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Something I find good, which I think game enthusiats will find even better!

Q: Something I find good, which I think game enthusiats will find even better!

Whilst browsing the internet i came across some software named:

'FRAPS' www(.)fraps(.)com

I find this very useful as it is a piece of software that will tell you what the FPS (frames per second) are in any game/software, I find it very useful and thought i would share this information with you.

Please reply to let me know what u think/any other things interesting.

Preferred Solution: Something I find good, which I think game enthusiats will find even better!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Something I find good, which I think game enthusiats will find even better!

well known. thanx anyway

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Can any one help me? I need to find a new game, that is not paid for everymonth.

games i like:
diablo 2
unreal tournament

I don't like:
all reading games
and runescape was boring...

thanx for any help, sorry if this is in thee wrong spot

i dont really want arcade games, i have enough of those

A:Trying to find a new game...

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Hey guys,

For my birthday, in one month, I want to get a new pair of floorstanding speakers for my 5.1 home audio system for my machine. The ones I have now are shot, and actually on loan from my cousin :rolleyes:

I will be a bit strapped for cash, so under $250 would be optimal.

My first discovery would be Sony's SSMF750H. Etronics has them for $233 shipped. How do these sound? pun intended.

Anyone have any other reccomendations? Thanks in advance

A:Will someone help me find some good floorstanders?


Will noone help me?

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Specs: 1) Intel (AMD would work but I prefer Intel) quad core. 2) *750 Gig - 1 T hard drive. 3) *4 to 8 Gig RAM. 4) Windows 8 (that comes with a windows 8 installation disk). 5) Built in webcam & microphone, but also with the ability to connect external units. 6) *17" or larger monitor. 7) *RW Data disk drive/CD drive that allows me to re-use the disks (primarily DVD disks) (i.e., one that I can write to the disk and then if I need to, erase & write over it). 8) Powerful graphics drive. 9) *Wireless LAN. 10) Standard software inclusions. 11) New, not rebuilt or refurbished. 12) High quality fans/cooling system.

Now the hard part: *I need all of this to be under $500 (after mail in rebate if absolutely necessary).

I would prefer one that has a more or less reputable name brand.
I realize that I might have to do without some of my choices, I put an asterisk (*) in front of the ones that are most important to me.

Part of the reason I need the 750 G to 1 T hard drive is that I use it for 3 main purposes: I do part time karaoke/dance shows so I have a large music library, I am disabled and therefore also use it for a lot of movies and art work (i.e., Corel draw, etc.), as well as a lot of gaming (i.e., WOW, Tibia, Runescape, etc.). Which, as you probably know are three or four of the most space intensive applications. My disability is also why I need the larger screen. I would love a touch screen, but seriously doubt I could find one with all of the other things ... Read more

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Hi friends,

I am so tired of getting crappy laptops. I cannot begin to tell you how hard it has been to buy a laptop. I bought three from Costco and each one had a problem.

I am tired of dealing with tech people who do not speak hardly any English..

Do any of you know an American company that make computers in the U.S? Also is the tech also in America if I need help with the computer?

Thanks for letting me know I so appreciate any help you would offer.

A:Help I need to find a good Laptop!

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Ive decided to give up on my old computer and give it to my parents..can someone help me find a GOOD desktop PC on Newegg.com(or if not newegg anywhere is fine!) for 650$ and less..please please!! Btw, im using it probably mostly for gaming and entertainment!

Edit: i was looking at best buy.. hows this computer? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage...ategoryId=pcmcat103700050049&id=1165610936534

A:Please help me find a Good Comp!

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I'm entering college and I'm getting a laptop mostly for basic stuff (Word and the Internet). My college's only advice is that it have a CPU, an OS, and that one kind of wireless card that ends in "b" (or maybe it was "g"?). I wouldn't mind paying a little extra if I could play Myst 4 or even Morrowind on it. What's the best way to look around for good deals?

A:How do I find a good laptop?

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Does anyone know where i could find a good AGP card under 200$$?

A:Where can I find a good AGP card under 200$?


use some search engines too like kelkoo which will do a search for you too.
if your from uk - check out ebay.com and the american sites as they tend to be a bit cheaper in comparison to the brits

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I hate slow Dial-Up ISP's. I tried AOL, Lynx, and Juno and niether can avg. over 5kbps! I am now using Juno and it's at about 4.1kbps! Is it possible to get a faster connection using dial-up? Or is my computer just plain slow?

