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File copy/move fail, now files gone?

Q: File copy/move fail, now files gone?

I had a folder from my documents and i placed it into the director of my 2gb thumb/flash drive and it said it moved, then at the end it said that it couldn't move the folder. I just watched it move all these files to the drive that are now gone, just because the folder itself wouldn't move. Any help or ideas will be appreciated, Thank you.

Preferred Solution: File copy/move fail, now files gone?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: File copy/move fail, now files gone?

It should have created a copy...I usually don't pay attention to such, but I think that's what happens.

The files are either moved, copied...or in one location or both.

They don't just disappear, unless one of your drives is defective.

Try running chkdsk /r on the flash drive.


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How can I move/copy a file from one disk to another without changing the file's creation date?

A:Copy/Move File from One Disk To Another w/o Changing the File Creation Date

You can use a utility called "Set File Date" to change a file's creation date to whatever you want.


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Can someone help me figure this out?
I cannot move or copy files, folders, or pictures when using the XP files & folders task manager LINKS on the left side of window. These links will no longer move or copy files to new locations. I just get instant hangup when I click these links provided in XP view. When I try to close the hungup window it shows that it is not responding. I find no alerts in control panel/administrative tools/event viewer.
I am still able to copy/paste the files and also able to drag & drop. This is a slight inconvenience & hopefully fixable?
Win XP 2002 SP2
Int. Explorer browser
8+GB free space
All Win security updates are installed
Running trend PC Cillin (up to date)

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After a virus messing up my computer, the only solution to fixing it is to reinstall windows, however i have many files that i would like to copy to a CD so i don't lose them, the problem is that since the virus i can't copy or paste, i can't drag files, so i can't move them, and i can't use windows explorer or nero to burn files to a cd, as none of these work anymore. (reinstalling nero also didn't work)

Could anyone suggest a program or something that i could download so that i can burn my files to cd?

A:program to burn files to cd? unable to move or copy files


Give this a try. It's a freebee.

Good luck.

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hi, im trying to move or copy 5 family videos from one external hdd to another, sizes range from 160 mb to 820 mb, but am getting a 'cannot read from the source file or disk error' on all files , i can move them from one folder to another on the same hdd without any problems, but not to any other hdd connected to my computer. i even created a new folder on the hdd and moved the files to it then tried copy/move to another hdd but didnt work! also renaming the files didnt work! I can watch the videos without any issues

I tried to copy them from the command prompt but came up with 'data error (cyclic redundancy check) so i done a chkdsk and it didnt come up with any bad sectors! i also did the 'copy to nul' command and that worked with no problems

any help wud b mosted appreciated as they are videos of my children when they were younger!

many thanx in advance


A:cannot copy or move file from one hdd to another

Hello DOM,
Try this, make a new folder on your desktop and copy all the files from the external HDD to there, then try and transfer them to the other external HDD by copy and paste.

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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OK guys - My next annoyance with Windows 8/8.1.

When moving items with the same name from one folder to the next, older versions of Windows had an option to Keep Both Items and to do the same for how many other instances there are.

Now though you have to go through to another window and tick two boxes. Now 8 has been out a while, has someone found a way to go back to the quicker, easier system? I'm sure I read somewhere a work-around is available.

A:Quicker Way to Copy/Move but Keep Both Files

I don't know about 8.1. On 8.0 I found Explorer file move/copy sluggish so I set up TeraCopy as optional copy move handler. It gives several options as buttons in the case of a name collision. Seems only one click is required. But I don't save both copies. You'd have to try it for yourself to be certain. The free version works fine for my needs.

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In Vista one could move files within a folder to whatever location manually simply by dragging the file to the desired location within the folder. In WIN7 everything seems to be locked and moving a file (for example image file) to the end of a row of other files within a folder won't work. How to solve this. Any setting I overlooked?

A:Cannot move/copy files within folder

They don't give you that option in Windows 7 yet and not sure if they will in latter builds either.

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I can not move, copy and paste OR cut and past files from folder to folder anywhere (desktop -> folder on desktop, my docs -> random folder, etc).

I am the sole user of this machine and my account is in the administrators group. I have tried taking ownership of the files and folders and it still does not work.

I have searched and searched and can not find a working solution to this problem.

I an running Vista Ultimate 32 Bit SP1 and have not installed any new applications that would cause this type of issue.

please let me know if you need any other information to help in solving this issue

A:Cannot Move or copy/cut and past files

Hello PGU5802, and welcome to Vista Forums.

This tutorial may be able to help you.

Cannot Rename or Move a File or Folder in Vista Fix

Hope this helps,

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When I try to move or copy files i get a message saying it cant be done, the files are not running. this is happening more and more. and it happens with all types of files. Please I need to clean off my drives, and move them to an external. Any help would be appeciated!
Thanks; cottondog

A:can't move copy or delete files

Exact error message...please.

