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Can't intstall Intellimouse Optical USB and PS/2 Compatible mouse :(

Q: Can't intstall Intellimouse Optical USB and PS/2 Compatible mouse :(

Recently I have tried to install my Intellimouse Optical USB and PS/2 Compatible mouse onto my dell computer(running with XP), replacing the Intellimouse 1.3A PS/2 Compatable mouse that came with the computer. I went into "Help and Support" and found the appropriate article to tell me how to remove mouse.

"IntelliMouse: The Mouse Pointer Moves Erratically or Does Not Respond with Windows XP (Q321122)"

After following the instructions I tried to install my optical and it still refused to work. One thing that I noticed is that some of the files that they told me to delete were'nt there in the first place. Would all the mouse need to be unpluged while i did this? I'm not sure if anyone could shed some light on what i did wrong with the info i'v given but any help would be greatly appreciated.


Preferred Solution: Can't intstall Intellimouse Optical USB and PS/2 Compatible mouse :(

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can't intstall Intellimouse Optical USB and PS/2 Compatible mouse :(

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As the title says, I would like to know the differences between MS Intellimouse Optical and MS Intellimouse Optical 1.1. I will buy one of those, and they have almost the same price. Thank you in advance.

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Does anyone know if microsoft will ever release a Serial version of their IntelliMouse Optical? Yes, it's sad, I only have a serial port, and nobody seems to make mice that are compatiable with it(they're all USB and/or PS/2).

Take a mega-byte out of my mega-chip!

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical

I'm not sure about this, but i think it'd be tehnologically impossible to make a Serial optical mouse. I don't thinik the Serial Port would be fast enough.

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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I tried to contact Microsoft Tech Support but they wouldn't help me since I was out of the 90 days for Free Tech support, go figure! Anyhow, I keep getting an Error 1101 when I install the software for this mouse. It says the following: Error reading from file c:\windows\TEMP\_isA164\1033.MST

How can I resolve this error so I can use the full capability of this mouse?

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical

What OS are you using?

And what mouse were you using before? Does that one still work?

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Hi all, my computer is all fine and dandy now. Yea! Except for one thing.. I just went out and bought an Intellimouse optical and I installed it. It works and all except the two little side buttons. In the quickstart guide it lets me choose the mouse as the Intellimouse Optical but it only tells about it. Then in the Intellipoint software v4.0 it doesn't have the option to choose intellimouse opt only intellimouse. I'm thinking of downloading v4.1 but it has LOTS of bad reviews. What do i do?

A:Microsoft intellimouse optical

I had trouble with the cd that came with my last one, ended up downloading the newer version, that one worked. 4.1 I beleive

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I ve upgraded to XP for a about 4 weeks now and I realized that I cannot use the 2 extra side functions of my mouse because i have not installed the intellipoint software. I installed it and now the mouse is slighty jumpier than it was before. Help?

A:intellimouse optical skipping

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I have a totally new problem with my MS Intellimouse Optical. I have used this for some time (98, ME, XP) with no problems. I now have a new system - Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have downloaded and installed the latest Intellipoint software (7) from Microsoft, and installed the Mouse. But...
- The Mouse is recognised not as an Intellimouse Optical, but an Intellimouse Web
- I cannot therefore change the side button settings on the mouse (via Control Panel>Mouse) from the default "Forward" and "Back", or the centre button either.
This is annoying. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times, to no avail.

Does anyone know...??
(a) How to get Windows 7 to recognise my mouse as the proper type (Device Manager etc)....or
(b) How to hack the settings (XML / Registry / whatever) to change the default option, so the mouse does what I want it to without trying to change the buttons via the Control Panel.

Many thanks

A:Intellimouse Optical buttons can't be changed

Hi Walrus1963 and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

When you installed the driver, did you correctly select your mouse model from the dropdown list during installation? If not, uninstall the driver and reboot your machine. Now, reinstall the driver being careful to select the correct model when prompted. What is the model of your mouse?

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Alright heres the story...

girlfriends comp won't load her wireless logitech mouse, I disconnect my optical explorer bring it over and let her use that until she buys her own. No problems works fine on hers. She gets her new one I bring mine home and reconnect it, boot up, umm no mouse...wha? Yeah me = angry.

