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Slow print spooling with print sharing on printers connected to win98 PC

Q: Slow print spooling with print sharing on printers connected to win98 PC

I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right forum, so my apologies in advance if it's in the wrong place.

I have 2 printers connected 2 a win98 Dell PC and have 2 XP Dell laptops that use the printers. I have had an HP laserjet 5MP and an HP color inkjet 1100 connected to it. The spool time to the 5MP has been normal. When I connected the HP 1100 a year ago, the spool time was very slow and it took a long time to get the print dialogue box to open, but I (ignorantly!) assumed it was the printer and since I don't use it often, just didn't deal with it. I just replaced the 5MP with a HP laserjet 2420 and it is slow, slow, slow to spool, to open a print menu, to open print properties, etc. When I turn print sharing off, it both printers print fine. I'm wondering if the win98 machine just doesn't have the processing speed necessary, but before I buy a print server or get an XP desktop to connect the printers to, thought I'd try to get some insight into the problem.

Thanks for any help!

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Preferred Solution: Slow print spooling with print sharing on printers connected to win98 PC

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Good afternoon!
I'm currently having an issue with one particular computer and printing to networked printers/copiers.  Any other computer on the same network is not having this issue.  When trying to print a document that is more than just a simple Test Page,
this computer will take between 2-5 minutes to spool and then print out a page which holds up other computers trying to print to this same printer.  This just started about 10 days ago.  I've scoured the internet to find solutions for this issue
but to no avail.  I've tried restarting the print spooler and cleaning the PRINTERS folder under system32\spool while it's stopped.  I've tried different network cables.  I've tried system restore to back before the issues started with no success.
 I've even tried a different profile on the same computer.  The last resort will be a system recovery and reinstall of software.  Before I go to that step, however, I wanted to see if anyone has any feedback on this issue.  Any help is
greatly appreciated.  Thank you

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OS - Windows 7 Profession x64
Client PC attached to a Domain
Printer: HP CM1312nfi
Printer Port:  Networked Printer
Printer Driver obtained from HP website (Full software)
Problem Description:
When printing a large image say 30MB .jpg to the printer, it's queuing up kilo bytes at a time
vs. mega bytes at a time.  So printing takes 15-20 minutes.
Same file on Vista machine takes 1 to 2 minutes to print.
Tried to stop/start the print spooler - no luck
Have latest patches for Win 7
Tried with both user with "User" Privileges and user with "Administrator" privileges.
User Access Control is OFF
Any Ideas?
PS.  Reinstalled the driver twice already.

A:Print Spooling very very slow to a network printer

If the printer driver you installed is not the latest version, I would like to suggest you reinstall the latest version of the driver and the firmware
HP website.
Note: The third-party products discussed here are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft. We make no warranty, implied or otherwise,
regarding these products' performance or reliability.
After that, I also would like to suggest you perform the following troubleshooting suggestions:
Clear Printer Spooler Files and Enable the Spooler Service
1. Click Start, type "Services.msc" (without the quotation marks) in the Start Search box and press Enter.
2. Double-click "Printer Spooler" in the Services list.
3. Click Stop and click OK.
4. Click Start, type "%WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers" in the Start Search box and press Enter, delete all files in this folder.
5. Click Start, type "Services.msc" (without the quotation marks) in the Start Search box and press Enter.
6. Double-click "Printer Spooler" in the Services list.
7. Click on Start. In the Startup Type list, make sure that "Automatic" is selected and click OK.
Does it work?
Arthur Li
TechNet Subscriber Support
in forum
If you have any feedback on our support, please contact
[email protected]
 Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the ... Read more

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Hello, Microsoft?
Any updates or real answers to this issue.
My spooler won't stay running, I can't add printers.

Tell me something I haven't already tried!

Tried right click the one printer that appears and click troubleshoot. It finds nothing.
Tried printer diagnostics, it tells me the spooler isn't running (duh) and starts it and thinks that it has solved the problem, it didn't.

Set spooler to restart on all failures, which it does but that doesn't help.
With spooler running I get RPC Call failure message when I try to add a printer.
With spooler not running/failed I get Endpoint Mapper error (duh).

I don't know about you but It's kind of important that I can print things.
Since we can't roll-back or do a restore (thanks a bunch) and I don't want to have to refresh and re-install the 142 Programs (not store apps) that I have, I need a resolution NOW!

Dell Latitude E6520 was running Win 7, did update to Win 8 last year, then 8.1 a few days ago.

