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Remove start menu fade effect for all users

Q: Remove start menu fade effect for all users


A PC is using the "fade-in" effect for the start menu and I wanted to get rid of that, so I followed the instructions on that page: http://www.theeldergeek.com/eliminate_fade_effect_in_xp_menus.htm

It worked just fine, but only works for the currently logged in user. As soon as I switch accounts on the same machine, the problem comes back.

I made some research but couldn't find a solution, does anyone know if it's possible at all to disable the start menu fade-in effect for all (current and future) users at once, in other words change the default setting?

If it's not possible, I guess I'll have to resort to some startup script that quietly runs that registry tweak for every user that logs on, but this is less than ideal.

Thanks a lot in advance for the help!

Preferred Solution: Remove start menu fade effect for all users

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Remove start menu fade effect for all users

It would be fairly easy to do with the Group Policy Editor.

Click Start > Run > type gpedit.msc


User Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts (Logon/Logoff) > Logon

Write a simple batch file for your registry tweak and add it to Logon (for local computer).

However, I fail to see the use for such a tweak for the Start Menu??? I've just tried it after rebooting and it doesn't change much.

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Well im not sure this isn't a problem that really bugs me although I would like it to be solved when like say ill right mouse button to go into properties or maybe go to the start button to scroll through programs, or maybe on the internet site if I would right mouse button the menu appears like every 2 seconds like it usually just takes less then a sec to appear when I right click or go to the start up menu, the menu itself just kinda shows slowly on the screen right now i just tweaked with my monitor refresh rate, and now it appears quick, but out of no where it starts up again with this effect so is there anything going on?

Sorry about the grammar errors I probably made

A:Plz answer this about Menu Fade Effect

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I've wanted to do this for a while, but I can't seem to find any information about it on Google. From what I understand, there are no settings to do this (e.g. by disabling visual effects) and it would require the modification of some system file. I'm alright with doing this, but I don't know which file it is I need to modify. Any help would be great.

A:Can I remove the fade effect between the login screen and the desktop?

Why would you want to do this. Where is the problem ??

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Hello everyone,
Management has finally given the go-ahead to upgrade our end-users from IE 9 to 11. There major caveat mentioned is that they want the 64-bit shortcut to IE11 removed from the Start Menu. The reason is that we have a few proprietary applications that will
only function using a 32-bit version of Internet Explorer. 
To avoid a flood of support calls, I'd like to automate this process. I'd rather be proactive than reactive in this scenario. Previously, we've done this manually on a user basis (meaning, we image a computer, remove the link after, deploy). However, re-imaging
every computer in the company is not option, as we simply don't have the 1) time and 2) personnel to accomplish this task.
We're using Windows 7 Professional x64 and will be using Desktop Central ManageEngine to deploy the the upgrade. We've tested and it looks good - we can push the prerequisite patches and the new executable without any issue...save the fact that none of my
scripts have been able to successfully remove the 64-bit IE 11 shortcut.
Has anyone ever been in this situation before? If so, any suggestions? 

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hi all
it annoys me that the windows xp/2003 startmenu doesnt fade in/out.
the classic menu does.

just wondering if there is any registy tweak or somthing to fix this

classic: http://yopwhw.blu.livefilestore.com...qfSZfU6mMuXs2woGYDiGUHiZgR0GHZbKA/classic.bmp
XP/2003: http://yopwhw.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pEqgf_6QHeUmdioxGv6P4M6UEyLpkPMqzVuwWw52nVNBnPQUnENOyplDISg-cbN6ZMY6wb-xFdKz7OMWzKJTckw/xp_2k3.bmp

A:start menu fade in windows xp/2003

Dont think I have ever seen it any other way, have you seen it do that or are you asking if it can?

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I have Windows XP Pro, SP2.

I have a situation where a program shows on "All Programs" but not in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Start Menu\Programs or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs in Explorer. How can I see that shortcut or whatever in Explorer?

Also, on C:\Documents and Settings\username\Start Menu\Programs and C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs there appear items (files, shortcuts, whatever) of the same name. What's going on here?



