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Firmware update broke HP LT4112 WWAN Modem

Q: Firmware update broke HP LT4112 WWAN Modem

HI, I wanted to update a firmware on my HP lt4112 modem in HP 840 G1 Laptop, so I downloaded from the Drivers page proper file: http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=5405097&swItemId=ob_152395_1&swEnvOid=419... . I downloaded it and run the exe. After a few phases, when it came to "restoring user data" it stuck, and after a while an error popped up saying: "Error code: 21 - couldn't restore user data". From that point the modem is not visible in Device manager in WIndows. I removed the cover, remove the modem, run laptop and then instal it once more and restarted laptop, but the system said that a new WWAN modem was installed which is not on the list and therefore the system will switch it off. I tried to run previous upgrade: sp69476, but now the system does not even find the port for update ("Error code 10- Could not find the port"). Please help me, because I did everything properly and now my modem does not work.

Preferred Solution: Firmware update broke HP LT4112 WWAN Modem

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Firmware update broke HP LT4112 WWAN Modem

Exactly same issue here. HP ZBook 17 G2, LT4112.OS Windows 8.1 Pro.After executing the sp72435 Softpaq, the program stopped with Could not restore user data.After that the only thing left in device manager is the serial port Gobi PC UI.If the above softpaq is executed again it detects the port but times out at Get Device Information. Is it possible to put the device somehow in Recovery mode?

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Gurus, Here is what I know so far, could use some help understanding if I'm using a hard drive that is no longer supported (brand new laptop and hdd) I have an X270 with PCIe SSDI added an M.2 SSD in the WWAN slot (confirmed with Lenovo support and parts department that this was supported for my configuration) This worked great in BIOS version 1.10, I had it setup with the M.2 SSD as my boot drive with Win10, and the secondary (stock) SSD as my Data/Storage drive. The other day I applied BIOS update version 1.11 for the X270.  The BIOS was applied successfully, and after restart, I get an error:"2102 Detection Error on storage device (M.2 SATA SSD)"   and won't boot into Windows (that's by boot drive) I was able to roll back to BIOS 1.10 and it again recognizes the M.2 SSD driveI applied the latest BIOS version 1.12, and I get the 2102 Detection Error.  Same with v1.11  Is it possible that BIOS 1.11 removes my ability to use M.2 WWAN Slot drives, or just certain ones?It seems like I can't upgrade my BIOS anymore, on a brand new laptop...  Thanks,Mike

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This is a heads up message as I was able to recover my system by doing a grub2-install booting from a recovery USB. I must say I had used `fwupdmgr update` before to update my Thinkpad's firmware and it worked flawlessly. However, this last update left my boot pointing at the wiped out Windows boot in UEFI, which rendered my boot broken. If anyone from Lenovo is listening, please try to avoid breaking Linux user's systems . It is more disapointing when this happens using a Linux only toolchain (Btw, kudos for the support of lvfs!) This is my `fwupdmgr get-history` output in case it provides some useful info: 20LDCTO1WW System FirmwareDeviceId: d3db6c5633d83a940028fc88d8102d1f1563e3a4Guid: fc5552dc-7882-409b-9b98-699361c74fc4Plugin: uefiFlags: internal|updatable|require-ac|supported|needs-rebootChecksum: SHA1(804154ccc003a77e9b0d88fcb2d52cf12050e434)Version: 0.1.29Created: 2019-06-06UpdateState: success[Release]RemoteId: lvfsVersion: 0.1.34Checksum: SHA1(269cea4389dd420e58b88f182eabeaab23d74e85)Flags: noneBootMgrDesc: legacyCompileVersion(com.redhat.fwupdate): 12DistroVersion: 20190607CompileVersion(org.freedesktop.fwupd): 1.2.8SecureBoot: EnabledCompileVersion(com.redhat.efivar): 37UEFIUXCapsule: EnabledESPMountPoint: /boot/efiCompileVersion(org.freedesktop.gusb): 0.3.0RuntimeVersion(com.dell.libsmbios): 2.4DistroId: opensuse-tumbleweedCpuArchitecture: x86_64BootTime: 1559848020RuntimeVersion(org.freedesktop.appstream-glib): 0.7.14RuntimeVersion(com.redha... Read more

