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HTTPS issue (caused by Firefox addon update?)

Q: HTTPS issue (caused by Firefox addon update?)

I've had a strange issue that may have been caused by upgrading to Noscript 5.1.6. I closed my Firefox earlier today and shortly afterwards re-opened it, with the notification that Noscript had updated. However I found that many other websites had become inaccessible. Paypal.com brought up a screen with a message like "found, return to gb/home", www.bbc.co.uk gave a "301 moved permanently" message, and many other websites only opened as blank pages. Closing and re-opening the browser several times did not fix the problem. My first suspicion was that Noscript's update had caused an issue, so I disabled it, which fixed the issue immediately. After re-enabling it there was still no problem.
In retrospect the URLs I was using were missing the "HTTPS" prefix that is automatically added (my link to "www.bbc.co.uk" ordinarily sends me to "https://www.bbc.co.uk/", "paypal.com" to "https://www.paypal.com/gb/home", etc), which makes me wonder if there was an issue with redirects.
Oddly, one website that loaded fine when all others I tried failed - https://www.redlettermedia.com/ - now returns a "Secure Connection Failed" message - "SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length." Notably, this also happens when I try and access it on my phone, outside of my home network.
I've run a scan with MBAM for good measure, which turned up nothing. The problem appears to be fixed apart from that one website; can anyone shed some light as to what may have happened and whether I need to be concerned? Is it possible that an issue with the redlettermedia.com website may have affected my computer?

Preferred Solution: HTTPS issue (caused by Firefox addon update?)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HTTPS issue (caused by Firefox addon update?)

Have you updated to Firefox 57? According to the NoScript website it is still not compatible with 57.
NoScript - JavaScript/Java/Flash blocker for a safer Firefox experience! - what is it? - InformAction
Where's NoScript for Firefox 57 "Quantum"?

2017-11-14: We're working hard to make NoScript for Quantum available to you as soon as possible, definitely by the end of this week.
Please be patient: if you feel naked while you're waiting for the "brand new" NoScript, you can still use the "regular" NoScript 5.x (and all the other extensions of yours) on Firefox 52 ESR, which will receive security updates until June 2018. See you soon!
EDIT: Redlettermedia is not a secure site. I just went to it with no problem using Firefox 56 and NoScript enabled. I'm not
updating to 57 until NoScript is compatible. I did look at the scripting being blocked and didn't see anything malicious on
the redlettermedia.com home page.
My NoScript was updated 10 days ago to 5.1.5....you may be allowing their not ready for prime time beta releases.

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Firefox updated and now I can't view ANY https sites, including Facebook and Google. I have emptied the chache and cookies, reset Firefox and re-installed. The error message comes up: "The connection was reset." I can view http websites fine.

A:Firefox not connecting to https websites after update

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Read the Link below see if that Solution helps ...

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I'm a newbie on this site so if this question has already been asked, then apologies.
I recently updated Firefox (April 12, 45.0.2) which has long been my preferred browser, and since then I am getting locked out of all sorts of sites I would normally visit. I can no longer play youtube music, just get a black screen that eventually stops on an error message. I can no longer access MSN games on line and some sites are coming up with a security warning that seems to be related to site certificates being incorrectly configured. On some of these, there is an option to allow, and some will open, but others just revert to a white window with an indexed list in blue, none of which help as they wont open.
I checked with my AV provider and they ran a diagnostic on their software, Eset security 9, ( updated this at the same time) and it all checks out. So the problem appears to be Firefox. I can get into all things with either IE or Chrome, but they're not preferred.
Anybody got a probable cause? I'm not particularly au fait with Win 7 BTW. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling on May 6 which is now Firefox 46.0.1 but no change.

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There is a specific website my mother frequents for a game called Robo Runner at http://www.eyeplaygames.com. However, since she updated Firefox, the game boards load only partially. Also, it does not display proper font colors - robot names and game names are supposed to be certain colors depending on their current status.I tried updating all of our plugins, reinstalling Firefox, and installing an earlier version. However, I'm a bit confused because my mother says she stopped using IE awhile ago because it started doing the same thing.I have been unable to find anything on the game website about this problem. The reason I'm posting it here is because perhaps there's a setting somewhere or something I'm overlooking, and that this issue is more universal than simply one website and someone may have insight on it.On other computers the site loads fine. Anyone got any ideas?

