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Excel Macro to highlight words?

Q: Excel Macro to highlight words?

Hey guys and gals,

Here's what I'm trying to do: I have an Excel spread sheet with 3 columns and many rows depending on the data. I need to be able to search the data in column C for about 10 or so words and highlight them. The problem is, the words in column C have been exported by a program so each word ends with a comma then the next word begins with no space so it's difficult to search. Example, Text1,Text2,Text3 and so on. Is there a macro or software that I can use that will search all the rows for column C and highlight the group of words I choose? I'm using Excel 2007.

Thanks for your help!

Preferred Solution: Excel Macro to highlight words?

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A: Excel Macro to highlight words?

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I know this is probably an easy question, but I've searched repeatedly on the web and I can't find advice there or in the forums because I'm missing some kind of terminology.

I want to be able to highlight multiple words in Excel and see the home toolbar open every time I open a spreadsheet.
Longer explanation:
I'm using Microsoft Vista 2007 with Excel 2010. I use Excel to make quite a few spread sheets to study for school, and I often have to selectively highlight multiple certain words by hitting ctrl and holding ctrl while highlighting the words. Next I would underline all of the highlighted words. About a month ago it was working fine.
Suddenly out of the blue whenever I try to highlight multiple words by holding ctrl in Excel it won't work. Also, previously when working in excel 2010 the top menu bar would stay on home toolbar with all the option listed, meaning I could keep tinkering with the font uninterrupted. Now after underling just one word at a time the toolbar keeps disappearing with the File tab highlighted green, and I have to keep clicking back to the home tab, then click underline. Have to repeat highlighting each individual word,, clicking home tab, and then underlining. Ugh!
I would love to hear some advice before I tear my hair out in frustration.

A:Solved: Excel 2010 unable highlight mutliple words & toolbar problems

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I know this is probably very simple, and I am going to hit myself once the answer is found, but I cannot seem to think of the solution for the question below.

I need to highlight all the cells in a column that does not contain a zero. How would I go about doing this with code?

A:Solved: Excel Macro - Highlight Certain Cells

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I want to Highlight Multiple Values with an Excel Macro. I want the macro to loop though and grab the list/range of values from another sheet and use it in the Array.

I want to avoid having to enter such a big list of values for the Array. I want to use something like "SearchVal() = Range("Lists!A2:A62").Value" but I get an "out of range" error. Here is my code now.

Sub Highlight()
Dim SearchVal() As Variant
SearchVal() = Array("ALM", "AXV", "AZZ", "BCT", "BHN", "CRE", "CSI", "CVM", "DCH", "DEK", "DER", "ESE", "GCV", "HCO", "HND", "HSI",
"IBO", "ILW", "KCM", "LEO", "LES", "LPA", "MCY", "MEX", "MHS", "MRM", "MSL", "NCL", "NTX", "NZI", "PHC", "PLA", "PPH", "PSE", "PUV",
"PVN", "PWL", "RKC", "RSN", "SCM", "SEL", "SGA", "SHC", "SRG", "SVL", "SYV", "TGC", "THA", "TSL", "VAV", "VID", "VTA", "WHE", "WHH",
"WIH", "WWJ&qu... Read more

A:Solved: Highlight Multiple Values with an Excel Macro

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This is probably a very simple macro but programming isn't my strong point.
I need an Excel Macro that will be able to scan the first column of a worksheet row by row for certain document numbers i.e. "09-005", "09-1052", "586463" and highlight them. There is a substantial list of these.
I managed to figure out that I need a range and how to highlight, but am getting stuck on how to find the multiple document number values.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Highlight Multiple Values Excel Macro?

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I have a text file of commonly misspelled words and phrases. I would like to write a macro in Microsoft Word 2007 which goes through the text file and highlights any words from the file which appear in the current Word doc. I would also like to specify the colour of the highlight.

I have written/recorded macros for Excel, but I don't know much about Word VBA. Is this possible, and would someone be able to help start me off with this project?



