failure after updating the driver and the laptop would constantly restart only to get the same error code over and over and I was unable to launch safemode, Going into the bios i was able to convert the graphics settings from discreate to UMA and this switched to the intel graphics allowing me to access windows and activate safe mode. Long story short I tried several different methods to fix the problems but the error code kept arising so i finally settled to uninstalling the device and its drivers and restarted the laptop. Now the graphics card won't even be detected and I can't install any drivers because the software says no compatible hardware is detected. Im just curious but does anyone have any solutions or ideas? Or is the GPU just dead?
*Note - I also forgot to mention I did change the BIOS option from UMA back to discrete

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Hello.I have lenovo y510p 755m sli.My proplem is 2. graphic card overheat!I using this methot; And i repaste 2.GPU termal and clean fan.But i play WOT my 2.gpu is overheat! !!!!!96 Degree!!!!!I worry about this.  what should I do ?I saw one more methot!;but i not try this?

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Hello, I have a ?Y510P Leonovo Ideapad? and found out, that the mainboard contains an empty port-connector labeled with ?SSD?. A picture of this connector is in the attached image. I am planning to upgrade the Laptop with an SSD-card to improve system speed. Within this context I have a couple of questions, regarding the specifications of this port and suitable SSD-cards: Does this port both accept SATA as well as PCIe SSD-cards?Is there a limitation on the maximum memory-size of the installed SSD-card? Can I install a 256GB SSD-card? (For example ?Transcend MTS400 256GB SSD?) ?Can I partition the SSD-card in a way to fully install Windows 10 on it, making it the boot partition. The SSD-card should then be visible as a standard drive C:\ under Windows.Can I also install a second operating system (Linux) onto a second partition on the SSD-card, making it a dual boot system?I would be very happy, if anyone could help me with these questions, so that I can upgrade the laptop with the appropriate SSD-card and configuration. Thanks in advance,electron8000

2017_09_24_13_49_56_ProShot.jpg ?1680 KB

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The computer I used was '' Lenovo Y510P ''. There is a '' Nvidia GT755M [SLI] '' as a display card. I have tried both ways of downloading the video card driver from both GeForce Experience and Nvidia driver site. Both kinds of graphics cards are starting to update. Later, the 'graphic driver is installed' part of the screen goes and never comes again. I can not enter Windows when I turn off the computer. I have to take format from scratch.After formatting, Windows automatically loads a graphics card driver in 2017, trying to update the driver again, it stays black on the screen again. I have to format again.With DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) program, I deleted the old video card driver and updated it again. But I met the same problem.I communicated with Nvidia and stated that I had such a problem. They asked me not to install the 388.13 video card driver. That graphics card driver has been loaded without any problems. But I have the same problem with all the video card drivers out there.NOTE: This problem only happens on Windows 10. I can update the display board without any problems in operating systems like Windows 8,8.1.NOTE: I have been having this problem for about 2 months, before I could update my display card in Windows 10 without a problem.The driver I am currently using is: 388.13

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Will the laptop charge and work like normal if I use the 120w charger instead of a 170w one?  Or do I need the 170w charger whether I want to game or not? I dont want to remove my SLI card. 

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I have new dell with ATI RadeonTM X300.. it supports 2 display mode.. I was wondering is it better to use one graphics card with dual screen.. or having two graphics card on same system. I have extra dual head GeForce FX5500 from my old system.

I am using system for video editing and graphics.

thanks for any help

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Hello,I can't seem to find specific information about this pc related to this topic. I have a client that wants to have a hdmi port and dual monitor installed. I looked everywhere in the bios settings, I tried using a usb-to-vga adapter & and vga, dvi-d cable & vga (this mirrors both monitors, but cannot extend the display). When I changed the settings on the bios to use the built in graphics, it gives me the option to enable multiple monitors but cannot use my pcie graphic card. If i select to use the pcie graphic card, i cannot use the built in graphic ports or the usb-to-vga adapter (it does not see the other monitor) and also if I use the dvi adpater and the vga it mirrors the display. I'm guessing that the bios does not support dual graphic cards but thought of asking here. The reason the client wants this is to be able to connect a projector using hdmi and to have dual monitors. Any information will be greatly appreaciate it. Thank you.   

