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Outlook 2003 duplicate email from mailbox

Q: Outlook 2003 duplicate email from mailbox

I have Microsoft Outlook 2003 on a few computers. It appears that they get their emails from a local server which is defined as the MS Exchange Server. (Box ticked for Use Cached Exchange Mode). Outlook is then configure with my username to pull my emails of the server (i guess...). I get an email to my company email from an external source (not company email) that is CC to another company email address, and I will get a duplicate email in my inbox. If it is CC to 2 people I will get 2 duplicates (3 messages in total) This leads me to believe that outlook is not configured to pull the right emails from the server right? However, when receiving an email from an internal source (company email) and it is CC to another compnay member, I only get 1 copy. When dealing with 1 to 1 emails, everything works fine. Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Outlook 2003 duplicate email from mailbox

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook 2003 duplicate email from mailbox

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By default, when you print an email in memo style the mailbox name is printed in the upper left-hand corner. Any way to turn this off? So far I haven't been able to find this option.


A:Outlook 2003 - Print an email sans the mailbox name

Maybe this will help. Does anyone know what the section directly above the header information is called on an email printed from Outlook 2003?

On my email print outs it has my mailbox info listed and then a solid dark line/border and then the normal header info.

This is driving me mad!!!!

Thanks for any and all help....

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I found a tread in this site and need some help and advice on how to make it work for a shared mailbox that about 10 peolpe will be working out of. It's been a while since the thread had any posts so I thought to create a new post and reference the code. I'm new to vba and I'm at a lost as to how I can get this code to work for my shared mailbox situation at work .

Here is the link to the tread I found with the code:

I was able to use the code and apply it to my 'ThisOutlookSession' and it works great for my personal mails . However, I want to be able to use this code on multiple folders within the shared mailbox. Also, depending on the folder that any of the 10 people working out of the shared mailbox move the email item to he/she will trigger either a "processing" email reply or "completed" email reply to the sender. And lastly, do I have to set this code up for each computer or can I just setup this code on my outlook?
Option Explicit
'### all code for the ThisOutlookSession module
'### Module level Declarations
'expose the items in the target folder to events
Dim WithEvents TargetFolderItems As Items

Private Sub Application_Startup()
'some startup... Read more

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I'm trying to set up access to a Mac mailbox in Outlook 2003, similar to opening other users mailbox. Is this possible and if so, how is it done?

Thanks in advance.

A:Opening a Mac mailbox in Outlook 2003

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We're looking to setup a 400mb limit (yes I know it...big) on users and also create an autoarchive pst on their local computer to unload email from the server older than a month. What would be the easiest way to go about both things without having to go to each machine? Would need to do the autoarchive part before we implemented the limit.

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My problems are with Outlook, I cannot send/recieve, cause the mail box is full
when i delete an item, i get the message that my mailbox is full
when i swift+delete an email, i get the message that my mailbox is full.

The other part of the problem, is that outlook crushes when i either right click on an email, or when i am trying to use an item from the menu bar.

Version of outlook, 2003
Windows XP Pro, SP3

Any sugestions, thoughts?

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Hey all.

So a group on our team uses a shared mailbox. Often times this mailbox needs to have the auto reply function changed. We are aware that the auto reply can be changed by logging onto that shared mailbox, however it is very inconvinient as we don't want the users to have access to anything other than the ability to edit the Auto Reply, so therefore want to keep the password restricted.

Any suggestions for this?

A:Outlook 2003 - Auto Reply Shared Mailbox

There really is no way to do it other than via the Outlook client. If you are on an Exchange server it can be done with third party tools.

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Hi. I am running Windows 7, 64 bit, Office 2010.

We're switching to Outlook as our email client, and I currently use "The Bat!"

Within The Bat!, I can export my email as either .msg, eml or Unix Mailbox files. I can only import email from Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Eudora from within Outlook 2010. I have a Windows 7 64 bit system, so I can't even load Windows Mail/Outlook Express on my machine. I couldn't import any of the .eml, .msg or Unix Mailbox files into Windows Live Mail.

I have two questions.

1) How can I accomplish my goal of migrating my email messages from The Bat! into Outlook 2010. I can open each of the exported mail messages and from within there "copy to a folder." But I don't want to do that 2,000 times.

