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Disk Usage at 100%

Q: Disk Usage at 100%

Hello everyone, im new to this website so i apologize if im in the wrong place. My disk usage is at 99% to 100% all the time, and i am unsure how to find out what the problem is and fix it.

Just in case this info helps ill post it.

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40GHz

Installed RAM: 12.0 GB

Windows 10 Home

64-Bit Operating System, x64-based Processor

Preferred Solution: Disk Usage at 100%

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Disk Usage at 100%

This is normal for Windows 7 and newer. You will see this a lot.

What are you using to see this disk usage?

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Every 10-40 minutes, the application I'm currently working in [whither it be skype, L4D2, or firefox] becomes unresponsive, and after a minute or two, the window turns white, notifying me that it's not responding. This unresponsiveness quickly spreads to other open processes, rendering them frozen as well. I can still use the mouse, and it appears rainmeter still responds [updates, showing barely any CPU usage].

Steps I've taken to try and resolve this:
Using only one main program, still does it
turning the computer off and on again
Memtest is clean
chkdisk passes
MBAM/MSE scans return nothing
no memory overflows that I can see

While troubleshooting, I noticed that during the 'fit of unresponsiveness' the disk usage light on my tower is solid, but when I looked at the disk usage in the resource monitor, no processes whatsoever were using it [screenshot related]

If any more specifications are needed, I'll be happy to elaborate.

A:Frequent unresponsiveness, 100% hardware disk usage, 0% software usage

It could be indexing. What if you turn off indexing just as an experiment?

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Hi guys, hope you can help me please. I'm not too computer savvy so sorry if I'm missing something important or I say something dumb. I'm really frustrated and I'm trying my best to learn and solve this problem.
So I bought this Vaio with Core i5-3210M, 4Gb Ram, Windows 8 64 bit. I had really high hopes for it, coming from an i3. For the first few weeks it worked fine, but then it started to freeze while watching movies. Then it started happening all the time, and the cooling fan became consistently noisy for working at full capacity.
I was used to opening task manager on older systems when this happened to see if there was a non-responding program and force it closed, so I noticed Task Manager offers some more features in Win 8. Here, I see that CPU usage is high, staying always around 70% and from time to time reaching 100. At this moment, the process taking the biggest slice is called VCS System Tray with 58%.
What's perhaps more concerning, is that Disk usage is almost constantly on 100%. And by this I mean it reaches 100 and stays there for long periods of time, perhaps up to 20 minutes, then it falls down a few seconds and up again to 100. During this time the computer is excruciatingly painful to use. To even open a program takes forever. When this happens, it seems that Chrome is at the top of the list of processes with most disk usage, with about 1-2Mbps, but this sometimes changes and the list can be led by System, Utorrent, Octoshape, VCS System Tray, Communication... Read more

A:100% CPU usage, 100% Disk usage, cooling fans full speed

Hi, welcome to the forums,
Go to Device manager(right click bottom left corner), uninstall the "VAIO care" driver, get the new driver from Sony support:Sony eSupport - Computers - Support
Install and see whether it helps, check your system for virus infections with Malwarebytes as well.

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Hey my disk usage has been running constantly at 100% and i don't know why and i can confirm that no recent changes have been made to the hardware or the computer itself.

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hey all! ever since i upgraded my laptop's win8 to win10 im getting these usages... and the machine is runnig REALLY SLOW....
i saw that it's a common problem so i looked up some solutions and tried the following:

1- i changed the registry - ?HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management? and changed ?ClearPageFileAtShutDown? value to 1
2- adjusted windows 10 to "best performance" in system settings
3- i disabled many startup programs
4- i defragemented the C drive
5- uninstalled all the programs that i could
6- I disabled "Show me tips about Windows"
7- changed the power settings profile

here is the sys info:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: ??Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 61 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4007 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 453 GB (404 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0M9V4C
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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Hello,Here is the problem i recently bought an L460 with an hdd 500go but i decided to go for an ssd sandisk plus 120Go, i've installed windows 10 pro N and all the drivers needed with the Lenovo Service Bridge, but somehow ma computer crash after some time using it a have a blue screen and it reboot and don't recognize the ssd, i've looked at the performance and there are spikes of disk usage at 100% before computer freeze , i've tried many things it seems that the sata driver is having trouble, can someone help me ? Germain

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Hello, I have been trying to overcome this issue of 100% disk and CPU usage for quite some time before but no solution has worked. It is especially bad when i start my laptop or when i turn it on after hibernation. I tried using this https://chaladi.me/2013/10/11/how-to-fix-windows-8-100-disk-usage-issue/and i have also resetted my laptop to factory version so now its empty, but it is still facing this issue.  How can I stop this problem? Much thanks!! 