A:Recent Firefox Update Caused Problems

test your version of Flash here: (should be 9)http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase...cfm?id=tn_15507--------------------------------------------------------------------------------test your version of Java here: (should be l.5.0_09 for XP)http://java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml

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I'm honestly not sure if this is more a windows XP issue or more a network issue. My apologies in advance if I've mis-estimated.

I run XP corporate on a Sony VIAO laptop. This morning I finished downloading and installing yesterday's updates. Upon rebooting I was met with two error messages:

(1) Windows told me I had no firewall turned on (something I'd long since dealt with). I use ESET and had long since told XP to stop bugging me about this.

(2) ESET told me that "an error occured while starting services. Analysis of application protocols (POP3, HTTP) will not function."

Along with these errors, I find that I can't get on the internet (though the wireless connection to my router is still working fine). I can only assume that the Windows update caused this problem, but I'm not sure what the problem is.

I assume Windows' update caused the error, since I had nothing like this going on before and the problem started exactly when the update installed. Any help would be much appreciated.

(I looked at services to see if anything had been disabled that shouldn't be. I didn't spot anything. I also re-installed my wireless driver just in case. No dice.)

A:Windows XP update caused notwork issue

Do System Restore to a time before this happened.

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I ran the lastest Windows updates on my PC and when it rebooted it was stuck on the "Configuring Windows do Not Shut Down" screen for hours. Finally, I shut down and the PC would not start up. I tried to do a system restore to before the Windows update, and got errors. However, the PC did start up (and actually said the restore worked), but not everything is functioning correctly on the PC (there is no HDMI sound for example and Google Chrome Updater will not connect to the internet).

I tried to do another system restore from within Windows and got the error message in the attached screen shot.

Does anyone know how to get system restore to start working again?

Thanks in advance for the help.

BTW - Here is the log from TSG SysInfo:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 925 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6135 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5450, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 598652 MB, Free - 296303 MB; D: Total - 11595 MB, Free - 1668 MB;
Motherboard: FOXCONN, ALOE
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Windows Update Caused Issue

I was able to get get Windows Restore to run, but things are still not running correctly. One example is the Google Chrome updater can't connect. Then, when I try to manually download Chrome and install it I get a message that says it will not install as Windows updates are needed (but when I try to install the Windows updates my PC gets stuck on the reboot (as detailed above).

Internet Exploerer will also not start. The problem details in the error message are:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: iexplore.exe
Application Version: 9.0.8112.16446
Application Timestamp: 4fb5ac91
Fault Module Name: aswWebRepIE64.dll
Fault Module Version: 7.0.1456.418
Fault Module Timestamp: 4ff31ba0
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00000000000167d1
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 1f6f
Additional Information 2: 1f6f2d215733aeb07f49b7ea5b84bba7
Additional Information 3: 8878
Additional Information 4: 88782d9724deba442e5003b8fdc7962a

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If more information is needed, please let me know and I will provide what I can.


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Please and kindly advise...MS Word suddenly will not open anywhere... very aggravating problem; things were running very well; kept on getting macafee sales pitches popping up WAY before my year is up...it installed an 'update'...now get warnings on start up, about needing 'active shield' or starting computer in normal mode...which it already always has etc...and whenever i try ms word program...SO much lost material on ALL and EVERY NS word document in my files...disaster..please and kindly help and advise, thank you so much...

A:macafee 'update' caused problem!!?? ms word won't open!! 'activeshield' issue??

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I've been looking for a program which will work with Firefox to correct spelling and other errors automatically if possible or provide a list of words. It would be nice if it could capitalize the start of sentences too but I doubt this would be likely.

Another thing, is it possible to add links to notepad and just click the link to open up a browser window in firefox?

Thank you.

A:Firefox addon

Don't know about the addon but metapad works great.
They have two versions and your want the they metapad351.zip version.

Q: What is the difference between Full version and LE?

