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computer wont start, not even BIOS will start

Q: computer wont start, not even BIOS will start

I posted this in the hardware section because i know its gotta be hardware related. On one of my older computers, which is a HP(bought in 2002), wont start at all. Not even the Compaq logo will display, which means BIOS wont start either. so i cant boot at all, or operate the computer in anyway. This happened right after i installed a gig of RAM, i was upgrading from 512 mb to 1 gig, they were 2 different cards, 512 each, and both had 189 pins. I installed them, booted up and nothing.

I really dint think there is a solution for this though, because after that, i put the 512 RAM back in and it still didnt work. Im thinking the motherboard was fried, by static electricity maybe. if thats the case than ill just get a new computer. which leads me to my next question.
How do i access my Harddrive? I have a lot of valuable data on there and an expensive music collection, as well as a bounch of backed up movies.
Any help is really appreciated guys, thanks in advance.

Preferred Solution: computer wont start, not even BIOS will start

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: computer wont start, not even BIOS will start

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having to use the works computer to post this. My home pc is failing to startup.

Before it had gotten this bad, I had experienced crashes and reboots whilst it was working. They became more frequent and now the computer wont start at all. The power comes on, the fans all whirr, but the computer doesnt even get to the point where it displays the introductory bios screen.

Any advice?

Computer is a little old now. Intel 2600k inside.

A:My PC wont start - Even the BIOS start page wont display

Hello leicestersq,

Please provide information about your computer, this includes is it a notebook or desktop, is it a custom build or brand name such as Dell or HP, if a brand name, provide the model name or series number (not serial) if a custom build post the brand and model name or number for the MB, the RAM (including the amount) add on video card if one is used and the PSU (power supply unit) providing these details will enable us to better assist you.

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So I turn my computer off one day only to find it wont start the next day. I open the case up and see the led is on. I flip the switch on the power supply off then on and quickly press the power button. My computer starts but the following time I shut down the computer it again wont start and now the led is blinking. I've never had any issues like this before, any help would be appreciated.

I don't routinely use many usb devices, only my mouse and keyboard and every now and then my ipod. I figure the issue is likely either the power supply or the motherboard. The ps is almost two years old while the motherboard is only about three months old.

A:Computer wont start, power supply wont start, blinking led

It sounds to me like your PSU is the problem, get a hold of another and plug it to your computer and see if that will make it start, if it doesn't it might be BOTH your motherboard and PSU. A bad PSU will burn a motherboard.

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No matter what option i pick in the safe mode list, the computer will not start. when i choose any of the safe modes, (safe mode, safe mode with networking etc) the computer displays a list of random commands (i dont understand any of it) and then restarts. If I try to Start Windows Normally, or use last settings that worked, it seems to start loading, and then restarts.

Any ideas?

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When i got home today didn't my computer work, my girlfriend has been the last one using it. So don't know how things were just before the shutdown or anything.

when i turn on the computer i get to the screen where "touch bios" is and where i can see the options like Bios settings, boot menu, xpress recovery.
but i cant press anything, and after about two seconds on that screen the PC shuts down again.

The keyword lights up so there is a responds on it, but just doesn't work to press anything before it shuts down.

I've got BSOD upto several times a day for a few months time.
believe that my computer is affected by some virus or something is delaying my computer. might be an combination of several things.

I got no external things hugged up to the stationeer computer right now.

it is a windows 7 x64 machine.

usually when i get issues i can access advanced boot up or bios, but can neither in this case..
I wonder if it might be a hardware issue.
If so what do you think it might be?
and how can i diagnose the problem when i can't do anything with the machine?


A:Computer doesn't start cant get into bios or advanced start up setting

Would you please fill in,your systems specifications?

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i really have no idea, i believe its a problem with the actual start up button instead of the computer itself, ive pried the thing open, seeing the generator is on, everythings in place and there are lights on, showing there is power. any ideas?

A:powers in, but start button wont start computer

Does it boot?

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Hello,i am running a packard bell notebook and yesterday the laptop was woring in perfect order,but then i restarted it after windows told me to restart it after configuriung a usb blootooth dongle thingy,but 2 dys before this happened the laptop accidently dropped leaving me with 2 of 4 usb ports working,but was working all good till i resarted it ,what it does is it wont go past the bot screen,it regognises usb like mouse nd hub,but doesnt go past the screen atall,could it be a virus?beacus i cant get into the bios settings whatsoever,as i say was working fine till i restarted it,

Any help would b greatly appreciated?