On a Domain. Was working fine until update to 8.1. No errors while installing update.

"Mahesh Kumar A replied
on October 24, 2013
Microsoft Support Engineer
Hi Charles,
This issue would be better suited in the TechNet community.
Please visit the link below and post the query for better assistance:


A:Cannot print after update to 8.1 : Printers gone : Print spooler keeps stopping : Cannot add printers

Hi had a major panic in experiencing same issue with printer canon 4500 and was ready to uninstall kaspersky but decided might be worth trying the standard troubleshooter and it worked!!!! Went to settings-control panel- printer troubleshoot and spool
all sorted. Hope this helps, rare occasion troubleshoot worked but maybe windows have added a patch to sort since original issues? 

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I'm running XP Home and trying to set up a network for file and printer sharing as well as shared ADSL connection with the second computer running Win98. Both computers through D-Link DI-604 router.

I've hooked up the modem and router, and cabled both computers to the router's LAN ports. I've run the network wizard on XP, then made a disk to use on the 98 machine - when running it there, I chose the selection that the client is connecting through another computer or gateway.

XP client sees both itself and Win98 computer on the network, and has full internet connectivity.

Win98 (2nd machine) cannot connect to the network, and has no connection to internet.

I know this probably is very basic, but after internet searches I have come up with nothing that is helping me successfully connect.

Can someone please help me with what my next steps should be? The main priority is to get the second computer connected to the Internet if nothing else.

After that, file and printer sharing would be great.

Any help would be appreciated. If you need more info, please just ask. I've tried to include everything I can think of but not sure if it's what you need to help.

Many thanks!

A:Adding Win98 for ADSL access and file/print sharing

You need to be using tcp/ip on the 98 machine also make sure that the 98 is set to Microsoft Family Logon
Printer sharing will be easy file sharing might be a bit more difficult conflicts between XP/NTFS and 98/Fat32

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Just migrated our office to a new Server 2012R2 Print server. about a dozen printers installed via GPO to Windows 7/64 workstations. Mostly HP's running Universal PS driver (6.1), plus the odd Kip plotter and Xerox Copier.   For maybe 4 users
out of 30 some, there is a printing problem. When a print job is sent, it appears in the queue and then is immediately deleted.   No other indication that anything is amiss. No events fire, no dimming of the icons or exclamation points,
 no error messages.
 That's the consistent part. There is also some inconsistent (but still bad) behavior I'm finding on the different PCs. For some, deleting and re-running gpupdate will  bring the printers back and printing properly, but only for a short time. Sometimes
only one or two printers will print, sometimes not. Sometimes logging in as a different user will install the printers, sometimes no.
 I've been fiddling with this over the past few days and gotten absolutely no where.  Now I don't know what to look at next. Any idea would be appreciated!


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At my job our computer users are keep printing black and white print job on color printers because the printer is on their desk and ricoh printer is 8ft away.

I was wondering, if there is a setting or a way to block users to send BW print jobs to color printers. ??

thanks in advance.

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Not really sure exactly which forum to post this under, so I'm starting here!

I have two PCs on a small home Ethernet network (conencted to broadband router). Each PC has a directly-connected printer, which is the default printer for the PC to which it is attached. So far, so good!

I have added another printer to the network. This has an Ethernet conenction and its own internal print server. Each PC can select and print to that printer individually OK, as an alternative to its default printer.

Problem - if one PC happens to try to print to the network printer when it is already busy printing another file, then instead of the second print being put in the queue for that printer it is spooled to the locally-attached default printer instead.

Not sure if this is a XP print spool, network or printer-specific problem. Does anyone have any suggestions please how to ensure that the spool stays in the right queue?

A:Print Spooling

This is true for my setup--try it on yours...

In control panel/printers and faxes, right click the printer in question, click properties, and on the advanced tab you'll find spooling options (one I have is 'print directly to the printer).

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i am on a friends pc. hoping this will be an easy fix. using win xp. When trying to print, i receive a message that says, print spooler service is not running. ok, so how do i get it running. thanks

A:print spooling

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I'm having major issue with print spooling issue. I've followed the tech guy youtube video. This is what I've tried. service.msc shows services are running. However, in the dependency I don't see HTTP running has part of my service.msc list. Could this be the issue?