A: Technically, the full version utilizes a RichEdit control whereas LE (Light Edition) uses the older but speedier Edit control (as does metapad 1.x). LE is somewhat quicker under NT when loading large files but it does not have the following features:

* no file size limit on Win9X
* multiple undo/redo
* show hyperlinks option
* drag & drop text editing
* insert/overwrite mode

Read the faq

Then if you want to [3] - Installation & Replacing Notepad with Metapad

It does not need to be installed so just unzip it to it's own folder.
It is very small and opens just as fast as notepad but it does a lot more.

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Just installed the IE Tab AddOn extension to my Firefox v3.5.3 and it works just as advertised. Created Bookmarks in my Roboform login list for both Win Update and Win Catalog sites. FF goes there and does its thing.

One question... When I did the search for the IE Tab addon, there was another addon called Coral IE Tab. It claims to be an "enhanced version of IE Tab". The narrative goes on the say it "Uses the embedded IE Engine" and "supports AdBlock Plus" (which I have).

BTW... AdBlock Plus seems to work just fine with IE Tab AddOn.

My question is this... Is there any advantage to using this addon over what I have already installed? If so, does it work in addition to the IE Tab addon or replace it?


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I am trying to remember the name of a search addon that lets you search multiple sources and had a site just for different search engines that you could add. I do know it was going to be discontinued but someone else is helping the addon author.

I think the addon author was from the Netherlands on his about me page.

Does anyone know of the addon I am talking about please ?

A:Firefox Addon

ng4ever said:

I am trying to remember the name of a search addon that lets you search multiple sources and had a site just for different search engines that you could add. I do know it was going to be discontinued but someone else is helping the addon author.

I think the addon author was from the Netherlands on his about me page.

Does anyone know of the addon I am talking about please ?Click to expand...

Context Search

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I have a machine with Firefox that has an addon that you can no longer get from the addon library. Is there anyway to transfer just the addon to a freshly installed firefox on a 64 bit Win 10?

A:Firefox Addon

Originally Posted by banger

I have a machine with Firefox that has an addon that you can no longer get from the addon library. Is there anyway to transfer just the addon to a freshly installed firefox on a 64 bit Win 10?

Probably not. I've lost a couple of older ones just in the upgrades of Firefox itself into the 40s, now on version 44 on Win7, Win10, Mac OS X and Linux. Ooops, just got a popup saying 44.0.1 is available.

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Im looking for an addon I saw once that allows you to make notes on a website that only other people with the addon have..

A:Firefox addon help

You can find the Firefox add on here:

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Is there any way to save all my firefox addons since i was gonna format my PC and i didn't want to re-download them.Pls Help. thanks.

A:Firefox Addon help?

Use this firefox addon FEBE :

With this, you can backup your extensions, themes, bookmarks, preferences and other things. And later you can just restore the backup to install them again. Its very useful.

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Hi, i can't remember add-on that i used to customize my Firefox. I remember that i found that add-on on some forum, and when i downloaded it, it redirected me to some web page or something like that where i could customize everything (color, background, tab look and icons, back, forward icons...) It was really good add on, and now i cant find it. I thought maybe someone here knows the name of that addon i really want this addon i cant find it anywhere. I looked on Firefox web page, but theres only full theme packs.

A:Firefox addon/extension

Firefox 3.6 Support with version Live Writerfox 0.5 has been added, it should be soon on Firefox add-ons site, otherwise it is always on this page..

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hey..can anyone tell me how to remove add ons (engines) in firefox..thanks

A:firefox addon remove

If you mean Extensions, go to Tools > Extensions, highlight the add-on you want to remove, click the Uninstall button and restart Firefox. I'm not sure what you mean by engines.

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I am running Windows 7 Firefox 17.0.1. There is an add-on called "Divx Plus Web Player HTML5 <video>" that is suspicious. Don't know how it got there and, while I can disable it, there's no way to remove it.

A:Firefox DIVX addon

Is it in Add/Remove Programs? Divx is a legit media player. Maybe you needed it to view a particular video.

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Help! I click on a website or picture on a site and up pops NS_ERROR_XPC_JAVASCRIPT_ERROR_WITH_DETAILS. I hit ok twice(it comes up twice), then immediately, a new tab and window loads with ANYCOLOR. I hit my red X box and it's gone. Now, I can carry on until the next time this happens. Up where usually the http address is it says chrome://anycolor/content/firstrun/firstrun.html. I am not an expert. What can I do?

