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Macbook Pro DVI and Dell Display resolution problem

Q: Macbook Pro DVI and Dell Display resolution problem

Hello I have a 30" Dell display for a couple of year that woks fine with my Mac pro early 2009 (Radeon HD 5770 graphic card): 2560 X 1440 resolution
I bought a Macbook Pro Retina (early 2015) which can handle 4K display but when i use it with my Dell Dysplay (DVI port then DVI to mini display cable adapter then to the mini display port of my MacBook, I can't have this resolution (max= 1080...).
Do you have any solution?

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Preferred Solution: Macbook Pro DVI and Dell Display resolution problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi everyone,
I was wondering should I get HDMI to USB C or Display-port to USB C port for Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx 25 inch?
Thank you

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When viewing the Dell Optiplex 9030 specifications, it states that the device can be used as an external display for other devices, via its HDMI input.
I have followed the instructions given in the link below to link-up a MacBook Air as a video input, using HDMI. One user in the thread below says they have successfully done this, although it is not working on my machine. 

When I switch the display from "PC" to "HDMI" using the OSD (On Screen Display) buttons it only shows a black screen, although my MacBook Air detects that it is connected to the Dell Optiplex 9030, and adjusts its settings accordingly. On the Optiplex 9030, the question-mark below where it says "HDMI" on the OSD disappears, but no signal is displayed on the screen. 
Can anyone please explain a workaround to this problem? 

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I have just bought a used Dell Ultrasharp 3007 30 inch monitor, I connected it to a G5 quadcore MAC computer with an NVIDIA 6600 video card, I have two DVI video ports, on one port the display can only be set on a maximum resolution of 1080X800, while when inserted on the other DVI port the display selector can show the various resolution options up to 2560 x 1600, but when any hiigher resolution than 1080X800 is selected the display turns pink with vertical stripes. I tried to connect it to my Mac Book Pro laptop which has a hi res of 1920X1200, but again if any higher res than 1080X800 is selected the same thing happens to the Dell display, turns pink and with stripes and nothing on the display is visible. What could the problem be? Thanks

A:30" Dell Display only showing at a very low resolution

The problem could be that you max out the displays max resolution? -or then the HZ is set to high?

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I am using a clean install of windows XP.

I have a Dell Dimension 2400 that will not change screen resolution for the
display. It all ways stays in very low resolution. I have looked Control panel
-Display-Advanced and I don't see any way to change settings. Under the Adapter
Tab it shows that every device is unavailable. So I guess I might need some drivers?
Where do I down load them? The Dell Site does not show vedio drivers to download.
Thank you,

A:Solved: Dell Dim 2400 will not change Display Resolution

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I found some contradictory posts where one dell representative  said that the XPS laptop could only output to 1080p while  a different dell representative said that it could support up to 2560x1600, not sure if models differ on those posts though. Intel HD 4400 claims that with a 4rth generation U series processor can support resolutions up to 3840x2160 at 30Hz with Display Port 1.2.
What is the maximum supported resolution via mini Display Port for Dell XPS 9333 (i7 4510U, Intel HD 4400)?
Can a docking station like D3100 support higher resolutions like 4k on this model?

Any information would be very helpful, thank you!

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I have a situation very much similar to the one described in this post below.

My machine is Dell E6400 in its lowest configuration and default video card, et cetera.

I got a Dell 2312HM monitor that's capable of 1080 and the highest I see available is 1600 x something with 1920x1080 not even shown. 1600x BTW looks awful. It runs by default the "recommended" 1366x768.

I deactivated the notebook screen, shut down the lid making the 2312HM the only screen to no avail.
I downloaded the driver for the 2312HM also to no avail. What else can I try?

I am running this via VGA port, could this be the problem, should I get the Display Port cable? There is no HDMI in the laptop computer, just DVI/VGA and DP. I was under the impression that VGA can display 1080.
I was also under the impression the stock video card can run 1080p.

Screen resolution will not display 1920x1080

Problem- I have Sony Vizio, display name of E320VP, 1920x1080. When I right click and go to screen resolution it will not let me go pass 1366X768. I have tried using amd vision and clicking on use EDI and it helps and shows 1920x1080. However under screen resolution when I right click on my desktop it still will not let me change and only shows 1366X768.

