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The Product Key Does Not Match Current Windows SKU (Laptop reinstall windows 7 home premium SP1)

Q: The Product Key Does Not Match Current Windows SKU (Laptop reinstall windows 7 home premium SP1)

Found an ISO for Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, burnt it to a DVD and reinstalling windows 7 onto laptop.
I enter my product key but get the error in the headline above. I have my product ID and product key, what can I do to install windows 7 on my laptop

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Preferred Solution: The Product Key Does Not Match Current Windows SKU (Laptop reinstall windows 7 home premium SP1)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


So short story, I work at a college tech site that fixes student and faculty computers. A foreign exchange student from Japan with a Sony Vaio (most likely from Japan as well) managed to get a virus on his computer and he was blocked off our network. Our policy is that we wipe and reinstall the OS to ensure that the virus is gone. However, we didn't have any Windows 7 Home Prem media CDs so I downloaded a Win7 Home Prem 32bit iso off of MSDN and burnt it to disk. However, when entering the product key given on the bottom of the laptop(and I've checked 3 times now to make sure it's correct), I get a:

"Product key does not match the current Windows SKU" error.

Why is this happening? Do I need a certain burnt iso (from Sony in Japan?) because of the laptop's foreign origins or is something else causing the problem here?

A:Product Key Does Not Match Current Windows SKU (Foreign product key?)

Yes, you need a Japanese iso, they have regional editions.

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We have one of these Laptops which needs to have win7 reinstalled.
The COA sticker is on the laptop.
Can we download win7 and reinstall using that key on the COA?
Windows 7 Home Premium Free Download ISO 32 Bit 64 Bit

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Hi Dear,
I am using Windows 7 Home premium for more than 4 years without any problems. I partitioned my Hard Disk into 2 parts, C and D and windows is running from C drive. Now i need to format C drive. But I lost the label where the product keys was written on.

Now can I reinstall it without these product keys from a backup? From the system info i can see the product ID: 00359-OEM-8992687-00057. Now would you please help me sorting out the problem. One  more thing, i can't attach screenshot of my system info.

Thanking You,

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I recently performed a system recovery because I was unable to back up to earlier time before we started having computer issues. Anyway I performed a recovery. Stumbled accross this by accident that windows has 3 days before it wall automatically activate. So I clicked activate. It gave me this message header. "The Windows Vista Home Premium product key you typed is invalid for windows activation". There are 3 options. 1 is to Buy a new product key online. 2 is to type a different product key. 3 is to contact Hewlett-Packard Company to resolve this issue. I contacted Hewlett-Packard Company and they had me call Microsoft. Microsoft wants to charge me $100 for something I already own. Very confused. Anyway does anyone have a fix for this. Thank you

A:Windows Vista Home Premium product key you typed is invalid for windows activation

You have two choices:
You may either reinstall using the recovery partition, if you have one.
You could look for the key on the computer. It can be anywhere, including the battery compartment, if you have a lappy.
As a last restort you can try to use magic jelly bean, but I have doubts since you reinstalled.
Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

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I was constantly getting message to upgrade to Windows 8.  When I tried to upgrade, something went wrong and the OS and all files got deleted.  Finally I reformatted the drive and uploaded the OS using the Windows ISO.  Now it is asking me to provide a prodcut key to be able tocontinue using the OS.  The sticker on back of the computer is not very legible.  How can I get the product key. Thanks.