A:pc wont start atall,no way into bios


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hello at the moment i am on a Ubuntu 64bit live CD, for some reason when i start up my computer the HP sign comes up and then after that its blank with a small flashing thing in the top left corner, it's like one of the things that is there when you type. (sorry for rubbish explination)

In this screen im able to press CTRL+DEL+ALT and it restarts goes back to HP logo and back to near blank screen, this is completely out of the blue and i usually get GRUB thats lets me choose from ubuntu and windows 7. I dont know why this has happened or how to fix it, im not really that savvy in this area of technology, help would be highly appreshiated and thank you.

A:BIOS/GRUB wont start.

Bump for great justice

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I opened the PC case, I can see that everything is ok, the fans are running, the graphic card fan is running, there is a green light on the motherboard which I assume is ok. But it shows a blank screen on the moniter, plus the keyboard doesnt power up.

The mointor isnt the problem as I've had it tested it on another PC

Im hoping anyone would know a solution to this.

Thank you

Running Windows 7
Geforce GTX 260
6.00GB RAM

A:PC wont start, blank screen (no bios, etc)

I suggest you try the diagnostic test posted here:
Blank screen on boot, fixes it once.

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I have an amd athlon computer, not sure of the specs other than it's XP. The computer was running a bit funny earlier today. It froze 2 times, i restarted and it continued working, till it froze a 3rd time. After the 3rd time it said "verifying dmi pool" and then "press ctrl+alt+del to reboot" and requested i boot of a cd

I tried restarting the computer 3 more times, and now nothing comes up, and i hear the hard drive spin a little, then slow down...spin then slow down..and then everything just stops.

Is it dead? Are there other alternatives? Help!


A:Verifying DMI pool, now bios wont start

Your HDD has failed. But there may be other hardware that has failed too. Verifying DMI Pool takes place as the computer is accessing the CD/DVD drives.
Shutdown the computer and unplug the HDD and restart the computer. If you get passed the DMI Pool then it's just the HDD that is causing the problem. If you can't go any further, one of the CD/DVD drives may be at fault too. Unplug each of these to see.
You can also remove the HDD from the computer and attach it via a USB Adapter, power it up and see if it spins up and down or if it stays spinning up.

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Hi All, Brought to 'Geek Squad' - did reset, but laptop still wont start. Service rep thinks motherboard needs to be replaced because there seems to be power. This machine is only 1.5 years old, but out of warranty. Checked the Lenovo site, but could no longer find the suggested BIOS update. Model: Yoga 710 15ISK 80U0000FUS Any service provider (or otherwise) suggestions for Seattle area? Thanks,Charles

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I have been incredibly stupid and changed the settings in my BIOS setup. What is even more stupid is I did this by making it "Load Optimal Defaults" so I dont actually know what has been changed.

As a result of this windows 7 now cannot start, it brings you to the error fixing part where it searches for errors, cant find any and offers you some more options including system restore. Ive done a system restore but that has also not fixed it. I have little idea how to fix this, windows 7 was working perfectly until I changed the BIOS, but not knowing what was changed means I cant change it back.

The BIOS version is: 4core1600twins-p35 p1.40

Any help would be immensely appreciated. Thank you very much!


A:Changed BIOS settings now Windows 7 wont start

Hi Rhodri and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

This should be quite easy to fix. All you need to do is to reset the BIOS to its defaults. Boot up and enter your BIOS. You are looking for an option to reset it to its defaults (this is NOT the same as Optimal Defaults). Alternatively, remove and replace the motherboard battery - this will cause all settings to be lost from the BIOS, so you need to make a note of your current settings on a piece of paper so that you can restore them afterwards. This will include the date and time. For details on how to do this, the location of the battery and whether or not there is a motherboard jumper that accomplishes the same thing, see your motherboard manual. Please ensure that your system is unplugged from the mains whilst you do this.

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Hi, Last night I tried to upgrade a customers server with a Kingston 4gb memory card. On starting the server it would not even get into bios (monitor didnt get signal, fans running at 100). Removed the new card and server boots fine. I actually had two idenitical cards, one for another server and both cards produced the same fault. The card is a Kingston "KTH-PL316ES/4g" - the kingston website suggests it is compatible with the DL180 G6. I installed them to the second white slot nearest the processor (first white slot already occupied) Any ideas?

