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Solved: ie save picture as

Q: Solved: ie save picture as

Hi. Upgraded to vista business. In internet explorer, right click save picture as, defaults to pictures. Browse to a different folder to save picture. Not leaving the page, want to save another picture, defaults back to pictures, does not remember the last place I saved to. IE7 would always remember where last picture saved if did not close program. Is there a setting for this?
Thank You

Preferred Solution: Solved: ie save picture as

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: ie save picture as

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I am running Windows 7 and noticed this problem last night. Whenever I click, "save picture as", my browser immediately crashes. I have tried it on both firefox and IE and have tried restarting my computer multiple times. I have been able to save pictures fine in the past until yesterday. Any insight into this is appreciated.

A:Solved: crashes when I try to save a picture

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I hope someone can help me here. Recently, I have not been able to save pics I download from the net onto my hardrive. I am running XP pro and use AOL 8.0.

I right-click on the pic I want to save, click Save as, then ok. When I go to My Pictures to view the pic, there is only the JPEG Icon (orange salboat), and when i click on it, the Windows Picture Viewer says there is no preview available. I try to view it in paint as well, but the same thing happens.

Also, when I save it, the save box only gives me the choices of .ART or Bitmap. If I save it .ART, Windows gives me a message saying that it needs to know what program created it.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,

A:(Solved) Not able to save picture files downloaded from the net

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I hope someone can help me with this...i have jpeg's that i would like to save into my picture folder but it won't let me save them as jpeg, .bmp keeps coming up in the dropdown and that is my only choice...they are glitter graphics which from what i understand have to be saved as jpeg or .gif in order to glitter when used in something...
is there a program that is a free download out there that will let me save it the way it's supposed to be saved and actually give me a choice or is there someplace on my computer that i could go to change something or other to make that dropdown box work for more than just .bmp...need help, don't know what to do. Why wouldn't the my picture folder give you a choice as what to save things as.

help me please...any suggestions would be appreciated...thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Trying to save a jpeg into my picture folder but it won't let me

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I had no idea where to put this thread, but since I am running XP Home SP2 I put it here. EVERY picture I save in "My Pictures" ends up in the list of available wallpapers in the display properties. My other computer did not do this, I had to manual choose a particular pic from my folders and then I could use it as a wallpaper. The pictures were not just routed there by default like it seems to be doing now. My big issue is the list is now ridiculously long & I don't know how to stop them from going there & undo the ones that are already on the list. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: Every picture I save in "My Pictures" ends up in the wallpaper list...

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Are there features on IE8 that allow faster downloading of pictures from web site?

On Opera I can right-click a picture, click "save to download folder" and it downloads the picture immediately, without displaying the "save as" dialog. It also always gives it a unique name without asking me if I want to overwrite.

The Opera method is MUCH faster when saving lots of pictures.

Is there such a feature on IE8?

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I want to save a picture of my grand daughter off a web page and put it on my desktop as my wallpaper? how can i go about doing that.

A:How do i save a picture from the web?

Welcome to Bleeping Computer Mike!

To save a picture all you have to do is right click with your mouse on the picture you want to save, and then click on the "Save Picture As" option. It will bring up a dialog box asking where you would like to save the picture to. Navigate to where you would like to save it, and press the Save button.

Hope this helps

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ok, i can't save pictures off the web it won't save, and i drag them to my desktop but the same thing happens a message pops up saying CAN'T FIND FILE. i don't know what to do can someone help me please. i have: AOL 9.0, Windows XP.

A:can't save picture

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Whenever I try to save any picture from the web it gives me this problem:

1. the filename is automatically filled in as untitled
2. the filetype is automatically .bmp and when I go to choose file type the only type there is .bmp

** I have adobe photoshop, and I had microsoft image composer on my comp

also...if I am receiving a picture from msn there arent any filetypes to choose from...not even the .bmp

A:Save picture as...

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options>General tab and click on the "Delete Files" button. That usually clears up the "save as bmp only" problem.

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In Internet Explorer, when I right-click an image ("Save picture as"), the image can only be saved in .bmp format, even when the original image is in .jpg format.

A:IE Save picture as can only save in .bmp

My first thought on this is set the file association for jpg to IE Explorer and any other formats you want IE to open.

