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Windows 10 Pro 64bit machines cannot see other 64 bit machines only 32bit machines

Q: Windows 10 Pro 64bit machines cannot see other 64 bit machines only 32bit machines

Purchased new laptop loaded with Windows 10 Pro which cannot see the Windows server 2008 R2 or map a drive on network. Can see all the 32bit workstations running Windows 7. Upgraded Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 with the same result except the
mapped drive on server still works.
Can anybody help me

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Preferred Solution: Windows 10 Pro 64bit machines cannot see other 64 bit machines only 32bit machines

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


We have 5 Win 7 machines and 3 XP machines in a domain with 4 printers. There were no issues until this past weekend when the Win 7 machines started saying a specific printer was offline while the XP machines would still print to it. The printer (HP T1100) is connected directly to the network, not shared. There have not been any changes made to the printer, server or the machines.

Any help would be appreciated.

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We've just installed new fast win2k machines to our university network but accessing the network neighbourhood etc takes ages...the prehistoric win98 machines next to them are much much quicker - has anyone come accross this problem before -

The network cards are of equivalent specification - and I think they're set up right so why does this happen.


A:net access on new Win2k machines much slower than old win98 machines

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how to find specfic KB is installed on mutiple machines or list of machines

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how to rename softwaredistrubtion on mutiple machines  list of machines via Scripts 


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I have a workgroup set up with about 10 computers: 6 running windows 7, and 4 running windows XP. This morning out of nowhere, the XP computers can't access the network (network is set up and hosted on Win 7 machine), and the Win 7 computers can't see the XP computers in the network.

4 things are happening that make this particularly weird:

1. from the Win 7 machines, I can ping the XP machines successfully, and from the XP machines I can ping the 7 machines successfully. They are both active on the network.

2. From the host computer (Win 7), I can see and access all of the XP computers, though the XP computers give me an error message when I try to even go so far as to find the Win 7 computers on the network.

3. From all the XP computers, I can see the other XP computers on the network, and from the Win 7 computers, I can see the other Win 7 computers.

and finally,

4. The Win 7 computer is hosting a database back end from which the front end on each of the computers (XP and 7) pulls the data. Both XP and 7 computers have no problem still pulling the data from the back end in the Shared Documents folder on the host computer, even though the XP computers can't see the network.

Any suggestions?

A:Win 7 machines not visible to XP machines within same network

Are you in a Workgroup or HomeGroup? Did you check Advanced Sharing options?

I wonder why would all machines act up same time, maybe some security software common to all?

Check the state of these services:
Go to Start\Control Panel\ Administrative Tools\ Services.
- Computer Browser
- DHCP Client
- DNS Client
- Network Connections
- Network Location Awareness
- Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
- Server
- TCP/IP Netbios helper
- Workstation
-- Start one by one if above doesn't help
- SSDP Discovery
- UPnP Device Host
- IPSec

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I have a network of about 90 computers connected together and i am currently running server 2003. Now when i go to network place on my xp machine, i am able to see all of my computers that are connected together. But when i go to network place on my window 7 machine, i am only seeing some of my window 7 computers and not the xp computers. The network discovery is turned on, on all of my window 7 and still nothing.. can anyone advise......

A:Not Seeing my XP machines on my Windows 7 machines

are you on a work group or domain

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I have 7 win98 machines that see each other and work well accross the network, I also have a Winxp pro machine, my xp machine works well accross the network and accesses and prints great accross the network........ But when I try to access the XP machine with a 98 machine I get a "Enter Network Password" window, with a "Resource: //CHAD/IPC$" then it asks for a password, I have run network setup wizard, and in the security section, I have everyone for full access within the network, I also have a user name that is password protected for remote desktop access. I have tried using that password, but it will not let the win98 machines access the xp machine.

A:Networking windows 98 machines to windows xp pro machines

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Can't access shared folder between two Win7 Pro 32bit machines. I have read through the forums. What I have done so far (on both machines) is disabled Homegroup (inc. leaving the homegroup and disabling services), set up the advanced network sharing options (network discovery on, file sharing on, password sharing off, use user accounts...). Added "Everyone" in the folders advanced security options... Also tried connecting through IP instead of computer name.

Unfortunately, I still receive the You do not have permission.... (see attachment).

The are many posts regarding Win7/Vista or Win7/XP issues.

Could not find much about the problem I am having.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Can't access shared folder between two Win7 Pro 32bit machines.

Here's how mine is done, File Sharing Settings.pdf

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I am running Vista Ultimate 64bit and I was wondering what virtualisation software is there that will run on this so I can install other OSes to get some applications to work that will not run on Vista. These applications are only some very old games I like all I really need installed is Windows 98SE and Windows XP but I may use it to try out other operating systems as well.