Why are you trying to move files to an external drive?


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Dear All,

Please suggest me a good software to replace the default copy and move system of Win 8.


A:Pls suggest App to copy/move files

You might try GoodSync, I use it for syncing data between workstations and notebooks, It works in sync mode or back up mode

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On a remote storage drive - my old PC hard drive - I can play/move/copy some of the files, but, cannot p/m/c others. Please, assist this newbie.
Error Message: "Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct." (the file is not in use.)

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I have recently been having problems copying or moving files to my CD-RW drive. It either doesn't work or tells me that there isn't a disc it the drive, even though I know there is. The Wizard is no help. The drive reads fine from CD-ROM and CD-RW discs. Could this be a problem with CD-RW drive itself, or the driver software, or another problem. Any help or suggestions would be much apriciated. Many thanks.

A:Can't copy or move files to CD-RW drive.

Hello Hairymartin1966

What software are you using to write the files to the CD?

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I'm experiencing a problem that I cannot solve even though some people have proposed solutions to it.
When I try to copy files from my NAS (Synology DS207+) to my hard drive over the network, this is what I have to answer to first:

I've tried all the suggested solutions by changing the intranet settings in internet options, done some registry hacks, but I can't get rid of this dialogue.

I'm running Vista Ultimate SP1 X64 and I'm beginning to believe that the issue has come after SP1.

Anyone? Help is really appreciated, 'cause I'm going mad!

A:Do you want to move or copy files from this zone?

Bump! I so desperately need help...

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Hi all,

I have a few PST files in a folder on my C drive. I cannot copy or move my files on a D drive or an external hard disk.

I tried to use several user accounts which are all of them members of Admin group but unfortunately special permissions are still required.

By reading a few posts on this site, I used takeown -f and icalcs.exe c:\ /grant Administrator:F commands with no success. (The commands are processed successfully).

I booted under Linux and tried to move the files with no success again.

What's wrong?

i don't know what could do now?

Thanks for your help,


A:impossible to copy or move files

Hello Olivier, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if this may be able to help.

Outlook PST Data File - Move

Hope this helps,

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I'm just starting a major move-round of files, particularly long-term info and photos, from two PCs to a new Seagate Expansion drive.

This is a question that has often occurred to me, and with the volume of 'shift' I'm looking at, it becomes quite significant.

I've always worked on the basis that if you copy files, if anything goes wrong, you still have the source files, which you can delete when you've checked the copy is complete and accurate.

On the other hand, to simply 'move' the files I wanted moved, would be a whole lot less hassle.

What is the risk of a move (particularly a large one) going wrong, and leaving you without what you want to preserve ? What is 'your' considered practice ?


Panttegit, Wales UK

A:Solved: Move vs copy (files)

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I have a Elements 400GB external hard drive and I can't copy/move movie files (like: .avi, .mpg, & .wmv) from it and put them anywhere else. My OS is: win xp home edit. I also have another external hard drive, It is a 1TB iomega prestige desktop hard drive. I have no problem copying or moving movie (or any other) files too and from the 1TB drive and my pc. I can even copy/move movies files from the 1TB one to the 400GB one, But I can't copy or move them from the 400 GB one. Also, I can copy/move files to the 400GB one from my pc.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong and how I can fix it.

A:Can't copy/move movies files from ex. hdd

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I have a bunch of files I cant copy or move to another external harddrive..I bought the computer used ..Could this be a adminnistration proplem?

A:cant copy or move files to another harddrive

Does it say access denied?

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I have a networked folder at work. It is our scan folder, so if we scan something on one of our multiuse printers, the file is sent to this folder and then anyone on the network can access it from their PC.
When I go into this folder to retrieve a file, I click and drag it from the network folder to the area on my computer where it will remain, but the original file stays in the network folder. I'd really like to configure the settings so that the file will move, not copy, but I don't know how to do this. Any help is appreciated.
Hope this makes sense...it's 4 PM on a Friday so my brain isn't working at its peak

A:Need files in folder to move, not copy...

Does your user have permissions to delete/write on the shared folder?
Where is the shared folder created (windows server, Linux server, NAS, etc.)?

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Is there an automated way to move files from one drive to another so that it can be put on a scheduler to run at predetermined intervals. To be clear, this is a move, not a copy. The files must be removed entirely from the source drive after they are placed on the destination drive.

A:An automated way to Move files (not copy)?

Use the Move command. At a command prompt, type:

move /?

and you'll see the syntax and command line switches.

Then write the proper command for your files and save it as a .bat file (a "batch" file), something like movemyfiles.bat.

For example, to moves the files in C:\Temp to D:\Destination, the line would look like this:
move /y c:\Temp\*.* d:\Destination
The /y suppresses prompting and automatically overwrites existing files with the same name.