A:Trying to find a good Dial-Up ISP

I have Intel Celeron D Processor(2.66 GHz), 480/512 MB Ram left, 80 GB Hard Drive, Windows XP Pro

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.. maybe as a free download would be good

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I am looking for a fishing game to play on my pc. where can i get some full games.

A:where to find a fishing game

Try this online fishing game:

Use arrow keys and space.

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the most annoying thing ever

every time I boot my pc after about 1 min (sometimes sooner ) i hear a nose
the same as you hear if you plug in a pen-drive few seconds later I hear the same noise again

its driving me mad anyone know of a way to track down what's causing it
I have removed all USB devices and I still hear it

any Ideas? where in the event viewer should I be looking
anything that can help would be great

A:the find the device game

Try a clean boot

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

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I recently had an external hard drive fail on me. At first I thought I it was a hardware problem that I'd be able to fix. I tired installing it in a new enclosure & as a 2nd (Slave) drive in my computer. Unfortunatelt neither of these seemed to work a both times I recieved an error message saying that "the disk in drive H is not formatted. Do you wish to format now?" Obviously I clicked on no as doing so would mean I'd lose all my files (about 60GB of photo & video files). Plus it didn't make sense to me that my drive would need to be formatted as it was already formatted before I put it in. Unfortunately as nothing seems to work to allow me access to this drive I have no chose but to fomat this drive & attempt a recovery of the lost files. This is why I'm posting here. I'm hoping that I can find a recomendation for a good, & not to expensive, recovery program. If at all possible I'm looking for one with the features listed people. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Plus if you think you can solve my formatt problem I'd be greatly endebited to you. Thanks in advance!


I'm looking for a recovery program that can do all or some of the following:
1. Clone the drive w/o actually having to open & acess it from the "My Computer" menu. This would be best as it'd let me basically make & save a copy of the drive as it is/was.

2. Will allow me to recover the original files co... Read more

A:Where can I Find Good Recovery Software

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Hi.. im looking for some drivers for a friend, but a good download of them seems to be impossible to find. The laptop is a dell inspiron 6000, the main things needed are:
Up to date:
Quickset (A38)
Broadcom 440x Network Card
Dell mini WLAN wireless card (1350? Not sure. They probably work for all of them)
Please, if anyone could find these, that would be great. Dell's driver downloads for me are unresponsive and never start.

nvr mind fixed, ignore this

A:Solved: Can't find good drivers?

You tried this? http://support.us.dell.com/support/...eid=R130907&formatcnt=1&libid=0&fileid=174171




http://search.dell.com/results.aspx...50 driver&img=True&sum=True&ssum=False&qmp=10

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Here is the thing. I have an HP 15 notebook. Don't know why they call it a notebook it is a laptop. It is running win10. Now the only internet I have is to hotspot it to a Verizon phone. Nice phone Moto G4 play. Trouble is with speed. Verizon gives me 2 gigs of HS data then, after that, I have what Verizon calls " always on". I call it "pay us $10.00 @ gig or we do this to you". You know how it goes. You got 180 MB to download so you start it and ( cause it is so slow) you go to bed. Next day you look and it downloaded 178.06 MB and quit the download. No way to restart it you just have to try it again, and again, and ... Well, you know.

Anyway is there a download manager that can help. One that can deal with the pathetic little dribble of data that is Verizon's always on and can restart a download when the other computer kicks the connection?

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I would like to find some reliable sites for icons, smileys and any other fun stuff I can access on the internet. I also would like advice on how to install them after I have them downloaded. I tried Smiley Central, but I cannot download anything from that site, the download just does nothing. Any help and advice is very appreciated, Thanx!! parrotplay

A:Icons...need to find good sites...

Try www.planetsmilies.com. If you have trouble downloading their stuff, take a look at www.planetsmilies.com/faq/saveas.html

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I am looking to build a gaming PC, but I don't know what MOBO to get. I would like to get one that will be easily upgraded as I get more funds for my machine. If anyone could help with suggestions on the MOBO and/or chipset that would be good to start with, I would be a happy guy. Price is a bit of a factor, so if there are mid-range ones that would work, I would love to hear about them. Thanks!

