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Wireless Button no longer works - Acer Aspire 5920

Q: Wireless Button no longer works - Acer Aspire 5920

I apologise in advance if i irritate you but i litterally have no clue what is what when it comes to laptops.

Ive had my Acer Aspire 5920 for a good few years now, it ran perfectly fine on vista for a good 3 years, not a hitch or care in the system. Then out of no where it goes missing for a week, and my mums ex boyfriend had upgraded it to 'windows 7 extreme edition' and none of the buttons of the sides worked, including the most important one- the wireless.

now i understand that a driver synaptics or something fixed the others, and it did. but still the wireless and all the buttons to the left refuse to work.

i cant ask the ex for help because he left on very bad terms and i have none of my original discs left. My friend has now got me running windows 7 professional 32 bit and i have the glowy buttons working, but not the wireless.

the reason i need wireless is soon im going to uni where i cant plug it into the wall to get the internet-that and the socket for the internet cable has started to melt and warped out of shape.

i cant seem to find ANY advice on this matter, that or i just simply dont understand the jargon. I dont care if it means going back to vista as that was fine to work with anyway - but how would i go about doing that if so?

Sorry to be a pain in the dariair.
- Aridan

Preferred Solution: Wireless Button no longer works - Acer Aspire 5920

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Wireless Button no longer works - Acer Aspire 5920

Hello CluelessAcer

Have a look here Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook / Aspire / Aspire 5920 I have a few models up from you and those buttons are controlled by the Launch Manager Application at the bottom of the page. You should also be able to find any missing drivers/applications here.

Regards Danny

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My acer aspire 5920 wireless button is not working. It is not getting switched on.
I am using windows xp.
Is there any driver issue or something else?
need some real help.

A:Acer aspire 5920 wireless button not working

This could be a hardware problem. But I guess it could be a driver issue, but hardware would be more likely.

First go here:
- Click the Start icon in the bottom left hand corner
- Right click on my computer and select manage
- On the left hand side, find device manager and go to it
- Do you see any yellow exclamations or red x's?

Now, I am assuming your wireless is not working? Can you get internet when you plug a cable from the router into the computer?

If your wireless is not working, I am assuming it is turned off and you are trying to use the wireless button to turn it back on. There are other ways to turn on the wireless besides using the button.
- Go to the start icon in the bottom left hand corner
- Select control panel
- Select Network and Internet Connections
- If you don't see this, on the left hand side select Switch to Category View
- After network and internet connections, select network connections
- You should now be able to see some network interfaces
- For your wireless one, right click it and select enable
- Wireless should now be on.

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I am using an Acer Aspire 5732z running Windows 7 and my audio has ceased to work. I cannot remember installing anything new of significance and have no idea what has caused it.
The volume button still appears on my taskbar and I can change the volume etc, but no sound plays.
I have checked whether it is muted. It is not.
I have tried reinstalling the Audio Realtek sound card drivers with no avail.
The laptop has speakers and I have used headphones. No sound plays through either.

A:Acer Aspire 5732z - Audio no longer works

Try checking the small folder icon in the Realtek Audio Managr,just up and right of where it says analog ,check the" Disable ... detection" box if it their.
Did you try the Windows Troubleshooter?
Start >Search, Troubleshooting. Hardware and Sound. Playing Audio?
Also check Audio services in services.msc,make sure its running.

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I need a driver for my laptop so that the battery won't show red x and tells me to switch battery, even tough it's 100%

Anyone knows about my problem?

A:Acer Aspire 5920

I'm guessing that the battery issue would be connected to the chipset drivers. However, after searching the downloads at Acer's site, the only chipset drivers available are for Vista, nothing for Windows 7.

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My cauzin Got Acer Aspire 5920 !! its charger stop working she buy another charger for it !! but due to inexperience she bought 24 volts instead of 18 volts !! after charging some time the laptop isn't working nor the power is coming to laptop !! now tel me wht will be affected inside the laptop !! i open it and see that none of IC's are burnt everything is normal !! Now my question is that if high volts charger is plugged to laptop what do it affect !! plzz help me out !!