I know of Virtual PC but it doesn't allow 64bit guest operating systems which at the moment isn't a problem but I may want to install one in the future, I don't really like the interface of VMWare and I tried Parallels but it gave an error that it won't install on a 64bit operating system. I was just wondering what others are there that people know of?

Thank you in advance, El Barto.

A:Virtual Machines for Ultimate 64bit

I think VMWare is the only intel based software that supports 64-but guests at the moment. Microsoft has been fighting hard in this space recently so I wouldn't be surprised to see the next iteration of Virtual PC support 64-bit guests.

I also think the adoption of Vista x64 will speed the process along. Memory prices are rediculously low and enthusiasts are loading up their machines with 4+ gigs of RAM only to see Vista 32 not recognize it all. I really think the move to 64-bit computing will pick up steam in 2008.

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Hello everyone,

I don't know if this was asked before, please forgive me if this is just a repeat. I am new in the forum.

Does 64bit machines (Dual Processors or Quad etc) need a 64bit Vista to maximize its capabilities? I noticed that new PCs and Laptops shipped today have pre-installed Vista but 32bit OS . . . why is this? Or does it really matter? Please explain this puzzling mystery to a non-techie like me.

Thanks guys.

I like Windows 95, 98, XP and Vista!!!!!

A:Does 64bit machines (Dual Processors) need a 64bit Vista?

Hello Rockrus, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Yes, you get the most out of your 64 bit machine by using a 64 bit OS with it. It will not hurt anything to use a 32 bit OS though.

This article may be an interesting read for you to help explain all of the differences between 32 bit and 64 bit.

Hope this helps,

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Good afternoon everyone
I have 3 computers that I want to backup on a 1.5 TB external hard drive. One runs XP Pro, one runs Vista and the last runs vista 64bit.
I want to partition the external into 3 parttitions (using Paragon software), my question is What do I need to do to the 64bit machines partition?? I mean do I have to format it differently than regular NTFS?? Any help or income would be appreciated ... Thanks Colin63

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This should be so simple, but I can't get it to work.

I have two Windows 98 computers, side by side. I want to be able to input data for a program from both keyboards, at the same time. I know they were set up to do that at one time.

They are connected via lan cards and crossover cable.

When I search Network Neighborhood, each computer can only find itself... not the other one. They have unique pc names, and exactly the same workgroup names.

How do I get this to work?

Question: Someone had changed the Windows login so that both computers have the same username, and also they click OK without entering a password. The username shouldn't matter, I wouldn't think, but should there be an actual password for Microsoft Networking to work?

A:Two Windows 98 machines

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We have 4 windows machines, ADSL-modem with 4 port router and a WLAN base station connected to one of the ADSL-box ports. The WLAN-box is set to hot-spot only.

One of tha mechines is a desktop running Windows 2000 and connected directly to the ADSL-box. Another desktop is running Vista and is connected via the WLAN. One machine is a laptop running Vista and connected via the WLAN and another laptop running Windows 7 Basic is connected via the WLAN.

The old Win 2000 machine is mostly used as a network disk and printer server.

Now the problem is that the laptops keep forgetting the other machines in the LAN.
Printing fails and trying to access the Windows 2000 machine's disks fail.
After rebooting a laptop and re-configuring the network printer everything works
for a while, but after some time, some machines are not found in the network.

Writing "\\OLDPC" on the top line of the file manager finds the machine for some time
after the "OLDPC" has disappeared from the "network", but after an hour or so, that doesn't work any more. Rebooting the laptop makes all work again - for a while.

It's gettin very annoying.

Any ideas what could be causing that?

Oh, forgot, The problem does not affect internet. Internet works all the time.

A:Windows keeps forgetting other machines

Try checking out the following tutorial:- Homegroup - Add Computer or Join as the machines may not be in the same homegroup

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Hi there

After latest W10 updates W10 computers can't see ANY other machines on my LAN.

2 Linux Machines, one W7, one XP and 2 W10 machines on a LAN.

Linux easily sees ALL computers and can access shared folders.
W7 and XP machines see All machines - Wndows and Linux. XP needs 128 bit encryption altered - no problem here though.

I've got both IVP4 and Ivp6 enabled.

W10 machines ONLY see their OWN individual machine -- nothing else -- not a sauasage.

The W10 machines can access PLEX and Logitech media servers running on Linux / Windows machines but the computers are missing.

Seriously MS Windows networking seems hosed up BIG TIME.

Note all these computers are on WIRELESS connections -- my Wireless speed is pretty good so not a problem for what I need.

C'mon ms - why is Windows Networking always a bit of hit and miss -- I've been using SAMBA on Linux for years and have never found any problem with Networking.

W7 is pretty good too (usually although I've had the odd rogue machine where networking seems to fail even though hardware and software is identical to another machine on network. W10 though while good in other things brings a whole slew of difficulty to networking. I shudder to think of what happens when I install a decent NAS this year.


