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Lose network drives after undocking

Q: Lose network drives after undocking

Hello all. We are seeing this issue on a handful of T440's. When the user has the laptop docked and hard wired his network drives are connected and accessable. When they undock the laptop the drives is still showing but when they try to open any home drive folders they get the error " This file is currently not available for use onthis computer". The users are connected to our network wireless before they undock so it would seem that the connection to the home folders would still be there. Any help would be great. thanks, Matt

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Preferred Solution: Lose network drives after undocking

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I hope this is the right forum. I can be surfing the web, downloading something, playing a game, etc., when I start hearing a static like noise from inside the pc. PC freezes, then get the BSOD. I reboot, and find the pc has lost the flash/sandisc drives on the front of the pc. To regain these drives, I have to unplug the power cord from the back of the pc for an hour or so. This has happened about six times over the last couple of months. I've gone so far as to reformat and reinstall things one at a time, and still can't pinpoint what causes this. I've ran diagnostics on the hard drives, asked Dr. Watson, ran through pcpitstop, ran Spybot, Adaware, Spywareblaster, MS anti-spyware, AVG, and sometimes they find something, but nothing that looks like it could cause this. Here's the basics:

Medion Titantium MD8000XL
XP Home, SP1
768 ram
2.66 P4 cpu
Seagate HD
nVidia Ti4200
Micro Star MS-6701

More info on system:http://aldireview.niesens.com/medion-md8000/

If this is the wrong forum, please move to correct forum.

A:Lose USB drives


pc has lost the flash/sandisc drives on the front of the pc.

check the device manager for any yellow conflict markings
remove the usb device then try it

upgrade to sp2

who put the extra 512 memory in your computer? it came with 256, did you have the store upgrade it or did you? what brand?

lastly try running it with the side off and a healthy fan blowing in.

post back

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Im using windoze 8 and when I run restore point creator portable or installed I lose my 2 USB external drives.I have tried running SFC scan now but doesn't help.The only way I have been able to get my 2 external drives back is to use the system restore on the system. I would appreciate any thoughts or help that anyone has.Thanks in advance.BTW my updates are current but I have not installed windoze 8.1.

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This is truly weird! But before I go into details, please note that I do not need help recovering the data from the missing partitions. What I need is help in trying to figure out what's going wrong and fix it.

I'm running XP Pro/SP3 on a home-built box with an ASUS P5WDG2 WS Professional mobo that has worked great for years. But starting recently, all the partitions on some disk drives have repeatedly gone randomly missing!

Here's why I say "repeatedly": I use Acronis Disk Director 11 to recover the lost partitions, which works fine (but takes hours since it has to parse through 1 or 2 TB to find all the partitions' signatures). But a few boot-ups later, all of the partitions are gone again. It's like a loop, except that it's not always the same drive -OR- controller!

I started out with 8 hard drives on this high-end workstation (all partitions are NTFS): [ALPHA]: 3 normal, non-RAID SATA-II drives connected to the standard Intel ICH7R disk controller on the mobo.

[BETA]: 2 SATA-II drives connected to the on-board Marvell 88SE6145 RAID controller in a RAID 0 configuration.

[DELTA]: 1 normal (i.e., non-RAID) SATA-II drive also connected to to the on-board Marvell 88SE6145 controller.

[GAMMA]: 2 SCSI-320 15K RPM drives in a RAID 0 configuration (which hold my boot partitions as well as others) connected to an Adaptec PCI-X SCSI-320 RAID controller.Here's the history of this problem:

(1): Roughl... Read more

A:Weird! Various drives lose their partitions repeatedly!

Sounds like your PSU is failing on you. Go into the Bios and post the Voltages, Temperatures and Fan Speeds. Also check the side of the PSU and see what the posted voltage is. Probably would be best to just replace it.

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Our network consists of the following:

1x Windows Server 2003
5x Windows XP Home
1x Windows Vista Home x64

I have mapped drives from each of the desktops to a folder on the server. Everytime a PC is shut off then booted again, upon booting into Windows the mapped connection is lost. I have to go to each PC and manually reconnect to the server using the username and password.

I'm not sure why these connections are breaking when someone reboots the computer.

I checked the event log on the server and I'm getting an error that might be related:
Error 1054
Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name for your computer network. (An unexpected network error occurred. ). Group Policy processing aborted. Click to expand...

Help me!

A:Mapped drives lose connectivity upon reboot

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I'm running Win 7/64 Home Premium on my media PC with 7 USB drives, all connected via a powered hub.

Whenever I reboot (warm or cold), the sharing permissions are lost, generally to all, although every so often one of the WD drives will maintain it (the Seagate ones always lose them). I've tried using different ports to no avail. I've changed the properties of the drives so that I am the owner (as an Administrator). That doesn't help either.

I've read that Windows keeps a list of dynamic shares (or something like that) and that this behavior is by design as drives can be disconnected when the PC is not running. Is this true? I never had a problem with Vista, so this is definitely a Win 7 thing.