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1.I update Fibocom WWAN L830-EB firmware in Dec,2018. 2.When I put in SIM card ,The Windows Settings -> Cellular network become to "No service",,than Advanced options can not be APN setting. 3.The 18300.1002. version repeated restart Windows Cellular Service  when I used my NB4.I tried to downgrade to 18300.1002. or 11.Still can not work.It is like the Fibocom WWAN L830-EB DEAD! If you can help us! Thank you very much! The same Issuehttps://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/T480-Fibocom-L830-EB-with-firmware-ver-1... https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/T480s-issue-with-Fibocom-L830-EB-after-u... https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/Fibocom-L850-GL-not-working-in-T480s/td-...

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1.I update Fibocom WWAN L830-EB firmware in Dec,2018. 2.When I put in SIM card ,The Windows Settings -> Cellular network become to "No service",,than Advanced options can not be APN setting. 3.The 18300.1002. version always restart Windows Cellular service when I used my NB4.I tried to downgrade to 18300.1002. or 11.Still can not work.It works like the Fibocom WWAN L830-EB is DEAD! If you can help us! Thank you very much! The same Issuehttps://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/T480-Fibocom-L830-EB-with-firmware-ver-1... https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/T480s-issue-with-Fibocom-L830-EB-after-u... https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/Fibocom-L850-GL-not-working-in-T480s/td-...

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I know this might not be the place for this question but i have just downloaded a Firmware update for me modem but the files came in .rom and . bin and i am unfamiliar with these files how do i open them or with what do i open them with???

A:Firmware update for my modem

Your modem will open them. In the firmware update page, it will ask you to point to or upload the firmware file.

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I put in my IP address, and get to the modem. I believe there is a way to take my modem out of the mix and update the firmware on my Linksys router, but I'll be darned if I can figure it out. I called Linksys, but they want me to sign up for 90 day tech support, and I need to spend the $$ on a new router if the firmware update doesn't solve my problems! :-/

Can anyone help me?

I have a Motorola SB6141 modem and a Linksys EA6500 router.

Thank you!!

A:Want to update Linsys Firmware, but modem in the way....

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Lenovo Vantage recommeded me to install the following update https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/uu/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/THINKPAD-X-SERIES-LAPTOPS/THINKPAD-... The firmware update failed with the Error Code[0x69] Since then I can no longer use both the trackpoint and the touchpad!The official firmware update completly bricked my input devices. Does anybody know how to fix this issue?

A:X1 Carbon 6th Gen: Synaptics Touchpad Firmware Update broke Touchpad and Trackpoint

This seems to be an related issue: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-L-R-and-SL-series/Touchpad-not-working-after-firmware-update/t...

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Dear All,  My Thinkpad P52 are working fine. But after i'm updated the TrackPoint Firmware Update Utility version 07 Nov 2018 from lenovo office site, my  Touchpad and Trackpoint stoped working.  I'm retry install but same error  After restart Windows, i seen this error "PS/2 Mouse Not Detected"  I looking on this forum, and seen many people was installed this firmware got same error ! X1 Carbon 6th Gen: Synaptics Touchpad Firmware Update broke Touchpad and Trackpoint : forums.lenovo....  This issue solved when Lenovo release new version to fix this error on X1 Carbon, but on Lenovo Thinkpad P52 still have error and we waiting for solutions to fix this. My Thinkpad P52 : Win 10 x64 , I7, P3000, 32GB ,1TB PCIeBIOS Version:  N2CET35W (1.18)BIOS Date:       2018-12-14Machine Type Model: 20M9CT01WW This's my log of TrackPoint-Flash Utility v1.0.0.38 (on lenovo website show this v1.0.0.4) ****************************************TrackPoint-Flash Utility v1.0.0.382018-12-22 10:41:52[10:41:52.303] IAP_MODE: TVSU_FLASH_FW[10:41:52.303] Command Line: "C:\DRIVERS\WIN\Elantech_TrackPointFW\FWUpdate.exe"[10:41:53.898] default interface: PS2[10:41:53.898] OS: 64-bit[10:41:53.929] [WARNING]: 1.6151-1.6399(0.0248) :Write 0x00 => TimeOut[10:41:53.960] IsElanTP: 1[10:41:53.960] Load image file: C:\DRIVERS\WIN\Elantech_TrackPointFW\PSG8E8_RANKA_fv11... Read more