A:Windows 10 cannot see ANY machines on home LAN

What can I say? My NAS is out for warranty replacement so all my win 10 shares are OK with the SMB1 forced.

But, when the NAS comes back online........................

Silence is supposed to be golden but with MS and networking, it sure is not.

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I have found a common problem on most Windows XP machines, where I cannot connect on a Microsoft VPN (error 721) to a Windows 2000 / 2003 server. However, on the same network with the same gateway, I can connect using a Windows 2000 machine. And the REALLY weird thing is, if I firstly connect using the Windows 2000 machine, the Windows XP machine then connects ok. I have found this issue with all versions of XP, with SP1 and 2. Does anyone know of any fixes to help solve this problem?

Thanks a lot,
Daniel Murfitt

A:VPN error 721 on Windows XP machines

One possible solution:

1. The ports need to be opened up on the XP's firewall. Both SP1 and SP2 had firewall software. Windows2000 does not by default.

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Hello all.
We have a batch of new machines to deploy. These are standard with Win 8.1, but we asked Dell to provide them with Win 7 so the users can use the OS familiar.
Dell could ONLY sell these machines to us OEM (we could not buy without licence) but re-imaging all of them is prooving tricky.
We cannot take 1 image and deploy several times, it appears we need a volume key to do this - is this standard and is there a route to mitigate this issue. (Yes, I know that re-imaging is not available with OEM rights, but we're looking for the best of a
bad situation).

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a friend of my needs help connecting his two computers, and i do not know what to do. Both of his computers are windows xp and he is trying to connect them with a 10/100 fast ethernet switch d-link, h/w ver:4 DSS-5+. i do not know what to do and i do not know what disks he has for setup. all of his firewalls are disabled. i would appreciate an answer asap. ty

A:How to connect two Windows XP machines


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Helping my sweet old(er) neighbor set up her new All-in-One with Windows 8.1 on it and, yeah, she's wondering where her Solitaire went.
And please, if your answer is, "It's available in the Store" don't bother with the Reply button on this post.
I set this up about a year ago on my Mother-in-Law's new computer using this guide & I used the Microsoft Games Patcher but that link (on the How-To-Geek website) is no longer working correctly.
I googled for an alternative but some of the 'download here' sites seemed...a little sketchy.
And then I found this.
Has anyone here used the Winaero software?
Just putting the feelers out there before I D/L it.

A:Windows 7 games on Win 8 machines

Just wanted to give any other Members a heads up if they are looking for additional information about this Winaero software.
It looks like it has been used and is friendly (read: no virus or nastiness).
Found a post right here in the Windows 10 section.
And, I went ahead and installed it on my friend's new All-in-One and she is very very happy.
When you install the app, you can select which one of the games you want or just install them all.
NOTE: I believe there is one piece of bundled something-something, which I'm used to looking for and *unchecked*, but wanted to give you all a heads up.

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Hi, where i work we have all new DELLs machines(some optiplex, some latitude, depends).They all have the Windows Pro sticker(so no CD Key for Windows). Since they have downgrade rights we requested Win 7 from the company that supplied us with them. So, 95% of machines are good, Windows 7 is activated, genuine and working. One the other 5% after some time we got a "Windows 7 is not genuine" When trying to activate via internet we get a message saying "this key is blocked"After some time in google i found that the key used in the non genuine machines is a generic key used only for installation puprose. I get that this is what you do when downgrading in mass to Win7, okay.The company that provided us with the machines told us"you know, its microsoft, sometimes you have to use the phone activation" - Still need to try this.Another check we did was to see what kind of key for Windows is used: in the activated machines the key is a OEM SLP, in the non activated machines the key is from RETAIL channel. Will it be possibile to activate this via phone?Another thing... i know changing the key to a default, generic DELL OEM SLP(its the one cd key that is used for all dell machines i believe) key will activate the machines, but is this a legit way to do it? 

A:DELL Machines with OEM(?)Windows 7

All the Windows 7 Pro OEM machines should be activated using OEM SLP with the system's SLIC. See here for details:

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I've recently installed some windows 7 machines on our network and they don't seem to be getting valid network configs. It sees the correct DHCP info and DNS servers and you can ping the gateway and other computers on the same subnet but when you try to ping other subnets or out to Google it won't go.

You can see local computers on the same subnetwork and even view webpages on the server on the subnet but everything else network wise outside of the subnet doesn't work.

We have a subnet firewall and it is set to allow everything on the trust side out on any port to any computer. I've even made a rule that let everything in from the outside (untrust) on every port to these windows 7 machines and they still don't get an identifiable network.

My windows XP machines work perfectly though.

Has anyone else seen this?

A:Windows 7 machines can't get network but XP can?

This applies to Vista machines as well.