A:Program shows on "All Programs but not on username Start Menu or All Users Start Menu

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On my new machine and my old machine this irritating setting turns itself on when I click a hyperlink in an access database. I have to go to the display properties on my desktop and turn it off.
I've checked my other software and the fade effect is not turned on.
This is especially aggravating because it leaves tracks when I minimize tools in my CAD program.
What causes this?
How do I get it to stop?


A:Fade Effect

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hi guys,
does any body knows how can i creat a fade out effect ( a simple one ) in flash?
thanx in advance.........

A:fade out effect in flash...

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I'm looking for a solution to this annoying little problem which has been avoiding me for months.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit addition. All of my performance settings are permanently set to have the full Aero effects and my accessibility settings are set to ensure they are all running.

My laptop has a windows experience index of 3.3 and normally has no problem running the graphical effects.

But...this is the problem. Every time I start up the laptop the Aero window fade effect and the minimising effect doesn't happen. The screen remains in Aero style and as far as I can tell these are the only effects that are stopped. In order to reactivate the Aero style I have to go to the System Properties window>Peformance settings and switch the radio button from the 'adjust for best appearance' option to either one of the other two available and switch it back again. I don't even need to click apply - but once I click okay the effects are all back to normal.

There are two other things that I've noticed: When I start Windows, just before all of the background programmes have finished loading, the fade effect is working. It appears as if one of the start up progams is disabling it. However I've uninstalled and reinstalled each one in turn to see which one is causing the problem and so far there's no change. I currently have Dropbox, Onenote 2010, and Avast anti-virus running in the background
I have run a netbook and another laptop on Windows 7 Ult... Read more

A:Aero fade effect problems

Update your Display driver, and remove your currently one if it's the one from Microsoft.

Fixed mine.

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So, okay,

I have unchecked all of the "Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible)" in the Ease of Access Center as well as checked all settings under the "Visual Effects" tab in the "Performance Options" and I still am left with images that just snap to one another rather than fade.

My PC should have absolutely ZERO problem managing this function. I have an I7-3770k processor, 8gb of ram, and an NVidia GTX 780.

Is there another setting that I am missing? Please inform.

Thank you very much!

A:Windows 7 Wallpaper Fade Effect is not working.

Welcome to Seven Forums Puddson.

Usually the ease of access, or the Animate controls and elements inside windows setting in performance is the issue.

Try this, navigate to C:\Users\(Your user name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\
Delete the TranscodedWallpaper.jpg and rename slideshow.ini to slideshow.ini.bak

Reboot and try again. A Guy

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Hi, I have a problem with my IBM T43 (OS: WindowsXP SP3), when I expanded the Windows START, expand menus on other application (e.g. Outlook, IE, office, etc), they are appearing in slow motion (like the "fade in" animation in Powerpoint).
Most likely all windows based application is affected.

1. My HDD is not full (19,3GB free space) and I have 2GB RAM
2. No error message / warning message
3. The error is occurred only when I do the expanding, the overall system is running fast (e.g. Run application, alt-tab, open new window, etc)
4. I started to experience this after I had reinstalled my Windows, so I assume there might be the video drivers, CMIIW.

I had tried to do these following actions with no luck:
1. Update the video adapter drivers with the oldest till the latest driver I found in IBM official page (I was running Windows in safe mode while updating the video driver)
2. Replace my HDD with another HDD
3. Reinstall Windows (XP SP2, SP3)

Do you have any suggestions how to fix this issues?
Thanks beforehand.

A:Solved: Windows XP fade in effect (Problem)

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How do I add custom items to the above folder ?

I need to add shortcuts for our corporate ERP application.

A:C:\Users\All Users\Start Menu - Access Denied !!!

That is because it is not a real folder it is a junction point for old software. The real place is:

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OS is actually Win7 starter on a netbook.

When an icon in the notification area wants to tell me something, it makes a pale yellow speech bubble thing.
The fade-in and fade-out effect is very distracting.