If you need to move file from more than one folder, just add additional lines.

Then you can create a Scheduled Task that automatically runs the .bat file whenever you wish, assuming your PC is turned on. Or, you can place a shortcut on you desktop to the .bat file and double-click it run it whenever you wish. Or both!

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Hi everyone..

I am in a bit of trouble here. I have 1000+ collection of movies. All these movies are mixed, some are in SD format avi, and some in full HD mp4 format. All these movies are located under one folder, My Movies Collection. Underneath it, all the movies have their own respective folder for example Movie Title 1, Movie Title 2, and so on. Under all this Movie Title X, there are the files (Movie title.avi/mp4,movie title.srt,etc). I am using Media Center Master software to automatically create the folder and rename all the movies accordingly.

Now I am planning to separate these movies to 2 SD and HD folders. Therefore under the My Movies Collection folder, there are 2 folders My Movies SD and My Movies HD. Since the files/folders are more than 1000+. it is quite hard for me to differentiate between which folders having the avi, or which one having the mp4.

Could you guys suggest is there any 3rd party tool to help me on this matter? Or built in Windows apps? Just now I tried using Windows 7 search function *.avi, but when I move the files onto the My Movies SD folder, only the file is being moved, not the whole folder.

I would be very grateful if you guys can help me on this.

Pardon me for my English since I am from Malaysia.

Cheers guys!!!

A:How to move/copy files together with it's folder

TSR Copy Changed Files

This software will copy the files and re-create the folders. You can filter by file type too.

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Does anyone know of a free program that can move or copy files, but has a feature that skips over files it can't copy/move? I do a lot of copy/move operations and it takes way too much time to find and unselect the one file thats holding everything up. Thanks

A:File Copy/Move Program

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Few years ago i stored some music/video files on blank discs.

Just recently i decided to copy the music files from those cds to my hard drive.

When i insert the cd into the computer, the procedure begins normally. some albums are copied to my desktop without a problem. The noise is normal when the cd drive goes to work.

But then a certain album might give problems. The cd drive will copy each track but then it will struggle to copy a certain file. The noise from the cd drive goes silent all of a sudden. Then there is no progress and applications might freeze if i try to use them. To cancel this i have to eject from the cd drive.

Anyone know whats going on here and how i can copy all the media files from the cds to my pc please?

The cds are not scratched. The files were saved to dvd+r discs.

A:certain files fail to copy from cd to desktop harddrive... help pls

I can only think of a dirty disk (finger prints?). Wash it with detergent and cotton cloth making movements from inside to the edge.

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Equipment: HP Notebook G56-WM129 Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium edition Issue: HDD Crashed, after 1 year and 1 month of use the hard drive up and quit working, the computer doesn't even recognize that it is installed.  Ran the test from BIOS and it confirmed that I have a dead drive.  Unplugged cleaned and repluged connection cable produced the same results. A dead Drive.  Now that we have determined that the drive is dead, inoperable, and unusable we'll move on to the part where my other issue lies. To replace the HDD I purchased a new 60Gb SSD. (More expensive than a HHD, but is supposed to be awesome on speed)  Went with the 60 Gig because it is costly and I didn't know at the time Windows 7 uses 25 Gb's of space (WOW). I never created any recovery disc, so I purchased a set from this website using my computers information.  I went ahead and decided to upgrade my ram at this time as well from 3 Gb/s to 8Gb/s.   All the stuff came in and I was excited to say the least.  New toys and all, just like Christmas.   I put the new SSD and RAM in, boot up the computer the BIOS recognized them both (Great).  I put in the 1st recover disk and proceeded to boot from it.  The program runs and wants me to reformat drive (enter no ends the program). So, I enter yes.  Reformatting goes quickly and moves on to the next phase of copying the files.  Then I ... Read more

A:Recovery Disk "Copy File Fail"

Usually replacing the hdd with one that is smaller than the original will cause Recovery to fail.A work-around that many use to replace with an SSD is to use Imaging software to make an Image of the hdd to restore to the SSD. The Imaging software must be one that has capabilty to shrink the image to a smaller hdd/partition. That is the one flaw in my favorite Imaging app,Macrium. I think Paragon Backup has the capabity to shrink, and possibly (not free) Acronis True Image. I have also used Disk Management in Windows 7 to shrink the C: partition before Imaging to allow it to be restored to a smaller hdd or partition. Any of these would require a working SATA hdd to install Win 7 on to do the Imaging. As for the alternate install of Windows 7, you can usually get it activated using your key and the phone activation method. Tips HERE

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i had problems with the bsod and reinstalled windows XP Pro but unfortunately instead of repairing the original version I installed a new copy in a new partition so now i have my operating system as drive e: and all my data and programs etc on c: (machine boots from e: without problems)

how do i either fix the original one or copy the necessary windows data from e: to c:

i am not sure that if i change the bios to make it boot from c: will i not just be going back to the problems i had in the first place


A:[SOLVED] move/copy system files

Hi Eddie and welcome to TSF !