Also while running games, 1920x1080 is not an option for me to select under screen resolution.

How can I fix and or solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

A:Dell E6400 - Screen resolution will not display 1920x1080 via VGA

VGA should support 1920x1080. But you're better off using the DP.

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I have a Dell D600 laptop running on Windows 2000. there is times when I start up the system and the login dialog box will be large. However, once I login and windows start to load, it would change back to normal.

Do I need to download an updated video driver from Dell web site?

Please let me know, thanks in advance.


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From my laptop xps 15 9550, i couldn't figure out how to extent properly 4k resolution on each monitor.
If I refer the dell website, I am supposed to be able to dual display 4k resolution on each monitor:http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN301105
Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB15

Number of Displays
Refresh Rate
1920 x 1080
60 Hz
1920 x 1200
60 Hz
2048 x 1356
60 Hz
2560 x 1080
60 Hz
2560 x 1440
60 Hz
2560 x 1600
60 Hz
3440 x 1440
60 Hz
3840 x 2160
60 Hz

Whatever I tried several as combinaisons in extended desktop, i cannot get the 4K (but only the 2K max) at 59/60hz, i cannot even get the 4k in 30hz available in the HD graphics control panel:Primary display : dell 1 u2717d
Secondary display : dell 2 u2717d
Built-in display : laptop xps 15 9550 in on or none

Do you guys have the same issue ? or anyone already solved it ?

(The TechCenter asked me to use mDP and DP instead of using mDP and HDMI, the issue remains the same fyi whatever the combo between mDP, DP and HDMI)


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I've got DELL Vostro 3750, and I bought Dell U2515H monitor for second display.
I can set only maximum 1920×1050 resolution, instead of the optimal 2560×1600 of the monitor. 
I'am connected them with hdmi cable.
Please help me solve the problem!


A:Dell Vostro 3750 with Dell U2515H monitor resolution problem

The U2515H HDMI in port can do up to 2560x1440 60Hz. But the U2515H does not dictate the resolution. That is done by the capabilities of the laptop GPU video card. The 2011 Vostro 3750 HDMI out must be limited to 1920.

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Hi all. So I turned on my laptop (Dell inspiron e1505, Vista Home ed, W/ NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 graphics driver) and the screen was divided into 4 quadrants, with the same thing on each. After 2 restarts, its back to full screen, yet the resolution won't go above 1024 x 768.

System info on the graphics card reads "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

Also, there is a reported problem with Microsoft ISATAP Adapter 2, which reads "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)"

Not sure what the second thing is. Any ideas on what the problem is or how to fix it? The laptop is a couple months shy of being 4 years old. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Display/ Resolution Problem

I tried re-installing the graphics card driver, but no dice.

Also, oddly, my computer has refused to hibernate today.

Seem like two unrelated problems however they both appeared on the same day.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be much obliged.


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I am using a NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 model 64 display adapter on my system running Win 98SE. Resolution is set for 1024 by 768.

Recently I have been having a problem with the system bootin to a 640 by 480 resolution. If I reboot the system comes up with a 1024 by 768 resolution.

This problem, which requires second boot-up each time I cold start my system is a real puzzle. Can anyone suggest a cause and a fix?

A:Display Resolution Problem

Are you running any Video configuration software? Sometimes Aplications can cause this problem.
Another thing could be a problem with the windows registry or even the hard drive.

Try setting Display adapter to "Standard PCI Graphics Adapter VGA", then reboot a couple times to clear up the registry, then reload the latest video drivers and see if that resolved the problem.

Good Luck!


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So I just hooked up a new dell optiplex 780 in our conference room to a projector and the projector is not displaying anything.

The problem is that windows is setting it's resolution to 1920x1080 but the highest resolution it can handle is 1600x1200 so it's not displaying anything at all.

The computer is using onboard intel graphics and also has a dvi add on card for use with the on board graphics and the driver is up to date.

I have the projector connected to the dvi add on card using these dvi over ethernet adapters by iogear: IOGEAR - GVE200 - DVI-D CAT5e/6 MiniExtender, which is why I think windows is detecting it as a 1920x1080 display.

I also have a monitor hooked up to the vga port.

Here's what I found out:

After realizing I did not have any video displaying through the projector I hooked up the monitor and was able to clone and/or extend but only the monitor was working. So I changed the resolution on the projector down from 1920x1080 to 1600x1200 and it starts working fine.

