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Simple steps to using 2 operating systems on separate hard drives with one computer.

Q: Simple steps to using 2 operating systems on separate hard drives with one computer.

I have a Sony Vaio VGNFS315Z with Windows XP Home. I am looking to connect a 60gb Hard Drive in a firewire enclosure which currently has the same Windows XP operating system on it. I would like to retain the use of both operating systems to preerve some of the software on the 60gb drive.

Apart from plugging it in to the firewire port what are the steps I need to take so that my Sony Vaio will view it as a separate operating system. This will prevent me having to format it and start again.


Preferred Solution: Simple steps to using 2 operating systems on separate hard drives with one computer.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Simple steps to using 2 operating systems on separate hard drives with one computer.

Even if your laptop supports booting from firewire hard drives, Windows doesn't.

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Yes it sounds foolish BUT, I was able to fix an OS (operating system) on 1 disk infected by a ransom virus from an OS on the second disk. Here's my dilemma, because I almost lost some very important data, I would like to protect certain data from damage or viruses in the future so -  I want to have 2 hard drives with a total of 5 OS's on them. First disk would have XP & Win7 on it. Second disk would have XP, Win7, & Ubuntu. My reasons are I would like to use one XP OS for financial transactions & nothing else. I use 2nd XP as a backup/recovery for the 1st XP. Then I use 1st Win7 for general surfing & research. I use 2nd Win7 for backup/recovery of 1st Win7. For the 3rd system I would like to install & try Ubuntu for a few months to see if I would like it.
     So far I have installed XP & Win7 on one hard disk. I have created 3 partitiones on the second hard disk, formatted 2 of those partitions & installed XP on the first partition & planned on installing WIn7 on the next partition then Ubuntu on the final partition. Now when I boot up the only OS's that appear on the list are the 2 XP systems. The Win7 system doesn't show up as an option to start. So at this point I'm not sure how I should proceed from here to have the Win7 OS to show up as an option to start & be able to continue installing the next Win7 & Ubuntu systems... Read more

A:1 computer, 2 hard drives, 5 operating systems, having problems

Well one way to do what you want is to use a boot manager. There are a bunch listed when I Googled with "partition boot manager"
Using one XP OS for financial will not be enough protection. If you were to get a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) for example they would be able to see and access all the drive letters in the computer.There are ways around that but I went for the simple method in my case.  One method to be secure is use removable drive trays and only have one OS inserted at a time. One OS for financial on its own drive, One Tray for the other OS's. The other way would be to use security software that encrypts the OS drive to be unreadable until you boot it and enter the password, Another possibility would be Virtual Machines holding the OS's.
One nice desktop for everything except for financial use. Then a inexpensive laptop that gets used for online banking, Billpaying, Income tax, Shopping at known good sites such as Amazon, Newegg, Tigerdirect and clothing/shoes. No Email, No surfing the web. Nothing else. I pull it out twice a month Bank, pay bills, Make an order, if needed, Then I shut it down and put it away again.
That is about the best I can think of for my peace of mind.
Good Luck

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me out with this question.

*I want to install an evaluation edition of Windows Server 2003 on my second hard disk and set the partition size to 5gb though it has 200gb. I don't have the serial card yet so that is why I'm just using this drive for educational reasons.

*On my first drive I have Windows ME and want to ensure that remains untouched in this process.

I basically want to be able to start my computer up and choose which OS I want to boot from and train myself to use the Windows Server 2003 OS.

Any suggestions on doing this smoothly would be greatly appreciated.

A:Dual Operating Systems on 2 separate hard disks

Welcome to TechSpot Forums

Doesn't it work if you just install it normally?

The textmode setup should ask you where to install 2003 and/or to create partitions. Depending on your computer it might have some problems with the 200 GB drive, as it is over 137 GB and therefore would require 48-bit addressing support, but if you just create a small partition in the beginning of the drive it shouldn't be a problem.

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I have got two separate hard drives one running win7 one running xp. I need to be able to chose which os to run but currently I can only do so by pressing F12. I have tried EasyBCD but it wont work - does anyone know how I can do this?
To clarify what I really want is a list of the two os to come up at startup so I can choose

Step by step instructions would be ideal!

A:How to dual boot Two separate harddrives, 2 separate operating systems

Hello Tbagz, welcome to Seven Forums!

Most prefer a BIOS managed dual-boot but if you prefer a Windows managed dual-boot, so you can get the correct advice, please post a snip of a maximized Windows 7 disk management so we can advise from there.

