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Nvidia FX 380 - for editing video?

Q: Nvidia FX 380 - for editing video?

Hi, I need to order a pc for video editing, on a limited budget. Is Nvidia FX 380 ok for working with Adobe Premiere CS5?

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Preferred Solution: Nvidia FX 380 - for editing video?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I'd like to know if the Quadro K620 is compatible with the M83, E92, or E93 desktops with 280W power supply.
According to NVIDIA, it only consume 45W max power.
I've been looking for documentation in Lenovo support but could not manage to find it.
Since the desktops I mentioned are already obsolete (as per our supplier), I only found using the look up parts list that it's compatible for P series workstations.
I asked this because I want to upgrade the GPU of a workstation then used the current K620 into old models.
Mod:  edited the Subject line to expand the question description


Go to Solution.

A:ThinkCentre: Nvidia Quadro & workstation card compatibility (CAD, video photo editing, design)

The page for the Nvidia driver on this systems support page, lists the Quadro K420.   The K620 would have been considered  more apropos of a ThinkStation, rather than a ThinkCentre.   From a power perspective, the 45w is not a problem, since these systems can run a Gtx 750 at 60w.   And I'm confident that the K620 would work also.   Edit:  K620 is known to work in a M93p, which uses the same BIOS as E93 and M83. 
Perhaps before you buy the upgraded cards, test the K620 in the older system.  Please post the results, either way, here.  Thx. 

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I do some light video editng for vimeo and social networking..looking for someone who has some experience
with video editing on xps 13 or 15 to get some info before buying..
Personally I will prefer 13" because I travel a lot and 15" only if editing on 13" is not possible..
I will really appreciate info from someone with experience on this matter..tnx

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Some searching through google, "alternativeto", YouTube, for video and audio editing or recording software, FREEWARE, showed BandiCam, Screencast-o-matic, Audacity, and I've been aware of Windows Movie Maker.
I would like to be able to make audio adjustments and audio changes to a few screencast videos.  I do not really undestand Audacity; but tried learning it many years ago.  I am absolutely not confident nor comfortable with learning Movie Maker; I am not sure how to handle Bandicam, having tried it briefly many many months ago.  I am comfortable with and have used Screencast-o-matic, the free downloadable version, a few times, and it was fairly easy to learn and to use.  I would just like to learn and use something a little bit more clever than Screen-cast-o-matic, and to edit or make changes to some video recordings.  FREE/FREEWARE wanted.

A:Video editing or including audio editing or recording

Hey, cafejose! I have used Movie Maker before. It is not that difficult in fact. And for freewares, then you can see some recommendations of ShowMore. This is a newly-built website that I am very fond of and I get quite a lot help from its application. I always take it to record Skype calls but I think it can also solve your problem here. For more alternatives, I advice you to take these free recording tools introductions for your reference.

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I'm in the middle of creating you tube tutorials. I've been scouring the internet attempting to find an affordable video editing tool, (or free) that will edit/produce professional appearing introductions to my youtube videos. Does anyone know where I could find such a program over the internet?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

A:A good video editing tool to create professional introductions to video creations

Hmm, How long do you need the video editing tool? You could get a trial for Vegas Pro 8 and Vegas Pro 9 i think they are both for 30 days, so you could use them while you are trying to find a free or affordable tool.

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Hi,My Flex notebook won't work with Pinnacle video editing software. It works fine with other programs, but Pinnacle won't work. Any suggestions? Corel suggested I install a June 2010 version of Direct-X, but that didn't solve the problem. Doug

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I recently got a Dell Dimension E520 without a video card. I rarely play games on my computer. I plan to use it for editing and authoring my home videos. I want to stick to under 100$ for the video card.

Been reading about video cards and am leaning towards a 7300 GT , 7600 GS or 7600 GT.

Which of above cards is optimum for what I want to do.

Thanks for your help.