A:print spooling issue

you will not see http service or several other vital default Microsoft services listed in services.msc in W8 or W10

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 355, 4 GB RAM. I also have an Epson Workforce 610, which also works great.... eventually. (I have tried the Epson wirelessly connected, as well as direct-connect with a USB cable)

Two symptoms:
1) If I have the Epson selected as the default printer, when I start MS Office app (Word or Excel) I get a message that says "Connecting to printer, hit ESC to cancel". If I have 30 minutes or so to wait, I'll let it find the printer, but most of the time I hit ESC, or don't select the Epson as my default printer.

2) Printing in general takes FOREVER to spool, then FOREVER to print. I've talked to Epson, and they say it's not the printer's problem, since it prints fine once it gets the data. They point to data transfer speeds from my laptop.

This is frustrating... Has anyone else experienced this issue with Vista-64/Toshiba/Epson?



A:S-L-O-W print spooling / printing

maybe the colour settings are set to hq or something? try a greyscale print see if any difference

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In my office, we have recently starting have issues with our shared office printer. Many of our documents have started not coming through because it says there is "Error-Printing-Spooling". We have tried printing from various different programs and each of our computers (i have an iMac and the other computers are Dells). Some things print, some things don't. The printer guys came out this morning to replace a part and said they didn't know what the issue was. So, we are somewhat at a loss for what to do. Any help you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks!

A:Print Spooling Error

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The problem I have has to do with a printer that has been installed for quite sometime. It has been working fine until about a week ago. When I try to print something from my laptop through the network through another computer. I now receive a message that states the print spooler service is not running. I have tried deleting the printer and re-installing a new on and receive the same message. Is there a way to turn the service on.

A:turn print spooling on


Originally Posted by David Tomaszews

The problem I have has to do with a printer that has been installed for quite sometime. It has been working fine until about a week ago. When I try to print something from my laptop through the network through another computer. I now receive a message that states the print spooler service is not running. I have tried deleting the printer and re-installing a new on and receive the same message. Is there a way to turn the service on.

Have you checked in Services to see if it's running. Go to Start>Run, type services.msc then click OK. Scroll down to Print Spooler look under the column Status to see if service has been started or stopped.

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Everything was working fine (for the most part) on Windows XP SP2 for months.

Now all the printer installations have disappeared. This was shortly after refusing to upgrade ZoneAlarm but downloading it for my laptop. When trying to reinstall, I get the message that "the print spooling service is not running" and the printer, HP 1012, will not install.

I tried starting it manually per advice from HP'w web site and it does not stay started. I recently backed up the whole hard driver onto a new one. I copied the spoolsv.exe to the desk top and put a copy on the new drive where I can find it again. I then took the back up copy of spoolsv. exe and copied it into Windows on the C drive. I was warned that I was replacing a file of the same name with the same date. I copied over anyway and tried it again.

I got the same error message.

I tried to see if I could repair it with my XP Pro disk but I was warned that this was an older version and was strongly recommended that it did not do it. So I stopped that.

Any suggestion?



A:Print Spooling Service

Do you have this printer installed as a network printer of just a slave printer for one computer only?

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Greetings all!

All of a sudden I can not print anymore. My hp printer and my acrobat printer/distiller is gone.

I have tried to open a Command Window and type in net start spooler. It tells me that print spooler service is starting and that it was started successfully. Now I go back to CP and to Printers and it gives me the same error!

I have also check in the computer management area and the setting is automatic for the spooler.

I have also used the windows resource tool kit to help solve the problem and it too has failed.

Spoolsv.exe doesn't show up in my process's running list either!

I need help! So if anyone can help I would be very greatful!


A:Print Spooling Service is Not Running. Need Help

first try system restore...go back about a week before problem started...have you added any new hardware or software recently or updated windows

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Useing Dell Vostro laptop under Win 10.. Epson NX430
Docs are received wirelessly, but always show ERROR and wont print. Prints fine attached by cable, but I need wireless. I've installed Epson driver over and over but no joy.
Another forum gave me a Registry fix, but that didn't work either. Help would surely be appreciated, just please keep it simple. MS strikes again..

A:Epson spooling under Win 10, but won't print wirelessly

Did you install your driver from this website

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I have a Brother 450 CW printer that is offline and when I try to print, it also says,"printing spooling." I was able to print on this print a week ago. Wondering how it can stop? We have a wireless connection. It shows 5 bars for the wireless connection on the printer. I have went to the control panel and it shows that the printer is ready. So, what is the problem? I have went to services.msc, and restarted the print spooling. Still nothing. I have disconnected the printer several times. Still nothing. I am getting very frustrated! I am also running out of options. I did a system restore, thinking that would work. Nope. Now, I have another issue along the offline, spooling, and now my antivirus doesn't work. I can not start it up again. Strange stuff huh? Hope to hear back soon with a resolution to my problems. Thanks!