If anyone has a clue or can point me to a link for help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

A:USB drives lose full disc sharing permissions after reboot


It could be that the devices are being re-labelled and given the incorrect letter when you turn the PC on. Can you try it with just one USB Device plugged in? Do you have the same problem?

Keep a note of what Drive letter is given to what device. Restart and see if any of them change.

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so basically there are roomers in my house. I was wondering why some PCs lose connectivity after smooth sailing for days, whilst majority of PCs in the house don't have the same problem.

IPs of the problem PCs check out fine on the router page. Signal strength is better than the other PCs who don't problems at all.

I have gotten this with 3 different PCs. The problem is only resolved when I unplug and plug in the modem. Occasionally dhcp release/renew helps. Restarting the PCs with limited connectivity does not help, nor does repairing the connection nor disconnecting and connecting from the wifi.

I am using a d-link wifi router, dhcp, with wpa psk protection. Lease time is 20000 min. Router is on channel auto-search. MAC filtering is off. All PCs in the house use either b or g adapters.

Is it true that adding the MAC addys of all the PCs onto the router, will help? I rather do that as last resort as people in the house apprehensive about the landlord intruding into their laptops.

A:PCs on Network lose connectivity often

I'm guessing that you have some applications running that are filling up the memory on the router, probably one or more P2P applications. You need a better router, or better control of what the people are running. Exactly how many people are running off this router? Many SOHO routers have problems when you start to get more than 9-10 connected clients.

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I serve on mirc using upp. I have 3 computers on my home network only one of which i serve with (i have a static ip and forwarded ports for this computer). Everything will be fine for a day or so after setting up my computer, then usually late at night, i will lose internet connectivity on my server computer, but not on any other computer's on my network. I won't be able to open ie, it says it kicks me off my irc network.. well it did it again last night, my lil brother was downloading from me at the time (he is on his own completely different network at his house) anyway all internet goes down... except my lil brother's connection where i was sending him a file. I know my lil brother didn't hack me, he isn't computer savvy enough. Was I hacked by someone else? If I dont' reinstall mirc (fresh from flash drive) then this will continue, otherwise I can reinstall it and i won't have any issues for a day or two then it will come back. Help plz?
I run windows xp, runing upp 2.20, on one of my 3 dell optiplex gx620's on a wired lan connection

A:i Lose connectivity on one computer on my network but not all of them

oh i didnt even read all of ur post nor am i an expert in this stuff, but i just saw u mentioning u have mirc.
i downloaded it too and i got a virus through it. i dont remember what it was, like a trojan,malware or smthn. i just scanned my computer and it showed "mirc.exe" with a virus.
maybe u shud scan ur comp.

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I have 2 users on my domain who are experiencing the following:1) After a clean boot they will eventually (after 1 - 3 hours) lose access to the network. They cannot access our shared network drives. They receive the error "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service". They still have internet access but not internal network access.2) When this happens many of the dialog boxes and windows that open will be missing the top bar. You cannot see the top bar where the title of the window should be or the maximize/restore, minimize or close buttons unless you hover over where they should be (then they appear).3) They have also reported a noticable decrease in performance.Here is a Hijack this log from one of the machines:Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 4:11:27 PM, on 11/19/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16544)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\WLTRYSVC.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\bcmwltry.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.ex... Read more

A:Lose Network, Partial Windows...

Hi theoasis,

If you still need help please post a fresh HijackThis log and I'll be happy to look at it for you.

Thanks for your patience.

P.S. Please copy/paste the log into this thread using the Add Reply button.

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I was at a buddies house with my laptop, connected to his wireless internet connection and connected to his file sharing network. But whenever we tried to view other computer's shared files on the network the whole network would lose internet connection for a few moments and then would come back once we stopped viewing other computer's files.

I have no idea what would cause this or how to fix it. If anyone has any idea's it would be greatly appreciated because I will be moving here at the end of this month and would like to get this problem out of the way now.

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About a week ago, I started having a problem where after about 10-20 minutes of using a full-screen application (such as a game), my computer loses its network connection, and it is impossible to get it back unless I restart. I can no longer access the internet, and if I try disabling then re-enabling my Ethernet connection, windows says "Connection failed!". Command ping test won't run, no internet browsers can bring up any pages, and trying to repair the connection just hangs the dialogue box. Simply browsing the internet, doing email, and using word documents does not cause any problems, but if I start running a game the problem is guaranteed to happen within 10-20 minutes. Usually windows will not even let me restart (hangs on a blank desktop) and I have to do a hard reset. It happens with various games (tested on warcraft and team fortress) so I am fairly certain it is not any program in particular causing it. Playing the same games on other computers connected to the same network works perfectly fine, so I am certain it is not the network's fault either. It even happens if I play a game like warcraft 3 in single player mode (not using the internet)... and after about 20 mins I can't use the internet at all when I try again. I made sure to update all my drivers. I tried using system restore to return to a point when everything was working. I did not make any changes to the system since the problem started showing up. I did a full spyw... Read more

A:Lose network connection, only solution is restart

Running a game like that on a laptop could be over heating the innards. Are you running on battery or plugged in?