Boot on the XP CD and this time try to repair your old installation (c:). Make sure the option you get is "press R to repair the selected installation" else you risk losing your personal data. Once that's done, if c: and e: are on different physical drive then change the boot order to your old drive in the BIOS and see how it goes. If c: and e: are on the same drive then you may need to edit the boot.ini file to boot on c:, report here and we'll tell you more about that if needed.

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The main problem is not being able to copy+paste files. This just suddenly happened, and I'm not sure why. When I copy and paste, the copied file doesn't appear. It does sometimes show after a restart though (as if it was just hidden before). When I delete a file, the icon won't immediately disappear until I have refreshed the window or the desktop. I cannot move a file from it's folder into another folder or desktop either.

I should say that sometimes when I press ctrl+C and the 'V' and don't take my finger off of the ctrl button it will work, but only sometimes. If lift my finger off the ctrl button after pressing ctrl+C, and then then press ctrl+v it won't work. If I do this rapidly I eventually can get it to paste, but I have to do it several times.

One thing that works is that when I create a new user for my computer, everything works like it's supposed to, just not on my account.

I've tested this mostly on the desktop.
I've tried the "scannow" in the command line. It showed no problems.
I also ran msconfig from the command prompt and disabled the "startup" of everything. This worked at first, but after a few minutes the problem came back.
I also uninstalled my antivirus software, and doing that didn't help.
I did a system restore and it didn't do anything either.
I ran malware bytes and scanned with AVG Antivirus. It didn't help either.

Again creating a new user on my computer works, but I really need the account I have.

Thanks for y... Read more

A:Can't copy+paste, move, or delete files

Have you moved user folders around, such as the desktop or my docs folders?

Tried running CHDSK on next boot for both partitions? Tried reseting your Folder Options back to defaults?

Bad, corrupted, or invalid files can cause Explorer to do this as well. Even unusual file system structures on networked drives, burned discs, or USB drives.

I experience this issue occasionally on Win 7, but a reboot always fixes it for me. Back on Vista it was an everyday problem, but also had it under XP as well...

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I downloaded some movies , then I can't open them
when I download them they worked but when I moved them to another folder they didn't work
help me plz

tkmplayer error
windows error
are attached

A:Can't rename copy move open files

Lol. That's some nice illegal-sounding file names you have there.

As long as this is 'any old random file' and perfectly legal, then it seems some program has locked your files. Try a restart.

Regarding 'not found' error: the files may be split up, Find the .mkv file and put it in same place.

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Hope someone can help with this as I am very frustrated trying to get it to work correctly!

I currently have a reg file that moves a single file to my reg hack folder.

(code example pasted from reg file extra '\' do not appear within registry itself.)

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Move To Reg File Store]

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Move To Reg File Store\Command]
@="cmd.exe /c move \"%1\" \"D:\\All Installation Files\\Registry Hacks etc\"\""

No problem works a treat

However it is not available when you right click a folder. so you need to use this
registry entry instead, and possibly one for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory
as well?

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\Move To Reg File Store]

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\Move To Reg File Store\Command]
@="cmd.exe /c move \"%1\" \"D:\\All Installation Files\\Registry Hacks etc\"\""

The problem is that the code for copying a folder ONLY copies the folder contents NOT the folder. Any files contained in the source folder are copied but NOT in their source folder.

I've experiment using a cmd prompt window and get the same results. I can find no info or help searching the web.

I really want a 'Move to' option but would be happy with copy to... Read more

A:Copy or move files using right click reg code

I think the move command is for moving files, or renaming files or directories.

I don't think you can use the move command for what you want.

You could use the MoveTo service, by attaching it to the context menu. Not quite the same thing , but it will do the job if you don't mind browsing to the destination folder each time.

Otherwise, maybe call up a .cmd file from the folder/directory context menu , which will copy the folder and contents, then delete the original.

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I have numerous family genealogy files/folders on a thumb drive that I want to copy to an existing folder on a HDD, but when I attempt the process it starts and stops at an annoying number of files that are reported to have file names that are too long. Even after I shorten them I still get the same error message and the file will not copy.
Is there a way around this issue?

Any assistance would be appreciated


A:Unable to Move or Copy Some Files to a Folder

You could try using this : Long Path Fixer - Download

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Is it just me or has Win 7 stopped the ability to move more than one group of files/folder at a time?

For example, I'm trying to transfer some music album folders to a USB or another folder. I drag and drop the first album in there, but I have to wait to the progress box to finish before I can drag the next one/group in there.