A:Acer Aspire 5920

This not something that can be dealt with here as it will need to be looked at by an experienced technician to see what damage has occured to the mobo and/or battery. The power supply you got with the wrong voltage may well be damaged also. If you are very lucky the charger may have a thermal overload in it and your PC may have a fuse or the battery has been wrecked which could be the reason why it won't turn on.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Hello, eh! My name is Tardis_Luv, and I hail from the North Okanagan, BC, Canada...
I've recently acquired by luck and circumstance, a free Acer Aspire 5920 (from 2007/2008?).  I've cleaned her up and she looks like new, and is purring like a kitten; however,... the OS is Windows Vista, and I have nothing but the laptop,... no burned discs, no service discs, nada.The problem is,... I hate Windows Vista.  I've NEVER had it on any of my previous laptops, and after spending only a day with this OS, I'm about ready to kick the person that thought it was a fun idea.  It's evil, and asks me wayyy too many questions that are ridiculous--it's like it's paranoid and anxious and indecisive, always asking for my permission and attention to things that you'd normally never truly pay much attention to *sigh*.I have been searching the net for some way to get rid of it and upgrade to Windows 10 (not my fave either, but better than Vista, that's for sure!)--but despite downloading manuals for this model,  none of them seem to go back far enough to accurately explain how to reset the laptop back to factory default and wipe this thing of its previous owners info.  I'd like a clean computer to start fresh with; even if I can't upgrade to Windows 10 for whatever reason, I'd still like to wipe this little gem clean completely.Does anyone have any experience with this older laptop and wiping it?I can't seem to find anything but easy and new info online that doesn't ... Read more

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Hello Everyone i have a problem with my acer aspire 5920, first of all it had a bit of an impact to the lid. When power button was pressed it would power up and straight back off again, i discovered when lcd screen inverter was dis-connected it powered up ok.Got a new inverter and started up ok but screen was blotchy red,still had display but patchy red,hooked laptop upto my tv and display was perfect so to my knowledge means graphic card ok. got a new screen and fitted and still the same patchy red.got 2nd had lcd cable and still the same and now need some guidence or if anyone had same problems.

A:Help! Acer Aspire 5920 Display

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I already have the Win7 on my Dell M1530, but want to install it on my Acer Aspire 5920 which has ATI Mobility 3470. I need to know if ATI support Windows 7 and do they support laptops like Nvidia do?


Blessed One.

A:Windows 7 on Acer Aspire 5920?

Quote: Originally Posted by The Blessed One


I already have the Win7 on my Dell M1530, but want to install it on my Acer Aspire 5920 which has ATI Mobility 3470. I need to know if ATI support Windows 7 and do they support laptops like Nvidia do?


Blessed One.

Try and see!

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I just made the mistake of clean installing windows 10 on my acer and now it will not connnect with the wifi. Does anyone have a solution for this or possibly can the Wifi adapter be updated or a different adapter be installed to work ?  I bought the laptop from a co-worker and it had windows 7 on it and someone removed the factory refresh so that's not an option either . It has a Vista code on the bottom but of course i have no disc .thanks for any help ! Phil

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yesterday when activated my scotiabank online, i opted for phishing control software and all of sudden my os windows 7 sht down saying a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. Check for virusus or recent hard disk or softtware change.check your hard drive and and make sure it properly configure and terminate.

Again says run CHKDSK/F for harddrive corruption then restart your computer.

error- STOP:Ox0000007B.....(Ox80786B58,..........0xC0000034,....0X00000000,....0x00000000....

i tried for windows recovery options..did not work....gone for safe mode and all options tried did not work....when starts safe mode or anything on that..all of sudden blue window appears with above message...i dont have acer CD..or windows CD...

what to do..

pls advice....i have dual os...windows 7 and linux with system,,now using linux

A:my acer aspire 5920 does not boot in any means

The stop error indicates that your boot device in inaccessible.

