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Vista only boots to startup repair

Q: Vista only boots to startup repair


Since yesterday I've been trying to get my pc (running Vista Home Premium x32) up and running again, after the 2nd bsod this week. After the first bsod my pc booted like nothing has happened, but now, whatever I try, it only boots into startup repair.

That wouldn't be a problem, but every time it "looks for problems" only to return that "Vista cannot solve these problems - click 'Ok' to shut down bla bla". I've been googling and found that the problem is more common, but nowhere have I found a good detailed solution. Many hints were given though, that it would be best to use a Vista recovery disc.

However, my DVD drive has never worked properly; even when it sees and detects the drive in the BIOS and Boot menu, and even when it's the only thing selected to boot from, it will still only boot to startup repair.

So I spent the rest of today making a bootable usb key. I followed instructions meticulously (I got a Vista Repair .ISO) and now my pc detects the key, and I can select to boot from it, and the first few steps go as they should (Select USB to boot in BIOS etc), as soon as I select that I want to load the Vista repair utilities, it continues to load as it's done all day and go straight to startup repair.

In other words, my pc will only go for startup repair, which does nothing good, regardless of what I do. It won't boot in safe mode, it won't boot from the Vista boot CD I made, it won't boot from my USB key, no matter what way I set my BIOS.

It's getting really annoying because I don't want to reinstall Vista and lose all my files, but I'm starting to think that's the only way out...

Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Vista only boots to startup repair

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Vista only boots to startup repair

"I don't want to reinstall Vista and lose all my files"

That's why you should always have backups on a different drive, then re-installing Windows would always be an option without losing anything.

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Hello all,
I am looking for some advice on how to fix my computer please.
These are my specs:
Dell XPS 420 about three years old.
Windows Vista 32 bit running SP2 with OEM disc without SP 1 or 2
Raid mirror configuration
Shut down normally about three days ago, today went to start it up and it went immediately to Startup Repair which was unsuccessful.
I cannot boot into safe mode (no restore points found- I know they are there because I check them regularly)
I cannot boot from the OEM disc
Debugging mode does not work
Last known configuration does not work
I did boot into the diagnostics screen (F2 or F12, I can't remember) and it did a diagnostic on the hardware so I think my hard drives and memory are ok.
I tried startup repair again and it just now gives up after about 20 seconds and says it can't repair my computer.
When I try to 'start windows normally', it starts, the Dell logo comes up, the white bar loads, then the Intel Array info comes up, then the screen with the little green thingie runs back and forth then it goes to a really quick blue screen that says my computer is being shut down to protect it. It goes by so quick I can't read all of it but there is no information there that tells me anything about what is wrong.
I tried Startup repair one last time and when it said it couldn't repair my computer there were error details at the bottom of the screen:
Problem event name: Startup repair V2
Problem signature 1: Autofailover
Problem signature 2: 6.0.6000.16... Read more

A:Windows Vista boots into startup repair and can't fix it

Looks like a BSOD (blue Screen) Please follow instructions and we will see if we can help
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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When computer boots up, it automatically goes to the Startup Repair tool, which searches for a problem but then concludes that it "cannot be automatically repaired".

I've tried booting in Safe Mode, same problem. I've also attempted to recover the "Last Known Good Configuration" but that hasn't given me any success either.

After the Startup repair tool fails to repair the problem I can view the details of the problem--it provides me with the following list.

Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: Startup Repair V2
Problem Signature 01: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6000.16386
Problem Signature 03: 6
Problem Signature 04: 917518
Problem Signature 05: BadPatch
Problem Signature 06: BadPatch
Problem Signature 07: 0
Problem Signature 08: 3
Problem Signature 09: WrpRepair
Problem Signature 10: 10
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033

I have attempted the following tasks (which didn't solve the problem):

1.System Restore - Result: Cannot find a previous restore point

2.Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool - Result: No problems found,
system reboots, and automatically goes to "Startup Repair" - Gives
the same dialog of problem details listed above.

3.Command Prompt - Result: tried bootrec /fixboot & bootrec
/fixmbr, but after restart it automatically goes to "Startup
Repair" - Gives the same dialog of problem details listed above.

4.Chkdsk - Result: No bad files or errors found. After reboot ... Read more

A:Please Help - Vista boots directly to Startup Repair Tool

It sounds like you have about exausted your options. If you have an actual Vista install disk, you could try:

Repair Install For Vista

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First of all, thanks anyone for your help. I've come here twice over the last few years and gotten awesome help both times.