So basically I've tried lots of junk, regedit stuff (may have missed a few files possible), updated intellipoint software, tried USB ports.

This is what has happened...it gets detected in the USB port however Win XP doesn't know what the device is...doesn't even know its a mouse.

The lights work, the camera light and the back one. So it doesn't seem to be the mouse. It worked fine on this system only 2 days ago.

Is it possible for viruses to spread to hardware peripherals like my mouse?

I've included pics from "msinfo32"...3 different shots...one showing I have no IRQ conflicts, another showing that I have an "ERROR" and the other telling me what my error is "Device Cannot Start"...real helpful...you'd think it'd tell me why.

My computer is an Alienware P4 1.7Gig...mouse worked fine 2 days ago on this computer and fine on my girlfriends recently bought Dell machine (don't have the exact specs on hand). Any help?


A:Intellimouse Explorer (Optical) Woes

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I have been using this mouse for about a year now. I was just surfing on the net today when the mouse froze and would not work (light at the bottom did not light up like usual). I usually connect it to the computer with a PS/2 converter and decided to unplug it from the converter and just plug it in the computer, using its original USB plug and it worked.

However after every about 15 minutes it stops working, every 15minutes I would need to unplug the mouse from the USB port and reconnect again. I have tried my other USB ports, all did the same. Everytime it disconnects on the right bottom it would pop up a message saying "Unrecognizable tool connected" something along those lines however when I do reconnect it it'll recognize it sayin the mouse model.

I was wondering is there a problem with the mouse or is it the computer? Anyway I can "fix" this problem? I'm broke at the moment haha and have no money therefore can't get a new mouse at the moment and this problem is annoying me.

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A problem

Have you tried downloading and installing the latest MS Intellipoinit drivers? the latest version is ip5.4

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I bought Intellimouse optical yesterday. I installed the software. I prefer using Netcape
rather then the explorer. My mouse doesn't work that has the back and the forward on my
mouse. I clicked on explorer and It works. Which version of Netscape will I have to use for the
back and forward?

Thanks a lot,

A:Microsoft Intellimouse optical problem?

I have a Wireless Intellimous Explorer and all 5 buttons work in every program that uses a back function. A little advice: I don't use the forward button much, but do use the back. I changed the forward button to function as the close button... because I use that one a lot... works great. Back to your mouse... it is possible it doesn't work with netscape because microsoft made it... and you know how microsoft is. It really should work though, even if you are using netscape. Try upgrading to the latest version and maybe even upgrade your intellimouse software, if there is an upgrade. Also, make sure you have the correct mouse selected in the settings of your software. If you have the wrong one selected the regular left and right buttons should work without software because they are basic, standard functions.

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I'm very used to my 5 button mouse selecting, copy and paste with 1 hand is very convenient against the short cut Control C and Control V and single clic for double clic So I wonder if there is a solution to get a Windows 10 driver Or do I have to quite with this mouse? What can we expect from Microsoft to one of his own products ??

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In order to rectify a compatibility problem with my Logitech Optical Mouse/Keyboard with Hitman 2, an Eidos support site recommended that I should install Microsoft Intellimouse drivers to overcome the problems with Logitech's custom drivers (they were causing some pretty serious glitching in the game which I had just bought and wasn't willing to give up on)

So, I downloaded the latest version of the Intellimouse drivers. Now, I don't know computers intimately but I'm fairly computer literate so it didn't surprise me when a box came up saying "other mouse pointer drivers detected, uninstall? select yes to continue Intellimouse driver installation"

naturally, I thought that these Intellimouse drivers would be compatible with my mouse and I could therefore delete my current Logitech drivers and everything would be ok. So, after uninstalling it prompted me to reboot, which I did.

Upon rebooting it completed the Intellimouse driver install and came up with a "select your mouse" type list - now I decided that since there were no Logitech mice on the list I should select a mouse with similar functionality, the Wheel Mouse Optical (which I do actually have, on another computer) stupidly believing it would work. It prompted to reboot again, which I did.