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I downloaded the newest firefox version (FF2.?) and whenever I go to the addons window firefox freezes up and won't let me do anything, so now I can't back up firefox with back-up fox to get my setting correct again, it also won't use the selected theme even though it says it will after I restart firefox which I have done several times. The only way to close the addons window is CTRL ALT Delete......

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i install this add on
my Question is how i States that every time I download a file he used with addon and not use a built-in manager in Firefox?


A:DownThemAll! - firefox addon


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I used to have an amazing translation app/addon/extention/plugin(is there a difference btw?) for firefox which I could highlight any text and it would change it to my language directly on the page, instead of in a popup box which most do. OR translate the whole page google chrome style. But one day.... It disappeared... I've tried around 5 or 6 apps and ALL of them use popup boxes, and can't seem to translate certain pages, my old plugin never failed on any page except when the text was in an image.
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions what I can use? I use a lot of foreign language websites so it was an invaluable tool for me :'(

A:Translator app/addon for firefox?

My original one disappeared too, so I switched to this one.  If you right click on the toolbar icon or a blank place on the web page you can choose Translate the Page and the entire page will then be in your language, you can also have it automatically translate that site in future too.  I've used it for over a month and am very happy with it.

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Well, since I switched to my Mac I have been using Safari pretty religiously. I have grown tired of it's incompatibility with its web pages so I have decided to go to firefox again. Now, I was looking for an add-on for most viewed web pages? Something like Chrome and Safari uses when you open a new tab and it shows your most viewed pages.

Does anyone know of any add-ons like this? Any help will be much appreciated!

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I'm using Firefox 5.0 on Ubuntu 11.04.

I've been using the TrackMeNot addon for a couple of years now, but for the past week or two it keeps stopping - I get Err next to the icon, and constantly have to keep re-enabling it.So, this evening I went "Googling" for an answer ( which I didn't find ) and happened across this link which makes me wonder if TrackMeNot is a viable tool???? Does anyone else have any experience with it - or opinions on it??

A:TrackMeNot - Firefox addon

I agree with that article. It's a waste of resources and completely useless.You might look into something more realistic like Firefox's "Do-not-track" feature and/or a cookie manager (whitelist, automatic delete, etc.).

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I look after a couple of web sites, and occasionaly add mp3 audio tracks.
IE works fine, Opera works fine but Firefox tells me I need add ons, which it can't find. Although I search for addons manualy, and install them, firefox still can't find them. Why can't Firefox just have these as part of the package, as the other browsers do?

A:Firefox addon problems

post a url to test
most embedded sound files should play without plugins in firefox
I found a site that played mp3 fine
I have flash and shock plugins
I use quicktime alt never added as plugin works fine
check version of firefox I use

Why can't Firefox just have these as part of the package, as the other browsers do?Click to expand...

so user can set it up they way they want
and it's free the one's you mention have a cost
mp3's and other embedded stuff can carry spyware
even bad script can lock up a browser
by far as for me the best browser is firefox

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Hello guys,

Today I want to share with you this simple extension, that allows you to view your password without asterisks but in letters form
This extension is avalaible for Firefox and Firefox-based browsers.

LINK: WShowPassword

A:WShowPassword Firefox Addon

Thanks for sharing, however I cannot trust external addons/extensions, unless developed by Mozilla themselves. Are there any alternates to this add-on?

This feature is available on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, including Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7.

The Fermata eye like symbol ( the password reveal button ) have been introduced in Windows 8 . I believe this feature is mainly for the users who are using the Windows Tablets . It is quite difficult to retype to whole password if he made a mistake . So that I believe it should be mainly for the Windows 8 tablet users . Using the feature a user wouldn't have to delete the entire password and start all over again if he believes that he has made a mistake
However, some desktop and laptop users might feel that this feature can come in the way of their security and in that case disabling it altogether would be the best option.Click to expand...


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FF 3.5.5 does not support Outlook Express get mail addon.
What is an alternative?
FF 3.5.5 also crashed very quickly and I downgraded back to previous version.
Thank you.

A:Solved: Firefox 3.5.5 addon

OK, upgraded get mail and that works.
Firefox 3.5.5 keeps crashing. There are no updates available to this version.
Trying FF 6 Beta and it seems stable at the moment.
I'll check back in if anything changes.