Insert your Windows 7 disc.
Restart your computer.
If prompted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc. If your computer is not configured to start from a CD or DVD, check your BIOS settings.
Click Repair your computer. NOTE: This Option will be skipped if using a Recovery disc.
Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next. If you know your keyboard is for another language then select that from the list.
The system will scan for installed operating systems. Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.
Select your user account and click Next. If there is only one user account this will go straight to the System Recovery Options.
On the System Recovery Options menu you will get the following options:

Startup Repair
System Restore
Windows Complete PC Restore
Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
Command Prompt

Select Command Prompt and type in rstrui.exe and hit the Enter key.

This should open the System Restore window. Take it back to before things went wrong.

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Hi I Have A Beklin Wireless Router And When I Connect My Acer Aspire 5920 It Stays Connected For About 10 Mins Then It Connects To Next Doors WIfi It Is WPA2 Encrypted But It Keeps Doing It It Works Fine With My Friends Laptop His Is A Dell.

Any Ideas?

A:Wifi Problem With Acer Aspire 5920

Originally Posted by rikky

Hi I Have A Beklin Wireless Router And When I Connect My Acer Aspire 5920 It Stays Connected For About 10 Mins Then It Connects To Next Doors WIfi It Is WPA2 Encrypted But It Keeps Doing It It Works Fine With My Friends Laptop His Is A Dell.

Any Ideas?


Several reasons that can happen. If both networks dont have encryption turned and are of almost equal strength it can skip from one to another. Do you have encryption turned on?

Another reason is if you have checked connect to his network when in range checked.


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I just made the mistake of clean installing windows 10 on my acer and now it will not connnect with the wifi. Does anyone have a solution for this or possibly can the Wifi adapter be updated or a different adapter be installed to work ?  I bought the laptop from a co-worker and it had windows 7 on it and someone removed the factory refresh so that's not an option either . It has a Vista code on the bottom but of course i have no disc .thanks for any help ! Phil

A:acer aspire 5920 paperweight after windows 10

I guess you could try connecting your computer to the router via ethernet and see if Windows automatically downloads and installs a driver for your wifi. You could also google search for "USB WiFi dongle" and see if you can get one that works with Windows 10.  Or run over to Best Buy and I'm sure they have a USB WiFi dongle they can recommend for $10-$25.

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Anyone know off hand? Are the CPU and GPU on an Acer Aspire 5920 soldered on, or in sockets? (I want to know whether i can buy the cheapest one and upgrade later if need be)

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My computer charger broke. The Output is 19V 3.42A. I can't buy a new one or replace it. Give me some tips on how to fix it! The green light isn't lighting up and the blue light at the back of the computer isn't, and the orange/green light isn't on on the front of the computer... Please help!

A:Acer Aspire 5920 charger problem

I don't think you're gonna have any luck fixing the charger. I don't see why you can't buy a new charger, chargers are only about 10-15$



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When Vista started for the very first time it played its little sound, but since that i haven't heard a peep from it. No idea why. Any ideas?

Device Manager says everyhing is working fine.

A:No sound on brand new Acer Aspire 5920

Check in windows sound manager if everything is ok. As example if the sound is on or enough volume selected or it has not been muted.

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I am about to install Windows 7 on my Acer Aspire 5920 but don't know if the touchpad drivers will work on Win7. I know that the touchpad will work but worried about the scroll down/up feature of the touchpad. Which you can only make work with Acer software, but they don't support Win7 right now!

Anyone please help!

A:Acer Aspire 5920 touchpad drivers?


The drivers for Vista worked perfect for 7.

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My computer says to connect an Ethernet cable to make it work when I click troubleshoot problems. The acer models have a wireless internet communication button on them. Mine is on the left, but it's not flashing or working when I press it. My laptop is an acer aspire 4730z

A:Acer Aspire wireless button

If the lights off most likely the wifi card is bad. Check the device manager to make sure it's installed properly. If it is, its likely dead. However if it's shown as "error with this device" might need to simply reinstall the drivers.

Hope this helps

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Hi, I have win xp sevicepack 2 installed in my laptop and working good after formatting for the first time. Now my laptop freezes while shutting down. It goes up to shutting down window and will freezes instead of turn off. no error - but able to turn off by selecting ' Turn off or Turn on ' button.

A:Having problem to shut down my Acer aspire 5920 laptop.

Please help. Please waiting for suggestions.