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Hello everyone,               I have Lenovo G50-45 Laptop, and the config is AMD A8 6410 APU with Radeon R5 Graphics(1 GB) & a Dedicated R5 M330(2 GB).But the problem is I do not see 'AMD CROSSFIRE' option in Radeon settings.In GPU-Z it shows "AMD CROSSFIRE: Disabled(Crossfire Available)" in both the graphic cards.But I do not see any options in BIOS Setup too to enable it.. Can anyone guide me to 'Enable Crossfire'?        Thank you !!

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i has been bougth lenovo g470 friend's. with specs core i3.does the g470 I bought do not have dual graphics with AMD radeon?,because every i install amd driver, always failed.i check specs on google all article says it have a dual graphics.

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After reading about the new hp voodoo desktop computer, and its dual 728 nVidia graphics cards. I was wondering, i already have a 128 6600 nVidia, and was planning on getting a 512 graphics card soon, so would i be able to keep my old graphics card while adding the new one?

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Going to buy a NVIDIA Dual PCi Grpahics Card. Is thee anything I should need to know before hand? I have an HP desktop, Windows Vista Home Perium, Two 17 inch Hans G monitors.

A:Dual PCI Graphics Card

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I have a new computer with Vista Home Premium x64. I used a dual monitor graphics card in my old computer with Windows XP. Took the card out and install it in my new computer and updated the driver. But, performance is poor. For example I can't use Vista Aero.
I would like to buy a new, relatively inexpensive dual monitor graphics card which is compatible with Vista premium x64. Any suggestions?

A:Dual Monitor graphics card

What card do you have, maybe it's not old.

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Hello Forum, im CrazyKilla

I have Dual GTS 450s which work very nicely, although performance isn't too great, at first i didn't know how to enable SLI, but then i found this in NVIDIA Control Panel

The problem is, Every time i start up my PC, i have to open up the drop box, and change from GTS 1 to GTS 2, or GTS 2 to GTS 1, then dedicate that card to PhysX, that enables SLI, but only some of the time,

Why do i have to switch what card is Dedicated to PhysX every time i start PC to enable SLI? i know if its enabled or disabled because i have a program called TechPowerUp GPU-Z that shows if SLI is enabled, and also if SLI is enabled my gaming performance increases a lot,

A:Dual Graphics card SLI Problem

So you have to reset the options every time?

It might be worth uninstalling / re-installing the video drivers and doing a custom installation. Don't install: the updater, the 3d vision drivers, hd audio. Basically you only want the video driver and physx.

During the process, there is an option checkbox to "Perform a clean installation" -make sure you enable that. It basically sets everything to defaults during installation.

As for the Physx dedication - leave it to Auto.

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Hey there! I would like to install a dual monitor card in my HP tower...currently running a second monitor via a USB adapater but would like something more robust. Don't need anything speedy or flash...this is mainly for work and music, no gaming. Processor is i5-2400 3.10ghz, RAM 20 Gb, 64bit W10. What are my options? Many thanks,  Paul

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I wonder if EVGA had the official 'okey-dokey' before pushing out this little gem. It handily bests the GTX 580 while sporting 2GB 's of memory.(only 1GB per GPU however). In many situations it will give the GTX 590 a run for its money...actually for about $200.00 less. At the same price as the average GTX 580, this card would seem to be ready to cannibalize sales of both the GTX 580, and 590 if it is made widely available. It's seemingly an odd move, but a tremendous card according to the folks over at PC Perspective

From PC Perspective:

the review can be had here at PC Perspective

A:EVGA GTX 560 Ti 2 Win 2GB dual-GPU graphics card

The card more than likely has Nvidia's stamp of approval since at the price point it equals enthusiast territory, and like the dual GTX 460 EVGA launched earlier, I think the card is neutered on being SLI'ed with another of it's kind ( strike one). Nice niche card but...
At $500+ it's also going up against EVGA's own GTX 560Ti DS (with similar cooling) that's clocked faster and would certainly have more OC headroom at the same price point (SLI) (strike two)
Like the dual-GTX460 (and the PowerColor dual HD 6870) I wouldn't think the card would see widespread release. It checks the same boxes as the conventional two card setup ( good price/ perf. relatively cool'n'quiet ..but is still saddled with the 1GB frame buffer and 256-bit bus that makes it less than suitable for Surround/ 3D/ 3D Surround (strike three).