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How do you save as a separate graphics file a photo that is embedded in a Word document? The intuitive thing would be to right-click, expecting to see "Save picture as", but there is no such option. Nor can I find anything under Word's Tools or Save options. Nothing about this on a Search of Tech Support Guy. There is a thread on pasting a picture into a Word document, but not the other way around. Anyone's advice would be appreciated.

A:How to save embedded picture?

What kind of results do you get if you select it, then rightclick & copy, then paste into eg: PaintBrush and Save As?

NB - you'd want to resize your PaintBrush "canvas" to tiny before pasting so that it autosizes.


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I am having a weird behavior with "save picture as" from Internet explorer. It takes forever to save the file, then after the file is saved, another long time if I want to navigate away from the webpage. I orginally thought that there is something wrong with the disk. But then I found the problem occurs only with IE and not other software when I save a file. Then I tought that this is due to Norton Internet Security 2010. But then I do not have a problem with Save target as and download a file.(I think Norton checks the file whether I save picture as or save target as. I also disabled all componets of Norton2010 and the problem continued. I then found a thread that Aropos malware can cause this. I downloaded the removal tool found through alink in one of the messages in this forum and ran the tool. Ther was no Apropos. One odd thing I found is that when i try to save the file to "Mypictures" folder, it takes much longer than other folders oin my C druve or other drives, but the save as to those drives/folders has also been slower than how it used ot in the past.

What additional info do you need to diaginize this? Anything I should do that may get rid of the problem? I ran Norton 2010 several times and it only finds tracking cookies.Hope you will help.


A:Slow "save picture as"

See, if you have same issue in Safe Mode with Networking.

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I have never run across this problem before. There is a picture on the net that a tried to copy & save, but only 1/2 of it shows up.

The picture is on a two tone background. I right click on "Save picture as", and continue saving as jpg. When I open the picture in my Photo Shop, the bottom 1" of the picture has been cut off.

How can this be remedied?

A:Copy & Save Picture As

There is probably a simple solution, but I've got a complicated one for you. Try taking a sreenshot, paste it in your paint program, then cut the picture and then 'save as'. I know. I know. Seems like there ought to be a simplier, easier way....and there probably is, but I can't think of it now.

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Okay, I saw this question and the answer in here somewhere a while back but I just spent over an hour looking and can't find it and MS doesn't seem to have it in their KB. Would one of you kind people please help me out.
All of a sudden when I right click and choose "save picture as " the only format choice I have is "bitmap", and the name is always "untitled". Same thing if I get the little popup save buttons. I know this is a common problem but I can't remember the fix. I know that sometimes it is AOL related but I have no AOL on my PC. The only thing I've done lately to IE is installed the Sun Java so I could do some some speed checks. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Sorry, found the answer on another site. In case anyone else is having this problem all you have to do is delete the temporary internet files (not the cookies). I've no idea how mine got full, I include them in the disk clean-up that I do once a month. Guess I'm surfing too much lately, lol. Probably comes from being recently retired.

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When using the same website on a freshly imaged Windows 10 machine, when I go to "Save picture as" from right-clicking a picture in IE11 and Edge, it only allows me to save the picture as a PNG and BMP, but the picture is really a JPG.  Both
Firefox and Chrome allow me to save it as a JPG.
Any idea why IE and Edge will not allow me to save the image in the format it actually is like every other browser I try?

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I am using IE10. Whenever I right-click a picture on the net and select "save picture as ..." IE10 automatically goes to Libraries. I would like it to go to "My Pictures". Any way I can set this up? Thanks in advance.

A:IE10 - save picture as ...

Hello Tony,

If you like, you could set the default save folder for your Pictures library to be your "C:\Users\(user-name)\Pictures" folder to have it save to your My Pictures folder by default when you save anything into the Pictures library.

Library - Set Save Folder

Hope this helps,

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Is there any way to switch off the IE6 feature that makes the 'save, print, email' icon appearing when I hover my mouse over an image which is not a link?

A:IE6 save picture icon

Click tool, internet options and then the advanced tab. Remove the check from Enable Image Toolbar.

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How do I zoom in on an image and then save the zoomed in picture?