I KNOW this was never a problem with XP, where every group of files/folders your moved/copied would open a new progress box, each doing their own thing. Why would such a basic function have changed?

A:Can only copy/move one group of files at a time?

HI MyCsPiTTa and a warm welcome to the Forum.
You can do what you want just as in XP. I have just dragged and copied a huge folder to the desktop and before that had hardly got started I did the same with another large folder and it opened a second progress window. I didn't try a third but I am sure it will work as I use this facility quite frequently to copy folders onto one of my external hard drives to use the contents on another PC.
If you are sure a second progress window is not opening, it does happen very quickly in Win 7 and it does hide the original progress window. Try again but this time when you drag the second folder, move the progress window that you can see to one side. There should be the other one below it. Just click on this one and it becomes the active window.

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I searched around for information on this, but all I found was articles about Fat 32's 4GB limitation and my problem has nothing to do with FAT 32...

The problem I'm having is in Vista x64, I can't seem to copy files larger than 4 GB. I get an error that says the file is larger than the destination volume can handle.

The volumes are all NTFS. It doesn't seem to depend on the disk. The OS is installed on a RAID 0 array that is about 270 GB in total size. The partition the OS is on is 200 GB, and there are a few more partitions that make up the 70 GB. I'm using using a MBR (basic disk) 1.5 TB SATA II disk formatted in NTFS (1 partition), and am also using a GPT (dynamic disk) 1 TB RAID 1 volume formatted in NTFS (1 partition).

The files were written in Vista x64, but I can't move them. (I'm trying to move them to the 1.5 TB disk) It doesn't matter what volume they are on, as they are on a 30 GB partition of the RAID 1 disk, and won't copy to anywhere I have tried under Vista x64.

I can copy them just fine in XP x32. If I boot into a XP x32 installation, I can copy them around just fine, although GPT isn't supported in XP so I can't see those disks. I can move them just fine using XP x32 from another computer if I share the target and destination directories on my network and give full access.

Anyone know what is going on? I can't seem to find much on problems with files larger than 4 GB in Vista x64 and NTFS. I&... Read more

A:Can't copy/move files larger than 4 GB in Vista x64

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Hello, I am using Windows 7 Premium and can no longer copy or move files to shares on a windows 2003 server. Also, I can not save documents to the mapped network shares either. This was working at one time, but has since stopped.
It stopped when the server was disconnected from the network switch. The user was trying to save a document to one of the mapped network shares and received message that this was impossible. Once the server reconnected, the Windows 7 workstation could connect to the mapped shares and open files but could not copy the saved file to the mapped network share. I receive the following error when trying to copy a file from my local drive. There is a problem accessing (path to local file) Please check your network connection etc..etc.. The workgroup is set correctly. and as I mentioned before everything worked until the day the server was disconnected. the user has the same authentication parameters on both the server and the work station.

I tried removing the user from the server permissions then adding them back.
I ran registry mechanic.
I tried a system restore from the day previous to the server loss.

What I can do.
1.Create a new file/folder on the same network shares in question.
2. If I create a new text file on the desktop I'm able to copy as expected...strange but true..I looked at the permissions on the newly created file and they are the same as all the other files I'm trying to copy.

A:Can't copy/move files to network share

Quote: Originally Posted by sirjeff2000

If I create a new text file on the desktop I'm able to copy as expected...strange but true..I looked at the permissions on the newly created file and they are the same as all the other files I'm trying to copy.

I know you checked, but I can't help but feel this is a permissions issue.

What if you open a problem file and "save as" to the desktop?

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I have just set up a homegroup between two Win7 computers, and have logical drives (not the C: drive) mapped in the file manager on the opposite computer. I am able to read files on the opposite computer.

However, I am unable to copy files between the two computers by dragging and dropping within the file manager, nor can I delete files on the opposite computer.

I have been struggling with permissions, but can't figure out what I need to do to make this network fully functional. Can you help?

I have tried right-clicking for "drive properties," then "security," then "advance," and then "change permissions" and "add." But I can't figure out what to type in as the "object name."

A:Can read files over HomeGroup, but can't copy or move

I finally got it running. The solution was not easy to find: ...... so here it is:

1. "Sharing Wizard" needs to be disabled in Windows 7. Then Advanced Sharing needs to be set up, which takes several steps.

2. How to do this is explained in detail in Lessons 6 and 7, for which there are links on this page:
Windows Networking: User Accounts, Groups, Permissions & Their Role in Sharing.

3. In my case, I use a Windows Explorer replacement. So an added step in order to disable Sharing Wizard setting is to disable the replacement, do the disabling, and then re-enable Windows Explorer replacement.

There is no need to explain the exact steps here, since the on-line lessons are excellent.

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This is super annoying and I'd really like to figure out why Windows always asks me this whenever I move a file from my C: to another drive.... if I answer Yes to move it, Windows says i cant, as seen below.