Unfortunately when I reached the login page after rebooting I found that the mouse and keyboard failed to work. When I tried using my Wheel Man Optical and corresponding keyboard, they ... Read more

A:Mouse/Keyboard not working after Intellimouse Driver install

Try tapping f8 at boot, and choosing last known good.

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I got an optical mouse with a scroll wheel for Christmas last year and the scroll wheel won't work on anything (IE, Compuserve, Netscape).
It has no brand name anywhere on the mouse so I can't look for a new driver. It came from Office Depot and it has no disk/CD. When I plugged it in it did not load anything else and I tried Add/Remove Hardware, but it didn't find anything new. Is there anything else I can do?


Stephen (I'm Stumped ))

**My problem has been solved now. Thanks to Jedi Master!**

A:[Solved] Optical mouse's scroll wheel won't work ne where; no brand name on the mouse

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I'm getting ready to build a new computer for Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and am looking for a CD/DVD reader/writer/burner optical SATA drive.

Generally optical drives are not affected by the operating system version. When I read some of the comments on a couple of optical drives on NewEgg, I was surprised to see that many people had trouble getting Windows 7 to recognize an optical disk. Some also reported having problems getting the system to recognize the Win 7 installation disk.

A few people also mentioned needing to update the optical disk firmware before starting the Windows 7 installation. That's OK with me as long as I can find the correct firmware update files.

I usually buy Plextor optical drives, but I've heard a lot about their latest drives being poor quality. I'm now planning to buy an Asus 24x optical drive.
Newegg.com - ASUS Black 24X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 12X DVD+R DL 24X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 12X DVD-RAM 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-R 32X CD-RW 48X CD-ROM 2MB Cache SATA 24X DVD Burner - Bulk - CD / DVD Burners

Anyone have good luck with this drive on Windows 7? Anything better? I figure this is the best place to ask.

A:Windows 7 Compatible CD/DVD Optical Drive

I go based on the customer reviews. I find the reviews themselves generally uninformative, but the bar graphs do tell a lot.

Here's a similar burner for 3 bucks less including shipping: Newegg.com - LITE-ON Black 24X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 8X DVD+R DL 24X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 12X DVD-RAM 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-R 32X CD-RW 48X CD-ROM 2MB Cache SATA CD/DVD Burner - Bulk - CD / DVD Burners

Good luck!

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I would simply like to know if this optical drive is compatible with my motherboard.

This is the optical drive I am planning to get: http://www.techbuy.com.au/product.asp?prodId=168462&catId=DVDROM&parentId=DVDROM_DVD_WRITERS

And the motherboard is an MSI P67A-GD55 (B3)

Thanks in advance.

A:Is this optical drive compatible with my motherboard?

No, it does not appear to be compatible with the motherboard. The page you linked to for the drive lists it as a SATA drive, but the description shows it as having an EIDE / ATAPI (Parallel) interface. Checking the Samsung web site confirms it has an EIDE / ATAPI interface.

The motherboard is listed as not having any IDE ports.

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Hello all,
I inherited a couple of USFF Opti 755s which work fine except on one the optical drive is not recognized by the BIOS. Apparently, there is a firmware issue and both of the PCs are running Windows 7 Pro now. I used a USB DVD drive to mount Win 7. However, I know that it would be super useful to not have the USB drive taking up desk space where those PCs are going. So what is a Win7 compatible optical drive that works with the USFF Opti755s? The drives I have now are TSST L-632Ds which aren't really even supposed to with these machines (on Win7 at least). Does anyone know of a later brand/model no that is works with Win7?

A:USFF Optiplex 755 optical drives compatible with Windows 7

USFF units use DModule Drives.  And the Drives are Only compatible in AHCI mode for sata operation.
There may be firmware issues reading newer windows 7 or 8 or 10 install dvd's and you may need to set the region code on the drives before they "see" disks.
Dell X4479 D-Series D620 D630 SX280 DVD+RW D-Module Drive for example.
USB Drives are easy you just need one that has 2 usb Y cable for power.
The only way to upgrade the firmware on these is to install XP from CDROM and set the region code and then update to the latest firmware for that drive.
A usb drive like this works fine.

