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Dell Inspiron 7559 backlight bleed

Q: Dell Inspiron 7559 backlight bleed


I bought Dell Inspiron 7559 and I am very happy with laptop. However, I noticed that there is some backlight bleed on the bottom of the screen. I dont know what is acceptable level. Is this good or defect?
Thanks for help.

Preferred Solution: Dell Inspiron 7559 backlight bleed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dell Inspiron 7559 backlight bleed

In my opinion that is horrible and looks like there is some damage or the panel wasn't seated correctly. I would warranty it if you are still under warranty.

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I recently bought a dell 15 7567 with 4k screen.  It has backlight bleeding on three corners. More pronuced on left top and bottom side. . Even at 20% brightness there is still backlight bleeding.
Will dell fix it?

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Hello, I'm having a small problem with my new Dell laptop.
I can't find the option where I could set my keyboard backlight to stay on constantly. It keeps falling asleep (turning off) after a short period of time. It is really annoying late in the evening as I always have to wake it up. Is there any way I could turn off the automatic sleep mode or atleast prolong it?
Thanks in advance :)

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Dell Inspiron 7559 15.6 inch FHDIntel Core i7-6700hq/8gb/1TB sshd/4gbGTX 960 M/Windows 10

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7559 has no key board Backlight feature?

We?re listening. Dell Inspiron 7559 is factory configured with a chicklet keyboard and there is no backlight feature. Please PM us with the service tag, registered owner?s name and your email address, so that we can check for more details. To send a private message, click on my name and select ?Send private message?.

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I have noticed backlight bleed on my new Inspiron 7567 4k ips notebook. Are there any way to fix it?
Here is pics of issue.

A:Inspiron 7567 4k screen backlight bleed

The only way is to replace the display panel (if the system is under 30 days old, you can also ask for a system replacement).

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I have purchased XPS 15 9560 FHD on November and noticed this serious backlight bleed on both edges which I can see just by looking at the display day or night as you can see on the image.
Is there anyway I can replace this within warranty period. I have opened a support request via support assist 4 days ago but no reply from their end.I am little bit concerned about this laptop and brand right now as I am from India and I spend a huge amount of money on this thing already. I also doubt the availability of replacement parts in India as this is a newly launched laptop here. Please help!

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Dear Dell,The Dell U2715H in question presents the Blacklight Bleed very pronounced especially in the lower left and right of the screen, as seen in the photo attached even in light conditions above 150 lux.I hope you help me solve my problem because it is very annoying.

A:Excessive backlight bleed Dell monitor U2715H

The only solution is to have the monitor replaced, assuming it's under warranty.  If it was purchased from Dell, contact customer support and have it replaced.
If it was purchased from a third party, return it to the seller for a refund or replacement.

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Is there no way to adjust the time the backlight stays lit? Seems like the light goes off almost immediately after typing. Would like to have the light on all the time when the unit is plugged in. Is this something that Dell can update?
Are there any downloads I can get that would allow me to alter this units behavior?

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I just ordered a Dell Inspirion 15 7577 on the black friday sale (11/24/17) and, before anything, I'd like to say that Dell did a fantastic job on this model. Great thermal management, stunning graphics and highly solid and durable chassis. I am in love with this laptop.
But unfortunately, my screen did come with some backlight bleeding from the start and some clouding. It is not noticeable when gaming, except when I go into a dark area. But it is there and I cannot seem to ignore it.
I have ran the color tests (power button + D) and they are not noticeable then, but are very noticeable on a black screen.
What are my options and next steps?
Many thanks.

P.S. I am attaching a photo of my screen. The bleed is in the upper-mid section of the screen. And the clouding is most apparent on the upper-left and upper-right corners.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7577 IPS Screen bleed and cloud.

You're probably best off asking for a replacement system.  The other option is to have the screen replaced.

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I have a new Dell Inspiron 7000 (7579), purchased Feb 2017. Actually two of them. Same results on both laptops.When I use headphones, signals from both the right track and left track come out of both sides of the headphones. I have gone through every setting that I can find. Settings are set to stereo, and there are no enhancements on.
The tracks play out of the speakers as split tracks. The tracks play out of the HDMI port properly, as well as USB playback devices.
I have tried multiple sets of headphones. Identical tracks and headphones work properly on other older laptops and other equipment. (I am an audio engineer for a living).
Any help is appreciated.

