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File Exists But May Be Damaged

Q: File Exists But May Be Damaged

Hi, hope someone can help! I scanned a load of photos onto my friends computer (mac) and saved them on my memory stick, now i can't open them on my own computer (not a mac) keep getting a message saying "file exists but may be damaged" any ideas?????

Preferred Solution: File Exists But May Be Damaged

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: File Exists But May Be Damaged


What OS are you using? If it is windows, go to control panel, select folder options and tell it to diplay extentions for file types.

What format are the pictures you are trying to view?

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I have these pictures on my computer that I just cannot open. I am not exactly sure why they would be damaged. The only thing I can remember doing is copying these files to a CD. I cannot locate the CD to get better copies or anything. Is there a way to restore them??


A:File Exists but may be damaged

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I have a problem opening picture files. I had my computer cleaned up and they put everything into a back up file. Since this occurred I cannot open my previous picture files. It reads File exists but may be damaged. Can you help me figure this out, since the Computer store can't help. I am not sure if I also have to change the file format as the computor can't read the format. I have some exremely important pictures on there and I hope I have not lost them for good.

A:File exists but may be damaged?

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Running XP SP3 Professional
Dell E1705

Periodically I get this message when I try to close MS Outlook: "The file Normal already exists. Do you want to replace the existing file?"
Then when I try to close it, Word opens, and it goes through a series of other steps I have to do to close Word. Otherwise, Word and
Outlook function properly.

The problem will start happening consistently for awhile, then go away. It has been happening for a couple of years at least. I have had
maybe three malware attacks during that time that I have successfully remedied using the help from this site. The most recent was a
Trojan or file that was named "Win32/Winwebsec". And, after following the procedures on this site I was able to clear that and have had
no other problems. Then a few days ago I started noticing this issue again.

Any help will be appreciated.

A:The file Normal already exists. Do you want to replace the existing file?

http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-hel...A001151452.aspxI would probably assume that Office/Word is corrupt...and uninstall/reinstall Office/Word.Louis

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I'm having a really strange problem and am wondering if anyone has encountered this. I tried to save a file and got an error on saving it, so I quit the program. The file appears as if it was never saved and doesn't show up in directory listing (GUI or cmd.exe).

However, if I try to rename any other file to that filename, it says "Cannot rename file, because file exists" and appends a number to the end. I cannot remove the number. This happens both in the GUI and cmd.exe as well.

So, basically cmd.exe del says the file does not exist, but ren says a duplicate file name exists....

Tried restarting as well.

I have no idea how to delete that "ghost" of a file so I can actually use the filename. I checked folder options and it's not a hidden file or anything like that - it just (doesn't) exist, but it does?

A:Cannot Rename File Because File (Doesn't) Exists

open disk management ..if you don't know how to find it, just right click on "computer" from the start menu and select manage, then scroll down to disk management to open it.
right click on the partition where you tried to save the file.. or C:\ if you don't have extra partitions or more than one HDD
select properties and click on the "tools" tab
click "check now" under error checking, and on the next pop up, check 'automatically fix file system errors' and press start.. select yes when asked if you would like to schedule for the next restart, then restart your computer and let the disk check run.
If that doesn't work there are other options

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Hello everyone,

So here goes the story. I had a couple of school files I needed to put into a CD-R. I inserted the CD-R into the drive and attempted to burn these files onto the CD.

I didn't know that the CD-R already had files on it. The School files were finished burning but when I opened up the CD I could only see the previous files that were on there.

The previous files that were on the CD before the school files were just random video clips, all in the avi. format. Now half of the files on the CD are still fine, they play normally on Windows Media Player. The other half of the files didn't seem to work.

I believed it was a common CD recovery issue so I attempted to recover the lost files, little did I know the files weren't even real avi. files. Here is the part that confuses me. The files that are not playable that come out to say "File Format not supported" do take up space. Some take up 1.6 mb, some take up 700 kb. It confuses me because the files take up space and claim to files yet they do not play.

When I tried using programs to fix the files it said the files were not even true avi. files. They still take up space though. As I looked farther into this problem I came to realize that the hex of the corrupted files seem to be quite different then the actual files that do work.
The good ones had "RIFF LIST or something like that" but the bad ones just had aslasga5s4f6asf15a1f... you know what I mean.