2) Also, what has Microsoft made this so difficult? This is such a hassle that I would not use Outlook if I didn't have too. I'm not going to buy a third party application that will migrate mail for me. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance,

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Is it possible to get a desktop notification in the system tray when a new email arrives in a shared mailbox, in the same way it happens for a personal one?

A:Outlook 2007 - Shared Mailbox new email alert

Any emails that come into any mailbox set up on a client should show an alert if it is set up in the options. Not sure what you mean by a shared mailbox though.

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I have outlook 2003 installed on my machine Win Xp service pack 3 computer here at work.

I have had this issue before and I know I solved and fixed it, but I cant for the life of me remember how I did it.

This is the issue:

When I open Outlook I have multiple/duplicate mailboxes with the same information and both with my name on them. My question is how can I get rid of the duplicate.

This is not a big problem and it is not causing any problems it is just annoying. If someone can please take a minute and tell me how I can resolve this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


A:Help with duplicate mailboxes in Outlook 2003 please

Create a new profile in Outlook and see if that solves the problem.

Also, you need to remove your email address from the post.

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Does anyone know of a quick way to get rid of duplicate contacts in Outlook?
(i.e 3 of each) I know I could use View | Phone list and manually delete, but wondering of there is a quick way? Sort/filter??


A:Duplicate Contacts in Outlook (2003)

Hi there,

You should be able to use some code like this ...
Sub DeleteDups_Contacts()

Dim MyColl As Object
Dim ct As MAPIFolder, ci As ContactItem
Dim ns As NameSpace
Dim strFirst As String
Dim strTmp As String

Set MyColl = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
Set ns = ThisOutlookSession.Session
Set ct = ns.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts)

On Error Resume Next
For Each ci In ct.Items
If Not (MyColl.Exists(ci.FullName)) Then
MyColl.Add ci.FullName, "1"
strTmp = strTmp & ci.FullName & vbNewLine
' ci.Delete
End If

MsgBox "Deleted:" & vbNewLine & Trim(strTmp)
Set MyColl = Nothing

End Sub
To install, hit Alt + F11 | Insert | Module, paste on right. Put cursor in routine, press F5. Note I commented out the delete line, I'd run it once with it, then if you're sure the message is correct, uncomment the line (take out the ' sign) and run it.


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Someone sent me an email with jpg attachments, let's say pic1.jpg, size 1MB. When I received it, I have 2 jpgs - pic1.jpg 1MB (of course), and another one with the same name but much smaller size pic1.jpg, 50KB. Sender told me that he only sent 1 jpg file.

Does anyone know why? and is there anything I can do to stop the smaller one come?


A:duplicate JPG attachments in Outlook 2003

The sender probably has a setting in their end to "break apart" attachments over s certain size (possibly 1 MB by the sound of it). So the file gets sent as multiples of that size, plus whats left over (20 kB in your case).

When any attachment is emailed, the file size is quite a lot larger in transit due to the transport method and HTML encoding (email systems were never originally designed for attachments so it is quite inefficient at doing it)

The sender needs to check out their settings to stop the splitting. The settings will be wholly dependent on what email client they use.

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Hi Guys

We have a problem at the moment where some users send out an email with upto 14 attachments on it, these could be word docs, PDFs or V Cards. They check the attachments before they send the message and it all loks ok, but when they recieve it at the other end the attachments end up being a duplicate of the first attachment attached to the email but has kept its original names. When the sender looks in there sent items the email in there is also corrupt.

Another way of describing it could be....

"Just lately I started having the following problem. If I am sending more than one attachment of the same file type in an email the two attachments end up being the same even though the file name remains different. If I was to send two .jpg files named cat & dog (A picture of a cat and a dog) when you received the email from me the file names would still be cat & dog but the contents would be the same (Two pictures of the dog). Any help is appreciated as I am stumped."

We are using outlook 2003, any help would be fantastic as I am a bit stuck

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I have a problem with my Outlook 2003. Often, but not always, when I recieve mail into my inbox it will be duplicated, and this is very annoying. I have looked on the microsoft support website and they have a fix for exactly this problem, however it was a fix that came with the outlook service pack 2 update, something I already have. Therefore I was hoping that someone could help with this problem. I'm not sure which details you may neeed about my Outlook but I will post them if you have queries.

Thanks for any help.

A:Outlook 2003 Duplicate E-mail Problem

I am having this same problem.

Need help as well.