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I have a 2006 Acer Aspire 5920 laptop. It came with Windows Vista installed, has 2 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD in 2 partitions,
I've mainly used the computer for basics like web surfing, using Office, email and some streaming video.  When it was newer, my son played games with it online and, being what he thought was pretty computer-savvy at the time, would often change settings and so forth.  So while I was pretty careful, who knows what he did when I wasn't around?
Relatively recently, I had the screen replaced when (I could be remembering this incorrectly) the backlight burned out.  That was about 1-1/2 years ago.
I work for a university and faculty/staff members can get Windows and MS Office for $10-$15, so last December, I bought the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7.  Of course, when I tried to install it, I found out that the upgrade was for Windows Professional and my computer had Home and Office.  The same person who replaced the screen for me (and IT guy from work) brought me a copy of Windows Vista Professional to install instead of the Home and Office (don't ask - I didn't).  We moved all of my data files off the computer, installed Windows Vista Pro, installed the upgrade to Windows 7 Pro. and it seemed to work.
However, since then, the computer has been slowly, how should i say this, degrading as far as speed goes.  Web pages load more slowly.  Documents open more slowly.  Firefox crashes much more fre... Read more

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my sis has an acer aspire 5920 which shes had only a couple of months,its runs vista home edition and now when she switches it on it goes straight to a page which gives her options to start various safe modes giving the reason for this as the compurer was not shut down properly!
the last option on this page is for a normal start up which she has tried,it shows a loading bar for a bit but then the screen goes blank and nothing happens.
does anyone know how to get it back to a normal start up?
thx guys

A:Solved: acer aspire 5920 start up probs..

Can she boot into Safe Mode?

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hi i have acer aspire 4520, the wireless button which has the picture of a dish antenna, which turns on with an oranve led ofter pressing is not responding, it used to work before, i have the wi fi icon in the system tray, network adapter installed in device manager from acer site, also i can see the wireless icon not connected in  network connectionsonly thing is i am not able to make this wi fi button work or turned on,looking for support, thanks

A:hi i have acer aspire 4520 wireless button not wor...

Most likeley, your wirless card needs to be replaced.  Sometimes you can get lucky by removing the wirless card, restarting the computer, then shutting down the computer and physically reinstalling the card again.  In most cases, when you cannot control a wireless card's ability to turn on an off, it usually means the wifi card is a dud. In your case, removing/replacing the card on the 4520 is pretty easy compared to most machines.  Watch this youtube video from the :18 second mark through the first 30 seconds.  That's all the time it took for the person disassembling the laptop to remove the card.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yucUQbEiNXg Also note, it looks like in most cases, the 4520 machine came with a full size b/g mini pci wifi card.  I believe the s/n is T60H976.  I would recommend throwing in just about any Atheros half size mini pci wireless card with wireless N capabilities (huge performance increase for a minimal amount of cost, assuming your router supports wireless N).  Just keep in mind if you throw in a half size card, you will also need to get a half size bracket extension so that the half size card can fit the full size slot on your computer.  It can all easily be done with about $10-$20 in parts on ebay, and will give your computer much better wireless performance.  I recommend going with another Atheros card because sometimes manufacturues will not whitelist or recognize other manufacturer card... Read more

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I have an acer aspire 5920 laptop and have had a problem with the battery not holding a charge from within a few months of purchase. Also, and I'm not sure if this 2nd problem is related, but the machine is unable to keep the time and date - it keeps reverting to a date (and incorrect time) in April 2007 (possibly the date of manufacture). Is there anyone else out there who is having similar problem(s) and if so, any solutions. The technician I took it to was very vague. I'd appreciate some help here

A:acer aspire 5920 battery and clock/date problem

Hi and welcome to TSF try a new cmos battery here is a link to the service manual http://printer1.blogspot.com/2009/01...ce-manual.html and this is what your replacing http://www.ehow.com/how_5011717_check-cmos-battery.html and some info on general issues related to it