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Hi, I can't seem to get anything higher than 1920x1080 in the list of available resolution options when I connect my Dell U2713HM monitor to my Dell Inspiron 15 laptop. I've run this monitor at 2560x1440 on another laptop over HDMI in the past but that was with Windows 8. The Intel HD Graphics 530 Control Panel doesn't offer any resolutions above 1920x1080 for the external monitor and adding custom resolutions results in the error "the custom resolution exceeds the maximum bandwidth capacity". I'm using the same high speed HDMI cable that worked at 2560x1440 with this monitor on my previous laptop. I'm fully up to date on all of the drivers for the laptop.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not sure what else to try. Could this be a Windows 10 issue? Should I try the standard Intel HD Graphics 530 drivers from the Intel website?

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I got a DELL Inspiron 7559 in July 2017. The rear left corner is already pulling a part at the seam. It doesn't seem to be the hinge, but it does pull further a part when opening and closing the screen. 
I called DELL support. Even though the computer is only 5 months old, this problem isn't covered under warranty. 
Online, it looks like several other 7559 buyers have experienced the exact same problem. It seems unethical of DELL to have a recurring manufacturing problem and refuse to repair it.
Any suggestions on options to get the split repaired without spending $140? 

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My laptop suddenly went off and now it wont turn back on it would switch on all the lights would show and the dell logo appeared but would switch back off immediately. By constantly pressing the on off button i managed to get it to turn on for a few minutes until it suddenly did the same thing again. However now there is no logo and the lights just flick on once and back off.
Thereafter I tried to get into the BIOS diagnostic mode by pressing f12 as soon as I managed to get it to turn on. once more however it went off as it was loading this up. Now it just wont go any further than flashing all the lights once and turning back off

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7559

Unplug the system, remove the base cover and disconnect the battery, and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Try powering up again.
If you can, you're set.  If not, call Dell - it's time to have the mainboard replaced under warranty.

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Hey which ram is best and do i need for my dell laptop 2 x 8 gb , i found a couple but unsure i got told i need either cl11 cl13 and it has to be ddr3l 



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Hi, I've had my laptop for just a couple of weeks and have noticed that there is a yellowish corner of the screen. It is only apparent with a black screen. I have a theory that there is extra pressure in the right corner because that's where the thinkpad logo and red light are on the backside.  Anyway, it doesn't bother me; I'm just worried that it might get worse progessively.  I don't really want to have to send it back to China and wait for repairs. But want to go ahead fix it while under warranty if there is a possibility that it will get worse.  ?Is this an acceptable amount of bleeding? (note: the only bleed is in the top right corner. It's definitely bleed because it goes away when I bend the screen ever so slightly. Everything else is glare. )

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Hello,I bought a HP Omen 15-ax208nl laptop on April 22nd, 2017.When I reproduce dark videos or black pictures I can notice some bright areas (clouding/backlight bleed) in proximity of the lower part of the frame (see attached picture).- Is it a common problem in these laptops?- How can I solve the problem?Thank you in advance,Alessandro_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Buongiorno,Ho acquistato un portatile HP Omen 15-ax208nl il 22 Aprile 2017 da un rivenditore della mia città.Nella riproduzione di video con poca luce o di immagini nere è possibile notare delle aree più chiare in corrispondeza della parte inferiore della corinice (clouding/backlight bleed, vedere foto).- Il problema è comune in questi portatili?- Come si può risolvere?  Grazie in anticipo,Alessandro  

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I've just bought a brand new Omen 17 with a 4k screen and replaced it once due to obvious backlight bleed.  The replacement laptop still has pretty obvious backlight bleed.  Do all HP Omen laptops just have this as part of a poor design and therefore should I just get a refund or have I just been unlucky and received two duff items? 

