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Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Making a Digital Sound with Internet Surfing?

Q: Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Making a Digital Sound with Internet Surfing?


I've recently switched to Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High Definition Audio Device) using one Toslink cable instead of all the analog wires going from my PC to my receiver.

The digital sound is amazing, CD quality from my PC is great.

However, I now also receive the digitized sound of pages being loaded as I surf the web. All sound comes out digitized when loading a new page.

Is there a way to stop this from happening while listening to music or course material without gong back to analog?

Can I have my digital CD quality and enjoy it too!


Preferred Solution: Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Making a Digital Sound with Internet Surfing?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Making a Digital Sound with Internet Surfing?

On board sound cards are not known for their quality but try going in to your sound panel and muting all input and output sources you do not use (like mic and analog)

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Hi, I've recently switched to Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High Definition Audio Device) using one Toslink cable instead of all the analog wires going from my PC to my receiver. The digital sound is amazing, CD quality from my PC is great. However, I now also receive the digitized sound of pages being loaded as I surf the web. All sound comes out digitized when loading a new page. Is there a way to stop this from happening while listening to music or course material without gong back to analog? Can I have my digital CD quality and enjoy it too! John

A:Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Making a Digital Sound with Internet Surfing?

I assume you're running Windows. Which one?

I do a lot of audio work on mine, using Windows XP SP 3, and was able to kill the sounds by opening the Control Panel, then Sounds and Audio Devices, and then click on the Sounds tab. For "Sound Scheme" select "No Sounds" and click the "Save As" box.

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My computer died recently, so I dug out some fossil from way back to at least listen to music/watch some movies until I can buy a new one(Which won't be anytime soon). I hooked up the HDD from the dead PC to this one and everything is working OK(all things considered). However, I can't seem to be enable the sound. On paper everything seems fine even the "needles" are twitching(see image in the link) when I play an audio file but sound won't come out. The only Playback device available in the list is "Digital Audio (S/PDIF) 2- High Definiton Audio Device".

I checked the drivers and everything is up to date.
I hooked up the Speakers to the laptop they're working fine.

Help me out please, without the sound this thing is basically glorified texting machine.

Additional info.
OS: Windows 7 Shine edition 64 bit(whatever the hell that is, pirated )
Motherboard: Asus P5PL2

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I have a problem with audio, after upgrading to windows 7 home 32 bit, I installed all the drivers that are neccessary for windows 7. My audio device is High Definition audio device but the only device I can see is Digital audio S/PDIF. Other devices that may be disabled don't appear. I installed all of the Realtek drivers for on board audio device. and I tried installing several others aswell but with no luck. I tried all of the solutions that I was able to find online and nothing works. My microphone works cause I tested it with a friend on skype which gives me the reason to believe that the actual device works.

When I install Realtek driver, it won't show up in my device manager, or sound (only Digital audio), when I run troubleshoot compatibility on any Realtek drivers it detects that the driver is not compatible with my system. I uninstalled my driver that automatically installs on every boot and then I disabled the automatic driver install, and I disabled automatic updates to prevent auto install of the driver that clearly doesn't work. but on the next boot the driver automatically installs again.

The audio doesn't work when I plug my speakers in any port and I dont have front jack on this PC.

I have Pentium D dual core 3.0ghz 4gb Ram and my hardware ID of HD audio device is HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_11D4&DEV_1986&SUBSYS_1043818F&REV_1005

I totally ran out of ideas, it's 4 days that I'm tryi... Read more

A:Device working but sound doesn't come out Digital Audio S/PDIF

Alen88 weelcome to the Seven Forums.

Your motherboard doesn't have Realtek audio, it has the ADI 1986 based on the DevID,

PCI Vendor and Device Lists

Knowing the make and model of the motherboard would help in finding if there are Windows 7 drivers for it, but I have a feeling there won't be. If you're feeling adventurous you can try the driver from here,

ADI SoundMAX 86/88/A/B/89,Xonar [6585/6600/6605][04-03-2010] • nForcersHQ.com

and follow the 2 steps on how to add the DevID from yours so that it will install.

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Motherboard :asus p5kpl-am se (no sound card)
vendor id :1106
device id :0397
problem: digital audio (S/PDIF) no sound
OS : Windows 7 ultimate 32bit

i've download numerous latest driver on the official website of VIA and installed it, yet no different..
i wonder if anybody can help me with the link or another solution..