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HP Pavilion G6Windows 7 64-bit When using the laptop after sleep mode, the network access is:a) slow to restore (60 seconds), b) requires manual reconnecting,   c) only comes back at half the signal strength or,d) tells me that Windows is unable to reconnect to my network. If the latter, then I need to power recycle my network access point to restore network access.  My other notebook pcs -- Windows 7 and Windows XP - don't have this problem, nor does my smartphone.  Also, when I move the laptop back to the wireless router location, I have to manually disconnect/connect and then do this again when I return to the access point area.    

A:lose network connection after sleep mode

Has anybody a solution for this? Because I am having the exact same problem with my pavilion dv7 notebook with windows 7-64 bit.

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Here's the background:

Computer has an Asus M5A88-M motherboard, with an AMD FX-8350 cpu. It had been running Win7/64. It has two harddrives, an SSD Samsung 850 evo (C drive) and a WD Black spinner (D drive). In Win7 I was unable to get the SSD into AHCI mode. (The mobo has Sata ports 1-4 as either IDE or AHCI or RAID, and ports 5-6 as IDE. I have Bluray ODD in port 6.)

I decided to upgrade to Win 10. Prior to the upgrade, I disconnected the D drive, which shouldn't have anything on it but games and some personal docs and pics. I performed the upgrade with just C connected.

All was good.

I successfully changed my C drive to AHCI mode. Rebooted several times. All was still good.

By "all is good", I mean EVERYTHING seemed good, and the internet/networking worked.

This morning, I decided to plug in the D drive back into SATA port 2. Upon booting, there was a yellow exclamation symbol over the network connection near the task tray and I had no network at all. I used a usb stick to upload the latest Win10 Network driver for the mobo's Realtek 8111E network interface. The yellow error symbol remained.

I tried various troubleshooting techniques (safe boot with network, limited services, etc.) and nothing changed.

The network switch shows connectivity and the port on the rear of the computer shows a solid green light and flashing yellow light. That indicates Gigabit speed connection and data input/output. This is with the yellow exclamation symbol and no ne... Read more

A:If I plug in my D hard drive, I lose my network?!?!

Additional information:

- I've just powered down, disconnected the D drive, booted and again all is good...

- Powered down again and connected D drive to Sata port 5 (an IDE drive). Booted up...and all is good.

The problem seems to be using D drive (which is PURELY a data drive as far as I know) in the AHCI mode. Looking at Disk Management, the D drive seems to be an MBR style.

Note that the D drive is totally accessible when it is in the Sata 2 port (AHCI port). There is nothing wrong with accessing or using D drive. The only symptom is total network dysfunctionality. (Sata port 5 allows networking and D drive access.)

I'd like to use it in one of the AHCI sata ports (1-4).

Still stumped...


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I've been having a strange internet connection for a while. Mainly via wifi, but also via cable sometimes. I have another post of losing the Ethernet adapter once in a while, but that seems to fix itself when I manage to reconnect to internet through wifi. That problem boiled down to this "Incorrect Network Key", which was what always blocked internet access via wifi.

When I cannot get connection via wifi, I run the Diagnose Connection problem in IE7. (I'm on XP2). A couple of times it has told me there's an issue with the Winsock and that it will proceed to reset it. But most of the time it tells me the Network Key is incorrect, although the wireless connection indicates that I am connected properly and have an excellent signal. It prompts me to reenter teh Nw Key in Network Connections. When I do, the existing NW Key is always different from what it should be. It also happens if I just open the Nw Connections panel and check the Wireless Nw properties for my wifi nw. What I have entered as a correct key, is not what appears.

It is like it doesn't "save" the Nw Key.

Where I live, there are two computers connected. My XP2, and an iMac G5, along with its own wifi nw for Apple TV etc. There are also other wifi nws in the building, but all protected. Also, these are not on my preferred nws list.

Any ideas?

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I am at my mom's and she has Windows Vista, a D-link router and she is using a Netgear for her wireless Network.

Her problem is that her internet connection is lost after the computer goes to sleep...and she has to right click on the network icon in the lower right hand corner, disconnect from HOME network, and reconnect. Sometimes, the network icon completely disappears and she needs to reboot.

She thinks this all started to happen after she installed a security update from HP.

I am not sure if this is sufficient information, please let me know.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading my post, hopefullly you can help out my mom!


A:Solved: Lose network after computer goes to sleep

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Two users's computer are re-installed from Win XP to Windows 7x64 sp1 last month. When they were saving Excel 2007 on network drive, it would save long time. Then found that lose connection with network drive. Finally, needed to force restart computer 
lastly. It happens occassionly.

Other users won't have these problem. Then I find that these two users are using the same motherboard Gigabyte GA-G41M-Combo with embedded Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Etherent Controller.  The lan card Driver version is   (25/4/2012)
which is the latest one from the motherboard Gigabyte official site.

These two users are mainly using Excel. So almost happen once a week that can't save file and lose all unsaved data now.