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Why Active State Power Management is not supported on Dell 7559? Any plans to fix this with BIOS update?
In Windows if I do powercfg /energy it reports the following: 
Platform Power Management Capabilities:PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) Disabled
PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) has been disabled due to a known incompatibility with the hardware in this computer.

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I had purchased Dell Inspiron 15 7559 laptop in Jan 1st week , 2017. After around a month, windows 10 started giving me issues related to password after the anniversary update. It would not let me enter the password and would just reset. Dell support team helped me with system restore and it worked fine for few days.But later the same problem was back and dell support team told me to reinstall windows which I did and same thing kept on repeating and I had to reinstall windows as usual. At times, the BIOS would ask em for system password followed by HDD password followed by admin password which I didnt even set. Made this to work by randomly tapping a key 4 times and then clearing passwords in bios setup.Even tried calling Microsoft and all they did was re-install windows 10. As usual same issues were coming. In the end before sending laptop for repair I started getting BSOD. After I got the laptop back from repair on March 23,2017 where they changed the motherboard and HDD same problems are coming related to password. I tried changing windows to 7 and started getting BSOD, even tried with 8.1 but same result. It even ran diagnostic tests on its own when shutdown(Nothing was connected to the laptop. Not even the power cord).Is there any way in which I can sort this out because the dell repair center has just made things worse for me? I have already lost my labs and assignments in it. I don't want to waste time on this laptop anymore.

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Hi Everyone,
I have a new Dell Inspiron 7559:
I use it for work, mainly translation tools, and also for some ocasional gaming (Witcher 3, Cities skylines, etc.).
So I was thinking on maybe upgrading it a bit, but as I´m on a budget I can only afford upgrading the ram up to 16GB or to buy an SSD of 250GB, what would you suggest to upgrade?, which of both would have more impact on the performance?.
Thank you very much!

A:Upgrade Dell Inspiron 7559

If it's running a conventional (or hybrid) hard drive, the SSD will make much more of an overall impact than the memory upgrade.

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Hi, I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 7559, with the 2 year warranty, but the problem is it only has an HDD, and I wanted to install a SSD, and possibly a 8GB DDR3, but my question is will doing this void the warranty, on the bottom of the laptop there is no sticker saying it will.

A:Dell Inspiron 7559 Warranty

You can upgrade those parts without voiding the warranty (but should keep the original parts in case a warranty repair/replacement is required).

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I opened my new Inspiron 7559 today, after updating all the drivers including the NVIDIA one, so I installed league of legends, upon playing the first game, I noticed my FPS was around 130 and would cap around there, I found this odd as the laptop I had returned before this was an older model by Dell and it ran the game completely fine at 215 FPS another thing I noticed is the game would freeze randomly, overall it feels like my laptop isn't keeping up even though it has really good specs, what is the possible issue?
EDIT: Last night the game completely froze and I had to manually turn off my laptop and back on again.

A:Possible GPU issue on Dell Inspiron 15 7559

I have the same problem with my Inspiron 15 7559 playing The Division. Game hangs with fans at full speed and laptop won't turn off even when holding down the power button for more than 10 seconds. How do I manually turn off the laptop? It's still running as i type...

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Just got my computer back from Dell tech support having sent it because of an issue with no audio output device installed and the red x on the toolbar. The computer is in the exact same state as before I sent it with nothing fixed. I've tried reinstalling the drivers multiple times, checked if audio services were running and all of that. Feels like a huge waste of money at this point and is especially disappointing because this computer was actually a gift for someone. Has anyone had this issue with this computer and have it resolved without resorting to an external usb sound driver?

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7559 No Audio

You can diagnose this by performing a system recovery (reset the laptop back to the original factory configuration.) If there is still no audio immediately after recovery, before getting on the internet, then the audio hardware has failed and Dell will have to fix it under the terms of the warranty. In other words they could not say it is a software issue and therefore not covered.
If the recovery does fix it, but the problems recurs after getting on the internet, then probably some Windows Updates-related issue.

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You can replace the hard drive with a 2.5" SSD, yes.  There is no restriction on capacity.