Can someone tell me why this is happening and how to stop this please? I was never asked this on my previous install of Windows...

A:Thumbs db file always asked to move whenever i try to copy


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I've been trying to recover as much data from what I think is a failing HD, most of the data being images.

I've been using Windows Explorer (XP Home) to cut and paste file from the failing drive to the new drive, both on the same machine. The OS is already on the good HD. Both are SATA.

With the exception of dealing with a slew of bad files (failed cyclical redundancy check..or something like that), everthing was going well. BUt now the files are being transfer at a snails pace. They still transfer, but way too slow.

And when I check the system performance, no program seems to be running and I seem to have plenty of resources left. Once in awhile I get a spike on the CPU usage chart.

So do you think that this drive is beginning to go south or could it be something else?

I just did a clean XP Home install and don't have much loaded onto the new HD yet. Running Avast! virus and Spywareblaster...oh...and the XP SP2 upgrade with it's firewall. I have Auto Updates turned off as well as the help/services thing....(saw that here a bit ago)

Oh.....and I got a new Antec case/PS when I installed the new HD, just in case my old PS was dying as well.....whew!

Thanks in advance....


A:slow file transfers (copy/cut/move)

As it turns out, it appears that if I try to move, or copy, files from the damaged HD, the files are moved quickly untill a corrupted file is encountered. At that point, things slow to a crawl until I get the error message and can delete that file and start over again.

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When I select several files from one folder to move to a different folder will the most currently dated file automatically remain in the "moving" to file if the a file I am moving is older than the existing file? Or do I have to audit the move and select "skip" everytime there is a file conflict?

A:move/copy file option priority


I think you will have to tell Windows to either Copy and Replace, Don't Copy or Copy, but keep both files.

I believe you would need to use command line or 3rd party software if you always wanted the 'newest' file to copy without a prompt.


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Hi, real basic: when working in GD, I understand how to MOVE a given file into the appropriate folder....but I can't seem to figure out how to COPY a file into a folder. What am I missing?

In other words: I have files x, y, z, a, b, c in my DRIVE. I want to move them into the "FOLDER ABC." How do I do this?

A:Google Drive: how do I COPY, not MOVE, a file?

Right click on the file you would like to copy and click on "Make a Copy". It will create a new city of that file and then you can move is wherever you want.
See the screen shot below.
I hope it helps.


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Somehow I can't Move or even Copy a data file folder to a USB harddisk in Windows explorer (even after clearing the Read only attribute). It is Windows XP home edition. Some one please explain. Thanks

A:Can't Move/copy A File Folder To A Usb Harddisk

Have you tried it in Safe Mode

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I get this problem too often, wonder if anyone can help me out. This time around i was trying to copy a program over to another drive for backup purposes. All but one file would copy to this other drive. I tried to copy the file, i tried burning the whole program to a cdr but it wouldnt work, got a bad burn twice. I even tried to zip the file to see if i could trick it so i could move the archived file, no dice. The error message i get is this:Error Copying File or FolderCannot copy newdotnet uninstaller: Access is denied.Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.The disk is certainly not full and the file is not write-protected that i can see.I am running xp pro. The file is on my second internal hard drive, NTFS, and i am trying to copy to a usb drive that is formatted fat32. But that isnt the problem as the file cant even be burned. My burning software is nero, using nero express and its working fine, i use it a lot. But it wont burn this one file. When i get the error message from nero and i exit the prog, i get an error message saying something about cmd.exe, as if to say that cmd.exe had a hold on that file and wouldnt release it and that is the reason it wouldnt burn, but not really sure on that. But i certainly dont get any message like that when the burn goes fine.I also turned off my antispyware, a\virus, firewall, etc, etc, thinking one of these progs might be the cause, no dice there either. I dont think its b... Read more

A:Cant Move, Copy, Burn Or Archive A File.

Error Copying File or FolderCannot copy newdotnet uninstaller: Access is denied.I have seen NewDotNet flagged as malware and spyware. Spybot and Ad-Aware both have it in their definition files, and I see several threads in which people are assisted in removing it.I am no expert, but it sounds as though you have an infection on your hands.Orange Blossom

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I hate windoze

I am here at work trying to do some maintenance before I start on a month long binge to update all the websites and server software. Windoze has fought me the entire way, from the defrag to the moving of folders. I hate windoze.

Now I can't even move some psd files I created in Gimp a while ago. Windows just keeps saying that they are being used by another program. There is no program using them. I have been running SpyBot S&D and F-Prot all day so I really doubt it's security related and I have closed down all the programs running before trying to move them. Still says some phantom program is using them. Even tried a restart with no results. Did I mention that I really hate windoze?

I am now completely confused as to why this is happening other then I am using a buggy OS. Do you guys know a work around for this?