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Hi techs!
I'm looking to update my firmware and I find that the D-link India, link to firmware update is not working, hence require a copy of the firmware zip file, If someone can share.

hardware version: C1

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Hey, I am trying to install a USB WWAN modem on my Vista laptop (2.33 ghz, 2 gb ram) and when i follow the instructions on the software provided, it says to insert the usb modem and let windows recognize it and install it, and go from there.

the problem is, once i put in the usb drive, vista recognizes that there is a new device in, but once it tries to install it, it won't recognize any drivers on the disc thats inserted, and doesn't find anything on the rest of the computer.

the modem has been successfully installed on two XP machines, and one mac, so i know that its possible to do, but its not letting me do it on my laptop...

Any help would be appreciated, thanks


(modem is a Novatell Wireless Ovation EV-DO modem, or verizon USB727)

A:USB modem WWAN modem won't install in Windows Vista

I would say check the mfg website and see if you cant find some updated drivers for it or even check google and see if anyone has "hacked" the XP drivers into working with Vista. I know that Vista's been having lots of issues with past and current third party products and so it could just be that your modem is incompatible with Vista or you just need to look a bit more for newer drivers.

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Hi, My ThinkPad is x230 Tablet and i can see a SIM slot under the battery (See photos) also i think it has an antenna top right on the screen, my questions now is: 1- Does this mean that my x230 Tablet support WWAN?2- If yes, which Ericsson firmware & drivers i should install for windows 10? Note: I have used the auto update on Lenovo website & it did nothing to the broadband feature (assuming i have it). Thank you

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Hello, I do have X230 , and recently i Have decided to buy LTE modem (WWAN) because i'm traveling a lot and need internet access. Also in Poland we have Aero2 nation wide network with very cheap data packets (1$ for 3 GB, or 5$ for 30GB for 30 days) so it is a lot of data as for "backup" connection. So i Have ordered Sierra WIreless MC7700 because that card is whitelisted in Bios and can be used on that particular machine. And..... card was not working at all, GPS not working, i Have started downloading GPS enablers and drivers for that card from lenovo but it was a time when windows 10 was "new" there were problems with drivers etc. but i have managed to get it working. everything was fine till the day that i Have ordered 16 GB of RAM and LITEON 256 GB SSD drive to make the mashine a bit more efficent. I had to install Clean copy of WIN 10 because of drive swap, and now i cannot connect with WWAN. The card is shown in device manager, i see it in notification center, alsow in control panel internet settings I do have Mobile listed. But it does not want to "see" the simcard. That is exactly the same simcard as before, and the simcard when inserted to the external mobile hotspot or phone is working flowlesly. But not inside my laptop. I was trying to download firmware for it to reload it to the card, but the installer on Lenovo repository is broken. http://support.lenovo.com/pl/pl/downloads/ds037401 file g7w606ww.exe is broken, i have tes... Read more

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I was updating my drivers for my new Lenovo Yoga 920 laptop and I tried to use this driver: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/no/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/YOGA-SERIES/YOGA-920-13IKB-GLASS/do... However, the update keeps failing and the Type C ports do not work now. I can't charge my laptop. Luckely I am at 75%, so I have about 3-4 hours to fix this before I'm forced to take it to service. I tried this solution: https://www.gfisk.com/lenovo-yoga-pd-firmware-update-failure-ccg4-two-port-usb-c-controller/but it doesn't work for me. I'm getting desperate I'm supposed to press the power button for 8 seconds and the powering should be back on, but for me the lap top goes off after 3 seconds of holding the power button. I keep pressing the button of course to see what happens. But, when I turn back on, the battery still won't charge. And the firmware update keeps failing. I tried everything according to instructions, but with no avail. Please help! My laptop is off now, so I will wait for solutions here before I turn it back on.