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I purchased new laptop with OS windows 7 installed,
When i work with office files like excel , word it asking for product key,
What is product key, where can i find it

A:Product key for windows 7 home premium

On Fri, 16 Jul 2010 10:23:26 +0000, jayasrinivasan wrote:

I purchased new laptop with OS windows 7 installed,

When i work with office files like excel , word it asking for product key,

What is product key, where can i find it

Neither Microsoft Office nor any of its components come with Windows
7, nor has it ever come with any version of Windows. If you have
Office on your new computer, almost certainly your vendor bundled a
trial version of Office with it. The reason you are now asked for
the product key is that your trial period has ended. If you want to
continue using it, you need to buy it and thereby get a key.
Ken Blake

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How or where do i download windows 7 home Premium - I have a product key

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ive  done bios revision update with the WGA tool and did all the cmd prompt  and gave adminisrator full control and i know my product key went to my manufacture of the laptop and i even called customer and talk to them nothing has workeys. so
what am i supposed to  now nothing has worked and the product key license still says not genuine can anyone help 

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I am posting in a new thread as requested.
I bought this Windows 7 home premium OEM from coastal software and downloaded the ISO. The product key was sent to me via email so there is no CD or other media. I have done a clean custom install of Win7 HP 3 times and each time the key still comes up as invalid. I have followed all the steps and instruction that was given to another chap who looked like was having the exact same problem but still not worked so I really hope you can help me.
Here is a copy of the result after I ran the MGADiag Tool.

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: N/A, hr = 0xc004f012
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-74XYM-BH4JX-XM76F
Windows Product Key Hash: KeYfcvXg/a1Q01x73+f8IL/JC4Y=
Windows Product ID: 00359-112-0000007-85835
Windows Product ID Type: 5
Windows License Type: Retail
Windows OS version: 6.1.7600.2.00010300.0.0.003
ID: {3A1F5F3C-6263-46F3-A3C6-9CEA2507829D}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
Architecture: 0x00000000
Build lab: 7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, ... Read more

A:Windows 7 Home Premium OEM product Key Invalid

The installed Key is the Default Key for Windows 7 Home Premium - which can never be activated.

The machine appears to have shipped with Vista installed.

Sale of OEM 'Keys' with download is illegal - you should demand a refund from the vendor, and report them to the authorities and to MS,then purchase a legitimate license for Windows 7.

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I just did a system restore on my Asus netbook since it was going crazy. So, I tried installing the Windows 7 Home Premium that I bought when I got the computer but it isn't working. Any suggestions?

A:How can I reuse my Windows 7 Home Premium product key?

Hello and welcome to the forums crosbykristen!

What do you mean by 'it isn't working'?

Are you referring to the key from the COA that is on the bottom of your laptop ?

The laptop's not booting up properly?

Please be more specific with the problem, thanks in advance!

EDIT:- Also if you could fill up your system specs using this tutorial please.

System Info - See Your System Specs

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I have bought new PC with windows vista home premium on it two weeks ago. Today it won't even start, it said that product key is invalid. I have put correct product key again but it still said that it is wrong. Please I need help.
Thank's a lot for anyone's help!

A:windows vista home premium product key won't work

You will probably have to call Microsoft's licensing people. There should be a number on the label with the product key. I've had to call them before when I've reinstalled Vista and they are more than glad to help (as long as it's a legal copy).

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I'm ttrying to get the Windows 10 Upgrade, but after going through some help screen, It's telling me that my product is not eligible for an upgrade.

I'm just wondering why that is. I have Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium SP1 that I purchased with a new HP Pavilion desktop computer. I have a product key. why isn't this eligible for W 10? Any ideas?


A:Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium SP1 Product Not Eligible for Upgrade?

Hello and welcome Carl I don't know exactly why but it does recommend you remove any security suites from the machine before you go ahead.

My own personal experience is that one of my desktops upgraded from an OEM Home version I put on but my Toshiba laptop upgraded but would not go past build 10074 and kept asking me to activate it so it could be purely down to glitches or bugs in the system.

By the by how did you get the 10 as I downloaded the ISO and then loaded it from booting from the DVD? As I said I had an OEM clean install to get rid of all the Toshiba crapware - maybe the HP stuff could be causing the problem/s.

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I kept getting a BSOD so I bought a reinstallation disk from amazon.com and I still get them (not as much) but it says my windows is not legit. How do I make my PC the way I bought it.

I have no CD for it but a I have a 32 GB USB, I been googling how to do it for awhile and can't figure it out. As far as I understand I need to get a system image and put it on my USB or something.

