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Javascript: Update select box based on multiple options from another select box

Q: Javascript: Update select box based on multiple options from another select box


I'm trying to create a menu where there is initially one select box (Funding Group) displayed with approximately 10 options available depending on what's in the database table.

I want another text box (Program) to be displayed, but only where the program codes have a Funding Group that was selected in the first box BUT have no duplicate program codes (see below for explanation).

For instance, there are fund groups A0, B0, C0, etc. The program table in the database might contain some rows that look like this:
Fund_Group Prog_Code Prog_Descr
A0 101 Fred [so, prog code 101 has more than one fund]
A0 102 Ethel
B0 101 Fred [so, prog code 101 has more than one fund]
C0 203 Ricky
If the user selects Funding Groups A0 and B0, the Program box might initially contain this: [note the funding group and program code are concatenated in the value field --- I'm thinking this will help me determine which ones to add/remove]
value text
A0~101 101 - Fred
A0~102 102 - Ethel
B0~101 101 - Fred
[Note: the customer doesn't want to see Fred listed twice but I will worry about removing the duplicate entry for program 101 later... right now I'm trying to generate a box that contains only valid entries even if they are duplicated initially]

Whew! I think the functional description of the problem will end up taking more lines than the actual coding itself.

I have already run across problems with Internet Explorer rudely ignoring my attempts to hide or otherwise add/remove options in a select box. My Googling (over the last FOUR days) has resulted in a lot of old pages that frankly leave me more and more confused about the best approach. The company where I work has designated Internet Explorer 7.0 as the company-supported browser, but I know that I have customers that use other browsers so I need to make sure this works in other (major) browsers as well.

My question is about which would be the best method to achieve the desired results:

1) Have the Program box fully populated on the page load and then remove items that don't match what the user selected using the Continue button to fire off the removal of unwanted items?

2) Dynamically add items to the Program box based on some hidden array of values I have squirreled away somewhere (and thus allows me to check to see if there are duplicates before adding the option)?

3) And the dreaded third option I'm trying desperately to avoid: make the menu recursive and take the values from Funding Group and go search the database for matching (but DISINCT) values in the Program table, and then update the menu again. (UGH... already been down this path and someone suggested letting Javascript create what I want after I grab all values). I shudder to think (based on what I've read) about passing variables and making the form sticky, etc.

Other notes that might be worth mentioning: There will be other boxes on the menu that will work the same way (i.e., a Class box that is based on the Funding Group also; a Department Level box based on which departments were selected). Even fully populated, the most any one box might contain is less than 1000 rows. I'm using Perl and Oracle SQL.

Below is a working page that I'm using to test my theories. I stripped out most non-essential stuff but hopefully have left everything in working order. Any suggestions on how best to approach this would be appreciated. I'm also happy to provide more information/clarification if needed. Thanks!

Lori [who is now going to go get a MUCH needed drink after reading page after page of suggestions all week on how to do this].

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
<html><head><title>WRS Main Menu</title>
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
<style type="text/css">
body { font-family:Arial; color:black; font-size:small; background:#F7F3D9; }
form { margin: 0em; }
hr { width:100%; color:#D3D3D3; }
.link { white-space:nowrap; color:#B22222; text-align:left; }
.section { font-weight:bold; color:#B22222; background:#DCDCDC; text-align:center; }
.tbar { font-weight:bold; color:white; background:#B22222; width:100%; }
td.tbl { border-top:.3mm solid gray; border-left:.3mm solid gray;
padding:0em .5em 0em .5em; white-space:nowrap; }
tr.tbl { border-top:.3mm solid gray; border-left:.3mm solid gray;
padding:0em .5em 0em .5em; background:#DCDCDC; font-weight:bold; }
th { padding:0mm 2mm 0mm 2mm; }
.hide { white-space:nowrap; display:none; }
.bold { white-space:nowrap; font-weight:bold; }
.norm { white-space:nowrap; }
.total { font-weight:bold; background:#DCDCDC; }
.redcell { color:#B22222; border-color:#B22222; background:#B22222; }
.redboldctr { color:#B22222; font-size:medium; font-weight:bold; text-align:center; }
.redbold { color:#B22222; font-size:medium; font-weight:bold; }
.vert { vertical-align:top; }

<body onload="hideShowInitial('14_summary');">

<form name="form_main" method="post" action="ncw_summ_rpt14.pl">

<table class="bold" width="100%" border="0" summary="">
<tr><td class="section" colspan="3">Step&nbsp;1:&nbsp;&nbsp;Select Report / Link</td></tr>

<tr><td style="text-align:center; text-decoration:underline;">Reports</td></tr>
<input type="radio" name="rpt_id" value="14_summary" id="rpt_id14"
action='ncw_summ_rpt14.pl';" checked='checked' />
<label for="rpt_id14">14 - BMS by Account Detail</label>