I attempted to fix this... Read more

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I keep getting this error when I try to close my Picturetrail Editor.

How can I put the file back in the directory so I don't get this message again? Thanks!

A:File exists but not in directory

No psychic's here. What error?? Machine Specs and the version of Vista your running would also be helpful.

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I have a exe file in the Folder call FChart 4.0.1. I would like to write the batch script to check if FChart.exe exists in the FChart 4.0.1 folder then copy it to specified folder. NOTE: the issue is that I would like to have it generic therefore I want to avoid 4.0.1 and only look for FChart folder and then file inside. I've written script but it doesnt work and its not generating any error as well

IF EXIST "VMFChart *\VMFChart.exe" XCOPY "VMFChart *\*" "%vmpath%" /E /F /G /H

Thanks in Advance

A:IF Exists in Batch File

Is the file name FChart.exe or VMFChart.exe? The text says FChart.exe, the command says VMFChart.exe. Same with the folder name.

Easiest way is to try to switch to the FChart* folder. If that succeeds, you then check for the file and copy it.
If FChart 4.0.1 is a folder under the Program Files folder, this should work:

@Echo Off
PushD %ProgramFiles%
PushD FChart* 2>Nul
If Errorlevel 1 Goto _NotFound
If Exist FChart.exe XCOPY "FChart.exe" "%vmpath%" /E /F /G /H
Goto _Copied
Echo FChartXXX folder not found in %CD%
Goto :EOF
Echo FChart.exe copied to %vmpath%
Note that if you have different versions (FChart 4.0.1 and FChart 4.0.2), it will switch to the the first one as listed in a Dir command that is sorted by name. Names with numbers aren't always listed in the same order as in Windows Explorer.



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I was transferring videos from a memory stick pro duo when I touched the card as it was attached to my card reader. It disconnected from the computer. I reconnected it and was asked if I wanted to recover the files and it worked however the files ended up as .chk files. So I do no know how to recover those files. I would like to know how to recover those files. I also would like to know how to be able to open the MP_ROOT file. This file was damaged during the process of the loss of the files. It no longer looks like the folder it looked like before.

A:MP_ROOT file exists but cannot be opened

Try RecuCHKFiles utility from http://www.decasitodo.com/Progafi/programas/default.asp?f=4

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I was given a new computer, I'm a novice!
When I put it on all I get after the Windows 98 screen is Windows Registry or System INI file - device file - no longer exists - then - uninstalling the associated application using its uninstall or setup program

Can anyone help?

A:device file no longer exists

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I have a DOS batch file that moves files from one directory and sorts them into separate folders alphabetically. The problem is existing files get replaced. I know I can add the -y switch to be prompted but there's too many prompts. Does anyone know how I can skip if file exists automatically? I don't see that option anywhere in dos move command. Was wondering if I can use the "IF" variable somehow. Like IF exists skip or no replace etc. Can't find answer anywhere on web. TIA any help. Here is an excerpt from my batch file:

move a*.* D:\!TLF\a
move b*.* D:\!TLF\b
move c*.* D:\!TLF\c
move d*.* D:\!TLF\d
move e*.* D:\!TLF\e
move f*.* D:\!TLF\f
move g*.* D:\!TLF\g

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Hi guys,

I can't active my PC. For some reason when I run SLUI.exe (with the 3 parameter as well) it give the Cannot Create File error. I have looked around the internet and found topics saying to run chkdsk as well as sfc /scannow. But it doesn't work. For this reason, I cannot active my Windows and I think due to this I can't use the accounts created in this PC. (Only the administrator works 100%)

What should I do to fix this? A clean install is not an option because all my Sata ports (Other than the one that I am using for HDD) are dead and I have no proper DVD ROM. Is there a way to do this without the physical repair disk or should I get an ISO and just run that?