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My USB-C to HDMI connection doesn't really work - almost always it doesn't see the external display, so I am trying to install the PD Firmware (Type C Firmware) update, version 1.3.  It goes through the steps but then I get an error message: Update ProgressBootloader is active. Proceeding to update firmware image #1Reading Silicon ID..Silicon ID of file (1F0011AF) doesn't match the device(0). Stopping update there is a similar post here where it was suggested to run msconfig with Diagnostic Startup, reboot, anf then try to run the PD Firmware Update utility.  I tried that but got exactly the same error message. Any ideas would be very welcome! thanks.

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I am unable to connect to my LTE network O2. On investigation the  device is reporting a PUK 2 SIM error. However post a SIM exchange the problem still exists. I have also removed the card and was able to connect using it in another device. Latest drivers are installed and a replacement card is on the way but reading through the forum this is not the solution. What is ??? Manufacturer:    Fibocom Wireless Inc.Model:    Fibocom L850-GLFirmware:    18500.5001. type:    GSMData class:    UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE, HSPA+

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Got my maxed out machine. on the website it says ' WWAN Integrated Global Mobile Broadband LTE-A". It's got a sim slot. I even messaged with customer support before I ordered it to ask if it works on LTE w/ a verizon sim card. they said yes. https://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-x/ThinkPad-X1-Carbon-6th-Gen/p/22TP2TXX16G?g...I put the sim card in, but for the life of me can't figure out how to activate it. In other discussions of previous generations it says it was an option. Is it the same on this? It's one of the reasons I got the machine! Will they let me return it without a restocking fee if this is the case? I really wanted an always on laptop 

A:X1 Carbon 6th Gen WWAN 4G LTE? sim card but no modem?

What's the model number of your laptop (e.g. 20KH002QUS, 20KH002KUS, 20KH002HUS, ...)?

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I am using Windows 10 Insider pre-views. Since november/december the LTE/WWAN modem have not been working. The device is detected by Windows and can bee seen in the Device Manager as see in this image:But even thopug the device is know by the device manager Windows can not see it. Windows simply does not detect the modem is available. I have removed power fromtthe battery, reset my BIOS settings etc. But still not working.   My BIOS is  SMBIOSBIOSVersion : N23ET62W (1.37 ) and my ThinkPad model is 20KH007BMX Anyone have any sugestions?  

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Hello, I buyed X1 Carbon and I try use modem LTE with Vodafone IT sim (I have Windows 10 Pro), our company use dedicated APN, I try connect with ip in auto assign but nothing, I need set fix ip (I can do it becouse im IT Manager and so reserved IP for mine, my user used auto assign and I can't reserve ip for them) and with this I can connect without problem. When I have old laptop and use Vodafone Key, without using vodafone software but using integrated w10 software, I can optain ip with auto assign. Have you some suggest to solve this problem ?Thanks M.

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When I first established my Windows7 vpn Connection to our corporate Network I was on a WWAN-Connection through my providers HSDPA-Modem. Now when I try to reuse this vpn-Connection in a local Network or Wifi-Network its stuck to using the WWAN-Modem (which is not present at that time!) even if I try to establish a NEW vpn-Connection through Network Management Center this also gets stuck to the WWAN-Modem as you might see on the 1st screenshot.

Where it is actually frightening enough that the IP4-Adress (marked unredable on the screenshot) of the corporate vpn-Gateway is called a "dialing number" in the very dialogue.

If i'm now trying to conect t the vpn in a Wifi or LocalNetwork Environment I get only an error message, that the modem is not present as you might see on the 2nd screenshot.

On Vista the same procedure for establishing and reusing a vpn-Connection worked 100% percent well. Why did those change a thing that was working in Vista to a thing that is rubbish in the succesor?

Anyone who found a solution until today for that ?

Any coments welcome.


A:Windows7 vpn connection stuck to WWAN-modem

If you can still see this issue , can you share the VPN traces .

Steps to get traces .