<table class="bold" width="100%" border="0" summary="">
<tr><td class="section" colspan="4">Step&nbsp;2:&nbsp;&nbsp;Select / Enter Criteria</td></tr>
<tr id="rpt14_row1" name="rpt14_row1">
<td class="vert" width="25%">
<label for="unit2" name="unit1" id="unit1">Unit / College:</label></br>
<select name="unit2" id="unit2" multiple size="5" onchange="hidedeptbreakdown();">
<option value="xxx" selected="selected">-- Select Unit / College --</option>
<option value="ALL">ALL</option>
<option value="01">01 - Chancellor</option>
<option value="02">02 - Vice Chancellor/Provost</option>
<option value="03">03 - Capital Improvement Control</option>
<option value="04">04 - Graduate School</option>
<option value="05">05 - Student Affairs</option>
<option value="06">06 - Research</option>
<option value="07">07 - McKimmon Ctr-Ext&Cont Ed</option>
<option value="08">08 - University Advancement</option>
<option value="09">09 - Ext, Engagement & Econ Develop</option>
<option value="10">10 - Athletics</option>

<td class="vert" width="25%">
<label for="fund2" name="fund1" id="fund1">Funding Group:</label></br>
<select name="fund2" id="fund2" multiple size="5">
<option value="xxx" selected="selected">-- Select Funding Group --</option>
<option value="ALL">ALL</option>
<option value="A0">16030 - Academic Affairs</option>
<option value="B0">16031 - Agricultural Research</option>
<option value="C0">16032 - Cooperative Extension</option>
<option value="D0">Agency Funds</option>
<option value="E0">Auxiliary Sales and Service</option>
<option value="F0">Capital Improvements</option>
<option value="G0">Contracts and Grants</option>
<option value="H0">Debt Service</option>
<option value="I0">Endowments</option>
<option value="J0">F and A Receipts</option>
<option value="K0">Foundations</option>
<option value="L0">Foundations - Other</option>
<option value="M0">Gifts and Loan Funds</option>

<td class="vert" width="25%"><label for="dpta2" name="dpta1" id="dpta1">Department Breakdown:</label></br>
<select name="dpta2" id="dpta2" size="3">
<option value="2">Select Department Breakdown</option>
<option value="4" selected="selected">4 Digit</option>
<option value="6">6 Digit</option>

<td class="vert" width="25%">
<a href="xlori_dummy.pl" id="bmshelp" name="bmshelp" target="_blank"
style="color:#B22222; white-space:nowrap;">Chartfield Criteria Menu Help</a></br></br></br>
<input type="button" name="bmscont" id="bmscont" value="Continue"
<input type="reset" name="reset" id="reset" value="Reset" />

<tr id="rpt14_row2" name="rpt14_row2">
<td><label for="prog2" name="prog1" id="prog1">Program Code:</label></br>
<select name="prog2" id="prog2" multiple size="5">
<option value="ALL" selected="selected">ALL</option>
<option value="A0101">101 - Regular Term Instruction</option>
<option value="A0102">102 - Summer Term Instruction</option>
<option value="A0103">103 - Extension Instruction/Non-Cred</option>
<option value="B0101">101 - Regular Term Instruction</option>
<option value="B0110">110 - Organized Research</option>
<option value="B0121">121 - Administration</option>
<option value="C0110">110 - Organized Research</option>
<option value="C0122">122 - Research</option>
<option value="C0123">123 - Research Stations</option>
<option value="D0101">101 - Regular Term Instruction</option>
<option value="D0102">102 - Summer Term Instruction</option>

<script type="text/javascript"> <!--
var fundGroupSelected = new Array();

// Show/hide functions related to various reports on the Main Menu.

function hideShowInitial(value)
var rptid2=value;
if ( rptid2 == "14_summary" )
document.form_main.unit2.selectedIndex = 0;
document.form_main.fund2.selectedIndex = 0;
document.form_main.dpta2.selectedIndex = 1;

document.form_main.unit2.disabled = false;
document.form_main.fund2.disabled = false;
document.form_main.dpta2.disabled = false;

function hideShowContinue(value)
var rptid2 = value;
var myOption = "default";

if ( rptid2 == "14_summary" && document.form_main.unit2.selectedIndex == 0 &&
document.form_main.fund2.selectedIndex == 0 )
{ alert('You must select a Unit/College and Funding Group to proceed.');
myOption = "Missing";
return false;
else if ( rptid2 == "14_summary" && document.form_main.unit2.selectedIndex == 0 )
{ alert('You must select a Unit/College to proceed.');
myOption = "Missing";
return false;
else if ( rptid2 == "14_summary" && document.form_main.fund2.selectedIndex == 0 )
{ alert('You must select a Funding Group to proceed.');
myOption = "Missing";
return false;

for ( var i = 0; i < document.form_main.fund2.options.length; i++ )
if ( document.form_main.fund2.options[i].fundGroupSelected )
{ fundGroupSelected.push(document.form_main.fund2.options[i].value);
document.form_main.loritest.value = fundGroupSelected;

for ( var i = 0; i < document.form_main.prog2.options.length; i++ )
if ( document.form_main.prog2.options[i].masterProgList )
{ masterProgList.push(document.form_main.prog4.options[i].value);

if ( rptid2 == "14_summary" && myOption != "Missing" )
{ updateProg2Box(); showprog();
else { return false;

function updateProg2Box()
// Using each funding group selected, determine which options need to be removed.
for ( var i = 0; i < document.form_main.prog2.options.length; i++ )
if ( document.form_main.fund2.options[i].fundGroupSelect )