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Hey, anybody knows if the latest Toshiba machines support Windows XP installation,
or it is commonly accepted to support only Windows 7 and later OS?

I tried to install Windows XP Pro SP3, 2008 release on Satellite C660 machine released in 2011,
and it crashed at the beginning of installation. Can it be that Bios prevents the installation,
forcing to work with Win 7?

Or some drivers are missing in XP installation pack, making XP incompatible with HW?

A:Windows XP installation on new machines

On this forum you will find many threads where you can find answer to your question and also good explanation how to install WXP on new notebook models.

> I tried to install Windows XP Pro SP3, 2008 release on Satellite C660 machine released in 2011,
and it crashed at the beginning of installation.
I presume it happen because of missing SATA driver. It must be loaded with F6 before WXP installation starts. You can also create WXP installation disc with integrated SATA driver. How to do this you can read on

If you have more questions you are welcome.

By the way: have you created recovery DVD before you have started WXP installation?

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Desktop 1 (problem) -- 10Mbps
Windows 8
TL-WN722N External Wireless Card

Desktop 2 -- 30Mbps
Windows XP
TL-WN722N External Wireless Card

Laptop -- 30Mbps
Windows 8
Internal Wireless Card

I've used the laptop and put it right next to Desktop #1 (problem). I got 30Mbps. I took the external wireless card off of my desktop #1 (problem) and used it on my laptop, and still got 30Mbps on my laptop, so the card isn't the problem. What is the problem here?

A:Wireless lag on windows 8 but not other machines

Make sure the path between the wireless access point and the adapter's antenna is not blocked by the PC or another object or by being stuck in a corner or too near a wall.

Make sure you have the latest driver from TP-LINK's web site.

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with that see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows 8 or 7 or Vista I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

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I do intensive 2d/3d design on 3-4 computers running windows 7 64 bit. I presently have a 'server' which holds all the data, Windows XP 32bit. I am dealing with large files (300mb+) and saving/opening times are too long, so I want to re-configure the server so that it is faster.

The priorities with the server are fast file sharing, and being able to run the printers would be a bonus, but not a requirement.

I am not familiar with operating systems other than Windows and Mac OS, but I do have programming experience and am willing to get my hands dirty.

I am not willing to fork out ?500+ for Windows server, though.

There is no tight deadline on this, so I have time to figure it out properly.

Which would the best server OS be for this? (I know this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question, but I have to start somewhere )

Any help, advice or comments would be very much appreciated.



A:Best server OS for use with windows 7 machines

Quote: Originally Posted by casputin


I do intensive 2d/3d design on 3-4 computers running windows 7 64 bit. I presently have a 'server' which holds all the data, Windows XP 32bit. I am dealing with large files (300mb+) and saving/opening times are too long, so I want to re-configure the server so that it is faster.

The priorities with the server are fast file sharing, and being able to run the printers would be a bonus, but not a requirement.

I am not familiar with operating systems other than Windows and Mac OS, but I do have programming experience and am willing to get my hands dirty.

I am not willing to fork out ?500+ for Windows server, though.

There is no tight deadline on this, so I have time to figure it out properly.

Which would the best server OS be for this? (I know this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question, but I have to start somewhere )

Any help, advice or comments would be very much appreciated.



Hi Casputin,

Do you have 100mbit or gigabit network?

If you don't have gigabit, you might consider that.
A lot cheaper than changing the os, which will bring you little performance gain anyhow.

Also setting up raid on your server in combination with gigabit network, can improve your transfer more than any OS could.


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Hi. So i have a small wireless network in my home, an xp machine and a windows 7 machine. However the 2 can't see each other. I tried to set up printer and file sharing but the xp machine gives me an error (a problem has occured bla bla), nothing specific. both computers show as the only computer connected to their workgroup. really dont know what im doing wrong. I'm able to share files from my windows 7 pc to the ps3 media centre no problems which is why i presume it's a setup problem on the XP machine. If anyone has the time and inclination to give me a step by step guide to getting it all linked up that would be greatly apprieciated as i really do need printer access from this machine. Sorry for being such a newb.

A:sharing between xp and windows 7 machines

You have Xp and W7, so Homegroup visibility/connectivity is non existing.

If you want to share files, just make sure the machines can ping one another.

Here is the sharing tut...but yeh you first need to make sure both machines can ping one another.

File Sharing - Between XP and W7 (and vice versa)

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I have two XP sp3 machines and a new Win7 laptop. I had no problem finding the main desktop with the Win7 machine but I can't see the other one. I turned off the windows firewall and my other xp showed up, but when I closed the laptop (Win7) and it went into hibernate, I couldn't find it again. I tried doing everything I did initially to no avail. pls help me.