My parents laptop is having a problem I can not fix.

It's running Vista, I'm not sure which version.

Unfortunately my parents arent very computer savvy, so weren't helpful as to what caused the issue.

When I turn on the laptop it boots straight in "Startup Repair" window, "Startup repair is checking your system from problems" . This is the only window. The rest of the screen is blue. No task bar or start button or anything. After it runs, a new window pops up "Microsoft windows" which says "startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically. Sending more information can help Ms create solutions" Two options "send info or dont." Under the see problem details drop down it gives:

"problem event name: startup repair V2"
"auto fallover" and mentions "corrupt file" twice.

I click "dont send info" and it goes back to the startup repair. When i click the finish button, the computer turns off.

When I restart/reboot:

If I press F10, I get to "PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility" in which I ran "Hard disk self test" under the Diagnostics tab. It said everything on the hard disk was fine.

If I press F8 I get to "Advanced Boot Options"

Whether I select "repair your computer" "safe mode" "last known g... Read more

A:Laptop w Vista only boots into "Startup Repair" infinitely

Ok I got to a login window and picked user "owner" and entered the password.

It took my to the "System Recovery Options" window. I tried to restore it to a previous point, but "no restore points have been created..."

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When computer boots up, it automatically goes to the Startup Repair tool, which searches for a problem but then concludes that it "cannot be automatically repaired".

I've tried booting in Safe Mode, same problem. I've also attempted to recover the "Last Known Good Configuration" but that hasn't given me any success either.

After the Startup repair tool fails to repair the problem I can view the details of the problem--it provides me with the following list.

Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: Startup Repair V2
Problem Signature 01: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6000.16386
Problem Signature 03: 6
Problem Signature 04: 917518
Problem Signature 05: BadPatch
Problem Signature 06: BadPatch
Problem Signature 07: 0
Problem Signature 08: 3
Problem Signature 09: WrpRepair
Problem Signature 10: 10
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033

I have attempted the following tasks (which didn't solve the problem):

1.System Restore - Result: Cannot find a previous restore point

2.Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool - Result: No problems found,
system reboots, and automatically goes to "Startup Repair" - Gives
the same dialog of problem details listed above.

3.Command Prompt - Result: tried bootrec /fixboot & bootrec
/fixmbr, but after restart it automatically goes to "Startup
Repair" - Gives the same dialog of problem details listed above.

4.Chkdsk - Result: No bad files or er... Read more

A:Please Help -- Vista boots directly to Startup Repair Tool ...

I had the same problem with my Acer Aspire 6920G laptop. I finally used a Apricorn Live Wire and connected the hard drive directly to my desk top. I was able to see some files but none of the Picture files I had downloaded to the computer. I made an image of the drive using the supplied EZ Gig II software that came with the Apricorn hardware. I will return the computer to where it was purchased and hang on to the image in hopes that the future may advance something that will allow me to recover the data. I know that this doesn't help much......I posted a note like yours I think on Sunday but have not received any replies.


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recently I have bought new laptop Asus X52JC with i3 CPU , 3GB RAM, GeForce 310m etc. I installed Win7 Home Premium 32bits.
After a week computer began to hang up at windows 7 startup: "Please wait... message", no windows logo, full hdd activity and it stays here forever. I tried to launch windows repair, safe mode it just hangs with full hdd activity.
Only one thing worked: startup repair. It repairs computer about 2 hours and then it boots normaly. If i shut it down or restart, it works also. But next day, story begins all over again....
So, I reformated hard drive, reinstaled windows, all newest drivers from asus website and office with skype. Everything worked fine until the next day Problem is identical. The only one thing that is working for me now is startup repair. It repairs computer and works for one day

A:Boots to startup repair only

I downloaded Seagate tools for Windows and DOS. Both tests says:
Short DST - FAIL
Long Generic - FAIL

I guess my hardrive is bad...

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I have a Lenovo 0578CTO running Windows 7.

My computer will only boot into the Startup Repair and then it says it could not detect a problem.

I view the diagnostic and repair details and there are no error codes, but the "Root cause found:" is "The operating system version is incompatible with Startup Repair"

I can go into advanced options for system recovery and support.