// no clue what/where/how to get started on this



function hidedeptbreakdown()
// This function is invoked if a customer selects ALL from the Unit/College box.
unitChoice = document.form_main.unit2.options.selectedIndex;

// If they choose ALL from the Unit/College box, hide the Department Breakdown
// box and hide the 4-digit and 6-digit level options in the Department Level box.
if ( unitChoice == 1 ) { document.form_main.dpta2.selectedIndex = 0;
document.form_main.lvel2.selectedIndex = 1;
//document.form_main.sort2.disabled = true;
else if ( unitChoice != 1 ) { showdpta(); }

// The "hide" functions hide the objects on the Main Menu.
function hideprog()
for ( j = 0; j < cells.length; j++ )
{ cells[j].style.display=( (cells[j].style.display=='none') ? 'none':'none')}
for ( j = 0; j < cells.length; j++ )
{ cells[j].style.display=( (cells[j].style.display=='none') ? 'none':'none')}

function hidereset()
for ( j = 0; j < cells.length; j++ )
{ cells[j].style.display=( (cells[j].style.display=='none') ? 'none':'none')}

// The "show" functions show the objects on the Main Menu.
function showdpta()
for ( j = 0; j < cells.length; j++ )
{ cells[j].style.display=( (cells[j].style.display=='') ? '' : '') }
for ( j = 0; j < cells.length; j++ )
{ cells[j].style.display=( (cells[j].style.display=='') ? '' : '') }

function showprog()
for ( j = 0; j < cells.length; j++ )
{ cells[j].style.display=( (cells[j].style.display=='') ? '' : '') }
for ( j = 0; j < cells.length; j++ )
{ cells[j].style.display=( (cells[j].style.display=='') ? '' : '') }

function showreset()
for ( j = 0; j < cells.length; j++ )
{ cells[j].style.display=( (cells[j].style.display=='') ? '' : '') }

document.form_main.unit2.disabled = true;
document.form_main.fund2.disabled = true;
document.form_main.dpta2.disabled = true;

function validate()
getRadios = document.getElementsByTagName("input");
for ( x = 0; x < getRadios.length; x++ )
{ if ( getRadios[x].type == "radio" && getRadios[x].checked )
{ radioSelected = getRadios[x].value;

mydeptchoice = document.form_main.dptb2.selectedIndex;
if ( radioSelected == "14_summary" && mydeptchoice == 0 )
{ alert('You must select a Department before proceeding.');
return false;
else { document.form_main.submitForm.value = "Processing...";
window.status = "Processing request for Summary report... please wait.";
return true;
// -->

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Preferred Solution: Javascript: Update select box based on multiple options from another select box

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I do this well in FF/Mozilla using (this snippet)

foundObj = document.getElementById(theObj);
pick up the selected value thus (edited for clarity)

var tim = foundObj.value;

What I find in all versions of IE is that the selected text/OPTION is not in the ".value" property.
All attempts to find the selected value have so far not revealed a generic method. I could write a detector for browsers & provide options for both (all?) but it all gets messy. Especially when considering the woes of Opera 10.5.1 !

So any ideas on alternative (universal) methods of getting the selected value of a SELECT box.

I successfully use the getElementById wheeze on an INPUT box used as a text display. It is how I dump the results.

full code and page at http://www.users.waitrose.com/~cresby/various/sfm-dates.htm

Maybe I should learn the DOM model. But my head is full at the moment.

A:JavaScript: getting the VALUE of a SELECT in IE

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Hello Javascript Gurus,

Is there a way to put the following HTML-coding into a Javascript file? (something.JS)

<SELECT NAME="Surname" CLASS="quoteform"><br>
<option selected>Select Surname

I have a webpage with photos of Family Crests and crested paraphernalia, each of which is only available in the (selectable) Surnames.

Crested items are available in different groups of names. Rather than having the same SELECT code under each photo, I would prefer to call up a Javascript, in which I can stick the complete selection.

Any sample-scripts greatly appreciated.

I searched the WWW intensively, but no samples found.

A:Javascript for a HTML <select> possible?

put all the HTML in a javascript variable like :

var a =
"some HTML" +
" some more HTML";

then do a


in the place you wanna insert the HTML

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Was trying to repair a boot mngr error but as the title explains, I cant select any options in system revovery. It just shows spinning blue working icon. Harddrive working light flashes for a moment then stops, never to flash again.
I've tried this with two different recovery disk, one being a W7 installation disk.

A:System recovery options screen stals, cant select options

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic

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This seems to be a day of problems.
I gave a simple Oracle select query

select * from readertable where STATUSDATE='17-MAR-07';

It didn't return any records eve though I know there is a record. The reason I know this, is because when I searched with another query on the same table

select * from readertable where READERNO=17;

it showed the STATUSDATE as '17-MAR-07'!!!

Here's another interesting quirk . When I run a date query on another table it shows the result!!!

What am I to make of all this ????? Where is the prob???

Pleeeeeeeeeeease Help!


A:Oracle Does Not Select Based on Dates!!

I tried giving the query like

select * from <tablename> where STATUSDATE<='17-MAR-07'

and it worked ! It gave all the rows before 17-MAR-07 but at least it gave a result !
Don't ask me why , it just did .