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i get this when trying to sync. help.

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I downloaded speed dial on my new system, which is running vista. However, when I click on the tab to open a new tab it does not bring up the speed dial page. I have it set to open in new tab and new window, but just brings up a yahoo search powered by avg page.

Don't have this problem on my other system, but its running xp.

Thank you

A:Firefox addon speed dial

If you're experiencing troubles with any Add-ons, I'd suggest reinstalling them or at least disabling then re-enabling them.

Have you touched and or edited the speed dial's settings?

Is it current with your version (meaning you have Firefox 3.5.3 and Speed Dial 0.9.1)?

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I need help with removing icq toolbar 1.1.5 in my firefox addons. The uninstall is grayed out. Hijackthis won't let me upload files, keeps coming back as invalid.

A:Need Help with Removing ICQ Toolbar addon in Firefox

Hi coalgiver,

If you installed the ICQ toolbar as an extension, try installing it again then close and re-open Firefox and you should be able to uninstall it.

If it was installed via another program installation (most freebie prog's now include toolbar's as extra's from sponsors, Ask, Yahoo etc) open the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and uninstall it from there. If it doesn't appear in there, go to the ICQ Toolbar folder in your Program Files and double click the uninstall.exe (sometimes uninstall000.exe) file to begin the process. If you're worried about which file to double click, post back with a list and we'll instruct you from there.

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I downloaded Fire Fox latest version. I have
been trying to install the add on " Better Privacy".
I get a message "Unable to Install"

A:can't install BetterPrivacy addon (firefox)

Be sure to use version 1.47.4 of Better Privacy with FF 3.6

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There is a significant startup speed optimization that Firefox 4 doesn't yet do. This optimization is hard to integrate into Firefox, so I'm releasing this functionality as an addon so people can benefit from it while we figure out how to properly integrate it into Firefox. Think of this as a work-in-progress technology preview

This addon bypasses the Windows prefetch feature to start Firefox faster (see Prefetcher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). It adds a 'faster firefox' shortcut to the Desktop which should launch Firefox up to 2x faster than without this addon.


A Guy

A:Start Faster Firefox 4 Addon

nice,thank you man

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I use instantfox addon and it merges search into the adressbar. It works fine if I pick my search with the arrows on the keyboard but if I try to select search with the mouse it does only search the few letters I had written.

If I use the same addon on Palemoon browser it works just fine.

Anyone know a solution to this? Thanks

A:Firefox Instantfox addon problems

I have the same problem. In addition, the last letter of a search topic is truncated. I tried using changing the default search engine and using "g" for Google to see if that would solve the problem, but it makes things worse. If I type g followed by a space and my search topic, when I hit enter I am directed to a blank page.

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If there is not already, there should be a Firefox addon that allows you to use one login, that will log you in to, say, Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, anything else you want.

Is there?

A:Firefox addon for master login?

Hi uRabbit


something like that should do the work ;)


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Can i somehow save my extentions i have in Firefox so they wont need installation again from the start?

A:Firefox Addon And Extension Back Up?

Your Firefox extension are kept in your profile folder, located at C:\ Documents and Settings \ "your user name" \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ ProfilesThis folder is not removed when you uninstall Firefox from Add/Remove. This folder retains all of your previous settings, and will re-apply them to your new install, if it's not deleted.That's why, when you install a new version of Firefox, your previous settings, bookmarks, passwords, etc., all remain the same.

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'Better Gmail' is plugin for firefox. It is a collection of 25 top class addons.

Find a review here:

Enhance Gmail experience with 'Better Gmail' addon for Firefox.

Post your views and questions.

A:Do you like 'Better Gmail' addon for firefox? it does wonders for me.

It's all right. I just installed it. I think I'll have to configure it some more.

The best addon is cooliris. Seriously...a life-saver.

Let me know what you think!

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What is VTzilla?

VTzilla is a Mozilla Firefox browser plugin that simplifies the process of scanning Internet resources with VirusTotal. It allows you to download files directly with VirusTotal's web application prior to storing them in your PC. Moreover, it will not only scan files, but also URLs.
The scanning options are embedded in Firefox's context menu and download dialog, making the analysis process as easy as clicking a single button.

What are we interested in?