A:zoom in on picture then save

If it is a picture you have on your PC you just use some picture editor to view the image, get it to whatever zoom level you want, crop if needed, and then save the results.

What you want to know is what picture editor to use.
If you want to try something free just try either Picasa or IrfanView.

In each of those great FREE programs, there are many options and capabilities. Don't throw either one away, simply because your initial trial of it might be less than perfect. Both require a bit of exploratory testing, and it will be worth it.

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Here is my problem.

I see a picture on the internet and right click and save picture as. I get the box to save to picture folder hit OK and then the box appears as 0% complete and freezes. I can't close it and if I go to Program Manager and try to close still won't work and the computer locks.

Any help, I cleaned temp files and used defrag. Also took everthing in folder and put it on an external hard drive still can't fix. I created a new user and that worked for a bit but now also doing the same.

Thanks I'm frustrated.

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This is an Easy One!! How do I save the Webpage I am looking at
in a Picture Format. Thank you!

<img src="http://forums.techguy.org/attachment.php?s=&postid=443675">

A:How Do I save a Picture of a Web Page?

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Can you tell me how do i save web pages as a Picture in Firefox. I search Firefox add-on page but there is only i can found web pages save as pdf. So if you know any add-on for save web pages as a picture please tell me.

A:How to save Web page as a Picture in Firefox?

Try Abduction


or Screengrab

Screengrab &#x274d; Rock Your Firefox

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hey guys..my first time here..clearly looks like an indespensible site.

well, my question is, lately when trying to<save picture as..
explorer hangs indefinately..or displays explorer ( or what ever program i may be working with at the time)...is not responding.
making it impossible to save any images.
the CPU usage shoots through the roof,to 100%..
and i usually have to close any open programs.
this also happens when trying to copy or paste, move to folder..etc.
i have done extensive virus scans, ad-ware, spybot...etc.
and all scans show up spotless clean.
i did however run into a number of viruses the other day,
when, browsing shall we say "questionable material"
most were like html redirect and stuff.. but a few denied access to my
running anti-virus. which remarked " unable to repair"
i immediately ran the virus scans et. al.
and even started in safe mode when i couldn't find anything.
i was sure to delete any temporary internet files and cookies..etc
just in case.

usually, had this been a problem with any other third party software
i am able to troubleshoot them, but being,what looks like a problem with windows itself, i dunno what to do.

..and i thought you guys would probablly know what to do.

A:save picture as< my pictures:hanging

You may be able to fix the problem by upgrading IE, but I recommend you try Firefox instead.

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Hi! I noticed on 11/13/10 that when I tried to right-click and save pictures from the web, the "save picture as" dialog box will load then immediately close causing the following message to appear:

This tab has been recovered. A problem with this page caused Internet Explorer to close and reopen this tab.

After three or so tries in IE8, the tab was no longer able to be recovered. This never resulted in IE8 shutting down but it did affect all other open instances of IE8 by resetting one or more of the tabs.

I next tried the Alt-PrintScreen and pasted in MS Paint. When I tried to either "Save" or "Save As" in that app, the dialog boxes loaded then immediately closed and the entire application shut down.

The "Save" and "Save As" dialog boxes don't crash in any of the MS Office 2007 software nor the Adobe software. I also don't have this problem in Mozilla Firefox but can't use it for MSN games and don't want two browers open.

I tried disabling all add-ons, resetting IE8 to default settings, updating IE8 to the Optimized version. Can't install IE9 because I'm on W-XP.

DDS log below:

DDS (Ver_10-11-10.01) - NTFSx86
Run by dgenese at 23:44:24.50 on Sat 11/13/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_22
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.446.89 [GMT -5:00]
============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati... Read more

A:Save Picture As Dialog Box Crashes

Hello , And to the Bleeping Computer Malware Removal Forum. My name is Elise and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems.I will be working on your malware issues, this may or may not solve other issues you may have with your machine.Please note that whatever repairs we make, are for fixing your computer problems only and by no means should be used on another computer.The cleaning process is not instant. Logs can take some time to research, so please be patient with me. I know that you need your computer working as quickly as possible, and I will work hard to help see that happen. Please reply using the Add/Reply button in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Do not start a new topic. The logs that you post should be pasted directly into the reply. Only attach them if requested or if they do not fit into the post.Unfortunately, if I do not hear back from you within 5 days, I will be forced to close your topic. If you still need help after I have closed your topic, send me or a moderator a personal message with the address of the thread or feel free to create a new one.You may want to keep the link to this topic in your favorites. Alternatively, you can click the button at the top bar of this topic and Track this Topic, where you can choose email notifications. The topics you are tracking are shown here.-----------------------------------------------------------If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you... Read more