Windows 7 home basic
Office Suite 2007

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My x86 win 8.1 desktop continues to highlight misspelled words, wether this option is enabled or disabled in Settings, PC and Devices, Typing or not.

I have checked the relevant registry keys, and both values are 0.

The only cause I can think of is Skydrive Sync my settings across devices..
When I initially added a device, a Surface 2, settings on both machines differed, and then I enabled Sync on both.

It's a small annoyance, but that little red squiggly line is really beginning to bug me o_o

A:Highlight misspelled words will not disable

Hi Gossy, Welcome to EightForums.

My suggestion would be to delete all your sync data to ensure it is not being restored on the machine.

Link: http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials...s-8-1-pcs.html

After you have deleted the sync data try the registry edit again to ensure it is set properly. Restart or logoff to apply the setting.

Link: Spell Checking - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

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Hello! I am new to Macros and have absolutely zero experience in Visual Basic. I am trying to record a Macro that will loop through an Excel 2007 document and highlight all empty cells. I found this online....

Sub HighlightEmptyCells()
' Select cell A2, *first line of data*.
' Set Do loop to stop when an empty cell is reached.
Do Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell)
' Insert your code here.
' Step down 1 row from present location.
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End Sub

But do not know what code will highlight the empty cells. Or, if this code will loop through the entire spreadsheet. Any suggestions?


A:Macro to Highlight Empty Cells

you could just use conditional formatting across the spreadsheet
In Cell A1
Format Cell
Conditional Format
change to formula is
The change the format ot a fill pattern or what ever you want for true
and then copy
paste special
and copy to all the active cells you want to test
for the macro this should work


ActiveCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 36

- theres 56 preset colours

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I have a contract (I'm using MS Word 2010 but have a 2003 document) that I need to extract the 'defined terms' from and write to another file. That is to say, the words that are capitalised that are not the first word of a sentence. The entire document needs to be searched.

Sometimes a defined term has more than one word, for example, "Service Measures". In this instance I would ideally like "Service Measures" to be found rather than two results: "Service" and "Measures".

I have found the following wildcard search that finds words that begin with capitals that are not at the start of a sentence however this also returns the two preceding characters of the word:

[!.\!\?] <[A-Z][A-z0-9]{1,}>

However I am not sure how to:
a) export the return of the search to another document (to generate and build a list of defined terms)
b) delete the two preceding characters to just leave the capitalised words
c) run the macro for the entire document
d) edit the macro to group immediately subsequent words together (eg the "Service Measure" example above)

Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!


A:Microsoft Word Macro - capitalised words

Can you upload a sample?


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I'm attaching a sample workbook to help understand the question. In row A I have numbers and words. Example:49610 Acme. I need a macro to seperate the numbers to one row and the words to another row. All the numbers are 5 digits but the words are of different lengths. I tried to use Edit (F 2) and Copy and Paste but can't get the results that I want. The data goes all the way down to 1752 in A only. All the other rows are empty

A:Solved: macro to seperate numbers and words

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I have a document in word 2007 which I would like to change the next 12 words font colour after a specific word.

I am looking to write a macro so I can use it over and over again.



A:How do I write a macro to change the font of the next 12 words after a specific word?

I should add that I need to do it several times in the same document, always with same word as the anchor point

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In Microsoft Word 2007, I created a macro to hilight specific words within the document. I'd like to now add a print function to the macro. I need to print the page that hilighted word is on. This is what I have so far. I appreciate your help.

' --------CODE TO HIGHLIGHT Qty out of tolerance-------------------
Options.DefaultHighlightColorIndex = wdYellow
Selection.Find.Replacement.Highlight = True
With Selection.Find
.Text = "Qty out of Tolerance"
.Replacement.Text = "Qty out of Tolerance"
.Forward = True
.Wrap = wdFindContinue
.Format = True
.MatchCase = False
.MatchWholeWord = False
.MatchWildcards = False
.MatchSoundsLike = False
.MatchAllWordForms = False
End With
End Sub