Is it related to lan card ? or Do we need to buy new LAN Card to solve this?  Please comment. Thanks.

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I need some help with this.... I've tried everything I know of! a public network is preventing me from accessing the internet, low connectivity..... I dont know what to do, i got it off for now but when ever i restart, its back! I need to know how to permanently get rid of that "public network", and the thing is, I never ok'd this to happen in the first place!!!!

A:Public Network Starting itself and I lose internet

Welcome to Seven Forums!

You can prevent windows from automatically connecting to other networks by making sure that only the network or networks you want is in your preferred list.

The list is under Network and Internet => Manage Wireless Networks.

Make sure that only the network(s) you want are in there. Right click on the network entry and click Properties. Make sure the check box for "Connect to a more preferred network" is *NOT* checked. Do that for any of you preferred networks in the list. Keep the check box "Connect automatically when network in range" checked.

That should keep things under control.

Let me know if that fixes you up.

Good Luck!

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As you see in the screenshot Explorer just sits there trying to load the folder I've requested. This happens, seemingly, randomly, at least I haven't been able to find a pattern. If I unmount all network drives the problem disappears. Sometimes it loads within a few seconds while some other time it can keep loading for several minutes preventing me from doing anything useful. As you can imagine this is very frustrating. One solution to temporarily bypass this is to cut the network connection and open the folder I need and then reconnect the network.

-Windows 10 Home/Pro.
-ZyXEL NAS540 with latest firmware (I've gone through several firmware updates since purchase).
-Other devices mounted as network drives for easy access (e.g, Android phone, Shield Android TV, etc.).
-Router Netgear WNR3500Lv2 with Tomato firmware 132 by Shibby (Same as NAS, gone through several firmware upgrades/-downgrades, problem persists).

The router is Master Browser and WINS Server and these features are turned off on the NAS. ipconfig /all shows WINS Server as (router).

A:Explorer can't load folders/drives with mounted network drives.

I have 2 WDC NAS drives plugged into my Router and on Windows [XP and later], Linux Minu and Mac OS X computers I just Map a folder on them, usually the one named Public. I can also access them through Wi-Fi/Wireless Networking on Notebooks.

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I've researched this as much as I can but am still having problems.  We have an office of about 20 users, all using relatively recent PC's connected to Gigabit network with a SBS 2011 server and a Server 2008 R2 database server.
About a year ago, we started having problems at one end of the building with a couple users suddenly losing their network connection.  Randomly, the users PC would disconnect from the network.  Mapped drive letters inaccessible.  Yellow exclamation
mark on the network status icon in the system tray.  Rebooting fixed it.  We soon discovered unplugging and replugging the network cable fixed it.  The problem spread to a couple other computers.  Tried using static IP addresses instead
of DHCP thinking there were issues with DHCP leases (grasping at straws at this point), but same problem would reoccur.  Tried lowering the ethernet link rates to 100Mbit and that did help to alleviate the problem but not a solution as we need Gigabit
Lately, our Server 2008 R2 database server started doing the same thing.  Just drops off the network.  Yellow exclamation mark.  Static IP address, and no connectivity (can't ping anything local or remote).  Unplugging the network cable
and reinserting fixes it, for a while.
Looking in the event viewer logs of the Win 7 clients and the server, does not show any "link down" events at all.  There is is always a event 1014, reporting... Read more

A:Windows 7 clients randomly lose network connectivity

Have you taken time to check my suggestions?
Any update, please get back to us for further plan.
Look forward to your response.Kate Li
TechNet Community Support

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My internet connection frequently drops out.
If i go and change my wireless (internet) cards IP address by one number (ie to it fixes the problem.

Its like XP uses the most recently changed connection to access the gateway??

Can i set one Adapter to be the default?

What is the problem??


I have 3 network cards in my XP pro box.
1 wireless to adsl modem on 192.168.1.*** subnet
1 ethernet 10/100 card to networked Printer on 192.168.2.*** subnet
1 ethernet 10/100 card to nearby laptop on 192.168.0.** subnet

Gateway on all adapters is set to

Rowan from Oz

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I recently purchased a Asus Q400A, which uses the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 internal adapter. Wifi has always worked properly until I installed VurtualBox. After VirtualBox installed new adapters, I completely lost my Wifi connection to the local network. I tried looking for my wifi through the network manager and Windows does not show any wifi networks. What I tried was uninstalling the wifi driver, reinstalling the wifi drivers form Intel and Asus websites. Manually deleting ALL the wifi Drivers then trying to reinstall. When using Intel's Wifi Network Manager, with this utility, I can see all the networks around and and actually connect with the tools, but that does not give me network back, and windows still won't see any networks.

I ended up restoring from a restore point and it went back to normal. The same issue occured when installing OpenVPN, when it added its' adapter, after reboot I lost Wifi connectivity again, and had to use a restore point.
I am hoping there is some fix before I take back the laptop.