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Hello! I have a SATA dvd writer (Liteon iHAS524-32) that I would like to use as an external unit by connecting it to a SATA-USB adapter. Problem is that I keep reading that such adapters may give various errors when the optical drive is trying to write. Apparently, the JMicron chips inside these adapters is to blame, but it seems that in some cases it works OK and in some other it doesn't (?!) I couldn't find out more. Also, all the adaptors about whose chip I could find something use a JMicron, all of them.

The main candidates atm are (considering also the local availablilty):
1. Digitus DA 70-148-1 digitus.info/en/products/accessories/?c=1209&p=3534 . Main positive argument: I have seen one working ok with my dvd writer (wrote 2 DVDs without problems). Cons: I know it uses a JMicron chip and some users have commented it worked OK as well but others complained about optical drive problems (see user reviews on amazon.de); only HDDs are mentioned in the manual and datasheet.
2. Manhattan 179195 manhattan-products.com/en-US/products/8847-hi-speed-usb-2-0-to-sata-ide-adapter . Main positive argument: the old version that you can see in the picture on the box in the above link as well as here: conectica.ro/display/1-63-15480-Adaptoare/Adaptor_portabil_USB_2.0_-_SATA_IDE_Manhattan.html was specified to work with optical drives as well. Maybe I could still find the old version on stock, but I kind of doubt it. Also, it has lifetime warranty.The new version, h... Read more

A:Please suggest a SATA-USB adapter compatible with optical drives

Nobody knows?

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Hi, My daughters Computer is a Dell Dimension 2400 and has a mechanical mouse that is really a pain to use. I have a spare Optical mouse but it has a different Plug in than the mechanical. The Mechanical mouse has a round plug, the Optical mouse has a long rectangle conection. Will the optical mouse work?

A:Mechanical Mouse to Optical Mouse Question

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I had this problem after a Win 10 update. The mouse stopped working both USB and Bluetooth. I tested a different mouse and that didn't work either. Touchpad worked fine. So I called Dell tech support and they suggested I uninstall Windows update and re-install the chipset drivers that they provided. I did both and mouse still didn't work. Then tech support suggested I do a Windows Restore. Again that did not solve the problem. Then they suggested I do a Windows reinstall. At this point I got annoyed since I have 30 programs that I use for my business and a total Win re-install is out of to question. I thought there must be another simpler way to solve this problem. So I did an online search and found a fix. It was a very simple problem and needed a very simple fix:
I was able to fix this problem by adding a missing MultiString value to this registry key:
Value Type: Multi String
Value Name: UpperFilters
Value: mouclass
An article that explains it in a very round-about way is here:
The Multi String Value Name: UpperFilters was missing so I added it and the mouse started working and everything is good to go!
I was very disappointed with the Dell support team I contacted. They gave me the run around for 3 days for such a sim... Read more

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This is going to sound really pathetic folks but having had to clean out a load of dust and dirt from my Logitech optical mouse, I now find there is a small sprung object over......
The wheel is back OK and the mouse even works but there is a "thingy" over.. It is about 3/4 inch long with a small hook at each end and a couple of loops in the middle.

When you use the wheel itself, it just doesn't feel that it has the correct tension and therefore I am assuming that the small object should be attached to it in some way.

It did not spring off when I first opened the mouse and in fact I didn't notice it until I was re-assembling. It just sat there in the bottom of the mouse on the right hand side.

Does anyone know of a diagram of the inside of an optical mouse showing where this object should be used? I know it doesn't cost very much to buy a new one but it is a question of honour now finding out where it should be placed. Know what I mean!!


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I've tried everything logical!

but I cant get my PS2 Optical Mouse to work on XP.

It's supposed to be compatable, so no drivers or software came with it.

Any ideas?

A:XP & PS2 Optical Mouse

My first idea is that you need to give more information. Like the name brand and model of the optical mouse. Is it wireless ? Is it new ? Did it EVER work ?

If it did, what happened just before it went bad ?

Was there an "old" mouse? Did you uninstall that mouse's drivers ?

Does the optical mouse work on another computer ? Does another mouse work on your (main) computer ?