1 . Open a command prompt window
2 . In the command prompt type 'netsh ras set tr * en'
3 . Repeat the use case of VPN connection
4 . open a command prompt window again
5 . In the command prompt type 'netsh ras set tr * di'
6 . Zip the 'tracing' folder ar '%windir%\tracing' , if your OS is in C drive then it will be at C:\windows\tracing and send it to me . You can e-mail me the traces at [email protected]

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Dear Mr x220forme: This Topic is writing for seeking for ur kindly help. I buy a X1 Carbon 5th Gen (20HR) recently, want to add a WWAN Modem by myself. But there is too little info in the official ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th Gen) Platform Specifications:WWAN (optional)Integrated Mobile Broadband 4G LTE-A, Qualcomm Snapdragon? X7 LTE-A (Sierra Wireless EM7455)Micro-SIM card slot, opt Verizon LTE (US) or Lenovo Connect (EMEA) SIM card I look for this EM7455 on Lenovo US website and there are only two EM7455 types:ThinkPad EM7455 4G LTE Mobile Broadband: 4XC0L59128 FRU: 00JT542 ThinkPad EM7455 4G LTE Mobile Broadband: 4XC0M95181 FRU: 01AX746From ur previous topic mentioned that:"Anyway, the card em7455 with this p/n (4XC0L59128, FRU 00JT542) is positioned for previous generation of the ThinkPads. New revision of the em7455 for Kaby Lake based ThinkPads has another p/n and FRU - 4XC0M95181 and 01AX746, respectively, according to the System parts list. " My CPU is i7-7500U?surely is the Kaby Lake, so EM7455 01AX746 should be the right choose according to waht u say. But when I check the specification of EM7455 01AX746: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/acc100362The ThinkPad EM7455 4G LTE Mobile Broadband is compatible with the following machines:ThinkPad L570, T470/ T470p/ T470s, X270, L470, P51, P71, Yoga 370The Hardware Compatibility do not have X1 C at all!!!  It makes me confused now, do not know wh... Read more

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Does anyone know is there 4g wwan replacement for factory installed wlan card. 
Mod:  edited Subject line to add problem description

A:M92 Tiny - 4G WWAN (Broadband) modem adapter

Irrespective if one is available, I believe you would be better off with a 4G USB dongle bought through your cell service providor.  
Until recently, for years I worked as trader in the financial markets and used one in a backup computer, one that needed to be connected 8 hrs a day M-F.   (impressively Verizon 4G LTE was able to do that, with an average of ~25Mbit download)   Those USB dongles are tested and certified for their networks, and the few times I did have problems, their Tech Support was familiar with it's configuration, and were on the hook to fix the problem -- no passing it off to 'it's your adapter.' 

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I currently own a T570, item # 20JW-0007US.  This unit came with a M.2 512 Gig drive.  Does it also have a WWAN port inside for the cell modem, Item # 4XC0M95181 (Sierra EM7455), that I can add it, or is the M.2 drive IN the cell modem port and so I cannot add it after the fact?Thanks,Dino


Go to Solution.

A:T570 installing Cellular Modem in WWAN port with M.2 Drive in place

The slot for wwan card is free, the SSD is inserted in another slot.

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Hey guys,
I need a K56Flex or a V.90 firmware for my PT-3012 Puretek modem. I went to the Puretek web site but they only have the drivers. Thx.

A:Puretek Modem Firmware

Doesn't that thing have a Conexant(Rockwell) ACF chipset? I can't remember. If so check here and see if this is what you need.

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Q: lt4112

Hello! I have Elitebook 840 G2 and the Lt4112 WWAN card. At your support for that notebook, there was firmware update for my WWAN card:http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=7343205&swItemId=ob_152395_1&swEnvOid=419... After I did the update (succesfull), the signal reception is weaker than before. In the place where I had 5 bars before, now I have only 2-3. In the city where 4G signal is full on my cell phone, on notebook I get only 1-2 bars.The connection speed is 100 mbit and in the place where I got 2-3 bars I can download with 30-40 mbits from mobile network. I have noticed that after firmware update in the status of the network card, it is written that firmware is 12.430.19.08.00.At update on your support site it says that new version is 12.500.00.15.1803 . Am I missing something? I supposed that new firmware number is 12.500.00.15.1803 instead 12.430.19.08.00. Is there way to improve signal reception? I have tried that same card on second notebook (elitebook G1), on several OS (win 7, 81.) but the result is the same. What to try next? Thank you in advance!