A:Looking to find a good MOBO to start with

AMD is usualy the best choice for a cheaper build, you could get this: http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=661332

with a dual core CPU: http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=691236

let me know if you where looking for something more powerfull/expensive or less powerfull/cheaper.

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When I start my laptop, in the taskbar from process tab, I found the disk is showing 100% and my laptop becomes slow. My antivirus sais it's OK. What's the problem?

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I just bought an external hard drive and am looking for a good backup program that will help me back up my files. Can you guys suggest some good ones? Thank you.

A:Trying to find a good Backup Utility

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like, i want to setup a forum. you know, one of those free things. im trying to find the best one.

i think i like the way those PHP or whatever, boards work. there are free ones right? i look at their website and they have a thing that says Download. i dont understand. im looking for something that says Register, and i can just set something up.

so i am confused, and i can use a good link.
...i think i found a good link 2 days ago, but i cleared the history and cant find it again.

A:Where Can I Find A Good Forum To Start ?

Well according to Google....http://www.google.com/search?q=free+phpBB

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game launcher. games that have been previously loaded on computer will not work. Vista--dell.

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I purchased a hunting game a few years back on the internet. My computer crashed a while back and I never got it back. It has been so long I cant remember the title.
It was a cartoonish hunting game with billy bob or something like that and he went around and shot deer and rabbits and bears. There were also chances to upgrade the rifle to a machine gun and bazooka. Does anyone have a clue as to what this game was called. Thanks

A:Wanting to find a title of a game

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Does anyone know of a free online space simulator?
Where you join a server and you buy different ships/upgrades and stuff
It's gotta be 3D and have alot of people online

If any of you people know of one, then please tell me

A:Help me find a game - Space simulation...


Free for 14 days - then it costs.

If I had the time to invest, its a great game.


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Don't want to download malware, etc.......

Reliable site?


A:Where can I find scrabble game I can play with someone else on net?

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Hi, my play-by-email strategy game opponent is having trouble finding his pbem files; he finishes the turn and saves the file, but when he tries to find it to send to people, it's vanished and doesn't appear in his games pbem folder.He's been Mac for years and only recently got a PC (Win XP) so maybe he's inexperienced, any advice you can give me to pass on to him?PS-here's the strategy club thread where he's been talking about it, he's 'Wardoggie'-http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/FGMForum/showthread.php?t=2153

A:Can't find saved game file

Well, if it is a file in c:/ drive just tell him to save it to a flash drive or something. And if it doesn't show up when u check it right after. There should be a way to have it save to a flashdrive instead of your main drive. Idk how though. Haven't done any play-by-email games. Just a quess.

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Hey, I'm having a problem with Virtual pc. Wondering if anybody knows how to handle this, I am using the machine to play Medieval Total War (Original), as it does not work on my original operating system. I am running Vista on my computer, and the virtual machine is currently using xp, which is the main operating system this game is made for. I attempted to use the game, found I could install it on the virtual machine, but when I come to play the game, the loading mini screen comes up, but then says 'Please insert the correct DVD ROM, and restart the application. I am confused as to why this happens, as I have already captured the drive so i can use the cd to install it, but for some reason it won't let me play the game, or get any further than this.

Any help would be nice (or if not, if anybody has any additional information about gettin this game to work on vista) as I have tried this on numerous occasions.


A:Virtual PC - Installs game, but can't find cd

I'm using Virtual Box on a Linux Host running Windows XP. I had to specify the actual driver letter AND make sure the appropriate drivers were installed to operate the drive. I did not have to specify the drive letter but Vmware may be different in that regards. Something to check.

I bet if you stop by the VMWare user forum you'll find your answer.


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Many years ago, back when I was in college, my roommate had an Atari 800 with a ton of cool games. One that I remember, which was quite fun, was a game where you flew a helicopter to collect buried treasures. The top portion of the screen was sky, the bottom was dirt, and the treasures were buried in the dirt. The helicopter could drop bombs straight down, left or right, or at a diagonal left or right, but could not fire up.