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I have inherited an old Acer Aspire 5920 Laptop. It originally came with windows Vista 32 bit installed. I've nuked that and installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. I managed to find all the relevant drivers and there is nothing flagged in device manager as having a problem. Everything appears to work with the exception of the row of Media Keys down the right hand side of the keyboard right above the DVD drive. The key with the little person symbol works when pressed but all the remaining keys that are lit up blue don't. These keys are the play pause stop etc. They brighten up for a second if you press on one of them but don't actually do anything in Media player, Media center, or Acer Arcade. I'd be happy if they just worked in Windows Media Player. Non of the Acer empowering apps are compatible with Windows 7 and are not installed. The only exception is the Acer Launcher App which allows me to program the Blue e key and the e-mail etc keys that are on the left hand side of the keyboard. There is another set of media keys on the actual keyboard that are accessed using the Fn key that work. It would just be nice to be able to use the other ones that are lit up and easy to see in the dark. I sometimes like to lay down and listen to some music with the lights off and its a bit of a pain trying to use the other keys to stop or pause the music in low light conditions.

A:Acer Aspire 5920 Blue Media keys don't work?

thats the only problem with older tech and newer os. ive got a laptop that i put windows 7 on, but there are no compatible audio drivers for its chipset that work with windows 7.

That said, with my friends acer that i fixed and installed windows 7 on, to get the media keys on his working i tried downloading the drivers for a newer acer computer with hot keys and it worked.

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Acer Aspire Model ZD1 :5920-0914 has bad keyboard problem. The only way to use is to type onto copy, & paste where you normally would be typing. It actually
 came back from getting fixed, before that it didn't have a keyboard problem & wondered if one of these buttons on it got pressed to cause this. Hope to get help.
But i think it's got malware or infection also, so which forum would be best? Please Help. 

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Hey there,

I've got lots of work to do but unfortunately my laptop is refusing to work. A couple of days ago I accidentally installed a virus and I decided to downgrade to XP. So to install XP I had to change the SATA Mode in the BIOS from AHCI Mode to IDE Mode. I then installed lots of drivers but everytime I tried to install the Intel (R) 3945abg Wireless driver XP crashed. (Screen froze and all the hardware stopped making noises) Eventually I got the driver to install by removing the Wireless card from the laptop. However, everytime the black XP loading screen comes up it freezes and crashes.

I tried changing the mode back to SATA in the BIOS but then I get instant BSODs and I won't write out the error codes because it's obvious it's from changing the SATA Mode.

Model: Acer Aspire 5920
OS: Windows XP SP3
Problem Driver: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Deta...19152&lang=eng

If you need anymore info please feel free to ask.

Thanks very much for your time,

PS. This is urgent!

A:Intel Wireless Driver Crashing XP (On Aspire 5920)

I've discovered safe mode crashes immediately after it loads.

Driver name: -Intel? PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection:

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Previously, this button would open Windows Media Center when pressed. Though it has stopped doing that and don't know why. How can I fix this?
All the other Mediatouch keys are working fine.

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In Windows Explorer, I click on Computer, right click on a HDD, click on the Tools button, and finally click on the Optimize button and nothing happens. It was working earlier in the day. I thought it might have been because I disabled the Defrag task in Task Scheduler but enabling that didn't fix the problem. Administrative Tools | Defragment and Optimize Drives also does nothing when I click on it. I ran sfc /scannow and while that said it fixed some corruption, the Optimize button was not one of them.

Executing dfrgui.exe also does nothing.

Any idea in getting the Optimize button working again? Perhaps I need to register a dll or some other executable? I even restored a Registry from two days ago when I know it was working and that did nothing.

A:Optimize button no longer works.

That was doing it with my system as well, but I just figured it out. By default, Disk Optimizer is set to run weekly (in my case daily) and Automatic Maintenance will defrag the drives as necessary when it runs. If you turn the setting off in Disk Optimizer so it doesn't run on a schedule, the Optimize button on the Ribbon or from Properties should bring up Disk Optimizer's GUI.

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My Third Mouse button stopped working out of the blue. I have no idea as to what might have caused this problem. I have a Logitech Wireless Mouse M205, and The Middle mouse button just won't work, the scroll wheel works fine, i've tried looking for a solution online but have yet to come up with anything. I already made sure my Drivers are up to date. Checked the Mouse properties but no options to assign what the third button should do...I am stumped, and any help with this would be much appreciated.