How to Upload and Post a Screenshot

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I have searched all over the internet, but I still haven't figure this out.
I'm having a laptop, with Windows 7 Pro 32bits installed, and I would like to install a second hard disk in the place of the DVD-RW (I will buy an extension slot, it exists). The second hard drive already have Windows7 Pro 64bits, with everything installed for the computer, but at the moment I am changing them each time I need to boot the other and is very annoying.

I would need to know, how could I set the hard disks that, when I will chose from BIOS to Boot from Hard Disk HDD0, to boot from it with no issues, and to have the other hard disk (HDD1 maybe), deactivated, and not available in Windows.
And when I need HDD1, to set from BIOS to boot from it, and also, to have in the second windows, the HDD0 unavailable.

Also, it is not possible to change anything on HDD0, neither its location. I can do whatever I want with the HDD1.

I need this complicated thing because I use one of the hard disks for work, one for home, and I would like to don't mix things up. And it is very difficult to get around with to laptops.
Both HDDs have 2 partitons.

Thank you in advance!

A:2 Hard Drives, 2 Operating system, Separate boot

No answer?
Is it impossible to make it work somehow?

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i have a 3 year old Toshiba laptop with a bad hard drive. I've ordered a new hard drive. I have a more current Toshiba laptop with a smashed screen. But the hard drive works. Computer number 1 had a Windows 7 operating system. Computer number 2 is Windows 10. Can I transfer operating system and files and program from computer 2 to computer 1 ? Thanks

A:Hard drives and operating systems

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hello -
i'll try and make this simple .
i have 1 HD with windows installed on it ,it's having probs i need to format .
i have another HD that also has winodws installed ,im going to use that HD.
my question is . im only using 1 HD the other isnt connected ,its a back up HD.
i want to connect them both and transfer the important files over to the back HD up from the HD thats having the problems .where should i put all the files from the HD that is having problems,so i can see them when i am using the back up HD .so i can see the files from the problem HD ,so i can transfer over the files .?
the reason i ask is i have alot of stuff on the problem HD that is on the desktop and in my documents folder ect..
if im not booting up from the Problem HD then i wont be able to see the desktop folders ,my documents ect..,right ?
i hope this isnt confusing .
thanks .

A:2 hard drives 2 operating systems.?

Make your backup HDD primary master and problem HDD primary slave. Boot your computer. Windows will take care of your drive letters, so you should have any problem copying the data.

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I have a 32bit single core computer, I want to install two hardrives with different Operational systems. One with XP Pro, and the otherone with Win 7, can it be done, and when opening computer, can I choose which one I want to work on.

A:Different operating systems using two hard drives

It can be done. Do a lot of reading in setting up dual boot systems...

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I am currently running 2 operating systems (98SE) on a FAT32 fs and (XP) on NTFS fs on the second hard drive.

windows 98se is my c: drive - primary

xp is on my second hard drive that i've just recently installed.

for some reason, after reformatting this drive twice, i can not get all files to work - for example i cannot access system information, help and support etc etc.

i want to reformat the d drive - the one with windows xp but when i shut down to dos to do this, dos is not recognizing the d drive.... is that because i've made it NTFS and it's not seeing it from the FAT32 drive?

i'm so lost!!

my goal is to have both drives with FAT32 fs so that they are accessible from each other, but i cannot seem to be able to format the drive with xp which has nothing on it other than the operating system.

any ideas? geeze i re-read this and it doesn't even make sense to me, never mind someone else. sorry folks!

any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!!

thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!

A:2 hard drives, 2 operating systems

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i have a question (well i was wondering)

i have 2 hard drives in one machine and i have Windows 98 on one and the other with Windows XP.
is it posible to select an OS at start up with the 2 drives??

A:is it possible to boot 2 operating systems on 2 hard drives in 1 PC

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At work I am running xp home but I have another harddrive in the bow which has Win 2k pro with a program on it I use weekly. How can I set the machine up so I can boot from either drive. I have tried everything I can think of but can't figure this out. I placed the drives in cable select mode but only the xp drive shows up in bios setup. When the box boots up I can see the win 200 drive but can't open the program from the xp drive. This program will not work in xp. Long story short is the boss is cheaping out and will not upgrade the program

A:How can I boot from multiple hard drives and operating systems

http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1Should do it. I don't use it but it looks like it should be simpler and more windows centric than what I use.There are other boot managers. I use grub to boot Linux and three different versions of windows on the same machine. Grub is a bit complex but is integrated into multiboots that include linux

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OK, not sure if this is the right place to post this thread but here goes.
My system has a WD 500Gb drive with Windows 7 Home Premium installed.
My mothers system(Dell Studio Slim 540s) has a Seagaate 620GB(HD642JJ) with Windows Vista originally but has been upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate. Now she has been having allot of issue's(freezes BSOD's ect). So I took her hard drive and installed it in my system in the hopes of using allot of diag repairing programs I have accumalated on my system to trouble shoot and maybe repair hers. The reason I just didn't do this in her system is because any time you try to access things like the registry or sensitive such areas it will BSOD and so no changes can be made. So any ways is there any way to have both operating systems running on the same system at the same time without having to switch between them by booting? Also have tried to make a recovery disk but again every attempt results in a BSOD. So if it is even possable to wipe the drive and do a recovery without the upgrade disk which she seams to have misplaced some where, would be a great option also. Any help ideas would be greatly welcomed. All other programs on her drive a expendable but really don't wanna have to buy another Windows package if I do just wipe the drive.