This links I found so far are these.

Microsoft Home Use Program - Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016. The software suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access and more! I don't know what to to from there.

Can anyone tell me if these links are safe to download from and if that's what i need?

Windows 7



I tried to "use system image to reinstall windows" in control panel but it doesn't change anything.

Here is all I have so far and what it says about my windows not being genuine.

A:How do I reinstall windows 7 home premium 64 bit with USB

I kept getting a BSOD so I bought a reinstallation disk from amazon.com

So what is it that you actually buy?

I have no CD for it

What you bought from Amazon.com should be?

So I'm confused as to what you have and don't have. Your second link is from MS to create a ISO for windows 7. You will need you product key, a legitimate product key, for that to work. Personally, this sounds all a bit fishy.

BSOD's are mostly related to hardware/driver issues but sometimes software. So reinstalling the OS really won't help your situation until you find out what is causing the BSOD first.

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Hi All,

I am having a Sony Vaio laptop which came with windows 7 home premium 64 bit pre-installed.

At present I need to format my c: drive,and do a fresh install for Windows 7 same version.

But the problem is I am not having the DVD to install windows 7.

Also am not able to create to system repair disc,the only thing which I have at present is windows backup.

Please help in re-installing windows7.

Many Thnks.

A:Reinstall windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

To fresh install, you need to get hold of a win7 install dvd, either borrow or download from the internet (Google is your friend). To activate, use the sticker key.

But do make a set of recovery disks before clean instaling windows. There should be an inbuilt tool in the computer for that.

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Hey guys, I never recieved any CD's for installing my laptop to brand new again. I'm stuck on a part that will not let me to install my laptop again, it says either insert or your installation disc or exit. All I have is my repair disc.
Help on how to reinstall my laptop without the installation CD?

A:Can't reinstall my Windows 7 Home Premium

Help on how to reinstall my laptop without the installation CD?

PC spec's? OS?
There should be a recovery partition on the pc. Without knowing the PC specs any other advice is just guessing.

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Good Afternoon All
I am new to this so i would like begin by saying hello. I have windows 7 home premium 64x currently installed on my computer. I have a valid licensed edition. I need to reformat my hard drive and would like to reinstall it on my computer. I no longer have the CD, so i do not know what to do. Could anybody assistance or does anybody have any ideas.
Thank you kindly

A:Reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium

Hi mrprecice Did you buy your copy of Windows 7 in retail (in a store), or did it come with your computer/laptop? If you bought it, you can download the Windows image matching your Windows version from Microsoft website, at the link below.http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-recoveryThen, you'll need USB Flash Drive or DVD of at least 4GB to create an installation media (I can walk you throught this process).

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I did a full install of Windows 10 yesterday and I did not keep any files or documents as I have them backed up on my external drive.  The problem I ran into was that my NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 has no updates for win 10 and does not display properly. My computer came with Windows 7 home premium installed  and I have the product key.  As I have installed the full verion on Windows 10, I cannot recover the computer to win 7.  I did not get a Windows 7 disc when I bought the computer so I need to know if I can download a copy of the Windows 7 Home Premium somewhere and use my current product key? When the computer was new I made a set of recovery discs and I still have those ... I don't know if they can help. Any help and/or advice would be very helpful.  A link to the download would help as well. Thanks in advace for your help.  Jim.

View Solution.

A:Remove Windows 10 and Reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium

Yes those discs you made will reinstall W7, disc 1 is bootable, put it in the drive and restart the PC, when you see the Dell logo press ESC key a few times, then select your boot device (cd-dvd rom), it should now boot from disc 1 and start the recovery process, it is a lengthy process, so be patient and dont do anything unless instructed to, it will reboot on its own many many times, do not interrupt the process. When it is done with recovery there will be a screen to start setting up your user name and so forth.

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ation. I get these messages every 7 minutes or so along with another one less frequently (I forget what it says). And at the bottom of my desktop says ' Windows 7. Build 7601. This copy of Windows is not genuine.

