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IE11 not saving cookies on exit (Windows 10 1803)

Q: IE11 not saving cookies on exit (Windows 10 1803)

The issue is that if I go to a site that authenticates with SSO I am able to get in without needing to re-enter credentials. But if I get a link in Outlook and I have signed into SSO but have closed IE, then IE doesn't authenticate me with my already
entered credentials and asks me to do it again. If IE is open and the link will work.
If I sign into SSO with Chrome, Firefox or Edge and close the browser then click the link it will open successfully in those browsers without requesting a new sign in. On IE11 this fails. It worked on build 1709.
Does anyone know what changed? Is this something that we can work around? We still have two products that require IE11 and they are about 1-2 years away from having a non-IE compatible version so I need to extend IE's life a little more.

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Preferred Solution: IE11 not saving cookies on exit (Windows 10 1803)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I am extremely new to computers and my son and I now have one. I believe he has made changes to his computer to hide his actions from me (hes 10 and knows more about computers than I),

*because his Internet Explorer history only saves sites sporadically it seems,
*and downloads are also not saving, and neither are cookies.

I'm sure other things are not saving as well.

*I have tried to reset his IE settings to default, and it did nothing.

I have noticed that the few cookies that are in his Temporary Internet files are all searches for Windows how-tos' involving Indexing his computer, Deleting Browsing History, and System Restore. I'm not sure if him messing with these settings could have caused his computer to not save anything, or what.

*Should I try to restore Internet History files first, and then try a System Restore? Or should I just do/or do not do a System Restore at all and try something else?

I'm really worried about what he might be hiding from me and would like to resolve this so I can monitor his computer use. Also, if there would be another part of the website I could post this that might be more helpful, Please let me know. Thanks

A:IE 9 history not saving, downloads not saving, nor cookies.

He might be using the 'In Private' mode - this does not save any cookies, history, or anything at all. Downloads are still saved, though, but he can delete those just like any other file, of course.

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Hi everyone! New forum member here working for a company of about 100,000 clients. We are seeing a high number of IE11 deployment failures in our enterprise and several of my end users, like many others in this forum, are not getting IE11 to install properly. I've attached the IE11_Main and CBS log files of one of my users who seems to be having one of the more common issues that we can't seem to pinpoint a root cause for.

We've run the Windows Update Diagnostic, SURT, performed a clean boot, installed all pre-requisites, and run the offline installer. While at least one of these steps has helped in a few cases, I have several where this does not help. Thanks in advance!

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word XP on windows XP pro
When I open a new document in Word and try to save it the word closes itself and all the documents are closed.
thanks to help me.

A:exit on saving

Sounds like you've got a bad normal.dot.


Do the troubleshooting step that talks about normal.dot first.

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Every time I open a Word document and then close it, Word XP offers to save changes, even when there were no changes. It wasn't doing this originally. I would think "virus", but I have the current Norton AV running, and no other indication of virus. Anybody seen this, or have any idea why Word always offers to save changes?

A:Word XP saving on exit

Go to Tools, Options, Save and uncheck "Prompt to save Normal Template"

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IE9 is currently installed and IE11 is failing to install:


00:25.459: INFO: Installing with the downloaded package. C:\windows\TEMP\IE1A813.tmp\IE11-neutral.Downloaded.cab
00:25.459: INFO: Launched package installation: C:\windows\SysNative\dism.exe /online /add-package /packagepath:C:\windows\TEMP\IE1A813.tmp\IE11-neutral.Downloaded.cab /quiet /norestart
00:38.033: INFO: Process exit code 0x00000490 (1168) [Element not found. ]
00:38.033: ERROR: Neutral package installation failed (exit code = 0x00000490 (1168)).
00:38.033: INFO: No reboot logic message NrApiInstallDone(7), lParam=0x00009c59 returned 0x00000000.
00:38.033: INFO: No reboot logic message NrApiStartFinish(11), lParam=0x00000000 returned 0x00000000.
00:38.064: INFO: No reboot logic message NrApiFinish(12), lParam=0x00000000 returned 0x00000016.
00:38.064: INFO: Waiting for Active Setup to complete.
00:38.267: INFO: PauseOrResumeAUThread: Successfully resumed Automatic Updates.
00:40.576: INFO: Setup exit code: 0x00009C59 (40025) - The neutral cab failed to install.