A:2 Drives with 2 operating systems aat same time?

You won't get the drive to work inside your machine you would need to place it in a usb enclosure,the reason is the hardware is not the same so it will not boot correctly,put the drive back into the dell and see here for service manual user guides and trouble shooting Dell Studio Slim 540s Service Manual | Dell
if possible you should follow the istructions here
you will find links in the first link I gave you on running the dell diagnostic and to the user manual which should tell you if the machine has a recovery partition,please also check the ram ie remove and reseat and if it has a graphics card do the same also check the cables and connections are firmly and securely seated

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If you have two separate hard drives with two different operating systems is it possible to set them up to have a choice which one to boot from at start up?

A:Two separate hard drives?

Yes. It is called multibooting.See the Microsoft knowledgebase article here:Multibooting with Windows XP (and other versions): Introductionhttp://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/s.../multiboot.mspx

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Follow these steps in order to keep your computer clean, secure, and running efficiently.Install Spybot - Search and Destroy - Install and download Spybot - Search and Destroy with its TeaTimer option. This will provide realtime spyware & hijacker protection on your computer alongside your virus protection. You should also scan your computer with program on a regular basis just as you would an antivirus software.

A tutorial on installing & using this product can be found here:

Using Spybot - Search & Destroy to remove Spyware , Malware, and Hijackers

Install Ad-Aware - Install and download Ad-Aware. ou should also scan your computer with program on a regular basis just as you would an antivirus software in conjunction with Spybot.

A tutorial on installing & using this product can be found here:

Using Ad-aware to remove Spyware, Malware, & Hijackers from Your Computer

Commercial Spyware Removal/Protection Programs - If you feel more comfortable installing a commercial Spyware removal program then we recommend WebRoot's Spysweeper or Lavasoft's Ad-Aware Professional. There are many commercial products on the market, but unfortunately most are misleading and substandard. Both of the products we recommend here are proven to be excellent products and a worthy addition to the arsenal of software protecting your computer.

Spysweeper Product Information
Ad-Aware Pro Production Information

Make your Internet Explorer more secure - This can be done by followin... Read more

A:Simple steps to keep your computer secure!


It was this tutorial and another one on
"How I got infected" that helped me to restore my computer to a decent speed.
That's why I decided to get involved with BC.
It is my first discussion group of any kind.
Was squeamish. So many posts,so little time

many thanks,


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While looking into another possible problem with a hard drive on my system,I began unplugging the devices (there are four of them) to isolate the problem and in doing so, I I seriously corrupted C drive, and began getting 0x7b BSOD messages. First I tried to do a System Repair with the Repair disk. It didn't work. I have a cloned version on an other HD for just such an occasion, so I attempted to boot from it. No dice, which surprised me. Remembering that one of the options in repair involved such a disk, I attempted to fix it that way. It refused to recognize it as well. I sat and waited a moment to consider my next move when the computer rebooted. Ok, let it run, and upon finishing POST, now I have Win7, Win XP (my dual boot) and Win7 Ultimate (Recovered) as my boot choices. Win 7 (Recovered) runs, but Win7 does not. XP still runs (thank god!). but here's the rub: if I disconnect either of the drives, my original (C drive) with the original installation or this cloned drive (J Drive) the system will not boot. Further, any updates say to the video driver installs to Drive J but it is obvious from running checks with EasyBCD and Security Essentials, some of the information is coming from C, some from J, therefore the "Virtual" name in the title. They are both contributing to the boot.

I am tempted to leave it but it isn't totally complete. For instance, I cannot install updates; the Windows Installer can't be found. I ran several checks and attempts on that as w... Read more

A:A Virtual Hard Drive? Two separate hard drives now run Win 7 x64

Do you have an Advanced Format (AF) drive or a drive greater than 2.2TB on your machine. For some reason WIN 7 ASSUMES that you want to use the AF drive rather than a different drive that you may have specified. This happens whether you are trying to do a new clean install or a repair on an already existing installation. Also, WIN 7 does this with no warning leaving you to ASSUME that you made the new install or repair where you wanted it.