As soon as I unhook the monitor, though I think windows switches back to single display mode and switches its resolution back to 1920x1080. If I leave the monitor connected and change the setting to display through the projector only, it does the same thing setting the resolution too high for it to display anything.

The problem is it won't let me change the resolution before switching to display through the projector only. After you change the setting to display through the project... Read more

A:another display resolution problem

I rebooted and hit F8 to get to the advanced boot options menu.

I selected "enable low resolution video" and it booted into windows setting the resolution for the projector to 640x480.

I was then able to change the resolution and everything is good now.

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Hi Friends,
For past one year,I am using hp pavilion notebook dv6700 with following configuration
Intel Core2Duo 2.1 Gh
4MB RAM,250GB Hard disk
Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS 256 MB graphics card(latest updated driver as on 21.02.09)
Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit with SP1 integrated

About three weeks back I uninstalled Microsoft office 2007 and after that I noticed that although the resolution of my laptop display is adjusted to maximum at 1280X800 but the icons appear a little blur at their edges and the messages boxes that open do not show all the matter and commands that are there (screenshot attached).
I have scanned my window?s registry and also I have checked all the files with scannow option but nothing was found wrong anywhere and also all the drivers are working properly. But I cannot change the resolution by any means and my problem remains the same.
Can anyone help me out please?
Thanx in advance.

A:display resolution problem

Originally Posted by novice1

Hi Friends,
For past one year,I am using hp pavilion notebook dv6700 with following configuration
Intel Core2Duo 2.1 Gh
4MB RAM,250GB Hard disk
Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS 256 MB graphics card(latest updated driver as on 21.02.09)
Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit with SP1 integrated

About three weeks back I uninstalled Microsoft office 2007 and after that I noticed that although the resolution of my laptop display is adjusted to maximum at 1280X800 but the icons appear a little blur at their edges and the messages boxes that open do not show all the matter and commands that are there (screenshot attached).
I have scanned my window?s registry and also I have checked all the files with scannow option but nothing was found wrong anywhere and also all the drivers are working properly. But I cannot change the resolution by any means and my problem remains the same.
Can anyone help me out please?
Thanx in advance.

your resolution is correct, your DPI settings are not.
right click your desktop anywhere, click on personalization, on the left of that window should be an option saying adjust font size (DPI), in that new window, your font size, if im correct should be set at 120 DPI, set it to 96 DPI and restart, this should fix the issue

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Hey guys,

I just updated my windows (windows 7 home premium 64 bit) and now the resolution of my screen went down from 1600*900 to 1152*864. I cant set the resolution higher again, because my windows says that this is the highest possible resolution. All my video drivers are up to date.

I hope that you can help me, the low resolution is very annoying.

A:Display Resolution Problem

Welcome to SF astiiscool

What LCD/CRT you have? also let us know about your system specs. Try uninstalling the Display Driver and re-installing it and if you can find the driver for your LCD/CRT from the official website of the manufacturer so it can help to solve the issue at some point though Win 7 supports all kinds of display resolutions that a LCD/Monitor's has

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The last few days, after having computer on for 5 hours or so, the screen goes blank and shuts down.
When I restart it the screen resolution is way lower than it should be at 1920x1200 for a 24" screen.
The display is almost like it is in safe mode but after booting up it doesn't say safe mode.
I go into change resolution and it shows 800x? a very low resolution and that box is grey and won't allow me to change it to 1920x1200.

Is this a sign of the card going bad or is there a quick fix for this problem?

If I turn it off for an hour or two it will boot up with the correct resolution. No it is not set for hibernating.
Any and all help appreciated.

A:Resolution display problem

Have you checked temperatures ?
Maybe it is overheating for a faulty fan or dust ???
HWMonitor has a free version that might help.
HWMonitor CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

They also have a portable/standalone version if you don't want to install it.

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I am running Windoes 7RC, Build 7100. My monitor is an HP w2007. All of a suddent today, the display on my screen refuses to fill the entire screen unless I put the resolution on the recommended resolution of 1680 X 1050. At that resolution, I have to set the DPI over 160% for the text to be big enough to read.