My specs:

Dell Dimension E520
E6300 Core 2 duo (1.86 Ghz)
VX2235 - 22 inch Digital LCD (display is bad with integrated video card)

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recently I have wanted to get into video editing and I decided to try out a few different video editing software tools. I tried windows movie maker 2.6 first and it kept skipping when I would preview clips and freezing. The same thing is happening with the trial version of adobe's premiere elements 9 trial version. For adobe, it told me to download the latest video driver that was compatible so i did and it allowed me to see my videos and use it a little bit but it would not be able to keep up and would freeze occasionally. Does this have to do with my graphics card? This is what I could find of my computers information (i typed dxdiag in run):


Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit (6.1, Build 7600)
System Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
System model: Satellite A505
BIOS: InsydeH20 Version 1.20
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~1.6GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX11

And I guess this is my graphics card:

Name: NVIDIA GeForce 310M
Chip Type: Geforce 310M
DAC Type: Integrated RAMDAC
Approx. Total Memory: 2256 MB
Current Display mode: 1366 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz)

If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

P.s. I'm not very computer savvy so keep that in mind :-/

A:Wondering if I should upgrade video card for video editing software

yes the graphics card seems to be the weak link in your setup, you could try searching for msi afterburner to try to overclock your graphics card but failing that i would upgrade your graphics card

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Without going into all the excruciating details (and they ARE excruciating), my system simply will not recognize my canon altura digital video camera. Here are my basic system specs:

Motherboard msi kt7 lite with duron 900mhz chip
256 ram
all in wonder video w/16mb ram
yamaha cd-burner
Toshiba cd rom
20G Maxtor hd (primary), 60G Quantum Fireball (secondary hd)

principal software: MS xp office suite w/frontpage 2002, access, word perfect 8.0, mgi photosuite III, mgi videowave, Cakewalk pro audio v.8, sierra printArtist platinum, Ulead photoexplorer, Ulead photoImpact 6, MGI videoWave4, Ulead Videostudio v.4.0, etc.

I used to do video editing all the time with MGI video wave 3, now although it installs fine, when I go to capture video, I get the message "one of more arguments are invalid," and it won't capture. I tried capture with the Ulead software, but it gives me a similar error message. Here is what I've done so far:

* Checked user forums for MGI video wave, which turned up lots of other people suffering the same issue, which MGI hasn't been able to solve. There were several possible solutions offered, all of which I tried, and none of which worked. The natural thing would be to try other software, which I did (Ulead), but I had the same problem.

* spent lots of time with tech support for ulead, mgi, and ms. All were unable to help.

* uninstalled and reinstalled several times each piece of software.

* reinstalled windows.

* yelled at my c... Read more

A:video editing software will not see digital video camera

I should have mentioned: the system DOES see the camera; it's right there, but it won't capture.

Also, I spent some time with Belkin tech support to see if it was a firewire issue, but they weren't able to help. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the firewire card and software several times.

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I bought my HP laptop a month ago and during video editing, videos played on Adobe Premiere Pro stutter and jerk. Is there any solution? Thanks.

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I need help finding Video editing software compatible with Vista/Win7 that can do the following:

- Remove watermarks from videos.
- Put your own created watermark on a video
- Blur out faces
- Cut parts of the video image
- Edit and draw on the video, replacing the cut piece with a still image, or even another piece of a video

So I guess basically I'm looking for all-out video editing.

I'd prefer freeware. But anything will do if that's all available.

It's no problem if I have to use different programs for each thing.

My current system is a Dell XPS 430 and can handle video editing pretty well.


A:Need video editing software for altering video image

I don't think you will get any help here to remove someone elses watermark from a video that doesn't belong to you. The watermark is put there to discourage copying. Helping you I believe would be against forum rules.

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Starting to gather info on best CPU / video card to use ?

Don't use the computer for gaming ... but do require good performance for video capture and editing (guess same required for gaming anyway) ... any thoughts on what to look for ??

Have AverMedia USB2 TV capture module, but may be better to be in notebook rather then having more things to plug in ...

Budget around $1500-2500 (maybe 3,000)

Battery life not a problem be using it mostly at home

Greg ...