Some of the hazards included a plane flying across the top of the screen, which would drop dirt clods to fill up your holes. If a dirt clod hit you, you would get blown up. If the dirt clods blocked your exit, you couldn't get out.

Also, there were rocks making it difficult to get straight to the treaures, and water pockets, which if you blasted open accidently, would fill all the holes with water (using semi-realistic "pouring" rules)

Finally, as the levels progressed, there was more dirt, and less sky to work with. Oh, and you had to return to base to refuel occasionally. Anyway, has anyone heard of a current incarnation of such a game for the PC? or perhaps knows the name of it to help me find it?


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Hi all,

Bit of a blast from the past but I really cant think of anywhere else to look!

When I was at Primamry school many years ago We had one of the RM Nimbus machines with things like Logo (shape drawing thing) and other bits and pieces.

One other game we had was called "Martello Tower" or "Tower", this was a game where you would navigate your way around an old Tower and try and get clues and solve puzzels and progress through the game. There were also these annoying guards that would make you go back to the start of the game!

It was basically just a blank screen and it might say "You are standing in front of a gate", you would then type instructions, such things as "Turn left, Open box, Open gate" and so on!

My question is (and theres prob very little chance that anyone knows what Im going on about!), is there anyway I can re-live this game? Does anyone know if these old games and applications can be Ported and run on modern day machines? Does anyone have an old RM Nimbus!? Basically, how can I play this game again!!!!?

Any help, or ideas would be very much appreciated! I did email RM but they didnt know the game I was talking about (this was a while ago so Ive emailed again today!).

Many thanks!

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ok of all my friends im prolly the one whos most knowledgeabe bout PC's.. so far.. so a friend asked me to help him pick out a PC thats no more than $1500 Canadians..

so far i found these..
* AMD ATHLON 64 3800+ S939
* 1024 MB 400MHZ PC3200 DDR
* ATX CASE 450W TOWER BLACK OR BEIGE (PSU is changed to a Coolesmaster 480Watt)
* LG 52X32X52 CDRW
* GEFORCE 6600 256 MB PCI-E (changed to either 9800Pro 265mb AGP or 6600GT 128mb PCI-E)
* 6-CHANNEL AUDIO OB (this should be 8 channel since its the A8N SLI Deluxe.. right?)
* 2.1 SUBWOOFER SPEAKERS (changed to 5.1 logitechs)
* PS2 INTERNET KEYBOARD (changed to Benq slim keyboard)
this set up costs $1287.. but im a little skeptical bout the memory brand, the generic ATX case/psu... the vid card.. n the speakers.. actually i kno the speakers and keyboard are the crappiest ones out there.. neway since its only 1287 so far.. i decided to modify the items in there..

switching the video card to a 6600GT 128mb PCI-E(50$ more) OR
9800Pro 256mb AGP($40 more)

logitech 5.1 X530 Speakers ($90more)
keyboard.. jus say 30 bux for a nice one.. lol (30$ more)
an... Read more

A:friend request: find him a good PC for under $1500

Don't forget to add shipping to your second option. Since both motherboards support PCI-E graphics cards only, forget about the AGP card option unless you have an alternate motherboard to go with it. Also, what is the core version of the Athlon 64 3500+?

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I've already ordered Nero 7 Ultra from www.buycheapsoftware.com and it is on the way. Today, I looked at Newegg and Amazon and read the user reviews.

It seems all six reviews from users of the product have absolutely nothing good to say about it and every last one of them says that version 6 is better and advise against the purchase of version 7.

Anyone here have Nero 7? If so, what do you think about it?

I'm thinking maybe I should ship it back without even opening the package.

A:I find nothing but bad user reviews on Nero 7--not even one good one.

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I need to find a replacement battery for my DELL Inspiron 3800 Laptop.

I did a Froogle search but there are so many to choose from.

Anyone have any suggestions where to find the best deal or where not to go please post here.


A:Where do I find a good deal on a laptop battery?

Generally I buy parts from www.newegg.com.

Not always the cheapest but they are generally pretty close. They carrry quality products and their customer service has been top notch everytime I have needed it.

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Any Ideas. Most of what I looked at doesn't work!
Thanks for your help BTW!

A:Where can I find a good USB stick encryptor and locker?