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I have a fairly new HP Pavilion Ultrabook 14-b011tx with windows 8. In the last few days I have started to have a problem if I tried to right-click on a picture in IE and use "save as" I get error 8007ffff. If I try to save the whole page I get an error that says unable to save webpage with no further explanation.

I have also noticed the file open/save dialogue will not appear in some programs - they just hang.

I have tried reloading a restore point before all these problems started but the problems still remain - any suggestions as to how to proceed?

A:error 8007ffff trying to save a picture from IE

Is it only on Internet Explorer that this problem exists?

Have you tried Chrome, Firefox, or Opera?

I find IE to be very tempermental and just dont use it, but thats me...

Try resetting IE settings to original default values, in the settings.

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I asked this question in general security and got no response, so feel it is more appropriate here. I saved some funny pictures from facebook to my desktop the other night. I get on today and notice i have a google chrome icon that says "John Doe- John Doe added a new photo.html" along with a file with the same name but with "photo._files" instead of "photo.html" and inside it contained profile pictures of my friends that were extremely small and other files. I open the shortcut and its a very "cut down" version of facebook. From the night i saved the photo. It has the messenger open with my friends profile pictures, groups it was recommending me to join and such. Im wondering, how did i get this from saving a picture? I honestly want to know as seeing my friends profile pictures freaked me out a little. Its not a virus as i scanned it with Kaspersky and it came back clean. Thank you in advance.

A:How did i accidentally save a picture as HTML?

it is very easy when using chrome to mistakenly save the entire webpage instead of just a photo on facebook etc
in stead of right clicking on the photo itself, you must have right clicked slightly off the photo & selected save
that will put a web page on your desktop and a folder with all the photos on that page

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If this is impossible to do, it's not a big deal, but just in case...

There's agirl I went to high school with that is now an amateur model. I think it's neat that I know her, and she knows me - we aren't friends really, more just two people who shared some classes together back in the day.

On one photographer's website, there are a few pictures of her that I'd love to save to my computer (not for duplication), but when I right click on them, a little box pops up saying 'Image copy not permitted'. Is there anyway to get around that?


A:Trying to save a picture not meant to be saved

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Hi all

Just a stupid little problem with W7 I noticed which is VERY confusing but simple to fix.

I changed via the dialog the TEXT SIZE via the screen resolution in the control panel to CUSTOM SIZE.

With one of the newer "Cinema" or Very Wide screen (1680 X 900) displays after I'd increased the text size to over 160 % I didn't get the possibility to SAVE any documents any more via the SAVE AS button. The SAVE dialog would appear but the SAVE button was missing.

The effect was noticed in Office 2007 (all programs) Notepad etc etc.

Seems to be a Windows fault as this should not be allowed to happen.

on more traditional "Squarer" type monitors -- no problem.

I couldn't find the answer by googling but a bit of "trial and Error" fixed the problem.


A:SAVE as .. SAVE button missing in Save Dialog (solved)

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

Hi all

Just a stupid little problem with W7 I noticed which is VERY confusing but simple to fix.

I changed via the dialog the TEXT SIZE via the screen resolution in the control panel to CUSTOM SIZE.

With one of the newer "Cinema" or Very Wide screen (1680 X 900) displays after I'd increased the text size to over 160 % I didn't get the possibility to SAVE any documents any more via the SAVE AS button. The SAVE dialog would appear but the SAVE button was missing.

The effect was noticed in Office 2007 (all programs) Notepad etc etc.

Seems to be a Windows fault as this should not be allowed to happen.

on more traditional "Squarer" type monitors -- no problem.

I couldn't find the answer by googling but a bit of "trial and Error" fixed the problem.


What exactly did you do to fix the problem? You can't have "solved" in the thread title if you don't post the solution...

