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Need help trying to set up a Virtual WiFi Router...

Q: Need help trying to set up a Virtual WiFi Router...

I have one of those motherboards which has an AC WiFI Adapter built on it... http://images.anandtech.com/doci/827...-ITX%20Top.jpg

That one to be exact.
Now I've followed these steps;

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=NAME key=PASSWORD
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Putting those into CMD and it comes up fine as told in the tutorial.
The problem comes however in turning sharing on, this then turns my internet on the Ethernet port off, it'll say something like it being limited and stays on Unidentified Network forever on that Ethernet port. As soon as I turn sharing off on the Virtual Wifi connection I've made, the Ethernet internet then goes back to normal and I gain internet access again.

This is obviously useless because I need the internet through the Ethernet to be able to setup a Virtual WiFi Hotspot thingy.

Can anyone help?

Preferred Solution: Need help trying to set up a Virtual WiFi Router...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Need help trying to set up a Virtual WiFi Router...

I've just tried a few free Virtual Hotspot programs that were most commonly used on the net, they all go to create the hotspot but fail.

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Hi there,

I use a small usb modem for my internet access and using a usb wifi adaptor and a virtual wifi router I was able to share my internet around home quite affordably.

Every now and again the software 'virtualrouter' would cause a crash. Maybe once every 3 months.

When I updated to 8.1 the software no longer worked, nor did any other. What's more it cause a DPC-Watchdog violation within a few minutes.

When I say the software doesn't run, one of two things happen. My old program 'virtualrouter' runs as normal, but none of my devices can connect. The network is available, but connection is impossible.

With other programs I get told that the wifi adaptor is not enabled. Which it is.

Something has changed in the upgrade and I don't know what. Every option and test I've run and enabling of virtualisation says that it should work. But then the BSOD arrives.

Please help.

A:Virtual wifi router not working after upgrade to Win 8.1

Welcome liamborg. When I visit the site for virtualrouter it appears it hasn't been updated since Feb 2013 and lists 8 but not 8.1 support so probably hit or miss getting it to work correctly. Have you tried compatibility mode?

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Anyone use this?

Windows 7 Virtual Wifi Router
I ran it and when I hit Configure/View Comodo told me that it was trying to have full access of my keyboard.

Is this a Trojan?

A:Virtual wifi Router ... Is this a virus or trojan?

Windows 7 Virtual Wi-Fi router is a software emulation of the wi-fi adapter which is present in your computer.

This is not a Trojan. The purpose of this virtual Wi-Fi router is to allow you to create a wi-fi hotspot from your computer so that nearby computers may connect to it for internet access. If you already have a wi-fi router in your home then you don't need it. This will come in handy when you have a cable connection for internet and wants to give wireless access to other systems in your home.

If you have installed it from internet, you may uninstall it from Control Panel - Programs and Features. Otherwise you may disable it in Device Manager.

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My Lenovo a 516 connects to the virtual hotspot (my pc), but it doesn't actually receive any data. I can't browse or download.

I have a WIFI dongle (wireless usb nano adapter) connected to my pc, which i think works fine. The problem is with pc's settings because i tried this with 2 phones and outcome was the same.

I do not have much knowledge about how these things work and might have messed up some settings (ip, dns mask- all those things they as u to change,, on youtube).

Kindly help me rectify this..

PS: When i connected the phone after installing the dongle very first time it worked just fine, i was able to browse and download. Now. Then the wifi fan symbol in my phone showd 2 arrows, both sending and receiving data. Now when i open the browser and try entering any site it shows only upward arrow and thats it.

A:Android phone connected to WIFI thru virtual router but unable to browse or download.

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I recently bought dlink D2750U WIFI ADSL modem/router, for my ADSL internet connection.

But I have now changed my ISP, who provide internet via cable(not telephone line). The ISP guy provides a cable modem(old modem) along with it.

I have connected my PC this way:
Cable modem -> Router -> PC through RJ45. I am able to access internet from my PC, but I am not able to get wifi working on the router. And I am logging onto internet through a dial up connection.
1) Please help in configuring the router to get wifi working.
2) Also, my default gateway seems to be either or blank. So, I am not able to login to the modem unless I remove the modem connection. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here.