A:VIA High Definition Audio ,no sound digital audio (S/PDIF)

Answered on your other duplicate post. To get speaker or headphone audio you need to set the "Speakers" as the default audio playback device.

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So guys,I havent been turning on my pc(using win 7) for like a month,when i did it was saying Digital Audio S/PDIF and no sound was going nor through speakers nor through headphones.Before that everything was working fine.So,since i had some viruses on it i reinstalled win,formated both particions,but still that Digital Audio S/PDIF stayed there,in the device menager it says High Definition Audio Device,and it has 2 of them,i tried through device menager to update it but it says that the best driver is already intalled.I searched threads here,tried some downloads but nothing is changed.Since im a musician a little,gamer a little and pc user i really need to fix this,can someone help me?

Here are the specs

A:Digital Audio S/PDIF problem

Headphones and Loudspeakers only accept analog audio. You need a Digital to Analog converter, i.e. a sound card, to decode the digital audio and convert it to analog signal which is then amplified by the amplifier and then transferred to headphones and loudspeakers which translate those signals to sound waves.

Try setting the "speakers" as the default audio device by right clicking the sound icon on the system tray -> playback devices -> click on speakers -> set default audio device.

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Hey, I was wondering how the hell does S/PDIF Digital Audio work and how does it remember exactly what % volume it should be on a motherboard?
I don't have any speakers, just a keyboard and mouse and I've, reset BIOS, reformatted and reinstalled windows 7 disc and the S/PDIF still remembers what volume % it was on before all of that, how is it remembering this?

I'm just curious how it knows.

A:How does S/PDIF Digital Audio work?

Because the chip on the motherboard stores the info, it's not software.

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The instructions that came with card are not very good. The connection to motherboard is such it can only plug in one way. The problem is on the VID card. The connector to the card has a diamond mark on it but there is no mark on the card. With the card mounted on the motherboard, does the diamond mark go on the left pin or right pin? Is this connection neccessary for the operation of the GTX275?

A:Gtx275 s/pdif digital audio cable conection

All you need to do for the card to work is install it in the slot, plug in the external power, and then use the DVI or HDMI cables to link the card to the monitor. Done.

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I honestly don't know much about Lenovos and have no idea what this model is besides a thinkcentre.I got this Lenovo for free from a family member and have been playing around with it seeing what games it can run. First thing I did was install XP since it said it originally came with XP, I use a program (Driver Booster) to find the audio drivers for it and everything was good, Windows XP suddenly just died and I was forced to install Windows 7. After that I did the same, installed Driver Booster, when I scanned with Driver Booster it didn't find any device at all, I even tried uninstalling the broken audio driver (the Digital Audio one) and scanning again, still no audio related drivers. I soon gave up on Driver Booster, installed Realtek drivers, no difference, I tried some Realtek drivers made for Lenovo's from other forums, nothing, can anybody help me with this?I should say that the Windows XP installation was 32-bit and Windows 7 was 64-bit but I'm not sure thats the case right now.

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Does anyone have or know where I can purchase an ASUS S/PDIF-SA 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket? I've looked all over the internet, but can't find anyplace or anyone selling them anymore. I need it to compliment my ASUS motherboard. It allows for playback out of both Digital Out's simultaneously. Despite my motherboard only being 2 years old (and most other ASUS motherboards also including the 4-1 header for it), ASUS seemed to have discontinued it and now it's hard to come by.

There's an older revision before the ASUS S/PDIF-SA bracket though. There's the regular ASUS S/PDIF 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket, but this has the removable cap on the TOSLINK instead of the newer Flip up door design. They can be found on eBay, shipping from either America or China. I bought one from America for and it arrived two weeks later, but annoyingly, the TOSLINK doesn't hold in any cables. It just falls out. I much prefer the newer flip-up door design anyway. Much more convenient.

Thank you!

A:WANTED! ASUS S/PDIF-SA 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket

Maybe its your cable? I have a recording studio and have a TOS Link connection, without any "door" and I do not have any problems with it. I used to have a SoundBlaster interface panel with the S/PDIF TOS link and it too didn't have a "door" and no problems.

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Hello, TechSupportForum.