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I use Internet Explorer 7 at home (along with FF and Chrome - but the wife likes IE) and I have ran across a bug that has stumped me. When I right click on an image and select "Save Picture As," IE will completely shut down. I get the Windows Explorer box asking where to save the file but before I can do anything, IE shuts down. Sometimes I will get the error box "IE needs to close" but more often than not, it just closes. I have searched and the solution that made the most sense, "Starting IE in No-Add On Mode" did not help. Still crashed. Any ideas? I did see lots of not very helpful, non-responses like "You should use Opera or FF" or "You still use IE?" Those "answers" are just Microsoft haters..... BTW - I did try to right click to save an MP3 file using "Save Target As" which still used Windows Explorer box but could save the file and it didn't crash, so there didn't seem to be a problem between Internet Explorer and Windows ExplorerI went to eventvwr.msc and found this. Looks like the issue might be libavcodec.dll. I renamed the two instances to libavcodec.dl_, restarted but still have the issue. Thanks.Dave------------------------Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: Application ErrorEvent Category: NoneEvent ID: 1000Date: 4/29/2010Time: 9:52:03 PMUser: N/AComputer: <name removed>Description:Faulting application iexplore.exe, version 7.0.6000.17023, faulting modulelibavcodec.dll, versio... Read more

A:Internet Explorer 7 Crashes when doing "Save Picture As"

to Bleeping Computer, oldroadfan.Well, I also agree that Firefox is a MUCH better browser than IE, but I will try to help you solve this problem, nonetheless. Have you tried resetting IE? How to reset Internet Explorer settingsWhat operating system is this? XP, Vista, etc...

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Not sure why it happened but a month or so ago, my computer became infected by a virus pretending to be an antivirus / spyware / malware program (i don't remember the virus name, sorry). So I got Malwarebytes and was able to remove it (how thoroughly I'm not sure). After that happened though, saving images from the internet as .jpgs now take 35 seconds before the window to save actually appears. can anyone help out please?

I updated malwarebytes just today and ran a full scan just now on safe mode but it didn't find anything wrong.
I also did a cleanup of my harddrives to delete approx 4gbs of unwanted data and did a defrag afterwards.

the lag to save pictures still happens though.

A:"save picture as" takes 35 seconds before actually saving

Oke, Before I can say amything about it , I have to get more data.Could you do these steps : Download AdwCleaner(by Xplode) on your desktop.Launch it, click on [Delete] and wait for the scan.When the scan ends, notepad with the report will appears.The program will close all active programs. Click OK to confirm that.On the next two windows that open ( Informations and Restart required ) click OK The computer will restart and open a notepad ( C:\AdwCleaner[S1].txt ) with the report.Save the notepad report on the DesktopPlease attach here C:\AdwCleaner[S1].txt Roelof

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Is there any way to get Microsoft Picture It 2001 to work on Windows 7? I have Windows 7 Home Premium.

The only problem with Picture It! is that it wouldn't open any files and it won't save anything. Whenever I hit the save or open button, this message pops up and says "Picture It! 2001 has Stopped Working." And then, it would shut the program down.

I use Picture It! to draw cartoons. It's easy and simple for me because I found many ways to use Picture It! for animation. The problem is that there is not going to be a program like Picture It! 2001 that will let me do the stuff I did with Picture It! 2001 because Windows Live Photo Gallery, which is from what I heard is Windows 7's replacement of Picture It!, doesn't let me draw, animate, or do any thing that I learned from Picture It! 2001.

I also tried the Compatibly Mode that someone suggested, and that didn't work at all. The problem is that you can't save anything because the program stops working after you hit the Save or Open button. Other than that, the program runs fine. But I need to be able to save and open files.

A:Microsoft Picture It! 2001 wouldn't save?

extremely doubtful, it is after all a 9 year old software. this software had a bunch of issues in vista as well that i don't know if were ever cleared up. you may want to check out some of the newer photo software. start here with picasa, it's from google, works great and free. Picasa 3: Free download from Google

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Previous versions of Internet Explorer (including IE7 for XP) remembered the last save location of pictures . When I right clicked an image in a web site and have chosen
"save picture as" the save picture window offered the last save location by default even
when I changed the URL or the tab. The last save location was remembered until I closed
the explorer. Now in Vista I get the Pictures folder by default and the explorer forgets
the last save location when the web site changes and I have to re-select the preferred location each and every time. How could this annoying behavior be changed?