I have very recently experienced the exact same problem when I updated my motherboard and processor.

Even though I did a sysprep on my old install to prepare for the new motherboard, WIN 7 still struggled with the 3TB drives. I tried a few times to 'repair' my install, but then again WIN 7 put the repaired install on another drive.

The only way that I found to prevent WIN 7 from defaulting to the AF drives was to unplug them completely. By this time, my old installation had become so corrupted thay I finally had to resort to a new install instead of the easy migration I had expected.

Once I removed the AF drives, the new install went completely smooth with no other phantom or otherwise installs on the AF drives.

I did have backup copies of my system on an image on an 'Acronis Secure Zone' (ASZ) partition, but with a clean install of WIN 7, once I told Acronis to use the ASZ, it deleted the backups and created a new empty ASZ.

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Hi, I installed the OEM version of Windows 7 but forgot to reformat the Hard Drive before installing. What was left on that Hard Disc was on old un-bootable Version of Windows Vista upgrade.

The problem now is that there are two operating systems on the one Hard Drive the Vista that wasn't working and now the Windows 7 on top of it. Now my 1TB hard drive is showing as almost full which is impossible as I'm only using the Windows 7 with minimal programs on it. Question: Is there a way to delete the Vista O/S which is just taking up space and not working anyway?

It is also not showing as a second partition either. Remember the Windows 7 I have is an OEM full version and the Vista was an upgraded version upgraded from XP that I never took off before I installed Windows 7.

Is there anything I can do without having to start all over from scratch?


A:Operating Systems on same Hard Drive

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I am currently using Windows NT but need Windows 98 (or newer) to install some software.

Can I run both programs off the same hard drive?

If yes, is it as simple as getting a Windows 98 CD ROM and installing it using add programs?


A:Two operating systems on one hard drive

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I have (2) internal hardrives in my current pc, what i want to do is install a separate Win 7 OS on each. I have read that you unplug the main hardrive which already has the Win 7 OS on it. And i proceed to plug in the other hard drive, but my pc never allows my to install the Win 7 CD Rom Install disk. I keep getting the "No Boot Device Available error" It sees the hard drive and the CD Rom when I try to click on either i get the No Boot Device Available Error. When both Hard drives are plugged in there is no problems windows boots fine. How can I get the second hard drive to install the CD Rom so I can have (2) separate OS systems on the two hard drives.


I am using a Dell Precision T3500 if that has anything to do with it.

A:(2) Hard Drives wanting two separate Win 7 OS one on each

Disconnect the first hard drive from the computer. Ensure that second hard drive is getting detected in the computer.
Then turn on the computer and when you the error message then insert the OS disc in the cd drive( preferable in the top tray if you have multiple cd drives).
Then turn off the computer wait for 5 seconds then turn on the computer and at dell logo tap F12.
When you see an option that says Advance Boot Menu select CD/DVD drive and press enter and then press any key if you get a message regarding press any key.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 .

What should my boot.ini look like when I have two separate hard drives both of them have XP Pro? I want to be able to choose which XP hard drive I want to boot to when I start my computer. When I boot off the C drive I can see the second hard drive - the letter F - in Windows Explorer.

My current boot.ini looks like the following:
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

When I've added the following:
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="XP backup drive" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
and chosen the back up drive while booting I receive the following error:
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt.
Windows root\system32\hal.dll.
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

Thank you!

A:Using 2 separate hard drives in one machine


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I have partitioned my hard disk and i want to install xp on one of em and win98 on the other but only one seems to be a bootable partition the other one @extended [email protected] says its not bootable. Or is there an easier way to achieve my goal

A:Can i have 2 operating systems partitioned on 1 hard drive?

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Am planning or maybe I should say would like to install XP Pro and Vista on the same system each operating system on its own hard drive. Is there anyway to keep XP from seeing the second hard drive and claiming it as another partition ? What is taking place is when I connect my second sata hard drive to the motherboard XP See's it in disk management as a second hard drive but includes the size of my XP drive which is 250GB and includes it to the size of the second hard drive which is also 250GB thereby showing the size of the second hard drive in the neighbor hood of 480GB ? Have disabled raid in the bios but no help. Each drive in XP also has its own drive letter also.

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I have Win 7 on a 60gb ssd hard drive.
I would like to put another 60gb ssd drive in my computer and run win 8 off of this.
Is it possible to run this as a dual boot system.
Will I get the option to boot into either when I boot up.


A:Dual Boot on separate hard drives ?

sure, whenever multiple os's are detected, a boot menu is created, at startup you can choose which os to boot, you can also go into pc settings somewhere and choose which OS to make your default

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I am taking a course for the MCSE that requires that I have Win XP installed. I am currently running Win 2K and don't want to change until I install Vista later this year. My textbook provides a 120 day evaluation copy of XP.