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Hi All,I have an Inspiron 15 7000 series (7559) to be exact.Core i7 processor,4 GB RAM,GTX 960M and 1 TB HDD.I have been trying to play GTA V,The Witcher 3 and a few other games but none of them work properly there is so much lag.I have reinstalled windows all NVIDIA drivers and everything is up to date.While playing the game GTA V in this case when it lags my DISK is at 100% in the task manager could that be the issue.I have been so disappointed with this laptop till now.Can anyone please help me with this issue.
Thank you.
( I have contacted dell they have replaced my motherboard which includes the Cpu and Gpu twice but still nothing)

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I've purchased a new Dell inspiron 7559 with an i7 6700HQ processor, 16GB ram and also with a 4k display at the dell retail outlet. There are several problems occurring with this device right now.
First thing is the Windows animations, the operating system that is provided with this device is a Windows 10 home version and the windows animations on this device ***. If the scaling of the screen is reduced to 1080p then the animations workout pretty decent and I've used other branded devices featuring a 4k screen and the animations on that devices work normally, if the problem is with the 4k display then why did they launch this device featuring a 4k screen?
The Second thing is the Touch Pad, occasionally the Touch pad doesn't respond to the input and points where ever it likes and the cursor takes a free tour all over the screen.
The Third one is the Screen Brightness, when I reduce or increase the Brightness with the function keys, after the level which I fix, the brightness automatically adjusts either by going up or down the level from the level which I've fixed.
I've contacted the Dell Tech support team, that was of no use, But how the *** even they can solve the problems which is with the mismatch of the build specs of the laptop?
The Dell Software Team should release an Update of the Windows 10 rectifying just even the animation problems with this device.

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What worth M2? PCIe x 2? PCIe x 4? or SATA?
And what key M? or (B)?

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7559-1166 M2 SSD ?

M.2 is SATA, not PCIe on this model. You need a drive in SATA 6G format.
Most of these are keyed B+M, but the drive MUST be SATA -- PCIe will not work with this model system.

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Hi All, I recently got a Dell Inspiron 7559. It came with a 8GB Skhynix "hmt41gs6bfr8a-pb no aa 1506" RAM stick. I'd like to upgrade it to 16GB. I thought I had bought the same 8GB RAM model from ebay, but I had received an 8 GB Skhynix "hmt41gs6bfr8a-pb na aa 1511". Are they two completely different models because of their different nomenclature? Can I still use it to upgrade my ram? Thank you

A:Dell Inspiron 7559 ram upgrade

There's only one memory socket on this model, so an 8G isn't going to get you an upgrade.  You need a 16G module to upgrade.
These are available, but brace yourself of the price - they're expensive:
(as you can see, going from 8G to 16 causes the price of a module to rise by a factor about five).

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Hi,I have bought dell Inspiron 7559 2 months back. Around last 3 weeks iam facing hanging issues which is increasing. both keyboard and mouse pad hangs for a 2 to 3  second and gets normal. now its hanging again and again. Iam not even playing games on it that requires huge processing power. I hanged 7 to 8 times while writing this post.Please suggest what to do.

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Hi, I am looking into upgrading/adding another RAM for my Dell Inspiron 7559 laptop. Is this specific unit compatible without any issues? I need moderators to answer please thanks in advance :)
RAM Link: dynaquestpc.com/.../

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My dell inspiron 15 7559 wont shut off, the keyboard stopped working, the mouse and trackpad stopped working and the power button wont shut the computer off. Please advise on how to turn it off.

A:Dell inspiron 15 7559 unresponsive

I suggest you contact Technical Support for assistance in the link below:

If Dell doesn't answer your question then I suggest you( or a very good friend) remove the battery, press the " Power On" button for 20 seconds, install battery,adapter, and then power on the system. Hopefully your computer function well now. 