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I am using the MSN Stock Quote addin with MS Excel 2003. Prior knowledge of this should not be necessary, but I just thought I'd provide full context to my issue. I wrote a macro that essentially records daily stock prices. Because I don't want to store old quotes into perpetuity, i need to ensure that the update quotes button has been hit. I use sendkey() to accomplish this, and then the macro copies the quotes and pastes them elsewhere. My main goal is to have the task scheduler open this file daily so i dont ever have to think about this again, and i'm so close. Essentially my problem is that it takes a few seconds after the update button is hit for the add-in to fetch the new prices from the internet, and this process appears to be delayed until the macro is finished. This is a problem because the macro ends up recording un-updated quotes. I have tried the Application.Wait procedure, and I've tried time consuming loops, do while loops, etc. All of these approaches result in the same thing: Can someone please help me with this? I'm too lazy to hand update this spreadsheet every trading day for the rest of my life (or until i quit). Thank you in advance!

A:Excel Macro - Allow cells to update query before macro completes

Can't you just put the update macro code in a module of it's own and call it from the main macro?


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I need a macro that finds a specific word in a text and highlights it. For example, I would like to find a word "computer" in some text and make all words "computer" in red color. Can anybody help me to create such macro for Ms Word?

A:Solved: Macro that finds and highlights specific words in MS Word document

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Hi All

I want to change the color of a cell when it is highlighted or selected. i don't want to change the background color of the cell. does any one know how to do this? I've searched the menu's and have cum up stumped. Maybe there is a rule i could insert in to the page.

Thanks Chris

A:Excel highlight color

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I am trying to create a code that will highlight an entire row the day before the date entered into a cell on that row.

A:Excel/Highlight Row Based on Date

use conditional format
add a formula

=cell with the date = today()+1
that will be true if the date

just to make sure we understand

today() is 7th August
the date in the cell is 8th august
so you want it highlighted

so cell = 8th
today + 1 = 8th
it highlights

now to highlight the row
use a $ on the cell that has the date and apply to the whole row

so if the date is in column C and say row 5

$C5 = today()+1

in the conditional format formula and apply to
or whatever column you need

a sample spreadsheet would be useful , you can attach here

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Is there a way to automatically highlight subtotal rows? Without going through each one?

Using excel 2010.


A:Excel Subtotals Highlight Automatically?

As far as I know not directly

And there is no need to shout

I haven't come across this myself.
Did you inster the subtotal formula yourself?
If so, you could use Conditional formatting to check if the cell is a formula for the subtotals

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This is a reopening of another thread. I still have not found any answers that help. And we won't discuss the lack of support from MS.

I am running Windows XP, Excel 2007.

I have noticed the problem with extremely light shading in xp-excel. It makes things especially difficult when selecting multiple, remote cells or text using the 'ctrl' function, as you cannot see which section has been highlighted or not (note, many people do not understand the nature of the problem as when selecting one cell/group of cells there is a box around the selection, making it easier to visualise, however in selecting many cells, there are no boxes to assist).

I work with spreadsheets constantly and need to highlight for deleting purposes and this is giving me headaches, etc.

Thank you.

A:Solved: Excel Selection highlight color

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This may be an easy one; I searched but couldn't find it.

I have a project name sheet1 in a workbook with a column of hyperlinks to the right of each project. When clicked, it highlights the cell in sheet 2 with the notes for that project.
I would like to make all the text on the notes sheet white, and when a cell is highlighted, have the font be a different color only then.
In other words, I need a way to make the highlighted (linked) cell stand-out from the page.
Sorry if this is really simple; I just can't figure out how to do it.
Thanks in advance.

A:Excel Text Cell Highlight Question

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Yes, can anyone help me figure out how to use the Find and Replace command (Ctrl-F) in excel to highlight the cells that's been found in yellow or any color.