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My laptop (Lenovo Y500 Laptop | Lenovo US) has a 1TB 5400rpm hard drive C: and it also has a 24GB chached SSD D:. The link only shows a 16, but mine was 24. Today, I left my computer idle while I was at class (I'm in college) and when I came back it was frozen on the start up screen Lenovo Logo. As customary with computer problems, I turned it off and turned it on again. It booted up fine, maybe the tiniest bit slow, but nothing really different from the norm. But, when I opened up Chrome, my entire computer froze up after about five seconds, and I had to force shut down. This happened about 10 times (not just with Chrome, but with explorer and Task Manager too). Weird thing is, I only got one BSOD, for MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. When it magically started up without immediately freezing after the first click, I scanned for viruses--nothing changed. I CCleaned the temp files and registry--still nothing. I checked for fragmentation--0% fragmented. Once I finally got Task Manager open, I started thoroughly checking all the tabs. Here's what I found:
Attachment 51822
See how Disk 1 has C: AND D: ? I'm 100% sure that D: used to be on Disk 0. After some more freezing and rebooting, I discovered that Disk 1 maxes out active time to 100% really, really easily. Average response time maxed over 1000. Actually, I'm surprised my computer hasn't frozen since I started typing this post. It's that bad.

I have not done a restore point because I thought it probably wouldn't help, since I haven't ins... Read more

A:Both C & D drives on Disk 1, 100% disk usage most of time

Sorry for the delay in responding. There just aren't that many people who do BSOD analysis, so at times we get a bit overwhelmed!
Add to that the release of the Win10 preview and my system messing up - and I'm way behind on replying to topics. Sorry!

Do your still need help with this problem?
I will be notified if you reply to this topic and will respond within 48 hours.

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I am encountering a problem that is crippling my laptop. Over the past weekend I have been expierencing my laptop coming down to a standstill in processes it takes nearly two minutes to open up a page on chrome and running a game... forget about it. When I open up task manager it shows that 100% of my disk is being used but when I look at the processes using it all I see is System 0.1 MB/s. When i go into the performance tab of task manager and click on disk it reads:

Active time: 100%
Average Response Time: 0 ms then it spikes to a random # in the thosands
Read Speed: 0 KB/s (Like the Response time it jumps around)
Write Speed: 0 KB/s (Same as above)
Capcity: 932
Formatted: 931
System Disk: Yes
Page File: Yes
Acer Aspire V-5
AMD A-10-5757M
Radeon 8650G and Radeon HD 8750M
8 GB Ram
Fixes Tried (Failed)
Downgrading from 8.1.1 to 8.1CCleanerDisabling and stopping Superfetch, BITS (Background Intelligent Transparent Service), Windows Update, and Windows Search.A clean boot (I still encountered the same issue)Readjusting the virtual memory

I would love if somoene could help me with this issue as I need to use my computer and this is making it neigh impossible to do.

A:100% Disk System Disk Usage with only 0.1 MB/s

Exactly the same problem - Acer Aspire One.
I was having performance problems and ran chkdsk which found some bad clusters. Next thing I know, I restart and Windows won't come up. I could get a cmd prompt going and copied out my files and reset the system. Still nothing. Finally got it going by turning it on and plugging in a recovery flash drive. Completely reinistalled 8.0. Installed 126 updates. Installed 8.1. Installed 26 updates. And now I'm smack in the 100% disk usage.
Tried setting Virtual Memory, which was small.

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Hi all,

I'm having a bit of trouble with Windows 8 on my laptop (I've named my laptop Romulus for future reference in this thread). First off, let me give you a brief history on Romulus' journey thus far:

1.) Bought pre-built from ACER with Windows 8 64-bit installed.
2.) After playing around with it for a bit, I formatted the C drive (deleting all partitions) and installed Windows 7.
3.) Hoping to test out the new Windows 8.1, I reinstalled Windows 8 (a clean install from Microsoft this time... not the original bundled version from ACER). I have yet to install 8.1.