2015-11-10 16:14:28, Info CBS Plan: Package: Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-Optional-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~en-US~8.0.7601.17514, current: Superseded, pending: Default, start: Superseded, applicable: Superseded, targeted: Superseded, limit: Installed
2015-11-10 16:14:28, Info CBS Failed to open package file... Read more

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Hey all...

I've got a problem with Internet Explorer (thought this question belongs to this forum). Well, everytime I exit Internet Explorer, then open it back again - I see that all my cookies were deleted. Why does that happen? Is it some wrong configuration in IE? If so, how and where can I change it?

Thanks in advance...

A:Everytime I exit Internet Explorer and load it back again - cookies are deleted

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I been trying to find out how I can save cookies from a site IN IE11 .I need to keep them cookies but like to remove the rest. How do I this. I tried some online searches I just get confused.

A:How do I save cookies from a site with IE11?

Take a look here at how to manage cookies in IE 11http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/delete-manage-cookies#ie=ie-11

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I can hardly believe it.  I just replaced the motherboard because of possibly the same issue, and it has happened again.  After using the BIOS setup to successfully turn off "Secure Boot" and turn on "Legacy Boot" (to get a  Windows 7 dual-boot install to start again), all was good.  Windows 8.1 would start, as would Windows 7.  My problem began (again?) when I chose to check the BIOS version in BIOS setup, opening it with F10.  There I could see it and make changes to other BIOS functions as usual, but I didn't.  Instead, I just wanted to "Exit without saving changes", which I chose to do.  It seemingly restarted with a backlit screen that was black.  It went no further, so after waiting a minute, I forced it off by holding the power button.  From then on, when turning it on, I am presented with a blank screen with no boot at all (no beeps or OS audio) and just a  blank (unlit backlight) screen.  So far, no amount of HP_TOOLS flash drive BIOS recovery boots with the combination windows/Super-key and B held down, has done the trick.  Using that trick, I see the flash drive LED flicker a bit when starting (about 5 seconds) and then it just stays lit solid.  From that pont, I've tried waiting more than ten minutes before forcing it off with the power button held.  I've also tried that after clearing the CMOS by unplugging the CR2032 battery for minutes at a time.  The flash drive's LED does not even... Read more

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I am trying to track down why cookies are being deleted from my Windows 7 system. The system is a member of AD and managed via Group Policy. I have checked all GPOs (Computer and User) and cannot find any IE setting that would force deletion of IE cookies.

I suspected 3rd party AV software may have been deleting cookies. I can confirm the AV software is deleting certain "tracking cookies" but not cookie I have an issue with. I have ran full on-demand scans as well as active-scans (ran at pre-boot
and during the day), but the problem cookie is not removed.
I also relocated the "Temporary Internet Files" location to an alternate location, but the issue still persists. Note, it's just the cookie that is being deleted, not any other temporary internet files.

I've downloaded IECookiesView & FolderChangesView (both from nirsoft) and and trying to track changes to cookies and the cookie folder itself. I cannot manually reproduce the issue, it appears to he random.
I have added the specific web server to the "Local Intranet Zone" and current level for this zone is Medium-low.
Any suggestions welcome.

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I searched the site and found nothing relevant to this problem. Ever since the Patch Tuesday updates of 11/12/14, the system has been building temporary internet files and cookies by huge amounts even when IE11 has not been selected from the desktop. I can go in as the Admin. and delete all of the temporary internet folders and cookie folders that I am allowed to. There are some that are blocked even from the Admin., reboot the system with no applications launced, and watch the files build. In 30 minutes, there will hundreds of files and dozens of cookies created, even though no browser was launched. The system has two users defined, the Admin and the one we use for normal operation. Our grandkids use this system, hence the second user without Admin rights. IE11 is used only by my wife, as I use FF for my browsing (with AdBlock Plus & Ghostery enabled). We have a standing policy of running CCleaner (v4.19) after every browsing session. I have also noticed that the process SVCHOST LOCAL SERVICE will have many instances running. As many as 10 to 20 of them. I also can stop the browser service for awhile and have to do so to get rid of all of the temporary internet files and the extra SVCHOST processes. If left alone, the browser service will start up and the runaway begins anew. I know IE is integral with Win7. Also the temporary internet files point to html pages we have never gone to. It looks like IE11 is using our sy... Read more

A:IE11 Temporary Internet Files & Cookies W/O IE Loaded.