I'm actually surprised that EVGA haven't launched a dual version of their GTX 580 Classified 3GB (just for PR's sake at least) and Nvidia probably would frown upon a GTX 570-2Win, but I'm also guessing that the PCB, extra memory and VRM's would make it prohibitively expensive in any case...so given that those two options are off the table, then a dual GTX 560Ti becomes the de facto choice I suppose.

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How can I tell if my graphics card has dual-head capabilities? There are 2 plug-in places on it, but they look different.

I have the following:

Video Adapter: RADEON 9200 (128 MB)

I'm looking into setting up another monitor.

I have found SONY's support to be nearly impossible to use.


A:My graphics card dual head??

Yes, it's dual head, but one side is digital output. If you have 2 VGA monitors, you'll need an adapter like THIS one.

Or buy a monitor with DVI input.


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I recently purchased a new laptop to be able to play games and entertain myself on the go, so pretty much game... (brand new laptop)
at one stage the laptop was working completely fine after simply using the NVIDIA control panel to configure the settings to use the GTX graphics card instead of the integrated CPU graphics. but after afew weeks of downloading my list of games from steam and playing... all of a sudden the games wouldn't run properly, i'm not 100% sure why... (frames were beyond low enough to play... and i know i had the power to be able to play these games...)
not sure if my dedicated graphics has decreased, or my HDD space has anything to do with it (i have only used around 450 GB out of the 1 TB HDD!) or how to configure my GPU, or CPU or whatever! if anyone has methods to solve this problem please let me know! would really appreciate it!

My specs are -
Windows 8.1 Pro
Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
External graphics - GTX 850M graphics card
Integraded graphics - Intel HD graphics 4600
NVIDIA Driver version - 347.09
Resolution - 1920 x 1080, 60 Hz

Thanks for your support!

A:HELP dual graphics card not working

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I have a laptop with built in i5 quadcore, 8gb ram, and dual graphics card
One being Intel Extreme whatever whatever
The other is a Geforce card with 1gb 3D

Anyway, my problem is simple, my laptop has a button to switch my GPU (Geforce) on, but it means only the card is on, but it does not mean in any way the computer will use the card.

In the old days (such as XP), the computer will always use the Geforce card...

So I am just wondering, anyway to force this to happen? Most games i play don't even use it and i feel a little frustrated to paid 300USD for a card that does nothing!

I tried doing the setup on the menu which is app by app, but it seems some app just have that option greyed out.

Also my Intel Card seems to be facing some issue to be honest and from time to time it kicks me out with BSOD (Memory Management > Hardware issue when diagnosed), or simply C++ Runtime library error.

Thanks a lot in advance

A:Dual graphics card - BSOD etc....

Alright, let me see if I'm understanding the situation correctly:

You want to use the dedicated card over the iGPU, correct? I'm not entirely sure how laptops handle the switching process, but you might want to try disabling the iGPU from within the BIOS. However, despite having just recommended that let's clear up a few things.

1. Fill out your system specs. It'd be a lot easier for me (and everyone else) to help you.
2. Are there any drivers for the card installed?
3. What was the cause of the BSOD? I'd hazard a guess at it being IRQL Not Less Or Equal (driver related).

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already have nec monitor using the dvi connection. got a new dell and tried it with the vga but it flickered badly. swapped connectors now the dell works great w\dvi and the nec flickers with the vga.

looks like a dual dvi is in the works. only need it for graphics/PS work. don't do games or video making.

what are the ins and outs of dual dvi cards? suggestions? not much computer stuff choice here in hawaii, best buy is the main location, but internet purchases are common.

A:choosing a new dual dvi graphics card....

How much do ya wanna spend ?

nvidia or radeon ?

just 1 card ?

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Hey all,
I've got a bunch of HP Compaq dc5800 and dc6000 small form factors in the office I do IT support for. A couple of the employees have requested the use of multiple monitors, but I quickly discovered that the standard video card in these models does no support this function. I have looked on-line for an appropriate card replacement, but haven't found one that will fit into the compact design of the small form factor PCs.

Does anyone know of a specific make/model of graphics card that will fit? It doesn't need to be super powerful, just capable of running two monitors, (typically they have both a VGA and DVI port).

Thanks for your help.

