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XPS 13 9360: BIOS 1.3.2 - "Fn Lock Options", the 2 Config Options are Switched

Q: XPS 13 9360: BIOS 1.3.2 - "Fn Lock Options", the 2 Config Options are Switched

In the Dell XPS 13 (9360). Using the latest BIOS 1.3.2 (but the old previous BIOS version was the same).

If you go to the "Fn Lock Options" under BIOS, there are 2 options, they are listed as:
Lock Mode Disable/Standard = The F1-12 Keys behave as function keys
Lock Mode Enable/Secondary = The F1-12 Keys control the secondary functions.

These options are Swapped. If you disable the "Fn Lock" and set the mode to "Lock Mode Disable/Standard", log into Windows, and Press F1, it will then MUTE the system. Even though it should act like an "F1" Key.
If you go back into BIOS, set the mode to "Lock Mode Enabled/Secondary", log into the system and Press F1, then the Help comes up.

The options are swapped on these two configure options. Please update the text in the BIOS to match the appropriate configuration. Thanks. I've included a ScreenShot of the BIOS options. "Fn Lock" does do what it describes (disables Fn-Esc). Doesn't matter if u turn this on or off. If you have it set up as I do below, the Fn Keys are set for the proper Function (F1-F12) operation. However, the text says it should do its secondary functions in this mode.

Preferred Solution: XPS 13 9360: BIOS 1.3.2 - "Fn Lock Options", the 2 Config Options are Switched

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: XPS 13 9360: BIOS 1.3.2 - "Fn Lock Options", the 2 Config Options are Switched

Hi codster,Thanks for posting.I'll send this over to the team that writes the instructions. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I have 2 Dell 780's that I would like to reset to factory using the Dell Recovery partition.  These are Windows 7 64bit Pro machines.  The units have 3 partitions, diagnostics, recovery and OS.  I have followed instructions to start the recovery process and can successfully get the units to boot to the standard windows restore options page, but the expected last item "Dell Factory..." is not present.www.dell.com/.../how-to-restore-your-windows-7-computer-to-factory-settingsI do not see Dell Backup and Recovery installed.www.dell.com/.../DriversDetailsThere is nothing on the C:\ partition I wish to retain and want to do a clean (re)install, ideally on a formatted drive.  I would like to keep the recovery partition functionality intact so this can be done again.  I rather not do an upgrade where I get left with a windows.old folder and other unused folders in the root directory.Related:1 - I think I read somewhere that recovery can only be done once.  Is this correct?2 - Does recovery also include the Cyberlink software?3 - From where is the System Recovery tools run?Also have seen this:  en.community.dell.com/.../20141229

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Entering the bios limits me to certain options. Is there anyway to access the other options? sorry, newbie here.

A:No "usb legacy support" "qfan" options on my asus laptop bios.

If your BIOS doesn't include such options, then they simply are not there.

I don't know about hacking BIOS's, and I wouldn't suggest it at all. You could brick your motherboard.

However, you should check with your manufacturer's website and see if there is an update available for the BIOS that may increase available options.

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I think I have tried all of the "remove lock tutorials" but lock remains in my START....SHUTDOWN.......options menu. What should I use to remove that "Lock"?

A:Remove "LOCK" from START.....SHUTDOWN......options

Hello William,

If you like, you could use the tutorial below to remove "Lock" from the Start Menu power menu, but it will also remove "Switch User".Lock and Switch User - Add or Remove
Hope this helps,

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My Dell Latitude 10 tablet runs Windows 8. I have created a standard user account and want to forbid the user from accessing the "advanced startup options", which he might use to go to safe mode and reset my tablet. How can I do it? Thanks.

A:Any way to lock "advanced startup options"?

You might be able to do that in the Group Policy Editor.

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It seems that no matter how I set this, after the next start-up it reverts to "15 minutes".  What registry key controls this?

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I have a Gigabyte Laptop, with Windows 7 ultimate, and used to get a message "Press DEL to enter setup" just after my POST screen.
However, this is now gone, and i have been unable to enter my bios. The "windows starting" appears and everything else is as usual, it has been working fine, so i dont know for how long my bios have been gone.
Now, what i really want is ree-booting some USB options, since this is done in BIOS i discovered i no longer have acces during startup. I dont know if my faulty USB and the BIOS-gone-bye-bye is related...

I have edited msconfig, tried safe modes etc., disabled "Hibernate" (due to someone having my problem and seeing the message "resuming windows" instead of "starting windows", however i just dont get a message like that)

I have been adviced to clearing my CMOS but this requires acces to BIOS and BIOS is ... hiding!
a black screen, white letters, a quit look at "Pheonix Trusted core... BIOS version .. system ID... 1 processer detected " ie the ususal stuff. But there is no line with "Press DEL to enter setup" it is gone!