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I have tried to boot without the ram i get a series of beeps ,The screen is blank ,i tried shining a bright torch at the screen to see if i can see the bios page but nothing.

A:satellite L850D wont boot to bios,no start beep.

You can't boot to BIOS without RAM.

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Notebook: hp probook 4320s (late 2010)System: w7pro32 original, updated with the last Microsoft pathesPrevious BIOS version: F.0F Yesterday "HP update manager" has downloaded and upgraded BIOS 68AHH F.20 and other updates. During the reboot, BIOS has been installed, after that there was no way to load Windows (after 5 minutes of "Windows Loading", the notebook goes in bluescreen). No errors was giveng during the BIOS upgrade task. Actions I tried to solve the problem:- Tried to start in Safe Mode, with same result- Changed SATA to IDE in the BIOS- Rollback from BIOS Manager (error on verification), with same result- Tried to install F.0F with USB boot, with same result- Installed again F.20 and worked, but the main problem is still there. thanks and brF

A:URGENT. the system wont to start after bios update: bluescre...

Hi,Welcome to the HP Forum! falbala73 wrote:Notebook: hp probook 4320s (late 2010)System: w7pro32 original, updated with the last Microsoft pathesPrevious BIOS version: F.0F Yesterday "HP update manager" has downloaded and upgraded BIOS 68AHH F.20 and other updates. During the reboot, BIOS has been installed, after that there was no way to load Windows (after 5 minutes of "Windows Loading", the notebook goes in bluescreen). No errors was giveng during the BIOS upgrade task. Actions I tried to solve the problem:- Tried to start in Safe Mode, with same result- Changed SATA to IDE in the BIOS- Rollback from BIOS Manager (error on verification), with same result- Tried to install F.0F with USB boot, with same result- Installed again F.20 and worked, but the main problem is still there. thanks and brFSince your notebook is a UEFI type:Push the power on switch while still holding down the Fn+B keyPlease post your resultKind regards,erico

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my computer wont boot and still it wont display.
i already changed a video card and stil it wont.
it have no beep at all and it will not display.

what should i do?

A:guys my computer wont start and wont have a display

does it beep any. if not this will indicate more major problems. (unless you dont have beep speaker installed) a mother board is programed with a set of beep to play if there is a problem like such as three beeps if the ram is not working, 1 long beep if the vid card is not working etc etc. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR BEEPs WILL BE. if you are not getting these then you need to find out why. see if you have a speaker inside your case. if you do and all of your fans spin but still no action from you pc then you may have a larger problem such as mother board or processor.

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Nothing will load on my Compaq Presario 700 notebook. It wont even turn on in safe mode.
When I go to turn it on it sounds like the hard drive attempts to spin. I don't hear the fans, but all the lights come on. The battery is fairly new and everything is plugged in properly.
All this began when I was running Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and it locked up forcing me to shut down.
Any ideas?

A:XP wont load/Computer wont start

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After only just having one problem solved on here I have encountered another and I think it is fairly problematic but am far from understanding it - please help!!!

I downloaded the new version of Internet Explorer (version 8) as this was an option when I signed onto the web this afternoon (I previously had IE 7 and am running Windows XP version 2).

But after downloading this I had trouble getting onto the net (though I seemed to be able to initially). So I restarted the PC. But, it did not restart.

Instead I get the following message on a plain black screen when I try to run my computer:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

What is this file? I have an Acer Aspire notebook which came installed with Windows XP Version 2 (I have no CD drive currently).

I have looked on the microsoft website (I am currently on a different PC) but dont understand anything that is posted on their about this problem.

Do I need to re-install a new operating system? Will this mean I will loose all my data that is on my computer? This is very precious to me as I am travelling and I have saved on my computer photos and diary entries - I would be very upset to loose them.

What is my best course of action? Should I take it to a specialist. Again I really hope I can prevent the information that I did have saved on there from being deleted.

Thankyou to anyone who can assist.
&... Read more

A:I cant start my PC - Windows wont start - missing root system 32 file

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It keeps Restarting and doesnt ever let me get to my desktop to perform a system restore, then there is a blue screen of death with stop code 0x00000ed....I don't know what to do please help me.