The main purpose of VTzilla is to help the community in securing their systems. Having said this, if we can also collect interesting data to analyse at the same time we help the community even better.
We are interested in malware obviously, so if you come across any malicious file do not hesitate to scan it with VTzilla. Additionally, thanks to VirusTotal's URL scan service we hope that users will be willing to send us phishing and any other fraud/ecrime related sites. Why? Because hopefully these sites will end up being processed by the URL analysis tools integrated in VirusTotal and will improve their efficiency, and thus end-user protection.

VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner - Browser Addons

A:VTzilla - The VirusTotal addon for Firefox

An alternative is the Team Cymru MHR 1.1 Firefox extension. The purpose of the extension is to check downloaded files against multiple anti-virus and anti-malware products from the Firefox download window. All you need do is click "Check MHR" shown under the time in the download window:

Note: Neither this nor the VTzilla extension replace your antivirus software. Rather, consider the extension a supplement. With the Team Cymru MHR Firefox extension, in the event the download is identified as malware, it can be deleted rather than installed.

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Window 7 x64 pc with Avast virus
Notice the issue yesterday, not sure how long it might have been affecting Firefox.
Yesterday, Avast could no longer access server to update.  Went to Avast website to manually download virus file.  Said it was up to date.  After two days, I highly doubt it is still upto date.  Tried downloading a fresh copy of the software and reinstalling.  No change.
Now I just noticed Firefox also can not access anything and when I try to update it, it says it is up to date.  I have version 22.00, not the current 23.  Don't know how long it has been blocked from updating.  Didn't find anything to improve the problem in thier troubled shooting area.  Tried downloading new copy of Firefox..... and download failed.
Two days ago, I downloaded a Windows update, classified as Critical.
I do have another computer running on the same internet connection.  It appears to be fine and has to current Firefox version.
Is this a virus or a result of the Window's update?
Thanks for your help!

A:Avast and Firefox update blocked, virus or Window Update issue?

I forgot to say, Internet Explorer and other programs are working just fine.  No issues accessing anything on the internet.  The only problems,  appear to be Firefox and Avast unable to connect to server.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Hello folks, I have been using Seven since 7000. I now have 7127.
My problem is with Firefox xpi extensions.
I have read in the past that this is a known issue with installing xpi, but do you think I can find it now

My Firefox addon extensions do not work, nor do they uninstall/reinstall.
What do I need to tweak, please...

A:[7127] Firefox addon extensions do not work

Which add on doesn't work which version is your firefox???
Presently on firefox and all the add ons working which ever I tried to install...

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Good People,
I recently completely removed Firefox and then reinstalled same.

Unfortunately, I've forgotten the name of the add-on which will automatically feed the next page when I get to the bottom of a list of items, such as in a google search, which goes one for pages.

Anyone know the name of same?

A:Firefox addon to auto-fetch next page


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A couple of months ago, I was having problems with slow Firefox performance, so I refreshed Firefox, which created a new profile from scratch. My problems cleared up. I subsequently installed two addons (AdBlock Plus and Flashblock), with no performance issues resultingFast forward to last night. I click on a bookmark for Craigslist, and up pops a new tab displaying a page from the Flash and Video Download addon (http://fnvfox.appspot.com/thankyou.html). I quickly closed it. I go back to browse and I notice new icons on the Firefox toolbar. Then I notice they're not really new: they are icons for the addons that I had prior to refreshing Firefox a couple of months ago. I open up Addons Manager, and they're all back--one of them being the Flash and Video downloader (which shows its last update as October 30, 2015, the night this occurred). Then I clicked on a link to a website, and Firefox kept popping up prompts asking me if I wanted to accept cookies for the site--which was what I had configured Firefox to do before I refreshed it, but not after. I went to look at my profile. I had a shortcut to the new profile created when I refreshed; the shortcut's target was gone. The profile no longer exists.I've searched the web, but can find no similar reports, although I have seen reports of Flash and Video Downloader opening a new Firefox tab on its own, without being asked. I ran Malwarebytes and a full system virus scan with Avast, and they found nothing unusual. There is obviousl... Read more

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I would think some smart computer geek (and I use that term as an accolade) could
come up with a Firefox Add-On that could automatically, or selectively as desired,
be embedded in or attached to emails irregardless of browser that would be activated
upon opening and send notification to the sender that it has been opened.