I have two hard drives. Drive C is my 2k OS and drive D is my documents. I have plenty of room on C t move the contents of D to C. I want to set up XP on drive D and have a dual boot system without having to do anything to my C drive. What is the procedure for this that will enable BIOS to detect both OSs and give me the option on boot to select either OS? I currently get the option to boot to 2K or to command console.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello community, currently I have a machine with Windows 8 pre-installed already. But now I don't like Windows 8 as much because certain programs I want to use requires Windows 7. Though I would still like to keep Windows 8 because it's licensed. I have an extra hard drive lying around with Windows 7 loaded in it already. Now I would like to dual boot between these two drives. Do I have to turn off Secure Boot and change the boot orders around to boot the Windows 7 hard drive? Thanks for the responses!

A:Dual booting on separate hard drives.

Welcome to EightForums

Downgrade to Windows 7.
Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7
Warning you must have the UEFI/BIOS firmware setting in Step Three set.

Make sure you read the NOTE at Step three.

You will need a PC with UEFI/BIOS firmware, that will let you install Windows 7 x64 in UEFI mode

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Can I put Windows 7 on my C: drive and Windows XP on G: Drive, in the same computer. I am using the G: drive for back up.

A:Solved: Windows 7 and xp on separate hard drives

Guess it depends on what you mean by "put," "C: drive" and "G: Drive."

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Hi there
i was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem
i have 2 hard drives, one with xp media center and one with xp pro on
i am able to boot either os normally, however, i want to format the drive with media center on to use a storage. i unplugged this hard drive from the motherboard to check that i could still boot xp pro from the other hard drive. when i turned the pc on it detected the drives, and then a black screen with a white flashing line appeared. i changed the boot sequence and the message NTLDR is missing , press CTRL, ALT + DEL to restart.
Basically I want to be able to only boot this one system without having to keep the other os on the other hard rive
your help would be much appreciated!

A:Dual boot XP from separate hard drives


First you must reboot the system from your xp cdrom.

Then when prompted select the option to enter the recovery console.

Select the installation to be repaired followed by the administrator password.

Type Fixboot and answer yes to the prompt.

Then type in the following commands and leave all spaces eactly as they appear here.

CD \

Afterwards reboot

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I do alot of downloading and trying out different software. My antivirus has recently expired and now my computer is acting weird, slow, and i have alot of unwanted stuff on my computer. So I reformatted my entire harddrive and installed a fresh copy XP. What I would like to do is install two operating systems on one hard. Reason why is because I don't wanna spend 80 bucks for another antivirus. Anyhoo... My plan is to have two operating systems, one for downloading music, videos, movies, installing not so credible software... expendable and one for personal use primarilly for school work, banking, and purchasing online. This way, when the expendable operating system craps out i can just delete and reinstall a fresh copy without affecting the other OS. So to sum it up... how do i install multiple copies of xp on one harddrive? i tried reading up on it, something about partitions, but i'm still not sure how to do this.

A:How to install Multiple Operating Systems on one hard drive

Windows, what ever version, MUST I repeat MUST always be the 1st OS on the 1st Partition.( Reason, if you load any other OS windows will take over the MBR and you won't see the other OS). If you want two versions of Windows i.e. W2k and XP, then the oldest version must be installed 1st.
If you install Windows then Linux , Linux will offer to partition the drive,( it's usually ok to accept the default setting) and will install a Boot manager.
With two versions of Windows , the last installed version will install the Boot Manager. You will also need to create two Partitions prior to installing the 1st version of Windows.
I have never installed two versions of Xp, so I don't know what will happen although I think you might have probs with the Register.

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I want to install 7 on a separate hard drive to see how it works & work indepenantly on it's own system. How can I if at all make it so when I am booting up I can toggle in between 7 & xp startups.

A:separate hard drives dual boot options

Hi gtuttlepi, and welcome to sevenforums
You can install W7 to either a separate hard drive, or a partition on the same hard drive as your currently installed OS and it will run independantly of the original OS.
It will also edit your boot options so that you will be able to choose the OS that you want to boot into on startup.

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I've tried using Microsofts Sync Toy and for while I thought it would work fine but whenever I ran it my computer became unusable while it synced.

I looked at the resource moniter and while Sync Toy was running it was using 100% of the CPU.

Is there a program that I can use that works better? Basically what I've got is my desktop PC with all of my music on it. I have around 120gb's of mp3 that are well organized. Now when I travel I like to have a backup on a external USB drive that I would like to sync it with the desktop.

My desktop is a Intel Quad Core Q6600 processor with 3gb memory.