A:Third Mouse Button No Longer Works.

It says on the Logitec site you need Setpoint installed, which you can find here - Logitech

I have an AnywhereMX which works fine with or without it, but try and see if it solves your issue.

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Hello, recently the light on the mute button stopped working. The mute itself does work...just the light never comes on.  I found some other posts about this, but thay all talked about an "IDT High Audio" driver being the issue. I don't have that driver, mine are all "Realtek". I tried updating those but it says they are up to date. Thanks for any help!


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A:Mute button light no longer works

Hi, Try the following. Download the Realtek HD Audio installer on the link below and save it to your Downloads folder. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp78501-79000/sp78784.exe When done, hold down the Windows key and press R Into the Run window, type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. In Device Manager, expand Sound, Video and Game Controllers.  Right click the Realtek device and select Uninstall - you should also get a prompt to remove the current driver, tick the box to allow this and then proceed with the uninstall. When complete, download and reinstall the Chipset driver on the following link. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp78501-79000/sp78555.exe When the Chipset reinstallation has completed, restart the notebook. When windows has reloaded, open your Downloads folder, right click on the Realtek installer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation.  When this has completed, restart the notebook again and let windows fully load for a few minutes before checking. Regards, DP-K

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Hi. I would like to get the OEM operating system (Windows 8) on my Acer Aspire E1-472. I no longer have Windows 8 on my laptop. Is there any way I can do that? Thanks.

A:No longer have Windows on my Acer Aspire E1-472. H...

Acer recovery mediaif you are in the US you can buy it:http://store.acer.com/store/aceramer/en_US/eRecoveryif you are outside the US, you must call/email your regional Acer support service:http://www.acer.com/worldwide/support/

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Hi. I would like to get the OEM operating system (Windows 8) on my Acer Aspire E1-472. I no longer have Windows 8 on my laptop. Is there any way I can do that? Thanks.

A:No longer have Windows on my Acer Aspire E1-472. H...

Acer recovery mediaif you are in the US you can buy it:http://store.acer.com/store/aceramer/en_US/eRecoveryif you are outside the US, you must call/email your regional Acer support service:http://www.acer.com/worldwide/support/

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a week ago i was on youtube and in the middle of a video my sound stopped working on my acer laptop. i checked to see if it was the video and it wasnt because my sound will not work when i play my games, use skype or watch movies. i check to see if its muted, or if i uninstalled a driver by accident and none of those are it. i went to device manager and checked if there were any question marks under sounds, video and gaming and there is none. now i am not good with computer stuff so if anyone helps could you explain as simply as you can? thanks.

A:sound no longer works on acer

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Suddenly when I turned on my machine, the left click button on touchpad will no longer work,right click works fine but no left click. This is also true for the touch screen. If I touch the window icon to open the menu, it changes color but does nothing.

Things I tried:
1-Connected an external mouse and it also doesn't work with left click.
2-I tried a restore point from last week to see if that solved the problem. Still the same.

I have no idea what I did to disable the left click button. Could have been caused by a windows update??

Can anyone give me some ideas of where to start?

A:Left click button no longer works when selecting the windows

go to settings, devices, mouse and touchpad. see if mouse primary button is set to left.

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I got win 8.1 update 1 fully updated.
The Windows 8.1 Start Button Changer worked well until previous versions of windows 8.1. But after the update 1 (on build 9600), it gives an error "twinui.dll already exists" and crashes (after I chose what orb to replace).
So any alternatives on how can I change start button?
PS-> I use the one here- Windows 8.1 Start Button Changer | door2windows

A:Windows start button changer no longer works with update 1

Download Classic Shell
Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements

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I have an Acer that spontaneously decided I no longer needed to play games. Everything else works perfectly fine. It's been doing this for the past few weeks and I've done all that I can. I'm no tech wizard by any means and I need some help. Pretty much it'll open to the load screen for a few moments then disappear back to my home screen. Any ideas on what it could be and what I can do?