A:Dual Monitor Graphics Card

Assuming PCI-E something like this would do the trick,

Newegg.com - GIGABYTE GV-N84STC-512I Rev2.0 GeForce 8400 GS Supporting up to 512MB&#40;128MB onboard&#41; 64-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card

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During the PC Gaming Show, which ran for a mammoth two and a half hours at E3 2015 last night, AMD CEO Lisa Su briefly appeared on stage to show off another Radeon graphics card that the company only briefly...

Read more

A:This is AMD's dual-GPU Fiji graphics card

These days for a blue-chip company to bring a PCB on stage like this is a dark day indeed.

Imagine Apple showing off a circuitry for their next iPhone, and just how pathetic that would be...

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Hi guys need a bit of help here i have just bought a hp pavilion P6-2388ea with windows 8 and for some unknown reason it won't let me play tiger woods 08, i've been told to dual boot it with windows 7, heres the rub how would i go about it, some one else told me it was the graphics card that is the problem, its a radion hd 7570 and i should change to nvidia if thats the case which card would allow me to play the game this is confusing me no ends up hope someone could help me sort this out for me.

A:Solved: Dual boot or new graphics card

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hi out there,
i am trying to run dual monitors on windows 7, i have only got pci slots on my asus mother board
can anyone tell me what graphics card is compatable with my system?
frustrated, sutton

A:Solved: dual monitors /graphics card

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I believe I did everything just right in uninstalling the old vc driver and then installing this new one but all I get is a black screen on the reboot. I can reboot in safemode and the old driver is gone and the new one shows up and "claims" to be working just fine.

I've got XP. Any other info you need?

Please help. I'm anxiously wanting to utilize my two LCD monitors.

Thanks in advance!!


A:Radeon 7K Dual Monitor Graphics Card - HELP!!

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Hey all,

I have a Dell Inspiron 15R SE (7520 model), and have seriously goofed up here.
In my infinite wisdom, I attempted to update the AMD graphics card driver through AMD rather than through Dell, and was immediately greeted with Windows Startup Repair when it rebooted. I've since gotten it to boot properly, but now the drivers for both the AMD Radeon HD 7730M and the built in Intel HD 4000 have gotten tangled up in knots. I've tried getting it from the Dell support site this time, and it half worked...the problem is I think I have at least three drivers for my graphics cards banging around in here, and am unsure how to safely uninstall this mess without causing more issue.

Any ideas here? I couln't get a good restore point, couldn't get a good driver rollback, and really, really don't want to do a factory reset.EDIT: Should probably have specified this is 64-bit Windows 7, that's rather important.

A:Dual Graphics Card Driver Screwup

Create a restore point first, even though the drivers are not stable right now. 
Download the Intel driver from - http://intel.ly/1T7ZN9B
Download the amd driver from - http://bit.ly/1RMqeC2
The above 2 listed links are directly from the vendor site - Intel and AMD. These are latest releases than compared to the drivers listed on the Dell support site.
Download the BIOS from - http://dell.to/1TK2M9M
From the same link above, you could also choose to download the old but stable drivers for the Intel and AMD video drivers.
Once done, uninstall the existing video drivers from device manager and from control panel -> programs and features. 
Update the BIOS and restart the system. Once in windows, create another system restore point.
Install the Intel driver first - restart the system and then install the amd driver and restart the system. 
This should fix the driver related issues you are facing. Once all installations are done, create one more restore point for future reference.
Keep us updated.

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Currently set up with a Philips Briliance 190SW and about to buy a new monitor. Figured it wouldn't support the resolution so I had to go with a lower-cost monitor. Will my graphics card support dual monitoring? This is the one Will it work? And by any chance this one can be compatible? Sorry I just don't know where to look through the internet.

A:Will this graphics card support dual monitors?

Sorry please can you link us to an english website.

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I just purchased this pre-built machine:


Acer Aspire AM3970-UR14P DT.SJYAA.003 Desktop PC

I'm attempting to order a graphics card upgrade ( probably an affordable Nvida GT 650 ti . Obviously the card will consume some space due to the fan. I'm trying to figure out if the card ( or a similar dual slot PCIx card) will fit onto the motherboard. I know from past experience that a lot of non-custom built PCs have little to no room for expansion.

I've searched all over the net about this particular model number of Acer Aspire and can come up with no information about the motherboard to check for myself.

Would anyone happen to know where i can find info about the motherboard for this particular model of Acer Aspire desktop?