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I have seen alot of threads on this but I still needed some clarification if possible. We have a computer running Windows XP that we did a reinstall of windows. After we did that a duplicate set of personal folders showed up in outlook. Now when we receive email and move to any folder it is duplicated in the second set of folders. Looks to be identical. So both sets of personal folders have emails in them. There is only one .pst file that is very large 4gb. Too large I know and we need to pair it down but my question - is one of the reasons it is so large is because it has 2 sets of all the folders with emails in them? I was going to try to close one set of the personal folders but both of the "close folder" options are greyed out on the menu. Can we delete one set of the personal folders without losing anything in the other set if it seems that everything is going into both identically?

Thanks for your help

A:Duplicate Personal Folders in Outlook 2003

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Hey ho...

I have a weird problem - or at least I think it is!

After I launch Outlook 2003, and use it for a few minutes a duplicate set of all my folders is created under "Archive Folders". The original set of folders remains under Personal Folders. If I exit Outlook and re-launch sometimes these folders remain, but sometimes after I exit then try to relaunch I get an "Operation failed" message. After clicking OK on that message, and try to relaunch I get the same "Operation failed" message; after clicking OK on that and relaunching I can access Outlook and the duplicate folders have disappeared, but they reappear very quickly.

Anyone a) know what is happening and b) how to fix the problem?

Many thanks
Vian Andrews

A:Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Duplicate archive

jvian said:

Hey ho...

I have a weird problem - or at least I think it is!

After I launch Outlook 2003, and use it for a few minutes a duplicate set of all my folders is created under "Archive Folders". The original set of folders remains under Personal Folders. If I exit Outlook and re-launch sometimes these folders remain, but sometimes after I exit then try to relaunch I get an "Operation failed" message. After clicking OK on that message, and try to relaunch I get the same "Operation failed" message; after clicking OK on that and relaunching I can access Outlook and the duplicate folders have disappeared, but they reappear very quickly.

Anyone a) know what is happening and b) how to fix the problem?

Many thanks
Vian Andrews
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Generally Outlook IMHO sucks for these very reasons outlook is fine until you actually do more than 10 messages a day in it and want to actually try to use it to sort. But most businesses use it so most of us use it. Some of us never have problems with it, good for you guys, some of us have nothing but problems with it. NEVER EVER install Business Contact Manager! It uses a seperate database entirely and often loses it's mapping because from what I have seen it uses a service in your system that can get confused.

I would think that somehow your system has two databases it's reading and somehow at some point when you started an archive it creating the account again as... Read more

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Have noticed that I have 2 outlook.pst folders as in this jpg: outlook2folders.jpg
How do I get rid of the duplicate outlook.pst folder in the above jpg ?

Found link on MS site on this...BUT...I get the attached jpg errors when following directions: outlook2folders2.jpg

Found a registry edit to fix this but not for Win 7 Pro 64bit apparently ?

Running Windows 7 Pro 64bit with Office 2003 (Outlook)


A:How to remove duplicate pst folders in Outlook 2003

Try this pal

Close Outlook
Goto "Control panel" "mail" "data files"

You will see the 2 pst files (personal folders) select the one you don't want then click "remove"

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Under "My Calendars" I have "Calendar (2)" which leads me to believe somehow I have duplicated my default calendar.

Is there a way to delete the duplicate? or is this even what the problem is?

Hopefully easy question for Outlook mavens ...

A:Duplicate default calendar in Outlook 2003

Hi glbcpa

Right click on the duplicate calendar, if the option Delete "Calendar 2" is enabled then you can simply delete the extra calendar.

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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Good Morning All. Newbie here so be Gentle. I have searched Google and this forum site for the answer to my question and I cant find the answer.

currently I have a user using Outlook 2003. some times she sends duplicate messages to clients and to employees. It does not seem to be any pattern associated.

we are running Exchange on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard addition server.

I have ran a repair and fix on outlook. and I have also uninstalled and reinstalled outlook. Those did not seem to work.

any other fixes I could try?

A:outlook 2003 sending Duplicate e-mail

I have in the past had the exact scenario for a user within my organization and this did the trick for me. Let me know how it works
1. On the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts.
2. Click View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.
3. Click your POP3 e-mail account, and then click Change.
4. Click More Settings.
5. On the Advanced tab, uncheck/deselct the "Leave a copy of messages on the
server check box and then click OK.