Hello Clive,

If you like, you could use the included BitLocker To Go feature in Windows 8 to encrypt your USB flash drive. For better encryption strength, you could set it to use AES 256-bit in step 1 instead of the default AES 128-bit.

BitLocker - Turn On for Removable Data Drives in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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NEW Update; So I ended up Upgrading to another Motherboard, so I admit It is much better cutting what little loss I took, they had a sale where if I bought an AMD FX 4100 Black Edition 3.6GHz Quad Core Processor for $100 I could get a ASUS M5A78L-M LX PLUS MotherBoard for $10 Bucks, so I was like sweet, I Upgraded to a Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500 Watt PSU, and 8 GB of Kingston HyperX blu DDR3-1333 ram, although I wish I would have put in a little extra for some better ram I guess this is working out good for me though, its still faster then what I had. I should'a just listened to the people who said to upgrade to something better in the first place! Thanks!

So I Booted My Windows 7 x64 OEM that I already had installed on My Hard drive on my new ASUS Mother Board, and I Installed all of the Drivers, and Let Catalist Install the right Graffix Support Drivers, then Rebooted and I went to System to check My Windows Activation and it said i had 3 days to Activate, so I clicked Activate and my Windows Reactivated its self, so I had no issues with replacing my Motherboard, Windows 7 should reactivate for you when you change your Motherboard, I even had 3 dudes at Microcenter confirm this!
So I have been needing to ... Read more

A:Trying to find a Good Replacement Motherboard for under 100 bucks?

Quote: Originally Posted by Warlockz

Also I am using a OEM version of Windows 7 x64, do I need to patch the bios of a new motherboard if it is not a Gateway MB so my windows doesn't say Not Genuine after I get done replacing the MB and boot windows? How do I do this so I do not have any issues? I have replaced Motherboards in the past but I always had a retail version of xp to start fresh with.

No one on here is going to tell you how to cheat Microsoft. If you replace the MB, your OEM Win 7 license is no good.

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I am trying to find a good program that can monitor ports and show me which are open and where my TCP/IP is currently connected to. Can any of you recommend a good one?

A:Trying to find a good internet/port monitor

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It would be nice to download a pdf with all the basic Win 8 instructions in plain language. Where do I find that on the web?

A:Where do I find a good Win 8 User Guide online?

There are two available from Microsoft. One for home users, one for IT administrators.

FREE eBook: Windows 8 for IT Pros (Updated - Final Copy) - IT Pros ROCK! at Microsoft - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Dell | Windows 8 for Dummies E-book

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how repair this????
win 8.1 where find good file version?


A:win 8.1 where find good file version? IEAdvpack.dll


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I've searched on Deviant Art and several other customisation sites but I can't seem to find any good looking replacement packs for the 4 libraries icons.

This is about the best I've found but the guy has only finished 1 of the 4.

Drawder's Gallery

Doesn't have to be folder based of course. Just something that covers:


and is of course all in the same style.

Any suggestions/links welcome.

A:Where to find good library replacement icons?

You may use these, if you like (Displays are png, icos are in zip)

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Just installed Call of Juarez on my laptop but I can't find it. OS is Vista.

A:Can't find new game just installed on laptop...Vista

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can some one help me on this driver location so i can play a game that i jsut got it says that my game might not be running cause i need to upadte drivers or something heres the site im loking at but i dont understnad it


Just copy and paste it PLEASE HELP ME IM DESPRET!!!!!

A:i need help to find new drivers in order to paly a game

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I was wondering that if i was to post my specs could you PPl help me find a game?
im not that good at figuring out the systems requirements.
i like strategy games like age of mythology. so sum1 gives me the ok ill post my specs.

A:weird question about helping me find a game

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I was un-installing this game called "Marine Park Empire", and in the middle of it I ended the task with "Task Manager". There should still be some files from it on my computer, correct?

If so, how do I get to them so I can delete them? It won't let me play the game unless I delete them so I can re-install them (that's what I think). When the thing pops up after I put the CD in, it says "Play", when it should say "Install". I already tried re-starting and burning another CD, but those didn't work. How do I get to those files? Or is there another way to do it?

I use Windows 7, and the game works on my brother's laptop that is also Windows 7.

A:Solved: How to find game files in computer?

Clicking "Play" does nothing.