I tried a System Restore, but received the error 0x80071a91.

Any suggestions??

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Windows will only boot into startup repair no matter what. The issue is startup repair was unable to fix the problem. Here is the log:

Problem event name: StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 03: unknown
Problem Signature 04: 21200782
Problem Signature 05: SystemDisk
Problem Signature 06: 8
Problem Signature 07: BadDriver
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033


A:Windows only boots into startup repair

Please try here http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/139576-startup-repair-infinite-loop-recovery.html

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I am using my cellphone because my computer is stuck in startup repair mode. I have windows vista.I can choose repair or normal, both run start up repair. It always fails after multiple attempts. I chose advanced options after failures and tried to do a hard drive restore to several different dates. It always says its successful and restarts, but goes into startup repair again every time. I have called ms tech support, and not surprisingly my problem requires advanced help that costs money. They did have me restart and push f8 to launch safe mode, but it ended up in startup repair also. I have agreed to pay them but set up an appt for next tues. They said i can cancel and get my money back if i want. They said my problem is fixable and my photos and files will be there. I just feel like i may have a better option and I'm hoping this website is it. I can restart my computer and give the details if its needed. I am desperately seeking your help and would definitely donate if you can fix my computer and i dont have to pay ms. I am not a computer idiot, but definitely NO expert.

A:stuck in startup repair, vista startup repair, repair failures

Hi, check the following link.
Boot from the Vista DVD
Follow the link above to reach - Command Prompt.
At Command Prompt - Type.
Press Enter.
It will now give you some options.
bootrec /fixmbr
Press Enter.
Let it finish fixing the Master Boot Record.
Type Exit and exit Command Prompt [remove the DVD] and restart you pc.

If the above does not work - use the DVD and back to Command Prompt.
bootrec /fixboot
Press Enter
Let it finish fixing the boot sector.
Type Exit and exit Command Prompt [remove the DVD] and restart you pc.

I would try and back up any needed data and files first, before you do the above.
How to use Linux live Cd to backup files from a dead Pc

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Hello all i have a problem with my laptop running windows 7. When i turn on my laptop it says "windows is loading files" then it briefly shows as if windows is starting up, then a window sayin startup repair comes up that reads "startup repair is checking your system for problems" and then it says "startup cannot repair this computer automatically" i Don't get a start bar or anything i can't even see the desktop i have tried to start it up many times and i always get the same screens i will appreciate any help you guys may provide

A:Computer boots to startup repair and no farther


In order to know which route we should take to properly diagnose your issue please answer the following questions.

How long has this issue been occurring?

To your knowledge, have you been infected with malware recently?

Have you made any recent hardware or software changes to the machine?

What is the last thing you did before the issue began?


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Today, I decided to download SP1, since there was this application that required it. Anyways, it got downloaded without any problems, but while it was installing, it got stuck for over half an hour, but then completed the installation, which made me restart my PC.

However, after that, It booted into startup repair, telling me that Windows won't start and it couldn't fix any problems, which made me do a system recovery and boot up my PC, I also tried installing SP1 again, but had the same exact problem.

Here are the required data and If you need any more information, feel free to ask

I also didn't get any error codes.

A:PC boots up to startup repair after installing Windows 7 SP1

Hmm - not a common occurrence!
let's do a few basic checks before attempting another SP1 install

First - did you attempt the install from Windows Update, or from the standalone installer?

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data

If the file is too large (8MB compressed), remove the older CBSPersist cab files until the final file is below the limit - you can always post them separately after zipping them. (the forum doesn't allow the upload of bare CAB files, for a number of reasons)

Please also post the C:\Windows\windowsudpate.log file

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Title says it all. Tried everything in CMD on Recovery disc but it still does not work.
Im trying to fix the laptop for over a month now. I need it working as soon as possibile!

A:Windows boots into Startup Repair which cannot fix the problem

You might need to do a complete reinstallation.Do you have backups of everything you need on the system?

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So, I have a computer that I have to give to someone. The problem is, that every time I boot the computer up, it shows "Starting Windows" for just 1 second and immediately boots into Startup Repair. Startup Repair then fails to fix the error, but from the info I got, it seems that the registry is corrupted.
The things I have done:

1. Copy new files from the DVD to the config folder - Nothing changed.
2. Check the HDD for problems. Seagate SeaTools - Passed the long and the short test.
3. Check the RAM - Memtest86+ v5.01 - no errors.
4. How I got the error: First, I tried to install SP1, but it rolled back. Second, then I installed the drivers for the computer and restarted every single time it asked. Tried SP1 again, but this time I got this issue.