I had not made any hardware or software changes before this happened, and I was able to run the resolutuon at 1280 X 800 and have the entire screen filled. I tried uninstalling the graphics drivers and the Catalyst Control Center - made no difference. Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Display resolution problem

Except in Firefox everything is really, really large - while in Internet Explorer, all the Office applications, and everything else the fonts and type is small. Does this give any insight?

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OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RC (6.1.7100)
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT, driver version 185.81 (the latest version on nvidia.com at the moment)
Monitor: LG Flatron F920P (CRT)

After Windows installation has completed the display resolution was set to 1600x1200, 85 Hz, 32 bpp. In this mode text is too small and blurry so I decided to lower the resolution to 1280x960 as I alwas did in Windows Vista. This also allows me to set refresh rate to 100 Hz. But the display resolution didn't chage - I confirmed this through the menu in monitor. Instead I got a smaller image with black space around it and it didn't make text any larger or sharper. 100 Hz is not available either. That is the size of desktop became 1280x960 but this image is rendered in 1600x1200 mode in the center of the screen.

How can I set real display resolution to 1280x960 and not just the size of desktop?

A:Problem with CRT display resolution

I've the same problem Do you guys have any idea ?

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I have a nvidia 6100 and a acer v173 monitor I have problems on were it goes into 640x480 resolution and the slider has no other options.I reinstall drivers checked cables and none of it has worked.I get this often when playing games but I randomly fix it and I don't know how.. I tried to do a system restore but there were no restore points to go back to.any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Windows Systemax XP pro SP3: I had to reinstall it, (CD for Windows, and on-line updates for SP3) and now I cannot get it to set 1680 x 1050 resolution for my Acer V223W monitor.
I have no video card, just the motherboard chipset.

It worked fine before the re-installation. I've been through all the settings, (including advanced - list all modes) but there is simply no 1680 x 1050 selection available, and I can find no way to input the setting I need.

Maybe a clue: Belarc Advisor says it can't discover the Display.

I went to ACER, and downloaded a new driver, but it came in a format (ICM) that Windows cant handle, so I can't use it.

I've tried Windows Update, but it crashes the website, (don't know why) and so I'm about at the end of the string.

I sure would be happy for an answer.

A:Solved: display resolution problem

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I have Lenovo G50-70 with a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 as default and recommended by Windows. Now with this reslution, everything is so small. text, buttons, pictures, etc and it's very hard to work on it.I tried to change the resolution many times but then the display looses its sharpness and clarity, all graphics get dull and loos their sharpness too. Besides this, windows keeps popping up a message to change the display to 1920 x 1080.It was the same when I bought this laptop with Windows 8 and it is the same with Windows 10. No update could fix this problem.The only solution I could do is to "Set a custom scaling level" which does make text normal for comfort viewing but the graphics are not clear. Besides many programs still remain small.I would really appreciate the help to fixing my problem. The display adaptors?

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I recently purchased a Thinkpad P51s. While experimenting with screen resolution I initially set up 1920 X 1080. I found this to be perfect. However, I next experimented with the display maximum resolution of 3840 X 2160. I found this resolution unsatisfactory and attempted to change back to the lower resolution. When I did this, the display area became only a small area in the center of an otherwise black screen. How can I repair this problem and return to the full screen of 1920 X 1080?

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Hello everyone

Can you help?

I am running Windows XP Pro and am having trouble with the way colours display at times and am wondering if anyone has any ideas.

If I have my display settings on Highest (32 bit) some of my icons on taskbars/toolbars get a pink shadow behind them for some reason (see attachment - Bar). If I revert to the only other choice which is Medium (16 bit) the pink shadows disappear but the desktop wallpaper and all other images appear 'bitsy/blurred/blotchy or not as sharp' (sorry, I don't know how better to describe it). I have attached also some other files to perhaps assist any of you in trying to work out why this happens.

Obviously I would like all the images and icons to be as sharp and clear as possible without the pink background, but don't have any idea about what I can do to fix the problem.

It gets a bit frustrating when you find an image for wallpaper that you would really like, but when displayed it doesn't show up as crisp as it could (when on 16 bit).

Am I missing something here?

Any help or advice would be ever so appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from anyone with some ideas.