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Hi All,

I have (4) hard drives that already have Windows 7 installed on each. My rig is a custom build, so as for Motherboard, I have:

Motherboard: Gigabyte G1.Assassin (has two 6GB/s SATA ports, and four 3 GB/s SATA ports) if not mistaken. I would put eligible drives on the 6 GB/s ports, and the others on the 3 GB/s ports. I know, my MB is ancient now!

The "new" drives are already connected via SATA ports, and both are functional, but one is extremely slow, and I believe it is because I didn't install them correctly. Missing drivers or something, not sure.

Here are my issues, broken down:

1. I have two choices to make, first is to use the "fastest HDD" as my primary, and the other 3 HDD's will be used as storage. Second choice is to induce RAID 10 or whichever is recommended. If I go with RAID, please point me to a site where I can use as a guide on how to do that correctly, as I have never done that before. Unless of course it is a simple process, and can be explained here. I just didn't want to have to go back and forth on this board, while becoming a nuisance.

2. Going with the best recommendation based on #1 above, I need to resolve network recognition issues. I use the WD Mycloud 3TB as my backup. I like it because I travel a lot and I can easily use the app to pull up any document, picture, video, etc., while knowing that I don't need to pay a monthly fee to someone else. However, 50% of the time when I boot up, I see (Cou... Read more

A:Multiple drives, One Desktop, all drives recognized in network

I'll bite:

Why 4 Windows installations?

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Hi Tech support,

I've recently installed Windows Vista x64 on my machine and used my motherboards built-in wireless connection to connect to my flat's wireless router. Everything worked fine until I noticed that whenever I remove a USB device from my front panel (USB Stick, MP3 Player) the wireless suddenly loses it's connection with the router, and the only thing I've found to fix things is a restart of my PC.
I also have a Laptop running a 32-bit version of Vista, and after trying it there it seems to have exactly the same problem.
Any ideas what's causing this, or better still how to fix it?

A:Disconnecting USB device causes Wireless network adapter to lose connection


Originally Posted by Hagen

Hi Tech support,

I've recently installed Windows Vista x64 on my machine and used my motherboards built-in wireless connection to connect to my flat's wireless router. Everything worked fine until I noticed that whenever I remove a USB device from my front panel (USB Stick, MP3 Player) the wireless suddenly loses it's connection with the router, and the only thing I've found to fix things is a restart of my PC.
I also have a Laptop running a 32-bit version of Vista, and after trying it there it seems to have exactly the same problem.
Any ideas what's causing this, or better still how to fix it?

I am having the same problem for all my 5 computers.
They all have the same specs except for hard drive / disc drives and graphics card.

My temporary fix:
Start Orb > Control Panel > View network status and tasks > Manage network connections > Select "Wireless Network Connection" > Disable this network device > Enable this network device

Command Line:

netsh interface set interface "Wireless Network Connection" DISABLE
netsh interface set interface "Wireless Network Connection" ENABLE
It's still not the solution to the problem, but it works when I need it. It does get annoying when I have to use USB devices and the Internet at the same time, though. This is why I want a solution to this problem.

Computer Specs:... Read more

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Weird issue.

I have 5 drives (of 7) on a Win 7 Pro (64) computer mapped on a Win XP (SP3) computer on my home network ... IT connects to ALL 5 ...

YET, that same Win XP computer will NOT access those same 5 drives (on the Win 7 computer) through the network (unmapped) giving the message "\\hostname\X is not accessible" (but WILL connect to the other 2 drives). All 7 drives have the same sharing and security settings ...

Baffled ... any ideas????
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 635 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6141 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 210, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 102398 MB, Free - 7068 MB; D: Total - 1328393 MB, Free - 715423 MB; H: Total - 2861458 MB, Free - 708331 MB; I: Total - 1430792 MB, Free - 177589 MB; J: Total - 2861458 MB, Free - 2689429 MB; K: Total - 305245 MB, Free - 71967 MB; L: Total - 2861458 MB, Free - 734646 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-770T-USB3
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Mapped Drives & Drives on Network

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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad x61s with a docking station. Is there any way that I can disconnect it from the dock without turning it off?


A:Undocking w/o turning off

You can for USB docking ports
Usually by clicking "disconnect" on the connected USB device icon near your system clock

But for the ones mounted at the back (or underneath) and usually clipped in. No

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Hi all, after undocking my p51 from the Thinkpad Workstation Dock the system runs very slowly. it takes 2 minutes before i can unlock the system (windows 10). No Screen, no reaction from mouse or keyboard.Even after unlocking i often have to reboot the system. something like that i get after i lock my windows screen when the notebook is docked in.. After sometime the display is in enegery safe mode - thats normal. But if i want to log in again, it takes 20-30 seconds until I get a screen. i already reinstalled the system - no improvement. Thanks for your help.

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due to the fact that we are a small business firm and don't have a server OS I'd like to create a network drive folder tree for Lawyers, Secretaries etc. with different access rights and so on.

On our Storage-Workstation I'm able to deny access or free access to folders completely, but if I wanna allow access only for special users, I don't succeed.