A:Windows 7 only recognizes one of my xp machines

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Was dealing with this sucker and tried to get Malwarebytes and Superantispyware to run, finally bagged it and ran Combofix. System is back to normal EXCEPT IE will not run, and I can't edit or delete the Iexplore executable, which has apparently been fouled up by the spyware.
It is not listed in Add/remove programs, so I can't repair it from there. I tried to reinstall the ie.inf file, but we don't have the XP disk available, and it fails.

I even pulled the IE 7.0 setup exe from the Microsoft website, ran the setup, rebooted, and got the EXACT same errors on startup.
What's going on here??

A:Windows Police Pro disabled IE on 2 different machines??

As no logs have been posted, I am shifting this topic from the specialized HiJack This forum to the Am I Infected forum.==>PLEASE DO NOT NOW POST LOGS<== unless a log is specifically requested.

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I'm a member of an ebook community, and there is an argument going on there about whether Windows 7 starts up using all available cores on a multicore machine, or if it starts up using only 1 core by default. One member started this by posting a "helpful tip" saying that people could shorten their boot time by going in to Msconfig and telling windows to use all available cores on startup. Then someone else pitched in and said that Windows 7 DOES use all available cores by default, and that the setting in Msconfig is for telling Windows to use LESS than the full number of cores if you wanted that for some reason. I have no way of knowing which position is correct, and I wonder if anyone here has definitive knowledge of this issue.

A:Windows startup on multicore machines

yeh well if you define the available cores through the advanced boot options in Windows 7, you are telling it not to use the virtual cores through hyper threading. I have 4 Cores (Quad Core) and 8 logical processors.
typing this into a command prompt will state how amny Windows 7 can see. Windows should use all available cores during startup and also while running, any application that doesnt handle threading will only utilize one core.
Type the command msinfo32 into Run and see what it says on the dispay screen
Processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU W3520 @ 2.67GHz, 2661 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

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This thread is a bit of a brain dump for me and hopefully others will contribute so that I can pick this back up again when I get to it..............
After looking at Grinler's Tutorial I decided to install XPMODE to see how it compared to VMPlayer and Virtualbox.
If you decide to follow the tutorial:
Firstly, be aware that there are issues with the links to downloads - I think MS moved stuff.
Secondly, there are 2 files you can download for XPMODE and no explanation as to the difference between them, The one with an extra 'N' in the name didn't work for me so I downloaded the other one which did. I thought the 'N' might stand for New but eventually found it stands for something else (I forget what but I think it has something removed?). 
The interesting thing (for me) is that you don't get asked to activate XP when running XPMODE under MS Virtual PC.
In the info I found for W7 Ultimate, it says it has all the features of W7 Enterprise, which includes licences for 4 VMs, so either this is the reason for this or else it's pre-activated (somehow).
However, when I ran the standalone converter to run the same XP image under VMPlayer it immediately asks for activation - different virtual drivers I guess - so be aware of this.
Why did I do this - due to the 100% CPU issue with SVC Host which I tried to trouble... Read more

A:Virtualizing Windows XP on MP Machines - ACPI HAL

Well, I had a play with this last night - good and bad results.I followed the instructions in the tecbites link for the image running under VMWARE VMPLAYER and after a couple of restarts I saw my VMware partition using between 19-37% of the host CPU (up to 3 cores) so I guess it works.Unfortunately, this does not work under MS Virtual PC and will break the XPMODE image - it won't boot.After reading various posts it seems that MS Virtual PC will not use more than 1 core and probably never will. I also understand that that 1 core restriction applies to all VMs running under Virtual PC - they all have to share 1 core.However, the replacement for Virtual PC under W8 (the name escapes me) apparently will allow use of multiple cores.I believe that Virtualbox will also allow use of multiple cores and I may download that and try.In short, I guess that if you want to utilise multiple cores under W7 you will need to run a Guest image under either VMWARE or Virtualbox - but you will probably then have to activate it with a valid XP licence.However, Windows Virtual PC XPMODE runs using a single core and,for me,does not prompt for activation.I re-imported the broken Virtual PC XPMODE image into VMPLAYER and it works - but now prompts for activation which it never did under Virtual PC Mode. Furthermore, it isn't allowing 30 days for activation but instead 17 days (I installed it a couple of weeks ago I guess) indicating that something in XPMODE is still counting down but there is no activa... Read more

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Hi, guys.

After 18 months with my purty new computer, things have gotten a little rusty and I am going to reformat and start anew. I have decided, since Microsoft Windows is no longer suitable for a lot of what I do (and, with the advent of Longhorn, will be even less suitable), to use a Linux-derived operating system.

However, I share an internet connection with another computer in the house which does and will continue to use Windows XP.

Is it possible to easily re-establish the same network setup that I have now, even if I will be using a Linux system and the other PC will be using Windows?