After i re-installed Windows 7 on my PC, there has been a ton of drivers missing. I have though been able to find and install most of them, but there is still a few that are missing or outdated, and those cause quite some trouble on my PC.

My problem is that after i re-installed Windows 7, i have had some bad troubles with my digital sound (SPDIF). Just after the re-installation, and a few weeks after that, it has worked, but if i do not have a running sound source all the time, the sound suddenly shuts down, and i have to restart my PC for it to work again.

So i basically had a Windows Media Player running all the time, running with a song, but with the volume of WMP at 0 %. So that sound source was the reason i actually still had sound.

Now just today, i can't make it work at all. The sounds shut down (because i forgot to have a running sound source), so i restarted my PC, and that used to fix it, but not this time. Now there's no sound at all. I have tried to change the kHz in "properties" of the SPDIF sound device, changing formats. I went in advanced settings to try and change the "bit rate" and "kHz" but then it just says: "The format isn't supported by the device", and it says that with every single one of them.

So i have no digital surround sound, the only way i can have sound with this headset, is by using the "USB sound" it also offers. But there is no way i have spent so much ... Read more

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Ownership of MP3 U.S. Logic Digital Audio Player (square size model PA36B-21. I have a new Vista operating system. I have lost the CD to install on new pc. I have searched my old harddrive but cannot locate proper file to install to new system. I have searched the net but seems that I cannot locate current info. All info I have found is several years old so I'm not sure if the software is still available. I have not used this audio recorder in a long time and have info from a conference that I would like to save to my system.

Thanks for the help.


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Sound functions but reciever is only detecting 2 channel output. Apon browsing RealTekHD audio properites I discovered that the only options for Digital Output(RCA) were all 2-Channel under "Default Format" tab. However my front pannel Audio Output Jack(HD Audio 2nd Output) has an extra third tab labeled "Speaker Configuration" and has options for up to 7.1 surround but these settings do not impact my Digital Output(RCA) channel. Now my reciever does have a multi-channel input that could take advantage of the Analog Outputs in the rear but the distance is to great and multiple wires are expensive.

My question is how can i configure my RealTek Digital Output(RCA) to ouput 7 channel sound?

A:Realtek Digital Out(RCA) Only 2 Channel sound to RCA Digital into Reciever

Hi 2C0J2H2 and welcome to Vista Forums

First things first. Please give people chance to have a look at your post. Depending on what they are doing, this may be almost immediately or it could be several days. Accordingly, I have removed your second post.

Back to your problem. It would assist us if you provided full specifications of your system (fill in your System Specs)

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I built a computer with a asus p4s533 mb and pentium 2.0 chip I have sound blaster live 5.1 and while playing mp3's while in explorer if I use the mouse scoll button I get a digital noise as well as everytime I click on a link. I have the latest driver for soundblaster 1.0.0 I believe it is and my onboard sound card is disabled I'm lost I dont know what the problem is .. PLEASE HELP.

A:Sound blaster live with xp making digital noises with scroll and moving windows

Have you tied turning down the speaker volume and increasing the volume in Windows. As I have the same problem which is caused by RF leaks by cheap cables. You can sometimes reroute your cables or install wire shielding that helps.

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I own the Satellite C50-B-12L Model.

I tried to conect my 3.5mm jack to my audio reciver, with 3.5 to spdif cable (like in the pic below).

I can not get any sound out.

Does this model have the function of spdif 3.5mm jack? Can i enjoy digital sound ith this laptop?
(by the way - no problem with analog stereo out).

Thank you

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I bought a PC from IbuyPower a wile ago. And I was thrilled that my computer had drivers for "Digital audio (S/PDIF)". But one issue, there is no audio port for it! No "Coxail", no "Optical", No mini toslink port like on the back of consoles. Here is a screenshot: http://gyazo.com/f6883c4ff759dfcae2279255fb87bfb5 and http://gyazo.com/210982e24586a2ccca6fc69570d806be As you can see, it looks like its functioning properly. Still, no port. I've tried hooking them up to the line out and the line in ports too. Nothing. Can anyone explain why its doing this and/or a tutorial how to fix?

A:"Digital audio (S/SPIF) in sound but no port?

Hi Makel494, See this Intel link as to how a SPDIF panel can be placed or install. Typically the SPDIF interface is not needed as nowadays the usual 3.5 audio and HDMI ports are the most commonly used in sound setups.