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I've searched the Net from top to bottom to find some UniVBE drivers that support the nVidia Vanta chipset and I've turned out blank. Does such a thing exist? Like, I can't play Contructor, that's why I'm asking

Someone said that I can find UniVBE drivers for nVidia cards at www.bootdisk.com, but I searched almost every link there and haven't found it.

A:UniVBE for nVidia Vanta (and other nVidia video cards)

advantis I have the same problem. I've looked everywhere but the drivers either have different series numbers (like 1630 or 2311) and I have a (supposedly the last 4 digits are the key).

Just read a long post from 12/01 and that guy didn't have any luck eithr.

They're telling us to live with what we have or ... get a new video card.

gah. But: you mighat want to read this post:
Drivers padutch All Other Software 28 198 12-09-2001 05:29 PM
by padutch

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I have a 1.8 P-4 older machine with an older ATI graphics card--I forget what model but not one of the higher end gaming models. When I edit videos, the video and the sound don't stay in sinc and the video freezes. I'm not sure if its the older processor or the video card or what. I'm looking to get a 3+ with 833 FSB, which should be plenty for video editing, but don't want it to bottle up with the video card. I also don't want an expensive gaming card if I don't need one, but obviously those things are built for really intensive graphics, but I don't think I need that just for video editing.

What do you recommend?

A:What kind of video card do I need for video editing?

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I just had this card installed, and i am now having problems with video's down loaded from the web. The video picture colors are all off, sound is fine. I Am using Windows XP pro. It/videos work intermitantly?? Mostly dont,,, PC Games and still pics are just GREAT. Any ideas on how to fix. I have fiddled with different things but nothing changes the video color quality.

A:New, Nvidia Geforce FX 5500 256Mb Video Card and have problem with down loaded video

Ah, my friend.it sounds not to be a video card problem, but more of a codec issue. make sure your codecs are up to date and if that doesn't work, post your system specs.

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Heloo everyone,
I hope I am putting this in the right place, the problem I am having is I took my grandson to the fair and video'd him on some rides and of course it was sunny out and I wasn;t standing in the right place and there are alot of sunbeams in the video and I was wondering if there was a program that would take the sunbeams out so you could see the video better?
The video is located here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUjG_VnGKPg
Thanks for looking

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Thought this would be the best place to put it sorry if its not

Is it possilbe to cut about a cm off the bottom of a video if so what program would be the best to use

A:Video Editing

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I got a firewire card and put my MiniDV videos on my computer. I am using Ulead VideoEditor to edit them. Well I slapped a video together and the file size was 2gb. The resolution was big. So how do I....

...Reduce the resolution (size) of the videos?
...Reduce the quality without going too far?

i tried it again and managed to size the resolution down and get it to like 165mb, but its only like 4 minutes long. i've seen a video about the same length and resolution (plus music) but it's only 22mb. help please

A:Video Editing

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I have a small video clip I took with my Kodak C743 camera. It is too dark and I would like to lighten it . This I can do in Windows Media Player but it does not let me save my changes. I can't see them putting those tools in there if we can't use them. I must be doing something wrong but I don't know what. By the way, with this camera a .mov format is used. I changed it to .avi and it still doesn't let me save the video. Any Suggestions?

A:Video Editing

Hello oletar,

I am not good at movie editing myself, but perhaps this link will help you. It is a list of the top 5 free video editing programs.

Hope this helps,

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anyone know a freeware or open source video editor like windows movie maker that is compatible with flv and mpeg files

A:video editing

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I was in the market for a new pc and I was wondering if there are any 64 bit video editing software packages out there? I know their coming, just wether or not they are hear.

A:64 bit video editing?

None for Windows OS yet.

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I am trying to find freeware that will allow me to cut out commercials from my T.V downloads. Any ideas.
When watching a movie the dreaded commercials drive me nuts.

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I have a caputre problem on my pc when I transfer vhs footage to my computer it freezes and when i play it back it is exactly the same "freezing"computer specwindows xp Home Edition SP31gb RAM80gb IDE Hard DriveOnboard Graphics ATIOnboard Sound

A:Video editing

one thing that worked for me once or twice is putting it into windows movie maker then publishing it without changing anything - it might not work for you though

sorry i couldnt help more.