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Don't use Outlook as much as I used to so I don't know when this actually started.

When I try create a new email...Outlooks looks for the Contacts 'folder'...but I get an error saying "The address list could not be displayed..."

I then go to 'address book' and see that there are two entries for Contacts...the fist choice gives the above error (capture.jpg). When I click the second (bottom) Contacts...then everything pops up normally ?

How do I get rid of/delete the 1st Contacts listed in (doublecontacts.jpg) attached.


A:Duplicate 'Contacts' folder(s) in Outlook 2003 ?

Give the fix shown here a try

Application Tips

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I experience duplicated unread mail notifications in my Inbox.
OS Win7-64, IE8 and IE9, MS Outlook 2003.

I do not have this problem with my XP computer (IE8).

Assistance appreciated.

A:Duplicate Unread Mail Notifications - MS Outlook 2003

Hello ess1,
Browse through the links below to see if they provide the answer you seek.

Duplicate E-mails | HowTo-Outlook

Duplicate e-mail messages are downloaded from a POP3 e-mail server account in Outlook 2003

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Is there a way to remove this duplicate personal folder? I can create a new profile and that doesnít have the duplicate, but I donít have my address book in that profile and I donít think that there is a way to extract the address book from a PST file is there? I checked the data file and there is only one PST file there. Anyone have a suggestion?

A:Solved: Duplicate Personal Folder in Outlook 2003

Problem solved...

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O/S -: Windows XP SP3

Application -: Outlook 2003 11.8206.8202 SP3

Email Server Type -: IMAP

Background -: Recently re-installed MS Office 2003, due to Word/Exel/Outlook crashing with a 0xc00000005 exception (turned out it was a Network Printer problem which I've now resolved)

Current Problem -: Outlook is downloading TWO IDENTICAL COPY emails, and If I delete or send to Junk Folder one copy, it deletes/moves the other copy!

If I view my emails using my Web Browser based email client, I only see ONE copy of the email (as it should be)

A couple of things I've noticed about Outlook behaving differently is -:
a) The Send/Receive progress % does'nt show anymore

b) If I navigate on Outlook to Tools, Option, Mail Setup - when I select the Send/Receive Options, nothing happens (there are no further options). the same is true if I try to access the Send/Receive Options via the toolbar

c) The 1st of the duplicate emails is blank with the following header -: "This is a message header. The Full Item has not been downloaded", the 2nd duplicate email has the relevant email information

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Duplicate Emails Problem - Outlook 2003

Well try this...go on the webmail and create a new folder and move all the emails to the new folder ...
That should take care of this issue which happens becoz of email corruption and remember its an imap account i.e.mirror image of webmail ...so if you delete emails in webmail or outlook you wont be able to find them anywhere

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How can I fix Outlook 2003 from receiving duplicate (repeated)/deleted messages from one POP3 account?


A:Solved: Outlook 2003 keeps receiving duplicate e-mail messages

Hi acdevera

Is the POP3 account setup to leave a copy of the messages on the server?
If so, clear that option, close and restart Outlook 2003 and collect your messages.
Let us know if that makes a difference.

I have deleted the other thread you created in the Web & E-mail forum, the Business Applications forum is correct for this thread. Please do not create duplicate threads.

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I am using Outlook 2000. All of a sudden, I am receiving duplicate copies of all of my email messages. How do I stop this?

A:Outlook: Receiving duplicate copies of email

Never Mind...my problem was solved by rebooting. I wish that all of my computer issues were so easily solved.

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For some reason I'm not able to use my email when responding to email address links. Until this morning this wasn't a problem. I get an error message: "Can't write the item."
I have not intentionally made any changes to my settings.

A:[Duplicate post] Outlook 2000 email problems


Closing this duplicate

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
(4/29 free $5 added - free computer headset ends 4/30!):

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I originally posted this question on November 3, 2010 in the Email section and in spite of many views, there were no replies. That is when I thought I might be going about asking the question the wrong way.

Windows XP - SP3 Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook 2003

I use Word as my email editor for Outlook. I had had a problem or two awhile back and I used the Detect and Repair Function that comes with Outlook 2003. Problems cleared up HOWEVER I got a new and IMHO worse problem: my emails that are advertisements like Newegg, TigerDirect, Overstock, etc. are fine but anything else that is actually text that is sent to me comes in very, very small and I can not find a way to change it. I have looked everywhere in Outlook; Microsoft online, and Google. Sample attached.