Using Windoze XP
Service Pack 2
Ver: 5.1.2600

A:Solved: Can not move/copy/delete file

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2400 @ 1.83GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 114470 MB, Free - 29385 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Satellite P100
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Disabled

When I open Windows explorer via 'My Computer" I can see my files, even open and view. But when I try to move with a drag n dop or cut and paste, explorer pops up a window saying that it has stopped working and looking for a solution to the problem, then shuts down.

Most of windows icons are missing, ie in Accessories, Calculator, notepad, paint etc are all generic.

A:Can see and open files in Explorer but can not move, copy or paste.

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Various Files in different directories on my larger 1.5 TB drive over the course of a couple days, all of a sudden have become unusable. Some of them are PSDs, others are zips, FLAs, and other work files that I use frequently. When I attempt to open a problematic PSD file, it will open Photoshop, but then freeze. To the point in which even ending the process won't effect it. Copying and trying to move a file also freezes explorer. Canceling out of the process freezes the process window.

When I try to back up the file onto an external hard drive, it freezes the backup program (Goodsync), and once again makes it impossible for it to close... even using Task manager's process ender.

This is very worrying. I'm not even sure the extent of problematic files on this drive. They seem to have happened randomly to different files everywhere in this drive.

I have already defragmented the drive. Problems continue.

I'm not sure how to solve it. Would deeply appreciate any advice that can be given. Thanks!

My Specs:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz (1066MHz FSB) (8MB Cache)
Motherboard: nVidia 680i LT Core 2 Quad (By: eVGA) (nForce 680i SLI) (A1 Revision)
Video: XFX HD-487A-ZWFC Radeon HD 4870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5
OS: Windows 7 64-bit

A:Several Files on an Internal Drive are freezing when I try to use, copy or move them.

Hi patach,

Try scanning your external hard-drive for errors using the diagnostics utility from the manufacturer's website of your hard-drive. Put the diagnostics utility program onto a bootable media(e.g. CD), follow the on-screen instructions, and scan your external hard-drive for any errors. May I ask, did this issue started happening recently? How old is that external hard-drive may I ask?

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I try to move files from one folder to another vista shows the dialog box, but doesn't move anything. . The progress bar doesn't move, and it seems as if the computer is just ignoring my request. This doesn't happen all the time. Quite often it will move with out a problem thankfully. When its not refusing to do what I tell it to do and I try to move a group of files it will move part of the list and then stop and I have to tell the computer to move the files again, and again a few more times. Sometimes it will move all but one. None of thise programs are R.O. btw

I often have a similar problem with delete and when I try to cut and paste from folder to folder or from a folder to a device. The dialog box comes up but nothing happens. None of the other quirks happen like when I try to move.

I don't get any error message, my resources don't seem to be getting tied up, and in task manager the status is always running.Thankfully I don't have to shut down the program in task manager

I'm only really having this problem with mp3 and flv files. If it is any other type of file the computer doesn't do this to me. I've noticed that it is less likely to do this with small files and small groups of files, but the computer really doesn't discriminate that often.

My computer runs on a pentium dual processor 2.16 and 2.17 GHz with 3 gig of ram. I scan regularly with Webroot and the free version of Avira (all up to date) and nothings is de... Read more

A:I try to copy, or move, or delete files and vista just laggs

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Alright here is the deal....
I popped open my laptop yesterday and it starts to boot up then as it hits the windows logo screen, it restarts itself. It would do this over and over. It wouldnt even boot into safe mode. I dual boot and also have/had OSX on my machine. I could boot into it with no problems at all. Then I was able to boot into XP but it boots slow, there is no taskbar, and I cant copy or move files or folders. I did some searching and other people have the same issue, but everyone else says it is a hardware issue and they never fully seemed to resolve the problem. I dont think this is a hardware issue because I can boot into other operating systems just fine. Currently, I deleted the OSX partition and am running Vista. I was hoping I could get into the XP partition from Vista but it says Access Denied. Im pretty sure I am going to just reformat the whole thing but I am trying to get 3 folders off of the XP half before I do...if it's possible....any help????