- ajwatts

P.S. - At this stage I am not asking HOW to do it, just if it can be done and how easy/difficult it is to do.

A:Networking between Linux and Windows machines

I had a Linux machine and a Win 98 SE behind a router, and was able to file share and surf with both.

Does that anser your question?

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hello guys (novice user)
PROBLEM my screen is black with white typed writing telling me that windows did not start sucessfully it is highlighted for windows to start normally; but when it counts down the windows starting page (the one with the four coloured window tiles ) appears briefly then no signal insert box flashes.
this continues to go on & on. Do i need to install the original windows start disc or is it less serious than that
your help would be appreciated


A:windows xp home edition e- machines

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The last month we have had many computers that is not getting an ip address. It happens on computers that has not been used for a while and on computers coming from another network like home network. We have had a rush of computers with this problem after
the Christmas holidays.
They are getting ip address and the network responsible says that the computers are denying the ip address from the server and the error is on the local computer not on the server.
This happens on different models, network cards, locations and on both Wlan and Lan. On the same computer Wlan can get an ip adresse and LAN is not or opposite. Our company is using the same image in other countries and they do not have this problem. The
only difference is languagepacks and some GPO settings.
The workaround is in some cases to release and then renew ip address, but in most cases we have to uninstall network driver and install it again. Update the driver is not working. Netsh int ip reset is not working.

Have also tried hotfix KB2824546 and KB2459530.
The problem is returning for some of the clients.
Have logged the DHCP client, with this result:
Level    Date and Time    Source    Event ID    Task Category
Information    08.01.2016 09:14:16    Microsoft-Windows-Dhcp-Client    50009    Protocol State Event    Discover is sent from the adapter 1... Read more

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Does anyone know how Windows 10 can perform Win Updates from machines in the LAN? I have never seen a Windows Update that does not download things from the Internet. ( the Internet Port on my switch is always blinking when a Windows Update download is in progress ) I have tried starting the 3 Peer services in services.msc on all local machines, but that made no difference. Disconnecting the switch from the router actually makes the machine being updated throw up an error message saying it can't access the download server. Of course I made sure that only 1 machine in the LAN falls behind schedule in updating, hoping that I would find out a way to make the download work solely over the LAN.

Edit. Maybe the reason it doesn't download over the LAN is because my machines have the network set to public. I wil test that the next month.

A:Windows Update from Local Win 10 Machines

Have you set updates for such
Advanced settings on updates
More than one place
Local Network

So Windows settings on Microsoft flag
updates and security
windows updates
advanced options on right of window
choose how updates are delivered
turn on updates from more than one place
select below PCs on my local network

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I have 2 windows 2000 machines in my network environment that access and save files very slowly.

Any suggestions?

A:Windows 2000 Machines slow

defrag in safe mode........empty temp files/recycle bin/downloaded prog folders......download "spybot" http://beam.to/spybotsd click online tab download all updates click on settings/file sets......uncheck sys internals and usage tracks and hit "check all" anything spybot check marks in red have it fix...basically clean up the house.
if no improvement post back and we will try something else.

hope it helps

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Currently I have Win8 Pro in a VM on my main PC, and even though it is a brand-new install without any other apps (I actually haven't installed any other software on it), I've had several updates fail to install. I've noticed a fair few people here with consistent update problems so I'm wondering if this is a Win8 issue rather than a freak occurrence (I can't remember ever seeing Windows Update issues on a brand-new install). Looking at the update history, 80% of updates have failed to install since day 1.

Is anyone aware of whether Win8 will fail to install updates if the licence hasn't been activated yet? I'm wondering because if it is stupid enough to seemingly allow changing the wallpaper the Win7 way but then not actually changing the wallpaper, yet if one uses the new method through the 'charms' bar (what a stupid name), it says "you can't do this until you've activated Windows".

The first machine I tried Win8 on was my parents' old machine. The default GeForce driver wouldn't work properly with DVI, nor did the update (the machine would try to use the VGA only sometimes and class the DVI connection as some weird TV composite connection), which was a serious problem, but I gave up on Win8 on their machine completely when I also had a string of updates which consistently wouldn't install. For theirs I had to go to Vista which they're happy with.

The other weird thing with my parents' machine on Win8 was that updates would fail to install but then the up... Read more

A:Windows Update problems on two machines

Hello Mike,

You could activate Windows 8 as a test to see.

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Over the past 2 weeks I have had about 7 laptops refuse to boot and can only get to the recovery console after entering the bitlocker key twice. Here are the system details:

Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 with SSD.
Win 7E sp1
Joined to a domain
Patches managed with MEDC.