This is where I've noticed a few problems. Specifically, my CPU and Disk usage keep spiking to 100% for no apparent reason. Literally right after booting Romulus, before running any programs/apps, I see these spikes. I boot up, go straight to the desktop, fire up Task Manager, and watch sadly as the performance graphs tease me with those tall lines. The CPU spikes only last for a second or two and usage generally stays pretty low, but I'd still like to know why it's jumping like that. Disk usage spikes to 99-100% more frequently and stays there a bit longer. I've noticed perhaps very slight performance problems and some mouse lag, but I haven't been able to prove a correlation here.

Regarding drivers, these problems arose without any drivers installed (straight Windows 8 installation). Thinking the obvious, I installed all of Romulus' drivers listed on the ACER web page for this model, but the problems persist... Read more

A:100% CPU Usage & 100% Disk Usage

Couple of ideas till the brains show up with better ideas :-) Find and shut off indexing and see if it stops. If not go to task manager and shut down running items one at a time and see what happens.

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Hi all,
So I am having an issue with my computer where the majority of the time i am at 100% disk space when I look at it in the task manager which is causing programs and games to crash every time. I tried doing research to find a fix but everything I have tried has not worked. I have disabled windows search and superfetch as well as turning the computer into high performance mode. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.


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I can not figure out why my HDD is showing 100% usage in the task manager, I am using windows 8.1
I have disabled BITS from the local services as a recommended fix. This has not worked.
I'm not sure if my HDD is failing, too hot, or its something worse. Any help is very much appreciated

A:100% disk usage

I'm confused. How does your hd show 100% usage in task manager?

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Hi there.
I upgraded recently to Windows 10. I don't know it this has anything to do with my problem or not. I hope you folks can tell me.

I run lots of large file for my hobby, Photography, which I've noticed is slowing my PC down to a walking pace.
My photos are one drive E. When I use Task Manager to check, it shows a usage of 100% on drive E while I access my photos.

I've tried compressing and defragging the drive.
Does anyone know why this should happen and what I can do about it?

See attached image

A:100% Disk Usage

What size is your E drive? Is it a physical hard drive or just a partition?

Windows needs at least 15% free space to run efficiently.

Have you tried moving some of your files to another drive/partition and defragging?

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Operating System
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.10GHz 51 C
Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology

4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz

my PC starts to hang nd in task manager is see these 100% disk usage.
how can i solve this error?
i have already disables super fetch ,prefetch

plz help

A:100% disk usage

Go to your "tile" screen, and type "Disk Cleanup", then click the icon for this program. Let it run through and it will tell you where you can save disk space. Be sure to click the "Clean Up System Files" button also (requires admin rights), as this will clear out old windows update backups as well.

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There are many instants of svchost.exe (localSystemNetworkRestricted) running. They all pop up at the same time. Most of them are linked to files such as games I play and other random files. . Are these linked to mall-ware? If so what is the right course of action for this problem. Have note i have used many antivirus, spyware, and mal-ware programs. All showing no signs of viruses. I am on a college campus sharing internet connection. Thanks.

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So I noticed that the disk usage, shown in task manager, never goes above 50% as if it is capped there. Is this normal and if not is there a way to allow more usage for the disk?

A:Disk Usage

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I have recently purchased an Alienware Alpha, and the first couple of days that I had it, it ran like a dream, however tonight I noticed that everything was going extremely slow and not responding, I was also having trouble uninstalling things. I googled the issue and found out that many of people have had the issue caused by Windows 8.1. I tried to disable Superfetch, as well as Windows Search but there was no change, it was still 100%. I also tried fixing the RAM, is there any other way to fix this? Please help, I make the rookie mistake of not purchasing a warranty and now I am freaking out. 

A:100% Disk Usage???

Greetings, JennyLynnGannon
Let's see if I can help you. First things first: does your operating system have an anti-virus software?

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My computer is frequently plagued by disk usage at or approaching 100%, and despite all my searching, I cannot seem to find a solution to the problem. It bogs everything down, and frequently renders my computer nearly unusable. Anybody know what might be going on?

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As the title says my pc is bugged with the 100% disk usage issue.

The things I've tried so far are:
1. Disable BITS, Superfetch and Windows search services. Although BITS seems to gets enabled back on its own after a while.
2. Performed a chkdsk /f/r to fix the system errors.
3. Switched windows updates from automatic to manual (not sure if that helps much).