These are the specs:
Acer Aspire V5 Touch with Windows 8.1
Aspire V5-V561PG-9683
Model number: Z5WV2

If you need more info let me know, I still have everything for it.

A:Acer Aspire issues; Games no longer work

If you are talking about the games that are loaded by a app. You will need to uninstall the app. Then reinstall the app. I have no ideal why this happens . But I have seen it more then once.

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Hi, Laptop model - Acer Aspire R11 (R3-131T) Suddenly my touchpad no longer working. I have updated the latest Synaptics and Elan drivers and after restart the touchpad still not working at all. Please help.

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Hi, Laptop model - Acer Aspire R11 (R3-131T) Suddenly my touchpad no longer working. I have updated the latest Synaptics and Elan drivers and after restart the touchpad still not working at all. Please help.

A:Acer Aspire R11 (R3-131T) Touchpad no longer worki...

To help you troubleshoot the issue, First thing you need to uninstall the touchpad drivers from the computer. To do these, please follow the steps given below:-Press ?Windows? key + ?R? key at same time from the keyboard.-Type in ?Devmgmt.msc? on the run box and hit ?Enter?.-Find for ?Mice and other pointing devices? and right click and select ?Properties?.-Click on ?Driver? tab and select ?Uninstall? tab click Ok.-After uninstalling touchpad drivers, restart the system once and let the system automatically install the basic drivers for touchpad.-Now try using it. If issue persists, please find the link given below to install Acer touchpad synaptic drivers:http://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers Hope this will help you.

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Hello all. So a day ago my Ethernet wasn't working and I couldn't rely on a wired connection, so I looked at some fourms and was told to remove the Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet driver, which is what I did, and I restarted the computer. When I turned it back on I reinstalled the driver and the ethernet worked. But the WIFI did not.  So I looked up how to fix it and attempted to reinstall the driver and I also added another driver in the process. None worked and I've tried nearly everything to fix it. Installing a new driver, reinstalling, flushing dns, disabling and enabling the service, even reinstalling the BIOS, and tons of other stuff but I've had no luck so far. The wierd thing that happens is the WIFI option is greyed out but the Network Connections say it's enabled.  Also, in Device Manager when I go to the Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet driver it says "Device Not Started" Any idea what's causing the immense amount of problems I'm dealing with on my computer?   P.S. I won't be able to post for a few days, because of a trip and I cannot bring my computer because it's usless if I don't have ethernet. So please hurry because I will be leaving tommorow. On 8/8/16 Thanks, Brad

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Hi everyone, just formatted my HDD and reinstalled windows, does anyone have the driver for the P button? Or could someone point me to a download?



A:Acer Aspire Quick Launch button

you need to go here

Then select notebook - aspire - 5738
there are several models of the 5738 make sure yours doesn't have letters or numbers after it before downloading anything.
They appear to have win 7 and updated drivers available though.
It doesn't seem google sees them when searching, probably because the site is so flash heavy.

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The left click button on the touchpad of my Acer Aspire One Netbook recently stopped working properly. It won't let me click ( except sometimes after pressing the button repeatedly), and when it does, it highlights everything on the page and drags the links I try to click. I can't get it out of drag mode, and trying to use the scroll bar is hell because it won't stop scrolling. I think the left click button is stuck.

I've had the computer for three years, and up until a few weeks ago, I'd never had this problem. I don't want to send it back to Acer or buy any new parts. Is there any solution to this problem?

A:Left Click Button Not Working on Acer Aspire One

Boot into Setup (Bios) go to Integrated Peripherals and see if Touch Pad is disabled, if so, using your arrow key Enable it. Save and Exit. (it probably is already enabled)
Go to the Acer Driver page Acer | Download find your model and download the Touch Pad Driver.
Go to the Control Panel/Mouse (or touchpad) and adjust the sensitivity.

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(please not that if this is not the correct forum to post in then feel free to move)

Evening all,

Just bought the above mentioned "acer aspire 5735z" about 1 hour ago. Straight away we noticed that the volume bar on the main screen remains on. When ever we turn the volume down using the physical volume buttons it returns to full volume. This is also true for the volume control in the toolbar.