A:SLUI.exe - Cannot Create a file that already exists (800700B7)

What command did you run?
What accounts can't you use...post errors

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HiHoping someone can give me some guidance. I have had problems with Vista Home Premium SP1 crashing regularly - at least 3 times per day. Yesterday I decided to install SP2 - what a mistake. After taking hours it got stuck at Stage 3 - 75%. After following some instructions from other posts I managed to get it to starting reversing the changes - this however after hours and hours would never complete. Anyway I am now using the Windows disc system restore and this will not restore because of the following error:"Cannot create a file that already exists (0x800700B7)" I have been gradually moving to earlier restore points with no luck.Is there anyway to delete this file? or other steps I can take.Of course i'm worried that I will lose all my data - system has told me it needs to reinstall. I bought the external HDD yesterday arvo with the intention of backing first and then doing a reinstall haven't been able to do the back up as I cannot access the files - is there a way to do this?I can do basic things on my pc but when it comes to command prompts etc I need help so please be patient with me.ThanksCathy

A:System Restore won't complete - file already exists

Well the gods must have smiled upon me because after numerous reboots last night I was able to get into Windows and do a complete back up.

Sad news is pc now will not get past first screen of start up and F8 does nothing.

What next?


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I have this below .vbs script code that I use to delete two files from an FTP site. Sometimes one or both of the below files (LTRDOWN01 and CABCALLS.txt) doesn't exist, so that when the vbs code is executed an error occurs. How can I modify the code so that each Remove statement is executed *only* if the file exists?
thanks in advance,

' VBS Script Generated by CuteFTP (TM) macro recorder.
' Generated, then edited: 02/07/07 by dgr.

' Create TEConnection object
Set MySite = CreateObject("CuteFTPPro.TEConnection")

' Initialize remote server host name, protocol, port, etc.
MySite.Host = ""
MySite.Protocol = "FTP"
MySite.Port = 21
MySite.Retries = 34
MySite.Delay = 7
MySite.MaxConnections = 4
MySite.TransferType = "ASCII"
MySite.DataChannel = "DEFAULT"
MySite.AutoRename = "OFF"
' WARNING!!! SENSITIVE DATA: user name and password.
MySite.Login = "****"
MySite.Password = "***"
MySite.SocksInfo = ""
MySite.ProxyInfo = ""
' Connect to remote server
MySite.RemoteRemove "/u/sting/tapefiles/LTRDOWN01"
MySite.RemoteRemove "/u/sting/tapefiles/CABCALLS.txt"

A:.vbs script: FTP attempt to delete a file *only* if it already exists

Do you always want to "try" and delete these files even if they don't exist?
you could do this -

On error resume next
MySite.RemoteRemove "/u/sting/tapefiles/LTRDOWN01"
MySite.RemoteRemove "/u/sting/tapefiles/CABCALLS.txt"
On Error Goto 0

THe on error resume next disables the script stopping then the on error goto 0 makes it so it no longer will bypass stopping on an error.

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I've encountered a bit of a hassle. I tend to save a lot of pictures, and it's getting to the point where everytime I find a new picture to save, I already have another picture with the same name. Then, of course, I need to rename or replace it. This is getting annoying because half the time I rename it, only to find out that the new name is also taken.

Is there a way to make it so windows automatically adds a number or something to the file name, so I don't have to go through the trouble of finding an available name?

A:Auto add numeric prefix/suffix to file name if same name already exists?

Come on, I can't believe that there seems to be no info on this. I have been searching everywhere for a good chunk of the day. (yeah, no life)

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I am running vista home. I keep getting a windows error message "the file exists". when I open quickbooks 2009 premier. Can't get rid of it. Any help

A:Quickbook pro 2009, windows error, file exists

hbh said:

I am running vista home. I keep getting a windows error message "the file exists". when I open quickbooks 2009 premier. Can't get rid of it. Any helpClick to expand...

if you have already tried to uninstall it from the control panel

You can try Killbox

Its free; http://www.scanwith.com/download/Pocket_KillBox.htm

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Hello.. I use search and fast-search (in the start menu) to fast-execute programs that I don't need to add shortcuts for...
but strangely some programs that I have installed and exist and working don't show up in the results.............