All 7 machines are identical in their configuration. On three separate days, I would come in to find three machines not booting.
From recovery console, I have gone back to previous restore points - TOTAL FAILURE
Suspecting a failed update, MEDC tells me the last patch was KB4103718 with an error code of: -2145124329
From there, I have found many references to using DISM to remove a patch via the recovery console. Unfortunately in Win7, it does not allow me to do so.
I have reimaged these machines from an image taken from the same model as above that has not crashed. But many have crashed again, and I can't keep reimaging these laptops.
We are out of ideas here. What can we do to get these machines going?


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I have file and printer sharing enabled. I can access these shares from other windows 7 machines on the network, so I know the shares and permissions are correct. I have an active directory and I am logging onto the xp machines with the same account I always do, my own account which is a domain admin. The error I get when trying either \\windows7machinename or windows7machinename\sharename is

windows7machinename is not accessible. you might not have permissions....

the specified server cannot perform the requested operation.

Like I stated above, I know how to create the shares in Windows 7 compared to XP, much different. I can access these shares from other Windows 7 machines, and with different accounts that have the permissions to gain access. I just cannot access these same shares from my XP machines.

A:Cannot access shares on Windows 7 from XP machines


Im assuming the obvious has been taken care of like workgroup not homegroup, windows firewall off, add your win 7 user name pword and xp user name and pword (they are different). Could you tell us more about the networking set up


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As titles cannot be longer than 70 characters (I don't know why), here is the long form, proper title, longer than 70 chars:

Please help me to determine whether 32 or 64-bit, Home or Premium variants of Windows 7 and 10 runs better on some older machines!

Both Windows 7 and 10 is interesting. I can provide 32 and 64-bit, Home and Premium versions for both. I have these two older ThinkPads, both with 64-bit Core 2 Duo processors, one with 2 GB of RAM, the other with 4 GB. The 2 GB one came with XP Professional 32-bit preinstalled, the 4 GB came with Vista Business 32-bit preinstalled. Let's forget both XP and Vista (once, and for all). As you can see, both machines, regardless sporting 64-bit CPUs, came with the 32-bit Windows. Both had the Pro category of the older OS.

I don't need any premium OS features, net, media, light office, nothing special. I noticed the Windows 7 install ISO is larger for the Pro version, while the Windows 10 ISO is the same size for both Home and Pro. I heard it 10 Pro gives you more tweaking power, so while you might be better off with the Pro version for the 10 for performance, while, my hunch is (though I have no evidence), you might be better off with the Home version for the 7, for performance. 32 or 64-bit? I have no idea for this.

To sum it up, I'm asking for your recommendation, BOTH for 7 and 10 for both machines. That is, best Windows 7 version (32/64-bit, Home/Pro) AND best Windows 10 version (32/64-bit, Home/Pro) for the 2 ma... Read more

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O.k.......I am running Windows 10 on a seven years old Dell Inspiron 1545, it works fine apart from one problem.......after clicking on desktop icon it can take up to 25 seconds to load a web page.......not all the time, and not all web pages.......Facebook for instance is very slow to load....... without being too technical, anyone got any tips to speed this up a bit, or could it be that the machine really is too old ?..............Del.

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On my Vista machine network discovery is set to custom.
I check Turn On network discovery and am prompted to allow User Account Control and click ok.
HOWEVER after clicking OK, nothing changes.
Bottom line is that Network discovery remains in the custom mode with BOTH options (turn on or turn off) unchecked.
This results in my NOT being able to see my vista machine from my XP or Windows 7 machines.

Of course my Vista machine see the XP and W7 resources.....
(would love to upgrade my Vista machine to W7 but not in the cards)

A:NOT able to see my vista machine from my XP or Windows 7 machines


First check that all PC's are in the same work group, it works best that way. Then check the services to ensure all the ones listed in the hekp file are running: -

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I have several Windows 7 machines, current service packs, and dozens of XP Pro machines also with current service packs. All machines are on a domain.

Normally, the W7 machines can see shared folders on the XP Pro machines and the XP Pros can see shared folders on the W7 machines. XP Pros can also see other XP Pros and W7s can see W7 machines. All permissions work perfectly to this end.

Every onces in a while (sometimes a few days) the one or more XP Pro machines will not be able to access 1 or more W7 machines, failing with a "not accessible" error dialog. The XP Pro machine in question will still be able to see other XP Pro machines (this never fails to work) and the other W7 machines. Only a reboot of the W7 machine will renew it's "visibility" to the XP Pro machine that was looking for it.

I've looked at the network cards on the Win7 machines--no timeouts or power saving options are active on the machines, and there are no firewalls enabled.

Any ideas what might be causing this "falling off the network" of Win7 machines (but only noticable to XP Pro machines)?

A:Windows 7 loses sight of Xp Pro machines?

Hi there smarr.