If legal constraints require, it could maybe ask for permission to send notification,
but that kind of nullifies lots of the reasons for something like that in the first place.

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hi i am using firefox 3.5.3 , i have noticed a problem since a few days-- whenever i open the add-ons window & click FIND UPDATES , firefox shows " an error occured while finding updates " besides all extensions , but sometimes firefox itself gives a small tool-tip that it has found updates to few of my addons
i have tried searching the internet but havent found a solution for this .
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Firefox cant find addon updates


You may try this - if not the extension mentioned - may be another.


Could be Firewall blocking it -

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All of the sudden Firefox (latest) doesn't play flash videos. I uninstalled Adobe Flash addon and opened up a youtube video, it gives me the "need flash addon" which I downloaded and reinstalled. When I open up firefox and open up a video it doesn't say or display anything and status in lower left is "Done". Uninstalling/Reinstalling Flash and Firefox does nothing. Internet Explorer runs fine without any problems.

OS is Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

I have also cleared all cache files, registry entries, installation folders and downloaded new copies of Firefox and Flash, etc...Nothing changes.

Seems like Firefox fails with a different issue every week or so and I have to restore windows to a restore point from the day before and everything is fine.

Anyone else have problems with Firefox on Vista 64?

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Generally Firefox Statusbar AddOn works quite well. The only annoying behavior I've found so far is, if you try to Resume a partial download, and the WiFi you are using at the moment prevents the download, the Resume choice is removed and the status is changed to Failed.

The behavior should be to notify the user the download cannot commence. Ask the user what to do.. such as maintain the status until such time as a connection can be made on an unblocked WiFi network.

My main hassle is Public Library blocking downloads, even those such as Sourceforge.net that are obviously free. It's a pita to download over a GB only to have to start from scratch because some WiFi network decided you shouldn't be downloading, citing no specific criteria. Either you get a block notice, such as possible copyright infringement(which is usually false since you are on Softpedia or some other) or it just hangs.

Anyway Download Statusbar author. Nice AddOn but please tweak it. If anyone knows a work-around that would be cool too.

A:Firefox Download Statusbar AddOn Resume

I set all downloads to go to another disk so even partial files stay there until download is finished nothing can block them then. Download finishes even after power off. I also use that addon.

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Hi all,

this extension can calculates MD5 and SHA1 hash checksums on a file, to compare to a verified result provided by publisher of your file.

The main point of this extension is the easy mode, within you can calculate the hash of your file, simply by using your browser.
Extension avalaible for: Mozilla Firefox and Firefox-based browsers.

LINK: Calculate MD5 SHA1 Hash checksums

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Hi guys, i encountered a problem the other day with a previous wireless card made by ADDON. After these problems which included random lag spikes while gaming, losing connection randomly I decided to buy another card. First thing I did was uninstall the drivers for the previous card and took out the device, I then seated the new wireless card and installed the drivers. It didn't work. I've been hunting around google for a couple days and i cant find anything, I've re-seated the device, used another wireless card but the same model and re-installed the drivers. In device manager it doesn't come up with the model of the device but just saying "Network Device", I go to the properties of the Network Device and it comes up with the error code 18. I've tried a registry cleaner but still to no avail. I'm not ready to install a new version of windows even though I am running Vista which probably is the problem. If i try to use windows to install the new drivers it says a problem has occurred while trying to install this device, and a error under it saying "a device attached to the system is not working" but the card im using now does work in a other pc. Anyone who could shed some light on this please do, It's driving me nuts and i have no idea what the problem is.


A:ADDON NWP210 Issue

Bump, anyone help? Still can't get it to work. :c

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Having just updated a pc to windows 7 Pro 64bit. I'm struggling to get the following OLD addon up and running the addon is called netsnippets
iv'e uploaded it here

It appears to work until you go to edit the saved snippet, but comes up with cannot find
c:/users/OEM/Documents/My%20Snippets/blahblah.htm make sure the path or address is correct

It could be a permissions error? would love to get it back up and working if anyone can explain?

A:IE11 addon issue

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I would guess you'd need to redownload from the developers site a compatible version designed for win-7 ?
What os did you upgrade from x-p ?

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