A:Solved: Printer offline and print spooling...HELP!!

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Greetings all!

All of a sudden I can not print anymore. My hp printer and my acrobat printer/distiller is gone.

I have tried to open a Command Window and type in net start spooler. It tells me that print spooler service is starting and that it was started successfully. Now I go back to CP and to Printers and it gives me the same error!

I have also check in the computer management area and the setting is automatic for the spooler.

I have also used the windows resource tool kit to help solve the problem and it too has failed.

I need help!


A:Print Spooling Service is Not Running(RESOLVED)

Hello and Welcome to TSF

This has been resolved here

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Anyone having trouble with printing a large html document in IE7 causing it to spool the entire document before it will print. I am trying to print just a selected portion of the document but when I hit print select it has to spool the entire document, some over 1000 pages before it will print what I selected if it will even do it then, did not have this problem with IE6 it just printed what I wanted quickly. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.


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Basically this is my problem:

I have a Windows XP Pro machine with a Canon MP390 printer hooked up to it.

I've been trying to get sharing to work properly, but I can't seem to do it.

Printing locally isn't an issue.

When I connect to the printer from another machine over the lan, it can take upwards of 2-3 minutes to connect.

When just print to the printer over the lan, it goes right away.

When I open the properties dialog, it takes 2-3 minutes.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling on both machines, no go.

The slowness can be felt on 2 other machines.

Any ideas?

A:Print Sharing - Ungodly slow

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Okay, this a fairly new one as I cannot find a single documented instance of this on the entire internet.....

Hardware - T60 thinkpad
OS - WinXP
Accessories - Docking station

I've deployed about a hundred of these things and this is the first time I've seen this message.....(not verbatim)

"The undocking sequence cannot continue because the print spool service needs to be stopped."


Fair enough, but I can't tell my user to keep going into the computer management services to turn the service on and off. My boss would kill me.

Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? My final resort would be to re-image the thing (as also suggested by IBM themselves). The problem is that would be a major hassle as this guy is an attorney and always on the run.

Any and all suggestions will be entertained....even the ones involving alchemy.

A:Lenovo T60 - Undocking halted by print spooling service??

Disconnect the printer, and then what happens?

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I cannot print wireless.  Test run from printer says everything is connected correctly.  Print jobs just say "waiting." The wireless is "connected." Nothing has changed on my iPad or wi-fi since the last document I printed.  

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I get this problem after printing a page or two over a shared 1220C. I have to always click 'skip' or something. Beaucoup space on the hard drive, but I still get this message.

Any help, greatly appreciated.

A:Net Print on HP DeskJet 1220C--Insufficient Disk Space, Spooling Problem

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I just installed WinXP on one of there PC's in my little home LAN. The other 2 PC's run Win98, and don't need the upgrade. I can get access to the printer that is attached to the Win98 PC from my XP PC, but can't share in the opposite direction.

In otherwords, the printer on my WinXP PC is invisible to the network.

On my Win XP PC, I have tried the following:
1. I have enabled printer sharing in the network settings:
2. I have right designated the XP PC's local printer as shared
3. I have attempted to install additional drivers for Win98 for the local printer from the Win98 installation CD that came with the printer. It doesn't seem to "take" in that when I go back under printer properties, the Win98 driver box remains unchecked.

The local printer is an HP Deskjet 932C, attached via a USB cable.

Any suggestions?

A:[Solved] Sharing printers between Win98 and XP?

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Description: Home network. (3) WIN98 machines and (1) WIN2000 machine configured by IT guys at work. All of the machines are connected to home router with DHCP. The WIN2000 machine has admin privledges but only for domains at work. When I try and open a netwrok connection from the WIN2000 machine to any of the WIN98 machines an error message says their is no domain server to validate password or privleges or something like that. I want to be able to attach my WIN2000 machine to my home network. Any help is appreciated.

A:Sharing files and printers between WIN98 and WIN2000

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recently built pc w/ amd processor
512meg ram,, operating win98se, 30 gig hd

tried to install three different printers, most recent HP920c.
pther 2...hp612c and lexmark 2030, which I borrowed.

installation shows as ok on lpt1 under printers in control panel.