System information tells me that my BIOS is Phoenix Technologies LTD.

Entering DEL a lot during startup (I dont think it is a fast startup, but i do not know) gives me a new black screen, white letters, and Windows Advanced options, such as running a memory scan.
This is new!!!!!!

A have spent hours searching foru... Read more

A:BIOS acces gone in win7-startup - "Advanced windows" options instead

HI and welcome to 7F. Would be very helpful if you could list the model of your laptop. You can try to reset the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery on the motherboard which might help to bring the normal screen with the Del option but without knowing the model of your laptop it would be impossible to find instructions how to get to the battery

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I am a little confused with regard to some of the mail options in Outlook Express. (I have version 6) What is the difference between the "Drafts" and "Outbox" folders?

Further how does the "Send Later" option work from the file menu? I always thought that "Send Later" was the same as using "Drafts" but what happend was that I was doing an e-mail, went to Drafts, or clicked on "Send Later" or Outbox and then after I clicked on "Send" doing a regular send, I checked my Sent folder and about 3 copies of the same message were delivered to the same person! (I only sent one message-not 3!)

What is the deal with the "Outbox" folder? Apparently that is not like the Drafts folder....correct?

What's the difference between doing a Save, Save As, and Send Later with regard to OE functions? If I want to save a message that isn't done yet, which of these 3 options should I use? (I.e, I want the message to go to the Drafts folder for example and stay there until I TELL OE to send it.) I think whatever I did above was that I modified my message and then click on where it just automatically sent next time I opened the message. A review of these features would be helpful!

Just for the record, I also use Yahoo Mail and find that so much easier!


A:Please Review OE "Send", "Drafts", and "Outbox" Options

To save an E-Mail to your Drafts folder for work on later then you use the File\Save option.
If you wish to save the E-Mail in another format such as .EML or .TXT or .HTM then you use the Save as function. You will also be required to specify a folder to save in or use its "My Documents" default.
Send later function if only one e-mail account exists will place the e-mail in the outbox and send it the next time you click on the send receive button. If you have multiple accounts then you can specify which account to send it from.


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when i right click on my DVD writer i do not get the options "OPEN",EXPLORE & AUTOPLAY"..How do i bring them back?

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Please help us to troubleshoot the following problem in our Compaq NX 9000 Machine with Windows XP Professional Operating System:-

- An error shows with two options "Switch to" & "Retry" after booting the machine, which forces to press "Retry" button in the error window repeatedly and as you press this "Retry" button, "Start Menu" automatically opens and it then again asks to press "Retry" Button.

Thanks to all helping members.


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I have had the Ad Watch bug and get the "create an association in the Folder Options" error message when trying to open a program. Nothing will open and all exe.and lnk. files are missing from Folder Options. When I try to create new exe. files and new lnk files, the "apply" button is not highlighted so it will not save. I can make other changes and the button is there but it still won't save the exe changes. I am at my wits end. I have been on most forums looking for the answer. Please help.

A:"Apply" button not working in "Folder Options"

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My Apply Button in Internet Options is "white-out" or grayed-out" in my Internet Explorer brozer , therefore I cannot make any changes in my Internet Options. Please explain how to fix this problem in very simple steps being that I am not a computer wiz !

A:Apply Button in Internet Options is "white-out" or grayed-out"

closing duplicate, please respond at http://forums.techguy.org/windows-vista/1041319-internet-options-apply-button-grayed.html .

please do not create duplicate threads for the same issues.

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i installed a video converter sometime ago named "wondershare" video converter & I recently noticed in "internet options" under the "security" tab when i select "trusted sites", a website is listed that I have never entered & allowed. I remove the website and when i apply the changes then close the window & open it again, the website appears again as if I didnt remove it. its an http site & its address after "HTTP://" begins with a star(*). Actual address is "*.wondershare(dot)com". I have included a pic of the website. I would really like some help or tips to remove it permanently from my PC.Thanks ahead of time to those who view & lend their expertise to my issue.

A:can't remove website from internet options" "trust sites"?

not sure ,but, did you reboot computer after click to remove it, and go back and see if its still there

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When I click on "tools" on the menu bar in any folder that I am exploring and subsequently click on "folder options" I notice that the "view" tab is completely missing. The only tab I have access to is "file types"

This creates a serious problem when dealing with hidden folders that were hidden prior to me having knowledge of this "view" feature being absent.

What are my options to restore this "view" tab so that I can view the hidden files that I need access to?