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Currently I have 83 products listed in one table in Access and a huge listing of people who use those products in another table. When I run a query to find all the ones who use the products listed I get 58113 connections.
What I would like would be to randomly select 10 to 20 users of each product (the minimum number of users for any one product is 10, but the maximum is over 3000 for the most used product. I would then like to export these randomly selected names to different Excel worksheets in the same workbook - I suppose one could export them all and then break up the data into new worksheets based on the product code....

Oh, and there are 10 products for whom there are no listed users, so I will have to match them up by their reporting districts instead and then select 10-20 as well...(I have run a query for this and the smallest group this way is 15 people.)

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Select some listings based on one column - need VBA

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I have set up two queries in access. One lists all the time spent working on client files, in weekly totals. The other lists all the fees charged weekly. I have built a 3rd select query based on these first two, that pulls the information together, so I can build a report based on the third one. (I know, I could have done it in one query... but I already have the report built this way, and it works the same).

Each separate query works properly. But on the 3rd combo query, if there are weeks where no time is recorded for that client, it also drops the fees. In other words, it needs to see BOTH fee records AND time records. I would like it to still show the week, but with "0" as time spent. Right now, I'm having to go in and record a time entry with 0 minutes just so that it will work.

Perhaps it's a problem with the relationships? In the 3rd query, I have established a relationship between client #'s, and "week" (the week ending date) where it includes rows where joined fields are equal. If I try any of the other options, I get a message about ambiquous outer joins..... If I delete the join, I get a zillion records..

Oh why do I struggle so much with Access? Thanks for any help.

A:Access Select Query based on other Queries

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Is it possible to get a Tablet or a laptop to use ethernet if it's connected but wifi if it isn't? I have a toshiba tablet with a docking station that is used for quality when it's docked I would like it to use the ethernet connection, however when it's not docked I want it to use the wifi connection up until a couple days ago it did this automatically now it's defaulting to the wifi connection when docked (both are up but our heavy traffic erp program is using the wifi connection and running very slowly). I couldn't find anything searching for this, thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Have tablet select connection based on status

Actually, that's the default behavior of Windows if you haven't tinkered with the routing table.

All of my laptops will default to the wired connection if it's available. When I do backups or other high volume file transfers, I connect them to the cable and move at high speed. I've never had to configure anything for this behavior.

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I am stuck with a problem ....

A user is face with two selections institute and chain ,

<SELECT ID="INSTITUTE" onChange="check()">
<OPTION SELECTED="TRUE" VALUE="">-- Please Select Institute --</OPTION>

<OPTION SELECTED="TRUE" VALUE="">-- Please Select Chain--</OPTION>
So before the user can submit the selection i have a check, because if the user has selected "ISIMS", then the selection CHAIN should have as options MIM and MICE ,else if the user has selected "ISGI", then the selection CHAIN should have as options IGI and ERE.it means that it depend on the institute.
I wish there was a simple function like get but set (setElementById) something on the lines of: setElementById(chain).option[1].value = "MIM"
But as far as I am aware there is none...is there a way on setting the option value of the select menu!

A:how can i modifie the options of select

Are you after something like the following?

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I've only getting know the macros, so it maybe a simple question.

I've got several questions in rows, and the answers could be selected from 3 options (A, B, C)

So it could be
Questions | A | B | C |
question1 | | | X |
question2 | | X | |

What I've managed to find (thanks to this forum ), how to add X with double clicks.
(http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/535860-does-excel-have-onclick-functionality.html, thanks for Zack Barresse)
Option Explicit

Const MYRANGE As String = "D11:F11"

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Intersect(Target, Me.Range(MYRANGE)) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
Cancel = True
If Target.Value = "" Then
Target.Value = "X"
Target.Value = ""
End If
End Sub

How should/could I modify the code:
- to only have one X in one row in the ABC range (if they want to overwrite it, the new cell's value should be "X", the other's "")
- and do this in many rows? (not in the entire worksheet!)

Thanks in advance!

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I have a report that returns certain values for a selected unit from a selection of 86. How can I get the report to work for all 86 units or for just one. Please see attached file for sample

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That seems a mouthful. I have three list boxes where the user is to select multiple text options. Each list box represents descriptive text from three different categories.

I would really like to generate a Word document that has the selected items in three columns depending on the list box selected. Is it possible? I would settle for a Report.

Any links to existing samples? Where do I begin?


A:Generate Report based on Access Form List Box Multi-Select

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Hi, my computter must have some sort of virus, not sure what but i cant get onto the computer.

(Sequence of events)
1.Turn on the computer
2.loads a little
3.goes to a screen that says, "unknown hard error"
4.it doesn't go away
5.so i restart the computer and it says "a problem has occured when trying to start the computer (the unknown hard error) please choose an option from below: safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, last known settings (your most recent settings that worked), or continue starting windows.
6.now i would choose the last known settings but, you have to choose the settings with the arrow keys and they wont work! , im guessing that the computer hasnt lloaded to the stage where the keyboard works?