Systems/control panel shows LPT1 configured OK under device mgr, with no conflicts in resources. but no printer shown.

performed self printer test, holding down on button, and test page ok

used hp toolkit, test page....nothing.

used debug to verify lpt1 ok, and 78 and 03 are in the first line as tip page says.

in Device Mgr, installed drivers on lpt1 are lpt.vxd & vmm32.vxd
no conflicts reported there.

verified that printer cable is correct and ok., and compatabile type.

wil not print from DOS prompt, or any txt file (dir>lpt1)

can't think or find anything else on the web to do.....hope i can get some help.
changed print format to raw, nothing.

can see print being dumped into print queue, but it disappears from there.

will furnish any other info, and reply to all post w/ results of help.

all above analysis done from web searches, and instruction guides guides.

BIOS is phoenix-award v6.006pc

AM NOT A TECH GEEK, ALL the above steps have been followed a a result of web searches. Please help, pc runs great, just no print capability


A:All Printers Will Not Print

Are they all parallel printers as opposed to USB? Try moving one of them from LPT1 to a USBPrinter Port.

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I bought a new PC and a new printer. I had an older PC connected to a printer. I want the capability to print to both printers from both PCs. Can you help?


A:I want to print to both of my printers from 2 pcs.

The following will help depending on the OSes on "new PC" and "older PC" and depending on whether "a printer" and "new printer" are shareable.

The following will set up a Microsoft Workgroup for File and Printer Sharing assuming the PCs are already networked via router, ad-hoc wireless or Ethernet (directly or using switch or hub).

In Network and Dial-up Connections (Win 2k Pro) or Network Connections (XP) right click on your connection and select ‘Properties.’ If not already there, install or add a check mark for “Client for Microsoft Networks, “File and Printer sharing …” and “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).”

Right click on My Computer and on the Computer Name tab make sure you have a unique computer name and the workgroup name that you want to use for all computers. Change if necessary.

Restart the PC.

You must uninstall or properly configure any 3rd party firewalls on each machine.

If using the XP SP2 firewall: Control Panel – Windows Firewall – on the General tab it should be “On” and on the Exceptions tab “File and Printer Sharing” should be selected.

The Shared Documents folder is automatically shared. Any other folders or printers you want to share, just right click on them and sharing ... . When sharing a printer, accept the offer to load other drivers if your other PCs have different Op... Read more

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I have windows 7 x64 bit OS and 16GB ram. I used Ie8 before and it printed
without any issues on either printer. When I upgraded to IE9 or IE10, I get an
error when trying to print - "An error has occurred in the script on this page.
Line : 2053
Char: 1 Error : Invalid procedure call or argument.
Code: 0
URL: res/ieframe.dll/preview.js.:"

Yet when going from IE8 to IE10 I can
not print on either printer of HP Laserrjet1015 and HP 8600 pro. I don't get any
error message. I have the latest printer drivers for both printers and the
latest video drivers as well. I have tried a lot of techniques and nothing seems
to have fixed the printing issue on IE11.

This is what I have done:

I have checked that the folder of the temp folder has the folder
"Low" and its there, tried turning off protected mode, running IE11 as admin,
ran IE 11 without any add ons, cleaned out temp files, and still not able to

I just tried this technique of

Click Start
Collapse this imageExpand this image
click All Programs, and then click Accessories.
Right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as
Type following command and press ENTER:ICACLS
"%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\Low" /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low
Restart the computer.
Print or print preview a Web page in Internet Explorer.
and nothing worked either.

I have also tried turning of Turn off Smooth Scrolling from tools and advanced

To turn off the Smooth Sc... Read more

A:NOt able to print to my HP printers from IE9,10, and 11

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I have long had a HP5L printer attached to my system conneted toa parallell port (LPT1) .After upgrading to Windows7 from Vista it showed the printer connected to LPT3 (whatever that is) and when I tried to print the data gets to the spooler but will not print.

I tried to do an Add Printer to connect the printer to LPT1 but all it shows in Printer& Devices is HP5L (copy 2). I deleted the copy 2 but each time I try to add the printer it creates an additional copy for LPT3.

I physically removed the printer, shut down the system, restarted and get the same results. Printer & Devices shows only copy 2 of the printer connected to LPT3.

I connected the printer via a parrallell to USB adapter and when connected I get a message that the drivr was added and the device works. However, the device added is apparently NOT a printer.