A:"View Tab" in "Folder Options" missing

Other than a system restore, I don't know how to restore the view tab. I can tell you how to enable the hidden files and folders from the registry.
Start> Run> type: regedit and hit OK. Navigate to:
Click on Advanced folder in the left pane and look for Hidden in the right panel. Set the value to 1 to show and 2 to hide.
If not there, create DWORD value with Value name: Hidden and set the value as above.

Edit: Forgot to add, you need to restart computer for settings to be changed.

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What changes when I press the "End Process" button besides the obvious stopping of the process, or likewise if I press "End Process Tree".
The next obvious question is, what is the relationship between a process and a process tree?
(I tried to take a screenshot of the context menu which contains the choices "End Process Tree" and "End Process Tree", but the menu disappears the moment I try to click on anything else.)
I drive a laptop with only a single-core processor and Win 7.  It's so overburdened that, even if I wanted to upgrade to Win 10 or better, I don't have the horsepower to do that, either.
I spend hours trying to get things done, when the CPU Usage reading is at a consistent 100% for several minutes at a time.  There are moments of desperation when I end one of the CPU hogs -- a browser... anti-browser/security package...  most frequently
one/more of the svchost.exe pieces...  by "End Process".  Otherwise I never get the point of meaningful action.  And in these circumstances, it takes even longer if I save file, shut down apps, restart, and bring up everything!
Thus this question!
      Win 7 Home Premium SP1 Build 7601, licensed to me; last successful update:  4/28/2016, KB 3141092
No images attached...

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there is no "folder options" my my tools menu that if why i can't unhide folder.. i have already download registry fixer and antivirus and nothing happens.. plz i need help..

this is my logfile
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:50:47 AM, on 1/9/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\Pgsql\bin\pg_ctl.exe
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\3CXMediaServer.exe
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\3CXFaxServer.exe
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\Pgsql\bin\postmaster.exe
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\3CXIVRServer.exe
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\Apache\bin\Apache.exe
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\Pgsql\bin\postgres.exe
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\3CXVBMServer.exe
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\Pgsql\bin\postgres.exe
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\Pgsql\bin\postgres.exe
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\Pgsql\bin\postgres.exe
C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\Apache\bin\Apache... Read more

A:pPLZ HELP ME about "no folder options on tools ". and how to remove recycler virus..

Hi, Welcome to TSG!!
Please close/disable all anti-virus and anti-malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix and make sure you are disconnected from the Internet after downloading the program and before scanning.
Very Important! Temporarily disable your anti-virus, script blocking and any anti-malware real-time protection before performing a scan. They can interfere with ComboFix and remove some of its embedded files which may cause "unpredictable results".
Click on this link to see a list of programs that should be disabled. The list is not all inclusive. If yours is not listed and you don't know how to disable it, please ask.
Remember to re-enable the protection again afterwards before connecting to the Internet.

Download ComboFix and save it to your desktop.

**Note: In the event you already have ComboFix, this is a new version that I need you to download. It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop**

Close any open browsers and make sure you are disconnected from the net. Unplug the cable if need be before running ComboFix.

WARNING: IF you have not already done so ComboFix will disconnect your machine from the Internet when it starts.
Please do not re-connect your machine back to the Internet until ComboFix has completely finished.
If there is no Internet connection when Combofix has completely finished then restart your computer to restore the connection.

Double-click on combofix.exe and follow the promp... Read more

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We have upgraded our systems to Windows 7 (From XP). I have setup Indexing on our server and the employees use the Search Bar (upper right on a window) to search for a file they are looking for. However we have over 100,000 folders that we are looking though. Is there a way to set the Search to default type:Folder? Or have it search just folder names instead of showing files also?

If I type in "12345" it will take a minute to search everything and give me 20 files+1 folder.
If I type in "12345 type:folder" it will take 10 seconds and give me 1 folder.

When the employees are on the phone, quicker the better, and having them put "type:folder" after everything is time consuming for them.

I've looked around online and i'm not sure if i can do this.

The computers using this are running
Windows 7 Pro x64
Updated to Current

Server is Windows 2008 (Indexed folder the employees are searching in)
Updated to Current

A:Searching: Change Default Search options to set/add "Type:Folder"

You'll probably want to go with something like FileSearchEX to avoid retraining. There are a few others but this one closely matches your question.

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Eventual goal: Windows/Linux dual boot

Intermediate goal: Clean install Windows 7 (upgrade from Vista) using a pre-SP1 Upgrade disk or a Digital River .iso with SP1

I have been reading for days but these questions remain concerning System Reserved partition:

1.) Will the Windows 7 Installer accept and use a [200 MB] System Reserved partition that I myself create at the start of Installation using the diskpart utility - but which it normally seeks to create on its own? I understand that the "select Language" installation step is where to do this.