I can't find it and it is driving me crazy. If anyone could help, I'd sincerely appreciate it!

Thank you for your time.

A:Word 2003 used as email editor for Outlook 2003

Hi and welcome to TSG.

From the main Outlook Mail screen, try ...

Tools ->
Options ->
Mail Format Tab ->
"Fonts ..." button in Stationery and Fonts section ->
"Choose Font ..." button under "When composing and reading plain text"

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Please let me know what you're using to encrypt or protect your emails:

1. do you encrypt all emails or on individual basis
2. cost and setup time - any anual fees
Were using Outlook 2003 on a Exchange server.

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This appears to be a common problem, with many solutions, though I have yet to find one that works for me. When using Outlook 2003 with Word 2003 set to be the email editor, Word opens and works fine to CREATE a new email. However, when trying to REPLY TO or FORWARD an email, I get the error message "Microsoft Word is set to be your email editor. However, Word is unavailable, not installed, or is not the same version as Outlook. The outlook email editor will be used instead...," and when I click OK to that message the native Outlook email editor opens. Word 2003 worked fine with Outlook 2003 replying to or forwarding emails till this morning, but the behavior described above now applies. The OS, by the way, is Windows 10. I have tried to both "repair" and "reinstall" the 2003 Office 2003 suite, both to no avail. Would appreciate a much needed solution to this puzzle.

A:Outlook 2003 Can't Use Word 2003 As Email Editor

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I had a Windows XP corruption to my system folder wherein I had to reinstall my operating system and "wipe out" my harddrive.

I have my entire "old" harddrive with all settings, files, etc. on it, and now my computer is up and running with Windows Vista Business.

I have successfully added my old PST file to the new OS and it works, however how can I get my Outlook 2003 rules, email accounts, etc? I'm not able to "export" as I cannot run the old Outlook program?...

Are these files located somewhere that I can manually add them (replace, whatever) to the new Vista OS/hard drive?

Thanks in advance...

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POP Server [Earthlink] email problem:

I have a client who is having a problem with Outlook 2003, and downloading messages.

If they set Outlook 2003 to delete messages on the pop server which is hosted by Earthlink then, all the messages are sent down to Outlook instead of just deleting them off the server.

Is there a way to just have Outlook issue a command to delete them?


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I know that 07 Word saves files in a .docx file that is not usable by the 97-03 Word and same goes for PowerPoint and Excell. My question is does this occur with Outlook 2007 also? I have a friend who said that he can't read my Outlook 2007 email to him (he uses the older version of outlook). Is there a way to change it so that I can send 2007 Outlook emails to people with the 97-03 versions?

A:Can Outlook 2007 Email to Outlook 2003?

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OK... well I thought I had it covered but.... I copied the pst file from 2003 and tried to open in 2007. I recently read somewhere that you have to copy the pst when Outlook is closed. I did not close Outlook and copied the file while Outlook was open. Anyway to rescue these Emails? The old drive is toast so I can't do that. The pst file is 79mg so I suspect the info is there. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I recently downloaded and tested out a Web Ex plugin to launch Web Ex from Outlook. I have since removed the plugin through and/ remove. I then started to get a "Duplicate Key In Index" notice each time i open outlook. Some research had indicated that i must have some duplicate emails or other entries in outlook, but i see no duplicates. Any advice how i can clear this notice?



A:"Duplicate Key In Index" Opening Outlook 2003

hummmm, Duplicate Key In Index. sounds like sql error.
u can try to run a reapir for your outlook.
i would copy my data & pst files to a save location before i do that.
it's possible that the removal of Web EX has deleted some files that need for the outlook processes.
u also should have a copy of your MS Office 2003 in case it asks you for it

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Problem: when an email is replied to in Plain text - an email address is slipped in to the email's body: "<mailto:[email protected]>" It's not being done by the person replying and it's only happening to 1 user.

what I've done so far:
a. I've already checked the user's signature and I dont see "mailto:" anywhere
b. checked the user's AD account

what else can slip this line in??

A:Outlook 2003 - adding "<mailto:[email protected]>" inside body of email

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Hi I am running outlook 2003 on a pc connected to a network using microsoft exchange. I want to email a few 100 clients and send them an email, preferably as an attachment, word, advertising our products. I want the email to contain drop down boxes where they can choose different replies and then hit submit and their answers come back to us. So if I was to ask them what year their property was built it would drop down a list of years, they select one and so on.