I've read through some other threads but could not find the correct solution. Is there something else that I'm missing which could possibly fix the issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated...

A:100% disk usage.

Welcome to the forum. If you open task manager click at the top of disk it will sort it into order so you can then see what's using the disk it can be a short term thing while it builds it's index

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My Win Vista machine seems to add or delete up to 1Gb of data on a daily basis. I have two 50G hard drives and it is the C: drive (the main one for the PC) that is displaying this activity. I basically use the PC to check personal emails and little else, so I am surprised by the disk memory changes each day. Is there a way for me to see what files are changing or being added or deleted from the disk on a daily basis? I tried to see this with Windows Explorer, but it does not show any large files with recent edit dates. So, I am thinking that there must be a better way.

Thanks for your help with this.

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Hey, my computer has had 100% disk usage after i used windows repair (all in one).
I tried restoring to older restore point, but it didn't help.
The disk usage is always 100% when i start up or start off sleep mode.

A:100% disk usage

Does disk usage go down after a period of time?
Check the Task Manager to identify the process causing the high disk usage.

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My disk usage is always showing %100 . I stop com.surrogate and its fixed but one day later its still showing %100 but not com.surrogate its just basically showing the higher usage example chrome its using %100 if u close this than just another app become %100. I started anti malware its fixing but when I open computer again its still happening. Anyone know how to solve this?
(Win 8.1 lenovo ideapad Z500)

A:Disk usage

Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  Clicking on this link will automatically initiate the download. 
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

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how do i see hard drive usage in a circle graph?

A:disk usage

If you mean how much space is being taken up, go to Computer, right click the disk and select properties.

If you mean Disk usage, type "resource monitor" without quotes into your start menu search, click it, and in the overview tab, find Disk. This is not a circle graph, but I wouldn't know why you would want a circle graph for something like this.

Hope this helps

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Hi there,

Recently, my laptop keeps spiking to 100% disk usage.
I've tried disabling Superfetch and Windows Search, adjusting the virtual memory, checking if I have the AHCI controller, check disk, none of it worked.
The only thing I haven't tried is System Restore (since I only noticed this after the last update) - I tried it, but it didn't work because it said the drive might be corrupt, and it still didn't work after chkdsk.
Any other ideas?


A:100% Disk Usage

Have you knocked the laptop while it was on / off because if you have then it may be corruption causing 100%, you know what that means an unrecoverable o.s, have you got a system recovery disk you could use ?

Also is it SSD or HDD ?

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Hi,today I was installing crysis 2 and decided to do something in the mean time,whenever I clicked a folder or opened a video it hanged and my pc was drastically slow ,and I saw my disk usage was 100%
any solutions?

A:100 % disk usage

You will need a larger drive, unless you can free up storage by moving some of the contents.

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This problem has affected me for months. I've tried everything. Every troubleshoot on the internet, none of them work. No idea what to do.

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hi guys

i ve this issue i can t solve:

my disk usage is blocked at 100/100 and pc is burning like hell and i don t find what is making it

i m adding some screenshots if someone can help me to find out the issue:

A:Disk usage at 100/100

Few things you can check:
go to: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows and look for the file
Windows.edb and check the size of this file. This is a database file associated with Windows Search feature. If it's too big, sometimes it can grow up to many GB's then it might cause high disk usage when Windows Search trying to rebuild the Search index. You can delete this file but first you need to disable the Windows Search service then re-enable after deletion.Run Task Manager->Startup and disable everything then reboot the PC to see if it fixes the problem then re-enable one by one, reboot until the problem occurs again, then that's the culprit.Run Task Manager->Details, then right click on the Title->Select Columns and put a check on I/O Reads, I/O Writes, I/O read bytes, I/O write bytes then click OK. Click on the Title to sort by I/O Read, I/O Write to find out which process utilizing the Disk I/O most and take appropriate action.

Screenshot example:

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Hi guys

I also have the same problem, my disk usage is often at 100%, and the largest process is no more than 2mb.
I'm currently using Asus U24E laptop, i3-2330m with 4gb memory.
I bought this laptop years ago and start using windows 8 since December 2012, everything is normal until today I saw my laptop is pretty laggy,
and when I check the task manager, the disk usage is often 100%,
so I can hear the sound of my running HDD, also I can feel a little vibration on the laptop because of that

I've looked for some solutions on the internet but I still have the problem:
Change my SATA port to ahci --> not working
Restore my system using system restore --> not working
Disable antivirus, antimalware, etc --> not working

Wish I could find out how to solve it would be really help

A:disk usage is often at 100%


Welcome to Tech Suport Guy
1. I find it hard to connect the install of 8 in December, even if it was the end of December and this problem arising today
However I see there are numerous recommendations before installing 8 on that computer, not least of which is the warning about the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver and indeed if you check each download as I have just done a most positive and definite recommendation to update the BIOS before installing 8.