I will pre-designate it as an *active* 200MB NTFS partition with a System Reserved label. I want it to be 200MB instead of the standard 100MB just to be cautious.

To try to compel acceptance of this configuration, I will create a second NTFS partition over all remaining space and which will be shrunk later (very soon) to make space for Linux Mint.

- Is it an error to pre-designate this as "Active" with diskpart? I saw one comment that the Windows seeks to make "the first active partition" as the System Reserved partition.

- Will pre-designation as "active" cause any dangers at next boot up process? If I don't pre-label it as "active" I worry that the Windows installer might not pick it up as the System Reserved partition.


ALTERNATE OPTION: (Single C:/ partition for Windows; no SysRsrvd)

2.) If I forego creation of the System Reserved partition -- by u... Read more

A:"System Reserved" - Options to Skip at installation or Create at 200MB

If you create 200mb sys reserved, mark it active and 7 will install boot critical files to it.

Is it better to have a System Reserved partition present on a dual boot system?

No, it doesn't matter.

can a Windows/Linux dual-boot system be successfully configured on a system where the boot files are present on the C:/ drive (Windows)?


What might be the boot load (Win or Linux Grub, etc.) issues or problems I would meet with a "single partition" Windows OS?

None. You can let grub2 install to mbr and use the grub boot menu to control evrything, or you can install grub2 to the linux partition, then add it to windows boot menu (That is what I do, but just slightly complicated).

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I want to use the command line to open the "Custom sizing options" window in Windows 10, please view the image, thank you.

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Good evening all,

I've googled extensively around the issues I am facing, and tried all proposed solutions, but none have worked thus far.

Symptoms:I have 1-2 minutes of freedom after booting, then I can no longer run new programmes. I also cannot close some programmes e.g. Skype. Tabs in Chrome spazz, flash player dies, and any new navigation ends up with an eternal hanging/loading problem.
Unable to restart/shutdown conventionally (I have to do it physically)
I get the error "Failure to display security and shut down options ..." when I try ALT+CTRL+DEL

Safe mode is absolutely fine, so I assume it's not anything hardware related (though please correct me if I'm being naive). My second drive which runs off XP, which I only use for storage now, boots fine and has no problems.

I have not installed any new drivers, programmes, or otherwise made any meaningful changes recently.

Solutions I've tried:Reset winsock.
Shut off all start-up programmes using MSCONFIG.
Run virus scan at boot-up, deleted 2 items (win32 installmate ... prob trojans? Was an .exe that I had downloaded but never ran).
Run Malwarebytes scan, deleted 1 fairly innocuous item.
Run full scan-disk check.
Run a SFC scan - no integrity violations.
No system restore points exist to roll back to (deleted by a virus, perhaps?)

I am totally stumped, and naturally thought that TSF's collective genius > mine.

Any help would be warmly appreciated.

Many Thanks,


A:Cannot start programmes & "Failure to display security and shut down options"

Hi and welcome to TSF you could try running a clean boot see both links for how to
Perform a clean startup to determine whether background programs are interfering with your game or program
How to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot a problem in Windows Vista or Windows 7
also consider that the malware may not in fact be gone In which case follow the instructions here NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum
and make a new thread in the virus,trojan and malware area and post all the info there

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I'd like to back up (and be able to restore upon win7 reinstall) all my heavily-customised Indexing Options settings.

e.g. I have VERY customised list of file types that I have ticked in the Advanced Options, to the "Index Properties and File Contents" type instead of just "Properties" - which is kind of essential for *really* properly searching my computer and my documents. Like publisher files, have text in them that I really need to be able to find, and by default PUB is set to Properties only....so I have many file types like this ticked to actually be properly indexed.

And what a pain it would be to have to manually go through and tick every one upon system reinstall (not to mention, remember/note down what ones that i ticked, beforehand!).

Are the settings stored somewhere in the registry? In some system file inside windows/USER folder?

Let's hunt down for where it's stored. Nothing in windows can't be backed up.


A:How to back up the "Indexing Options" settings? [registry/system file?

Hello there. This should help you.

1. Please click the Windows Pearl (Start button), type "Indexing options" without quotation marks, and press Enter.
2. Click "Modify" button to modify Indexed Locations, for default locations after a clean installation is followings:

Offline Files, Start Menu and Users.

And you could uncheck the selects.

3. Click Advanced button, in the "Index Settings tab", click "Rebuild" to rest the index.

You may also click "Troubleshoot search and indexing" for a troubleshooting wizard.