System specs for that computer are after slashes (for every part).
Sorry for any grammar mistakes.
P.S. Can't access the CMD from anything (From Startup Repair, from DVD).

A:Computer immediately boots into Startup Repair

Hi Haexagon,
As the comp hasn't got SP1 on it, and your passing it on.
Why not clean install, dont forget to change Bios order to DVD as first boot option.


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hi all need some help please booted up pc yesterday and was found with a screen saying startup repair that runs for about 30 mins and then it will say startup could not detect a problem press finish to restart so i do and get the same thing over again, when i try to go to safe mode i get the same screen ??? i cant even do a restore , anyone got a clue whatto do please ??? running win7 and cant get pasted the startup repair screen


tryed the win7 disk to repair i get to the system recovery options it scans for a bit then i get operating system win 7 the partition size and location (c) local disk i then clink on win7 and press next then i get a pop up saying this version of system recovery options is not compatible with this version of windows you are trying to repair ???

can see all files and folders on hdd when asked to add drives

A:screen saying startup repair every time it boots

if you upgraded to sp1 after making the recovery disk you will need to slipstream sp1 into the win 7 disk with vlite

Download - vLite - Windows Vista configuration tool

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So lately my computer's firewall has decided to not work so I searched around and eventually concluded on doing a upgrade reinstall.
As I didn't want to lose any of my files, drivers or programs.
All seemed like it went well until the computer rebooted for the last time before it reaches the
" Setting up for first use " dialog
Though before this was able to happen the computer went into a reboot loop with bsod 0x0000001E

After a large amount of reluctant clicking
The computer NOW only boots to the System Recovery Options window and the ONLY option is Startup Repair ; There is NO command prompt no diagnostics, nothing,
Just Startup Repair, in which start up repair is unable to do anything and continues to loop itself with a Don't send dialog

I have tried inserting the installation disk and accessing the Repair Computer but it presents an incompatibility error.

I have no F8 menu at all, (no safe mode, which I can't access anyway because the computer can't set up for first use).

Need any Assistance, all is welcome, thanks.

A:System immediately boots to Startup Repair - No access to F8

Please fill in your System Specs in bottom left corner of your post.

Running any OS without having your files backed up is careless. Running a Repair Install or Reinstall without backing up your files is reckless.

You can try to rescue your files now using step 9 in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start
however I doubt there is anything to repair since the reinstall aparently failed.

So I would skip to running Factory Recovery or getting the superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 (same for retail) which will yield a perfect install if you stick with the methods and tools given.

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acer aspire, win7 home premium x64. it froze while using VLC (i had not downloaded or installed anything new), shut down, flashed a BSOD kernel error, then started an infinite startup repair loop. i have tried advanced boot options; all of them just begin running startup repair (which runs for hours and then hangs before it completes) except for debugging mode, which boots up just fine.

running a chkdsk now from the debug mode. previously i had put my HDD into an external so that i could run it through another comp and figure out if it was a hardware failure. the drive showed no filing system, so i ran recuva and backed up all the data. ran chkdsk /f and it repaired a couple bad sectors. then the drive opened normally, no errors. ran chkdsk R/ to be sure, but it hung on stage 4 for 8 hrs so i ended the process.

after replacing the hdd into the aspire and figuring out that i can boot into debugging mode, i'm re-running the chkdsk. it seems to have frozen again. is this an indication that the HDD is failing? should i just replace it and re-install win7?

A:startup repair loop - only boots into debugging mode

Hello hyukj,

You might see if this may be able to help with the startup repair loop.

Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

Hope this helps,

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My Windows 7 now refuses to boot properly and now only boots into startup repair. This started happening after I shrunk and moved the /dev/sda2 partition (on my computer, the C:\ drive), so I could install Ubuntu. I did notice that Windows failed to boot but I was stupid and didn't fix as soon as I realized. I installed Ubuntu (and with it, Grub) and now Windows just boots into Startup Repair which just says it can't do anything and then displays some HP software that gives me a few options (none of which has helped). It may be important to note that I have the option to go to the command prompt.