Can I disable it somehow?

Can I change the duration of these notifications?


A:Notification area pop up bubbles - disable fade effect?

Hello Silmeria,

I don't like the fade effect either. You can uncheck all fade options in the Visual Effects in the tutorial below, and click on OK to stop that.Visual Effects Settings - Change
The tutorial below can help show you how to set how long you want notifications to stay open for.Notifications - Change How Long to Stay Open
Hope this helps,

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I am using Live Moviemaker 2012 and wonder if it is possible to change the color of the bars in de text-effect Modern Fade 3?
The effect is fine, but not the colors. Please inform.


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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit) for the last 1 year now and it has been working great. I recently noticed that the feature Desktop Slide Show is not working properly anymore. It used to use fade effect when switching between images, but its no
longer happening. I thought that theme got corrupt or something, so I deleted it and created a new one, but still no effect. I am not sure since when it's not working, may be a few days or months, but it came to my notice when I was comparing Windows 7 features
with my new MAC OS X.
Although it's not much of a big deal, but still it's something which is not working and I am not one of the guys who will let anything stay non functional for long, so could anyone please help me here.

A:Fade effect in Desktop Slide Show (Windows 7) does not work anymore

If you checked the Turn off all unnecessary animations box in the Ease of Access Center, or unchecked the fade option in the Visual Effects settings, then this will
remove the fade effect in the desktop slideshow.
Turn off all unnecessary animation box:
1. Open the
Control Panel, and click on the Ease of Access Center
2. In the
Ease of Access Center, click on one of the links below.
Use the computer without a display

Make the computer easier to see

Make it easier to focus on tasks

3. To Turn Off All Unnecessary Animations

Check the
Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible) box, and click on
4. To Allow Unnecessary Animations to be Used

Uncheck the
Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible) box, and click on
Visual Effects Settings:
1. Open the

Control Panel (All Items vew), and click on the
System icon.
A) Click on the
Advanced System settings link in the left blue pane, then close this window afterwards.

   B) Under the
Advanced tab and Performance section, click on the
Settings button.
2. You will now see the
Visual Effects settings to select.
3. To Manually Select or Unselect Visual Effects

   A) Select
(dot) the Custom option.
... Read more

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XP Pro SP3 with Restore disabled by group policy. Any suggestions?

A:Users not able to Log Off from Start Menu

Are you part of a network, or is this a home computer?
If a network, what version of Windows Server are you running?

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How can I be sure that changes to my start menu (folders and program shortcuts) are only reflected for my profile?

A:Start menu and different users

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I am trying to edit my "All Users" Start Menu. I can create a folder so that when I click the Start Menu, it shows. But the folder will not open to show the shortcuts in it. If I right-click, explore, the shortcut is there, but I am unable to access it the conventional way. Is there sometihing I am missing?

Thanks in advance,

A:All Users Start Menu

Hello Jake, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Is the folder that you added to the Start menu a shortcut to a folder or an actual New Folder? Folder shortcuts will not expand in the Start menu. They will only open in a new window.

Start Menu - Shortcuts

Hope this helps,

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Wonder if anyone can advise. I stupidly got Windows Diagnostics malware on my PC. Thankfully managed to catch it before it did too much damage. However, after getting rid of it I appear to have a problem accessng my task manager and All Users Start Menu Icons.

I have managed to re-enable the task manager via the registry but I'm still unable to get the All Users Start Menu displaying via Start --> All Programs. The Start Menu for the Current User displays OK.

What appears to be the problem is that access to the All Users Start Menu folder under Documents and Settings is disabled somehow as all Subfolders and icons are 'greyed out'. or maybe because its calssed as a system folder. If I check the security tab for the folder all users, eg Administrator, Power Users, User, etc have the permissions I would expect but they too are greyed out. The ironic thing is if I use windows explorer I can access these folders and run the programs.

So at a bit of a loss to know how to re-enable these any advice would be gratefully accepted.