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Windows8 Pro laptop wont start and just cycles on and off every few seconds.  Removed battery and AC and held power button for 30 seconds, replace AC and battery with same results.  Never boots long enough to get any screen info. Ideas? 

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I hope it's kosher to post a link to another post I made in the XP forum (I'm only doing this because someone suggested I do). I dont think I have a virus/malware problem, but maybe someone here will recognize it.http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/top...tml#entry844517ThanksUPDATE: I just finished running the a-squared command malware tool and all that it came up with was 19 cookies.

A:Failed To Load Dll, No Start Menu, Programs Wont Start, Etc

Please try using this to repair the broken registry entry that may be causing this.Download Autoruns, search for the related entry and then delete it.Create a new folder on your hard drive called AutoRuns (C:\AutoRuns) and extract (unzip) the file there. (click HERE if you're not sure how to do this.)Open the folder and double-click on autoruns.exe to launch it.Please be patient as it scans and populates the entries.When done scanning, it will say Ready at the bottom.Scroll through the list and look for a startup entry related to the file(s) in the error message.Right-click on the entry and choose delete.Reboot your computer and see if the startup error returns.

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Hi. I got some knowledge on repairing computer problem but i got this particular one i wasnt able to fix. Ive tried everything i know to try and fix it before doing a fresh install but coming to this site as a last resort. Ive done everything from safe mode to sfc scan to chkdsk /r and nothing. Only thing is sfc /scannow have found some corrupted sys file but was unable to fix some of them. I cant log into safe mode so cant install any fixing program either to run it through cmd (thats the only thing i have access to) system restore cant help cause pc say there is no restore point but last time i was able to power on pc without problems it updated some files and made a restore point when done and that was weird when it didnt find any rp. Please I need some help here since im running out of resources. Hopefully someone can help me. Thanks

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hi..found a computer in the garbage its a pony but it has a soyo motherboard with a pentium III 450mhz and 512sdram.It never would start windows normal but would in safe mode,so now i did a diskcheck and restarted now it gets hung up on the system32\drivers\agp440.sys...at least thats the last one that pops up before it freezes...im new to this and this forum but if anyone can help id greatly appreciate it...thanks..

A:windows wont start...did start in safe mode now cant even do that

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I have a Pc running XP home.. tonight it wouldnt start up and displayed a message NTLDR is missing.. I did the repair option with my xp disk and it seemed to go ok .. but now when you try to start it up it starts as far as the dos type screen that gives you all the option,, safe mode, last know config that worked etc.. it doesnt matter which one you press it will just reboot again and start over till it gets to that screen.

any answers anybody ?

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Dell Dimension 4700 running XP Home Service Pack 3
Did not boot merely loops to start options screen but no options work and I am returned to the same options screen.
Have tried advanced start up options "disable auto restart" to generate BSOD which gives the following:


STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x4E884D26, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x800F8941)

I have no XP system disk available at this, my mothers, address and it is her computer that has stopped this AM.

Help please

A:Wont start just loops to start options screen

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Hi. I got some knowledge on repairing computer problem but i got this particular one i wasnt able to fix. Ive tried everything i know to try and fix it before doing a fresh install but coming to this site as a last resort. Ive done everything from safe mode to sfc scan to chkdsk /r and nothing. Only thing is sfc /scannow have found some corrupted sys file but was unable to fix some of them. I cant log into safe mode so cant install any fixing program either to run it through cmd (thats the only thing i have access to) system restore cant help cause pc say there is no restore point but last time i was able to power on pc without problems it updated some files and made a restore point when done and that was weird when it didnt find any rp. Please I need some help here since im running out of resources. Hopefully someone can help me. Thanks

A:Windows7 wont start normally, do not start in safe mode either

System manufacturer and model?

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I can't open my Microsoft Outlook - when I start it it states it wasn't shut
down properly and asks if I want to start it in safe mode. If I
select no I get a message "Could not start the RPC server' and then I
get a blank outlook screen. It doesn't work if I select to start in
safe mode either.

Any ideas? As non techie as possible.


A:Solved: Could not start the RPC Server - Outlook wont start

Problem solved - I uninstalled HTC Sync software and Outlook was able to start correctly. I had installed the HTC Sync software the same day Outlook stopped working.