When I got new parts for my pc (CPU, mobo, video card and power supply) my hard drive didn't recognize my upgraded computer, and the only option to solve this was system restore, but it said that a Windows CD was required for this, which didn't come with my computer that I got from HP 2 years ago. So my brother just used another CD he burned, and probably downloaded from the internet, to install Windows and use the CD key on my case.

Now that I've installed Windows 7 it's become very glitchy, with random BSODs and freezing and video card problems etc. Now, I have these windows that pop-up telling me to give Microsoft $150 in order to get rid of them. So, if I used a valid CD key from a downloaded version of Windows can it still be genuine? If not, I may buy a copy of Windows 7 just to pray it'll fix all the problems I'm having atm. Also, I created a cd install of my computer from before it was upgraded, but I lost it so if I found it then everything should be fine. Please help if you can, I'll answer any questions you may need.

A:The Windows 7 Home Premium product key you typed is invalid for activ-

If you got a key without paying for it, it's fake, it's pretty much that simple, you may have been able to make your original key work by using the phone option to activate, but from the sound of it you've messed with things now using a key whose source I'm blurry on.

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I was recently given a Dell Inspiron 1720,it had a bad hard drive,so I bought another one and had it installed,the laptop bios recognizes the new hard drive,so I try to reinstall windows vista home premium,but when I try to boot from the dvd drive,it will not boot,but instead it says no bootable devices,so how can I fix this problem and reinstall windows vista home premium on this new hard drive.

A:Can't reinstall windows vista home premium

Make the optical drive first in the list of bootable devices to make sure it is accessed. Try booting the installation DVD on another computer to make sure it is good.

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I recently scrapped a old laptop, and kept the Windows 7 Pro produkt key. My desktop has a windows 7 home premium edt.

I wish to change to pro, but without reinstalling, and without losing the home premium. Is it possible to switch the pro and home edt. without reinstalling, or losing my home prem. key?

(It seems i posted in wrong section first. sorry)

A:Change windows 7 product key WITHOUT reinstall [Home prem. -> Pro]

You cannot use an OEM Product Key on any computer but the one it came with. If the Pro Key you have came from the original computer's COA sticker, or from a KeyFinder, then it's OEM, and CANNOT be transferred to the mew machine.

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I recently scrapped a old laptop, and kept the Windows 7 Pro produkt key. My desktop has a windows 7 home premium edt.

I wish to change to pro, but without reinstalling, and without losing the home premium. Is it possible to switch the pro and home edt. without reinstalling, or losing my home prem. key?

A:Change windows 7 product key WITHOUT reinstall [Home prem. -> Pro]

Is this the Win7 that came preinstalled on the laptop? If so then the license is not transferable.

If it's the desktop you want to upgrade to Pro, you can insert the Pro key into Anytime Upgrade to unlock the few extra expensive features in Pro that few consumers need. Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to - Windows 7 Forums. Otherwise it is the exact same OS.

Save a Win7 backup image externally both before and after the Upgrade so you have options to restore both later which will maintain their activation. Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

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So I have an old Sony laptop, and it came with Win 7 Starter.

It got slow and bogged, so I installed Win 7 from scratch from instructions here, and when I went to enter the product key from the bottom of the laptop of course I got the "The product key you have entered will not work with this version of Win 7. You must either run Win 7 setup or enter a Win7 Home Premium product key."

The problem is I couldn't find a Win 7 Starter download anywhere...

Thanks for any help/advice...

A:Windows Starter Product Key Won't Work With Clean Home Premium Install

Make your own Universal Install DVD or USB flash that has Starter on it.

Windows 7 Universal Installation Disc - Create

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keep being asked for the product key. I installed the home premium on the vista basic laptop due to not having the disc to reinstall and it worked for a few weeks. My friend read out the product key she had but one of the letters which is a (/) will not go into it but she said that is what is printed. So now I am stuck as it will not allow me to use the forward slash so cannot do anything now....Any ideas please would be appreciated

A:windows vista home premium product key you typed is invalid for activation

Hello Angie,

It sounds like that may not have the product key number. The product key number is a sequence of 25 letters and numbers divided into 5 groups of 5 characters each.