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Help! This annoying little problem is driving me nuts. When I right click on the mouse the options that use to appear on the screen no longer do & I cannot use ctrl c or v on the keyboard either. What can be causing this & how can I fix it?? Thanks in advance!

A:Mouse will not show "right click" options-keyboard ctrl c & v not working either???

Does this just affect Word, or all programs, such as Notepad?
Did you make any changes recently?

If this is just affecting Word you may need to go to the following link for additional Keyboard shortcuts for Word and support:

Character and paragraph formatting
To do this Press

Copy formatting from text.


Apply copied formatting to text.


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Win10 Explorer View Options "Apply to All Folder"

I have tried a few suggestions on the web to correct this issue.

I work with a lot of Image / Video files in various folders. My prefered view to use is "Details" for ALL folders !

Here's the last thing I have tried:

How to Fix Annoying Folder View Type Change Problem in Windows

This seemed to fix all the normal browsing except when I do a "Search" on the folder pane ?

When I do a search in the explorer for a particular filename the windows switches from "Details" to "Content". Then i go to the folder "Options" on this content view and switch it to "Details". Now the "Apply to Folders" is GREYED out ?

ASUS Laptop
Intel i7 2.40 Ghz
Win 10 Pro x64; 8 Gb mem

FYI: Use Avast FREE .... not using ESET

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My computer is an HP dv7 laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. When I turn the computer on, it only opens to the "Advanced Boot Options", but it does not respond to the keyboard, such as directional arrows and "Enter". On starting up I can hold down the F8 key and get the first BIOS page, but the same problem is there of not being able to effect any change with keyboard.

Prior to this problem developing, I had started my computer, and it went to the password sign in page as normal, but it indicated that I was "locked out" or something to that effect. The fingerprint reader light was blinking, but I've never set it up for that (I didn't know it had such a facility). I did a restart and the normal sign-in screen was there, so I signed in and updated my AVG Anti Virus 2014. I then I opened the Google Images search page, and it was from that point on that things got "weird", because the screen became greatly magnified. Perhaps I had inadvertently clicked on some option. Not being able to use the computer with the great magnification setting, I then did a restart, which brought me to the "Advanced Boot Options" page without any keyboard access.

I have tried removing the battery and then removing the BIOS battery, which only resulted in a page appearing which stated that the BIOS had to be reset. I was able to press "Enter" to make that happen, but then the "Advanced Boot Options" screen appeared agai... Read more

A:Computer only boots to "Advanced Boot Options" then freezes

What happened before this? did you drop something on the Keyboard? has it been wet?
Can you not get into the HP boot menu? not the BIOS but there should be a boot menu
which HP puts on these laptops. I think you can gain access to it by hitting F5 at boot start.

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Hi - I've trawled all over the Web looking for an answer to this with no luck so hoping you guys can help.

When I open "Folder Options" on the "Tools" menu, then select the "View" tab, the "Advanced Settings" box is empty -

I haven't got a clue how this happened and haven't had / got any viruses (I ran a couple of scanners).

Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.
O/S - Vista SP1

A:Solved: Missing "Advanced Settings" in Folder Options

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How can I make it tickable (un-gray it out) again?

I believe this also hinders my ability to press F8 during boot to switch to safe mode/normal startup.


A:"Time to display recovery options when needed" is grayed out.

That is odd, have you been playing with running services at all?
You may have killed something that feature needs to function.
I tried playing around with a few obvious ones but couldn't reproduce your problem here.

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So this is the second time this has happened to me in the past few weeks. And the time before was when I was shutting down and exiting programs (I used my power button on my laptop)

Last time I reported this I didn't get the information from the SF Diag tool properly, and being that I have the program up to date, hopefully this will shed some light. I'm HOPING SF Diag got the right information and that I used it correctly.

A:"Preparing security options" screen after attempted shutdown

ok hopefully this should be the updated folder that the program finished doing processes on. apologies for the double post

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I have a laptop with a fingerprint reader on it, got it enrolled with Windows Hello, everything I read tells me I should have an option to login with my fingerprint.  Nothing on the login screen.  My "login-options" are recovery questions, password, one time password.  I can find nothing on where to reset the security questions, I assume I filled these out when I set up the system but I despise them and generally ignore what I put in there.  Password works.  Where is my fingerprint option, and where do I either get rid of or reset the "recovery questions"?

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Folder options > View > " Apply to folders " button is greyed out.

How to activate it ?

Thank you.


A:folder options...." apply to folders" button is greyed out

Hello t-4-2,

Normally that will only not be grayed out if you opened Folder Options from within the same Windows Explorer window through Tools (Menu bar) -> Folder Options.