A:Windows search malfunctioning (can't find file that exists)

How long ago did you install the program? It takes windows a little while to add things to the index. Also not everything is indexing by default, however I recommend indexing your entire disk! It takes a while to do but makes search SOOO much more powerful.

click start
tick the disk you wish to index
wait a while

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My husband downloaded what he thought was good software from an unknown website the other day and started to get virus alerts from our ZoneAlarm firewall.  We immediately did a Malwarebytes Malware quick and full scan but it didn't find anything which surprised me.  We decided to turn off the computer while we ate dinner and then look into it more with another malware/virus scan afterwards.  After the computer was restarted, we could no longer access the Internet if the ZoneAlarm firewall and antivirus was turned on.  The network troubleshooter kept pointing to a router/gateway problem but another computer had no problems accessing the internet wireless similar to the infected computer.  The infected computer also started getting security action center message that Windows Security Center service could not turn on.  To rule out the possibility that the Zonealarm firewall was corrupted, we uninstalled the firewall making sure it was cleanly gone and re-installed it.  We still had the internet access issue problem whether we were accessing it via the wireless or Ethernet connection.  A few seconds after we would stop the ZoneAlarm firewall the network connections would start having internet connection access.  We decided to get a new free firewall and antivirus software to we could continue to resolve the issue but have security protection.  We installed Comodo Internet Security and have no problems access the internet.
W... Read more

A:Firewalls Corrupted and Unknown Virus Exists After Downloading a File

Hi Wanda, Welocme to the forum. Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.Note: You need to run the version compatibale with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.Press Scan button.It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply. 

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we have a Lotus Notes database where we embed Excel files into a Lotus Notes Document.

Some of our users are reporting an issue where they get the message :
"Object request has not completed because the file already exists" and the users cannot open the file.

This only occures if the user tries to open the Excel sheets from his Local Lous Notes replica. When the user works from the server the file can be openend without any problems.

Does anybody know what this could be?


Atomic Wedgie

A:Lotus Notes: Object request has not completed because the file already exists

Hiya and welcome

I've moved this to Business Applications for more response

Are you still having this problem? If so, which version of Lotus Notes are you using? If you're not sure, open Lotus Notes, and click on Help | About.

Also, which version of Excel file are you embedding?

I've found this, if its outlining what you see:

Object Request Errors Occur When Opening OLE Object


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I am trying to automate a way to remove a pinned item from the start menu when the source file no longer exists.
I have found heaps of information about .lnk files or using the file verbs but as pinned icons don't work the same as simply deleting a .lnk file and the file verbs wont work as the source file no longer exists I am stuck for ideas.

Zac Avramides

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Norton detected a Trojan threat earlier, I followed the guidelines from the "this topic" link and then generated a HJT log. I also notice with Security Task Manager, certain processes appear and disappear periodically, i.e., lsass.exe, smss.exe, crsrr.exe and lots of other *.exe files. In "services", the start-up type of RCP is greyed-out that I don't have a choice to disable the service at start-up.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:07:06 PM, on 05/03/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5296.0000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe... Read more

A:Download.trojan Threat - Cannot Delete B779v12[1].dll Because File No Longer Exists

Hello whyMeNow? and welcome to the BC HijackThis forum. I do not see any signs of viruses or malware in the log. It is clean.A couple of comments:- if the file b779v12[1].dll does not exist why would it need to be deleted?- I do not believe that you can stop the RCP service with CheckPoint VPN client installed. CheckPoint would be able to verify that.- I do not know how STM reports the services running. Seeing a service come and go might just be the way STM handles the services. Try taking a look at the standard windows Task Manager and see if the services come and go along with what STM is showing. If not, then that's simply how STM is reporting the information.Additional information for non- operating system software can be obtained in the All other Applications forum. Someone theremight be able to better answer those questions.Cheers.OT

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Quite often I receive a PDF file by email (e.g. a monthly bill) that I want to save with similar PDF files (e.g. former bills of the same company) in the same folder.

To avoid to write the complete file name, in the "save as..." menu I click on a former file with similar name (e.g. phone_bill_2013_January), then adapt the name (e.g. phone_bill_2013_February).

When I click "save", windows vista says "files already exists" although I modified the name.

I saw on www.vistax64.com that this problem was already discussed:

and it seems that this bug was already fixed.

How can I fix it on my computer?

Thank you very much for help.

A:Get "file already exists" on trying to save a new file (after rename)

Hello Abramo, and welcome to Vista Forums.

The issue is that it uses the original name when comparing files in the save to location. It doesn't actually get renamed until it's saved.

You should be able to use the "Copy, but keep both" option like below for this work. Worse case, you'll have to rename it again if it does keep the new name after being copied.