Sometimes, I would have to verify and match serial numbers from a hardcopy and file that was sent to me. It would be great (and would make life easier) if I could have excel or the Find and Replace command to automatically highlight each cell that is found. Thanks

A:Excel: Highlight Find/Search Cells

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I have 2 worksheets. the main worksheet that I want to have the conditional formatting on has a connection to an Access database. I want to take this worksheet and have it compare to another worksheet in the same workbook. I am comparing cell to cell. Example - D5 on each page. But I have many cells to compare. I would like to have the highlights happen on the connected worksheet, but I am not sure if that is possible. There are 13 columns and 880 rows to conditional format

I have created a 3rd worksheet that uses =ISNA(MATCH(Summary!E5,'Last Summary'!E5,0)) to get some true false results. but I still cannot seem to get it incorporate into the main connected worksheet.

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I have a large spreadsheet that has dynamic cells being fed by a pricing engine. I need to monitor when a price changes. How can i make the cell highlight everytime a price ticks so that i can immediately see the change.


A:highlight dynamic cells when they tick in excel

can you upload a dummy set of data
what do you mean by
price ticks

have a look at conditional formatting

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I'd like to set up a macro, whereby I can enter two lists of chassis numbers and compare them, so it will identify all of the numbers in list A that do not appear in list B, and all of the numbers in list B that do not appear in list A.

So, my lists may look like:
List A - List B
A123 - A123
A124 - A124
A125 - A126
A126 - A127
B555 - B555
B557 - B556
B558 - B559

So, I need to highlight A125 in List A and B556 in List B.
List A - List B
A123 - A123
A124 - A124
A125 - A126
A126 - A127
B555 - B555
B557 - B556
B558 - B559

Is there a simple way to do this?

I've been messing around trying to find a way to do this quickly - I tried colouring each list in a different colour and then using the "Unique Records" filter, but it didn't seem to work correctly.


A:Excel - compare 2 lists & highlight differences

"Conditional Formatting"

This will do exactly what you want.

Hope that helps,


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In range A2:A11 I have a range of numbers .
What I want is for a CF or code that would find the highest number in that range and hightlight it in say green and also the full row that contains this highest number.

Have tried this CF formula , based on a google search

Result is only cell in column A is highlighted (say A6) and not the whole of row 6.

Any suggestions welcome


A:Solved: Highlight whole row depending on 1 cell ,excel 2003

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As per the title I want to compare the data between two excel files not work sheets in the same file (if that males a difference).

So I want to compare the old data with the new data and highlight the differences in red or any color on the new sheet.


A:Compare data in two excel WORKBOOKS and highlight difference

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What can I use (formula, etc) to check if a cell has a fill color or not? I have thousands of records with some with a yellow fill color. I need to move those that are filled to another sheet.

A:Solved: Excel: Formula to check cell color highlight?

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Hello again,

I have a word doc that has a form in it. The form may have any number of fields (boxes) to type text answers into, or be a drop down list to select an answer from. I need an excel macro that extracts all data from the form, but with every five fields starting a new row in excel. So all data from the form will appear within 5 columns in an excel spreadsheet.

field 1 field 2 field 3 field 4 field 5
field 6 field 7 field 8 field 9 field 10

Is that possible? I have had no luck to do it myself.

Sample form attached, thank you

A:Solved: Excel macro to extract Word form data into Excel

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Iím using Windows 7 and I used a macro which worked totally fine under Excel 2003. Now, under Excel 2007 it does not run anymore but displays the following error message:

"Run-time error '445':
Object doesn't support this action.

The function of the macro is to open up all other Excel spreadsheets located in the same folder and copy data out of them into the spreadsheet in which the macro is stored.

When I click on "Debug" the Visual Basic Editor highlights the row which says: Set FilSrch = Application.FileSearch

Can you help me with this? I've searched for a solution for a long time but could not find anything which worked.