2. The situation outlined above clearly arises from the fact that the computer was originally sold before Windows 8, so therefore it must be prepared for 8.

3. Check resource monitor as per my screenshot AND what processes are shown in the top pane of the window

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Hello there..!

So my problem is that my disk usage is almost everytime at 100 % and it was not like that just a couple of days ago.. (it was pretty high but never at 100 %) Now there are some big performence issues.. pretty long loading of files or problems in loading textures in games.. any solution? I already disabled Superfach, Windows search did the Chkdsk. Thank you and sorry for my bad English..

OS:Windows 10

A:Disk usage 100 %

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Hi Guys,

I have a small problem where my new laptop(under 1 1/2 months old) is showing high disk usage a lot of the time)

You can see the screenshot I have attached, the largest process is using only 1.7mb/s, this is extremely slow for a HDD isn't it?

If you have any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know



A:100% disk usage

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Hello, so about a month ago I did some updates on windows 10 and after that I've gotten a lot of problems. I started to notice that my computer often would start very slow compared to before. Most of the time I could just restart and everything would be fine. Then I noticed the 100% disk usage problem when I was checking task manager and I started researching about it and I tried doing some fixes that were listed here: https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledg...nager-improve-pc-performance-on-windows-10/#d

I did all the steps there except to disable my antivirus program since it said not to do it if you only use Windows Defender, which I do. I've also done a full virus scan and the offline scan in windows defender. I also thought that it might be my web browser's fault so I stopped using Firefox and I tried Google chrome too but it didn't help. I've searched a lot about this problem now and it really feels like I tried everything that people recommend. The only other thing that I think might fix something is cleaning my pc which I haven't done a single time yet and it's about 1.5 years old so there's a lot of dust but I'm really scared that something might break so that's why I haven't done it yet. Also after I did some of the steps in the guide it fixed the slow starting speed but I still randomly get the 100% disk problem and everything becomes really slow. Hopefully there's someone that knows how to fix this problem, ... Read more

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Hello all, I have some disk problems it may seem very irrelevant, though I need the windows to be below 8GBs is at 8.6 now and with the removal of features and optimisation it will be there though I have questions about some folders to perhaps drive it down even further.

These are my top usages above 12mb:

Blue: To be optimised, just a cleanup of unneeded files/folders to remain. (ignore)
Red: To be deleted, no need for these.
Orange: To be or all ready symlinked.
Purple: Proposed to be symlinked, if you think my decision is bad tell me.
Green: Nothing to be done
Grey: Need more information

Assembly folder - Can I symlink this, is used to store .net assemblies for shared applications... would moving this cause a slow down?
IME - I know I can optimise this by deleting the help files they're imagedisk files are these easy to move or is it best to leave it? And by best I mean will it cause error to symlink.
Microsoft.net - Can this be moved safely is the framework but updating to all the revisions for backward compatibility purposes takes a lot of memory (I have yet to update this copy of windows) so if the whole folder can't be symlinked can only the not often used versions be moved?
INF - is this safe to move, this would be ideal to move for me for streamline purposes will it cause problems?
Config - Some things look moveable, others don't can this folder be symlinked safely without performance loss?
Note: WinSxS - I know this folder is deceiving with regards to size. M... Read more

A:Disk Usage

What are you trying to accomplish? Why do you want installed Windows to be below 8GB?

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My HP pavillion with specs: Gpu:            GeForce 940MCpu:             Intel(R) core (TM) i7-5500U CPU @2.4GHzMemory:    8.00 GB Ram When my computer first turns on for about the first 15 mins the disk usage is always at 100% even if i dont touch it. After that 15 mins or so, my pc disk usage sometimes drops down to as low as 0% but it isntantly spikes back up to 100% and remains at that.  I have done a full system clean up and there is no virus' or malware. Can someone give me any advice please?