I have tried all the fixes I have found on the internet (such as the various bootrec.exe commands) to no avail and am becoming desperate! Please help!

Thanks, RibShark.

A:Windows 7 boots into Startup Repair after moving partition.

Windows just boots into Startup Repair which just says it can't do anything

Silly question, but did you have the Windows OS Install Disc in the CD/DVD drive, when you were attempting to run the Startup Repair?

If not, please do that, ensure that your Boot Order is set to read discs (look in the BIOS) and try booting from the Windows disc again.

Also refer to Repairing the Master Boot Record via command prompt here.

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I apologize, I'm relatively new at support forums but I am concerned on the status of my Laptop.

Anyways, here's the deal. Last night I put my computer into hibernate (which I do every night, so this is a brand new occurrence) and this morning I turned it on, according to the start up screen, Windows failed to shut down properly and it asked me if I wanted to continue start up normally. I accepted. Then, it started up in System Repair mode (which was visually, safe mode) and apparently, fixed something. Everything runs fine afterwards but it's irritating me that something might be wrong with my Computer.

I checked my Hard drive manager, it said everything was "Healthy", I did a "SFC/Scannow" and that repaired some things, but not everything (according the CBS.log). I did a virus scan and then restarted (I can restart without an issue), but after that I tired to hibernate and the same issue persisted.

So it's related to Hibernating only.

I went to my Event Viewer to see if it would shed any light and in the critical section, these came up. http://i47.tinypic.com/4v1gd3.png They're at the same times this happened so could it be a power issue?

I have a warranty so I can get anything repaired but I personally don't want to wait if I can just fix the issue myself, so any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.

A:System fails to shut down after Hibernate and boots w/Startup Repair

Sorry for the bump, but I'm really urgent on this. I hate having to shut down every time I stop using my computer.

Another tid-bit, this also happens when I go into sleep mode. Do you think System Restore would fix this? If I restored back in time, would any viruses I had previously be restored as well?

Thanks again and I apologize.

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We have a Windows 7 computer, fairly new Acer Inspire laptop. Recently, when it had turned itself off for power reasons, when we entered the login it first said 'not found' and then dropped to a screen that looks like the login background but without the login box. Ctrl+Alt+Delete doesn't work, you have to force hard boot. On rebooting, it recognizes that startup failed and offers an attempt to repair. I ran this about 40 times, I think it's clear that isn't fixing it. It boots to that plain screen, so it starts windows, but then just sits there.

I'm told the Windows 7 disk has a more detailed startup repair option that might allow us to solve this without losing a lot of critical data on the hard drive. However we cannot find the dang thing, we had a whole stack of info/disks/etc. I thought was in the box it came in, but when we got it down from the closet, box was empty, and we can't find any trace of any of the original materials. I don't know what to do. Is there some way just to get that repair-startup utility without having to purchase a whole new windows 7 disk? We are afraid to send it for warranty repair to Acer because the default 'repair' appears to be reverting back to default settings which would wipe out all our data.

Do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks,

A:Win7 boots to blank screen (no login box), startup repair not working

Can you boot in safe mode?

Safe Mode

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We have a VGC-LS25E Series Sony Vaio desktop computer. When we attempt to start, start up fails and when we run start up repair, the error message says start up repair cannot repair this computer automatically. When we view problem details we recieve a message saying problem event name: StartupRepairV2 followed by 10 problem signatures.
Problem signature 01: AutoFailover
Problem signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6001.18000
Problem signature 03: 6
Problem signature 04: 1310740
Problem signature 05: NoRootCause
Problem signature 06: NoRootCause
Problem signature 07: 0
Problem signature 08: 1
Problem signature 09: SystemRestore
Problem signature 10: 0
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1003

Please help? What should we do next?

A:Vista startup repair cannot repair this computer-- problem event name StartupRepairV2

Please stop posting the same thing over and over. Once is enough. Be patient. Someone will reply in Vista startup repair cannot repair this computer-- problem event name StartupRepairV2.

I'm requesting this thread also be deleted.

Anyone responding, please use the above thread instead of this one.