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Hi there, hope you guys can help me

I recently reinstalled WinXP Pro for a colleague, and I've got everything working again except for the sound.

She's using an integrated SoundMAX Digital Audio device (specifically AD1980). I have installed the lastest drivers from the ASUS site, and can't get any sound.

The device has definitely installed properly - it shows up in sound properties, device manager etc, and Media Player will play a track, but it falls on deaf ears (or more fittingly, mute speakers )

From what I can ascertain, the driver is trying to use a digital output (i.e. SPDIF), but that motherboard only has the normal green speaker jack.

In Vista, this is just a case of going to audio properties and disabling digital output and selecting the standard jack for output, however I couldn't find how to do this in XP, if it's even possible.

I'm fairly sure that's the problem, but my diagnoses have been wrong before - I'd be grateful for your help either way.

/L I

A:SoundMAX digital audio trouble - no sound

Make sure the default devices in sound and audio under sound and voice are set to SoundMax

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How can I fix this problem .. Any download link would hep 
Vic Luci

Vic Luci

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My Acer Aspire X1200 does have 5.1 onborad audio but does not provide digital output (coaxial or optical S/PDIF). I am not sure if it has any port on the motherboard itself using which I can draw digital Audio output.

I am not sure what is the best way to get a 5.1 surround sound digital output from PC. The other thing is my PC has slim cabinet and only one PCI slot.

Can anyone recommend an easy.hard way to get true 5.1 surround sound?


A:Digital Audio output to Home Theater to get 5.1 surround sound

The orange 1/8" port on the back of your computer should output 5.1 audio if you enable it in your software audio settings and use a 1/8" male stereo jack to digital co-axial audio cable.

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A:No sound on Intel 845 board in a MPC ClientPro345.. Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio

Fixed it myself.. Found the newest SoundMax drivers. Uploaded as attachment..

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I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T440 (20B6005RUS) running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with service pack 1. The audio drivers stopped working. Device Manager has 2 sound devices, High Definition Audio Device and Realtek High Definition Audio.  To get the drivers/sound to work I have to press F8 and disable the driver signature enforcement. I went on Realtek's website and tried their drivers. They did not work. I was told a Windows update caused the audio driver to stop working. I uninstalled both devices with their drivers and hoped Microsoft's own audio driver would install but a driver is not found. Is there any solution I can try? Should I try a different audio driver? I appreciate anyone's help. Attached is a screenshot of what I get in Device Manager.

DevMgrMessage.PNG ?706 KB

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hi my computer is making digital sounds like kinda like the sound of a squeeking weel but more like an old alien movie with all the digital sound computers... hard to explain

does anyone have any ideas on what this could be ... it kinda sounds like it is coming from the proccessor but not too sure

A:Computer making digital sounds

some computers will sing to you if they have a heat problem
good luck

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Hey everyone

I just got a set of Boston Acoustics Digital Media Theater Speakers. They're pretty nice for 1999. I'd probably go as far as saying they're the best set of computer 2.1s I've ever heard.

Problem is, I can currently only run them through analogue because I have no digital cable for them. The connect on the sub looks like either a digital coax or RCA connect, which should run out to the 1/8 in. mini digital out on my SoundBlaster Live! card.

The manual doesn't say exactly what it is anywhere. It shows a picture of a cable with a single RCA end and a 1/8 in. mini stereo end.

Problem is, every such cable I find is mono on the mini end.

Any ideas on where to find a such cable?



I attached a picture of the back, it is blurry, but you can at least see what it is. (top right jack)

A:Solved: Boston Acoustics Digital Media Theater Digital Cable

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I was looking for a motherboard to replace my old biostar motherboard that will only support 2 gigs 667mhz, and only overclocks my e5200 up to 3 ghz even when maxing out the voltage. I am on a very tight budget, and this Msi board caught my attention http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130219

Then I checked the MSI website to get more information on this board

This board catches my attention because....

Its New
Its a Micro Atx with the Pci express x1 below the Pci express 2.0
Drmos Really caught my attention because it states that it makes the board energy efficent, offers a lower tempature and a more stable overclocking enviorment

Do you think its a good budget motherboard for a gamer and an overclocker like me??