So my question is is there a way to reset the computer to factory settings with out being able to turn it on,

one extra thing, i DO go past the page that says: F2 setup F12 boot menu if that helps at all

Thanks for any help ask questions ill be checking this alot and wil be adding stuff that i find as i go

hope this is in the right section if not tell me where so i can get more help, if not but you have some ideas, tell m and post too, Thanks.

A:Cannot select Windows Advanced Options

First, and I'm sorry to ask this, but can you check that your keyboard is properly connected?

If it is, then press F2 as soon as you see the stat screen. If you get into BIOS, find the "Reset to defaults" option and select it, save settings and reset.

Repost with what happens.

-- Andy

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Using ThinkPad T530 but after i disable Power On password a can't select almost any of the BIOS options specifically the Security options

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I know there is a setting to choose or not to choose specific countries, but I don't know how.

(Yes, Europe is not as free as you think and you need to change your identity to view what third world countries can view!)

A:Options for Tor Browser ( {Don't} Select This Country )

Seems unneededly complicated, but have a look here:

Use Tor To Get IP Of Specific Country

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Hi there,

Ive been having some trouble with my language bar. I can see the back on my desktop, but as soon as I left click on the icon (to change settings/change languages) the pop-up menu only appears for about 0.5 of a second and then disappears.

I've included a link to youtube below so you can see what I mean.

A:Windows 7 Language Bar - Unable to select options

No Ideas?

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Clicked Start Button

typed "msconfig" (sans parentheses) into searchbar

clicked "Boot" tab

Nothing is greyed out, yet there is no response when I click on any of the "Boot options"; including "Safe boot" (and any of its sub selections including Minimal, Alternative shell, Active Directory repair or network, 'No GUI boot', 'Boot log', 'Base Video' or "OS boot information".

"Advanced Options" will not open nor does "Timeout accept any input".

Have tried right-clicking msconfig and "Run as Administrator" without success.

All the options under the other tabs (General, Services, Startup, Tools) seem to be working.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-3400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 18 Model 1 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5610 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6520G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 595321 MB, Free - 417341 MB;
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:Cannot select Boot Options in System Configuration Win 7

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I didn't know whether too post this here since it deals with using windows or in the hardware section since it also deals with hard drives so sry if its in the wrong place but...

Skip to the last paragraph if you just want the basic question.

Do to my amazing luck every computer in my house has at one time failed and i dont have money for another one. Computer 1, the one i'm on now, had the ntdlr error with a broken disk drive so i couldn't use the windows cd. Computer 2, my most used computer, had a dying motherboard and the guy at the store told me i could buy a new one with the money i would spend fixing that one (all the hardware was old school hardware i guess you could say lol) So i used the disk drive from that to figure out a way to get this one working.

This one has 3 HDs in it, the original two and one i put in there from my other computer. I'm not really familiar with windows installations but since the computer was as good as gone anyways nothing could be worse then tryin and either succeeding or failing and use my horrible laptop. So i played around and got windows reinstalled on the computer's 2nd original HD. The first HD had a max of around 60 some gigs and the one that windows is now running off of has a max of 5.... I have no clue who would waste their time making and installing that but i didn't buy this computer so idk. Anywho, i have another 30 gig drive (i think 30) from my dead computer that was used solely for the windows installation since... Read more

A:XP on multiple HDs, select which one?

A little extra, they are IDE drives (wide cables)

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I am using the classic folder settings in XP and IE 6, single click to select, double to open, but even though I haven't changed that setting, folders are often, but not always, opening with a single click.

The problem comes when I am trying to select multiple folders for copying, using the control key. I can usually get 2 or 3 folders selected, and then it opens each one of the folders. All I want to do is select them, not open them I can only guess that somehow IE is reverting to the single click to open setting.

I didn't have this problem when I started today, and all I've done is copy folders, burn to cd, then delete the folder and run Window Washer periodically. Help!

A:can't select multiple items with ctl key

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HI I am having some problems with a new windows 7 pc. It would not allow us to copy and paste. Then that went away and then it would not allow us to select multiple files with the ctrl key. The files are on a network share. There is another two computers that access the same files with the same username and password.

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Ok, I have googled this error and see this is common. Hopefully, I have missed something simple. I replaced my hard drive and installed the complete version of Windows 7 Home Premium. All worked great, till the next day when I turned the PC back on. I get the error message: reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in select boot device. If I restart and hold F2 and go in Bios, exiting with or without changes will allow the PC to boot into windows, however, once I power down and restart, I get the same error message. I have tried booting with the Window 7 disk, perform repair and even reloaded the entire OS again. Same issue. I arrange the boot order, found that windows recognized my hard drive, etc...all the things listed as possible fixes for this error. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. The new hard drive is a sata, 1 tb. It replaced the maxtor diamond 9, 260gig. Very frustrated here and it doesn't help that I have limted PC knowledge beyond what I have tried.

A:reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in select bo

Check all the cables.

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beginning late last night, I can suddenly no longer select multiple files in a folder by holding control key and right-clicking on each file. It's like I'm not holding the control and it only highlights the file I'm currently clicking.
I tried system restore but it kept telling me the disk was excluded and no changes were made. I also ran a virus and spy scan and didn't come up with anything. The last software I downloaded was a midi recorder (anvil) but that was a few weeks ago and the problem just occurred. Obviously, I'm not tech savvy, so please be gentle. lol


A:Solved: can't select multiple files

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Inside the recycle bin I can't highlight several items, I can't delete multiple files, I can't use ctrl+*** to select more than one file.... It just won't let me! It lets me in other folders such as my documents etc. I am using Windows Vista Ultimate with SP3.... Please help me!!!