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We have a VGC-LS25E Series Sony Vaio desktop computer. When we attempt to start, start up fails and when we run start up repair, the error message says start up repair cannot repair this computer automatically. When we view problem details we recieve a message saying problem event name: StartupRepairV2 followed by 10 problem signatures.
Problem signature 01: AutoFailover
Problem signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6001.18000
Problem signature 03: 6
Problem signature 04: 1310740
Problem signature 05: NoRootCause
Problem signature 06: NoRootCause
Problem signature 07: 0
Problem signature 08: 1
Problem signature 09: SystemRestore
Problem signature 10: 0
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1003

Please help? What should we do next?

A:Vista startup repair cannot repair this computer-- problem event name StartupRepairV2

Hi jessie,
Did you get any factory recovery disc's when you purchased the PC, Or do you have any repair disc's from microsoft, If you do, try them, Try going into safe mode and doing a system restore,let me know how you do, good luck patch41

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Please help!! I tried starting up my computer and I got this problem!

Problem Event Name: StartupRepairV2
Problem Signature 01: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6001.18000.6.0.6001.18000
Problem Signature 03: 6
Problem Signature 04: 327685
Problem Signature 05: CorruptFile
Problem Signature 06: CorruptFile
Problem Signature 07: 3221225705
Problem Signature 08: 3
Problem Signature 09: WrpRepair
Problem Signature 10: 1117
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

A:Vista Startup Repair Cannot Repair this Computer Automatically

Assuming that you do not have a Vista DVD

On another computer burn a recovery DVD

Create a Recovery Disc

If you do have a Vista DVD, post.

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Let me start off by saying thanks for any help. I used a friends computer to download and burn an image file to disk. In the course of doing so i had to download and install a img burner(i think it was called ISOBURN) which i then uninstalled. Sometime later that day the system was rebooted and now the system no longer boots normally, it boots to a WINDOWS98 startup selection. If i try and select any of the options from this menu it returns that it "cannot find himem.sys...blahblah...please enter the path to command.com.
I have already restored the registry to an earlier backup and rolled back the entire system 2 weeks using the OEM restore disk niether of which corrected the issue. Any assistance will be truly appreciated.

A:Help Vista boots to windows98 startup selection screen?

I suspect the image file itself...

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My computer won't boot so I can't run TSG SysInfo. But it is a Dell Studio 540 Desktop and I am running Vista 64 bit. Here's what is happening: After I power on, the Dell splash screen appears and the BIOS seems to load OK. Then, the Microsoft status bar appears at the bottom of the screen as the OS tries to load. Then "Startup Repair" screen appears and indicates that it's checking for probs and will fix them automatically. No BSOD appears at any time. Then after "Startup Repair" runs for a few minutes,, it says it can't repair the computer automatically and gives two options: 1. View Diagnostic and Repair Details; system disk=\Device\Harddisk0, Windows Directory=C:\Windows, Autochkrun=0, Number of Root Causes=1 2.System Recovery Options; Startup Repair, System Restore, Windows Complete PC Restore, Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, Command Prompt.

The system restore option won't work because there are no restore points. The windows complete PC restore won't work because there is no image available.

I have looked at another post describing a situation that seems to be similar to mine ,except I have no BSOD. http://forums.techguy.org/windows-vista/840277-vista-stuck-startup-repair-blue.html I have tried doing a Manual System Restore as described in the link, but there is no change. I have tried re-booting from the Reinstallation Disk that came from Dell, but it still goes to startup repair. I have an adapter that will all... Read more

A:Vista: startup repair won't repair my OS

Go here to download Ubuntu 10.04 ( There is a newer version, but I am going by my existing setup, so follow along and

choose 10.04 ) http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/ Save the iso file.

Then download ImgBurn from here: http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download

Install ImgBurn and run it.

Choose "Write Image to Disc"

At the top of the Imgburn window, where it says "Source" click on the folder with maginfying glass icon; Then

navigate to where you saved the ISO file.

Then click on the bottom area of the window depicting hd write to CD.

That should create the CD.

Now you want to boot with the CD on your PC. Check your BIOS so that it chooses to boot using the CD first. You are looking for the Boot menu, boot priority, or something along that line.

Once you boot into Ubuntu, pull down the Places pull down menu. Choose the ## GB Filesystem. That would be your hard drive. You will be able to see all folders in your drive. Now copy off the files you want to a USB memory stick.

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windows update was canceled (purposely by teen) and now computer starts in repair mode.  We selected repair and message says could not be repaired and shuts down.  In recovery tools - tried to load to last known working version and no restore point is available.  Disks did not come with this computer (Dell Inspiron 1545).  Any help would be appreciated.