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What's a good free and easy program that lets me edit in music and add transitions? Something like a Final Cut Pro lite?

A:Editing Video

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Not sure exactly where to post this, but I know that Win XP comes w/ Movie Maker. I have some digital video from my video camera (Mini DV format), and I need a good program to upload the files (Highest quality, don't care about space) to my computer, and a good program to edit/compress/ do whatever else to the footage... what have ya'll used, it doesnt' matter if I have to pay for the program, as long as it works well... (I am one who doesn't mind buying my stuff and music )

A:Video Editing?

I'm kinda' in the same boat, and I was researching today. I'm leaning toward buying Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 for my all around dvd and cd burning needs. I want something that will convert all types of files to dvd format. Of course, this software isn't too useful for editing, I dont think. I too, would appreciate any helpful advice.

I've used the Windows Movie maker for splicing, and it worked OK.

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im into video editing and mosty i have been using (im sorry...so sorry) cracked/illeagle versions of ulead and such and i want to "come clean." what is the best video capturer/editor/producer program out there? I want to be able to do the basic things like cropping/ advanced titles/ video painting/ blue screening/ and super imposing. thx in advanced

A:video editing

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I would like to know what freeware would you recommend for editing mpg video's. I would like to remove commercials from the body of my mpg video's and combine the remaining video's....this will make them shorter and will allow me burn them on a cd....thanks...

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For large 3 hour video editing what type of software and hardware do I need. I want to add special effects, titles, dubbing sound, etc). I have p4 2.5, 100gig hd, 512 ram, cd re-writer. Got my sony digital camera and the software that came with it, I transfered bit of the movie, and the quality is not that good, I want a good quality picture.

A:Video Editing

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I have tried to use camtasia studio and windows movie maker to edit clips I made with fraps

so camtasia suffers from
- half way through editing it frezes
- some times I cant produce videos
- when it does produce it only produces 9 seconnds of the video
- I cant see the video in the editer viewer. half of the time it wont read the video, says a codec editer


it can not read half of the clips it says it may be corrupted even though I can watch the clip with no problomes. It gives me error 0xC94601C

help please

A:can not do video editing

fraps uses a codec (FPS1) that may not be compatible with other editors - transcoding (converting) the files may be a problem as not many converters handle the fraps codec.
In fraps do you get a choice of codecs when exporting your video? if so use fraps to re-export the video using a different codec, then bring the clip into Moviemkaer or Camtasia Studio.
Here is a solution that seems to have worked for this person.

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Hi there, i am currently working with cyberlink powerdirector9 is there any other programs that better that anyone would recommend for video editing that are not costly. thanks

A:video editing

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Im curious as to what people recommend as a high end video editing program without breaking the bank? Here are a few suggestions that I have researched and was hoping someone has used one of these products or has a suggestion to one.

-Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 ( Bank Breaker)
-Video Edit Magic (I like this one because it says it can use many different video formats)
-Let's Edit
-Final Cut ( I have not done any research on this one, only know of it)

Thank you so much in advance!


A:Video Editing


1. Adobe Premiere---expensive and it has a steep learning curve-----very powerful
2. Video Edit Magic---forget about it---its not high end.
3. Lets Edit---forget about it----not high end.
4. Final Cut---there are two versions, express and Final Cut Pro--both are powerful but require a Mac ( a decent one at that) to run.
5. Vegas Video----the best in my mind---
There are a bunch of others. If you tell us how much you want to spend, then it would be easier to recommend one. Also, what machine are you going to run it on?

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I do a fair bit of video editing and I have recently upgraded the ram to 8gb and gone to win 7 64bit.

I built the pc a few weeks back and have yet to add a card. It appears gaming is the main priority and wonder if anyone has any first hand experience with a good card.

A:Video editing

Quote: Originally Posted by Ken Davison

I do a fair bit of video editing and I have recently upgraded the ram to 8gb and gone to win 7 64bit.