If I run Belarc Advisor it shows three instances of HP5L all connecting to LPT3. How can I delete all references to the printer and do a clean printer Add? DeviceManager does not show any printers.

A:Multple Printers -no print

You can try to uninstall from control panel. You can try search by start menu, type in the printer and delete all reference. When you installed Win was the printer connected, if so you can try a repair install and conncect only monitor, modem and keyboard.

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Have Brother HL-2270dw at my default printer. Devises and printers in control panel shows HP Stream status as not connected.   Shows HP Office Jet Pro 8610 as offline.  When trying to print get an error, but no code.  I can print on both printers from my HP desktop.

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I was wondering if there was a way to have two different applications set to print to two different printers. For example, I want MS Word to print out to printer 1 while Adobe Acrobat prints out to printer 2. And I want these to be set as the default for their respective apps.

I know that a default printer is chosen in Start Settings printer and faxes, I just wanted to see if maybe there was a way to have the application choose instead.



A:Having 2 different apps print to different printers

Hi JFresh,

I'm not aware you set a default printer for WORD, it always resets to the Windows Default printer each time you start a new WORD session.

No idea for Acrobat.

So, here's a possible solution for you; let's assume that Acrobat will use the Windows default printer , and WORD is to use something else.

Are you OK with creating a WORD Macro in Normal.dot that can be run from the Toolbar?

Assume that bit is OK. then the macro you need to change the printer is like this:

Dim CurrentPrinter as String
CurrentPrinter = Application.ActivePrinter
Application.ActivePrinter = "my other printer name"
Application.ActivePrinter = CurrentPrinter

When you run that macro from the toolbar it will:
Save the current application default printer name i.e the Windows default
Chage the printer that will be used to be your other one
Print the document
reset the printer back to the default.

Note: the change of printer name has to be in quotes as you are entering a character string i.e type the "'s.
This won't let you choose no of copies etc, but if you wanted that then the File \Print allows all the options and the printer select anyway.


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I have two network printers that will not print from Windows 10. I get an error message 003 that indicates the que is full but there is nothing in the que. The printers work fine from my Ipad and IPhone.

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I came into work today and found that I can't print to three of my five network printers (two Oki printers and one HP). In fact, I cannot even ping their IP addresses. (I get "Request timed out" or "Destination host unreachable."

One of the printers that I can't ping is my main printer, and I verified its IP address using the printer's built-in menu (it prints out a page with the network status).

I re-installed that main printer's drivers using the manufacturer's CD. The program says that the drivers installed correctly, but I still cannot print. This printer normally has a static IP address ( I used the printer's menu to obtain an automatic IP address and it came back with, which I think means that the printer can't communicate with my router.

The HP printer is wireless. The other four printers are plugged into a 16-port hub. The two wired non-working Oki printers are showing green status light as well as amber light at the point where the ethernet cable is plugged in.

I'm out of ideas so any assistance you could offer would be helpful. Could this be a new year's bug?

A:Some of my network printers won't print

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This is a wifi printer which l have set up on a Microsoft 7 laptop.I only use it with my apple I pad .the lights seemto be ok ....but it sais  'no air printer found'on the self test/ device configuration under direct print configuration it does say off.            With thanks

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i have a lexmark x75 that was printing fine on an old windows 98 machine...
then nothing...kept on saying "no communication" restart your pc or check usb or power
the printer on and off...bla bla bla!!!

i have reinstalled the usb drivers
i have downloaded new drivers from driverguide installed and the same problem
when i plug in the usb cable it does come up in device manager as "usb printer"
but i plugged it into my win98 virtual machine at home and it came up as "all in one" found new hardware...this seems more like what i want...

so the cable isnt at fault

can anybody jog there memory back to win98 for me please...
i need to have something to work with at 9am tomorrow morning...

A:lexmark x75 wont print in win98


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I need a print driver for Win98 Epson Stylus Color ESC/P 2 inkjet printer.

Duh, looks like Microsoft dropped all support for Win98. Anyone know where I can find one for free. Used to be a good driver site around but I don't seem to have it bookmarked.

Something happened to my installed copy and printer won't print.


A:Print Driver Win98 Epson

Hi.....Have you tried www.epson.com ? I think that I saw them listed there for Windows 98.

Good luck!


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I am trying to print to an Apple Laserwriter Pro 630 connected to my PC (AMD-K62 400 with Win 98) via LPT1 using the local printer setting - without success. Although the printer is connected to the same Ethernet hub as the PC, I couldn't install the network driver because I couldn't find the printer on the network.