Product Key Number

Is this a OEM or retail copy of Vista that you installed?

You will not be able to use the product key number if your friend has it activated on her computer.

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I turned on my computer and it has a pop-up that reads "The windows vista home premium product key you typed is invalid for activation". There are 3 options 1. Access your computer with reduced funtionality. This will allow you to buy a new product key online. 2. Type a different product key. 3. Contact Dell to help reolve this problem.

Before this the computer was working, in fact I used it earlier in the day, I didn't download anything, didn't do anything new. I've had this computer for about 3 years. I don't know why i'm suddenly getting this pop up, maybe it's a virus I don't know.

When I click on the first option (1) my firefox opens to this Genuine Windows website http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows/genuine
I tried to look it up, seems like a lot of ppl have this problem and no solution.

I have no access to my desktop, no start menu, no taskbar, time, icons, etc, just firefox and when I minimize firefox there is the pop-up. I thought about running malware bytes but i have no access to that.
Please help.

A:The windows vista home premium product key you typed is invalid for activation

Yes, this is an issue that some people have experienced, from what I remember this sometimes happens because of a corrupt Windows Update. 95% of the time the easiest way to resolve the issue is to find the Windows Certificate Of Authenticity and re-enter the product key. If this is a laptop computer you should be able to find the sticker on the bottom of the computer or in some cases I have seen the sticker hidden inside the battery compartment. If it is a desktop, look on the sides of the case or the rear.

Make sure you are connected to the internet when you re-enter the key so that the activation process can complete without incident.

The certificate of authenticity will look very similar to this....

Good luck and I hope this helps you out.

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I am having a problem uploading a music cd to my computer, I was able to upload music cds up until last week. My cd drive is not even recognized in my comptuer, and I dont know what to do to get my cd drive, my only thinking is to reinstall the cd drive, but I dont know how to do that in Windows Vista. Have any suggestions of how to find my cd drive becuase it is not being recognized. I have an Acer Laptop 5100-3949 if that gives you any way to know how to fix it

A:Anyone know how to reinstall a cd drive on Windows Vista Home Premium

No installation or drivers necessary. They are plug-and-play. Does the drive show up in Device Manager?

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When I purchased this generic computer I expected a clean installed version of Windows 7 x32bit. However what I received was a version updated from Vista. I have the Vista disk and a "Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program"disk, both with product keys.
My C drive (250Gb) contains only the operating system and programs, D drive (500Gb) is data only and F drive (External 1Tb) is used for backup.
I backup weekly including a system image. I do not have A "System Reserved" partition.
If at some time in the future I need to do a Re Format and Clean Install will I have to reinstall Vista, Update it and then use the Windows 7 disk or is there an alternative? I hope it never happens but I want to be prepared.

A:Clean Reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium x 32bit

You can do that, but if you can get full installation media from your OEM, you could also use that. The Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program disc came from the OEM that sold the original machine to the original owner - they purchased it with Vista right before Win7 was available, and got the upgrade disc for free. I can't say I've ever actually seen one, but from the description it sounds like any other upgrade disc. There is a tutorial here for installing clean from an upgrade disc, so you might be able to try that.

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Hi!This is a 6+ years old machine running under HP's preloaded MS Windows 7. OS has been regularly upgraded via internet as advised from time to time by MS/HP; i.e., all service packs, etc installed.Antivirus is Avast free version, latest with updated virus database as from Avast.I use CCleaner from time to time. Machine has become incedibaly slow! Often, it takes 3-5 minutes and more to boot up. And shuts down very slowly, too!! :-(I was thinking that perhaps reinstalling the OS may help. (I do defrag etc after every few months; NOT a v heavy user).I understand that I will have to backup my data etc. and I will have to reinstall all my software. Can some one kindly help me? I am NOT a techie. Thanks a heap!Have a great day every day, all! :-)Farid AnsariMale, 67 years, Pakistan

A:want to reinstall my Windows 7 Home premium edition OS (orig...