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Hello, i bought new laptop a few weeks ago, without OS, so i installed Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro with Update licenced from microsoft. And i'm having problem with disk usage. i tryed everysinglething to fix it but as you can see i'm here!!.. really i can't understand why its usage 100%. Please if you have any solution share with me ! iwill add some screenshots about my laptop status,
Aslo about my laptop:
ASUS X550LN-DM126D/12GB (FHD),
Intel Core i7-4500U Processor (4M Cache, up to 2.70 GHz),
12GB DDR3 1600MHz (4GB on-board),
1TB 5400rpm, 2.5``,
DVD SuperMulti,
NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M (N15S-GT) 2GB,
BT4.0, Haswell, Instant-On, HDMI, HD WebCam with LED indicator,
SD card reader, 3xUSB (1x3.0), Dark-Grey plastic, Chiclet keyboard,
QuickCharge 2hrs, 2.3kg, 37WHrs, 2600mAh, 4-cell Li-ion Battery pack,
15.6`` FHD LED (1920x1080) glare type, PN: 90NB04S2-M02500/12GB

so screenshots:::
its when i start photoshop!
and this one is when i power on my laptop!!
Performance options. ( also i tryed to change it to 12000/24000 but again the same result again disk usage 100%)

A:Disk Usage 100%

Nothing wrong with that.
Windows can be doing a lot of scheduled tasks on Power up, Indexing, updates etc. On a new PC a lot of that is going on.

You need to look at other Tabs in the Task Manager - App History, Start-up, Processes. Click the Disk column to sort and identify the worst offenders then go to that software and do some configuring where possible.

Again in the Processes Tab expand the details and you will be able to suss out possibilities.

For example in App history stuff. You can go the Apps and stop live tile updates obviously on the ones you don't use or uninstall them.

That's what you would expect on starting Photoshop. Again probably doing some of it's own indexing, updating, loading modules etc or something like that. Most software can be configured to an extent.

No idea why you are fiddling around with system performance, That's Windows memory management.

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My disk usage is always at 100%. I have already disabled super fetch and 2 other functions that go along with it. I have cleaned my computer, Clean boot up, safe boot up, and get the same result. This just recently started happening to me. If anyone can give me any help or tools to use I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you very much!

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For the past week or so my computer has begun acting increasingly odd. When opening programs my disk usage will spike up to 100% and my computer will freeze. sometimes I have to restart to be able to use it again. I've tried several things such as anti-malware and messing with executables that exacerbate disk usage. none of these things has helped

A:100% Disk Usage

Hi @Ecvalor!

One thing you can try in order to fix the 100% Disk Usage is to disable Superfetch (if you're using Windows 8 or 10). In order to do that you can follow the steps in this article:

If this doesn't help with the issue, then I'd suggest to make a backup of your most important data on another location and then run a diagnostic test on the HDD so you can see what its health is currently. You can use the manufacturers tool in case there is such available in the official manufacturers website since it's tuned to the specific firmware of the drive. For instance, if you have a WD drive download Data Lifeguard Diagnostics from here:

Once the results are ready feel free to upload some screenshots so I can take a look.

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Disk usage has been skyrocketed to 100%.The laptop has been acting up for a while now. It freeze constantly and simultaneously prevent me from doing anything on the laptop. Even open a folder that some times. The start up seem fine.Been trying everything I can find on the internet to solve this but nothing seem to work.1. Stop some services - superfetch and bits2. Scan and fix drive3. Virtual memory adjustingIt still 100%.

A:Disk usage 100%

Hi there @Mxnnn,  Thank you for joining in on the HP Support Forums and Welcome! This is a great place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community! I read your post on the HP Support Forums. I wanted to reach out to you and help! I understand that your Notebook is freezing and unusable after a short period of time. You also mentioned that your disk space says it is at 100%.  Have you tried to start in Safe Mode?Have you done a BIOS Upgrade?Have you tried to do a disk defragment?Have you tried to do a disk cleanup?Have you tried cleaning the vents?Is the Fan Noisy or Spin Constantly?Is the PC Warmer than Normal? Have you tried Testing for hardware failures? Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system at the time of purchase or that need updating.  You could also try to use the Increasing System Performance and Maintaining Your Computer document. Use the information in this document to control when applications run, adjust how your computer uses memory resources, and reduce heat inside your computer. This could help you troubleshoot the Slow Performance issues you are experiencing. Here are some documents for you that may help:Computer Locks Up or Freezes.Resolving Slow System Performance. Reducing Heat Inside the PC to Prevent Overheating.H... Read more

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I have tried everyone except uninstalling Win 8.1.
I tried disk check, disabled all programs fetches, wins search etc..,increased VM reg keys etc.. Is there something else to do.