I think I found the reason for all of the IE activity. I ran MSERT.EXE last night and it found "win32 trojan downloader" on the system and removed it. It appears that fixed the problem. Here's a link to MSERT.EXE. I ran a full scan as the quick scan didn't find anything. I also went and deleted all of the existing temporary internet files that were on the system.

Microsoft Safety Scanner - Free Virus Scan with the Microsoft Safety Scanner

Update: It's been nearly 24 hours since MSERT.EXE ran and the runaway IE file building has ceased. The system has been shutdown and booted three times in that period and no repeat of the problem. I'm going to call this one solved.

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How can I export(+import) the current settings of IntExp 11 (from Win 7)?

I am NOT talking about the Favorites and Cookies! I am talking about the preferences visible in menu

Tools--->Internet Options
page setup parameter

I guess they are stored in Registry.

Is it only ONE Registry branch or are they spread all over the Registry?

How can I backup and restore them?

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We have done a fix to have our cookies serving only through SSL in the web.config of our application - cookieRequireSSL="true" and we have few cookies like .ASPXROLES, ASP.NET_SessionID which were not served in secured way. Now, after our setting
in the web.config file, we could see the changes getting reflected in Edge, Chrome browser, we could see a tick mark in the secure box for those cookies in those browsers. 
However, in IE 11, we are unable to see the tick marks, neither it shows as secured nor unsecured. Any helps on this would be appreciated. 

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Some sites, apparently this one is about to have the same problem, cannot place cookies, but sometimes can, on my Asus laptop hard drive.

Three sites so far... I have allow cookies in both FF35. and IE 11; however, when I login , I get logged right back out when I click on anything like a forum link to a particular thread type. Like forums or web mail ( this is on another site).

On these forums, I went to tutorials and was logged out. I was able to log back in and post this.

I remember this Windows 8.1 laptop installed a security update on Feb 12. I remember a Windows update installing on Friday 13. But the second one isn't in the list.

I have AVG paid firewall and anti-virus I keep up to date, as well as Malwarebytes.

Cache in FF35 clears when I close the browser. I have cleared the cache in IE 11. Both multiple times.

I did see some Certificates in FF I have no idea how they got there. Spain and China from the look of them. Some mention they are China.

I deleted them. No difference.

Any suggestions on how to fix this ?

Thanks !

edit: Now 8 sites wont let me in. It seems to be increasing as I look over various forums I log into regularly. I'm going to scan my computer for trojans.

edit 2: I checked my firewall logs... that is blocking cookies from being placed on my hard drive. No trojans found.

I have AVG Internet Security 2014. I was unable to find anything in the software to allow cookies from specified sites.

No clue what to do next... Read more

A:some sites unable place cookies on Win8.1 in FF35 & IE11

Perhaps get https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner

You can save needed cookies with it.
A picture---

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I'm having a heck of a time with IE9 on Win7 here.

Often when either the browser crashes or the computer crashes and I have to reboot without being able to complete a proper log-off, IE will lose certain cookies.

For example, after restarting some forums will have forgotten my login information. I don't use IE's "Remember my password" feature but rather the one on the forum itself.

Some forums require logging back in, others don't. Facebook will require logging back in, and Google forgets the "Never show instant results" search preference that I set.

Any tips? I'm not using In Private browsing and IE is not set to clear cookies on exit. It only happens when there's a crash.


A:IE 9 not saving certain cookies

I would concentrate more on the Crash or Reset completely,
Reset ie9 or ie10 manually,
Click the Start button on the Taskbar,
Click on Control panel,
Click on Internet options,
Go to the Advanced section,
Click on Reset button on the bottom,
Check the box to Delete personal settings,
Use the recommended setup and install options.
Shut down your machine.
After Resetting ie9 or 10,
Open ie when prompted that there are Add-ons ready to be Enabled click on No,
Test with the sites your having issues with first before enabling any add-ons.

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I'm having a problem. I can select the remember me box on websites to keep myself logged in but when I close my browser or restart my comp, my cookies are gone. I have the settings set to accept all cookies and I do not have any programs running that automatically delete temp files or cookies. Nothing I do has fixed this. I do not have it set for IE to delete the files either. I'm at my wits end. I hate having to log into forums and things like that every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Also, it happens while my browser is still open. I can be logged into youtube and watch a video or two, go to check my favorites on there and it's logged me out. PLease help!