I dont know if this is possible and especially in Outlook 2003.

I would really appreciate your help.

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I just starte using Outlook 2003.
I have a Yahoo and a Hotmail email account.
When I send a message to myself at either address, the email only goes to the Outbox and some time later I get messages such as:

< Task 'Yahoo - Sending' reported error (0x80004005) : 'Outlook's request to the server failed.
The server responded ''. ' >

What may be wrong? What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance for all help offered.


A:Outlook 2003 email

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Just started to set up Outlook. Have entered two email addresses. Mine and my wife.
Imported addresses & folders from OE. Some folders have different names in each email address. Everything from my email folders has been duplicated under wife (she had no files) where the folders are the same name ie inbox, deleted files, etc . When a new email arrives it goes to both. When I delete, it deletes from both. Suggestions please.

A:outlook 2003 - email

Have you set up two completely different Profiles with completely different data files in Outlook?

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Win XP is the OS.

Receiving emails is delayed.

A:Email in Outlook 2003

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HELP! changed email hosting servers so had to make changes in accounts.....now emails, and copies are going to all wrong personal folder inboxes...any suggestions? THX

A:Outlook 2003 email

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Hi All!

I am aware you can set a default mailbox size for all users from the mailbox store and also for each individual user....

What I need to do though is set a size for say, a group of 15 users, a group of 60 users and a group of 1000 users! How is this possible? Is it done via a group policy opject and if so, how?

Thanks in advance

P.S I'm using Exchange 2003 Standard Edition

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I'm having a problem with Exchange 2003. This happened this happened this past Friday around 4 pm. The mailbox was unmounted. I tried to mount the mailboxes but there were errors. I notices that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service was stopped.

Microsoft Exchange Information Store service will not start.
Could not start the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service on Local Computer
Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

Unable to mount mailbox.

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I'm having a problem with Exchange 2003. This happened this happened 
this past Friday around 4 pm. The mailbox was unmounted. I tried to 
mount the mailboxes but there were errors. I notices that the Microsoft 
Exchange Information Store service was stopped.
Microsoft Exchange Information Store service will not start.
Could not start the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service on 
Local Computer
Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request 
in a timely fashion.
Unable to mount mailbox.

A:exchange 2003 mailbox problem

For Exchange 2010:
- Stop the Microsoft Exchange Search Indexer service. Run Stop-Service MSExchangeSearch if you are into Shell.
- Browse to where the database files are located on the disk. Along with the database file, you will see a folder with “CatalogData-random string” as its name. Delete this folder, which stores the corrupt index.
- Restart the Microsoft Exchange Search Indexer service. Run Start-Service MSExchangeSearch if you are into Shell.
- Give it a minute and a new folder will be created and a new index will be built.
- Also you may read more interesting things about the issue on https://getsatisfaction.com/microsoft/topics/after-restoration-of-mailbox-edb-file-exchange-server-it-became-corrupted?rfm=1&topic_submit=true
- If nothing on above couldn’t assist you, then use Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server https://exchangeserver.recoverytoolbox.com/

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Operating System - Win XP. I am trying to set up Outlook 2003 to use for email. I have reached the stage where I test the Account settings. The test ticks all the boxes except the last one "Send test email message". I get an report which tells me that Outlook cannot connect with the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) - even though it has previously ticked the SMTP box. Any ideas ?

A:Setting Up Outlook 2003 for email

Click on "More Settings" button on the config screen. Goto the 2nd Tab (I guess its called Outgoing server) and enable My outgoing server requires authentication. If you are using an email service thats different from your internet service , let me know , I will give you a workaround.

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Outlook 2003 hyperlinks
When inserting a hyperlink into an HTML email, I find that I cannot click on the link whilst composing, the recipients will be able to click on the link once it has sent. Is this a 'design feature' of Outlook 2003? just wondering!?

A:Outlook 2003 hyperlinks - in a new email?

I've had this problem in Outlook 2000 as well, but it doesn't bother me as a quick copy and paste to use it works for me

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How does one print Outlook email addresses or save them to a file. I have tried so many things to no avail. As I cannot figure out how to back up the address book, I thought that saving the emails in file or printing out would be a work around solution to a back up.

Thank you!!!


A:Outlook 2003 email addresses

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