Does a conflict show in the Device Manager ?
Does the device show up in Device Manager ?

Is it plugged in ?
Is it plugged into the PS2 port, and not the keyboard port?

Does it need batteries and if not are they still good ?

What do you mean by "can't get it to work". Is it completely dead, or do you have partial function?

Does your BIOS have a switch to enable/disable a PS2 mouse and did you make sure it is enabled ?

Does your Motherboard have a jumper to enable/disable a PS2 mouse and is it enabled?

What's the history of your system ? Is it new or used? Have you owned it for a long time or did you just get it ?

My second idea is that you should first let go of the notion that WinXP has anything to do with your malfunctioning optical mouse. Unless you have some red-haired ******* step-child of an optical mouse manufactured by some highly isolated cult located off the Fiji Islands, and imported by Boolong-Bang tribe for distribution in the United States, chances are that your XP and your mouse are just fine, and that the problem is more in the... Read more

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I bought one of the optical trackballs mouses made by MS and have found it to be less that usable. It will call up a website that I had visited some time ago on it's own. It will start highlighting text for no known reason. I know it is this piece of junk since I can go to the old trackball and this does not happen. Any ideas or fixes.

A:Optical Mouse

Sounds like you got a bad mouse. Go back where you got it and exchange it.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

Vote for the best Tech Support site every day: VOTE for Helponthe.net!

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my optical mouse keeps freezing or totally shuts off by itself!! sometimes even if it is on it wont do anything!! if u could help! OS is XP port USB fairly new comp. 2002 it mostly happens during game play but sometimes happen while im doing something less productive!! if u could help plz!!

A:optical mouse help!!!

First make sure the lens area is clean. Sometimes during times of heavy resource use the mouse might freeze. Try this

Start>Settings>Control Panel>System>Performance>Graphics
Do this:
Move the Hardware Acceleration Slider one or two clicks to the left.
OK and reboot.

Also make sure you have latest drivers for your mouse.

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Just purchase a Sony optical mouse for my laptop. It is usb/ps2. When I plug the mouse into ps2 it works fine until I reboot? I startup with the original mechanical mouse unplug it, and plug in the new optical mouse and it works fine. Then I reboot with the optical in place and It does not work? I would like to use the ps2 socket because of the limited number of usb ports on the laptop, one. I do have a usb hub, hate to tie up. Thanks.

A:Optical mouse

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Just bought a optical mouse from walmart with driver disk and setup utility. I used the setup.exe and install the browse mouse utility which apeared in the tray. The mouse goes nuts. The pointer jumps all over the place and opens everything. I uninstalled it and removed all mouse's from my device manager. Then click add/remove hardware and install the ps/2 driver off the driver disk and it worked fine? Then when I restart the laptop it plug and play installs the original ps/2 driver and the mouse acts up again? Thanks for the help.

A:Optical Mouse

I would check the website of the manufacturer for any updates for driver. It sounds like the wrong driver or a faulty driver came with it.

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I have a issue with my mouse i have a Microsoft optical mouse, the thing is it all works and all but when i boot the system, it wont boot up until i hit delete, and it mentions that either i dont have a mouse present or something else i kinda forgotten at this point, i just think its too bizzare but its only been with this mouse as i can recall, what could cause such a thing, how can the computer say it isnt present or installed when it is and it works just the delete issue

any suggestion would be appreciated it thanks

A:Optical mouse

Try another mouse. It may have a fault.

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I have an optical mouse which I have plugged into a USB to PS2 converter. The optical light stays lit on my mouse even when the machine is shutdown. I've already flashed the BIOS. Any other suggestions??

A:Optical Mouse

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Bought an optical mouse, connected to USB and loaded s/w. It lights up but does not move pointer. If I replug old ball mouse it works. What must I do to get Windoes 98 to "see" the new mouse ?
Many thanks.

A:Optical Mouse

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I purchased an optical mouse 6 months ago and just now it started flashing erratically and I could no longer control the cursor. I have just fitted an 80Gb SATA hard drive and a RAID controller card. Could it be anything to do with that or is it just that optical mice 'wear out' after a while?