A:IE7 not saving cookies

delete temporary internet files.

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since july 2007, i am not able to order anything online. my log in information disappears when i go to another page and the site asks me to log in. so, i log in again. when i go to a new page, its like i never logged in. nothing will go to "my cart". the last thing i ordered online was from northstyle.com on july292007. i went into tools, internet options,privacy. i am at medium security.(the default setting) i have mcafee antivirus and firewall. it is set up to automatically update. i scanned for viruses and nothing came up.
i have windows xp 2002 service pack 2

A:not saving cookies?

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Ohh man i don't know how this happened.

Ok Ok i lowered down all the programs to my original set up which is my Norton Symantec Antivirus and my Windows FireWall and cookies save well.

Then I got ZoneAlarm, then SpyBot Search and Destroy and then Avast! Then somewhere between those time period my cookies haven't been saving.
I got Firefox but it crashes too much and when i uninstalled all those programs and disabled ZoneAlarm


Please Help?

A:IE7 and 8 Not saving my Cookies :(

In IE go to tools -> internet options -> privacy
Make sure that its not set to block all cookies.

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I'm running a Dell Inspiron with XP SP 3 and IE 7.
I upgraded to IE8, and somewhere along the line I found that when I tried to login to Amazon, Flickr etc, it would not allow me as cookies weren't enabled.

I have done the obvious checks in IE8 to ensure they are indeed enabled, I have also shut down my CIS to ensure that does nto interfere with cookies, although I do know that it has no control over the transport and storage of cookies. I have also tried Opera and Chrome with no luck.

I have tonight reverted back to IE7 in case IE8 was the problem, but it has made no difference.
I can log into this forum, which I'm sure will use cookies, yet not Amazon or Flickr. Both those sites are at a loss as to why I can't login, and Flickr has actually told me they can't help me any further as the issue is not theirs.

So, odd problem that I've never come across before, and can't find a resolution to.
I would appreciate any ideas that anyone can come up with.

A:Cookies not saving

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Can someone tell me if there is a simple way to save your often used cookies that you need when you delete you tmp files?

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I have a question about cookies. I understand that there may be cookies that I want and some that I dont want saved on my computer.

Is there a way to save those that I want, and have all others erased when I close firefox?

A:Saving & Deleting Cookies


Take a look at this screenshot and it should tell you everything that you need to know:

Attachment 36098


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I'm having a few problems with IE 9.

For some reason, IE 9 is not saving my cookies to certain sites, such as Yahoo! or facebook. I constantly have to re-sign into the sites, even while I'm on the sites. I've already checked my sign in settings for both sites, and they remain unchanged (Yahoo! is set to the maximum sign-in setting and so is fb). This issue is not limited to just those sites, but it's more frequent with those two sites than the others.

I've set the browser settings to Accept all cookies and changed the settings under the privacy tab to accept all first party cookies (I blocked third party cookies since I was told they sometimes contribute to spam). I have uninstalled and reinstalled IE 9 twice, but to no avail.

I installed Firefox 4 as a backup browser, and I haven't had those problems. I want to try to use IE 9 since I've been a loyal user for years, but these issues are causing me to want to fully switch. Please help.



A:[SOLVED] IE 9 not saving certain cookies

IE Options>Advanced>Uncheck Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed.

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I'm running IE9- only because my wife shares this machine and got first dibs on Waterfox. But that's another post.

When I log into my favorite sites, such as this one, IE9 save my log-in info no problem, until I shut down the computer. If I boot up from shutdown or restart, it's as if all my cookies cleared, and I have to log into everything all over again. I suspect there may be a setting I'm overlooking. Even comparing this version of 9 to the one on my laptop (the screen shot seems to be different on each), I can't see any settings that have changed.

Hints cheerfully accepted.

A:IE 9 isn't saving my cookies properly?

tools/internet options/general & make sure that delete internet browsing history on exit is NOT checked

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I have Firefox set to keep cookies until I close it, which is the default setting I want. However, there are a handful of cookies that I want to keep for the next time I surf, and I can't find an option that allows me to delete all cookies, except those I want, when FF closes. I see where FF allows me to create exceptions for allowing/blocking cookies, but not for saving them on closing. Does anyone know where/if that option exists? Thanks!