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Posted under advisement of garmanmaOriginal post: 10/30/2009I'm running Windows XP Professional SP2 with AVG 8.5 as my antivirus. A few weeks ago, I had some pop-ups, random audio ads with no visible windows, and a weird process showing up in Task Manager (svchasts.exe). Then AVG said my E-Mail Scanner wasn't running. Then it stopped updating, then it stopped scanning on schedule. I reported the problem to AVG; they sent me a repair installation that I was able to run and it found and healed a couple of viruses, but there was one that it found and couldn't get rid of: a trojan named Cryptor.So I searched for help on Cryptor (that's how I found you guys smile.gif ) and I got some info about MBAM and SUPERAntiSpyware. However I couldn't install or run either program (even after renaming). I was able to get a bit of a reprieve when I downloaded and ran the Sophos anti-rootkit; it got rid of the pop-ups and ads, but I was still running slow and some of my links were being intercepted by Google searches, i.e. if I opened nfl.com, I'd end up with a Google search for nfl.com.Last weekend, I booted up and was unable to start IE or Firefox; said I couldn't connect to the server. Funny thing is that both my modem and router are showing a full connection to the web (I can still browse on my PS3). In addition, None of my peripherals are recognized: the computer says I have no printers installed, it says I have no access to the Network Connections folder, it says I have no scanner install... Read more

A:No internet, can't copy/paste/move files, no peripherals

Hi, L.Edwards Welcome.Hopefully restoring permissions to svchost.exe you may be able to connect.Please follow these steps:Step 1Open a command prompt. (Start->Run, type CMD and click OK) At the prompt copy and paste the following and press Enter after each line:Copy C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386\eventlog.dll C:\Copy C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386\svchost.exe C:\ExitStep 2Although Win32Diag.exe should be saved on your desktop, we will try this running it from the location you ran it before. If the G:\ drive is a removable drive, insert the media containing the Win32Diag.exe file.Click on Start->Run, copy and paste the following command into the "Run" box (including the quotation marks), and click OK. When it's finished, there will be a log called Win32kDiag.txt on your desktop. Please open it with notepad and post the contents here in your next reply. (Please allow the application to finish. You will know as the last sentence in the report will be "Finished".)G:\Win32kDiag.exe -f -rStep 31. Please download The Avenger by Swandog46 to your Desktop.Right click on the Avenger.zip folder and select "Extract All..." Follow the prompts and extract the avenger folder to your desktop2. Copy all the text contained in the code box below to your Clipboard by highlighting it and pressing (Ctrl+C):Begin copying here:
Files to move:
C:\eventlog.dll | C:\WINDOWS\system32\eventlog.dll
C:\svchost.exe | C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeNote: the above code was created specifically for thi... Read more

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I am using XP - Service Pack 3. When I restarted my computer yesterday it came back on missing nearly everything - all classic view, missing internet, my antivirus and malware removers were all missing, and I can't copy/paste nor move anything on to my external drive to save it.
All that's left of my software is SUPERantispyware and HijackThis - ran superantispyware in safe mode which removed a few things but nothing major. I have a hijackthis log if it would help - I noticed there are a ton of 023 -- files missing type errors. Depspite my better judgment I went ahead and clicked fix on every single one that said "file missing" which prompted me to restart - when the computer came back on, same problems, and all the 023 errors showed back up in HijackThis.

I can't install anything new from a disk, I can't restore to an earlier date, I can't move anything. It wouldn't bother me to wipe out the whole drive and start over however I have some recent pictures/home videos/ and school related stuff on there that I would like to first get burned on a disk or moved over to my external drive. But I can't send to my burner through windows and neither of my burner programs will respond. Can't drag files and can't copy/paste although it will cut files and delete files.. but will not paste them anywhere.

I always keep my startup list clean through msconfig however since whatever attacked my computer I've noticed there are a lot l... Read more

A:023-Files Missing NT Services - Can't Move or Copy/Paste anything

Any error messages?


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  I now use Advanced SystemCare 6 and Wise Registry Cleaner to keep my XP in good working order except:
When booting up my background screen opens then closes to a quarter of the screen. I have to open it manually. The other part of the screen is bone white. The icons and names each surounded with a shadow of the standard greenish. And I cannot copy or move anything around, or to another storage item without renaming the item. And the " helpctr.exe" file disappeared at the same time. Can I fix this? Attached is a screenshot of the opening screen.
 Screen1.jpg   36.74KB

A:Unable to move or copy files or folders without renaming them

I suggest that you...remove both of the programs you mentioned....then run the sfc /scannow command and the chkdsk /r command.
Bleeping Computer DOES NOT recommend the use of registry cleaners/optimizers for several reasons.  Registry cleaners are extremely powerful applications that can damage the registry by using aggressive cleaning routines and cause your computer to become unbootable.
Relevant info per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Registry :
 “The Windows registry stores all application settings in one logical repository (but a number of discrete files) and in a standardized form.  The registry contains important configuration information for the operating system, for installed applications as well as individual settings for each user and application. A careless change to the operating system configuration in the registry could cause irreversible damage, so it is usually only installer programs which perform changes to the registry database during installation/configuration and removal.  If a user wants to edit the registry manually, Microsoft recommends that a backup of the registry is performed before the change.  Editing the registry is sometimes necessary when working around Windows-specific issues e.g. problems when logging onto a domain can be resolved by editing the registry.  The Windows registry can be edited manually using programs such as regedit.exe, although these tools do not expose some of registry'... Read more

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