Bye for now, and thanks in anticipation.
Adelaide, South Australia

A:Colour resolution / display problem

Looking at your pic it seems to me that not all the icons have this shadow. I would simply guess that the shadow is part of the graphic itself, but is in a color which 16-bit cannot display. I, personally, would stick with 32-bit for the best resolution, and learn to live with the "bonus" of having a few pink (fuschia) shadows.

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Question that I could not find an answer for on Google before I buy. I currently have a Dell 6420 using Win 7 SP1 with a 1366 X 768 display that I have the text set at 125% so I can read it. What display is going to look better on an X1 Carbon if I use that setting, the 2560 x 1440 WQHD IPS LED Display or the 1920 x 1080 Full HD IPS LED Display using Win 7 Pro?

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Hi,I need help with a program I need to use in class called Cell Designer (v4.4).  Everything works just fine except the resolution of the window. It's unusable without a magnifying class. I've tried to change the resolution of my screen but it doesn't seems to help. What can I do about it ? I don't have this problem with any other program I use.

Sans titre.png ?345 KB

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hey guys, been wrestling w/ this for a week & a half now, & can't figure it out for the life of me...

have a gateway FPD2185W 21" WS monitor and an EVGA 7300GS. have been using 'em w/ vista x64 for 4 months w/ no problems (RGB; the dvi port on the crappy Gateway blew last winter).
was using my box normally, hadn't updated any drivers or installed any new apps in a while, when the screen just flickered and kicked me into an 800x600 resolution. when i tried to change it back to the monitor's native resolution (1680x1050), i found that it wasn't available anymore... the best resolution i could get was 1600x1200. when i 'check all modes', nothing above 1600x1200 is listed.
I've tried restoring to an old save point, i've tried uninstalling and re-installing 3 diff versions of the forceware drivers (incl. the most recent), i've swapped in my old x600 card & installed the latest catalyst drivers. NOTHING WORKS!!! When i plug the monitor into my old computer tho, f*ckin' bob's yer uncle... no problems whatsoever.
Please someone tell me you have a solution! My eyes really hurt from looking at this fuzzy, non-native resolution!!!

A:big display problem; can't get native resolution anymore!

It would seem the graphics card and monitor aren't getting along for some reason.

Check the Monitor Driversand at the monitor in the Device Manager. Try the monitor on your integrated graphics output. This should tell you if it is a software issue (If it works fine).

Also look at the BIOS PCI-e settings and see if there is anything there that could cause the problem.

While you're at it, check your monitor panel settings (menu within monitor itself)

Good look.

Originally Posted by jetenginejesus

hey guys, been wrestling w/ this for a week & a half now, & can't figure it out for the life of me...

have a gateway FPD2185W 21" WS monitor and an EVGA 7300GS. have been using 'em w/ vista x64 for 4 months w/ no problems (RGB; the dvi port on the crappy Gateway blew last winter).
was using my box normally, hadn't updated any drivers or installed any new apps in a while, when the screen just flickered and kicked me into an 800x600 resolution. when i tried to change it back to the monitor's native resolution (1680x1050), i found that it wasn't available anymore... the best resolution i could get was 1600x1200. when i 'check all modes', nothing above 1600x1200 is listed.
I've tried restoring to an old save point, i've tried uninstalling and re-installing 3 diff versions of the forceware drivers (incl. the most recent), i've swapped in my old x600 card & installed the latest catalyst drivers. NOTHING WORK... Read more

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Hello there,

Thanks for your time in reading my post.

I've replaced a cracked screen on a laptop with a like for like replacement from a seller on eBay.

I fitted the screen, powered on the laptop and it's instead displaying what it should be 4 times above and below each display. It's almost as though the screen doesn't support the resolution or refresh rate.

Now I don't understand why this is when it's a like for like replacement and the real strange thing is the first time I tested it when it showed the HP BIOS Start up screen it WASN'T displaying properly... but when Windows loaded it did display properly.

The problem I've now got is Windows won't load and I can only boot in to safe mode (this was already a problem before, Windows sometimes wouldn't boot). In Safe mode the screen doesn't display properly.

Please help!!

A:Display/Resolution problem after screen replacement

Typical cause for Safe Mode to function and not (normal) Windows is a video driver issue.

The screen not displaying the BIOS or Safe Mode correctly sounds like a hardware fault. I don't know that you can adjust the display at that level. Just like with a desktop PC, if the BIOS or Safe Mode display is corrupted, there is a hardware fault and the resolution is usually hardware replacement...typically the video card.