A:Can't select multiple files in Recycle Bin!!!

Cannot select multiple files in Explorer in Windows Vista - Fix:

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I don't know how this changed but lately when I select more than one file or folder by left clicking and then holding down shift and selecting the last file in the list, the 'containing folder' for every item I selected is immediately opening, so if I highlight 12 items in a list, 12 folders open . Can someone please tell me how to stop the folders from opening?


A:'Select multiple choices' behavior

What you describe is what happens if you select multiple files/folders, hold Shift key down, and then double-click. So maybe you are inadvertently double-clicking, or perhaps you have changed mouse settings to double-click when you single-click.

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I have seen topic posted saying it is 'user error' but not saying what user error was?

However I cannot select either with ctrl, shift, new check box thingy or drag window thingy - I used to be able to. It tries for 1/2 a second or so but then deselects with no user interaction

Please help it is driving me nuts



A:Can no longer select multiple files

Hello graham3000, welcome to Seven Forums!

Have a look at the tutorial at the link below to see if a sfc scan will resolve the issue; be sure to post back to let us know how it sorts out.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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I am having trouble selecting multiple files. Clicking the first, shift key and last file does not do it. I have tried various combinations of click, shift, cntrl.
When I selected pictures to download from the camera (since I didn't want to select all), I clicked the individual files. This took forever!
I am doing something very wrong, can anyone please help...thank you

A:How to select multiple picture files

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Hi, I can't seem to select a different wallpaper for different monitors. When I right click on an image it only shows the following:

Does anyone know what's wrong? Thanks!

A:Can't select different wallpapers for multiple monitors

Oh hey there, I got exactly the same problem as you:


Could it be a Windows/Nvidia update that caused this?

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I have a two week old install of Windows 7 Pro. I'm not sure when it started but I cannot select multiple files or folders in exlorer. I know this was an issue with Vista that could be solved with a reg key edit but I have not been able to find a reference to the problem with Windows 7. Any input would be appreciated.

A:Can't select multiple files in explorer

Quote: Originally Posted by kd1980

I have a two week old install of Windows 7 Pro. I'm not sure when it started but I cannot select multiple files or folders in exlorer. I know this was an issue with Vista that could be solved with a reg key edit but I have not been able to find a reference to the problem with Windows 7. Any input would be appreciated.

Hi, Welcome to SF,

I guess it works fine in mine. Maybe you could check this article Select multiple files or folders

Hope this helps,

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A friend is having problems with selecting multiple pictures to send via email. She can't select multiple files of ANY kind anymore. She holds down the ctrl key and clicks on the pictures she wants. Instead of the pictures grouping together, every time she selects another, the one before it deselects.

A:Can't Select Multiple Files/Photos. Laptop

Have her try the same actions using the on screen keyboard and let us know how it goes.

Start > on-screen keyboard

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Anyone using RichCopy from Microsoft?? It claims you can select multiple input folders but it doesn't tell how as far as I can see.

IOW you can select a folder source including all subfolders and files, and select another, then initiate the copy to a destination folder.

I couldn't see any mechanism to add the second source folder. All I could find in the help file is an option to merge the output. Not how to select the 2nd input.

A:RichCopy how to select multiple source folders?

Hi, maybe you've found the answer by now, but incase you haven't

If you are manually entering the Source Path do as following example

S:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Input1;G:\Input2;C:\Documents and Settings\Laptop\My Documents\Input3

In example above I'm taking data from 3 different source folders & disks named Input1, Input2, Input3
As you can see each different path is seperated with a semi colon ;

Using the Browse tab Source(1) just keep opening the displayed tree and place a check against the appropriate folders required.

Hope this helps, Cheers

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is there a way to select multiple words in a sentence (not the whole sentence)
its ctrl in word...this doesnt work in adobe

i googled, couldnt find help...well i looked quick
would rather come to experts...


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How do I select multiple files with the same file extension in vista?

In XP I used a utility called Better Select and this worked nicely. eg: right click on a .jpg file in a folder containing assorted file extensions, and then choose Better select from the context menu. This would select all files with .jpg extension in that folder. Unfortunately Better Select no longer appears in the context menu since I moved to Vista Home Premium. It seems to have a valid registry entry however.

A:select multiple files with the same file extension in vista

One can sort the Windows Explorer listing by file type.
You just need to be in the "Details" mode, and then you can select the first one, and then scroll to the bottom, and then "Shift and Click" and all will be selected.

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We use Chrome browser and XP on a laptop and a PC. The PC is OK but in the laptop when we want to email something in Yahoo to multiple recipients, the Control+Click or Shift+Click doesn't work in the CC or BCC menu.

Any solution please?
Thank you!

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with the mouse, it's easy. you just hold down ctrl while you select all the desired emails.

i can't figure out with the touch interface. if anyone knows, please help me out here.

A:can you select multiple emails with touch in Metro WinMail

I found the answer after some googling!