Folder View - Apply to Folders

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I've been having trouble keeping the right click "Arrange By" options customized... I have to keep going through the list and re-checking the options I need - (i.e. - Date Modified - Size - Etc). This problem started a few months ago... I'm not sure what caused it - or how to fix it.

I have a W7 64-bit OS.

A:Right click "Arrange By" Options No Longer Stay Customized

Hello Rick, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, resetting all folder views back to default may allow them to stick afterwards.

Folder View Settings - Reset All to Default

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I spent about 3 hours searching around the internet and have tried the solutions I found - nothing is working. Frustrated. Please help.

A:"Performance Options" dialog box appears every time I boot.

Hi could you tell us what you have tried already to solve the problem?

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i am so sad (And pissed off)

for the past 4 1/2 hours i have been trying to fix my computer. i logged onto it this morning and all of a sudden, most were suddenly unrecognized by Windows. however, Internet Explorer worked, and when i clicked on a specific file or folder, it open in its respective program or in the case of a folder, it opened up successfully.

after a couple hours i got into the folder options and created the ".exe" and ".lnk" file extensions and the icons on my desktop went back to normal. however, i STILL cannot execute any of the actual PROGRAMS on their own. whenever i click on a PROGRAM, it says the same stupid thing about me needing to create an association in folder options. but personally i do not know how to do that. oh yes, keep in mind i have TRIED to do regedit, its not supported cuz its an exe, and oh yeah, sysem restore dont work either

could someone PLEASE help me?!?! thanks

A:Stupid "please create an association in Folder Options" crap

I'm not sure how much this will help but it leads in the right direction http://www.bgamug.org/understanding-...ociations.html. Maybe someone else has a better solution.

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When I boot my computer Windows freezes at the "Windows is starting..." screen but I can still move the mouse. This just began today. It does this same thing when I boot in the last good config and safe mode. So basically, Windows won't get past this screen no matter what mode I use.

Also, I can't reinstall XP because I get a technical error blue screen that says I may not have adequate disk space, a driver may need to be disabled, or I may need to change the video adapter whenever I try to boot from the install CD. The message also says "pci.sys."

I've had this computer for 1+ years with no problems. The only thing I can think of is that I was downloading a movie when I accidently turned off the computer at its power source earlier today. So the computer was turned off abruptly at its power source and has NOT gotten past the "Windows is starting..." screen since. Could this have ruined both of my memory cards?

I'm a beginner at the technical stuff on computers so help is definitely needed and appreciated. A step by step is preferred.

Dell Deminsion 9100
Intel Dual 2.8
2 Mem cards 1gig
XP Media edition sp2

A:"Windows is starting..." freezes with no options! Bad memory cards?

Could it be that I accidently burnt out the memory. Is that even possible?

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On my laptop the "Preparing Security Options" message is displayed if I press crtl alt del after I logon to Win7, before the desktop is displayed. Please can somebody give a definitive answer if this is a genuine Windows message or the action of a virus. Even MS won't give a definitive answer. There are many posts about this, people have said what they have done to remove the message but without any confirmation of whether it is or isn't becasue of a virus.
I think it is related to slow post bootup on my machine. Tghus far I checked the C: drive for errrors (none) scanned with malware bytes, run CC cleaner, avast anti virus, used system file checker and made sure the most up to date drivers are in use, reduced start up services and programs to the minimum. I still get this message after all that. So again please can somebody tell me definitively if "Preparing Security Options" is a genuine Windows message or the action of a virus.

A:"Preparing Security Options" message - is it genuine or a virus?

Usually it is an indication the you OS validity is under question and being scanned, whilst not always meaning it isn't valid. Thyis happens quite frequently after say installing a dodgy image file that may have corruption or system file dates are inaccurate.

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Can't run DDS because it says that it is not compatible with my system.

I did run the GMER scanner. I will attach the log here.

I am running Windows XP 64bit

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Hi !

My comp has win xp home and IE7.

"internet options -> connections -> lan settings -> automatically detect settings" is checked. However, when I use IE I get "cannot display the webpage" error. At the same time, other browsers like FF and Safari works.

If I uncheck and then check "automatically detect settings" again, IE starts working.

How can I fix this issue?

Thank you for your help.

A:"Internet options - automatically detect settings" needs a recheck

Normally, nothing should be checked in LAN Settings.


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When performing more demanding tasks, which I try to avoid, programs on my Windows 7 32-bit stop responding/freeze, and pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE or CTRL+ALT+DELETE don't do anything until the system's had enough time to do whatever it's doing, after which point the screen turns black with just the mouse cursor, and, after a while, this error message pops up:

Failure to display security and shut down options
The logon process was unable to display security and logon options when CTRL+ALT+DELETE was pressed. If the operating system does not respond, press ESC or restart the computer by using the power switch.