If you are still running on the original HP factory install, the recovery partition will likely still work. Go to the program HP backup and recovery manager and it should give you some options to restore the computer using software on the hard drive or to make a recovery disk which you can then use to restore it. My only concern, on  laptop that age is whether we would be trying to restore onto a defective hard drive. Bad hard drive will first show up as a general slowdown in performance. Tap F10 as you power up and see if you can find a hard drive test in the BIOS and run it. 

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I am having trouble coming back to Windows 10. I got it on the day it was released, but it started messing with my computer, so I went back to Windows 7 Home Premium. It said I could return at any time, so I decided I would wait a few months. Well now,
when I try to get Windows 10 back, my computer reboots like nothing happened. Could someone please respond with a solution ASAP.

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Has Microsoft changed something in the latest April Windows Updates?
I create a default Windows 8 Enterprise VL image on my laptop in audit mode as I have always done previously.  Nothing has changed from my side.
When I install the image via WDS, everything installs fine.
When I use my WIM file to install via USB, it now comes up with:
The product key entered does not match any of the Windows images available for installation. Enter a different product key.
right after selecting the install language.
I have checked EI.cfg and it is normal:
I then tried adding PID.TXT with my Enterprise KMS key and, rather than error it then prompts me for a product key.
Surely using the VL install media it should never ask for a product key.  It never has before. (And I've never had to before)
I prepped the image as normal using:
C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep\Sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:C:\Windows\win8unattend.xml
Any ideas?  I can't but help thinking something has changed in the latest batch of Windows Updates.  It's quite frustrating as not all my machines are capable of PXE, so I have to use USB.
The reason I think it is a recent change, is if I do a default install and DO NOT do any Windows Updates, it all works fine.  Only when I install the latest WU does it start doing this.

A:[NEW] The product key entered does not match any of the Windows images available for installation. Enter a different product key.

OK, So I've fixed it now, but I will still like to know WHY this has changed.

If i do this to my WIM, it then installs from USB:

imagex /flags "Enterprise" /info c:\temp\WIM\ME\install.wim "Win8Office2013Enterprise-x86" "Win8Office2013Enterprise-x86"

I wonder because I use the WDS capture image if this has somehow changed recently.
Very annoying, but now at least I can install my custom image :)

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Would like to know what the proper way to go about formating hard drive and reinstalling windows 7 all I have is the repair disk, data back up disk & the Image disk i got the dell laptop from bestbuy and geeksquad did the set up well actually 3 weeks ago my motherboard and processor took a crap and it was replaced but i dont have a windows disk and actually had to get a program to track down the cd key but i dont have any dell software installed in here and its missing to many system files to run down. so i fifgured i would just "start over" so if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated. thanks

A:Trying to wipe HD clean and reinstall windows 7 home premium 64bit OEM

Do you have a valid Product Key with 25 characters like this: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx?
What sounds better:

The PC as it was when shipped from Dell?

A PC with a clean installation of Windows 7 and nothing else?

If you have a valid Product Key and want the latter, not the former, you can download an ISO file form Mydigitallife.info, burn it to a disc, install from that disc, and activate using the Product Key.

There is a different procedure if you want to restore to as when the PC shipped from Dell.

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Hi all

I think I'll go crazy i some minutes...
The computer of my parents is full with several viruses. So the easiest way to clean the comouter is, to make a new setup and rei stall Windows.

So I inserted the original Windows 7 install DVD, and set the DVD to the first position in BIOS. But when it starts from the DVD, there is only a black screen with a small "ED" on the right bottom of the screen. And that for minutes! Wtf??