Thanks, anyone that can help.

A:100% Disk Usage


What type of hard drive is it standard or solid state? Does it sit at 100% all the time or during a particular operation? In task manager what is the name of the process that seems to to be utilizing most of the hard disks resources if any?

On a side note could be that your hard disk is reaching end of life do you know how old it is?



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Disk usage has been skyrocketed to 100%.The laptop has been acting up for a while now. It freeze constantly and simultaneously prevent me from doing anything on the laptop. Even open a folder that some times. The start up seem fine.Been trying everything I can find on the internet to solve this but nothing seem to work.1. Stop some services - superfetch and bits2. Scan and fix drive3. Virtual memory adjustingIt still 100%.

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A:Disk usage 100%

Hi Thank you. So this suggests lots more stuff is loading in normal mode. I use the Piriform tools, and Ccleaner may very well help, as would Dfraggler. Then I get a more adventurous and use Sysinternals, which has lots of proggies that you dont need, but is small overall and wont be a burden.  AND you can delete it when you have finished with it. Ccleaner can look for duplicates, clear out cache and trash, uninstall stuff and (accept the backup for registry entries) tidy your registry. Sysinternals; Autoruns then Load Order and Pagedfrg are the primaries. If in doubt please ask. 

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All the time the ram and disk usage is around 90% to 100% and sometime windows even hangs up while using firefox only.I need to use firefox and some light programs only.
I have installed 2GB RAM

A:90% RAM usage and 100% Disk

The RAM use isn't necessarily a problem. All modern operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) will automatically grab as much RAM as they can for caching purposes to improve system performance. In your case, the IGP on your CPU is reserving 512MB of your 2GB for itself, so you effectively only have 1.5GB of RAM. The OS will automatically release memory used for caching if needed by some other program. From the screenshot you posted, you only just booted the system so it's not necessarily out of the ordinary that your computer would have a lot of disk activity, especially on an A4 based system. That should settle down after a time.

However, on such a low end system you should make a point of limiting the number of programs you have running, making sure to use a lighter weight AV program and even go through the Black Viper "guide" to Windows Services and turn off the ones you aren't going to need. You can click on the name of each service to get a brief explanation of what it is and does so you if it's an optional service, you can turn it off if you're not going to use it.

Black Viper?s Windows 8.1 Service Configurations ? Black Viper | www.blackviper.com

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My laptops Disk usage is always over 95% when I turn it on, it takes about 10 mins to it decrease to 5% and make laptop available to work, what should I do?

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Hello i am having problem with my disk the usage is always 100 first when i noticed the problem it was only for two minutes now it is always 100 

A:Disk usage is always 100

hi Diabi think you have problem by system in your laptop, you can refresh your system.can i ask you: what's name OS you use?


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I have Processor Intel i5 and 8Gb Ram.
but still My disk usage is going 100% At Startup
And at the time of opening Software Like Photoshop,Lightroom,Antivirus.
Is this Normal ?
Or else its a big issue
please Help Me Speed My Pc.

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I'm on a Windows 10 OS and the computer is EXTREMELY slow. When I checked task manager, I realized that the disk usage and CPU usage are both almost 100%. I've checked for background apps, tweaked the virtual memory, disabled services, ran troubleshooting, etc. It seems like I've tried everything, but the computer is still very slow. I'm planning on doing an antivirus scan, but I haven't seemed to find anything suspicious yet. Help please and thank you!!!

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Hi, my disk usage is constantly at 100% on windows 10 and has been since i got my new laptop ~3 months ago, it should run quickly but is always slow, has non responsive programmes and occasionally crashes. I have tried so many tips that I've found on youtube or elsewhere online to fix it and nothing works, does anyone have any advice?

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HI , i have an HP 15 Envy k202nv Laptop 
And from 2 days ... my cpu and disk are going at 100% usage .... sometimes the disk .. sometimes the cpu ... first i've seen that superfetch was doing this .... i closed it .... now again its doing this ... sometimes the Procces SYSTEM is the problem ... sometimes
the Procces .. antimalware service executable..... What can i do ???

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