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Bought new computer 4 days ago.Trying to redownload games.Publisher sent me registration keys etc. i downloaded them from the link in my email .Fizzball and Prime Suspects worked but they didnt go to the desktop.Didnt know what to do so I went START,GAMES (on right hand side),Didnt know how to get the icons there so i dragged it over.This seems to work.Is that method ok?
But underneath Fizzball it says shortcut. Why only there and can i remove that wording?
Cake Mania has not arrived at the same place.How do i find it? Where do i find it? If thats easy,how do i then get it to the desktop? This is not my computer-am very wary about fiddling with stuff.please answer in laymans terms with easy directions please.thankyou.hope someone can help ...

A:Solved: trying to find game after installing/downloaded

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This is a really basic question, but I want to know.

I've come to the realization that my 3 Megabit internet, while decent for my everyday needs, is still pretty crappy. Online videos are getting higher and higher def now, and I would like a better speed for downloading in general.

The problems are I don't want to go past $55 a month, and I've tried this before. My ISP is ATT (DSL internet) and I tried to upgrade my internet to 6 Megs years ago. It actually worked okay for a year, but then frequent disconnects started happening. After 6 tech visits, it was ascertained I was too far from the ATT office or something for the 6 Meg service. Funny, I was told different when I signed up. Anyway, I can't go to 6 meg on regular ATT DSL.
I WOULD try Uverse, but I've heard some bad things there. Plus, it's a new service that probably has new service fees.
I don't know about cable; the only provider in my area that does it, it seems, is Comcast. I don't trust them that much (had them for cable tv way back), and I've heard that cable internet in general is inconsistent in its rates anyway. If I could help it, I'd like to stay on DSL. If, however, cable at its worst speeds beats the DSL I have now at a decent price, I'd be willing to consider it.

So, etching out this whole gamut leaves me without options. Should I try Uverse? Should I try Cable? I don't know, so I'm looking for a site or two that will help me navigate th... Read more

A:Are there sites that can find me good deals on internet service?

AT&T UVerse is DSL. You can pick from DSL, Cable, Satellite, or wireless. That's about it. If you live in a big city, you might be able to get 4G wireless at a good price.

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I'm in need of a new video card! I really don't know anything about computer hardware, so you'll have to help me out.

I am a gamer, and my video card sucks (I have a GeForce4 440), and I can't play any new games such as Battlefield 2. Even older games such as Battlefield 1942 and America's Army quit in the middle of gameplay all the time.

I have been making money recently, and can now afford a very good video card. I am willing to spend $200 - $325 for a video card. My computer is good enough for a good card (at least I think it is).

I have an Asus A7V8X-X motherboard with 512 MB ram. My CPU processor is AMD XP 2500 OEM (just as good as the pentium 4.)

I was thinking about getting the famous Geforce 7800. Is this a good idea? Will I need more ram? Will it fit into my case (ATX XP400)? Also, what are all these different types I'm seeing (7800GS, 7800GT, 7800GTX)? What are the differences?


A:Please Help Me Find A Good Video Card - Details Included

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For a anti ransomware

Ransomware Defender

I think it's too costly
But couldn't find any reviews or information

A:Ransomware Defender , can't find much information about it, too costly is it any good?

Don't waste your money for these antiransomware tools that maybe work... but just in the best of cases.
It is my personal opinion of course but with that money you can buy a full AV as Kaspersky, for example.

If you want a good alternative for free:

RansomFree by Cybereason: Free Ransomware Protection

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Hi, I just bought a new-to-me IBM ThinkPad R51, with Windows XP, and a Wifi signal is detected. The green Wifi symbol is lit up at the bottom of the monitor, and the icon says "Signal strength: Good". But when I try to pull up Google on IE v6, it says Page Cannot Be Displayed. My phone and other 2 computers connect through Wifi just fine.
I have no idea what the first thing to try would be, but I'm willing to go through however much troubleshooting I need to, if anyone may be able to help me get my laptop to go online. I would appreciate it so much!

A:ThinkPad says Signal Strength: Good, but IE Cannot Find Server

What version of IE is installed?
Are all critical updates installed?
Many websites no longer will tolerate IE 8 in XP...I use Firefox on those websites while continuing to use IE 8 where I can.

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