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How to find and manually delete "mf drivers" from my hard drive?

Q: How to find and manually delete "mf drivers" from my hard drive?

I need to know if anyone can help me find Canon "mf drivers" in my laptop. I am trying to re-install Canon MF3240 printer. It's telling me "an older version of mf drivers exists in this computer. uninstall the older version of mf drivers, and then try to install again." There is no canon folder on my machine anymore. I can not follow the --all programs-canon-mf drivers instruction anymore! Need to manually find it. Please help!

Preferred Solution: How to find and manually delete "mf drivers" from my hard drive?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: How to find and manually delete "mf drivers" from my hard drive?

When such happens with printers...it's often because a process left behind by the uninstall effort...still relates to removed hardware.
I'd take a look, using a Speccy snapshot.
Please follow the directions at Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 .

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I've tried a 7 Forums Guide to delete drivers from an elevated command prompt. Access is denied whether GUI or CMD window. Ideally I would like permission to delete from GUI. I want to use the mobo manufacturer's original sound driver & not the MS driver (that I cannot delete in Device manager.) It installs each boot, as trumps the original as newer. Really annoying & tricksy, so I do not know what term to Google & hope I'm not being lazy to bother you with my question.

There are five driver files within the same system32 folder;

C:\Windows\system32>DEL /F /S /Q /A "C:\Windows\system32\drivers\drmk.sys"

My audio will die if computer left to sleep for a "longer" (as opposed to shorter) period. I hope the original driver may work better. I like to leave my tower slept as it is much quicker to resume than to boot, Linux works just fine that way. I am taking the Windows challenge & quite enjoying myself till now.

A:Manually Delete Drivers?

If you install the board's audio drive that should disable the generic w7 one. It doesn't generally need to be fussed with at all.

Is this a new problem?

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I ran the notmyfault.exe and found these old .sys with the lmsmtn command. They are from Connext (Audio), IBM (Client Access) and Apple (added by me directly to System32) and I have as far as I know the latest drivers for everything.

Should I delete them or not? If so, do I need to unregister them first or anything if I do?

I've not got a problem - I'm just interested what the best procedure is.


fffff800`0353f000 fffff800`03591000 VSTAZL6 VSTAZL6.SYS Thu Oct 16 02:53:42 2008 (48F69096)
fffff800`0380f000 fffff800`038da000 VSTCNXT6 VSTCNXT6.SYS Thu Oct 16 02:52:22 2008 (48F69046)
fffff800`03612000 fffff800`03786000 VSTDPV6 VSTDPV6.SYS Thu Oct 16 02:57:45 2008 (48F69189)

fffff800`04439000 fffff800`0443a900 qcfilterlno2k qcfilterlno2k.sys Wed Jul 08 01:45:31 2009 (4A53DE1B)
fffff800`0394f000 fffff800`039c0000 qcusbnetlno2k qcusbnetlno2k.sys Fri Jun 04 02:01:08 2010 (4C084244)
fffff800`0443b000 fffff800`04473580 qcusbserlno2k qcusbserlno2k.sys Wed May 12 02:40:08 2010 (4BE9F8E8)

fffff800`00f0a000 fffff800`00f1d000 AppleHFS AppleHFS.sys Thu May 19 11:47:07 2011 (4DD4E71B)
fffff800`00723000 fffff800`0072a000 AppleMNT AppleMNT.sys Thu May 19 11:47:05 2011 (4DD4E719)

A:Is it safe to manually delete old drivers?

Originally Posted by adamf

I ran the notmyfault.exe and found these old .sys with the lmsmtn command. They are from Connext (Audio), IBM (Client Access) and Apple (added by me directly to System32) and I have as far as I know the latest drivers for everything.

Should I delete them or not? If so, do I need to unregister them first or anything if I do?