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I've recently noticed that the fans on my Dell Inspiron 7559 won't spin down to 0rpm after they've been spun up for a while. This is most noticeable after gaming; after I've closed a game the fans don't spin down fully (they spin down a bit, but are still audible) and they stay like this until I restart my computer.
I was wondering if anyone has experienced something similar with their machine, and if so, have a solution to the problem.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi, i have an Inspiron 15 7559. Last week my battery  was damaged and can't use it anymore, since then I have low fps while gaming (gta v, witcher 3, etc.), I've read there is a kind of throttling when there is no battery, maybe the turbo boost is not being enabled.
Is there a way I can make the laptop work again like before, I can't buy a new battery yet because I live in Peru and is hard to find this battery model.

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Hello,Got the Dell Inspiron 15-7559Standard with 100 gb 2,5 inch HDD.Inserted a Kingston 2.5 inch HDD, works fine.Now days later I also inserted a M.2. Sata SSD. Both Disks work.But when selectign legacy boot and first selecting the second HDD it does not boot up the 2nd HDD. It gives an error message saying boot.msgr is missing.Tried :- Legacy mode, Secure mode on and off- Turning back to Uefi mode with secure mode on and off- Legacy mode and all kidns or boot orders.When I press F12 at startup and go to boot selection and select 2nd HDD, there is no problem, it boots up my 2.5 inch ssd no problem.Now I installed windows also on my M.2. Sata SSD and this one boots up fine in legacy mode. No issues at all. But also now when setting 2nd HDD first it still boots up the m.2. And once again manually selecting the 2nd HDD at startup works fine.I would like to use the 2.5inch ssd as boot device and the M.2. sata as storage.I have my reasons for this lol. :) Can anybody supply me with some advice/help?Thanks in advance!

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Hey, I bought the Dell inspiron 7559 (windows 10) a month ago. Then i decided to get insider updates and since after i started receiving major insider updates i'm unable to adjust my screen brightness after around 20 mins of continuous usage and the brightness remains still(i.e. if i set the brightness level to 5 then it can't be changed unless i restart my system) . The insider update i'm on is Build 15031.rs2_release.170204-1546. Also i though that resetting might help my problem but instead it completely rolled into the (Windows 10 Home Insider Preview) and i can't revert back. Please help me. Thank you!

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Hello, my dell is getting some issues with its speakers, a kind of popping crackling noise, I've just registered two videos. After updating the bios it seems working better and is not as much as before. Should I rma my laptop or it's a driver issue? This is the first day that I have been using it.

after updating bios:

A:Dell Inspiron 7559 speakers popping

user75970 popping crackling noise
Hello. It's a common problem with that model. See the Choppy/Skipping Audio FAQ for the solutions other owners have found. The 7559 section is the 1st section after the links at the top of the FAQ.

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Hi everyone.

I want to know the maximum capacity of this laptop.

Scanning it on crucial webpage, the results of ram memory is 32 GB at max. But in Dell manual and some other webpages is 16 GB.
And I want to know if I can put a crucial m.2 SSD, 500 gb or 1TB...but I'm not pretty sure about that.

Thanks a lot.

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I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 15 7559 a month ago. The first week it was amazing with no problems at all. 
Then when I was working on it, left it plugged in and left is for a while, then came back to it after 1 hour or so, I noticed that the battery was discharging. 
Did not mind it until it went to "plugged in, charging" 0% and it shut off completely. 
I tried to turn it on several times and it did not turn on. 
Called Dell service center and advised to remove the battery. I cannot remove the battery completely because of the screw type but managed to remove the cables. 
I turn it back on and it worked again. But after a few days the probem kept recurring. 
Its going like "plugged in, charging" but it is not charging. Or "1 hour 05minutes to full charge" but after an hour it will be "1 hour 40minutes to full charge". I mean what gives. 
Have done all that was advised in the internet but not hing is working. 
I have done restart task manager, uninstall API, and all that, but the problem is recurring.
BIOS was updated recently also. So is it hardware of software. 
Please help for anymore ideas?
Its brand new, it rocks when it is working, but I dont have the patience to kept on checking for hte battery status. It is getting annoying also. 
Thank you. 