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Hello. I got a Computer that just wont start. i got no clue why. everytime i press the start button it just make the usual noises before it turns completely off after 2 seconds. sometimes it it lasts longer but even if the Computer is on it shows nothing on the screen. plz help me with this problem! but if you answear, plz send it to [email protected]! thank you

A:My computer wont start at all!!

I would think it would be overheating issue. Did you recently removed the heatsink from the motherboard..

Make sure it is properly fitted back

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My friends computer wont boot up properly. The monitor screen stays black and the light stays on orange most of the time (I have changed the monitor to see if it is a monitor fault - no difference). Intermittantly, it may show a DOS screen that says "windows has successfully initialised this display adapter" - however, you can never get it to load windows (98). It just stays on the black screen. I have tried putting the boot disc in and it does not load. Can you please tell me what we must do to get the computer working again and what the problem is likely to be.

A:computer wont start

It may be the video card judging by the message you say appears sometimes. Have you got another video card to try?

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So recently I have been having the problem of my computer randomly not booting. Safe mode always works though, so I have simply been going into safe mode and using system restore (every week, if not more). After I do this it once again boots normally. Sometimes it hangs on the Windows loading screen, but will boot. Today, I just got back after a few day trip, and it wont boot at all. Safe mode still works, as does Safe mode with networking (which is how I'm posting this) but when you boot, it goes through the windows loading screen and turns black. After its been black for a few seconds, it does one of two things, either immediatly restarts itself, or flashes a blue screen with a bunch of numbers on it (as far as I can tell, the screen is up for much less than a second and I can't truly tell anything it says.) So I need this problem resolved ASAP since I do work on this computer, yet have no clue where to start. System restore doesnt do anything as I said, yet Safe mode works absolutely fine. Any suggestions? Help is greatly appreciated.
Edit: Oh by the way, I built this computer myself maybe a year and a half ago. This is the first problem I have had with it, and it seems to be program related and not hardware.


A:My computer wont start

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okay, this is what happened i went to bed one night and letft the computer transfering files to my mp3 player. when i woke the compter was off. i though someone else turened it off. then when i got home later and tried to turn it on it wouldn't turn on, the fan(s) starts spinning then everythign just dies. if i unplug the power for a while and start it, the cd drives will power up too, and then the comptuer just sits idol with the fans on and the cd drives lights lit up. monitor doesn't blink, nothing happens. i can't figure out what is wrong, so maybe you will know.

A:computer wont start

Could be a faulty power supply, or a bad motherboard. Try switching power supplies first, and if that doesn't work, then see if you can try a different motherboard.

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I have noticed over the past months that my computer, after i completely unplug it and take it to a friends house or to my parents house (3 hours away) and i reassemble it, it doesnt start up at all. Monitor doesnt read a signal (ive tried different monitors on start up to see if that helped). At first i could let it sit off for about 10-15 minutes and it would start up no problem, maybe took a lil longer but still worked. Now lately it has taken even longer for it to even detect a signal on the monitor and when it does and i run say League of Legends or anything it seems to shut down. Could something be overheating? I had an issue with not having a big enough power supply but when i found out i bought a significantly  better one. Here is a link to my components. (ill post the wattage of my newer powersupply, i kinda didnt save the link and dont know it off the top of my head, my friend does tho lolol) It is a bit of an old pc but it runs like a beast for what ive always needed up until this happened!!!
Video Card

http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=Suggested&Description=2... Read more

A:Computer wont start up.

Hello Joeb016 and Welcome -You could list the Make and Model, if not home made, and post a snapshot with Speccy as this may give us a bit more to look at -Publish a Snapshot using Speccy << Follow These Directions Thank You -

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Operating System - XP SP2, ZoneAlarm, AVG antivirus, Athlon XP 2.177, 1024 ddr sdram

Ok heres the situation, I have an Emachine T3092 and all I wanted to do was to tranfer all the internal parts(motherboard, hard drive, dvd/cd rom etc ) to a bigger case. I bought an Aspire xdreamer2 computer case at Newegg this week. Upon tranfering, all I did was unscrewed all the bolts from the motherboard, took off the IDE drives, dvd/cd rom, power supply etc etc. I made a diagram of the Power SW, HDD Led, and Power Led and used a needle nose to put to the slot. The Xdreamer case had a Reset SW but the Emachine motherboard(Fic AU31) had no connection for it so I let that be. After I did all this, I tried turning on the computer but it just wont start.