I can specify groups and users in Computer management - Local users and groups, but I can't include the computers of our workgroup, I don't see them, only the workstation pc name is given. Can somebody help me?

A:Client-based network for small business with network-drives (without using AD)

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One domain user recently can't see network drives and use printer. When you join a domain it automatically maps those drives and ads that printer, and it did, but now it is all gone. You can't even see disconnected drives in My computer. I am able to ping
those drives, but that's it. And this occurs only on one computer on one user. If log in to different user on that computer everything is fine and if I log in with that user on different computer it also works. Tried looking for disabled services, but couldn't
any that would be turned off from the most important (Workstation, Network location awareness, Network list service). Any suggestions?

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Hello, recently here at work we've been having more and more trouble with the "Could not reconnect all network drives" popup when users log on to their computer. All network drives have a red cross on their icon in explorer. It's a wired network.
I've tried enabling the "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon" policy under Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/Logon in the Group Policy Editor, but this didn't help. Updating the driver for the network card also
didn't help.
Once a user clicks on a network drive it instantly becomes available and stays available until the next reboot. The problem is that users have got programs which rely on having connection to certain network folders. So now they first need to open windows
explorer and click on each network folder to get it connect before they can open their program.
I've noticed users getting this error more and more after changing from 3com switches to cisco 2960 switches.
Anyone any ideas? (Switching back to 3com switches isn't an option)

A:Red X (cross) over network drive on startup, Could not reconnect all network drives.

Hello, thanks for your help. I seem to have found the problem. The switches are configured for spanning tree, now after changing the port where I'm connected on to use spanning-tree portfast instead of normal spanning-tree the problem disappeared. It
seems the spanning-tree protocol causes a bit of a delay which explains why the network folders don't connect. But it also seems that the GPO
Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon.
Doesn't wait for a logical signal because if you read the GPO description I would expect it to wait for a network connection to our domain but it seems it only waits for a signal and not a domain signal, if you know what I mean.
Thanks again for your help.

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hi guys,

so I have this weird problem that is driving me nuts since some weeks... here's the thing

at work we have a corporate set up with Win 7 Professional, everything is setup on a "domain".

we all have Dell computers and we can connect either via cable or via wireless, pretty standard these days.

anyway, if I connect via cable and login everything works perfectly, I can see the local network shares and no problems at all.

Problems start to arise on wireless! Here's the crazy scenario:

- if I start PC on cable, with wifi turned off via hardware switch then say I undock the PC for going to a meeting room AND I turn on the wifi, everything works fine, I can see the network drives, all good (it crunches for a few moments when I load explorer the first time and then he "finds" the network drives)

- if I decide to go back to my station, turn off wifi, re-dock the PC, back to cable, everything works fine.


- if say I am on cable, undock the pc, put on the wifi and THEN I restart the PC, when the computer boots win 7 (it takes some time at boot) then I cannot access the network drives anymore! they have the red X and it says "connection cannot be restored" or something like that. internet browsing always works fine. and I DONT do any login on wireless, I think because it's on a "domain" setup.

that is tested 50 times in a row! basically if I don't give him the cable at boot, I cannot see the network drives. and also, ... Read more

A:Cannot access Network Shared Drives over Corporate Network on Wireless

What is the make/model of Wireless Access Point(s)?

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On http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/mobile/display/a4-roundup-2_33.html I can read

"The docking station is connected via Toshiba?s exclusive connector. It is very handy that you can disconnect the station ?on the fly?, i.e. without powering the notebook down. To do so, you should use a special lever and look at the indicator ? when it goes out, the station can be undocked."

but the manual tell you to turn off computer before docking and undocking.

What is the right, can you do hot docking or not???

A:Libretto U100 hot undocking


Well, I don?t know exactly how to handle the undocking procedure on the Libretto but a friend of mine uses a Tecra with a docking station and he don?t turn off the notebook for undocking the notebook.
But maybe it?s is another case on the Libretto.
I would recommend following the guideline the user manual and turn-off the notebook if you want to remove the docking station.

You are on the safe side if you will follow the instruction in the user manual.

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I work in the helpdesk and am having trouble resolving an issue for a co-worker. I asked him to best describe the issue and here is his response....

"I will undock it from my desk, close the lid,take it to a meeting where it?s left undocked and unplugged, open the lid, andit?ll bluescreen within a few minutes of the screen coming back up"

Its a Lenovo T430 running Windows 7 (32 bit) and SP1. There is no minidump folder in the Windows directory (I followed the tutorial on how to create one but it still doesnt create one). I ran the System Update and updated the drivers that were available. I am not sure what else to try here.

I have had past success resolving issues by getting help from the gurus on here, so if you might have a suggestion on what to try, please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated.


A:BSOD when undocking laptop

Hello Kevin mate it seems like that machine has a real problem if it is not giving up those dump files.