Here are a few more details:
Output of ipconfig: http://pastebin.com/Zr9Eb7L7

A:Using dlink D2750U Wifi Modem/Router As a Wifi Router

Hey Narain. The D-Link unit you have appears to be a combo unit (modem and wireless router) since it connects straight to the RJ-11 phone line. This unit won't work with an ISP that provides service by way of coax cable. The D-Link will work if you want to use DSL, but you need a cable service compatible modem or combo modem/router if you use cable service.


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Hi All,

I am new to this forum..few day agai got to know that I can make my Windows 7 Laptop a HotSpot via Virtual WiFi...so I tried to make my laptop hotspot and the same can be detected from my iPhone also...i can connect connect iPhone to my laptop...but i cant access any internet..
i have also tried putting off my firewall but with no use....
can somebody help me out with the same?

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I have a desktop that is able to have wifi it's a adapter dell 1450 UBS Wireless 802.11a/b/g it works so does the router which is a Cisco Linsky E 1000 it shows um that it works I'm getting packet but I just can't seem to connect I don't understand it says that I am connected but I cannot get on the internet what am I doing wrong please help my desktop is compaq hp with wireless capability help!

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I am looking to replace my tired Linksys WRT54G router that is about 10 years old. I love the router, and its even better with DD-WRT on it, but I'm starting to have troubles with the wifi dropping all the connects for a couple seconds when running all my wireless devices. I have 3 smart phones, 2 tablets, 1 Chromecast, a smart TV, and Roku + a laptop or 3 in my house right now, and it seems like its getting to be a bit much for it.
I have had to completely re-flash the firmware twice this year to get the wifi working again, so I'm thinking its time for replacement.
I have been thinking about just getting the new WRT54GL for $50, but I'm also thinking it might be a good idea to upgrade the wifi technology past wireless G .
I'm wondering if my Tablet (Nexu 9), and our smartphones (Razr HD Max) along with the Chromecast will take advantage of the new wireless standards and higher speeds or not? If they will can someone recomend a decent wireless router that takes DD-WRT nicely in the sub-$100 range? Thanks!

A:Looking for new Wifi Router - Will Tablet/Smartphone take advantage of new wifi Standards?

I been programming in Android/Linux since 2010 and there is code that supports VHT is Very High Throughput. Right now the standards are HT is High Throughput .

As for DD-WRT firmware is like your overclocking your router pushing it beyond the OEM limits. I use to use DD-WRT but had quit many years ago since the routers that used that firmware would fail too much.

So best to buy a better business type enterprise router wired then you can use WiFi router as AP or just get WiFi AP(access point). To me WiFi Router is also Wired Router, but to use just a wired router and use WiFi AP through a switch is better. If one or the other goes you can easy replace them. Where as if the WiFi Router fails you would need to replace it.

If you really want to use DD-WRT then Look at Buffalo WiFi Routers some come pre-installed with DD-WRT on them. Frankly you really don't need DD-WRT today because newer routers or WiFi routers are much better built and offer much more power NPU = network processor units and 128, 256, 512, 1GB of RAM some have Dual Cores.

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I am currently stationed in Germany, and live in a village that has horrible internet. I cannot stream netflix, hulu, and downloads take several hours.

Is there a way to combine the internet that my cell phone receives and the wifi router I have at home to increase speed?

I have the ability to create a wifi hotspot from my cell phone if this helps.

Just something I thought up in my head, and wanted to find out if it is possible. Thanks in advance.

A:Combining Wifi Hotspot and Router Wifi for faster internet

You can, try this http://www.octopusplus.com/download.jsp or http://www.connectify.me/

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My HP ZBook does not connect to my D-Link  Model DSL-2750U rooter even though my phone and other laptops can connect to internet.

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Hi Could you please tell me if this is possible:
My computer is connected to a wireless network. Can I hook up my D-link (DIR-412) to my computer and use the internet from the computer to output another wireless area?

Thanks sounds complicated.

A:Connected to WIFI and want to extend wifi with another wireless router

Where you live is your setup like this?

WiFi Router


Modem with built-in WiFi Router

If you want extend the WiFi you would get WiFi Access Point. Or you can take a WiFi Router and disable NAT, SPI, DCHP, then you create a static IP address. 192.168.x.50

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So I got a new router yesterday to replace the old one, and I've been working on it for a long time. But I can't seem to figure out why there isn't any internet connection. The new WiFi Router (D-Link DR-842) Shows it is connected to the internet (green light) but in the setup page, it says disconnected. Could the PPPoE details be causing this? As far as I know everything is correctly set up except for the internet part.