I hit OK, and the system comes back, but it's clear it still has freezing/performance issues, because the whole thing soon repeats again. I've found that, to fix it, even restarting isn't satisfactory, because doing so won't help the computer "forget" that it was overworked, so, instead, I shut it down, for no less than 15 minutes, then start it up again, and it acts fresh again. Then I have to be careful not to overwork it again.

But is there any way to help my Windows 7 take on those more straining processes? Googling "failure to display security and shut down options" surprisingly only gave me a few hits, and nothing helped.

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)
System Manufacturer: Tyan Computer Corporation
System Model: S2668 Tiger i7505
... Read more

A:"Failure to display security and shut down options" (Windows 7, 32 bit)

Firstly you need to update your profile which says your OS is WinXP.
I am not sure what you mean by "demanding tasks"
The following site may help but I recommend you read right through to the end before trying anything:
I would also check your Event Viewer for comments around the time of the freeze.
Make sure You have up to date Windows 7 drivers for your Display card etc.

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Hi Everybody,

I'm trying to edit my hosts file, using Notepad ++

Oddly enough, the file-open function in Notepad ++ doesn't even "see" much less open/list the directory where hosts is.

windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.(no extender)

What the heck is it about that directory---I've hunted through the folder-options list without any success.


A:Some kind of "Folder Options" thing,about visible directories

Odd. Try running N++ as Administrator and see if that makes a difference

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Hey all,

Good with computers but not too technical. Recently I did "CTRL+ALT+DEL" to see what was causing spikes in CPU when nothing was running other than a couple FIREFOX windows.

Upon opening up, the window did not look like its usual box. It isn't the usual ful box. "File Options View Windows Help" is not visible.

"Windows Task Manager" is NOT present at the top.

The following tabs are NOT present:
"Applications" "Processes" "Services" Performance" "Networking" "Users"

Here's what is displayed in the pop-up box:
Buttons at bottom:
"End Task"
"Switch To"
"New Task"

I don't get it?

I have a Toshiba A305 laptop running on Vista x32, SP2. I'm TREND Micro Internet Security suite and the scans don't pick up anything out of the ordinary.

What is wrong with my laptop? Is this a registry error if so how do I fix?

Thank you.

A:VISTA Problem w/ "CTRL+ALT+DEL" - missing tabs and options!!!


open your task manager and double click your task manager where i put a red x on the attached picture..

good luck

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I've never experienced this message before. I have not had a virus or malware be detected in a year. This came up when I tried to close KVIRC, an IRC client program and turn off my laptop via the power button.

Was this a glitch or something? I'm really hoping it isn't a virus. I haven't experienced any performance issues so..

I should add the laptop appeared to freeze. I powered down, rebooted, and everything seemed to run normally.

UPDATE: Microsoft security essentials picked something up with a full system scan. Not sure if the 3 viruses were related.

This happened a little after 2:00 am, if that helps in sifting through the data.

A:"Preparing security options" message after attempted shutdown

Scan system with Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.62 - FileHippo.com

Update your graphics card drivers: Sun Jul 11 03:00:59 2010 AMD Graphics Drivers & Software

If you get another BSOD make sure you post all the info from the SF Tool, some files were missing.


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Hi everyone,

I have an HP Pavilion DV6500 (exact model is DV6680ej - only sold in Israel) running Windows Vista Home Premium.
The notebook is 4 years old and yesterday when i turned it on after the battery died out it displayed a black screen with the message "no operating system found" (right after displaying the hp logo). Since then i used the F10 key to run the SELF-TEST for the HDD and after a quick check it displayed the error message "#10009 - Replace Hard Disk".
The notebooke's CD/DVD drive does not work, so i used a bootable DOK USB to run the Vista Recovey CD (not the installation cd) and tried to use all of the recovey options with no avail. i also used the command prompt to enter bootrec commands i read in some thread but non of them worked returning SUCCESSFUL for fixmbr, fixboot and for RebuildBcd returning:

"successfully scanned windows installations.
Total identified windows installations: 0
The operation completed successfully"

Then i tried running Hiren's bootCD which contains many testing software and ran the Seagate SeaTools HDD Test (for dos) which after a couple of seconds returned a Failed message.
I also ran Western Digital HDD diagnostic test and a after a couple of seconds it returned "Too many errors found" (or something like that).