I installed the printer driver that came with the Win 98 disk. I also tried the Win 95 driver available on the Apple website, along with the Adobe PostScript 4.2 driver that came with it - all with no success.

When a print job is sent to the printer, it prints 17 pages of what looks like PostScript commands and error messages. Among those messages, some promissing ones include "this job can print only on a PostScript Level 2 or 3 printer" - our printer is PostScript Level 2. Also, the printout says we require more memory (we have 8 mb RAM in the printer). It also suggests "in the PostScript dialog box, click optimize for portability". (attempted with no success). It also recommends "in the device options dialog box, make sure the available printer memory is accu...." - the print runs off the page at this point.

If anyone understands PostScript, I can provide them with specific information from the 17 page printout upon request.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

A:Apple Laserwriter Pro 630 won't print with Win98

I am a little lost here. Are you connected to LPT1 or a hub with this printer? I didn't think an Apple printer could connect to an IBM printer port. If you did connect it to LPT1, what kind of cable did you use?

Ok, scratch that. Just looked around for the printer and found this:

So, it does have a parallel port on it. This page says that it has PCL emulation. How about trying that? Install in windows as a HP LaserJet Series II printer. Don't know if you need to tell the printer you are making this change - most are autodetect these days, but if it is older you may need to change it manually.

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Whenever I print to the shared printer on my Windows 7 desktop, the print job will just sit in the print queue. If I stop and then start the print spooler, the job will print. It happens from an XP laptop. Print jobs sent from the local Windows 7 computer print just fine.
How can i solve this one ? :(

This issue with some particular laptop running windows Xp and windows 7 Home

A:Whenever I print to the shared printer he print job will just sit in the print queue

So, the Windows 7 Desktop has the printer physically attached to it and it's shared?
And the XP laptop is sharing the printer through the network? If I understand you correctly?
If so, on the XP Laptop, go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. Are there any devices with yellow flags? Or Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers is there an Unknown Device? Or any listings for the printer? If so, right click it and Uninstall it. Now go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Add Remove Programs uninstall any drivers or software for the printer. Now,go to Printers and Faxes, and if the printer icons is there, Right click the shared printer icon and Delete it. And Restart the computer. Now when the computer comes back up, go to the printer manufacturers support/download drivers site and type in the model# for the printer and download the driver for the printer for XP and install it. Now, go to Start/Run and type the computer name of the Windows 7 machine (ex) \\ComputerName and press enter. A window should open up with the shared drives on the 7 computer, with the shared printer. Right click the shared printer and choose Connect. This will add the printer to Printers and Faxes again. Right click this printer/Properties and print a Test Page.

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I have 2 LaserJet printers here hooked up to 2 different computers and networked so that all 4 computers could print to either of them. A few days ago, the first a Brother printer, just stopped printing. You can send a job to it and it will act like it wants to print, but never picks up the paper or prints. Now today the second printer, a HP LaserJet 1200 printer is doing the same thing. Any ideas what is happening and what I should do to correct it.

Should I reinstall the printers? Unshare them from the network?

Any help is appreciated.


A:LaserJet Printers not wanting to print

The first thing you should try to do is reinstall the printers. That may solve the problem.

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I was able to print to my network-attached Brother 2070N and 3045CN laser printers until recently. Driver have been loaded, printers are discovered and added to the client, but every time I try to print I receive the message "Printer not ready". All of the Windows 7 clients can print to these 2 printers, it's just my 64bit Win8.1 Enterprise computer that cannot. If I can't get this resolved soon, I'll have to go back to Win7.

Does anyone have a fix for the "Printer not ready" issue? Thanks in advance!

A:Cannot print to two different printers in Win8.1 Enterpris

I had to re-install both printers for my Win 8.1 PC to be able to print again. I deleted all printers in device manager, then re-installed "from scratch" and installed new drivers and the printers work again. I wish I knew what broke them in the 1st place...

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Since changing my internet supplier, I've had problems with printing anything out from the net.
Everything that prints out when printing directly from a web page, prints out as source code, and the page does not print.
However, if I save the text to Word, or the pictures to Paint, I can print out OK

This is driving me mad, as I've already spent hours of my time and money in speaking to the ISP people at Tiscali, but nobody can help. The following suggests that Windows XP home might be to blame.

I've tried different computers, different printers, both inkjet and laser, but all appear to do the same - EXCEPT - one old machine that runs Windows 98. This printed the pages OK, even though it was connected to a printer which had been printing out only code previously. So....I assume that it is something to do with my XP settings, but I've no idea which.