The following is the start of the macro code:

Sub UpdateTable()
Dim X As Range, I As Integer, J As Integer, RecNo As Integer, CopyVal As Variant
Dim SourceBk As Worksheet, DestBk As Worksheet, StartRow As Integer, IndRange As Range
Dim ServRange As Range, SrcOpen As Boolean, SourceName As String
Dim FilSrch As Object, MyFilArray() As String

'MsgBox "This function not available in this version.", vbInformation, "Function Not Available"
'Exit Sub
'Sheets("LookUp").[a12] = Now
With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False
.StatusBar = "Counting source files ..."
End With
Set FilSrch = Application.FileSearch
With FilSrch
.LookIn = ActiveWorkbook.Path
.FileType = msoFileTypeExcelWorkbooks
If .Execute > 0 Then
ReDim MyFilArray(.FoundFiles.Count)
For I = 1 ... Read more

A:Solved: Excel 2003 Macro Doesn't Run in Excel 2007 - Help Requested

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I am trying to create a code that will autofilter data on an Excel worksheet. The code works fine to filter the data, but it does not hide the AutoFilter Arrows.

Below is the code I am using. What (if anything) is wrong with the code below?

ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D500").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="<>", Visibledropdown:=False

A:Solved: Excel 2007 Macro -> Hide Excel AutoFilter Arrows

I noticed that the code above (in Post #1) that the AutoFilter Arrows were beinf truned off on Field 2, but none of the others.

I have played around, and done some research to come up with the code below:

Dim c As Range

For Each c In ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D1")
ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D500").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="<>"
c.AutoFilter Field:=c.Column, Visibledropdown:=False

Does anyone have a better solution?

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I was wondering if anyone could help me. I need to extract data from multiple excel files into a new excel file and sum the values. The data comes from excel files that are made from a template so the data is always in the same place or same cells. For example, i have data saved daily in excel files with the following naming convention 080204, 080304, 080404,..... and so on. What i would like to do is have a macro that will create a week ending sheet by importing and summing the data from that week.

Thanks for reading!

A:excel macro for copying and pasting data from multiple excel files

thanks for all those who read!!!! let me know if anyone needs the code!

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I need help to create an Excel macro that would

1. ask users to select x number of rows to be copied from one worksheet of one Excel file
2. once users have selected the rows to be copied, then the rows are copied from the one original Excel file into X number of target Excel files

the target Excel files are all based on the same template
there is one worksheet in each of the target Excel files

in the target files, the rows should be copied from the first available empty row, going down

Looking forward to your help!

Thanks a lot.

A:Macro needed to copy x number of rows from one Excel file into a batch of Excel files

Hi, welcome to the board.
Not much info there to get the correct picture.
Sample? Of source and template please
And not to forget, what version of Excel are you and the users using?

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I'm working on a Bill of Material creation automation project that requires some expertise in VBA, and I have none.
The objective is to run a macro from an excel spreadsheet called "PGE BOM", to do the following:
1) Go to the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Auto Project"
2) Find all the .mdb databases in this folder
3) Find "HistoricalMaterialItemsAll" table in EACH of those databases in step 2, and import the data from the columns listed below into PGE BOM.xls's columns C through G:
The following is a VBA code that my friend had written in Excel 2007. Unfortunately I have an older version (2000) and the code does not seem to be compatible with Excel 2000.
Sub ImportAccessData()
dPath = "C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Auto Project\"
sFile = "*.MDB"
strSrch = dPath & sFile
Set TargetWB = Application.ActiveWorkbook
Set TargetWS = TargetWB.ActiveSheet
sRow = 2
bFile = False
If Dir(strSrch) <> "" Then
strFlNm = Dir(strSrch)
bFile = True
End If
Do Until bFile = False
strPath = dPath & strFlNm
Call GetData(strPath)
strFlNm = Dir
If strFlNm = "" Then bFile = False
End Sub
Sub GetData(fl)
strSQL = "Select HistoricalMaterialItemsAll.* From HistoricalMaterialItemsAll"
Workbooks.OpenDatabase fl, strSQL, xlCmdTable
Set WB = Application.ActiveWorkbook
Set WS = Applicatio... Read more

A:Excel Macro - VBA code to import access data to excel

Hello, and welcome to the board!

When posting code, please use CODE tags, which extremely helps with readability.

Perhaps you could try using the code constant???...