In order to select multiple items by touch in any metro app, on each item you want selected, you swipe the item to the right.

so if I want to highlight emails 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 to copy them to an email folder, I would select email 1 with my finger, then I would swipe email 3 to the right, then swipe emails 4, 7, and 8 to the right as well. then move it to the folder by selecting the move button at the bottom of the screen.

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Help! I've lost my multiple selection ability in IE 6. Everytime I ctrl-click on any part of a webpage, even a multiple-entry listbox or page link, IE opens up a new webpage pointing to my Home page (Google). I've looked extensively through the settings, both for IE and any other apps that control Keyboard input and i can't seem to fix it. Anyone else had the same problem, or know how to fix it? Info greatly appreciated!

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Excel problem one click select multiple cells
I left click on one cell and several cells below it are selected (highlighted) so I have to use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the cell I want. This happen randomly and persists for a while and then goes away.
What am I doing to causes this to happen and how do I turn it off?

A:Solved: Excel problem – one click select multiple cells

Hi d-leroy,
Does anything in this thread seem helpful?

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I am un able to get an existing word file to open. I can get the following to open a new word file. I need this to opoen an existing file.

Sub export2Word(row)
Dim oWD As Object
Dim wdDoc As Object
Dim TWB As Workbook, wsh, wsh1 As Worksheet
Set TWB = ThisWorkbook
On Error Resume Next
Set oWD = GetObject(, "Word.Application")
If Err.Number <> 0 Then Set oWD = CreateObject("Word.Application")
Set wdDoc = oWD.documents.Add
With wdDoc
With .Range.paragraphs(1).Range
.Text = "PICK UP & DELIVERY" & Chr(10)
.Font.Size = 15
.Font.Name = "Times New Roman"
.Font.Bold = True
.Font.Underline = True
.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = 1
End With
With .Range.paragraphs(2).Range
.Text = "PICK UP" & vbTab & Cells(row, "K").Value & vbTab & Chr(10)
.Font.Size = 10
.Font.Name = "Times New Roman"
.Font.Bold = True
.Font.Underline = True
.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = 0
End With
With .Range.paragraphs(3).Range
.Text = Chr(10) & Chr(10) & Chr(10) & Chr(10)
.Font.Size = 13
.Font.Underline = False
.DefaultTabStop = Application.CentimetersToPoints(1)
.ParagraphFormat.TabStops.Add Position:=Application.CentimetersToPoints(5), _
Alignment:=0, Leader:=0
End With
With .Range.paragraphs(5).Range
.Text = "NAME" & vbTab & Cells(row, "B").Value & vbTab & _
Cells(row, "C").Value & Chr(10) & _
"ADDRESS&qu... Read more

A:Populate Word Doc from Excel (Multiple Rows, Select Columns)

Welcome to the forum
You should paste your code in a code clock

[ code ]

no spaces in between the []

[ / code ]

Set wdDoc = oWD.documents.Add

To open a word doc

Set wdDoc = oWD.documents.Open(fullpath and name of the file)

This should do the trick

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The problem is I can't select multiple cells with control clicking them. I was wondering if Excel is glitching up, if I should reset its settings (how can I?) or what can I do?

Edit: It seems that this problem is also affecting Word, so I assume it's a problem with Office.

A:Excel 2007 can't select multiple cells with control click

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Well..glad I found this forum. I would like to be able to populate a word document from an excel worksheet, with the ability to select (highlight) multiple rows in excel and have those rows transferred to word, but only certain columns

I found almost the right macro here:

Except you can only select (1) row.

Any coding solutions on how to copy a range of rows? This will also require the .Text in the word paste to change....
I see some hope with this code as well, but figuring it out may take me longer than someone that does this everyday.
Thank you.

A:Populate Word Doc from Excel (Multiple Rows, Select Columns)

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I have a list of 1000 files names. Need to find them in one folder which has 5000+ files in it. Any possible way to highlight those files from my list so I can copy paste to a new folder?

A:select/search multiple files, copy and paste to a new folder

That is an easy task for a batch file, if your list of 1000 files names can be saved in a txt file with every file name on separate line. Something like this:
Then save this list to txt file; rename it to list.txt and put in your folder of 5000 files.

Download and extract a script in attachment. Start that script "ZZZZ_script.bat" AS ADMINISTRATOR , in the same folder of 5000 files. It will open your list.txt file(which should be there already) and will start searching for files and making copies to C:\your_files folder, which is predefined in that script.

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Sorry, this question may seem a little simple. I'm having trouble reinstalling Windows 7, so I booted into Ubuntu via USB to format the drive, it told me my hard drive is likely to fail soon, and I have a feeling it has as I am unable to install any Linux or other OS onto it.
I have taken an photo of the hard drive, but it keeps failing to upload so I'll type it all:

320GB WD3200BPVT

S/N: WXH1A15A8946


Date: 30 Jun 2011
DCX: AZ04E5488

It is a Western Digital.