Help anyone ?

A:Printers will only print source code

Did you every find the cause? I have a computer that just started printing only the source code and I have yet to figure it out. -Joe.

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So, have a client who runs Windows 8
can't print to any of the printers in their office
they have shared / wireless and a couple of USB connected ones
each one installed /configured indivdually and the test print will queue up but nothing will happen
it just sits there and does nothing

the ONLY thing i could managed to get to print was through bullzip (pdf creator )

check printer spooler
checked permissions on spooler/printers folder
re-installed printers different ways
they all seem to install just fine, but won't print

I am severly stummped by this
computer has been rebooted several times to no avail
tried differnet drivers for each
nothing ........nada
its the weirdest thing i have encountered as far as printing goes...........

anyone..... ??
this is regular workgroup/ not domain btw

A:Solved: can't print to any printers except virtual ones..

this is resolved

an orange clip on toner cartridge caused memory errors on printer ( on printer webpage configuration )
its working now

not sure why it would not print to other printers but after that was fixed, it cleared up problem altogether
very weird
( this was on an HP laserjet 1102w ) if it happens to anyone else

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I am trying to establish a household network sharing internet, printer and files.

The players
Main computer desktop XP Pro
Theater PC desktop Vista Premium
Old Laptop XP Pro
New Laptop Vista Home Basic
Linksys G router

I have been able to get the entire community to share the internet. I have gotten printer sharing to work on all but the new Vista laptop. I can not get any of the remote computers to access any files. I can get to the shared files folder on the main computer from the Theater computer but I am denied access when I try to open the shared folder.

Any suggestions on how to work this out?


A:Solved: WIFI Networking, Sharing internet works, print sharing is spotty, can't share

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I have 23 "printers" in my Windows XP print dialog window, only eight of which I actually use on any regular basis. The rest just clutter up the dialog and make it inconvenient to find and select the one I want to use. I have uninstalled all the printers I know for sure I will never use again. The 23 remaining are still there because either, 1) There is a good chance I'll use them again at some point (e.g. the printer at my mother's house, where I visit with my laptop about twice a year), 2) They are "internal" printers installed by some software I still use (e.g. "Intuit Internal Printer"), or 3) I don't know what they are and I'm concerned I'll screw something up if I just arbitrarily uninstall them (e.g. "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" and "Send to OneNote 2007")

Is there any way I can tell Windows to "hide" the un-wanted printers from the print dialog box, without actually un-installing them, in such a way that I could sometime in the future "un-hide" them?

A Google search turned up a very nice system settings option for the Mac OS X, but nothing for Windows. Any ideas?

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This is related to a (now expired) thread I started earlier this year.

We have an embedded server (embedded in the sense that it's running a propriety OS shell which we cannot add to or modify) for our POS system. When we print reports from it, they go to an attached local printer via USB. The printer is a basic workgroup-class LaserJet with both ethernet and USB interfaces. (Actually, the printer doesn't have built-in USB; we're using a USB-to-Parallel adapter to the printer's parallel port. The server does not require bidirectional communication with the printer.)

On the frequent occasions when we are operating the server remotely from the offices on another floor, it would be *very* handy if we could redirect print jobs to a networked LaserJet in those offices, rather than having to run up and down the stairs to retrieve the printouts from the server room.

What I would like to do is attach a device to the server's USB port that could intercept those USB print jobs and route them over the LAN to the desired network printer (either to the one by the server or to a printer in the offices). Ideally, the device would have an Embedded Web Server to allow one to change the destination printer selection with a Web browser. (Preferably, the selection would also automatically change back to the server room printer after a few minutes.)

There are a lot of solutions for sharing... Read more

A:Sending USB print jobs to network printers

Can the server see the network? If so you should be able to configure the printer queue to a networked print queue.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16286 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 224 GB (81 GB Free); D: 1862 GB (1473 GB Free); G: 931 GB (167 GB Free);
Motherboard: Alienware, 01NYPT
Antivirus: Kaspersky Total Security, Enabled and Updated

I have had this problem since mid-September last year - all of my printers are gone within Windows, the system will not let me install/reinstall any & the Print Spooler will not stay running.

The Event Viewer logs this error:

When I go into any Microsoft Office app & try to print, there are no printers installed. If I click on Add Printer, I get this:

I have contacted Dell support & Microsoft support with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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