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My boss wants to send text SMS from his 840 G2 notebook via the built in lt4112 Gobi 4G with SIM running Windows 10 x64.Is this possible and if so does HP provide the software to text from? When you purchase a 3G modem from any service provider, it has a SMS feature included on the software, so the thinking is that the built in modem should also include such software.Thanks

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Okay, I've been having a lot of problems with my connection, and I was thinking maybe it could have something to do with the fact that I've never updated my modem's firmware. I'm not sure exactly how to do this, though, so if anyone could walk me through it, I'd really appreciate it. As it says it the subject line, I have a Westell 6100, and I'm not sure if this would be relevant, but my ISP is Verizon. Thanks.

A:Solved: Updating modem's firmware (Westell 6100)

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Do anyone know how to perform a complete firmware or image backup on the ZXDSL 831 AII? Maybe using command tftp?
As far as I know it is possible for the D-Link DSL-500G with: tftp –i <modem_ip> get TEimage.bin.
However for ZXDSL this command result in a communication error.
Googling about it I just could find posts related to the firmware UPLOAD via tftp:
1) telnet to the modem
2) Execute: tftp –g –f <firmware> -t i <ip_tftp_server> -g
Below are some detailed characteristics of my system:

Firmware version: ZXDSL 831IIV7.5.0b_Z29_TFL1 df_bdg
BusyBox v1.00 (2009.07.04-18:02+0000) Built-in shell (msh)
Linux version ([email protected]) (gcc version 3.4.2) #1 Sun Jul 5 01:57:38 CST 2009

Thanks in advance.
For those who are interested, below are some modem firmware version:


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In README, new firmware version is "W887904". But my SSD current firmware is "3887904"."W887904" and "3887904" are not same. But is it correct that "No new firmware found."? Or Levono utility program can't find firmware file? "No new firmware found." is too hard to understand. I think better, "No need to update firmware...".... Levono utility program can't find firmware file? "Solid State Drive Firmware Update Utility for Windows 10 (64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit), 8 (64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad FWSD48 19 Oct 2018" is not easy to use. 

A:X1 Carbon SSD Current Firmware 3887904, New Firmware is "None", "No new firmware found." is normal?

Welcome to the CommunityWhat's the laptop MTM code?What's the SSD p/n as well its FRU code on the drive sticker?Could you provide the SSD sticker photo?

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Hi everyone!So I got this conputer and I am loving it, however, I can't get my LT4112 Gobi 4G to work. It does not show up in my device manager so am unsure on how to fix it.My laptop is still under warranty so if i canšt find a solution. A way to get in touch with HP would also be appreciated.Thanks in advance for the help. 

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Router: TL-WR841N version 8
Windows 7 64bit
Internet: WAN port

Problem started when I was trying to figure out a way to reverse my firmware upgrade to Open WRT. I first followed the steps of using Putty and WinSCP (am a networking retard but i blindly followed instructions). I got an error at the last stage of it. At this point my router was being identified, and net was fine, I just wanted back my old firmware So I tried a Hard Reset. .

My router does not do a hard reset. It has a tiny button labelled "WPS/Reset". Apparently that is supposed to be the hard reset button, which when pressed for 15-30 seconds, is supposed to flash all the LEDs together when complete. However, it does not work in my router. All the LEDs remain unchanged when i keep the button pressed. But when re-plugged my Lan cable, i started getting this problem.

My Internet runs fine with the ethernet cable directly connected to my PC. However, my PC is no longer able to detect my router. Also cannot open router page with both default ips "" or "". Previously my LAN used to get discovered within 2 seconds of plugging in. Now it says "identifying" for a couple of minutes, and then changes to "Unidentified network".

Since then I've tried the hard reset several times with all cables unplugged, plugged, immediately after power on, with power off etc. Just desperation moves. Nothing works.
I have followed the previous posts... Read more

A:Windows Unable to Discover Modem, and cant revert to Original Firmware

My router does not do a hard reset.

Usually when a tech wants the user to do that it means pulling the power cord from the device.

Have you tried opening Command Prompt [right-click the icon in Accesssories and choose Run as administrator] and typing ping 192.168.x.x, whatever the default is for your router? IPCONFIG should communicate with the Router and give that number as Default gateway.

Is my router broke?

Very possible.