A:Missing All Users Start Menu

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I just got a netbook with windows 7 and am trying to set up accounts.
Basically, what I want to do is make it so that installed programs are instanced between users.
If I want X program to run when I log in (administrator), I don't want that program to run when any other users log in.
If I install a program (as admin under admin account), say Steam for example, I don't want that to show up in the start menu under other users, or to start on login for other users.

Is this possible?

A:W7; how to seperate start menu between users

Possible yes. For a program to automatically start you can create a scheduled task (see here http://www.associatedcontent.com/art...scheduler.html) and set it to run on login.

For restricted programs, just use Windows 7 Parental Controls (very good how-to here: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/10524...-in-windows-7/)

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I'm using XP Pro SP3 and am creating a master image to deploy to over 100 computers.

1) During testing found that the start/search/for files or folders does nothing when clicked on by either a domain user or local user.
2) Search works fine from start menu with Domain admins or local admins.
3) Search works for users when opening 'My Computer' and clicking on the search button there.
4) Because search does work in 'My Computer', I thought a workaround would be to remove the search from the start menu using local group policy, but when I did this, then search no longer worked in 'My Computer'!!

Things I've done to try and fix this:

-removing the local user's local profile and having it rebuilt.
-copying the administrator's local profile to the users profile.
-restoring the operating system to default security settings using 'secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\repair\secsetup.inf /dbsecsetup.sdb /verbose'
-error checking C: drive with automatic fix and scan/recover bad sectors.
-re-installing srchasst.inf and re-registering search service service by using regsvr32 /i on srchui.dll, urlmon, jscript.
-searched the web and other forums.

When I add the local user to the administrators group then start/search and rightclick start/search works, and brings up the start menu as its default search path. When I remove the user from the administrators group it goes back to not working again.

This seems like a securi... Read more

A:start menu search will not run for users.

I have a problem with my search function. It can't be a microsoft problem, I've already searched within their advises. That was like a one of those phone calls you make that no matter what number they tell you to push it sends you on a loop. then hangs up on you. grrr.
The search button is right above RUN in my start programs menu. I click on it and nothing happens except that it freezes up all on it's own. Not to mention half my open windows.

And get this, I can no longer double click anything I have to right click and hit open on every file and folder. If I double click the search feature opens! Then it freezes.

You see? A loop.

I know the double clicking thing don't work because when I deleted winrar ALL my file extensions changed. To this day they still ain't right.

But I don't know why the search does what it does. I am assuming it could be that "someone" did some configuring in the registry so that I wouldn't be able to use it and find something I shouldn't have "accidentally".

I can take a snapshot of the values and dword(whatever that means) for you so you could see if it is proper or not.


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Hi all, i'm an IT student and have an exam tomorrow, one of the exercises will be "Create an option on start menu for all users called Aplications containing the appropriate version of 7-zip and cd-burner xp on Windows 7 Professional x64"
I?ve been reading several threads but can?t find a satisfactory solution. Anyone can help me?
Thanks in advance

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The problem: All the shortcuts from “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs” have disappeared from my start menu. The ones from C:\Documents and Settings\<current user>\Start Menu\Programs are still shown.
I have spent the weekend trying to fix this, to no avail, so hopefully someone can give me some new ideas.
I’m running XP SP3 on a Toshiba laptop. I can’t be sure exactly when this happened, but I noticed it on Friday, and I am 100% certain this problem did not exist the previous weekend. In that period of time the only software installs were an update for Keepass and an update for Mathcad. It is possible that something else notified me an update was available and I just installed it without thinking about it, but if so it would only be something like Java or Adobe flash.
If I go to “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs” the shortcuts are all there, and they are not hidden, they just don’t appear on the start menu.
The obvious way to fix this was to just roll back to a recent restore point where the problem does not exist. Unfortunately, I could not get any restore point to work, even when doing the restore entirely in safe mode (i.e. start the restore in safe mode, and finish it in safe mode). After a lot of messing around I came to the conclusion that the restore point cache was corrupted. I confirmed that by turning System Restore off and back on to clear the c... Read more

A:Shortcuts from "All Users" not showing in the start menu

Move them to the start folder in C:\Documents and Settings\<current user>\Start Menu\Programs

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Working with XP Pro here.