I tried entering safemode by pressing the F8 key on bootup but nothing happens.
And when i got my hands on a Vista Installation CD (using DOK USB to load) i tried doin... Read more

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I am getting an exception errror relating to a powercfg.cpl problem on a WindowsXP Pro SP3 system. (Sony VAIO laptop). I can run other .cpl files but I get an error message about powercfg.cpl when I try running "power Options" in the control panel or running the .cpl file from Start|RUN. I have backed up the 3 powercfg related files in system32 and replaced them with files from my XP Pro SP3 desktop system but it still works the same.

The exact error message is <An exception occurred while trying to run "shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL "C:\WINDOWS\system32\powercfg.cpl",">

I really don't want to reload the system for this small error...but I don't just want to live with it either.

Someone please help. I am a Windows/Linux Sysadmin.

A:"Power Options" in control panel deosn't work

Hi ne1scott and welcome to TSF !

Go to start => run and type
powercfg /RestoreDefaultPolicies

source : Power scheme options are unavailable on a Windows XP-based computer

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Hey Guys,

I use Word 97, but I am sure that this question is applicable for all Word versions. The Page Break feature in word seems to be self-explanitory (start a new page) but could you provide an explanation for the other page break features that appear in the page break dialog box? For example,
below the Insert Page break box, if memory serves correctly there is a "section break" option, and radio buttons that allow you to select a section break for a "new page" or a "continious page" and then to the right you have options for "odd" and "even" pages. (Please correct this if I am wrong here) My question is, when would you use the section break feature and wouldn't this just start a new page in Word? More important, what's the difference between selecting a new page section break vs. just inserting a new page for a regular "page break?" Any info or examples about the use of this feature would be helpful! Thanks!

A:Questions Involving Word's "Page Break" Options

Hi, Jack.

I need to write this up for my site, so I'll do it now and reply to you when it's done. You can have yourself a look-see. And when I say now, it's 9:30 PM EST and I can probably have it up by 10 or 10:15 tonight.

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As of the last week, have been experiencing issues with extreme slowness. Reset Firefox to defaults, did not help. PC slows/freezes, when tried to launch task manager, CTRL-ALT-DEL, get message "Failed to load security options" then screen stays black with only that message. At times never unfreezes. After a hard re-boot, goes straight to recovery mode. I have noticed that there are certain error messages such as failed updates. And also, my security defaults have been "turned off" at least once without my doing......... Yikes! I have done a recovery to previous date, and that has helped, but then it starts all over again.... Certain start up items dont load and then the freeze comes again. And again the "Failed to load security options".....

Here are the logs... I believe i got them all....

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 10:51:20 AM, on 6/7/2014
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16545)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\On-Screen OSD Indicator\OSD.exe
C:\Program Files\Lexmark X1100 Series\LXBKbmgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\PIF\{B8E1DD85-8582-4c61-B58F-2F227FCA9A08}\PIFSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Pure Networks Shared\Platform\nmctxth.e... Read more

A:Very Slow, Often get "Failed to load security options" and freezes

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i heard this is way to much. what should i set it to?> or what else should i do?

thanks alot,


A:in my internet options, my "amount of disk space to use" is 8591 MB..?

It's down to preference really but you don't really need it to be set more than 200 mb's.

Hope that helps :)

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Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit
I adjusted Group Policy so additional authentication (PIN) would be required.
I thought I would need to uncheck the first option (Allow BL w/o TPM) because I want to require TPM.
When I rebooted (and after enabling TPM - F10), I attempted to activate Bitlocker (via the Control Panel) and this error message displayed:
"The Group Policy settings for BitLocker startup options are in conflict and cannot be applied.  Contact your system administrator for more information."
After (re)checking the first option (Allow BL w/o TPM) and leaving the default settings, except for the Require PIN and TPM option...
 I redid the entire process (F10 to enable TPM and so forth), but when attempting to activate Bitlocker for the second time, this message displayed:
"The Group Policy settings for BitLocker startup options are in conflict and cannot be applied.  Contact your system administrator for more information."
I had a window of opportunity to make this happen, given the time it can take to actually encrypt the drive, and I was not able to make this happen.
I do not like not being able to make things hap... Read more

A:"The Group Policy settings for BitLocker startup options are in conflict and cannot be applied."

I just had the same issue today, so here is what doesn't work with you :
If you have a motherboard and a BIOS compatible with a TPM, you can uncheck the first option "Allow Bitlocker without a compatible TPM".
Then, Microsoft has made a mistake with the terms that are being used (in my point of view) : in fact, you have to understand you cannot "require" an option if you "allow" some others...
So you have 2 choices :
 - either you "allow" each option so you can choose which one when you set Bitlocker on,
 - or you can "require" an option and disable all the others, so you will not be able to make a choice when you set bitlocker on.
I hope that is clear enough...
 - Tibap.

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