Option Explicit

Sub ImportAccessData()
Dim dPath As String, sFile As String, strSrch As String
Dim TargetWB As Workbook, TargetWS As Worksheet
Dim sRow As Long, bFile As Boolean, strFlNm As String, strPath As String
dPath = "C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Auto Project\"
sFile = "*.MDB"
strSrch = dPath & sFile
sRow = 2
bFile = False
Set TargetWB = Application.ActiveWorkbook
Set TargetWS = TargetWB.ActiveSheet
If Dir(strSrch) <> "" Then
strFlNm = Dir(strSrch)
bFile = True
End If
Do Until bFile = False
strPath = dPath & strFlNm
Call GetData(strPath, TargetWB, TargetWS)
strFlNm = Dir()
If strFlNm = "" Then bFile = False
End Sub

Sub GetData(fl As String, WB As Workbook, ws As Worksheet)
Dim strSQL As String, iRow As Long, sRow As Long
strSQL = "SELECT HistoricalMaterialItemsAll.* FROM HistoricalMaterialItemsAll"
Workbooks.OpenDatabase fl, strSQL, 3 'xlCmdTable
iRow = 2
Do Until ws.Cells(iRow, 1) = ""
ws.Cells(sRow, 7) = ws.Cells(iRow, 5) 'Get the Description
iRow = iRow + 1
sRow = sRow + 1
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
WB.... Read more

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I want to merge two excel files into a 3rd one.

The data are in the files Book1, Book2 and the result in Book3.

I know that i can use VLookup to do the above. But what i have pasted is just an example. The real excel files contains about 9 columns with at many repeating row!!!

Any help will be much appreciated.

A:Excel - macro to merge 2 excel files using a common column

Hi welcome to the board. How are you going to treat the duble items, If you want to merge 2 files adn duplication occurs here must be one cell whihc is common to let's say Book1 and Book2.

Do you have a common value? Index? Whatever you call it?

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I have a macro that marks correct answers based on the correct value in B2 - B17 and AI2 - AI17 being the wrong answer.
Also if B2 - B17 is entered incorrectly that cell color turns red. If the answer is correct the cell color turns yellow and is added up at the bottom.

What my macro does not do is change the cell color to red if C2 - AI2 does not match B2 or AI17. Also if AI2 - AI17 is not entered correctly the cell color should change. Here is the macro. Also a file is attached with the macros. When the changes are made to the macro it should find mistakes in the attached file, some of the cells that are wrong are C2, D2, C3, D3, C15 there are others that are wrong.


Sub Update()
Dim Rng1 As Range
Dim Rng2 As Range
Dim bMatch As Boolean
Dim origRng As Range
Dim compRng As Range

On Error Resume Next

Set origRng = Range("B2:B17")
If origRng Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

For Each Rng1 In origRng
'Check contents of Rng1
If Rng1.Text = "" Then
'Rng1 is blank, skip this row
Range("B" & Rng1.Row & ":AI" & Rng1.Row).Interior.ColorIndex = 0
'Rng1 is not blank, run match code
Set compRng = Range("C" & Rng1.Row & ":AI" & Rng1.Row)
bMatch = False
For Each Rng2 In compRng
If InStr(UCase(Rng2), UCase(Rng1)) = 1 And Rng2 > "" Then
... Read more

A:Highlight cells if they don't match one of two cells (macro)

Any ideas?

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I have Office 10 and I go to "find" in my excel spreadsheet and I would like to find "shot", "hospital"". "doctor" without doing 3 searches. So can I imput those 3 words and do a search and it will show me each word as they come up?

A:Find two or more words in Excel?

As far as I know there is no way to do that without creating a macro. But even macro will return you cell numbers for those words in specially assigned "answer" cells.

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Hi guys,

I have been on the lookout for a macro that will compare 2 worksheets within MS Excel and output the differences on a third sheet.

I am being directed to the URL below but cannot for the life of me work out how to implement this:


There are two snippets of code which I will include here for convenience but not sure whether these should be pasted into Workbook Code (i.e. right-clicking Excel icon left of "File" - top-left), Worksheet Code (i.e. right-clicking worksheet tab) or inserting a new Module - or some other method. Is there anyone here that could guide me to how to implement this code?