I used to be pretty much the only user of my PC ... but I will have some guests around for awhile, so I would like to set up other user accts.

I want to be the only user that has access to ALL programs.(my user acct already has admin privileges). I just want the basics for anyone else.

Other than going thru a tedious cut-copy-paste, drag/drop project between the "All Users" folder & each users folder .....

Is there a simpler way to accomplish this ?.

Better yet ... is there a bigger picture so to speak, that I should be looking into, that would accomplish this & provide peace of mind in other areas as well, such as limit access to files & folders elsewhere ?.

Doing something in Administrative Tools perhaps ?.

I would think having Pro vs Home would offer some advantage in this situation, but I'm not sure(that's why I'm asking).

The easier the better ... even if it requires a 3rd party program

Thanks for the help.

A:Doc & Settings - Users & Start Menu Items

I don't have XP pro but with what I know you can:
Create a limited account
Turn off its write permissions to folders like WINDOWS and Program Files and read permissions to other users.
Open Start menu folder and delete shortcuts
And to stop them changing system settings log onto that account and lock it up with Group Policy Editor - Start->Run->gpedit.msc (wish I had that in home edition lol)
Tweak it all to your liking.

Be careful not to change system wide restrictions in the group policy editor.

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I'm configuring Windows 7 Enterprise for my office. I've gone through and installed all the programs. I then do the deal where I log in locally and copy my profile and make it the Default profile.

Anyway, when I log in using my profile (Domain Admin) no problems!
When i log in as a typical user (without admin rights) I don't see anything on the left side of the start menu (recent programs). I open Word, Excel, etc. but nothing is ever added to the recent\favorite program list.

I'm guessing it's a permissions issue but I can't seem to figure it out. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

A:Users not seeing recent items on start menu

Quote: Originally Posted by battlese

I'm configuring Windows 7 Enterprise for my office. I've gone through and installed all the programs. I then do the deal where I log in locally and copy my profile and make it the Default profile.

Anyway, when I log in using my profile (Domain Admin) no problems!
When i log in as a typical user (without admin rights) I don't see anything on the left side of the start menu (recent programs). I open Word, Excel, etc. but nothing is ever added to the recent\favorite program list.

I'm guessing it's a permissions issue but I can't seem to figure it out. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

Have a look at the answer given by Compumech on page 1 of this link :
Program Icons Missing in All Programs Menu

According to the replier, the key is to cut the programs down to 70.
Apparently it works for a few users in that thread. Please continue reading past page 1.

Don't hold me to it if this does not work.

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I work at a university with computer labs. I am wanting to deploy Windows 8 in my labs. The problem is that it isn't familiar to the average person. I would like to place common tiles on the Metro Start for all users. This is a domain environment. It is simple to place these apps on the desktop for all users, but that does not serve the purpose; being that most users probably won't even figure out how to navigate to the desktop. I have already found out how to place these apps for all users on the "All Apps" page, but not the Start page.

Thank You

A:Metro Start Menu Applications for All Users

Everything I have installed on the desktop has placed a tile/icon on the start screen.

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I decided to use windows 10 OS in my organization, but the problem is Windows Start Menu. Is it possible to modify default start menu for all computer local and domain users? I dont want to see news, finances, xbox etc tiles in start menu each time when new user will login to PC. I want to create the same start menu myself for every user. Thanks

A:How to change default WIN10 start menu for ALL Users

Hello Fanzal, and welcome to Ten Forums.

Once you have the Start layout how you like it, you can pick up at step 2 in the tutorial below to specify a Start layout for all users in Windows 10 as well.

Start Screen Layout - Specify Default in Windows 8.1

Hope this helps.

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I'm in Audit Mode.

I wish that all new users of Windows 7 SP1 had no icon on their taskbar and no link in their Start menu.