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i recently updated my graphic card driver to the newes version. But now I am not able to select the right display resolution(which is 1920x1200). The max resolution I can select is now only 1600x1200. But this Driver should definitely support this resolution.
Even if I select the option to show me all mods it won?t show me more options.

I tried a lot of other Drivers now and even my old Driver(which worked fine) but non of them seems to work.

- Graphic Card: ATI RADEON HD 4800
- Driver: AMD-Catalyst-15.11Beta (also tried 15.7.1 and 13.4)
- Display: HP Z24i
- Windows 10 64bit Pro

A:ATI Radeon HD 4800: display resolution problem

Maybe changing the graphics driver changed the monitor as well. To make sure it supports all resolutions, you have to replace the monitor with Generic PnP monitor. Click on the search icon and type device. Click to open the Device Manager, then expand monitors, right-click on the monitor and select Update driver. Select last option a couple of times and you should see a list with models. Uncheck the box Show compatible models to see all models. Then from standard monitors select Generic PnP monitor and install it.

Another thing to try is to change the resolution from Catalyst Control Center, monitor section. Or right-click on the desktop, select Display settings., then click Advanced display settings, then Display adapter properties. Finally click on List all modes, select the desired resolution and try to apply it.

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Hi all,

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit with a Core I3-2100, using the integrated graphics solution with a connection to my HDTV.

I tried to set it to 1920x1080, which took some finagling, but eventually worked. naturally, all the text was too small, so i changed the setting to make the text 125% larger.

but now even though the display driver says it's at 1920x1080, instead of keeping everything on the screen and increasing the text size, it looks like the screen is zoomed in at 125%, so the outer edges of my desktop are essentially outside of the screen (i.e. not visible).

so i tried to change the setting back to 100% for text size, but now it won't change back. so the outer edge of my screen is now not visible.

anyone run into this problem before? any solutions? i've updated the intel drivers, used vga and hdmi outputs, reinstalled the drivers. is this a windows problem or an intel problem?


A:Intel core i3-2100 display resolution problem

i had this problem but ive changed the resolution manually throgh the nvidia control panel.... youve connected it with HDMI???

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Hey Guys

After using my PC for a presentation on a projector today it seems that something has changed on the screen settings. If I choose a lower setting than max (1920x1200) the screen image becomes smaller on the display and does not utilize the whole display, rather than text, icons etc becoming bigger, and still filling the whole display. The image below will illustrate how it looks on my screen when I turn the resolution down. Before the whole screen would still be filled, but the icons and text would be bigger.
Hope someone can help me, as this affects some programs with lower resolution, that will no longer use the whole screen..


A:Vista/Dell resolution problem

There is a setting in the BIOS and also available via hot keys.
On my Dell it is Fn F7 but it should be labelled.

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I have recently installed WD Blue 1 TB Hard Disk. After installation my Dell monitor's (20 inch) resolution
has been changed. Tried to setting the resolution - it's Landscape - 800 x 600 (lowest) and 1600 x 1200 (highest). I have set it 1440 x 900 but icons , letters, images appearing bigger. When setting 1600 x 1200
icons , letters, images appearing normal but vertically pressed (looking pressed from up down). No option is
working properly. Screen resolution is not only abnormal but also hurting eyes. Kindly help.

System info -

Windows 7
Service pack 1
AMD Athlon II X2 260 3.2 GHz
32 bit
Internet security - Kaspersky

A:Dell monitor resolution problem

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Ok, so i just reformatted a dell latitude laptop, and everything is working fine, until i go to change the screen's resolution size to make the icons smaller... it does in fact make them smaller, but increases the size of the screen so that it extends past the borders, forcing me to push the mouse to the edges of the screen to display different sections that i need to get to (Ex: for the "My Computer" icon i have to "push" the screen to the far upper left, while the task bar I have to "push" the screen to the very bottom). I remember i accidently changed something on my previous laptops settings that caused it to do this, and accidently fixed it back, but i have no clue how to go about doing it on purpose this time... does anyone know what's going on?