Quote from webpage - "With the macro below it is possible to compare the content of two worksheets.
The result is displayed in a new workbook listing all cell differences. "

Sub CompareWorksheets(ws1 As Worksheet, ws2 As Worksheet)
Dim r As Long, c As Integer
Dim lr1 As Long, lr2 As Long, lc1 As Integer, lc2 As Integer
Dim maxR As Long, maxC As Integer, cf1 As String, cf2 As String
Dim rptWB As Workbook, DiffCount As Long
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.StatusBar = "Creating the report..."
Set rptWB = Workbooks.Add
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
While Worksheets.Count > 1
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
With ws1.UsedRange
lr1 = .Rows.Count
lc1 = .Column... Read more

A:Solved: How to use this Macro in MS Excel (compare excel worksheets)

Apologies... I have sorted this... For those that might be looking at this for help here's what I missed:

These are both Sub's that should be created as a Module - both in the same module. I am just comparing worksheets within the Active Worksheet so just removed:

' compare two different worksheets in two different workbooks
CompareWorksheets ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1"), _
Click to expand...

I was then able to run this from Macro's. All sorted.

Apologies again

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Does anyone know how to run Excel 2003 print macro on Excel 2007 or higher? When I tried running my 2003 macro, the VBA editor pops up w dialogue box, " Run-time error '1004': Method 'ActivePrinter' of object'_Application' failed ".

This is my code: Application.ActivePrinter = "Epson LQ-300 ESC/P 2 on USB003"

Can anyone help?


A:How to run Excel 2003 print macro on Excel 2007?

Welcome to TSG hope we can help you and you can help others.

I'm not an Excel macro guy but you code looks reasonable. What happens if you run this. I suspect printer name is a little off.

MsgBox "The name of the active printer is " & Application.ActivePrinter

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I run a weekly excel 2007 macro that converts a spreadsheet to a Word document, but it stops after row 29 of data. Any spreadsheet with 29 rows or less works fine. If I have 34 rows of data, the macro hangs. See below for script. Any help would be appreciated.

Public Sub AddControls(WrdApp As Word.Application, CurRow As Integer)
Dim OptChecked As Boolean
Dim GrpName As String
GrpName = "Grp" & CurRow
'Calculate the colors based on the cell information.
CurRange = "F" & CurRow & ".." & "F" & CurRow

If InStr(1, UCase(ActiveCell.Text), "X SRM") > 0 Then 'SRM
OptChecked = True
OptChecked = False
End If

SetCellBG WrdApp, True
WrdApp.Selection.TypeText Text:="Governance:" & vbCrLf

Set RadioObj = WrdApp.Selection.InlineShapes.AddOLEControl("Forms.OptionButton.1")
With RadioObj.OLEFormat.Object
.GroupName = GrpName
.Caption = "SRM"
.Font.Name = "Arial"
.Font.Size = 8
.Value = OptChecked
End With

If InStr(1, UCase(ActiveCell.Text), "X PPO") > 0 Then ' PPO
OptChecked = True
OptChecked = False
End If

WrdApp.Selection.Collapse Direction:=wdCollapseEnd

Set RadioObj = WrdApp.Selection.InlineShapes.AddOLEControl("Forms.OptionButton.1")
With RadioObj.OLEFormat.Object
.GroupName = GrpName
.Caption = "PPO"
.Font.Name = "Arial"
.Font.Size = 8
.Value = O... Read more

A:Excel Macro - converting excel to word doc - stops after row 29

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Hi, I have created an excel macro that runs sensitivities in my model. The excel button runs 5 different cases.

The macro runs fine and does as I want it to.

Once the macro has run, and I go to edit a cell and hit "F2" excel crashes. This only seems to happen in certain cells and not all of the time.

Does anyone have experience with similar questions?