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Battery Problems or So I think

Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible? 
Restart the system and press f2 key to enter BIOS - check the adapter status in BIOS with and without the adapter plugged in. Also, wiggle the adapter cable at the end and see if the status changes in BIOS at any point. Check the battery health in BIOS (if applicable).
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I just bought a brand new 7559 laptop and noticed the pop/static sound just before any audio is played through the speakers. Continous audio plays without issues. I have also tried all the solutions that others suggested.
I'm not sure if mine is a unique issue or if no one narrowed down to the subwoofer.
That pop/static sound is generated from the internal subwoofer. If I go into speaker properties and change the subwoofer level to 0, the pop is gone. Likewise if you restore the system to use default drivers the pop is gone. (default drivers does not use subwoofer) Which explains why the pop is gone. Anyone else have the same issue and have a solution to this? Initially I thought it was the driver issue and power management but now it seems like a hardware problem.

A:Dell Inspiron 7559 pop/static from subwoofer

nwgtr tried all the solutions that others suggested.
Sorry, I don't have any new solutions. I had gathered together the workarounds/solutions that already were posted, on the Inspiron 7559 section of the Choppy/Skipping Audio FAQ.
nwgtrI'm not sure if mine is a unique issue or if no one narrowed down to the subwoofer.
At least one workaround was related to the woofer.

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My 7559 laptop is still relatively new but I feel like ever since an update in June it's been acting strange. It froze for no reason and wouldn't shut off when I held the power button. I had to unplug it and let the battery die. When I restarted everything was fine so I ran McAfee got nothing and moved on.
That said, ever since it can't seem to handle sleep mode as well as it use too. I was able to leave it on for a few weeks at a time and now I feel like I have to turn it off daily or it's Memory goes up. It's also frozen once since the initial freeze but that time it actually let me hold the power to turn it off. 
I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one experiencing this. I think it's the update that caused it, but I don't really have any proof other than McAfee hasn't found anything. I've been keeping the task manager up to keep an eye out but the only things that are noticeable are System and Compressed memory and McAfee. Well those and Chrome but chrome's always been a hog. 
I can deal with it for now, but I'm hoping there will be an update or something to fix it. I'm really just posting to see if anyone else has experienced this or something similar. 

A:Dell Inspiron 7559 high Memory

There is no need to wait until the battery runs down to turn off a frozen laptop nowadays. Simply hold down the power button until it shuts off. It will take 30-40 seconds.
You can uninstall updates if you think there is a bad update. Open Settings, Update, Advanced Options, View update History, Uninstall updates. Not all updates can be uninstalled but some can. You should also check the Event Viewer for clues as to what might be hanging up the computer.

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Hi all, 
Any help would be appreciated. I have a dell inspiron 7559 and have opened my screen this morning to find that the screen has cracked - infuriating as you can imagine! I have definitely not dropped it and am amazed that it has broken.However, I was wondering whether anyone knew of possible places to get a replacement. The screen number is LP156UHD2 and the Dell P/N : 053FC4
The display itself still works fine and the touch screen works but the glass is causing interference with it so have disabled the function. It seems the glass is the only problem but I don't know whether that is replaceable on its own?
Any help would be appreciated!

A:Dell Inspiron 7559 Screen replacement

The glass isn't separately replaceable.  It's a single, fused unit that needs to be replaced that way.

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I have a brand new dell inspiron laptop which was delivered yesterday. First day worked fine. Have woken up this morning and the ac adapter is not charging the battery. I did a diagnostic boot and when scanning the battery the error message read:
I have no idea what has caused this fault and how to get it fixed. Please help, ive had this laptop less than 48 hours. 

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I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7559 laptop about a week or so ago and several days later realised some odd USB transfer behaviour. Tried all 3 different usb3.0 ports, same problem.
(Bios was updated immediately after cloning hdd to m.2 ssd and all drivers updated.)
(I swapped the 1TB hybrid drive with a Samsung 850EVO and installed an m.2 Samsung 850EVO) (OS and most files on the m.2 drive)
External hard disk: Transfer of large sizes or even a single large file (GoPro video near 4gb) occurred rather erratically (fluctuating between 90+ and 40+ mb/s) and eventually reaching 0mb/s and pausing there for quite awhile before transferring again at fluctuating speeds, sometimes reaching 0 and pausing again. File transfer completes eventually, but after a ridiculously long time.
The same hard disk works fine with my desktop (writes at a steady 90+mb/s)