A:Solved: Saving specific cookies in Firefox

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I'm using IE11, Microsoft Excel 2010. 

I'm trying to upload a xlsx file using <input type="file">.

once I browse the file in IE,I open the file in excel app and make some changes, after saving the file a temp file will be created in same directory as my xlsx file. 

Temp file will be deleted once I close IE.

I try same process with Chrome and Microsoft edge but there is no temp file.
Can anyone confirm that IE11 hold on to the file?


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Installed the WIndow 1803 update and it doest see my 2nd monitor.  The bad part about this is that I did a clean install and it automagically goes out to MS and installs 1803 without my consent. I want the previous version on my computer, but I cant seem to prevent them from updating during the process. I installed the newest drivers manually and it didnt help.This is really frustrating and MS was not any help. HELP !!!

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Windows 10 Version 1803 will not install on my ThinkCentre M900 SFF. After install and reboot it goes immediatly to the B.S.O.D. Then I have to restore the system to b4 the update. These are the specs: ? Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 Processor(8M Cache, up to 4.00 GHz)? Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64? Operating System Language:Windows 10 Pro 64 English? Form Factor: SFF Q170 210W 85%? Additional I/O Ports: eSATA PortCable SFF? Memory: 8GB DDR4 2133MHzUDIMM? Video Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GT720 1GB DP Low Profile? Graphic Dongle: DP to HDMI? Second Graphic Dongle: DP to HDMI? First Hard Drive: 500GB HardDrive,7200 RPM,3.5",SATA? Optical Device: Slim DVD Recordable? Networking: Integrated Ethernet? WiFi Wireless LAN Adapters: Intel8260+BT 2x2ac LP vPro? Keyboard: USB Fullsize Keyboard2Black - English? Mouse: USB Optical Mouse Black? Vertical Stand: Vertical Stand? Speakers: Internal Speaker? Publications Pack: Publication English Is anyone having the same issue with this system.

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This latest update of windows 1o 1803 has taken away my home network and home group. I have everything set according to to the settings in Network and Sharing, and the same is true for my laptops. When I look in the file explorer it doesn't even offer the home group, nor does it even show a network.
Like I said, this all happened after the 1803 update.

A:Windows 10 64 bit pro updadate 1803

This is by design by Microsoft. Please read this article.

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I've been trying for weeks to upgrade to Windows 10 1803, it always rolls back at about 32% Today I tried a clean install of 1803 from a USB stick. It installed just fine, but then it started installing drivers for unknown devices and after installing the Intel HD driver for the video card the system became unstable with a PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA bluescreen crashing the machine after booting up. It would appear the problem may be with the Intel HD Graphics driver which hasn't been updated in some time. Anyone managed to get 1803 running successfully on B50-30? Thanks

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I check : 

...with no success 
nothing is working
How to do the job ?

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Hi, I'm using Windows 10 ver 1803, and i've got strange issue recently, Windows Explorer's toolbar disappears, and Google Chrome also. Does anyone have the same issue? 

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 142 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 3992 Mb (soon to be 8Mb at some point today)
Graphics Card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 117 GB (43 GB Free); D: 0 GB (0 GB Free);
Motherboard: LENOVO, 20KSCTO1WW
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Hello everybody! I hope all is well wherever you are!

I am having an issue with the latest, major windows 10 update.

When I originally tried to download the thing I lost WiFi connection very briefly. (I know school boy error using WiFi while updating)

Now when I try to update it stops at 80% and comes up with the message 'We cant install updates because other updates are in progress.' Before this it came up with ERROR 0xc1900107.

No other updates are running (as far as I can tell) I also ran system file checker which came back fine.

I finally downloaded the update assistant but it doesn't work that way either.

Any help would be really appreciated!