What else did I do? I swapped power supply, still wont start.
I swapped and used the Emachine front panel Power SW, HDD Led, and Power Led - still no go

When I say it just wont start, I mean nothing goes, no sound, no nothing

Any suggestions?

A:Computer wont start

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Ok i got a little 466 computer, im not to sure about anymore info, but it wont start up, i have no clue whats wrong with it, and one know what could be the prob?
I took out everything except the mobo, hd, and memory.

A:Computer wont start up!

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I have a IBM thinkpad T20 laptop computer and it wont turn on. When i press the power button lights flash and thats the end of it. The computer has turned on recently. Now nothing is happening. If anybody has any ideas plaese tell me. Please help and please say something.

Thank you.

A:Computer wont start up

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Hi I have a Gateway Laptop running on Vista 32 bit and yesterday it just shut off while I was using it. When I turned it back on it only got to the Gateway please wait screen and stayed there. So I put in the operating disc and did the start up repair and well its been doing that for hours and I dont know if its actually doing anything. im not sure what I have to do, I recently backed up all my files so If i need to I can reformat it all but i dont even know how to do that.

A:Computer wont Start up

I'd say stop it

Let the computer cool down (30 mins or more)

Start the Vista setup again
This time remove old partitions
And do a clean install (This part is your choice - but is preferred option)

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Hi, I just built a new computer for my self and it wont start up. I have treid a different cpu, a different video card, a different power supply, different memory, and a differnt hard drive. So i figured it was the motherboard, but the green light is on on the motherboard. I also tried 2 different cases leds, and then i tried to start it up with a screw driver, but nothing.

This is my specs

core 2 duo e6600
Asus p5w deluxe mobo
ati x1900xt
Ozc ddr2 pc800
hitachi 160 gig HD
600 W kingwin psu

I have tried this combo on that mobo

core 2 duo e6300
G-skill ddr2 ram
Seagate 160 gig Hd
500 W Rosewill psu

But nothing works

A:New computer wont start

Your going to need an older CPU such as P4, PD. You have to pop on of those in the board and flash BIOS. This will update the board allowing you to use your new core2 duo.

Also you may be able to send your mobo back to the Asus and have them flash it for you. You may have to make a small payment.

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My computer wont start!! I have ejected RAM while windows was runing. Then the blue picture apeared. I put the RAM back on and Windows wont start.

Computer is constantly turning on again and again and no picture on the screen.

Please help as soon as possible.

A:My computer wont start!

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Yes, you can end the process. You can also uninstall Tiny Personal Firewall How far does the boot get? Did you just install that program?

Also, please do not post in all CAPS - it's the forum equivalent of SHOUTING

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last night i smelled a burnt plastic smell...everything was fine. next morning, i turned on my computer and i started to smell the plastic smell again. i went to the bathroom and i came back and my computer was off. now it won't start again. when i turn it on, my ON LED flashes for a second and that's it. no noise or anything. i've come to the conclusion that it's either the CPU, PSU, or mobo. are there any diagnostic checks i can do to figure out which one it is (other than replacing each individual part)? thanks!

A:computer wont start up

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when my computer is starting up it just freezes on a black screen. when i put in my windows xp cd an error comes up during the setup, " An unexpected error (1073545728) occurred at line 1773 in d:\xpsprtm\base\boot\setup\arcdisp.c. "

how can i reformat my hdd and start fresh or something that will fix this O.o

A:computer wont start up

I also had this error code, but it only occurred when attempting to restore everything. The restore was considered because the system continually rebooted and never reached the Windows logo. In my case, the error code occurred in line 1768 (HP PC m7310.uk). Reading replies on various forums it was suggested that the problem was either a faulty ram module (try one at a time if you have a pair) or power supply (failing under load). In the end, I found it to be the memory, despite the fact that it displayed ok in the BIOS setup. The memory turned out to be ok but it was showing as 'faulty' because a Parts Label Number had been stuck onto the strip diagonally and was causing a 'dis' across 2-3 pins (DDR2 240 pins)! Try everything before reformatting. Unfortunately I also purchased a new mbo via eBay, but it was a later release, so I did gain a little. Even with the new mbo, I did not initially see the problem with the memory because the pins were only covered by about 1-1.5 mm. Hope this might help. CS