A:Save picture as - Internet Explorer/ Vista

Ok, this should work
**NOTE: I found this answer online and it requires a registry edit so please BACK UP YOUR REGISTRY before trying this**

Open Registry Editor (Type regedit in Run dialog box and hit enter)
and navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

Now check the string (REG_SZ) value named Download Directory, change the path according to your need.

Restart IE to take effect.

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Hello everyone,

sorry if the title is a bit confusing, I will explain my situation in more detail in here.

So, last week I suddenly discovered that when I wanted to download a PowerPoint presentation from the internet, it would not allow me to, saying "Access is denied". I tried it with some pictures as well, sometimes it will stop responding entirely, forcing me to shut down iexplore.exe, but then I need to reboot to make it work properly again. Another time I would get onto the screen which asks you where you would like to download to, and then closes the download in the blink of an eye, without downloading it, of course. Lastly I would get the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) error, to which I think everyone of those is indirectly related to.
I did a lot of investigation into my running processes, thinking it might be BlasterWorm, but could not find any recent data on that having affected Vista. I went through all my .exe to see which one might've caused this. I also uninstalled a Windows Patch in the likes of KB943899, which did something similar to my problem to other users. None of this has helped so far.
I would highly appreciate someone trying to give me some help! Exam time is approaching, and I need my BlackBoard.

I would also like to add that at the time that occurred, all my saved photos on the computer, except the ones in Received Files in My Documents had dissapeared.

Hoping to get some feedback on this,

A:Save Target/Picture As errors with Internet Explorer on Vista

I would post a HijackThis log for a log specialist to take a look. HijackThis is available



Use "Do a system scan and save a log file", and notepad will open with a log of what it

finds, copy and paste the contents here. Don't ask it to fix anything.

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does anyone know anything about the stupid wee icon that appears when you hover over a web image and lets you save/ email it? does it only kick in on certail size images or formats? e.g. go to www.reersupport.co.uk - it comes in over the bigger image not the smaller one? I want to stop it doing this on my website which is based on grpahics - it does it everywhere you stop the mouse!!

A:kill 'save picture icon' that appears when you hover over an image?

In Internet Explorer,
Go to Tools | Internet Options | Advanced tab
in the Multimedia section, uncheck Enable Image Toolbar

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Every time I save a something to the computer, a separate file is created that my computer can't recognize or open so i delete it and download again. I;m dumb at computers so please disregard how stupid i am. My java is updated and everything. I recently made a file and it made a separate file but had symbols at the beginning then the ending of the file name showed. Is that normal? Last time i saved a word document to my desktop, it made a clone file, I opened the file and it caused problems to my computer. Files keep appearing on my screen. Could it be a person because my Comodo didn't track anything. I even save pictures from unsafe sites. For example, I really like this person's artwork, but their blog/website shows pictures that expose their body more like partial nudity, but the picture i'm searching for is normal, but the person has the perfect picture and its not perverted. I like to browse sites that have the perfect picture even though the blogger displays inappropriate stuff like expose what that person likes cuz its their blog. I couldn't find a better picture than those types of websites. When I used to download ROMs for Super Nintendo I had to vote a hentai site to get the ROMs and it was the only place they had the game available. Like Magical Drop 2 back then. This other website i visited was devianart and it blocked a virus that attacked my computer. I'm a bit confused why it would do that when that site is considered safe.

A:Is it possible when you save it a picture from a website, can that file send a virus/spyware to your computer?

This quote is from Wikipedia - Re: deviantART -As of August 2010 the site consists of over 14.5 million members, and over 100 million submissions, and receives around 140,000 submissions per day.Any site with 14 to 15 million visitors + over 140,000 pictures submitted daily, has every chance of carrying infections -I would want a very good Antivirus + Firewall and Malware removers just to visit this site -It only takes one bad person to infect a large site like this - (Just my opinion)

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I have been infected by "about blank" before and repaired it, this one is annoying me...help!

A:Solved: Click to see larger picture...about blank pops up with no picture!