Im thinking Factory Fault (broken button) but just incase there is something that we are missing perhaps in property settings? Anyone add anything else ?

All views and replies appreciated!


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Hello Im having a problem with my Acer Aspire All in One Z3-615 PC. Whenever I turn the computer on the light turns on and the fan runs loudly but the screen remains dark. I've been having this problem for a couple weeks now and this issue started at random. I've done research to make me believe something may have come loose inside but I may be wrong. All input would be helpful. Thank you!

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I think the power switch/button on my desktop Acer Aspire X3400G is not working intermittently. The computer began not starting after pushing on the power button. It would begin to start then blue light would go out but the PSU fan would continue to run. I would unplug the power coard and plug it back in and the computer would start and run just fine. I replaced the PSU but now it is still not starting intermittently. I am looking for a new switch but can only find this one on ebay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Acer-Power-...ultDomain_0&hash=item20dd89eddd#ht_1000wt_900)
Does anyone know where I can get a new switch for this?


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Hi All,

Recently my older Acer Aspire 5570-2792 notebook hard drive failed on me. It's about 3 1/2 yrs old. Was running Vista Home.
I of course like an ***** never burned the recovery media from the hard drive. And it's just my luck that Acer no longer has the recovery media available. They told me there was nothing they could do for me and directed me to Microsoft.

My question is this: I have Windows Vista home running on my Desktop. If I smack in a new hard drive in the notebook, can I use the recovery media from the Desktop to reinstall the OS on the notebook? If not, do I have any other options? I guess I could always run Ubuntu.

I know this is an older notebook, not necessarily worth a lot but I'd like to keep this running for my wife. She uses it primarily for web surfing and she's hogging my laptop like crazy every since her's died.

Thanks in advance,


A:Acer Aspire hard drive failed... recovery media no longer available?

You can't legally used your Desktop's recovery media on your laptop (also because usually manufacturer's build such medium for a particular piece of hardware, with all drivers etc. pre-installed).

I think you can either choose to run Ubuntu or you can get one of those cheap OEM windows media from e.g. newegg. However, one draw back of this is, I believe you can't get any help from Microsoft directly, if you ever need it.

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Hey everyone,So I bought the Acer Aspire V Nitro black edition in October last year. It's been working like a charm ever since until suddenly today the laptop would just go black while i game. I thought the battery had died so i just plugged it in. But now the light is blue and my screen says battery is 100%, but if i remove the AC adapter, poof, laptop dies.Do i basically have no choice but to have the battery replaced or is there something i can do?

A:Acer Aspire V Nitro only works when plugged in

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your Acer Nitro. Since the system shuts down after unplugging the AC adapter, chances are the battery needs to be replaced. If you purchased this in October 2015, contact information for warranty repair is posted at http://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/service-contact. Or you can also book the repair online at https://customercare.acer.com/customercare/.

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Hi there
I finally got to buy a small 10.1 in Acer Aspire One 521 Netbook.

Got rid of the W7 Starter edition on it plus all the Crap / Trial / bloatware that usually gets pre-installed on Store purchased machines (The AMD V105 processor has a bit more "oompf" than the usual Intel Atom processors that Netbooks are generally fitted with) and proceeded with a Windows Professional install.

Machine works FINE with Windows Professional W7 x-86 -- although remember to load the BROADCOM Wireless LAN driver BEFORE wiping the old software off your disk or you will have trouble connecting to the Internet.

Running Office 2010 , Photoshop CS5 and IE9 on it. All work fine.

While running photoshop on a 1GB netbook is not normally good to do for long periods it DOES work.

Very happy with this EXTREMLY portable netbook -- only cost me around 220 EUR too.

Its just the ticket for taking on Planes, and trains these days and fits easily into a backpack with your other hand luggage items.

I'd definitely recommend this type of computer for travellers -- of coursse it wont replace a fully specced Laptop or desktop but can be used when you don't need to run loads of VM's etc on a machine.


A:Acer Netbook Aspire One 521 W7 PRO works fine

My wife and I like her little Acer Aspire One. I am thinking about installing Win 7 on it; it currently has XP. It is very hand for travel, especially on the motorcycles.

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