Laptop is AMD Turion 64 X2 with 2gb of memory.

Both of the computers should be able to handle this without a hiccup at all. So I don't understand why my desktop is bogging down so much while syncing.

A:Keeping two folders synced that are on 2 separate hard drives?

Done some quick searching and found a program called IPSyncLogic. Seems to do what you are looking for. I've included the link for a demo to it.

IP Sync Logic 1.3.4

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I have 2 different operating systems on separate drives and for some reason my bios doesnt give me the option of booting from each of the hard drives, just the master.
So at the moment I have to open my pc up and swap the cables, jumpers etc to boot to the other HD!
Is there a program or code I can write that will choose which hd to boot to!

One HD is running XP Pro - Master
XP Home - Slave


A:Setting up a dual boot on separate hard drives

I think you will have to reinstall the 2nd copy of WinXP, so that you get the nice little boot menu. Unless of course anyone can suggest a way of editting boot.ini.

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Hello, my current hard drive setup is the following:

300gig with Windows XP: The main hard drive
80gig with Windows 2000: A slave drive, was once my primary drive
20gig with Windows XP: another slave, was once my primary a while ago

Both slaves have the OS intact. How can I allow myself to choose to boot either Windows XP (from the 300) or 2000 (from the 80)? Thanks for any help.

A:Multiple OS's on separate hard drives, boot selections?

Edit the C:\boot.ini file by adding the bold line.
Change the timeout from 0 to 10 (seconds) or however many seconds you want to see the menu.
If the directory is "Windows", change \WINNT accordingly

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="C-drive Windows XP" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINNT="X-drive Windows 2000 Pro" /fastdetect

The numbers behind multi and disk are normally (0)
rdisk(0) is master HD on primary IDE, (rdisk always starts at (0))
rdisk(1) is slave HD on primary IDE
rdisk(2) is master HD on sec. IDE
rdisk(3) is slave HD on sec. IDE

partition(1) is first partition of that disk, (partition always starts at (1))
partition(2) = second, etc.

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I'm using Bart PE to recover files on my desktop PC's hard drive after Windows XP stopped booting. I am able to use the A43 file manager to browse and even open the files that I would like to recover, but when I attempt to copy them to an external USB hard drive, I get an error message saying that the source disk or file can't be read.

Any idea why it can't copy the files, or how I can get it to do so?

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We are a computer resellers in the Caribbean and need help. we have a customer purchased an Ibm M Pro intellistation with 20 g scsi hd. Added a 40 g ide and runs win 2000 pro on both drives. He wants to be able to access each drive independently. HELP ! How do we set up the drives to be accessed at startup? For instance with win 2000 dive 1 and win 2000 drive 2?

Thanks and appreciate the help

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Hello all...

I have always been fascinated by Linux, but have been afraid to install it after hearing horror stories. With the influx of many new Linux "packages" out there, I decided to go with Fedora Core, which is Red Hat based. It was recommended to me as a system that is good for beginners.

I installed it with nay a problem... booted just fine, everything works perfectly, but I am having a problem figuring out something: How to have an option screen that lets me choose what to load up when I reboot my machine.

Heres my situation:
HARD DRIVE A, 20G, this hard drive belongs solely to Fedora Core.

HARD DRIVE B, 120G, I have Windows Pro XP and Windows Pro 2000 installed on this hard drive.

Now, the thing is, I have done some searching on bootloaders, and it seems like all of them, or most, only support dual booting from the same hard drive. But I know for a fact that Mandrakes bootloader gives the option of booting from a different hard drive (I was using Mandrake before Fedora). Now Mandrake had a sweet setup, nice blue screen with lots of options...

Is there any way to get what I had with Mandrake and use that with Fedora Core?

Sorry if I cause a sigh in some of you, but I am a newb at Linux, but I want to learn so badly. Thanks for any input.

A:Booting options with SEPARATE HARD DRIVES Linux/Windows

How did you set up Fedora bootloader then?

Most all linux distros use GRUB as the bootloader and it supports booting from anywhere with no problems. I haven't installed Fedora on a multi-HD system so I don't know if it detects Windows installations on other drives.

Were your Windows installations on the second HD before the Linux install too? If you move around the Windows partition then it will not boot and you will have a lot of trouble getting it fixed.

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On initial boot, post screen appears twice and boot screens for either OS appear twice sequentially. On restart from either OS, there is precisely a one minute "dead" period before post screen appears. I purchased the HP 8200 Elite from another user who installed the OS's and hard drives, but is unable to help with this problem.

A:Dual boot win 10 and 7 separate hard drives delay and repost

Assuming it's using the Windows 10 style boot up what you're seeing is normal if you try to boot 7 from the 'which OS' screen for 10 - it will reboot to start 7. Does that explain your whole problem ?