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First of all just wondering if I can change the default destination folder of "save picture as" to another folder.

I once had a tweak for the middle mouse button to open new window in IE, lost it now, and wondering if someone may help me with that tweak as well.

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When I load a web page with embedded images, then right click on one of these images and select "Save picture as..." then as default save directory


is presented in the file open dialog. Ok, I can manually change this to another folder in the file open dialog. But how can I change this default directory (permanently even after a restart) to lets say D:\work?


A:How to change the default "Save Picture as" directory for IntExp 8?


You need to edit the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders

There you will see all the different situations like disc burning, cookies, along with Pictures. Just edit the location to be the default you want and it will start saving whatever you changed (eg pictures) to that location.

Hope it helps

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Just in the last day or so, I noticed that when I download something, like a zip file for instance, I am no longer prompted to save or Save As. It just starts downloading to a temporary folder. When it's done, WinZip opens and I'm forced to extract the files without being able to just save the zip file. I can right click and "Save As", but I long for the days of convenient downloading...
Thanks for the help!
Btw, I did check the options for both IE5 (runs on Win98) and WinZip (ver.8) and didn't see anything that seemed to apply to the situation.


A:Solved: No 'Save or Save As' prompt when downloading

Apparently I'm wasting bandwidth, because I just figured out the solution. It was in the file associations, of all places, and there was a tick box (oooh, nasty) that said "Confirm open on download".
Well, thanks for at least having these forums here, even if I didn't need it this time!


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thats what i get when i right click and hit save picture as...i get to options saying
[ok] or [help]

i click [help] and it doesn't do anything.

i checked other websites and and i got the samething

my os is vista

i use McAfee

is there anyway to fix this?

thank you so much for your time.


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I found this link through this site from another user..........Here......Which I created an icon I like. I also understand that all Icon designs need to be formatted in 259x256 pixels. But how do I save this pic to be formatted to Icon?

A:How do I save a picture as file type"Icon"?

You can just upload your picture to here Online Image Converter and download as .ico from the options list.


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when I right click on a picture on a website; then save picture as; the website crashes and a balloon says 'the website has been recovered. problem with this webpage caused internet explorer to close". the pic doesn't save. This happens with any website and any picture or target

A:website crashes when I try to "save picture as"

What browser are you using, IE, Firefox, Chrome etc? What version (ex) IE8 etc. Did you try updating the browser or rolling it back? Try a different browser.

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In IE 6 when I click on "save picture as", I only get
.bmp in the "save as type" field. How do I get the .jpg or .jpe extensions to appear in the "save as type"
field. I am using win2k prof. & ie 6 has all the latest

A:IE 6 "save picture as" problem

Hi aronde

Delete your temporary internet files and reboot

This should cure it


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I made changes to a document and wanted to use save as option but used save in error. Is it possible to find the original document in its pre-edited state???

A:Solved: Help!Used save instead of save as?

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I have found this BUG in Micrososft Word 2007, that I consider to be a SERIOUS ISSUE for Microsoft Office Suite.

If you copy an image from a website and paste in the Word file, the image pastes successfully the first time,
but as you go on & paste other images from the site,
the first image is repeated over and over again, in place of other images (which have the same dimensions).
All other text data remain same, the image titles remain same, but only the image is repeated over and over


Microsoft? Office Word 2007 (12.0.4518.1014) MSO (12.0.6514.5000)
Part of Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

A:Microsoft Office Word 2007 picture paste Bug *same picture is repeated

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I would not advise pasting images in doc files like that,
I would use ms Paint to paste or save picture as
I would really recommend using the windows snipping tool to get the images that way no bugs are being transferred to the machine or programs,
Then use the Insert image option in word...
It's just a safer way to do an operation,

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After right click properties on My picture folder and change a picture location in the location tab to an external hard drive in %userprofile%\My picture folder the My picture folder has disappear now from %userprofile%\ location.
I went to the registry in the Shell Folder and User Shell Folder \ My Pictures REG_SZ and change back to %userprofile%\My picture value but that seem not taking effect.


A:After right click properties on My picture folder and change a picture location locat

Hello Stuckfree,

Double check through OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to see if it may be able to help restore your My Pictures folder.

Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder

Hope this helps.

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