A:Optical Mouse

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All of a sudden my Logitech LX3 optical mouse has become inop....the (red)laser turns on when I start the computer (XP Professional) but it only lasts a few seconds. The curser is dead, and only by reinstalling the old "roller"type mouse can I move the curser.
I tried to reinstall the software, but that is a little awkward without a mouse.. ::

A:optical mouse

Hi there, since this isn't a tip or trick, I've moved you to the correct forum, hardware

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Is there a way the images captured by an optical mouse be sent via USB and saved in any format?

It's my understanding that the captured images are processed and then the movement data only sent to the USB port. Is there a way I can tweak this?

Little experiment I thought I'd try out

A:Optical Mouse as Cam

That would be aaaaaa negative. Optical mice do not capture images, they just have a sensor that detects reflected light back to a sensor.

How would you use a mouse as a camera?

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My optical is being jumpy. I put it on the slowest setting and it's still 3x more sensitive than any setting I've come across, such that I can't even navigate at school. It also jumps around sporadically and fights with me. Smartmove is not on and it is on the slowest setting with no acceleration, and there is no software with it. It's a Logitech cordless optical.

A:Optical Mouse

Try it with Logitech's software/drivers and see how it goes. Go HERE, pick your mouse and your OS and you'll get the latest ones.

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Recently my optical mouse will freeze and the only way to get it working again is rebooting the computer. Any ideas as to why it freezes?

A:Optical Mouse

Does the keyboard still work or is Windows locked up? If Windows is locked, it's not a mouse issue. If Windows and the keyboard are still functional, then test the mouse on another PC or test another mouse on that PC.

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I just got a wireless M$ Optical Mouse and so far I am not impressed. It seems more jumpy than the regular mouse. Is this normal? I will be using the mouse when the pointer dissappears and shows up over the start menu at the bottom of the screen. I had better performance with the wireless mouse I had before. I thought these were supposed to better and smoother. Is this a common issue or did I make a bad choice with the M$ brand mouse, or did I get a lemon. Any thoughts? Thanks.

A:Optical Mouse

The surface you use it on makes a difference. To eliminate the surface, Try it on a clean sheet of printer paper and see if that works smooth.

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I have a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 1.0A USB optical mouse which is six years old. When I was using Win ME it started to freeze occasionally needing a restart. Now I am using XP and it freezes more often than before (it just did it while typing the above). Sometimes I just disconnect from the USB port and reconnect and sometimes I substitute a small USB optical Mikomi mouse (on the same USB port) which I normally use with my notebook. This mouse always works but is not so comfortable to use with the desktop because of its small size.
The MS mouse will sometimes work for long periods and sometimes for only a few minutes but its frequent freezing is irritating. I don't see what can go wrong with it - I have checked the leads and cleaned the base and am using it on the same desk surface I have always done, so maybe it is on its way out.

Has anyone had this problem and solved it? I suppose a new one may be the only answer.


A:Can an optical mouse wear out?

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Hi. I'm running Windows XP Pro. I just switched to an LCD monitor and since having done so, my optical mouse has started to be uncooperative. When trying to get to the bottom right of the screen the cursor will often not want to go there; it just keeps jumping back to the middle of the screen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's always aggravating.

Any suggestions? The LCD monitor may not have anything to do with it. I also moved and when I set the computer up in my new place I replaced the CRT with an LCD and that is when the problems started.


A:Optical Mouse problem

Hello theolddog, I agree with with your mouse. I don't like LCD monitors either. Your mouse was cruising on your CRT and having a blast but now you have got it running through the mud. I wouldn't want to work either. LCD monitors IMHO are pretty when nothing is moving on the screen but just move your testy mouse around on the screen and watch that tracer follow behind. Your Old CRT never did that. My only advice is to put your CRT back on your system(if it works) and take the LCD back and get your your money, and wait for the LCD's to improve. But remember this is just my humble opinion.

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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop, brand new, that since yesterday won't recognize the Dell optical mouse. It gives an "error 43". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver without success. I got on Dell on-line tech support and their guy worked on it for over an hour and 3 reboots without success. What is going on? We plugged the mouse in when we took it out of the box and it worked for over a week just fine.