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A few months ago, a virus swept over my computer, and I ended up having to use a new operating system (The same Operating System (XP 2003 Home) but another copy) Now when I start up my computer, it asks me which operating system I want to use. I realize that the second one on the list is my old copy of Windows with all of my from before two months ago.
Also, I just noticed that all of a sudden, I only have 5 GB of free space (69/74). I never had this problem before, and now I'm having trouble even running Disk Defragment (it says it wants 15% free space to run it).
My questions are:
How can I delete the old operating system? I can't very well get on to it. When I select that second Operating System, It takes me into safe mode. Then, when I try to log on, it immediately logs out and goes back to the log-in menu.

Is the duplicate Operating System what is taking up so much space? I would say I probably have about 45 GB of programs/documents on the old one, and 25 GB on the new one. Do I have duplicate copies of the same programs (MS Office, Windows XP, etc...)

If you could answer these questions, I would be your servant for life.


A:Deleting duplicate Operating Systems/Saving Hard Drive Space?

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I have two copies of Windows 7. One is installed to C:\ - One is installed to D:\

They were both intended to be separate installations, due to a hard drive failure with C:\ .. (and Pre-startup reflects two different versions of Windows 7 to load, of which I have to choose the first one (D:\).

I've attempted to remove the C: from inside my tower, but when I do, D: will not boot up.

I am not understanding why this is happening. I have a new hard drive to use in place of C:, but my BIOS is not liking that I removed it, even though, it's not even supposed to be in use.

I need to get Windows 7 installed to my new Hard Drive, but removing the C: won't even allow me to boot the D: .. I'm using SATA connections for the hard drives.

A:Separate Win7 installs requiring both hard drives to boot 1 instance?

Please post back a screenshot of your Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image - Windows 7 Help Forums

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So I managed to get my hands on a laptop that has 2 operating systems, maybe 3.

As far as I know, it used to have Windows 98, but then 2000 was installed (at least partially), and XP was somewhat installed. The problem is that they're all kinda running together, preventing anything from getting done.

I'm only able to log in on what the computer says is 2000 prof, yet it's actually 98... rather, it's 98 with 2000/XP programs running on it. However, I can't remove/alter any programs from this system, which is where the problem arises. I need to be able to access 2000 or XP and get rid of 98.

Essentially, I'd prefer to have just one system running on the computer ^.^ Haha.

I've considered reformatting the entire thing, but I don't know if I have the system cds to be able to reinstall it.


A:2 Operating Systems, 1 Computer - HELP!

I suggest contacting the manufacturer of the computer and ordering a recovery disk set and do a clean installation of Windows or purchasing an OS of your choice and do the same thing. Oh please backup any important data before this procedure.

Also some system specs would be good if there is anything else to help ou with.

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Hello everyone

I don't belong to Windows 7 forum so I am asking this question here. A friend of mine has a new computer with Windows 7 operating system. He also has a copy of XP Professional. Is it possible for him to load XP professional on his machine whilst running Windows 7? In other words can he have two operating systems running? If yes, how can it be done


A:Two operating systems on one computer.

What you want is a dual boot and very common. Personally, I would not want it for my computer. It is used to run programs that XP runs better than Seven.
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP - Windows 7 Forums

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We recently got a computer from a friend, and it had Windows 98 installed on it, and we ran our Windows XP professional installation disk on it. Now, whenever we start the computer, it asks what operating system do we want to start with. XP works fine, but computer freezes up when we choose 98. Since it is taking up so much disk space, I wanted to get rid of 98, but am unsure how to do so.
Anyone have any suggestions? Please?

Thanks in advance for any help you may have!


A:2 Operating Systems On 1 Computer

If it is not too much trouble your best course of action would be to "Wipe" the drive and make a clean install of XP.I like Kill Disk. It can run from most bootable media, floppy, CD\DVD, flash drive and it is free.

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Hi all,

A friend has recently switched to a laptop and offered me his old desktop. The only thing I know about the specs is that he was running XP, whereas my last system was Vista. He wants to keep his hard drive, so I'll install mine instead, a Seagate Barracuda 7200.9. If I swap out the hard drive, will it automatically boot in Vista instead of XP, or will I get a motherboard error? The disk has a factory image partition, which should include Vista, but I'm concerned his motherboard might not recognize the disk. Or could it start in XP and then allow me to change to Vista using the image? This HD model does not use master/slave settings, so that shouldn't be an issue.

I'm just not sure if there may be other problems. Thanks for the help!