A:Excel Macro runs fine..then excel crashes

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I am trying to change the color and font of a few words in an automated e-mail I am sending out VIA VBA in outlook. Here is the code: I would like to change the "payment due" so that the number it takes from the workasheet shows up be in the color red.

Compose the message
Msg = ""
Msg = Msg & "Hello" & Cells(cel.Row, 8) & "," & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & "Please confirm the following payment(s) due " & Cells(cel.Row, 7) & ": "
Msg = Msg & Cells(cel.Row, 3).Text & " USD" & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & "This is for invoice #" & Cells(cel.Row, 1) & " due " & Cells(cel.Row, 5) & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & "If there is an issue regarding the invoice please contact me at the below number." & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & "Thanks you" & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & "Bill" & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & "555.555.5555"
Let me know if this is possible. Thanks!

A:Changing color of words in Excel VBA

You must use HTML formatting in your email but just to let you know, the formatting will not show up on the other persons PC if their mail client uses plain text formatting. Here is some code to help get you started. If you can't put it all together just let me know and I'll help you with the rest.
Public Sub ColorMail()

Dim olApp As Outlook.Application
Dim olEmail As Outlook.MailItem

Set olApp = New Outlook.Application
Set olEmail = olApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)
olEmail.HTMLBody = "<font face='Arial' color='red'> HERE IS RED TEXT</font><br />"
olEmail.HTMLBody = olEmail.HTMLBody & vbCrLf & "<font face='Arial' color='green'> HERE IS GREEN TEXT</font><br />"
olEmail.HTMLBody = olEmail.HTMLBody & vbCrLf & "<font face='Arial' color='blue'> HERE IS GREEN TEXT</font><br />"

End Sub

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I have a user try to print from his words and excel file, every time he print document the paper comes out blank. I have try to re-installed the MS200 and also deleted user profile from AD and is still not work. Any one with help over there pls

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Excel Help Request How to remove duplicate words in a row

I am writting to tech support guy tech support for help
Required result: I am writting to tech support guy for help

I am sure I will am sure get help
Required result: I am sure I will get help

Row3: .....
Row4: .....

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Excel Help Req: How to remove duplicate words in a row

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I am in need of an Excel 2007 formula with which i can convert the figures (e.g. some amount) to words i mean it should be spelt in words.

e.g. if i write 30000,the formula should write it as "thirty thousand",
if i write 3456.the formula should write it as "three thousand four hundred and fifty six"

and like wise...

pl suggest me some formula...

thanks in advance...

A:Convert digits to words in Excel 2007...

"SpellNumber" worked in earlier versions; try it in 07.


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Hello All,
I create a spreadsheet for a report that comes out twice a week, while the reports do differ slightly, I create a new page for each date, i.e. July 7th, July 10th, July 16th etc.  However, each time I create a new page the words I use on every page essentially, do not come up when I begin typing.  
I am wondering if there is a place to add frequently used words so that they will come up faster.  For example, I use Bradford, Summit, and Washington quite frequently.  I would like to just be able to type b-r-a-d and autofill come up with the rest, it would save a lot of time.  
I have thought about just making a template and then copying that for each date, but there is just enough differences that that will not save me any time.  
I am open to trying anything to speed up the process.

A:Excel quick fill with frequently used words

What version of Excel are you using? Newer versions do this automatically.

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I restored setting of my acer laptop when it was getting too slow to respond and lost nearly all the apps including many acer apps . Now I do not have excel and word among others . Whatcan I do to restore them back. I do not have money to buy the from the internet. Thanks in advance for your help.

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A macro I wrote in VBA for Excel 2004 won't run in Excel 2011 (alas...). Upon opening the spreadsheet an "on open" routine runs, and bombs out on the following command:
Set cmdbar = Application.CommandBars.Add _
(Name:="Sort", _
Position:=msoBarTop, _
MenuBar:=False, _
temporary:=True) 'msobartop docks the menu at the top

Does anyone know if the VBA structure ("CommandBars.Add") has been removed or altered?

Is there another way to accomplish the same thing in 2011? I want to create a custom command bar (I populate it later in the module).

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