Hope this helps,

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.00GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1023 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 38154 MB, Free - 6208 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc.,
Antivirus: Norton AntiVirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

hi techguy
i have a .PDF file problem (adobe: error file is damaged and cannot be opened) (foxit: format error: not a .PDF or corrupted) its a email attachment for a booking confirmation so should be text with no pictures the sender also sent the same email to my friend who can open it no problem then he forwards it on to me then i can read it but it is frustrating that i cannot open it myself so i found as much info as i could maybe this will help you to help me
ID col103.mail,live.com
connection encrypted 128-bit encryption
uses TLS 1.0
encrypted using AES_128_CBC,
with SHAI for message authentication
and RSA key exchange mechanism
not compressed

i have been into internet properties and (use TLS 1.0 is checked)
any advice gratefully received

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I have a damaged NSF file and am not sure what happened to it. The error message says that the file is truncated and may have been damaged. Is there a repair tool available for NSF files?

Thanks all,

A:Damaged NSF file

If you are looking for a quick and efficient Lotus Notes recovery solution then, nothing can beat the third party repair tools. They are more powerful, easy to use and time saving as compared to manual repair methods. These software are laced
with advanced recovery options that aren?t possible with inbuilt repair tools.

One such software is Lotus Notes Repair Kit

You can download it from:-

You can using domino fixup tools , in the domino administrator console do the following
1-l fixup mail\database name.nsf - option (you can find options in domino help)
2-l compact mail\database name.nsf -C 


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when I run disk clean up this is in the view section as damaged, what should I doe delete it or leave it, my computer is running ok but seeing this every time I do disk clean up its haunting me what is it?

A:a damaged file what to do

Delete it. If it won't delete see the last post here.

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Hello everyone
I'm having a problem with opening a recording from my phone. The mp3 format file got corrupted because while recording the I absentmindedly swiched off the phone :-( and NO software on this planet is able to open it. I've tried mp3val ,mp3diag mp3 direct cut, audiocity and a bunch of other http://www.free-codecs.com/download/MP3_Repair_Tool.htm
All of these were not even cabable of opening the file not to mention fix it. Converting the mp3 to different format was imposible as well.
The size in MB and lenth of the mp3 file is correct, so there must be somethig in there to recover I guess .since the damage was caused by incorrent finishing of the record.
ANY sugestions what else can I do or where to seek help :-) :-)

A:damaged MP3 file ,help please :-)

I'm not certain, haven't tried it on an mp3 file yet, I have Cyberlink's Director's Suite.  Do you want me to try & fix it?  The worst that can happen - we will know one more filament that won't light up the bulb [Thomas Edison].

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I had worked with AI file when my system crashed due to electricity failure. Then when I tried to open the file, it displays an error message that says "Format ai file damage". The file is damaged and cannot be repaired." I use Adobe Illustrator 10. What should I do for this problem?

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I need to access the text of an important document in Word 2000, but the file is damaged. I dont care about the formatting, but I would like to be able to retrieve the text, how do I do this???

A:Damaged File

See if anything here will help you recover damaged file.

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I have a file damaged in my Windows, i dont know if i need it or i should repair it and even how to, but i was hoping someone can lead me in the right direction. The file is in my downloaded program files Windows/system32/IUCTL.DLL, THE PROGRAM FILE DOESNT HAVE A NAME BUT USES AN ID -{9F1C11AA-197B-4942-BA54-47A8489BB47F}

http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/CAB/x86/unicode/iuctl.CAB?38181.8081597222 When i open this file i can only copy or extract these items and the 4 items in the cab are iuctl.dll / iuctl.cat / iuctl.inf / and iuengine.dll
.......... I copy n pasted the IUCTL.INF on my desktop and opened it and here what it reads........
;INF file for Project1.ocx
;DestDir can be 10 for Windows directory, 11 for Windows\System(32) directory, or left blank for the Occache directory.

signature="$Windows NT$"

AddReg = AddRegKillBitWUV3IS






Fi... Read more

A:damaged file HELP

Open Windows Explorer. Click on the 'Windows' folder. Click on the 'Downloaded Program Files' folder. If it is listed as Damaged, right click it, and select Remove. At a time when you need it again, it will be downloaded automatically.


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Something (sorry I just deleted via SB S&D) damaged or deleted my Father's NAV file and now I can't enable or update NAV.
Its 2001 and old file for it are no longer available.