So istarted the old to replace Windows and started it over the explorer. This works. But when I came to the screen where I can chose the partition, i'm unable to format the hard disk, because of missing drivers. Where is this?
So i installed it on a other free partition and it worked. But i keep having all the trash on the hard disk. So i tried to format the partition over the explorer. But it dont work.

So please help me, im going crazy! How can i reinstall this??

I've Windows 7 Ho e Premium x86


A:Unable to reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium to clean the Computer

Try Cleaning the HD Drive first, using Step one in this tutorial:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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I reinstalled Windows 7 from the original operating disk. I saved everything to the Recovery partition (I didn't know any better). After installation, I tried to add software to my laptop but it said I didn't have enough space!

I reinstalled Windows 7 again, this time saving it to C:. But, I don't know if it worked or not. My computer says I don't have enough space to add software to my laptop.

My computer shows:
OS C: 139GB free of 218GB and
Recovery E: 349MB free of 14.6GB.

How can I correct this? Can someone please help me? I'm no techie, but I can follow step-by-steps instructions. Thanks in advance!

A:Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit reinstall. Saved to wrong partition.

If you have a Windows Disk, why not just format every partition from the Setup and install it to the Hard Drive.

A screenshot of your Disk Management would also be nice.

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Hi,I have been looking for a solution to upgrade my Inspiron 1525 laptop, preinstalled with Vista Home Premium 32 bits when I bought it.The target is to prepare path to upgrade to Windows 10.I need Windows 7 or 8 to start with.I could not find a way on Dell website.
Many thanks in advance !Isabelle

A:Upgrade for my Inspiron 1525 Laptop from Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bits to Windows 7 or 8 and then to Windows 10

Thank you for writing to us!
We would like to inform you that the Inspiron 1525 is not tested for windows 10 and we would not suggest that you upgrade the version of windows 
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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I am making a recovery disk for my dell latitude E6440 laptop and began the process to make a Windows 7 professional DVD.  However, the Product Key I found on the computer only has 20 characters and on the Windows download site I received an error,
saying I needed 25 characters.
Not sure where I go from here.  Dell said the Windows 7 professional Product ID was correct.

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I have an Acer Aspire Laptop that I am getting very frustrated with. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. My son had this laptop origianlly and got so frustrated he just stuck in the top of his closet for a few years. Now I'm needing
a computer and he gave me the laptop. I have researched and done so many different things I'm ready to pull my hair out. I decided to make sure everything was backed up and ran the eRecovery Program on here from Acer back to the Factory Default settings. I
have uninstalled the McAfee Security Suite and added VIPRE Antivirus Home. I also uninstalled Bing Bar (I have no use for it), newsXpresso (no use for it), Norton Online Backup, Times Reader. I tried to do a manual update for Windows and I'm still getting
that error code. Please help.

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i need help confirming if this model dell inspiron 14 n4050 can run windows 7 home premium in 32-bit, it came with starter and it has alot of problems so an yhelp would be appreciated.


A:Windows 7 Home Premium for laptop

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I'm in a similar situation as this guy:

except when I boot up my disk, I only get to the 2nd step:

2) Progress Bar:
The next screen is a more graphical progress bar indicating Windows 7 is still working in the background.

it wont go past this screen.

The same thing happens when I boot it up normally(without the disk for windows 7 home premium), only with the disk in it has the windows 7 rather than the vista look.

Does anyone know what is causing this problem?

A:Solved: Replacing windows vista home premium with windows 7 home premium

You've got this thread started too http://forums.techguy.org/windows-vista/1008564-laptop-hangs-loading-bar-screen.html

Is that one now solved too? You've marked this one solved, could you explain how you solved it in case others need to solve the same problem sometime in the future?



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It started happening this Sunday (yesterday) that my laptop would freeze all of a sudden. I turned it on again and this time I didn't connect it to the internet. It seems to work fine as long as I'm not on the internet. When I'm on the internet, it takes about 15-45 secs to finally freeze up.