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I have been trying for some time to accomplish the title result. I'm not techie enough to do it.

What I want is to be able to use a Tablet to read in the rear of my home (which is out of range for incoming wifi signal.)

If I can set up the computer to do this, I will cable connect to a router in that area.
I have two computers and could use either.

1.a PC running XP (should update to windows 8.1, but have never bothered to do that, since XP works just fine. (I had this computer sharing to the router, when I had DSL internet connection, using Windows wizard to set it up) Couldn't get it to work when I switched to WIFI internet access) I could switch to win 7 or 8.1 if that would help.

2. a Lap Top running WIN 8.1,

Any help is appreciated.

A:Internet access via WIFI and share WIFI via second router

Due to the age of XP this is not the best option for what you want to do

Either windows 7 or 8.1 have access to Internet connection sharing (ICS) built in

To use ICS you need at least two connections to the local LAN, these can be any mix of wifi or Ethernet.

As you have a laptop you likely already have a system to use for this

There is a tutorial explaining the basics ... and more on this site

Check it out and post back if you have any issues

Internet Connection Sharing - Create WiFi HotSpot

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Wifi doesn't connect when i move away from wifi router. I have a wifi router installed in my drawing room where i get good browsing speed on phones and laptops. But the problem starts when i take my laptop from drawing room to my bedroom which is not more than 5 mtrs from router. Wifi signal drops to zero on laptop whereas it remains decent on phones. Earlier my laptop used to connect in bedroom as well..This is happening lately. Is there any solution?

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my HP 15 116 laptop wifi cannot connect to wifi router modem AND it keeep on saying "cant connect to this network" whereas it  can work perfectly fine on smartphone wifi hotspot . please fix it ......... DONT MAKE ME REGRET ON BUYING HP LAPTOP ....

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i have posted this but no one has even viewed it as the title wasn't very good.

Anyway, i have 2 wifi routers, one in the lounge that is on internet, one in my room that is not.

i want them both to be able to supply internet.

the one in my room will just be used to ethernet internet into my PS3.

alternative is that i use the wifi on my laptop then ethernet my laptop to PS3, is this possible?

A:Wifi router to wifi router? so i can use PS3 via ethernet

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hey guys ....m new here and new to windows 7 aswell..........i heard that you can connect to multiple ap's with the virtual wifi but what i found googling is that it can act as a router but not as a second wifi card...........so in simple i want to connect to 2 different aps both have internet so i get the mixed bandwidth.....so can anyone tell me what m i exactly suppose to do....

A:How do i use virtual wifi

Quote: Originally Posted by cyber02000

hey guys ....m new here and new to windows 7 aswell..........i heard that you can connect to multiple ap's with the virtual wifi but what i found googling is that it can act as a router but not as a second wifi card...........so in simple i want to connect to 2 different aps both have internet so i get the mixed bandwidth.....so can anyone tell me what m i exactly suppose to do....

open your network and sharing center
click set up a new connection or network
then click the last option "set up a wireless ad hoc (pc to pc) network

and then connect other devices like other laptops, ps3, xbox 360, wii, and more.

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Hello, I am a bit of a hard time with 2 routers on one network and unfortunately as things stand now they both have to be there. So I just got ADSL and the only modem option available to me was one with a 4-port wired router, I hooked that up into my existing network of about 9 computers (5 laptops and 4 desktops) which is connected by another 4-port WiFi router.

I started out with my only goal of hooking 3 of these computers to the internet after I got the DSL by some MAC filtering configured in the WiFi router. But, having the DSL modem/router has created another issue. I am using 2 separate IP gateways for both the routers which are in the same subset, I can connect to both of them from all my machines. The problem is I don't have any control over which computer connects to what router. I am trying to avoid setting each PC up with a static IP that needs internet access.