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I have multiple Lenovo laptops in the family. I recently noticed a Z580 had not had any OS updates since December 2017. So I fiddled with it some (it has been running Windows 10 for a couple of years without issue) and upgraded to Win10 1803. This was a huge mistake as I was unaware that the Z580 has hardware components not compatible with Win 10... even though it's been running Win10 for years. After the upgrade to 1803, the PC boots to a blue screenn where it wants me to choose the system language, etc. IE, it has totally lost the operating system and it can't find anything to roll back to in recovery. I was perfectly happy with Win 8.1 and only upgraded to Win10 figuring it was an inevitable upgrade. I plan to replace the HDD with a SSD and believe I can get the data from the HDD. But I"m stumped as to what OS I should put back on the Z580, since it came preinstalled. Is the Windows key embedded in the ROM? I don't have a Windows key for this 5 year old laptop and don't recall seeing one when we bought it. Any suggestions?

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Hi all!  Recently I have bough a new L470, and when trying to upgrade to 1803 version I have a error message: Hardware not supported any Idea?  Thnks in advance

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Hi all,Im sure that I'm not alone. I have 2 brand new Lenovo 720.Everytime that I'm trying to update from 1709 to 1803 I'm receiving BSOD. Error code:-0xc0000017" There isn't enough memory available to create ramdisk Device"Tried everything that I found on web. But nothing work.Any idea? Thanks 

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My Windows 10 will not update from 1803 to 1909. I've tried every trick I can find online. Can anyone help?


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, Build 17134, Installed 20180521095427.000000-360
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3, CPU Count: 8
Total Physical RAM: 16 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Hard Drives: C: 1843 GB (521 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc. 0KWVT8, ver A03, s/n CN722004CJ01DV.
System: Dell Inc., ver DELL - 20100118, s/n 8W2VC42
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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I was running a program on my Windows 10 computer Build 1709 that was located on my Windows 2003 server. The executable was located on the server. I upgraded to 1803 and it no longer works. A second computer did the same thing and I was able to go back to build 1709 and it started working again. I can't go back on the computer that still has 1803 because it's been more than 10 days or 7 or whatever. Research was pointing to the probability it was an SMB share issue. I saw that supposedly 1803 does not support SMBV1 which is what Server 2003 is using. However, I go into the Windows features settings and is shows SMBv1 checked off. When I run -get smbconfiguration or whatever in powershell it returns the version as 1.5. Anyway, I also saw some suggest to install AVG or Avast which disables Defender. I've done that and did not work. I've tried running it in compatibility mode and that didn't work. Looking for suggestions. If it is an SMB issue, there is no way we are upgrading the server at this time. I can resinstall Windows on the workstation if I have to, but I would love to avoid it enough that I joined this site and posted for the first time hoping someone can offer another suggestion. Thanks.

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I have win 10 1803 and the task bar is running too late when I turn on the computer. I don`t know why please guide me.
Thank you so much in advance

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After upgrading Windows 10 to the April 2018 Update (Windows version 1803), Windows Hello is no longer available on my Lenovo X1 Carbon 5th Generation ultrabook, and drivers for the Synaptics WBD (SGX enabled) biometric fingerprint reader show as failing to load in Device Manager.  This is despite registry settings, group policies, and a PIN being set up to enable biometric scanning (the fingerprint scanner worked previously). Is anyone able to assist to enable the Windows Hello fingerprint scanner under Windows 10 version 1803? Thank you.  

A:Windows 10 April 2018 Update (1803): Windows Hello / Synaptics WBD (SGX enabled) Fingerprint Reader

And you have the lastet 5.2.3531.26 version of the Synaptics driver released on May 3, 2018 already installed?

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Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 1803 (build 17134.320)

I'm getting all kinds of crash loops in Windows Explorer from doing the simplest of task like for example installing Sims City from a ROM or just copying files from a USB drive to SD card. I did disable Cortana using the registry edit method and I've heard this could be the problem.

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The next feature update for Windows 10, Windows 10 version 1803, will feature new privacy settings and improvements that give users and administrators more control over data on the device.

Check out the full article, here: Windows 10 version 1803: privacy improvements - gHacks Tech News

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Hello guys: I have Windows 10 ver 1709 on my laptop which is working great. I have tried instaling Windows 10 ver 1803 two times already (with one month gap) on my laptop without success. When it finishes installing and reboots the computer, it never recovers from it. I see a black screen where mouse is enabled and nothing else. Both times, I have reverted back to version 1709. I have checked Lenovo's portal for my computer and I dont see any software/driver upgrades that I need that were released in the last 180 days. Can anyone tell me if I need to upgrade any driver before trying the upgrade? I have the following specs: Product: 20378BIOS: 9ECN43WW(V3.03)

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