I've not got a problem - I'm just interested what the best procedure is.


fffff800`0353f000 fffff800`03591000 VSTAZL6 VSTAZL6.SYS Thu Oct 16 02:53:42 2008 (48F69096)
fffff800`0380f000 fffff800`038da000 VSTCNXT6 VSTCNXT6.SYS Thu Oct 16 02:52:22 2008 (48F69046)
fffff800`03612000 fffff800`03786000 VSTDPV6 VSTDPV6.SYS Thu Oct 16 02:57:45 2008 (48F69189)

fffff800`04439000 fffff800`0443a900 qcfilterlno2k qcfilterlno2k.sys Wed Jul 08 01:45:31 2009 (4A53DE1B)
fffff800`0394f000 fffff800`039c0000 qcusbnetlno2k qcusbnetlno2k.sys Fri Jun 04 02:01:08 2010 (4C084244)
fffff800`0443b000 fffff800`04473580 qcusbserlno2k qcusbserlno2k.sys Wed May 12 02:40:08 2010 (4BE9F8E8)

fffff800`00f0a000 fffff800`00f1d000 AppleHFS AppleHFS.sys Thu May 19 11:47:07 2011 (4DD4E71B)
fffff800`00723000 fffff800`0072a000 AppleMNT AppleMNT.sys Thu May 19 11:47:05 2011 (4DD4E719)

I'm sure it would be okay; I've not run that before but I usually do it through Disk Cleanup:

Attachment 39890

I'm guessing the outcome would be similar.

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Put new hard drive in. Windows 98 can't find device driver for Compaq installed devices. Any info would be helpful.


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I'm getting a new system, and I want to wipe out Windows 7 and install Windows XP on my old system. I have not actually done anything yet--Windows 7 is still installed--but I'm trying to understand what I need to do.

I don't have a floppy drive, so I want to try the nLite slipstream procedure.

Unfortunately I've looked everywhere I can think of, and I have not found the SATA drivers. My motherboard is an MSI X-58 Pro-E (MS-7522)3.0, and my hard drive is a Western Digital Raptor 300GB 10,000 RPM Model No.: WD3000GLFS. I've looked at the MSI site, the Western Digital site, and the CyberPower site. I've looked in my Windows 7 installation disk. I've made numerous searches on the Internet....I just can't find those drivers, or the .inf file(s).

My PC manufacturer did not send me any floppy disk or CD having drivers for either my motherboard or my hard drive. I have submitted an email to Western Digital customer support, but today is Saturday, and I do not expect a reply before Monday.

Where can I find those drivers? (and the .inf file(s)).

A:I canNOT find the drivers and the .inf file(s) for my hard drive.

Welcome to SevenForums

You should be able to find the driver you need at the manufacurers site under chipset drivers.

Their is no specific driver needed for your hard drive.

Once you have iinstalled you chipset drivers you can install the XP as usual, just insert the disc format and install.


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Hi, i have a WDC WD10EADS-22M2B0 Hard Drive and i need the driver for it because i am going to install windows 7 on it but it is not showing up in the windows 7 setup.
Can someone please give me the link to the driver downloads. i have searched for hours but i cant find them anywhere.

A:Cannot Find Drivers For WDC WD10EADS-22M2B0 Hard Drive

No HD Drive drivers are needed to install Windows 7.

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I am in a robotics class at school and we are doing some experimentation with balancing robots. I know the centripetal force created by a hard drive is pretty strong. I know I can power a hard drive with a variable power supply, but I need to know how to get the hard drive to spin up? I have a pinout for the IDE connector on the hard drive itself, I just need to know if passing a high input to any specific pin will do the trick?

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My computer used to have the "blue screen." Then my computer completely crashed (when I hit the power button, the light on the desktop blinks a little and shuts off)...It does not turn on the screen either...

I think it might be the hard drive. Is there a way to reset the hard drive without having to turn on? (Is there a button you can push to reset it somewhere? etc.)

Even if it is not the hard drive I would still like to completely reset it...

Thanks for any advice

A:Reset Hard Drive Manually

No. There isn't a reset for the HDD.

If the PC won't even power up properly, there is likely a hardware failure or at a minimum, something inside the PC is not properly connected/installed.

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Here's the problem. I have a hard drive that has been completely screwed by Fedora Core 5. My Windows recovery CD no longer boots right and I would like to just completely overhaul my HD. I was told to manually reformat the HD. Could someone please tell me how this is done?

Actually, anything that could just wipe the computer would be great too (besides buying a brand new hard drive).

100GB 5400RPM
Alienware Sentia m3200

A:How to manually reformat a hard drive?

Do you have a working Fedora CD? Boot that and choose the recovery or emergency mode it gives you. From that command line run "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=1024 count=1024" This will fill the beginning of the hard drive with zeroes, effectively clearing any information that might confuse Windows.