External ssd: transfers for awhile before reaching 0 and giving an error code. (works fine with my desktop) (error code: 0x8000745D)

Thumb drive: writes fine at 90-100+mb/s, just like my desktop.  
Notes: File transfer problems mentioned above were from both the m.2 drive and 2.5mm drive, internal transfer from the m.2 to the 2.5mm Samsung 850EVO ran fine. Samsung Magician installed, problems persist with RAPID either enabled or disabled.
Solutions I've tried but have not made a difference:
Chkdsk /f /r
Booting into safe mode (transfer problems existed even in safe mode)
Uninstalling and reinstalling usb drivers
Disable/... Read more

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As the title says how exactly do you achieve this?

I have an ISO Ran RUFUS 2.6
GPT Partition Scheme for UEFI
Fat 32
8192 Default
X Quick Format
X Create a bootable disk using
X Create Extended label and Icon Files

so the next part is the Kicker Dell did a number on their Bios and rather than using standard logic as we have done so many years just setting the boot order to "Boot USB" first, you "Only" have the option to create a "Boot Program"!!! so you select your USB Drive then which ever file you want it to boot I'm Assuming? So I tried selecting Setup, bootmgr.efi, and autorun with no results!

I get the secured boot error crap, turn that off and I get Legacy BIOS (that defeats the entire point) What the hell happened to Win95 Boot Discs and FDISK?

I am so frustrated with this garbage, I found out the hard way with Windows 10 and trying to nuke the SSD and put a clean install of 8.1 on it.

Any directions especially concerning Dell's wonderful BIOS would be appreciated!


A:How to install UEFI on Dell Inspiron 15 7559

Try setting BIOS back to default then press F12 when you boot. Select USB device from the UEFI section of the boot menu.

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My dell inspiron 7559 is showing brown smudges at the border of the screen. When i put the laptop in a different angle the smudges slowly start to migrate towards the lowest point of the screen according to gravity. When I say slowly I'm talking about hours. I updated my video drivers to no avail. These brown smudges look like a light brownish shade.

A:Dell inspiron 7559 brown smudges

Whatever the cause, the screen will need to be replaced.

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I have bought this laptop about 2 months ago. Since i bought it, I have noticed that it's performance is not what i should expect.
I mean, i can be in Google Chrome viewing a page, and in the moment i scroll using my mouse, the laptop like freezes for a milisecond and then continues. Same happens when playing videogames, i can be playing at low/ultra details, 60+ frames per second, but every now and then i get a frame drop and then it goes back to where it was before, it's super annoying and shouldn't be happening.
I always thought it was something with the game, that it was not well optimised but it seems to be the computer.
Things i have done:
1. I reinstalled Windows 10 using the software provided by Microsoft.
2. All my drivers are up to date
What could it be? my laptop specs are:
6th Generation Intel Core i7-6700HQ Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz)]NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR58GB Single Channel DDR3L 1600MHz (8GBx1)1TB (5400rpm) Hybrid HDD with 8GB Flash
All these things occur with the laptop plugged or not, it doesn't matter. Gaming, i have used Balanced and High Performance battery mode but i don't see any difference. This has happened to me for example in CS:GO, LoL, World of Warships, etc.

This is a benchmark i did with HDTune: http://imgur.com/a/wf68f

A:Dell Inspiron 7559 video stuttering

When you are saying that it is stuttering, does it do this all the time or is it something that will be working and then you get a quick stutter and then things return to normal?  If this is happening, it's most likely just a point in time where the files that the processor needs to access files haven't been loaded into RAM yet.  Your processor then has to wait for the HDD to load the file and continue on from there.  Does Google Chrome do this all the time?  Again, when it first boots or if there is something that computer has to load on the webpage such as Flash or anything like that, it can cause a temporary delay in the time that it is loading.  If it's doing it constantly then it might be something to look at, but once in awhile, it's not uncommon for this to happen during loading.  5400RPM is slowest speeds for HDD and it can cause your computer to have to wait for loading here and there.

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