Here is the HJT list, in case something remains.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.95.0

Scan saved at 5
:43:50 PMon 8/2/2003

Windows ME (Win9x 4.90.3000)

MSIEInternet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:

CRead more

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I'm working with a piece of software with a proprietary data export generator.
The problem I ran up against is that whenever I tried to save the file to the desktop at a customer site, it generated the title message, even when there was no file of that name. I tried creating an empty file with the name seeing if it would overwrite that, but no go. I rebooted, I reinstalled the application, finally I tried writing to a different location and that worked.
In Windows (XP Pro SP3 to be specific), how does a dll determine that a file exists and needs to be overwritten? Where do I start looking to resolve this should it happen again? Support at the provider has no idea. I can't go to the programmer: the only hope is that there is something I can check in Windows itself.
Thank you.

A:"Overwrite file?" when no file exists?

"how does a dll determine that a file exists and needs to be overwritten?"

The file doesn't determine it, Windows does.
You say that no such file exists to be overwritten, but it may be a hidden file.
In which case, only by configuring Windows to "show hidden files" will you see it.

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Back at Christmas of 2002 I transfered all my files with a intellimover program. I found these files while clicking the Tools button on my browser window, Internet Options from there and then View Objects. The first thing in this downloaded list is a filed listed as
{9F1C11AA-197B-4942-BA54-47A8489BB47F} and it says that it is damaged. It also has a date on it that is before my transfere. This file came from a HP Windows98 computer to my now Dell XP WIndows. It's only 4kb. It also says it was accessed today for some reason. Is my computer really using this file?

Is this a file I need. I think its a windows update thing but now sure. Thank you for any help.


A:Damaged Program File

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I’ve got a damaged RAR file. I’ve got no idea how it happened. Week ago it was OK. But now I can’t extract it. It says datacab04 is corrupted. How I can fix it?

A:How to repair damaged RAR file?

Hello, and Welcome to BC
I think your only chance would be to use Winrar's own repair tool under tools in the menu bar.
If you have Windows 7 and also have System Restore enabled right click the rar file and see if you have any previous versions listed.

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About 4mo ago i sent pics as mms to my email address taken by my camera phone. i have downloaded the pics, they are fil.bin files. I changed them to .jpg files, that seemed to be accepted, but any time i try to view, upload, send to Kodak Easyshare program, photo explosion or just view them in My Pictures ---I receive a message "The exists, but may be damaged". I have downloaded a few programs to try to help me fix this problem, such as Freshview. I only have 10-15 pics to change (because I don't use that camera anymore). Please help!!!

A:file exist,but may be damaged

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I have got two files that are damaged when i open them they just come up with a mismash of junk. I have tried a demo version of ExcelFIX but it said no data found. is this lost or is there a way i can get it back.

All the best

and THX

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After completing the tedium of the AVG update, a message stated something to the effect that AVG will not be updated due to damaged file.

What's that supposed to mean - and what can I do about it?

A:AVG DL file damaged cannot be updated

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I need to know where and what type of drivers I need for this problem CD damaged file needs drives see picture

A:damaged file need drives

That appears to be a very old CD ROM.

It could need the motherboard drivers, or possibly its that old that its one that is supplied from a soundcard interface, in which case it needs the sound card drivers.

You really would have to give us a clue as the what the PC hardware is though.

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I did a error scan with HD Tune Pro on a 2TB WDEADS20 and it says that error at 63248 MB.

The health status says I have 16 unstable sectors. How can I find which file is damaged before backing up my files to another drive?

A:How do I find which file is damaged?

Run cmd.exe as an administrator.
enter following command:
chkdsk /R



After chkdsk is finished,

Check Disk (chkdsk) - Read Event Viewer Log
How to Read the Event Viewer Log for Check Disk (chkdsk) in Windows 7 and Vista

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Hi guys and gals,

My prob is a bit of a saga!

I defragged my Win XP Media PC a few days ago and then I noticed a clicking noise coming from the hard drive, I called PC servicecall (managed to find a freephone number!!!!) and the chap suggested I do a scandisk, he said to call back with the diagnosis later.

After the PC did two scandisks I managed to stop it when it was about to do a 3rd, I rebooted the PC and it loaded with no 'start' button or clock on the taskbar, so I rebooted. Then I got a message saying 'it can't load as a file was missing or corrupt windows/system32/configuration/system' it said to put in the original CD and type 'r' to repair.