You can also download the utility from dban.sf.net for a more user-friendlt hard drive wiping solution.

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Hello all,

I have come to you guys for assistance with my dilemma right now. So this is my story deeply sorry

About 2 weeks ago my Asus laptop was working fine and in running order but I went to go do my exam one morning and I opened up my laptop and it just wasn't loading. I was worried what was happening just because it couldn't start and wasn't acting as it normally should. The way it was acting was like it had like barely any ram at all. It took a good 20 minutes to get to the login screen and then a little bit more to actually start my computer. Also when I would click something it would take a few minutes to even realize I clicked it. Anywho, after going to the IT department at my school and having no luck there I brought it into my work at Staples and had run a comprehensive diagnostic tool on it that determined that it was one of the hard drives that is dying as it failed the SMART short test. So after backing everything up that I needed to slowly, I removed my primary hard drive manually and replaced it with the second 750 I have in my machine which isn't dying.

From there I put my system repair disc into the machine and changed the boot order so that it starts with the cd, but from there I am unable to restore my computer to factory settings or even load a system image that is presently on the hard drive. What is my next option. I start school again tomorrow and need my computer to at least run. Thank you very much!

TLDR = Primary harddrive died replac... Read more

A:How to manually change hard drive and restore my copy of Windows 7

Well completely filling in your specs would help. Asus make many laptops. I must say I didn't know they made one with two hard drives inside them.

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Iam old user of nokia suite program for mobile phone connection, was using this software to connect to the internet, when tring to connect to the internet through the mobile device as modem, the Nokia Suite progame make new Numberd connection driver
(dapters) until i have reached to about Nokia driver #54 adapters!
Tring to delete all that drivers, i uninstalled nokia suite, then installed it again but the drivers still up numbers,, when i open (Network Connections) i just find 1 Nokia Connection adapter..
So how i delete this fake hidden drivers,
I mean when a new connection was made, the firewall ask to which ty off connection (Home Work Public) like Nokia Connection #50 want to connect,, How i Deltet this hidden fifty connection inside
the system??
Note: iam unable to connect again through the phone, but still nokia suite in my computer!

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I have a customer's Satellite L305D S5895 laptop. This was shipped to me by the customer who tried to install Windows XP Pro, Vista and none would install. He said he tried all installation CDs he had and finally gave up on it and shipped it to me.

When I got it the partition were deleted so I tried to install Win 7 and when I do doing a custom install I get an error saying the hard drive can't be formatted on disk 0 or it will give an error that no hard drives were found.

I reset the bios to default and no matter what I do it won't format or find the harddrive. I was going to upgrade the bios but the only way I found to upgrade the bios is after windows is installed. There is no way to make changes to the bios for settings that would have to do with the hard drive. This has a Toshiba MK2546GSX (S1) hard drive.

When installing Win 7 I get the normal windows, "windows is starting", "Select Language", "Select System", "Type of install", "Custom Install", "Delete partitions", "New Partitions", "Format", then the error message "Windows cannot format a partition on disk 0. Error: 0x80070057"

This happens regardless what system I try to install. I've tried two different versions of XP, one of Vista and 3 Win 7 and each time a different install CD.

System Specs
AMD Turion (TM) 64 x 2 Mobile CPU
CPU Speed 2.00 GHz
Toshiba MK2546GSX (S1) hard drive
Pioneer DVD-RW DurkD08l... Read more

A:Solved: win 7 can't find hard drive or can't format hard drive on clean install

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I am trying to delete songs from my itunes that I do not like anymore to make some space on my laptop. I know that sometimes when I delete songs it pops up saying "delete from hard drive?". I want that to pop up always, but for some reason it doesnt sometimes. My friend said that it will only do that if you have itunes organizing the folders. So i deleted my preferences and made it so itunes will organize my music. However I still delete songs and they dont delete off my hard drive. I was told that the songs have to be in the itunes music folder, I had alot of songs in there, but some in a different folder. I thought maybe I could move the other folder into the itunes music folder, and then it would work. However now when I go to play some songs it says the file cannot be found. Anything I can do? HELP ME!

A:How do I delete songs from hard drive when I delete them from my Itunes library?