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Everytime i try to start my computer it stays at the windows loading screen, and doesnt change; i cant neccesarily call it freezing but thats basically what its doing. then i have to hold the button till the pc turns off, then restart it, then choose from the various safe modes, starting normally which never works or starting from last good configuration which doesnt work either. im in safe mode right now, and I just cant function on safe mode forever, it drives me nuts

im sooo quick to just back up everything and reinstall windows but im just so stressed at the moment i dont have the patience for it plus its 6:44 am!, can someone please help please

A:Computer Wont Start Normally

2 things you can do:

1) Check your Event Viewer for errors and post them here. Go to Start...Run... and type in "eventvwr.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Then, click once on the word "System" in the left hand pane - then look for Errors (at about the time of the freezes). When you find them, right click on them and select "Properties". Then, let us know what it says and we'll work with that.

2) I'd try updating your video drivers (but this is just a pure shot in the dark!).

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i have a dell desktop system with xp professional. this morning it was looking a little slow, so i restared it and now it wont start up at all. i get the startup screen with the windows icon, but that's it. if i hit F8, i get all the safemode options, but no mattr what i choose, the screen just stays black.
any ideas or suggestions on how i can get it up n running to atleast look at what the problem is?

A:computer wont start up

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I have a friend whos computer wont start. When I press the power button on the front of the case all that happens is his power light turns on. However when I physically unplug the computer from the wall then plug it back in, it starts up fine. Anybody have any ideas on what this could be?

A:Computer wont start

Faulty powersupply would be my guess. Have another one to swap in to see? Maybe your own?

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Last night I decided to update my Nvidia drivers. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but when it prompted me to reboot my system, my system never came back up. After hitting the windows XP load screen it would just stay black (I let it stay there for four hours to make sure it wasn't just running slow)

So I then tried to re-install windows, which it allowed me to do, but once again when prompted to reboot after turning the system off and back on nothing but a black screen.

I decided to hook my main drive into my daughters computer to get data off of it before reformatting it completly. My daughters computer wouldn't even boot up with the thing plugged in, only telling me that there was a boot error. So I decided to give up on that drive, and just start from scratch with a clean 100GB drive I had laying around.

The first thing I noticed when I started my computer up was that the CPU fan was not running. The hard drives both seemed to be whirring away, and my video card fan was running fine. And in addition nothing would appear on my monitor.

So I unhooked all unnecesary components, and tried starting the thing up with just the motherboard, video card, and keyboard. Still nothing.

Any ideas?

A:Computer wont start up at all

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Hi guys and girls. My old dell demention2350 turned off on me and when I try to restart it turns off after about twenty seconds. It sometimes gives a message it is shutting down to protect itself from some issue and gives me options on how to ptocede. I could start normaly, start in safe mode or one other that I don't remimber. I've tried all three and with all three it does the same thing, after twenty seconds it powers down. Any ideas on how to get this thing running? All I realy need to do is get all my pictures and stuff transfered to my newer computer. Thanks everyone!

A:Xp computer wont start

All I realy need to do is get all my pictures and stuff transfered to my newer computer.If your computer is not able to boot into Windows or simply not able to access the internet, you can use a LIVE Linux operating system run from a bootable CD or flashdrive instead of Windows, to access the internet, to access files on the HDD(s) and do other tasks. Using a working computer:If you wish to use a LIVE CD ...
Download the Linux version of your choice (usually an .ISO image file).
There are many options to use for a LIVE CD. I suggest that you try one of the following:
Puppy Linux (smallest download file size at 128 MB)Linux Mint 12 Lisa (versions for a CD, and larger versions that need to be burned to a DVD disk)[*]Burn the .ISO image to CD: If you do not already have a suitable burning program for writing .ISO images to disc ...Download and install ImgBurn.Ensure that you UN-check the box agreeing to install the Ask toolbar during the installation.Place a new (blank) CD disc in the drive tray.Choose Write image file to disc.
Under Source, click on the Browse button: Navigate to and select the .ISO file that you wish to burn.Place a check-mark in the box beside Verify.Click [*]When the CD has been burned and verified as successful, it will be bootable.[/list][*]OR ... if you wish to use a LIVE flashdrive ...Go to UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads and at the top of the page, click on Download (for Windows) to download the application.Follow the instructions further down the... Read more

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