I am looking to either purchase the same model or a cheaper/better model. I am not looking to go over $30-$40 AUD. Is an SSD is available for a reasonable price to this then I might buy it. If anyone can please tell me the information which is needed to find a drive that would be compatible and fit into my Acer Aspire 753 that's be great. Also if you can find links to sites for the Hard drives you recommend, that would be great too.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort-Delucs

A:How do I select a new hard drive based on my drive info

That is a 2.5" drive so you can use just about any 2.5" laptop drive. I would really go with a better quality than a blue drive [which is what you have] The black series has a 5yr warranty vs the 2yr warranty for a blue drive; that alone should tell you about quality. Here is an example of what you need;

Remember you need either the recovery disk OR a regular ms install dvd to install the os on your new drive.

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I have a list of 1000 files names (photo files) from clients and need to find them in one folder which has 10000+ files in it.And my clients files list do not have the full photo name (only a part of file name, eg: the file name in my local disk is "403817-QTX0022-30763812_Q10Photo.jpeg" and name from clients list is "30763812"

Any possible way to highlight/seclect those files from my list so I can copy paste to a new folder?

A:select/search multiple files from a list, copy and paste to new folder

I would look for a 3rd party file manger with the features you need.

Comparison of file managers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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If I try to use the Ctrl-Click action on web pages that allow you to select multiple items in a list box, a new ie session opens (to my home page) instead of allowing me to make multiple selections. This happens with ALL web pages that have multiple select boxes. It only happens on my desktop (XP with i.e 7), and not on other computers in my house with ie7.
- I tried disabling ALL active X controls and add-ins. Still didn't work.
Any ideas please? (It's maddening!!)

A:Control-Click doesn't work with multiple select lists-it opens a new ie page instead

One thing you may want to check is the control panel/accessibility options and make sure nothing is checked in there. Sometimes the accessibility settings for the keyboard will play havoc with what you think should be happening with keys.

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Solution: Reflashed to 10.08 with the drive in. Still not booting.

Reflashed again, using a different key- BOOTED!


Thanks for the assist. Marked Solved.

Solution: Ensure usb key formatted to Fat32, format it again, don't flash bios unless you actually need to, and most of all- with this particular board and multiple hard drives, do not update bios to 10.10.

I've had this issue with the "Reboot and Select Proper..." since I did a bios update (cause I'm an idiot.) to 10.10 on my Z77A-GD65 board. Until the update, I had no issues booting.

Previous bios unknown (cause I'm an idiot).

Primary Drive (Sata 3 Intel Port) - 128GB Kingston SSD (Windows 8)
Secondary Drive (Sata 3 Intel Port) - 120 GB Kingston SSD (OSX 10.8.3)
Tertiary Drives: Seagate 1TB (D drive, Problem drive) Port 3 - Sata 2
Seagate 1TB (OSX storage) - Sata 2
Seagate 500GB (OSX backup) - Sata 2

I've checked (and then replaced) connectors, power lines (modular P/S). The system _will_ boot with the secondary (D drive) disconnected and I have hotswap enabled, so I've found a workaround in that I ground myself off on the case and when the Win Logo shows up, I reconnect the drive. The issue with that (other than my fat-a$$ climbing under a desk each time to disconnect and reconnect a drive) is that my case is open and this is an "always on" (I travel and stream to my iPad) PC, so sometimes BitDefender, Windows Update or "Other" force a reboot where my drive is connecte... Read more

A:Reboot and Select.. After bios update

I have a 1 TB Seagate drive that if connected to my system, fouls up the whole thing. But there is nothing wrong with it, it simply interferes with the rest of my Seagate Drives.

I tried everything, replacing power and Data cables, even bought an expensive Data line, to noah vail.

Finally I gave up and just stuck it into an External Box.

There might be a power issue with your PSU, maybe it is one too many HDs for it to handle and that HD is breaking the camel's back.

Dont give up, just try different Data cables and buy a good Power Connector.

When all drives are connected, which drives does it detect, also, with the two OSX drives disabled, will it detect and boot?

Try moving the drives around on the SATA bus as well, I've had to do all kinds of finicky things to get my system to find and use all of my drives.

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After recent update, on our webpage there is No select certificate pop-up (windows security) for user after recent windows update, resulting HTTP 403 Forbidden Error.
This changes effect lots of our IE user when they try to access our webpage, but some are not effected by this issue. I've noticed that our webpage log come out like this:-

15/Aug/2014:11:02:50] failure (19239): for host trying to GET /cgi-bin/certquery.exe, cgi_scan_headers reports: the CGI program /ecas/pc390/mpki-cc/controlcenter/cgi-bin/certquery.exe did not produce a valid header (program terminated without a valid CGI header. Check for core dump or other abnormal termination)

Is there anything to do with CGI Header? What is it? Is it cause by some kind of improvement on IE browser?
Is there any idea why this thing happen?

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I have worksheet that is used to track progress on work tasks. I have some VBA that adds information to separate log worksheet when the estimated completion dates are changed and show the variance between the planned date and the new expected date.

What i'd like to do is provide a summary that gives a snapshot of where the task is currently. For example over a period of time a task may have had its expected complete date changed several times, what I want to display is the last change and the current variance to plan.

Task Plan Actual Variance Changed
1 09/07/11 09/10/11 3 08/01/11
1 09/07/11 09/15/11 8 08/08/11
1 09/07/11 09/09/11 2 08/15/11

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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