A:Resolution problem on dell laptop

Default screen resolution size
Actually what is it again? 1024x768 ? (please refer to the manual on this size)

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I have a T60 2623D7U that has a screen resolution of 1400x1050. The problem I am having is that when I start the laptop it starts up with a really low resolution, probably 640x480, and the colour of the screen sometimes has a pink or blue shade. Sometimes it flickers with white horizontal lines. When Windows XP is loaded, I cannot change the screen resolution and even though it shows that it is 1024x768, it is probably still showing at 640x480.  Every once in a while it will actually start up with the correct screen resolution and everything works perfectly, but this only happens very rarely. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

A:T60 display problem - boot in low resolution pink/blue shade

does this problem occur on external screen?

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I have a user who did something to the resolution on an old Windows NT workstation while doing something with wallpaper. He doesn't know exactly what he did, but he said he was trying to make the picture bigger on his desktop (but I don't think he used stretch). I think he did something in the display properties.

The workstation is an old Compaq Deskpro. I can get into the unit using VGA mode, but when I load the drivers for the video card (ATI 3D Rage Pro) and do reboot the monitor still turns off at logon. It's almost like it's trying to do some kind of widescreen setting and freaking out. I hooked the unit up to a regular LCD and it said input not supported.

It's definately a settings problem on the drive as I swat it out and put it in an identical workstation and the problem remained.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem in VGA mode so that I can once again get into the regular display mode.

Thank you in advance.

A:Monitor shuts off at logon, resolution/display setting problem

did you check the frequency?
it might be something to do with the frequency.

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Just upgrad to macOS 10.12 Sierra. While my HP display W2081d working well with previous OS El Capitan, once upgraded to Sierra, the display is no longer found on the system. In the Setting, even pushing the button "searching display", no display was found. W2081d is not supported by Sierra?

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Can anyone recommend an excellent 27 inch display for a macbook pro? Reviews of the Apple Thunderbolt display on apple.com are pretty scary. Thanks Much.

A:a good 27 inch display for macbook pro?

I can recommend PC Mag for their reviews. They never steered me wrong.


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Just bought my laptop.  I had to lower the resolution from 4k to 1980 to run some of my graphic programs.  That part works great.  But every time I turn on the laptop it starts with the 1980 resolution than flips to what looks like a 690 resolution for a few seconds than flips back to the 1980 resolution. Any way to stop this or did I set something wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I am having a problem with screen resolution with my Dell 2407 FWP monitor.
Iíve been on the phone multiple times between Dell and NVIDIA (my card manufacturer) without a satisfactory answer. I am using a Gateway 710 PC and XP Home and I even upgraded to a NVIDIA GE Force 7600 GS 512MB card thinking the card was the problem. The native resolution of the Dell 2407 is 1920x1200. This yields small icons, fonts and screens. I have tried all the resolutions available to me in the Settings panel of the Display Properties window and other than 1920x1200 or 1680x1050, all the other ones are not a 16:10 ratio and distort the image. Dell suggested using 1280x800 or 1440x900, but these choices are not available to me. Dell said they can see them on a test they ran, even though they are not supported. I donít really understand this, because I canít see
them on mine. The spec sheet says the monitor supports 1920x1200, 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 1152x864, 1024x768, 800x600.
Nevertheless, my question isÖdo you have any suggestions what I can do to see a reasonably sized image that is not distorted. I have played around with changing font sizes and changing the DPI which helps some with the size, but causes overlap of text in some screens and windows.

I could provide you more specific information if you desire, I didnít want to overload you with details now. I really like the monitor, I just canít understand why I canít get a decent sized image without distortion. Lots of folks have 24 ... Read more

A:Resolution problem with Dell 2407 FWP Monitor

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My wife has a Dell Inspiron 1012 laptop computer that we purchased an external CD-ROM player for, since the laptop did not have it's own CD-ROM built in.

We installed a 'hidden object' game from a CD we purchased called 'Treasure Seekers' produced by by E.games onto the laptop computer via the CD-ROM player, only to find that the game does not fit the screen. We cannot see the 'buttons' that control the game. It would seem that the game display is too large for the laptop screen when'Full screen' is selected
On deselecting 'Full screen' mode,though the game display is smaller in size, the bottom portion of the game is totally distorted, it is just a jumble of elongated colored streaks where the games control buttons would normally be.

I installed the game on my desktop computer to see if it worked on a larger screen monitor and it came out okay, all the controls show up in the display and the game works fine.
The screen resolution on this computer is set at 1024 X 768.