So, how do I do this?



A:No icon on taskbar and no link in Start menu for new users

Try right clicking on each icon on the taskbar and on the start menu and choose unpin from taskbar or start menu.


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I wanted to take an informal poll to see how many of the Windows 8 users are using a 3rd party start menu? I would also like to gauge whether the same people would still use windows 8 without a start menu replacement.
Edit: Any way to edit a poll?

A:Poll: Windows 8 users, are you using a 3rd party start menu?

I am quite pleased with windows 8 as it is and will not be using any third party customising unless I am convinced that they are safe to use.

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I need to force a PC to always use the start menu in the 'All Users' profile, regardless of who logs on. I know that this should already happen with the all users profile but we use Ranger to administer the network and it is interfering with one PC that is not on Ranger.

In ranger we specify that for pupils logon use the start menu specified in rangers user environment. Although one PC is not on ranger it still loads the ranger start menu when a pupil logs on. But because it is not on ranger all the shortcuts are blank. I need to force it to ignore ranger and use the all users start menu.

Could someone help with a bat or ini script that I can put in the start up folder to resolve this. Or does anyone have an alternative solution which would do the same thing.

Thanks and regards

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After several months of using the RC I decided to investigate the Libraries. I am confused. What is the difference between the Documents on the Start Menu and C:\users\me\My Documents. The former shows nothing and the latter shows Add-in Express and My Stationery plus some what looks like recently used files. Also if I open my user name at the top of the Start Menu it shows such things as My Music, My Pictures, Saved Games, AppData, etc.

Would someone please try to explain how these three things fit together and how they work with a Library.

Thank you very much.

A:Differences Between Users Documents and Start Menu Docs

You might find what you are looking for in the tutorial section,

Libraries - Personal and Public User Folders

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Hi, here is my setup:

AMD 64 4000+
2 gb pc 3200
Fatal1ty a8n sli
2 BFG Geforce 7800 gt oc
xp pro
Maxtor sata 200 gb 8 mg cache

here is the problem I can't remove the safely remove hardware icon and it is asking me to remove my Maxtor hard drive and my system is running perfect how do I get rid of that annoying icon. lol
Thank You Kindly!

A:Need to Remove Safely Remove Hardware Icon from start up menu

Click Start/Run and type in msconfig and click OK.
Any weird program in the startup that may cause this?
Is it in the Start/All Programs/Startup menu-folder?
It should only be present in the Control Panel.

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So in windows photo gallery had this nice looking effect/theme called "Fade". The only problem is it's used for slide shows and there's no option to save it. So how do I get to use it as a real effect and set it for a photo?

Is there any other program you know that if I download that will let me use the Fade theme? Thanks, I really appreciate it.

A:How do I use the "Fade" effect/theme for photos?

You can use PowerPoint for fading effects. Look at this I have made a while ago. Is this what you are looking for?

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When an unwanted program has an "Uninstall" shortcut on the Start-->All Programs menu, is it better to uninstall it by using that shortcut or by using Control Panel-->Add/Remove Programs? Or does it not make any difference?The programs in question are Netscape Browser and RealPlayer. They came preinstalled on the computer and have never used. The OS is Windows XP Media Center version.TIA,T Belden

A:Remove Programs Via Add/remove Or Start Menu Shortcut?

Hello T_Belden and to Bleeping Computer.As far as I am aware, it should not make a difference which uninstall method you use.

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Hey Guys,

I love Firefox and am now used to the new menus. However, what I hate is when you open up the Bookmarks Menu there is menu fade in, which consumes unnecessary resources. In Windows 7, I have the Menu Fade turned off. However, Firefox 29+ over-rides this setting.

Mozilla has had support tickets opened and closed on this issue. A tech has reopened this issue as of this writing. If you want the ability to turn off the Menu Fade, in future releases of Firefox, send Feedback by enabling the Help Menu. (Right-Click on Tab button. check Help Menu.) Than, "Submit Feedback." Fill out the form that says, "Firefox Made me Sad" and talk about the lack of the ability to turn the Menu Fade off.