I built the pc a few weeks back and have yet to add a card. It appears gaming is the main priority and wonder if anyone has any first hand experience with a good card.

I'm confused by the wording of your question. I believe that you're noting that consumer cards are mainly reviewed in the context of gaming, but that you're looking for a good card for video editing. Is that correct?

I don't do video editing, so I can't offer advice there. It may not matter much, unless your software can use the GPU to accelerate some of its processing. If the software supports Cuda, you'd need an nVidia card. AMD is pushing OpenCL, but I have the impression that not much software currently for sale supports that yet.

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Hey guys,
I have a video that needs some editing and I don't have any ideas on what software I need to get. I need to trim some excess area off the top and bottom of the video and also change the aspect ratio. What program do you all suggest for these changes?

Oh yeah, its in mpeg format right now. Prefer to keep it that way for quality's sake.

A:Video Editing

I don't know what version of Windows you're running, but newer versions include Windows Movie Maker in which you can edit video. Movie Maker is very basic and there's not a lot of help, even in the help file, but if it's on your system, try it and play with it. It should be in Programs, or in Accessories.
I have some software from InterVideo called WinDVD Creator, which has editing capabilities. There might even be some freeware or shareware at www.hotfiles.com. Go there and input "video editing" (without quotes).


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I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to video. I would certainly appreciate any help you guys can give me.

I ripped some of my personal DVD's, and would like to edit some of them, and combine them with other video.

My question is: What program works well for converting the VOB files to another format, and what format would maintain the highest resolution for my eventual convertion back to a DVD? (Memory is not a problem.)

Thanks in advance,


A:Video editing

help? anybody...

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i started making small videos recently, just simple cutting, trimming, joining etc etc....i used windows movie maker to do this and found it to be very user friendly, and i am used to it now,
i recently went on a trip and recorded a lot of video footage and would like to make one video of the trip by editing, joining etc etc,
my problem is for some reason my camera this time recorded everything in MPEG4 format and windows movie maker will not accept or recognize these videos,
i realize i can use a converter to convert them to a format that windows movie maker will accept but that will take me forever and would be an absolute last resort,
any other advice as to how to go about this?
i installed Lightworks and have spent literally 2 days going over the tutorials and such and its just too confusing (and i am very computer savvy)
i tried downloading and installing about 5 other video editors but none really worked or were really "free",
i would be willing to purchase software if it was user friendly and accepted mpeg4, as long as it was not too expensive,
im just so frusterated right now....any help or advice?

A:Video Editing Help ?

Good luck mikey11. Video editing, is a continuous journey and learning curve; complicated, frustrating and incredibly time consuming!   
Windows Movie Maker is very good for learning about basic cut/trim/add titles etc. I found that Wondershare Filmora is a useful and easy to learn next step and use it for editing most of my video projects. One good feature with Filmora is the ability to detach the sound track altogether. Well, sometimes silent video is better than the sounds of street traffic in the background. 
Cheers - 

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i'm planning on buying a computer system for video editing.
here are the specs:
-Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
Dual Core 2MB L2 Cache, 2.13 GHz, 1066MHz FSB
-Asus P5VD2-MX VIA Motherboard
- 512MB DDR2 533 Memory Apacer (i would add another 512mb ddr)
-Asus EN6200TC512 GeForce 6200 PCI-E 512MB Turbo Cache, TV/DVI

do you guys think that this system is fast enough to hadle tons of video editing?
do u have any suggestions of a better computer system for video editing?
and do u know a free video editing software that has functions similar to adobe premiere?

A:help on video editing pc

you might want to go to 2 gig of ram and I would go to the intel chipset I just like it better, for software look at pinnacle studio 9 it's not free but only cost about 90.00 and will what adobe will do and it is user friendly

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I need a free video editing program that has 2 layers of audio.

I also need a program that extracts audio from a clip.

Thanks so much

A:video editing

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Hi all! I could really use some help. I am very technically challenged so please bear with me. I recently purchased a HD Camcorder. I have uploaded the videos to my computer and can't watch them. The video stalls out. I can hear sound but the video is very choppy at best.