Because you moved the songs from where iTunes was used to looking for them they will not play - when each song comes up and the error message you described comes up you can click yes to find them and browse for them (you should know where they are if you put them all in one folder). This will re-establish the link to the song's new location in iTunes.
If you have lots to do, it may be faster to delete all your songs from iTunes (not your computer) and set up the folder on your computer properly - one My Music folder with all your music in there - they can be further sorted into subfolders if you want to. Then open iTunes, set the Preferences to "Keep iTunes folder organised" and "copy files to iTunes folder when adding to library" and import all your music from your My Music folder again.
When you get new music by whatever means and import them to iTunes it will automatically place a copy in the iTunes "iTunes music" folder for you and always know where to look for them.

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hi .
i have a Compaq nx 7400 .
i was hahving a lot of problems with the computer so i decided to put a new hard drive in and reinstall XP .
well i have the new hard drive in and started up the machine and changed the bott options to run from the dvd and all went fine until i should press the ENTER ( return ) button to install XP now . as soon as i did that the next window said no hard drive found . this was also happening on the old hard drive that was in the machine .

im stuck and i dont know what else to try . anyone had this problem before .?

Thanks for any help .
very strange .

A:Solved: new hard drive xp , new install, doesnt find hard drive

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I just installed a brand new Western Digital Hard Drive 160 gig. I partitioned it with FDISK, then formated, then did a clean install of windows XP. Everything was fine until after i finished the installation, and i tried to connect my old maxtor 20 gig so i could transfer some files over, and the computer stopped reading both hard drives. When i start it up, the computer can't boot from either drive. I've tried disconnecting each of the drives and only booting with one connected, with no luck. I also tried changing the gray strip, I can't remember what its official name is, but that didnt help either. When I go into BIOS and let it auto detect my drives, It wont recognize either of the drives.

A:New hard drive installed sucessfully, now my computer cant find any hard drive

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Hi there
for nearly every Sony Vaio model use the ASIAN Site -- they've even got hard to find stuff like the drivers for the Dual Sony MMC SDHC card reader.

Original Drivers and Applications for VPCEH/EJ Series (Windows 7 64-Bit) : Download : Sony Asia Pacific

(Other models too -- I was just chasing down stuff for a model I've been using).

Forget about those VILE sites that sucker you in to "Free Driver Search" -- and when they find something you have to PAY to access the relevant area (We call this stuff "Sneakerware" and it's becoming more and more prevalent - they say FREE DOWNLOAD-- but that's all that's free is the Download !!!!!)

Don't use DriverMax or sites like those any more. All this stuff is FREEWARE anyway.


A:Hard to find Sony VAIO drivers try HERE

Good find jimbo +1

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i got new notebook HP dv6670ej.
i have vista on it and problems with it, i tried to format and
install windows XP but in the begin after the computer loads the files,
it shows me error: setup did not find any hard disk drivers installed in your computer.
i searched for ways to fix it, one way is to disable SATA in bios, but i dont have the option in there. other way is to make a windows installation with nLite,
but i have no idea what drivers i need for it and where to download them.
maybe there is another easier way?
can someone help me please?

A:Setup did not find any hard disk drivers

in most of the links you gave i saw that i need a floopy drive that i dont have.
and i still cannot understand what drivers i need and where to get them from.

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When i first got my computer the drive worked fine, but since the first time i opened it, It stopped working. Anyway I found the problem (the cable had been damaged) and now the computer can see it but cant find any drivers for it.

Under drive properties it says the drivers are not installed code 28

I dont know the manufacturer of it either, the properties just say standard CD-ROM Drive

A:Cant Find Drivers for My CD-ROM Drive

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My PC currently can't read disks for whatever reason, the only disk it read was the windows 7 installation disk. The disk drive is incredibly stubborn and won't update properly. Can't find the updates or something, then say it has the best drivers already installed despite it's telling me there's an error with my disk drive and it won't work.Can somebody provide me the link for the proper driver or some sort of fix?I think the dvd drive is called, HL-DT-ST- DVDRRW GSA-H30L ATA deviceScreenshot. The dvd drive doesn't even display on the computer tab, no matter what I put in it.Screenshot

A:Need drivers disk drive, can't find them anywhere

sounds like your dvd drive is failing go to your local computer store or walmart and purchase another one they are fairly cheap

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first of all my dell 1501 torched the hard drive(overheated) 99% of all the data lost. sent it to the shop and had a new one installed and reloaded with vista again(bundle) . now my external HD MAXTOR III mini wont work. i get the cant locate driver window. I have been to the seagate site for the drivers and software. it unzips and is in a folder but when i connect the drive and reboot i get the same thing. o go thru all the windows to search and locate the drivers. the drive is recognizes in the device manager. i have uninstalled it . the drive worked on this machine before and still does on my other identical dell

A:external drive cant find drivers

try putting it to another usb, do you have all drivers for usb and so installed?