Here is my setup in more detail. My ADSL router is and my WiFi router is and both have the subnet My ADSL connection has dynamic IP and the modem/router is connected into a LAN port on the WiFi router. I have tried disabling DHCP on the modem/router and changed my WiFi router IP to that of the modem (which was counter productive) to no avail. Someone mentioned MAC address cloning but I am not sure if it will work in this setup. Since I configured this I am seeing quite a few IP conflicts, which are probably my fault as I didn't check when I was setting... Read more

A:Wifi Router + ADSL Router = Issues with dynamic IP

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Hello guys, I'm new here, and I know that this sounds like a duplicate thread, but I couldn't find anything similar to this one.  I have said laptop with the Intel wireless card (7260) running Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04. I'm on the go quite often so I have connected to several wifi routers with no issues.  And there is my home. I am rarely here, but when I get here I can connect to my wifi router (2.4 GHz), but often experiencing unusually high pings (above 1000 ms). This happens on both OS-esI have the latest wireless driversIn Windows Device Manager I set everything I could to max the wifi performanceNo other device has this issue (two laptops, two smartphones, an USB wifi stick on my home network (not simultaneously of course))The environment should not be an issue. The router is 6-7 meters away, with two walls between the router and the laptop. I have an older Lenovo laptop next to this one (G580) and it has no issues at all. The laptop does not have this issue with other devicesThe issue is with the connection between the laptop and the router (I tried reaching the router's config site, same slowness)The network properties say that my connection link's speed is 27/27 MBPS, sometimes less, sometimes more, but I always have a strong signal There is only one other wifi router nearby and that's on a different channel.It is starting to get really annoying, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I just want to know if its possible to connect your wifi broadband to wifi router? and if it is, How?

A:HOw to Connect wifi broadband to Wifi Router

I may be misunderstanding you but if you're getting WiFi out of your broadband appliance already, you don't need a router. If you do want to use a WiFi router, you're not going to be using the WiFi signal from the broadband appliance.
Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Actually my wifi adapter can catch all other wifi signal except my wifi router.

A:my notebook wifi adapter don't get my wifi router

There are several resons.1. The wifi signal might be too weak at the point where the computer is.2. Other device radiation/signals might be blocking it.3. Your router signal might be hodden (check EWS of router).4. Signal broadcasting might have been turned off on router. Since other signals are found on the computer, there shouldnt be a issue with your couputer.

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I have a Netgear WGR614v9 router and was wondering if its possible to use this as a wireless adapter for my computer?? I think it might support the DDWRT open source firmware??? I am wanting to do this STRICTLY as a learning purpose.

A:Solved: use my wifi router as wifi adapteR??

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i tried the following command on the command prompt(admin).

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=vikas key=devadutt
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
netsh wlan show hostednetwork

it woked for first time. but i didnt know how to stop it. i did something foolish to stop it. after that virtual wifi never works.

you know what i did. there was an icon in the network connections named vikas showing wireless. i right clicked it and disabled it. i actually did that to stop it. after that , icon disappered and virtual wifi never worked again. see, the command prompt image, that is the error message i am getting from the system.

how to fix this error?

A:cannot make virtual wifi

i solved the problem.

i went to device manager and under network adapters , i found virtual wifi adapter. i right clicked on it. i enabled it.
problem fixed.


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I have a Wifi router and a Win7 desktop with USB Wifi and Virtual Wifi adapter running.

My question is: how to create a meshed Wifi network with one single ssid/key?

see you Xyne

A:Virtual WiFi Repeater

Something like this perhaps: How to Bridge Wireless Routers | eHow.com

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Hi there, this is my first question on TSF and I hope this will be solved soon by the awesome experts :)

So, I own a TP-link Usb WiFi adapter (TL-WN321G) and I want to use my win 7 as a virtual WiFi. I've tried Connectify, Virtual router etc. And even TP- link's utility for a virtual hotspot on my win 7.

In all these, WiFi connects, I can browse on my phone but after sometime the connection drops, WiFi disconnects and then connects again, making the WiFi useless.

I then tested virtual WiFi on my old win xp, using Tp- link's utility and its working flawlessly. I tested with all security types (WPA, WPA2, WEP) and also tested encryptions (Tkip, aes) as I can change these in tp-link's utility program in win xp unlike in win 7.

I'm facing problem only in my win 7.

Any help please?

A:Virtual WiFi disconnects after sometime

I see your Adapter shows as discontinued, it just may not be fully compatible with Win7. Have you contacted TP-Link support?

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Hello one and all,
I am sincerely hoping someone can assist with my little networking problem as i'm tearing my hair out now..