Im afraid that with this sort of thing, its going to be a bit of guesswork. However, here are a few things that could be causing it:

1. Windows is just being weird
2. your Firewall. Any Firewall (with the exception of the Windows Firewall, which (NORMALLY sorts itself out properly) can cause all sorts of issues with networking,
3. (I think this one is the most likely) Dont suppose you have your Networks on the Win 7 machines set to "Home" do you? Change it to Work Occasionally Windows 7 confuses itself and thinks it should be in a Homegroup even when it isn't configured when set to "Home"
4. Update your Networking drivers.

Thats all I can think of for now

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I recently had a local computer shop build me a new PC. They used my old PC's Windows 7 product key, as I won't really use that any more (started suffering from occasional BSOD and I figured it was due an upgrade anyway so didn't look into reasons)
They said the old key will work fine on the new PC and Windows updates will simply stop arriving on the old.

I've been using my new PC since mid-July and It's definitely getting updates. However Windows 10 doesn't seem to be 'ready' for it.

I turned on my old PC yesterday, connected to my network so I could dig out some old files, and it's already started downloading Windows 10.

This confused me! Is Microsoft allowing both PCs to get updates?

I cancelled its upgrade, as it's more important I let my new PC get it first. Then found the MS Media Creation Tool to try and get my new PC to force the W10 upgrade. That's downloading now.

In the mean-time I thought I'd just check I had a valid install of Windows, but it says it can't determine that t the moment!?

I guess I'll let the W10 installer run its course, hopefully it will determine that this is a valid copy. Perhaps then Microsoft may get the message that this is the PC I'd like the product key used for.

Anyone had experience of reusing product keys? And having both machine receive updates?

Could it be they are both now seen as valid installs?

A:Windows 10 Upgrade - product key on 2 machines?

I think this still works, but I would wait to finish your current operations

Deactivating Windows 7 Licence then reactivating on different - Microsoft Community

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We are currently using Sysprep to make computer images for each of the different model machines we have in our department. I am looking to see if I can make the setup more efficient by making just one image from a Sysprep machines that will add the necessary drivers for machines that are different models.
From the research that I did online, I've tried a few different methods to get the machine to recognize the additional drivers.
Method 1: I have tried adding to my answer file in Windows System Image Manager, the driver path (had stored all the extracted drivers from multiple computers in C:\drivers) to pass 1 and pass 2. After Sysprep ran, the drivers did not install.
Method 2: I copied the drivers to C:\Windows\inf and then ran Sysprep. The drivers were still not recognized on the new machines. 
We currently use Sysprep and Ghost the machine once the computer has been shutdown. I'd like to continue using Ghost to maintain our images.
I'm sure this question has been posted before, but I haven't had any luck of finding a solution that works. 

A:Windows 10 Sysprep - Add Drivers for different machines

Generic Symantec Ghost doesn't support windows 8, 8.1, or 10.   WINPE 10 has a specific way to add drivers.
Ghost Solution Suite 2.5.1 supports 8
Please access the following URL for details: http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC6337
The Wiki uses 1 huge driver cab file.  When I upgrade a system from 7 I put the huge cab file in the mydocuments folder for the local administrator login.
There is support for this type of deployment but its not free.

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I know that Dell does not support the upgrade of the OptiPlex 780 machines to Windows 10 but I work for a small non-profit and we are moving to online products that require Windows 10 and I have to make it work.  We have ten of these machines and was hoping that others have done this already and can tell me the pitfalls/fixes.... is there anything I should do first... Bio version? Chipset? etc. I have already upgrades a Latitude E6410 and there were a whole lot of steps to get it to work but there was a lot of info out there on Google to help.  Not so with the 780 machines.  I do know that I have to upgrade my version of Symantec.My machines have Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz Q9400 processors and 4 GB Ram with 150 GB capacity.
Any help would be appreciated!

A:Upgrading OptiPlex 780 machines to Windows 10 from 7

Thank you for writing to us!
The support is not provide for the Optiplex 780 machines to windows 10 is because of various reasons.
1- System configuration
2- Compatibility issues
Moreover its not tested so we really wouldn't be able to tell you the issues that it may incur.

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i bought windows 7 for my laptop and my mom has a dektop running windows vista i wanna know is it possible for me to use my windows seven disk on more than one computer useing the activation code and everything when it asks for my activation code will it not let me install windows 7 on her computer because i have already used the activation code when i installed it on my personal laptop pc. Thanks

A:can you install windows 7 on multiple machines

Quote: Originally Posted by bigboi972

i bought windows 7 for my laptop and my mom has a dektop running windows vista i wanna know is it possible for me to use my windows seven disk on more than one computer useing the activation code and everything when it asks for my activation code will it not let me install windows 7 on her computer because i have already used the activation code when i installed it on my personal laptop pc. Thanks

I like short answers.

Nope, activation codes only work on one Machine at a time (if Seven came with a PC it can only be installed on that PC) and installing it on another machine would be illegal and against the EULA anyway.


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