A:USB Optical mouse error 43

Have you tried another one? These things do break down and die sometimes...

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I just bought a new Sweex wired optical mouse. It came with no CD. I plugged it into the usb and it came to life, however it does not respond to movement. The red light flashes and all of the buttons work, but no matter what surface I have the mouse on it does not respond. Please help!

A:Optical mouse not responding, please help :3


C'mon, I know its not too interesting but I'd really like some help.

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I have this wireless mouse and my kids have done something with paper work and can't get it to connect the two pieces again. Can someone tell me how to get this working again. Thanks in advance

A:Retail Plus+ Optical Mouse

So its wireless? If so there shoudl be a connect button on the receiver that plugs into the computer and a button on the bottom of the mouse, just press both within a second or so of each other to get then sync'd up. Make sure the batteries aren't dead too.

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My mouse has stopped working. Rebooting the PC does not solve the problem. Cleaning the dust off of the mouse and mouse pad failed. Changing ports does not work either. The light on the mouse is working but the mouse is completely frozen. I am a novice. Should I replace the mouse?

A:Dead USB Optical Mouse

Try and borrow one first as a test but a mouse is not expensive

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I have an old system running win98 that i am tinkering with a bit. The serial mouse that i have for it is very sticky and so aggravating o work with.

I have a Dell USB optical mouse as well that i'd love to be able to use on this machine. When I plug it in to the usb port, it sees the new usb human interface device and asks to find an appropriate driver. I am unable to find the appropriate driver on my system so i turned to the net to try and find a download for this. I'm having great difficulty. Can anyone help me solve this problem?


A:optical mouse usb driver

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It stops moving as I'm moving the cursor across the screen, it will automatically highlight text without left clicking, I'll get the scrolling icon when I'm browsing a webpage(using FF) as if I had pressed down on the scrolling wheel.

Any ideas as to why would really be appreciated.

A:Problems with my optical mouse

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My optical mouse arrow shoots to the top of the screen and freezes. Sometimes the arrow will run the width of the screen before it freezes. I tried the reset button. Nothing. If I shut it off and turn it on it will work a little while then freeze up again. Is it telling me to replace the batteries or is it ready to cash in. Very frustrating. RonT22.

A:Solved: optical mouse?

Try with new batteries.

Use the mouse on a suitable surface (ie non-reflective, non-glossy grey or black uniform colour, not a picture-mat).

Try a different mouse.

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Hi everyone, I have a really weird problem. I have a simple USB optical mouse. The mouse sometimes lags! It stops moving, and it also doesn't have reaction for pressing buttons. It wasn't annoying really, until I started to play an FPS game. The lagging is sometimes short but still annoying, and I think it depends on CPU load which could be low, but sometimes it stucks at low CPU load too. Weird. I had a PS/2 optomechanical mouse before this, which was good, but I started to hate to clean it.

A:Optical USB mouse lags!!!

- check batteries
- is optical receiver visible (line of sight)?
- did it always lag?
- try changing video settings

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My mouse keeps stopping. I get a message saying a USB device has malfunctioned. It's my mouse and it keeps happening. I tried a second optical usb mouse and that too malfunctioned? Anyone know what might be causing this?

A:optical usb mouse trouble

Either a problem with the port where you connect your mouse or the USB drivers.
Try another port if you have not already done so and reboot.
Unplug all other USB devices and reboot to see if there is interference.
If not that, connect a PS/2 mouse if you have one and reboot. Go to Control Panel > System > Device manager > Hard ware and remove all the USB devices listed. You can do this without a mouse using the tab key to shift across items and spacebar to select.
Reboot and windows will put back the USB drivers.
Let us know?

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Lately I have been having problems with my Intellimouse wireless
mouse hanging up and the pointer acting sluggish and freezing.
Thinking it could be a driver problem, I uninstalled than reinstalled
it`s software but the problem persists. Battery level is fine and
installing new ones does not help. I recently purchased an 80gb
Maxtor 5000le external hardrive and ran a full backup of my C
drive. Is there some way this could have caused my problem ??
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


A:Wireless Optical Mouse

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