Well the PC didn't come with any CD's and I only have one that I made after I'd had the PC for a month - a recovery disk.

So I called PC Servicecall back and told the guy what happened and I've got another harddrive arriving tomorrow - trouble is I need to get the info from my hard drive before I send it back to them.

I've looked at MS support site and there's options to do a manual repair (I'll copy and paste info here)
Method 1: Replace the SYSTEM Hive
Method 2: Restore the SYSTEM File from the SYSTEM.ALT Backup File
Method 3: Reduce the Size of the SYSTEM File
Method 4: Restore the SYSTEM Hive from Backup

Which all sound hunky dorey but I don't have any original bootable CD (the PC doesn't have a floppy drive), so I can't type 'r&#... Read more

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Trying to re-install my printer and I keep getting a message saying the driver or the INF file may be damaged. I can't seem to fix this problem.

A:{RESOLVED} Damaged INF file

What brand and model is the printer?

What OS are you running?

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Hello, i have windows Xp and i use AOL to sign on , also i have dial up =( When i sign on or try to it says that i have a file damaged and it is called main.idx and aol cannot start.. can anyone tell me how to fix this problem please. i am not computer literate adn i have no lcue as how or what may have happened, but it was working fine when i last signed off last night and today it would not get past .. connecting to the netwrok when i tried to sign on and gave me that error message
thanks in advance

A:Main.idx file damaged

try either reinstalling AOL or try using the windows XP system restore, and restore your system to an earlier time..

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I have an important file, created in Word 97, that I need to use. I saved it and had been opening it easily to work on it but all of a sudden it seems I cannot open it. I cannot find it anywhere except in the previously opened list when I open Word, but when I click on it there to open it I get the messages "this file cannot be found" or "the directory name is not valid". When I search for the file it comes up but when I try to open it I get the message again "this file cannot be found". I would be so so grateful to anyone who can help me open this file, recover it, repair it or whatever I need to do in order to have it back! I am sure I have not deleted the file and I am using Windows 7.

Thank you in advance,


A:Is this file lost or damaged?

It appears that you have deleted this file, and the search is finding the "Recent Link".

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Hi friends I am in deeeeeeeep trouble.I was using Win98 and i upgraded it with WinXP Prof.After installation my few files were damaged which are very very important.One file is Excel file named chart.xls.when i try to open this file following message is displayed.
"Chart.xls could not be found.Check Spelling of file name and verify that file location is correct.Make sure fiel has not been renamed,moved or deleted.".
And second file is of Microsoft access having name data.This file partially open but when i clicks on one of the option it gives message
"data.mdb is missing"
I think it is data file which is conencted with main file.
How can i recover these both files.These were working perfectly all right in Win 98 and all this happende after installtion which should not happen.What i think that XP has overlaped these files.Will deleting Xp and again installing 98 can retrive my files.Please givew me suggestion.
I am very upset.
Bye Moon.

A:XP has damaged my data file??

Sorry to hear that you lost some files, but before you do any upgrades or clean installs you should always backup your important files.

Could you see the icons of the spreedsheets???

If you could there is still hope of recovering your files. But if you unistall Xp you will lose everything.

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Hey all, I dropped my hard drive with a lot of .mov footage on it and thus sent it to a data recovery company to retrieve everything. After getting it back, most of footage was good, but a few files don't open in quicktime(or any program... it just says, 'this is not a movie file.') Is there any file recovery businesses around? or software that I can try?

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All files in zip format no longer open on my computer. when trying to use a third-party software "file is damaged or can not be found" how to view corrupt zip?

A:file is damaged or can not be found?

when trying to use a third-party software "file is damaged or can not be found"

Insufficient information provided, exactly what is that third-party software? What program was used to create the .zip files?

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A .DWG file was corrupted upon the unexpected switch off my PC.

I used to restore my AutoCAD file by using the commands RECOVER, RECOVERALL, AUDIT; but these commands didn?t help any with the file in question.

How can I attempt to repair it?

A:How can I repair a damaged .DWG file?

Autocad should have a feature to automatically save work in progress periodically. Look in the Autocad help files for particulars.
For more: www.reddit.com/r/AutoCAD/comments/2cpjqy/where_can_i_find_dwg_recovery

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