** Also, i do intend on removing the included radeon card.

A:Will a dual slot graphics card fit in my machine?

It is hard to tell if it would fit the case, but the specs state that your computer only has a 300W Power Supply and that definitely will not work with the card you list.

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Hello, everyone. Sorry to come here and ask questions again.

So recently, my friend is selling away his Acer monitor pretty cheap because he wanted to upgrade and I decided to grab it. It is Acer P223W monitor.

I was wondering...

- Can I run 2 DVI cables from my graphics card which has 2 DVI and 1 HDMI because the Acer P223W only has DVI and I intend to run dual-monitor out of it along with my current Acer P193W.

Sorry about this, I have no idea in the cable connection and everything. I have tried Google'd but my searching abilities sucks.

A:Dual-Monitor Connections on Graphics Card

I don't own one, but a 560ti should be fine for dual monitors.

I believe that it won't support more than two, should you ever care.

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Hi guys im not sure what the problem here or if this is supposed to happen. I have the latest AMd drivers for my video card I have checked direct x version and every thing and im not sure where to go now google hasnt helped much. I was wondering if you guys knew what a solution could be.

here is my specs :

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130828-1532)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
System Model: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
BIOS: InsydeH2O Version CCB.03.72.33F.23
Processor: AMD A10-4600M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 7650MB RAM
Page File: 2505MB used, 12793MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11

the main problem is as you can see in the pic below is everything is n/a and there are no driver details either. Could this cuase slight graphics problems when playing games and such?


A:Dual graphics card showing up as N/a DXdiag

firz3h said:

Hi guys im not sure what the problem here or if this is supposed to happen. I have the latest AMd drivers for my video card I have checked direct x version and every thing and im not sure where to go now google hasnt helped much. I was wondering if you guys knew what a solution could be.

the main problem is as you can see in the pic below is everything is n/a and there are no driver details either. Could this cuase slight graphics problems when playing games and such?

View attachment 77579

Click to expand...

also not sure if it installed correctly as it shows up like this in device manager

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I recently bought a new system with 2 x Zotac GT 430 Cards. I'm having trouble setting the displays to 2x2 configuration. I am only able to do 1x4 configuration.

can anyone help me? I'd like to be able to drag items freely to all monitors.

Current setup is 1x4 Configuration
[ ][ ][ ][ ]

2x2 Configuration
[ ][ ]
[ ][ ]

the boxes represent the monitors.

A:2x2 Configuration in NVIDIA Dual Graphics Card

Have you tried right clicking the desktop > Screen resolution and moving the monitors to the position you want them?

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Hey guys,

I have got a r6870-2pm2d1gd5 graphics card, on the box it says can run upto 4 monitors. I only want one more extra monitor, I want it to be separate from my other one so i could have separate programs on each screen.

Could anyone suggest a product i need or software which could help me?
Any information you get would be very good i dont mind how little the information.

Here is a link to it on the website. http://uk.msi.com/product/vga/R6870-2PM2D1GD5.html


A:HELP: How do i get dual monitors on a R6870 graphics card

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I have a question in regards to having three monitors.

I know that with my single 6850, if I want three monitors, I have to either do DVI, DVI, and DisplayPort, or DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort.

I am getting a 2nd 6850 mid-week. Will I be able to do DVI-DVI-HDMI with a 2nd card or am I still in the same boat?

I guess it's not that big of a deal if I have to get a DisplayPort-DVI or HDMI adapter, I'm just curious.

A:Three Monitors Dual Graphics Card question

Hello there, Johnathan.

I'm not a Multiple monitors guy. but i'm pretty sure that you can connect them like that:


I guess is possible because the purpose of adding another card to you rig is somehow related to the fact that you want to add more monitors (of course, this is only one of the reasons for multiple cards), hence, you need extra ports for connecting all the monitors. hehe Somebody please correct me if i'm wrong

Cheers, mate.

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Does anyone know what graphics card comes with the Lenovo H50-55 Model? Because i have looked all over the internet and i can only see people asking about the H50-50 and not about the model i possess lol. It has no name on the graphics card, so hopefully someone can shed some light on this. Thanks.

A:Lenovo H50-55 Graphics Card

Hi Miguel_92,
Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.
As I understand that you have query regarding GPU cards for H50-55
According to HMM, page 80 - following are the supported card for your system.

I hope the above information helped you
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
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