On checking the Dell Inspiron 1012 laptop's display settings and found that the screen resolution is at 1024 X 600. The slider adjustment goes between 800 X 600 and 1024 X 600. Moving it down to the lower setting, only distorts the screen display and does nothing to change the game's appearance. There is no way to adjust it any higher.

Is there any way around this resolution problem or any other fix that would allow the game to be played on th... Read more

A:Dell laptop Inspiron resolution problem

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I recently bought a laptop Dell xps ( 9370 ) 13inch 2018 model with 4K screen .
But i ended up facing major problem .
The 4K screen is draining the battery so fast and the battery is dying in couple of hours .
I want to lower the resution of the screen from 3840◊2160 to 1920◊1080 to save some battery life .
But ive been told not to do it because it will damage the chipset , the hardware inside or decrease the system life span . Plus it says ( recommended ) next to the native resolution which is 3840◊2160 .
I really want to know is it ok for me to switch down the resolution from 4K to 1920◊1080 . Is it going to damage the system or the video card .

Please help

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i'am an Egyptian new member here in your forums

i have a problem in resolution of games and videos and this is due to unknown error in reading vram
it is 358 and this proved by dxdiag command
but in games it was read 64 only as shown in pes 2009 settings

also all other games and videos don't fit the full screen and there is always a black areas on right and left

vista driver made this and the new intel driver for 7 rc did so (

A:resolution problem in dell vostro A860

47 view and no single comment!!!!
seems to be a big problem

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I need help I have a Macbook pro with a backlight issue. I got someone to swap the screen with a new one, the new one doesnt display anthing at all, so might as well put the old one back.
What is wrong with my mac? It does connect perfectly fine to my TV.
Cant see anything except if I shine a torchlight against it.

A:Macbook Pro turns on but display stays Black

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I have a Dell Vostro 1000 running Windows XP. If I leave my laptop running and shut the laptop lid and leave it for a while, when I open it back up, the screen resolution has changed. Everything is very large and you can't see the whole screen at one time. But when I go to the display properties screen and check the screen resolution settings, the actual bar setting has not moved to a new setting. I have to move it to a new setting, let it go there then move it back to the original postion and reset it to get it back to my original resolution setting. The original setting is 1280 X 768. The only way I have been able to kind of work around this was to go to display properties, chose screen saver, then power scheme, then the advanced button, then in the box where you instuct it on what to do when you close the lid, tell it to go to standby. It then does not change the resolution when i close the lid but it also interupts the wireless connection so no emails are loaded while the lid is closed and it is in standby mode. I then have to wait evertime I open the lid for it to crank up my wireless connection and then wait for it to load any new emails that have come in since I closed the lid. Any ideas anyone.

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Hi everybody,
my problem is this: in the past 2 weeks my windows 10 was updated from the 1703 version to the 1709 and the resolution of my pc became awful: images, texts, icons ... everything! ... were kind of "stretched" orizzontally, were big and unclear.
I had to restore my notebook but I just found out that maybe I can't avoid Windows Update to update automatically the OS.
So, I was wondering if does anyone know if maybe my notebook video driver is not suitable for the 1709 version? Does anyone know if Dell know about this problem and will release any update?
Thank you!!

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I'm trying to fix a resolution problem that we now have with a pc dell dimension 2400. We have installed Windows 7 and the resolution cannot be changed.

Any suggestion on what drivers I'm missing?

A:Dell Dimension 2400 & Windows 7 resolution problem

those machines don't even run XP very well

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I recently installed FF7 onto the notebook and played it for a while. The game crashed and I exited it. I returned to the desktop to find the resolution have been extremely altered, 340 x240 I think, and I can't gain access to anything on the desktop as the mouse icon doesn't cross the whole screen now for some reason. I was able to get to the desktop appearance but it didn't allow me to change it, just told me what the current settings were. I have tried to reboot, using the disk provided, but there is no disk drive. Does anyone know how to solve the resolution problem, like how to return it to factory setting? Failing this, does anyone know how I can get the disk contents onto a removable disk so I can reboot that way?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
Dylan Tawse.

A:DELL - Inspiron Mini 1011 Resolution Problem

Have you tried Rufus to create a bootable USB drive? I worked for me for Win7 and Win8.1.

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