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I use two hard drives, a smaller one that runs XP and a larger one for primarily storage. I replaced the storage drive...this had been the "first" drive and was labeled c: while the one running XP was labeled d:

I installed the new drive and rebooted. In the process, the volume labels flipped: the primary drive became c: and the storage drive becoming d:

This has thrown Windows into a world of confusion and all previously installed programs show up as uninstalled. They are still there in "program files" but many of them refuse to open, reporting not being able to find .dll files which I can search for and find on the computer.

Is this a registry issue? Is there a way to reconcile it without installing all this software again?

Thanks for any help.

A:Can't find drivers since putting in new drive...

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Hi there,

I have had a problem with a bsod on my acer 5942g laptop screen reads UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME now i changed the sata mode to IDE and then popped in a windows 7 repair disc i am now in system recovery options but my os isn't listed in the window. It says if my os isn't listed i have to load the Load drivers then install drivers for the hard disk but i have no idea what i am looking for or where to even begin looking. can anyone help?

A:where to find hard disk drivers for the acer 5942g using repair disc?

Switch back to AHCI and download the SATA AHCI driver here: Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook / Aspire / Aspire 5942G

Save it on a USB flash drive or blank disc and install it when asked.

You also need to upload your mini-dump files so that our BSOD experts can check it out for you.

Dump Files - Upload to SevenForums

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Hello, My Hard Drive has failed, I have purchased another one however I am having trouble getting a copy of window's 7 to re-install.  Does someone know what to do?  When I go to windows site it says my product key it says "The product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options" can't find a download on the HP site...can't seem to find live chat anymore either? Help!

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I need to format my hard drive [D & C drive]

so i wanna know Will format the hard drive [D & C drive], delete the all file
in it? Like the software that i install [ C:\Program Files], will they remain there or
will be deleted?

i already make a back up to all my Document project [ on D drive as i shown above] but to be honest, i dont want the process to delete my " Program Files" folder [ C:\Program Files]& my Document project [ on D:drive]........

** I just reinstall my pc 4/5 days ago [ maybe on 20 or 21/3/2012 ]

A:Will format the hard drive [D & C drive], delete the all file in it?

Formatting a drive or partition will completly wipe it, delete everything.

Take note you will be unable to format a drive with Windows on it if you are using that installation, you need to use a boot disk. If using dual boot you can format one Windows drive from the other.

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I don't know how but somehow, a shortcut to my C Drive or hard drive was created and it's found in the videos folder lol. Is it safe to delete it? I don't want to lose my entire hard drive if I do this.

A:Is it safe to delete shortcut to C drive or hard drive?

These things happen, as long as it's a short-cut, (check for the little arrow), you can delete it without any issue

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Can anyone help me deletig Trojan.Win32.BHO.abo and Trojan_clicker.Win32.Delf.mg from my computer?Antivirus cannot treat these files (in E:\WINDOWS\system32), and they can't be deleted manualy, not even in safe mode.What should I do? I've updated anti virus base, it stil can't fix them.Thank you!(Moderator edit: added Topic Description and slightly modified Title. jgweed)

A:Help With Manually Virus Delete

Hello Holy woman and welcome to BC What antivirus detected these? Do the two files have separate file paths? Please provide them.What is your operating system: Windows XP, Vista etc.?For now, do a scan in Safe Mode with SUPERAntiSpyware.Download and install SUPERAntiSpyware free found here: http://www.superantispyware.com/superantis...efreevspro.htmlBe sure to click on the download button to the left, not on the free trial download on the right. Install it and double-click the icon on your desktop to run it.? It will ask if you want to update the program definitions, click Yes.? Under Configuration and Preferences, click the Preferences button.? Click the Scanning Control tab.? Under Scanner Options make sure the following are checked:o Close browsers before scanningo Scan for tracking cookieso Terminate memory threats before quarantining.o Please leave the others unchecked.o Click the Close button to leave the control center screen.? On the main screen, under Scan for Harmful Software click Scan your computer.? On the left check C:\Fixed Drive.Reboot into safe mode.? On the right, under Complete Scan, choose Perform Complete Scan.? Click Next to start the scan. Please be patient while it scans your computer.? After the scan is complete a summary box will appear. Click OK.? Make sure everything in the white box has a check next to it, then click Next.? It will quarantine what it found and if it asks if you want to reboot, click Yes.Reboot into normal mode.? To retrieve... Read more