I am not really sure what information to give you in order for you to help but I will give you what I know.

Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.60 GHz
Ram: 8 GB
System type: 64 bit operating system
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics

Let me know if you need any other info. Thanks!

A:Video editing

What version of Windows are you running? Do you have Adobe's Flash, Windows Media Player 11 and Apples QuickTime installed?

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1) Brightening
- The videos I took with my Nikon Coolpix turned out too dark. I converted them from .mov to .avi (with AVS Video Converter 6, non-activated), and then found and downloaded Virtualdub, with which I am supposed to be able to edit/brighten them. I was able to open the .avi video on virtualdub but don't understand how to proceed.

Is there another, easier way to lighten the video?

2) Rotating
- I took one of the videos "vertically" and need to rotate it by 90 degrees.
I tried to do that in the .mov mode but don't know how.

3) Audio is too fast.
I have integrated some videos (which I had converted from .mov to .avi), which didn't need editing, into DVD SlideshowGUI. They seem to have speeded up (which doesn't bother me so much) but the audio has become unintelligible.

Many thanks for any and all help.

A:editing a video

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Hello all. I have captured several hours of video from VHS to my computer with the intent to burn it to dvd. I would like to edit out all of the commercials. I was using Adobe Premiere 6.5 to do this, but it was taking an extremely long time to export the project when I finished editing it. Is there any other software solution to use for this? I am looking for something simple that allows me to edit out parts of the captured MPEG2. Or is there any DVD authoring software that allows you to do this?



Athlon XP 1900
2X 512 MB PC2100 DDR Ram

A:Video Editing

caniac.......check http://www.audiotoolsdirect.com/

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Hi everyone.
We have a video of a graphical model running that we'd like to overlay a "spark" every so often. It supposed to be the spark plug sparking lol

Any suggestions on either an open source or demo of a editing software I can use to accomplish this?

Right now the video is an avi.

Only caveat is it can't leave a watermark on the output.
(It'd actually be great if I could embed a water mark of my own into the video)

Thanks for the suggestions

A:Need help with video editing

Blender: http://www.blender.org/

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Hi guys i have a video that was created using my laptop and webcam and there are certain things i would like to blank out on the video. namely car registration numbers and any other things that i do not want to be shown. ehat program would i need to do this?

the details do not have to be blanked out but could also be blurred, aslong as it is not recognisable i am not really bothered.

also the movie has been captured as i was moving in my car so everything on the video moves also.

Hope sumone can help.


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hi me and some friends are doing a movie parody about 24 and i was wondering if anyone knew how to get the "picture in picture" effect that the actual show 24 does.

i am using sony vegas pro 8 and im having trouble doing this effect

any help?


A:Video editing

I don't know if this technique works in Vegas since I don't use that editor, but can you lay in both tracks of video and then shrink down the one on top and move it to the location of desired superimposition on the base track?

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Ok so here is my system specs:

Intel Core I5 Quad Core @ 3.30ghz
64Bit Windows 7 Home.
ATI Radion HD 6450 1gb dedicated.
Ram 6GB DDR3. ( x2gb stick, and x1, 4gb stick)

so i know i need more ram for video editing but what should i upgrade to 8gb and add another 2gb in or max out to 16gb.

p.s i know a ssd hard drive would be good but can;t afford at the moment.

also if i posted in wrong section of forum mods, please move it to the correct.

any thoughts??

A:How Much Ram For Editing Video?

I can use Sony Vegas and After Effects at the same time on just 2GB of ram, if your PC has 4 RAM slots, just stick in the 1 4GB and the 2 1GB sticks. 6GB will be more than enough.

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I need some basic, simple free video editing software that takes like no time to learn at all.

Basically I have to make a project for school involving videos, and putting them in a PP and I was wondering if anyone has had any succes in this region and point me in the right direction.

A:Video Editing

windows movie maker

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Good Day all,

Does antone know how to pull short snippets from movies for prevue purposes?

My son has a project to do and needs to present this in a Powerpoint presentation

A:Video Editing

here is a list of free vieo editing programs that might be useful,


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