A:MSI Digital G45M Digital a Good Replacement for an Old Biostar Micro Atx motherboard?

The Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L will do the job nicely and help you save money. It is also a more reliable choice compared to the MSI board.

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I am hoping to use a monitor (not attached to a computer) to run a slide show of photos at an event. I purchased a MICCA Speck G2 media player BUT after I got it home I realized that my monitor does not have an A/V or HDMI port - which are the only cables that came with the media player. I then went & purcased a HDMI to DVI-D cable so I could connect the player to my monitor - HOWEVER - I still cannot get them to talk to each other! I?m not very technical but I am a problem solver and this has me stumped - HELP , PLEASE!!

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is there a way to make a backup disc for a digital purchase?

I downloaded S.W.A.T. 4 Gold from gamestop and the swplash screen takes forever cause it cant read from a disc.

is there a way to get files onto a disc to play it from there?

A:Making a Digital Download backup disc

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I have a Pioneer 106s DVD ROM which has a digital 2 pin output.

I just bought a Sony STRDE 675 dolby digital amplifier which has a coaxial digital in input.

My sound card, a soundblaster Live CT 4830 does have a digital out connector on the external part (next to the line in input), but does not have a 2 pin connector on the card itself where the DVD could be connected (there is the place with SPDIF marked but for some reason there is no 2 pins connector)

I do not want to buy a 5.1 soundcard if I can connect my DVD ROM to the amplifier without using the soundcard, Is this possible! Is the DVD rom digital out SPDIF recognised by the amplifier?

Should I create on the soundcard (which does have the digital output on the ecternal panel) an internal connection for the 2 pins? will this work?

Does anyone have a clue? HELP!!
many thanks

A:connecting a DVD Rom digital signal to a Dolby Digital Amplifier

Modifying it isn't going to work in my mind.
Just adding pin connections don't mean the hardware and software is included with the card.

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I have a Dell System Information Model: INSPIRON 530 and it didnít come with a digital card, so the speakers are analog. I contacted Dell and they said IF I upgrade to Windows 7, which I am from Visa, there is NO digital card.
Is there a way to make my Dell PC be able to have a digital speaker system? Bypass my PC?
Let me know and thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Making a Dell PC have digital speaker system?

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hey everyone.

cos i haven't been on for soo long....i am not sure if i have already put this up. if so please lock or delete it.

my computer has been doing a boot loop over and over again if it is plugged in if not it boots normaly. i would like to install xp as another os on the same drive or the extenal HDD. i do have easy BCD 2.0 but the bad thing is my USB HDD is what is causing the boot loop with vista. splash screen then NO SIGNAL...main HDD restarts and loops...i don't know what is causing it.

my External HDD is a Westen digital 320GIG USB HDD.

any help would be good

A:westen digital ext. HDD making computer boot loop

Whats on the external?

Have you tried changing the boot order so the usb is after the internal harddrive?

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I got a digital solutions digital photo keychain for Christmas and it seemed easy enough. Plug into usb and software automatically downloads! But no ..my pc doesn't even register that I have plugged it in. I tried other suggestions to press the M button immediately but nothing. Does anyone have step by step instructions (that a pc dummy ..that being me) can understand? Thanks in advance!!!

A:digital solutions digital photo keychain

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My regards to everyone.
I just joined here because i really need some experienced people's help. Not that i am somehow a noob in computer's industry,however,this problem was destroying me for the past few days.
This may sound like a few threads in one,and i am sorry for posting this as a new one,but i really need your help,because all the other threads i've read,on this and other forums,applied them,and no help whatsoever.

A few days ago,without doing something in particular,the sound just stopped working(does that sound familiar?). So as any other folk would do,i started every tiny little thing to fix that. So i cheched if the speakers,and then headphones,are correctly pluged in. They were. Then i tried disabling and enabling them from volume control options,then from control panel,u name it. Still nothing. So i uninstalled and re-installed my audio drivers. Again no use. I tried everything and literally got nowhere. So i thought it might be a glitch,and Re-Installed a fresh copy of windows. If it sounds familiar,from now on,this threat combines itself with others.
After reinstalling windows 7,my audio appeared as set to digital(s/pdif) and,ofcourse,no sound was available. The speakers and headphones appeared as unplugged. they were plugged in. So I went on the forums again,and saw that someone was informed to change something in bios. So i entered bios,and i saw everything was enabled,and set to HD Audio. When i looked at that,it said that i also have the AC97 option,so i... Read more

A:Audio big problems. No sound on windows 7. And that (S/PDIF) thing.