A:Swapping hard drives on Vista/XP systems

The drive should be recognized all right, but chances are that it won't boot to a different board. And if your drive contains a recovery partition, then it must be an OEM version for a specific make and model, which means that that version of Vista probably cannot be used on a different model at all.

What machine did the drive with the recovery partition come from?

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This is a long one but just need some advice if anyone can possibly help.

Have a Compaq Desktop PC [new] which is running Vista - [not happy with Vista at all as sick of a lot of our favourite programmes not now being compatible with Vista.[160gb hard drive]

Have a custom built desktop PC which has a 250gb Maxtor hard drive running Windows XP. Having problems with this computer and have just had a new psu fitted as it would boot up but then switch itself off just after starting Windows. However there are other problems with this pc as it keeps freezing and turns itself off - when I try to start it up it freezes at the screen showing the make of the motherboard. The only way to start it is to tap F8. So we are thinking of putting this pc to rest.

I have just read that you can run two operating systems on one computer if it has two hard drives - so my question is could we have the Maxtor hard drive [which runs on XP] taken out of the custom built computer and put into the Compaq Desktop.

A:Running Two Operating Systems On One Computer

is is possible to run 2 operating systems on one PC, but i don't see its a good idea to run them from 2 different HD's, and you didn't mention what type of HD u have.is it IDE or SATA.

Anyway my suggestion is that u can partition the 160 gb HD that is on ur compaq and install XP on the new partition so u have Vista and XP on same Hard Drive.And for the 250 gb HD u can format and add it to ur compaq as backup or storage device.

I think we still have to wait few months for everything to become compatible with Vista.
U can also remove Vista from ur Compaq and install XP instead, and still use the 250 Gb drive as storage or backup device on the compaq and in few months u can reinstall Vista.

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Here is what I did: Originally I had Windows 7 installed on my C: Drive. I then split the drive into two and installed Windows 8 onto the second half. I then formatted the Windows 7 part, changed it into unallocated space and merged it with the Windows 8 partition.

The only problem is that my computer will ask me whether to boot from Windows 8 or 7. If I boot W7 then it goes black and my PC restarts. I have the F: Drive which is Windows 8 and the G: Drive which is "System Reserved" with a file called "bootmgr~2" in it.

What can I do to fix this situation.
PS Another problem I have is that I have 1mb of unallocated space before the "System Reserved" partition and then Windows 8, like this: [1mb Unallocated Space] [100mb System Reserved] [450gb Windows 8]. How can I remove this space as I cannot merge it with the "System Reserved".

A:Computer thinks that there are still two operating systems

Use EasyBCD and boot into Windows 8. Use the software and select Edit Boot Menu, and delete Windows 7. The 1mb of space is not an issue....you should leave it alone.

EasyBCD Download Registration - NeoSmart Technologies

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I recently had to reformat an reload windows XP on my laptop. Now, when I start my computer it comes to a list to select which copy to use (even though only 1 is loaded). I have run into this before, but can't remember how to get rid of the invalid one. HELP!!!

A:2 Operating Systems when starting computer

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I have myh main PC with WIN7 and has a 2nd HD used for misc storage. I also have a old dell business desktop (no graphics card) with XP I use to play my old games which I enjoy. Is it possible to have my WIN7 on it's existing drive and install XP on the other?



A:One Computer Using 2 Different Operating Systems On 2 Different Drive

Yes, however if the old Dell XP is an OEM version (almost all OS supplied with a PC from a PC Vendor is an OEM version), the OEM version is only legally licensed for the PC it was delivered with.

The other issue is whether XP drivers are available for the Win 7 PC. For example the Win 7 audio driver is not compatible with XP (unless it is a multi-OS version that includes XP).

My PC is a Triple Boot, Win 7, Win 10 Pro and Win 10 Preview (Insider) version. Each on a separate SSD.

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I have a HP Pavillion that came with Vista Home Basic already installed . What I would like to know is can XP Professional be installed on the same computer with both OS being operative at the same time successfully My situation is that I manage to find a lot of freeware/open source that supports XP but it's rare for me to find specifics that is supported by Vista (or at least: that's what I read in a lot of freeware/open source descriptions) . Also, I've read in some previous posts here that one could change some 'executables' of the XP software and/or install using Vista's compatibility mode . I've already tried playing with the different features of the compatibility mode and have had no further progress with the XP software . Could you give me more information on what the 'executables' of a particular software is all about if possible so that I may have another option when going at it again I'd really appreciate any information that can be offered .

A:2 Operating Systems On 1 Computer? Or Compatibility?

What program are you having problems with?

You can have both XP and Vista installed side by side but you need to install them in a chronological order, i.e. XP first and then install Vista on top of it.

The executable is the file with the .exe extension and is the one you run to start the program.

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