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Howdy,I've got a t460p thinkpad, running win10.  It has the dock, and 2 monitors are usually attached to the dock.My lenovo system update wanted me to install the critical security [urgent] update to my intel management engine, the update is to version  I followed all the instructions, closing nearly everything and the update proceeded normally and quickly, until it froze. The system updater says "installing: Intel Management Engine 11.8 Firmware - 7 [32/64]/8.1/10 [64]"  and"Overall Progress:  91%"The cmd window that's showing the actual install says "FW Update:  [ 99% (-)] Do Not Interrupt"  but the little progress spinning thing has not spun in a long time. (40+ minutes)Every so often (every 5mins?), it the upper progress bar in the "system update" will backup a little bit...then it will move forward again a minute or so later. Umm...I need to use my computer.  It's been about 45 minutes that I've been looking at this screen with no change (other than the backup-forward cha-cha in the gui progress bar).(image to help) (the progress bar is in it's full position, this is what it looks like after the top progress bar moves forward again after backing up a wee bit, when it backs up, it just doubles that gray area at the end, it doesn't move back a whole lot).I am guessing I cannot restart at this point. Can I abort the install and try again? 

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I just bought a new x1 6th gen Thinkpad. As I was setting it up I of course installed all the updates, hardware as well as the Windows 10 spring update from April 2018. Before installing the Win-update my mobile broadband device was working fine (850 GL 4G LTE). But now its not even listed in the bios menu or in the device managers menu. I'm searching all the forums for solutions, but i couldnt find anything that worked for me. May it be the uninstalling of updates, reconfiguring the powersettings of the wlan device, and I couldnt find a firmware update for the Fibocom L850 GL 4G LTE mobile broadband device. I even tried installing linux but this also didnt make any difference, as it seems to be on the firmware level of the mobile broadband device. Does anyone have a working solution for this problem?

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 Hi there,  I would really appreciate help in relation to this ongoing error. I am prompted by Vantage on regular basis to update the SSD firmware from 6L7Q to 7L7Q. Using Lenovo Storage firmware update tool 1.103. Fails every time, has been like this for months so I am not expecting an auto update fix.  Tries to do it, gets to reboot, and then the error below appears.  "software condition is not ready to update due to some condition" I have also downloaded from Lenovo website manually, and have run the zipped version, with same result. I have looked up Samsung SSD drivers directly and there is no options for this drive. Has anyone had similar issue? Please let me know if you have a fix.  Many thanks.  

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Hi, since a couple of weeks, system update prompts me to update my NVMe disk firmware. It downloads and runs Lenovo Storage Device Firmware Update Utility, but it always fails with the same error: Update Failed: Firmware update FAILED! RC=0x1 Stopped by a device reason.  This happens to me with the last version of the firmware update toot (FWNV29), but also has happened to me with previous versions. Also, downloading FWNV29 and running it independently from system update leads to the same error. Can someone help? Thanks. The log from fwwinsd.exe (fwwinsd.log) shows the following:[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::OnInitDialog - IN
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::OnInitDialog - OS : Windows 6.2 Build 9200
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::OnInitDialog - Current path : C:\Users\fpiris\Desktop\FWNV29
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::openProfile - IN - fwwinsd.pro
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::OnInitDialog - Profile verified to exist
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::disableAutoODDPowerOffFeature - IN
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::disableAutoODDPowerOffFeature - Open registry key : Software\Lenovo\PWRMGRV\Data
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::displayDrives - IN
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CATADrivesScanner::scan - IN
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CATADrivesScanner::cleanUp - IN
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CATADrivesScanner::enumerateDevice - IN : GUID=0x53f56307
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CATADrivesScanner::enumerateDevice - Device info se... Read more

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Hello, I have Carbon X1 5th (20HR) running Windows 10 pro (updated).  Altought I followed the instructions here - https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/cy/en/downloads/ds120390 (This is the page for Lenovo users who wish to update TPM firmware) - and installed the "BIOS Update Utility for Windows 10" version 1.33, Windows still keeps telling me to update the TPM firmware driver.  In BIOS it shows that I have TPM ver 2.0, enabled. Since Windows kept telling me to update the TPM driver, thanks to Google I found out that there is a tool created by Lenovo called "TPM Firmware Update Utility -ThinkPad" (It is worth noting that this tool is not mentioned on the instruction page). I downloaded the tool, but can't understnad how to use it (assuming that I should use it at all, because this tool is not mentioned on the TPM instructions page). Could you please help me to solve the TPM issue described above? Is there a way to check what version do I have? Thanks in advance!  