First thing, please fill in the "My System Specs" so we know what you have. It helps us to try and help you.

AC97 is the older interface standard for front panel audio (headset and microphone). The current standard is HD Audio. Depending on what interface you have (plug) that plugs into the front panel audio connector on the motherboard is what you should use. The difference between AC97 and HD Audio is basically jack sensing. With HD Audio the sound chip will sense (know) when you have something plugged in.

Go to the Device Manager and post a screenshot of the Sound section.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

This should give us a start in trying to help you.

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hey guys, i just got this up and running yesterday and when in operation (but not actually transferring files to or from it) the drive makes a slight humming noise. my older WD 'my book' never made this noise.

is this normal? like i said, i only got it running recently and i don't know if this is apart of normal operation or not. is there any way to check? i did a 'quick drive scan' using the inbuilt software and that returned no errors.

if i did a more thorough scan and checked for bad sectors would this answer my question and solve the problem?

thanks guys

A:Western Digital External my book drive making a humming noise?

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I've been watching Netflix on my computer and since movies tend to mix their music much louder than dialogue, I wanted to use the windows sound's built-in loudness equalization so I didn't have to turn the sound up and down all the time. However, when I did that, a couple of Bad Things happened:

First, the sound went off, i.e. nothing came out of the speakers. I checked the mixer and all the applications were missing from the speakers' mixer. I checked the playback properties and saw that sound was being output to the Digital Audio (S/PDIF). More specifically, it was being output to one of two of the digital audio devices listed. I disabled it and then the audio was being sent to the other digital audio device. I disabled that one and it didn't go to the speakers. If I turn off the loudness equalization and unplug and replug in the speakers, the sound goes back to the speakers, but with no loudness equalization. Does anyone have any solutions to this? Also, what are the digital audio devices even for?


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What is the differance between digital audio and 'normal' audio???

Does digital audio give better playback or something???

If it does then any idea how to make my 5.1 speakers set-up to digital ??

A:What does digital audio do???

It just means it sends the CD-Audio to your Soundcards DAC instead of using the CD/DVD drives DAC. Should mean better audio as a result. Nothing else needs to be changed for using it.

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I used to be able to play digital cd audio, on both my cd-rw and regular cd drive. Now an error message pops up in Windows Media Player saying that the digital audio cannot be played.

When I switch to analog, my regular cd drive still plays cds, but my cd-rw doesn't play all all - no sound. When I tried to rip an audio track off a cd using my cd-rw, it only recorded sound off the microphone (plugged into wave-in on my soundblaster card). What is wrong?

Could someone tell me how to get digital audio back on my 2 cd drives? I went to the cd drive properties under control panel/system/device manager, but the enable cd audio check box is grayed out.

Thank-you for your time, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Dan W.

A:Digital CD Audio

What kind of sound card do you have? Do you change any of the wires inside the case? As far as I know, the only way to switch between analog and digital cd audio is to change the wires that are going from your cdrom to the sound card. The Audigy only has one input for digital cd audio, but your card might be different.

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I just got a new MSI motherboard and everything is working great except my sound. With my old motherboard, and my old set up I could choose 'Digital Output Only' and my speakers would work. However, in my audio properties now, I cannot choose this option because it no longer exists. Therefore, I have no sound. How do I enable this. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.

A:Help Digital Audio Help

My crystal ball is having problems telling me what board you have. Wanna help us a little here ?

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I just purchased a new digital camera and when I went to install the driver cd that came with it, it said the driver is not compatible with my version of Windows (7). Is there anyway that I can find a new driver? I'm not very knowledgable with drivers and if this possible. Or if not a driver is there anyway that I can get the photos off the camera to my computer...took alot of photos I don't want to lose.

The camera is from a company called Digital Concepts, the driver cd has a company called Sakar International on it. I hope thats all the info that would be needed for someone to help me!

A:Digital Concepts Digital Camera

Hello Alabama Belle, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Do you have the model number of the camera? You can also check at the manufacturer's website to see if they may have any drivers available to download that may work for you.