Please note that although there are extensions and codes that can turn the menu fade on/off now, Mozilla does NOT recommend them because they say they may break other menus in the future. We should wait for an official software update version that allows Menu Fade to be turned off in Firefox.

I can't believe that people like having menus fade into view. Here is a link to the Support Ticket. Mozilla needs feedback, and needs to provide a setting that either turns off Menu Fade, or respects the current Windows Menu Fade Settings.

Support Ticket:



A:Firefox Needs A Way to Disable Menu Fade!

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Need a help regd

In start menu when right click a app i don get option Pin to start r remove apps ...just app r app icon get selected...a tick mark appear. Can't remove also. No menu option shows..don know HW suddenly this happened. Made win 8.1 updates. Using 8.1 core edition x64

Can't resize also.

Tried to open gpedit.MSC . it throws error can't open gpedit. Make sure u typed properly

A:Pin to start r remove apps not working in start menu

search group policy and open it from there.

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can anyone tell me how to change the menu animation in Windows 7 from slide to fade?
I did not find anything about it so I would be grateful if anybody could help me.
Thanks a lot.


A:Menu slide or fade in Windows 7. How to change?

Go to Control Panel - System - Performance Information and Tools - Adjust Visual Effects - and you should get to what you're after.

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can anyone tell me how to change the menu animation in Windows 7 from slide to fade?
I did not find anything about it so I would be grateful if anybody could help me.
Thanks a lot.


A:Menu fade or slide in Windows 7. How to change?

There really isn't any place in the UI to adjust this in Windows 7. What you can do ensure a Fade is used is go to Control Panel --> System --> Advanced System Settings and then click on the Advanced tab and under Performance click on Settings. Ensure that the "Adjust for best appearance" radio button is selected. If not, select it. If it is already selected, move it to another selection then select it again and hit "ok". Sometimes, the slide effect is automatically activated when the computer is overworked but either logging off and on or rebooting will fix this.

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C:/Users/IT Solution/Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/start Menu/Programs/startup

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C:/Users/IT Solution/Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/start Menu/Programs/startup

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How do I remove JUST show down from the start menu? Thanks.

A:Remove Shut Down from Start Menu

Shutdown Options - Start Menu - Vista Forums

Same for 7

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How to remove the search box in start menu...

A:How to remove the search box in start menu

Quote: Originally Posted by iamjerold

How to remove the search box in start menu...

Windows Search - Turn On or Off

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows Features On or Off -> uncheck Windows Search -> click Yes when a message saying "Turning off Windows Search might affect other Windows features and programs installed on your computer, including default settings. Do you want to continue?" -> Restart the computer.

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winxp tab ed sp3 on thinkpad x 41

Does it matter if I uninstall from the Start Menu rather than Add/Remove or do they both just use the same procedure? I have a trial version of Presto Pagemanager to uninstall.

A:Uninstall from start menu or add/remove?

I would use the add/remove programs module just because it is a habit for me but either one is fine is suppose.

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When I right click the shortcut in the start menu it only gives me an option to open the link and nothing else. I can not drag it to the recycle bin either. It's not a big deal but it's very annoying. Please help


A:Remove shortcut from start menu

Hope you are using either Windows Vista or XP. Try removing your shortcut by this way.
Right click the start button and select "Open All users". This will take you to the start menu folder. Try to find the shortcut there and delete it

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I have limited space on my start menu and would like to take up all of it with icons. I do not need nor want to group the icons and create blank space between them. I want to use that space. But it seems impossible to have no groups or just one. Whenever I try to get all the icons next to each other , Windows forces a blank vertical space, and a new group. How can I prevent this?

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When using the Classic Start Menu, you can use policy to remove all programs beneath the Settings menu item. In effect, the entries for Control Panel, Printers and Faxes, and Network Connections will all correctly vanish. However, I have noticed that Task Bar and Start Menu will entry remain.

Is there any tricks to get rid of this pesky entry?



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