I scanned the laptop with 3 different programs.Microsoft Security Essentials
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
None of these programs seemed to have detected anything. I decided to come here for help instead now. I don't know what can be causing the problem.

A:My Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit Laptop Freezes.

When you say "on the Internet" I'm assuming you mean you've opened up your browser? Or the actual connection to the network? If it's you opening a browser, which browser are you using?

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I have a Windows Vista Home Premium Laptop. This computer will freeze when two program are running. I have run a registry cleaner and it still does not work. I found a lot of virus but have been clean since. What suggestions do you have? To mention I have misplace my Windows Vista Home Premium CD.

A:Windows Vista Home Premium Laptop

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My product key on the back of the laptop is built from 5 parts each part built from 5 letters and/or numbers.

I used the tutorial for clean install of windows 7 and went to the download page where you need to enter the product key. When i enter it after a minute or two i'm getting a message: A problem with the identification. Make sure your key product support the product on this site.

My laptop is hp pavilion dv6 and i just bought a new hard disk and i want to install again the windows 7 home premium. I don't have the dvd that came with the laptop or any other backup of the os.

Maybe i'm downloading the wrong windows 7 ? I couldn't find so far any working link for a windows 7 home premium for my laptop and this link download in the tutorial not working so far.

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Hello, 7 years ago I bought HP G 62 laptpp  came with windows 7 home premium, yesterday the HDD gone faulty and I had to replace it.
I nstalled window 7 and I need to activate it and I haven"t the windows key because the laptop supplied without windows key. I don"t know what I have to do. I lost my old HDD and lost everything encluded the old windows 7 home premium .
I need help.somebody guid me what I should do to solve this problem.
THe information for this laptop:
Type:                HP G62
Number:  WM954EA# AB4
[personal information removed]

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Having Problem with windows, i just got it back after repair, before sending it for repair , i toke out hard drive and used it in a different laptop for 2 weeks,
But after putting it back to repaired laptop all the Microsoft Windows are crashing ,
when i try to open up video in wmp it crashes ,but audio songs works fine, when i open up Windows properties,explorer.exe not responding, i have windows 10 upgrade ready, it get downloaded and failed to install.

Need urgent help.

A:Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Crashing after reassembling Laptop

See if the HDD works in the other laptop. If it does it may have latched onto that laptop configuration. Have you tried a windows recovery environment process? Does it have a recovery partition?
Try to go with the simple things before jumping into the deep end of the pool.
Your System Specs indicate you have Malwarebytes running as anti-virus, you may want to read this thread,

I run Avast Free and Malwarebytes Free and have been lucky so far

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HI all, in my laptop i have windows 7 home premium 64 bit version but i need to install the windows 7 enterprise version in my laptop but i need to keep my home premium OS in my hard drive , simply i need to have dual boot in my laptop with windows 7 home premium and enterprise versions can it be Done??

A:How to install Windows 7 Enterprise and Home Premium in A same Laptop?

Sure, make 2 primary partitions (you already have Windows HP installed on one) and install Enterprise on the other.

Why do you want Enterprise ?

And a better question, why do you want 2 installs of 7 on the same machine.

Post us a shot of disk management, fully expanded, so we can advise.

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Hi, I am trying to reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit but every time I do I cannot get past the screen where I have to download the driver to go further in the installation. I have tried Various methods such as: full reinstall disk of windows 7, an original windows 7 disk, bootable USB with windows on it. None have worked to get passed it. I have also tried to make a DVD of the drivers to install by downloading the drivers from the website and extracting them to the DVD and I have tried it fr the USB way too. It still has not worked. Am I doing something wrong? Please help me find a solution in the next couple of days please. I am not even able to see my hard drive by the way.

A:trying to install windows 7 home premium 32 bit ontp laptop

The error almost always means a bad installer. Where did you get the ISO and how did you burn the disk? See Step 1 of Clean Reinstall Windows 7 for how to confirm the iSO and properly burn the DVD.

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A:hw can i restore my laptop windows 7 home premium OA but no disk

I mean Recovery pls

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