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I got to know my laptop got a trojan, when ever I start the system.. my antivirus "avast" the free edition warns me about it,
I used to scan it many times.. as I fillow the path location, I did:
run > %temp% > OK then I found it there, I deleted it and come back again< I used to use the antivirus too for send to chest and delet many times.. but still come and come..

any idea how to remove it?
I used many scan online.. not anyone helful, they just scan and after tell to pay for delet and remove the viruses, I was trying all online scan... anyone can hlep pls?
I have no much time to re-install and then install all other software etc..

I will appreciate any hlepful ideas and advises..
Thanks for all in advance,

A:how to delete this vuruse manually?

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I am trying to load our company image on a new Dell 3410 win an ssd hard drive.  It currently has win 10 home. the installer gets to the point of which image to install, I click the correct 64 bit win enterprise version, and it cannot find the drive. 
I search for the drivers on the USB with the image as well as the drive I am targeting, but keep getting a select the driver to install option and No signed device drivers were found. 
I did not see  drivers on the MS download site for the 3410.   any idea where to find them?

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I just purchased a new Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop, it has a TS-L633C DVD-RW drive.

I updated the DVD drive firmware to a version available on Dell's website (original D300, current DW10).

Now every time Vista starts, the "found New Hardware" wizard opens and attempts to install drivers for the DVD drive (which it doesn't find).

The drive functions perfectly, it appears in "Computer", and I am certain there are no drivers that need to be updated.

How do I get Vista to stop nagging me to update the drivers ?


A:updated DVD drive firmware, now Vista cannot find drivers

Are you sure that's the correct firmware for that drive? Check the maker's tool here: SAMSUNG ODD SERVICE

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When installing a larger main drive, how do I get the drivers copied onto the slave before I take out the main one?

I wonder is there a simple way of doing this, I am using Windows XP home edition, the PC is an oldish one and isn't any specific make, so I can't get any clever programs from the manufacturers site, any idea?


I had just had this recommended, I wonder is it a safe site, safe program?



A:How do I make a copy of my drivers onto a slave drive, when upgrading hard drive?

Yes sourceforge is safe.

That is where I get many programs myself.


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What's the best way to delete the index.dat files manually? I haven't had much luck with programs like Index.Dat Suite. CCleaner only empties the files. Preferably I would like to delete these files. Is there any way I can do this?

A:How can I delete index.dat files manually?

Not much point since Windows will just create new ones at the next startup.

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I need to delete a damaged ActiveX Control called "Ebay Helper Object". The status of this file is "damaged" and needs to be removed before a new one can be downloaded.

I have tried to simply right click on the file and click "remove" but I keep getting the following dialog box.

SHARE VIOLATION: These program files are currently being used by one or more programs. Please close some programs, and try again. You may need to restart windows.

I do all of that and still get the same error.

Can someone walk me through manually removing this from my system...possibly through DOS?

The file is locanted in C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files

I'm running Windows XP

Thanks in advance.

A:How Do I Manually Delete An ActiveX Control?

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The system folder $Recycle.Bin takes a lot of space (About 15G).
Using Microsoft regular disk cleanup tool does not help: it shows 0 bytes,
though the actual space it took is 15G.

Can I open a command prompt and manually go to that folder,
(e.g. c:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-1555750292-2126454931-1467034084-1001)
and manually delete those subfolders/files inside?

For me, I have these sub-folders inside, which take me 15G space:

c:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-1555750292-2126454931-1467034084-1001>ls +a
$r0mlcqf $r3len3b.1-60 $rbvwqdk.default $renjc1h $ridc3mx $rr218kc.net $rxdin4z $ixrck04.jpg
$r30db9c $r4107qn $rcdvygp $rfthiwe $rii0fqx $rs74wwk . desktop.ini
$r39wtk5 $r8w2us8.m50 $rdwzz0c $rgcz80h $rj6l515 $ruh9l4d ..