Here at work we have a Vigor Modem/Router hosting our connection to the world. It was originally on DHCP & the 4 computers & 2 printers found their own IP addresses without problem.

We added a Linksys router via ethernet (to a lan port not the wan) in another area of the yard. This was fine also on DHCP and connecting wirelessly from a laptop or mobile phone was a doddle.

Then our oh so wonderful IT geek decided to put the Vigor on a Static IP along with all the computers connected to it. This has some how cut off the wifi capability of the Linksys router now.

It is basically acting as a hub for two laptops and nothing else.

In simplistic terms with some detail what settings need changing on the Linksys if any?

The Vigors internal IP is
Linksys is
both on subnet

I have been advised to set the Linksys to a static IP on the Internet Connection option but what set of figures do i need for that??

Fingers crossed...


A:Adding a wifi router to router on static IP

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Using Windows 7, my wireless works great in the vicinity of the router, but slows down and will not load some sites when 30+ feet away from the router. The signal strength is excellent. Any ideas?

A:Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter

Okay you may need to check around your router to first see if there are any mirrors really close. These can deflect the wireless rays therefore decreasing signal strength.

Your second option if this fails, is too purchase a WIFI-Repeater or booster.

I have added a webpage below and if you wish too purchase any of these simply google them (Maybe amazon, ebay etc.).


Hope this helps you

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Ok so I got some new internet from comcast, and it came with a modem and all, but its not a modem that has a built in router. So my other option is connectify, I had a spare wifi usb adapter lying around. And I used it once before, so I assumed it will work. I started it and it made the hotspot. I connected it with my computer and it will connect but it will not load any webpages. And a yellow exclamation mark popped up where the internet icon should. Its like the SSID was not broadcasting an internet connection. So I got my phone and connected it and it did the exact same thing. So I uninstalled it and did this method

How to Setup Virtual Wifi on Windows 7
1. Open a command-prompt with administrator privileges.

Click on Start menu, All Programs, Accessories, right-click on Command Prompt, select ?Run as administrator?). Type in:

2. Configure the ?hosted? interface:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Test key=password

This example creates an access-point with an SSID of ?Test?,

3. Configure Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Open up the networking control panel. Select the interface that currently has Internet connection (like your Ethernet or normal wifi), enable ?Sharing?, and then select the special ?hosted? interface.

4. Start it

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

And it started it successfully and this time my computer will stay connected(and no yellow triangle) but its like theres no internet coming through, so it will try to keep lo... Read more

A:Built in Virtual Wifi Windows 7 CMD


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My "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapter" has disapeared. How do I activate it again?

A:Virtual WiFi Miniport - Disapear!

How to Install a Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adapter | eHow.com

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I have a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 and am 'a newbie.'
I have followed the directions on setting up the Virtual Wifi but have an error. Is there anyway to erase what I have done and start all over again?
Keeping in mind: will starting over reset the text box so it is editable?

Thank you,

A:Virtual Wifi Adaptor issue

Your LAN connection may be disabling the Wireless, hence the problem. Open Wireless Network Connection (the one on the right) and go into Properties - Configure - Advanced - see any options that would disable Wireless when LAN is connected.

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I don't have this Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter to start a hotspot where do i find it???

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 some of my apps are not working. it says make sure that you have microsoft virtual wifi adapter.

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I'm trying to set up a virtual hotspot (like with the program Connectify) to allow my Nintendo DS to connect to the internet through my PC. Connectify would have worked if it weren't for the fact that the DS isn't compatible with Ad Hoc mode nor is it compatible with any form of security other than WEP (the program uses WPA2).

So, are there any programs that can allow me to create a virtual hotspot with WEP? I mainly run Windows 7 but I have access to Linux Mint.

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Hey guys!

Is there a way I can plug my broadband modem directly into my machine and then use the wifi card + software to function as a router? I am aware of ad-hoc networks, but I am want it to have similar functionality to that of physical router--like being able to perform port forwarding, DHCP, and dynamic DLNA.

Thanks in advanced for the help!

A:Virtual router software

I'm not sure about those specific options, you may need a real router for that but this virtual router software can be used to set up the AdHoc network.

Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows 8, Windows 7 and 2008 R2 - Home

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A:Virtual Server Through Router

Could you be more specific as to what you're trying to accomplish?