If you haven't already can you run these for starters


http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/433-disk-check.html< if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2
then these if no go




ADW download from bleeping computerdelete any rubbish found with the malware scans

(with ADW ifyou are running Kaspersky it will throw it up as malware just overrideKaspersky by ignoring it or disabling it for the duration of the scan)

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Hi All, I have a T440s in an Ultradock with the monitor closed and three external monitors connected (1 HDMI, 1 DVI, 1 VGA). Everytime that i undock the laptop and open the display, the display stays black.  This doesn't seem to happen if i put the laptop to Sleep, undock the laptop, and then turn the machine back on.  The only solution after undocked is to do a hard shut-off (losing any open data) and then turn the laptop back on. I've used the Lenovo Updates and Drivers application as well as the support website to validate that the Intel HD Graphics drivers are on the latest version. Any help is appreciated!  

A:T440s Display off when undocking

Hi Fightnaggie08,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that you are facing the issue with Display issue on ThinkPad Ultradock with ThinkPad T440s.
Regarding this issue I suggest you to check with updating the ThinkPad Ultradock firmware to resolve the issue.
Please click here to visit the link to know the steps on how to perform the firmware update.
Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards,

Hemanth Kumar


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Running into an issue where the machine completely powers down after undocking.  Drivers have been updated, battery has been swapped out and so has the docking station. Just curious if this is a board issue or a larger concern.  Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, NALIT

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So im at a complete loss here....

I have a windows 7 pro x86 computer that out of the blue stopped connecting to its network drives. I tried a few things like flushing the dns, re-registering, new IP finally I decided to rejoin it to the domain, big mistake. The computer couldn't contact the domain controller even though all the info was correct. I ended up doing a restore to the week prior updated the NIC drivers and everything seemed to be working.

The following day it happened again I tried the same few fixes and the solution this time was to uninstall all the hidden devices under the network adapter, after a reboot I got into the drives just fine. Now everytime the user shuts his computer down he gets this same problem. My boss ran into the same problem on another machine the other day so Im hesitant to restore, I would prefer a fix in case this shows up again.

The computer can get online and use our email through outlook but network resources are all gone. The machine can also ping all of the servers but wont connect with \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx IP or \\servername\share even with credentials entered.

Ive looked all over with no success.

A:Very strange problem connecting to network drives / network.

Welcome to Seven Forums,

If it's now happening to another computer, I'd unplug the router and switch(es) for 20 to 30 seconds. Also, check on your computer's Security or Firewall programs installed, make sure that they are up to date and not blocking the ports and network resources. You may try disabling the program(s) temporarily for debugging purpose.

An update will be nice.

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When removing x260 from Thinkpad Pro Dock, laptop will frequently go to a black screen, which can only be resolved by force shutting down.Power light shows fully on, updated Graphics driver, chipset driver, dock firmware (when able to) and SSD firmware (when able to). Also tried amending power settings to not go in to sleep when lid is shut etc.We use Windows 7 OS and drivers have been updated from the Lenovo support website.Common issue with our x260s, any ideas?

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HiI have massive problems here with my setup:2 screens connected to WiGig 40A6. 1 HDMI, 1 DPX1 Yoga 1st Gen (20FQ) freezes every time when I undock. Freeze means: only possible way to get out of this is the power button. It seems, that it is not always the same:Worst case is, if both screens are connected. Then it freezes at every undock.A bit better is, if only DP is connected.A lot better is, if only HDMI screen is connected. I tried a fresh Win10 64 Bit install with all windows updates.I tried with the drivers on the X1 Yoga site at lenovoI tried with newest drivers for WiGig, from Intel, with newest driver for Intel HD graphics 520 from IntelI tried with older driver for Intel HD graphics 520 from X1 Yoga site at lenovoI did not find any working configuration. Undocking (and also rebooting, or shut down) is not possible without freeze. Does a working  configuration exist?Thank you for any suggestion!Roger 

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I have had this problem with both the RC and the RTM builds of Windows 7 Ultimate x86 on two different Dell laptops--a Latitude D830 and a Latitude E6500. Both are running nvidia Quadro display adapters (the D830 is a Quadro NVS 140M and the E6500 is a Quadro NVS 160M). In the case of the D830 I am running the latest drivers from nvidia's site (Dell didn't post Win7-specific drivers for this laptop). For the E6500 Dell has posted Win7-compatible drivers on its support site for the NVS 160M so that is what I'm using there.

In any case here is the issue. I install Win7 on the laptop and install the video drivers... native rez on the laptops is 1900x1200 (WUXGA). Aero glass is enabled and all is well and good.

I then take the laptop and connect it to the Dell-specific docking station (the D/Port in the case of the D830 and the E/Port for the E6500). In both cases there is an external monitor connected via DVI that also has a 1900x1200 native rez. The laptop lid is closed and the laptop is in suspend/sleep mode when docking.

Once in the docking station I power the laptop back on (it resumes from sleep) and then it goes about detecting the presence of the dock and the attached peripherals. The welcome screen comes up on the external monitor and I type in my password to get back to the desktop.