Thanks all for help.

A:Can I manually delete files in C:\$Recycle.Bin?

Try using TFC.

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help-i have accidentely deleted all my movie files from my external hard drive.there was over 400 gb of files there.i was using acronis true image to do a restore,and used that grive to restore to by mistake.is there any way to restore them?

A:hard drive delete

Hi modgaz,

So you had a restore, you use that restore and wrote over all of your other files?
There are restore applications to buy but you will most likely not be able to restore that much information successfully. There are free versions, but they have a lot of limitations so you won't be able to restore that many files/that big files. You'll need to buy it and they do cost a lot.

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my computer is totally messed up, i know how to use the Fdisk to erase the entire hard drive and start again, but something happened, and when i start the computer i see the windows logo but it just stays like that nothing happens, and the boot disk wont help, i need help, on how to delete the hard drive again, or should i just buy a new one,

A:delete hard drive

Did you recreate a new partition on the drive and format it.

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We have a Compaq Presario A900 - we would like to wipe the hard drive and start fresh with an install of Windows 10. Would you please tell us the steps to take to do so.  Thanks.

A:delete hard drive

KatMc Actually, I would strongly advise AGAINST doing the Win10 Upgrade, primarily because it's practically a certainty that there are no HP Win10 drivers for your laptop.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the problem you're up against is that Microsoft only supplies drivers with the most basic functionality, and what you really need for FULL functionality is the specialized drivers written for the specific hardware found in your HP PC -- and unfortunately, there are no HP Win10 drivers for your PC. HP only guarantees Win10 compatibility for machines made after August, 2013. HP does not have any schedule indicating when, or IF, they will be producing drivers for the older machines.This means that your PC is most likely NEVER going to be fully functional under Win10 because the drivers it needs for full functionality simply do not exist!  There are over 103 different models of your laptop, so if you could provide me the specific model number, I can check for HP Win10 drivers:  Finding Your HP Product Model Number | HP® Customer Support Even Win7 PCs have a poor record of success doing the Upgrade to Win10, as I have done several and ALL had one serious problem or another, and two of them got trashed so badly I had to do a full factory restore to get them back to working condition. And finally, the FREE Upgrade only applies to Win7 PCs or newer.  For older PCs, you have to purchase a license, and given the low likelyhood of t... Read more

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How can I permanently delete Hard Drive without removing it from computer?

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One of my favorite features of ccleaner is that I can delete start up items from my list.

I know through windows you can disable them with the "msconfig" command. But how would I go about deleting them permanently without the use of a 3rd party app.


A:Solved: Delete Start-Up items manually..?

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I ran JavaRa. It got rid of a good number of old versions of Java that were still in Program Files' Java folder. But I still have a fairly sizeable j2re.1.4.2-b28 folder. It has the path C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Update\Base Images\j2re.1.4.2-b28, containing core1.zip, core2.zip, and core3.zip.

Is there a good reason JavaRa didn't get rid of these zips? Or should I go ahead and right-click to Delete them? Or is there a preferable way to get rid of them?

Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz
x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
2.05 GB of RAM
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV
Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drive Size 114.4GB
Free Space was 35.8GB; now under 10 GB in part because after backing up My Documents on Google Drive, Google Drive has duplicated the whole darn thing on my hard drive
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp., 0G1548
Antivirus : Webroot Internet Security

A:Ran JavaRa, still have old core.zips. Delete them manually?

If NO version of Java is currently installed in your Windows XP computer, you can delete the ENTIRE Java folder in

C:\Program Files

C:\Program Files\Common Files


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What are the disadvantage and advantage manually delete a program?

A:Why is not a good idea to delete a program manually?

The disadvantages completely outweigh the benefits of uninstalling applications manually. Firstly being that it will cost you a lot of time to complete such task fully since every little registry key and file needs to be removed. Also the second issue comes with knowing what files and folders to delete. Manually uninstalling an application is not as simple as deleting the program files in your C:\ since many applications have registry entries to help with the functionality of the application or to add specific shortcuts within Windows. The only people that know where an application is installed are the developers. In theory it is possible for them to tell you what files and registry entries need to be removed however it would be more easier for them to create a separate process to complete it for the user (Uninstaller).