In addition, if you have a media card reader installed on your computer, you can take the card out of the camera and plug it into the media card reader instead to upload your pictures.

Hope this helps,

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I would like to point out that we no longer have to attach a cable to a CD drive to listen to CD audio. You can now simply tell Windows 2000/XP to enable digital audio. To do this:

1. Right-Click My Computer and choose Manage
2. Click Device Manager
3. Right-Click the CD and/or DVD-ROM drive and choose Properties
4. When the drive properties diaglog box opens, click the Properties tab
5. Select the check box labeled "Enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM
6. Click OK
7. Close the Computer Management window.

Of course if you like the cable being in there then by all means leave it in there. I don't like it because it used to get caught up in the air flow in my case and I could hear it rubbing a fan or 2.

Have fun!!

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I am running a home built Windows Machine with Vista Ultimate. I also have a Dell XML laptop. I have been maintaining a church website I built almost two years ago. If you would like to view the iste, it is www.fbcami.com

My pastor has asked if I could set up a podcast of his weekly sermons. (see sermon tab on site!) I have a podcast player in place with a link from a folder within the web page contents for mp3. I have tried a mp3 and when I click on the player in the web page the mp3 works just fine. I would think if I could convert the DVD Digital Audio to mp3 I should be all set.

My problem is that I don't know how to get the audio from the video DVD which is shot each Sunday. I took a cable and disconnected the video and do have the audio on a DVD (minus the video!) I have Audacity with theplug in Lame which should convert to mp3.

Is there anyone who has accomnplished taking the audio from a DVD and converting it to mp3. I would be forever grateful. Thanks!

Steve Bell

A:DVD Digital Audio converted to mp3

If you have copy of the video as an mpeg or avi file (which will result from downloading off the camera to the computer before being converted to playable DVD) there are a number of freeware programs on the net that will do exactly that - try this one
Not sure if these will accept VOB files (the file type found if DVD's are opened on your computer)
What software are you using to edit the footage? if it is something like Sony Vegas Platinum etc or Adobe Premiere (Pro or even Elements) you can split the audio from the video within the editing suite and export it as an mp3

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I have just installed vista but having a problem with sound. I use the digital output on my soundcard with XP, as I know how to select digital output through the advanced opion in the sound mixer, but cannot find this on vista..... any ideas

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I'm unable to record cassette audio from my audio cassette deck to my computer. Specifically, I'm trying to get audio into Adobe Audition, but would be fine to transfer analog data into any digital audio format, which I could use to burn CD. This issue seems to come up on the forums occasionally, but I have not been able to find a solution. (I have not downloaded the audacity program, as I believe this is more an issue of my computer configuration or input issue).

Operating System: XP - Home
Make/Model: Fry's FM 7440

-I have explored various inputs, including: Audio In (nothing plays through speakers when I attempt this); Microphone input on speaker control (audio then plays through speaker, but is not recognized by adobe audition)
-I have gone through the control panel and explored enabling various devices, nothing is muted


A:Cassette Audio to Digital

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I have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 PCI sound card with a 3.5mm SPDIF output jack, and Logitech Z-5450 speakers with a digital coax input. Where can I get an adapter to connect my Monster Ultra I1000DCX-8 cable with RCA connectors to my Audigy 2 sound card?

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hi need help,
about running .cda(compact digital audio) on xp
i used window media player, vlc, k-lite codec, windvd, winamp, jet audio and many more
but nothing happen simply message box unknown format


A:about compact digital audio


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Hi there,

I have a digital voice recorder with a message on it that I need to capture somehow. I can get it to play back on my PC's speakers ... what software can I use to capture the output, and then save it, in order to put it on a CD later ?

oh, it's a diasonic digital voice recorder if that helps ..

Kate Wooten

A:digital audio capture

Get Audacity, a freeware audio recorder/editor and set it up to record off of your sound card.

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Yes, i am wondering if the RCA digital Audio Jack on the rear panel of my HP Desktop is an audio out or audio in port? if its audio out, i could use some advice on how to make it work, if its audio in, then im not too worried about it. thank you for the help.

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i have a program that lets me record what come out of the sound card and on my laptop it work inwitch i have a diffrent sound card but on my curent computer it does not work would any one no what setting it has to be on on the laptop its mixer but this doesnt have that

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