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Lenovo Vantage updated the T480s BIOS on 8/9. I immediately started getting a Thunderbolt error when starting Windows 10 64, which says to update the Thunderbolt firmware. I downloaded the current firmware from Lenovo (n22th06w) but I get the following error when trying to update: 0x20D SDK_INVALID_OPERATION_IN_SAFE_MODE What's the solution, Lenovo? Thanks.  

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Anyone know where to buy the antennas for this product Thinkpad Fibocom L850-GL CAT9 M.2 WWAN. I would be a great help. Also do I need a professional to install these cables?

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A week ago at regular system update request I installed the offered "Lenovo SSD & HDD Firmware Update Tool"  10.3010 on P50 running Windows 7/64. Message appeared that I needed to remove password on (only) the factory 500GB HDD. Passwords also exist on the two SSD's but no action requested re them. I presumed the SSD updates were installed and I would have to later temporarily remove HDD PW and run the update again. So I removed the HDD PW just now and went to System Update online but message then was that there was nothing for my machine. How do I force installing the update again, if that is the right way to do it. Is there any way to see if it somehow took care of the problem automatically as soon as soon as I removed the PW? Thanks.

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Can't boot USB after update firmware and all from update software tools   

A:Can't boot USB after update firmware and all from update software tools

I'm close secure boot and setting boot order and use boot menuThis USB disk its ok before I update all from Lenovo updateAfter this action, I lost my boot USBPlease Check your firmware.And Help me how to fix this

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Can a Firmware Update and/or drivers on printers be reversed?I am new to BleepingComputer, so I do not know which Forum to post this to, as this issue involves multiple forums: Hardware (HP Printers), Software (Firmware & Drivers), Operating Systems running Windows 2000 and Windows XP.At my workplace, we have many HP Printers on the network. HP sent me a link promoting HP Easy Printer Care. I figured I would try it (big mistake) because I take care of all of the printers in our building. So this Easy Printer Care tells me that there is updated Firmware for my printers. So I get the firmware and install it. Of course, HP didn?t really explain how to install it. I had to look it up to actually do the install. After installing it, HP tells me that the Firmware Updates still need to be updated!?!Now the end users are having problems when they print. Multiple users are having the same and or different problems. The problem that has the most reports to me are: When someone is printing a document and they want to change it from portrait to landscape, they click on properties and receive an error message that reads:Function address 0x2e2a5aa caused a protection fault. (exception code 0xc0000005) Some or all property page(s) may not be displayed. Click OK.Then another windows pops up saying: Operation could not be completed. Click OK.The function address is always different (for different users or systems) The exception code is always the same. The User c... Read more

A:Can A Printer Firmware Update And/or Driver Update Be Reversed?

You can go to Device Manager and find the printer and in properties it gives you the option to "roll back" the driver to a previous version. A firmware update and driver update mean 2 different things, to me anyways. My understanding is a firmware update offers "improved" instructions to the onboard chip of the device. What does HP say about the problem?

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Hi there, my Helix laptop (purchased a few years ago) is giving me the "Keyboard Dock Fan Error" at startup. I am then unable to use the keyboard and mouse pad. I previously had this same error a couple of years ago and had solved it using the Firmware update.Now I tried:- BIOS update. Done updated to the latest BIOS version.- Tried doing again the firmware update (although I had done it a couple of years ago) but now I have Windows 10 and the firmware update executable on the Lenovo site says it is for Windows 8 or below. I tried it anyway but it gave an error saying: "This tool and EC firmware mismatch, or communication error is happened.".  Your help is much appreciated.- Najib

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Hi there,I was wondering if Lenovo ThinkPad x230, will get BIOS update in which it will support 5G WWAN module?IntelŪ XMM? 8160 Powered Global 5G Module And could this work? M.2 to Mini PCI Express Card Any idea?(ofc when it is available for purchase) 

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