In short terms, Yes you can do it but the risk of running into problems and not being able to recover from them are heightened and unless you have a specific need to do so I would always uninstall from Control panel and run an uninstall .exe from the developer to completely remove the program since they are the ones who made the application. Either way you will have removed the application so for a user I would take the easier and stress free route of using the uninstaller.

Hope This Helps,

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the windows prefetch folder automatically cleans itself at 128 entries from the 32nd entry - thus it's unnecessary to manually clean it - despite what many say - it will not net you a noticeable performance boost

A:do NOT manually delete windows prefetch folder

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I'm not sure how to exactly phrase this but I'll be as detailed as I can be. I own a Toshiba laptop that runs on Windows Vista . Just about 30minutes ago while I was browsing online a pop up came up saying update .exe or something like that and I accidently clicked no. I thought it was a pop up scam that came off the website I was on but then literally right after my AVG popped up saying threat detected and I moved it to vault immediately.

The issue is that right after I moved it to vault the icons on my desktop somehow got messed up. I usually have the windows sidetask bar open and visable but it disappeared. Also along the bottom of the screen next to the time I usually have atleast 6 programs there(Avg, cleaners, etc. ) but theres only the time , internet conn, batt life that's there now.

SO the main issue I found was when I went to open up Mozilla( I only use this ) that it pops up with "open with" then a list of a few programs and then I can browse to find other programs ... I located a FEW of the programs and matched them up but I have to do this for every single thing I open ex. messenger , avg, itunes, anything. AND the thing is every time I click for the program to run it pops up "open with" then I chose . EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I know theres obviously something wrong... I have no idea on how to fix it . I've only managed to get a few programs that I use to work (ex. MOZILLA. )
Is there any advice on how to fix this??? Is this very complicated?? ... Read more

A:Programs are not working , I have to manually find them

Run the EXE file association fix - http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials...s-restore.html

Then have your system reviewed by a Security Analyst.

Please follow these steps - http://www.techsupportforum.com/secu...oval-help.html

Regards. . .



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is there a way for me to configure my 2gb internal flash drive to dump everything on shutdown? i made it my temp files colector

A:how to set a hard drive to delete everything on it on shutdown

Hallo n/p, are you meaning your temp folder or your page file that you have moved to your flash drive?

The only way i know to clear a temp folder properly is to manually delete its contents which you can access from the Run command and type; %temp%
But i dont know if this command would work if your temp folder is on your flash drive, but you could just open it from your Computer explorer window.

If it is your page file that is on your flash drive & you want it to clear itself on shutdown, then this is the tutorial for you;

Virtual Memory Paging File - Clear at Shutdown

Things might have changed but i tried this once with XP & it made for a long shutdown

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I have too much stuff on my hard drive. I am trying to clean it up. Looking at the add/remove software section there are two programs that I have not used since 2005. They are 4095.00 MB each. One is Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album and the other is Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 Dell Edition. When I inquire about them on the computer it says that they each need a CD. I don't even know what it does, much less where I might have the CD - we just moved. The main question that I have is this...
If I remove this program will it affect any other programs, specifically my kodak software. I don't want it to affect any of my photos that are on my computer or cause them to delete. Please advise.

A:Trying to clean up hard drive - What can I delete?

Well when was the last time you have cleaned up your hd. If you havent go to start then click on run. Type cleanmgr in the run box and click ok. Then in the disc cleanup select everything but office setup files and compress old files. As for the two programs, jasc paint shop pro sounds like it was preloaded in your pc. Safe to remove and odd how big the thing is. And then the alblum just make sure you have nothing in it then you may go ahead and remove them. They will not affect any kodak software on your pc. I find it odd though again that jasc needs all that space i know a friend with a copy of it that is a mere 2-300 mb i beleive. But yes removing them will release alot of hard disk space.

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I have been trying and googling for over an hour and if I didnt have the laptop sold I would just take the hard drive out and kill just like they did in the move Office Space!

I have an old Dell Latitude c800 and the cd drive doesnt work and I dont have a floppy disk big enough to down load a program to restart and delete everything. (only have a 1.44mm floppy)

All I want to do is delete everything. I dont to have windows on it or anything will someone please direct me or give me a way to do this so that I can get rid of this computer.

A:Reformat Delete hard drive

hi BrownFamily004 and welcome to TSF !

Use dban, the floppy/usb drive version :

Else you can take the drive out and hook in in another computer to wipe it from there.

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