The only problem is that aero is now disabled (the taskbar and window borders are now opaque and aero peek no longer works, etc.). I have looked all over the net and tried ... Read more

A:Aero turning itself off when docking/undocking

I am actually running into a very similar issue. If I try to use Aero Peek with two HD resolutions Aero Peek will disable itself. If I do a monitor that is mirrored Aero Peek works fine. I also have a Dell Latitude E6500. Have you found a resolution to this issue?

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When I come to work I dock my laptop, lid closed, press the power button on the dock and after a few seconds I'm ready to work. When I leave for home I undock and put in my bag. It takes me an hour to reach home during which time the laptop is in my bag, not being used. When I get home it is hot since it didn't go into sleep. At home when I leave it for a while, it goes to sleep (plugged is 15 minutes or unplugged 30 minutes) 1. Why won't it go to sleep after I undock?2. Why won't it go to sleep after an idle timeout wake timers are disabled when unplugged and powercfg -requets shows an empty list. How do I fix this situation? I know I can undock, open the lid (wait for it to come on), then close again, but this is tedious and a lot of times I'm in a hurry and forget. 

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Hi I have had two X260's now which after undocking ( from a Lenovo Think pad pro dock ) the laptop keyboard stops working, charcaters dont appear on the screen until you tap the small red mouse in the centre of the keypad, each time you want to type you need to hit it again.  Once the laptop is redocked the keyboad works as normal again.  Is this something anyone has come across before ?

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Hi folks, I've just gotten a new laptop at work (Dell E7270 - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit) and every time I undock it I get the BSOD. I've trained myself to make sure nothing is open when undocking but have a been burned a few times, where I lost open files.

Hoping someone can lead me in the right direction to get this resolved.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I have a User that is being disconnected every time she undocks. It remains disconnected for about 5 mins, unless she reboots and it connects straight away. The Dock is connected via a Ethernet cable, would this override the WiFi connection whren docked? If so would this then when she undocks it has to restart the adadpter and reconnect to the WiFi? If so is there a way to disable this feature?SpecsX250 Thinkpad40A0 basic dockO/S windows 7 enterprise 32 bitIntel Duel band Wireless AC 7265 adapter Thanks in advanceSU91

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The August 3rd Troubleshooting guide says in order to undock you must "Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar".  Where is that icon?  I have the Thunderbolt icon, but it does not offer any remove option.  The link is:http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?sp4ts.oid=11122586&docLocale=en_US&docId=emr_na-c0...In that same document it links to the Zbook dock white paper (4AA6-5088EEW) which says to just pull the cable out, "When removing the HP Elite Dock with Thunderbolt 3 or HP ZBook Dock with Thunderbolt 3 from your HP notebook or HP ZBook Mobile Workstation, it is recommended to unplug the dock first, wait until the Thunderbolt icon (see Figure 3) in the system tray is gone, and then put the notebook or mobile workstation into Standby, Hibernate, Restart or Shut-down state".Which one is correct?

A:Zbook Dock: Proper Undocking

Hi, Safely remove will remove the thunderbolt icon therefore you have to remove the dock first. Please click the arrow up, you should be able to see remove hardware (USB, Thunderbolt ....).                      Regards.

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Could someone please explain to me why I cannot get an ip or connection when I plug my ethernet cable directly into my laptop. I usually use a docking station. However, I have security issues so I thought I would see what happened when I undocked.

Also, when I am docked I get an ip address for a linksys router as an IP. I don't have any wireless routers connected and the radio on my machine is disabled. Any ideas?

A:no ethernet after undocking and connecting to laptop

I am not sure of the connection between security issues and undocking! But have you tried re-docking the laptop to see if internect connection is re-established, assuming it was working before you undocked??

while undocked, have you checked Device Manager to see that the network adapter was present and had no driver issues.?? also did you click on Start >Settings> network connections to see that the Local Area Connection was listed with a red X on it??

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Hi, I have a User that is being disconnected every time she undocks. It remains disconnected for about 5 mins, unless she reboots and it connects straight away. The Dock is connected via a Ethernet cable, would this override the WiFi connection whren docked? If so would this then when she undocks it has to restart the adadpter and reconnect to the WiFi? If so is there a way to disable this feature?SpecsX250 Thinkpad40A0 basic dockO/S windows 7 enterprise 32 bitIntel Duel band Wireless AC 7265 adapter Thanks in advanceSU91

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I used to use ThinkVantage's Access Connections to manage my network connection profiles on my Thinkpad. I just recently uninstalled it because I decided to just rely on the Vista has natively.

Since our office requires static IP, I set that up at the LAN properties.

Everything works fine when I start from a clean boot. It's when I undock and redock to the docking station that problem starts.

I lose the static IP configuration. Instead Vista assigns:
IP: (supposed to be 10.11.2.xxx)
Subnet: (supposed to be
Gateway: blank
DNS: correct

I now find myself having to do a reboot everytime I just need to undock and go to a 30 minute meeting when I used to be able to undock and redock without any problems whatsoever.

Why does Vista assign this random IP when it is hard configured?

How can I solve this problem?


A:Vista loses IP config when undocking

I suggest re-installing the working solution, perhaps that's why it's there.

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