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I have a win 8.1 box with hyper-v, working perfect.
The box is set up with virtual external switch and physically connected to my office network.
Internet via some fibre modem and router (I don't know exact details) as gateway.
A virtual win 7 machine is running as a guest, connected to the same virtual external switch (gets addresses incl. gateway by DHCP, no manual setup) and working perfect, may access internet and machines inside the office router.
Now I want to set up this virtual machine as a router (let's call this machine the "router guest") for other guests and did the following:
Enabling router in registry (IPEnableRouter = 1).
Stopped this router guest.
Adding a private hyper-v virtual switch and added to the router guest.
Started the router guest and set fixed ip address on the new (private") virtual adapter, no gateway.
A new win 7 virtual machine is then setup with only the new virtual ("private") network adapter and the router guest's private network address as gateway.
I then expected to be able to ping internet and other machines in the office network from this last guest, but this is not working properly.
It seems like the only adresses I may ping are the two addresses on the router guest (the fact that I may ping the address on the router guest which connects to office net and internet proofs that the router guest is a router indeed ??).
Firewalls on both machines are switched off.
Any obvious mistake ?

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I found this quaint sounding entry in Device Manager (among network adapters) with driver dated 2006. Recommended update online search found one update but with a red lettered warning that I should not install it. So I cancelled.

What is this device? And do I need it?

A:Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter....???

Its purpose is to create a mobile hotspot using your Wireless NIC. For example, you have a 4G/3G USB device that lets you get internet access or you have a LAN (Ethernet) connection and you want to share the internet from your USB stick or LAN by making your laptop as a portable hotspot. You use the "Wireless Hosted Network" feature built-in to Windows to configure the "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" to host a portable hotspot on your laptop. You then configure your 3G/4G connection to share the internet to "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter"

Now any device can connect to your laptop (portable hotspot) and get internet access.

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I'm trying to share my Internet connection with two computers: one connected to the host computer by wired LAN and another (a laptop) connected to the host computer by WiFi. My host computer has 3 NICs: two wired and one wireless.
Back in Win XP I used the host's computer WiFi card in SoftAP mode, bridged the LAN and WLAN connections, thus creating a MAC bridge miniport and enabled ICS for the MAC bridge miniport. Everything worked flawlessly, both clients had access to the internet
trough the host computer.
In WIN 7 i connect the laptop using Virtual WiFi Miniport adapter (i.e. using SoftAP) but this adapter cannot be bridged with the LAN adapter connecting the second client, thus i cannot enable ICS for both clients simultaneously!
Is there a way to enable ICS for both clients (without using ad-hoc network or adding a WiFi card to the client currently connected using LAN) ?
All i want to do is to use the same configuration i used in Win XP.....

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i want to access access virtual wifi miniport adapter but i don't know how please can some one help me

A:virtual wifi miniport adapter question

Can you please provide us with more info. What network adaptor are you using and what problems are you experiencing? And can you fill in your System Specs.

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Hi there (again),

I'm having an issue with the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Adapter. Since I had to uninstall Connectify (it prevented my computer from entering standby or hibernation), I started to use the Virtual WiFi Function manually (netsh wlan start hostednetwork). It works absolutely wonderful with Windows 7 clients, it works well with Windows XP clients (slightly slower, but I guess that's normal), but it fails for my iPhone and other Apple mobile devices. I have no idea why, but I know that Connectify had the same issue and fixed it with version 2.0.
The iPhone connects to the network (showing a checkmark next to the network's name), but doesn't show the WiFi-Icon, and I cannot access the internet or local ressources.
This seems to be a DHCP problem, as manually setting an IP address, setting the Subnet to, and entering my laptop's IP-address as the Router and DNS server solves the problem (at least sometimes, it's not that reliable). But as I'm a perfectionist (and want others to be able to use my network), I really would like to see DHCP working there.

Is there anything that I could do to fix this problem?

Thank you so much for your help!
With kind regards,
Felix Freiberger

A:Microsoft Virtual WiFi: DHCP Problems

Hm. Why do I get my good ideas always after posting here? After switching the iPhone to BootP mode, it works like a charm.

(Stupid brain, why didn't you see this button 5 minutes earlier?)

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I recently found this in my network connections and I'm curious to what it is used for...

Anyone have an idea?

A:Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter

It creates a virtual wireless card, making windows think that instead of one, you have two or more cards installed on your system. Keep in mind though, that the maximum bandwidth of your wireless card will be splitt when using this. It lets you connect to more then one wireless network at a time. For instance, an Ad-Hoc network and an Access Point at the same time. An access point and a wireless printer at the same time.

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hTech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 3002 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 310M, 512 Mb

Motherboard: TOSHIBA, NWQAA
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

I am using a Toshiba Satellite A665- S6070. I am able to connect to the internet with WiFi I just cant use my laptop for a hot spot. I was able to before then all of a sudden I just couldn't. When I go to the device manager there is a yellow triangle at the Microsoft virtual WiFi miniport adapter when I click on it the reason is a code 10 failed to start. I ran Mr. Fix it and I found out there is a driver problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it is the same thing. I have gone to the Toshiba website and the Microsoft website and can't find a driver for it. I think it is part of Windows 7 but the computer came preloaded so I don't have a disk. Also in the device mgr. under hidden devices non plug and play there is a yellow triangle at hlnfd the status is This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24) the status is stopped and the start up type is system

Please please help me.........

Here is the results from the MGA

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validat... Read more

A:Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adaptor

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Hi i use Toshiba satellite A300. I had a virtual wifi connection o my pc. but its gone for a long. i tried lots of thing; updates, old version drivers, resetting connection with "netsh wlan set hostednetwork ..." cmd command. but i still had "no internet access" error on my virtual wifi connection. can anybody help me with that?

A:Microsoft Virtual Wifi - No internet access

What do you mean by "virtual wifi"?

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Well I did not use my computer(Windows 8) for about a week and when I got back my headphones(SB Tactic 3D Rage) were not in the audio devices. I checked and saw that they were under "Unspecified" in the Devices and Printers(Control Panel), so
I troubleshooted them and found no problems. I troubleshooted the Hp and found out that Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter 02 and 03 were not working properly and had a driver problem. So I tracked it down, uninstalled them, reinstalled them, tried
to update them but access was denied even though I am the admin. Some help? Please?

A:Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter

Did we configured wireless hosted network here?
Please take a try to enable the built-in admin and then check the issue in device manager.
This device is just a virtual device and it should not affect connecting the other devices.
About the Wireless Hosted Network
Have a read about the above article and then try to disable it if not needed, or type the following command :
netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=disable
Here is the reference:
Uninstall Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter Permanantly
For the Unspecified headphone issue, please first take a try with the hardware and device troubleshooter,

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Troubleshooting\Hardware and Sound
Choose hardware and devices.
Also please try to reinstall the most update drivers for your headphone from their official website.
Best regards?

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I have recently upgraded to Windows 8.1. After the update what i have noticed is i lost wifi connectivity in the virtual machine which running Windows 2008 R2 server.
I have Windows 8.1 and VMware workstation 8.0. Windows 2008 R2 is running in the Virtual machine and i was able to connect to wifi from the virtual machine and share files netween Windows 8 and Windows 2008 R2. but now i can't connect anymore. Even when i enable WLAN service on Windows 2008 R2, i don't see the wifi adapter in network settings. someone please help.

A:Lost Wifi and LAN connection on Virtual Machine after 8.1

I had similar problems with 8.1 where the wifi adaptor would just disappear from Device Manager with no way to retrieve it.

The only thing that worked was performing system scans for missing system files and apparently there was some component store corruption as well. Typical for Windows 8 really.

Try running the scans outlined in the link below and let me know the results.

Accessing internet

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Hello, I have virtual wifi miniport active through nesth, I use it to share internet to my Nintendo 3ds but I can not share it with my Nintendo Ds, after reading and found that the virtual miniport wifi dhcp not active, I wonder if there is any way to enable the miniport dhcp, I have been sharing internet through mac OS x Snow Leopard but I work on both Windows and Mac OS, while I like to play while completing the build process.

Any help is truly appreciated.

A:Virtual Wifi Miniport, dhcp question.

You should be able to turn on DHCP the same way that you can on a regular NIC. Go to the Network and Sharing Center, then look left to "Change Adaptor Settings" and click that, highlight and right click the Virtual adaptor and choose properties, then right click TCP/IPv4, choose properties again, make sure that the upper dot is set to "Obtain an IP address Automatically, same for DNS.

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Use Wireless Hosted Networking to Share An Internet Connection Wirelessly | FAQ/Tip content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

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