A:Windows 7 update was canceled boots to repair screen can't repair

You could try going into safe mode, hit F8 during boot up.  Not real sure but I would then go to windows update, it may see the bad load.  It is worth a try!

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I've been having the same problem as big0 
 Windows 7 update was canceled boots to repair screen can't repair
And in your post try a windows repair from windows disk i go to part b  step 6b but  System Recovery Options does not find Windows 7 operating system What do i do now 
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A:Windows 7 update was canceled boots to repair screen can't repair Too

Hi, Is this the same computer as here?
Thank You

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Hi there, I'm new and a little computer literate. My acer won't load vista, startup repair can't fix the problem and I can't boot into safe mode. I did download a recovery environment that will get me to the command prompt, but from there I'm lost. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Vista startup repair


you could try system restore, from cmd prompt... http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Start-System-Restore-from-a-command-prompt

good luck

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Hi... I have an Asus G71 laptop with Vista x64... It will not load Vista OS in normal, Last Good Configuration, or any other modes...flashes a blue screen really fast at end or normal or safe mode load...then goes back and tries to load OS normally again... It came with no recovery/repair preloaded...and only came with Asus recovery discs that have no repair options...only a full re-install...

What can I use to do a boot repair of Vista startup/Vista without doing a full re-install and loosing everything???

Thanks for your time, consideration, and any help you can offer...


A:Vista Startup Repair

Enter the advanced boot menu (last good, safe mode etc) choose the option to Disable Automatic Restart After Error. This will allow you to read the Blue Screen Error message. Backup any files you can't live without using an Ubuntu Live CD to a USB Flash Drive. Once you are fully backed up, put the Restore CD in, and boot the computer it should give the option to Repair Your Computer and give you the RE (Recovery Environment) here you can choose Command Prompt and type chkdsk C: /R and press enter. If you do not get a Command Prompt or RE option, then restore your computer to factory settings with the CD since you are fully backed up.

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Every day when I startup this computer, Its toshiba labtop and Im running vista. Im not as familiar with vista yet as I am XP. So anyways, its suddenly the last few weeks always trying to update to restart and update these 1 of 3 updates and if you postpone it or whatever it doesnt matter because the next time you restart it or turn it back on it tries to configur 1 of 3 updates, takes about 15 minutes then it says
Startup Repair
Your computer was unable to start
Startup repair will check your system for problems ...etc.
That process takes about another 15 min. Then it'll start up but it'll tell me it needs to restart and configure new updates???
Around the same time the computer started doing this, I started getting popups and freezing and not respondings all the time. It gets beteer then worse. Irun disc cleanup and defragmenter all the time, I clean temp internet files out, Im not sure if I got a bug or what. The same time it started doing that it stopped letting me connect to the wireless interenet without mt little usb adapter. I have wireless on this laptop and never needed the adapter but suddenly it wont connect without it. I got another laptop that connects to the same internet perfect with no problem so I know its not the router thing. Can anyone help? I have used combofix on a HP desktop with XP before so I know how it goes but im just not familiar with vista. I hope I dont need to go that far on this one hopefully its not that bad. Any help?

A:Vista Startup Repair

HelloI see that you have an HJT log posted here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/239519/vista-startup-repairfreezing-compupdates-constantly/ We do not allow more than one topic for the same computer and the same issue as this causes confusion, and in this case may make the disinfection process more difficult.This leaves you with a choice:1) Have this thread reopened and moved to the Am I Infected forum and the HiJack This log topic deletedOR2) Keep this thread closed and wait for assistance in the HiJack This log forum. Please note that that forum is VERY busy.Please send a Private Message indicating your choice.Assuming you wish assistance in the HiJack This forum, you should NOT make further changes to your computer (install/uninstall programs, use special fix tools, delete files, edit the registry, etc) unless advised by a HJT Team member, nor should you continue to ask for help elsewhere. Doing so can result in system changes which may not show in the log you already posted. Further, any modifications you make on your own may cause confusion for the helper assisting you and could complicate the malware removal process which would extend the time it takes to clean your computer.From this point on the HJT Team should be the only members that you take advice from, until they have verified your log as clean.Please be patient. It may take a while to get a response because the HJT Team members are EXTREMELY busy working logs posted before yours. They are volunt... Read more

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So i was playing a video game and the computer just froze, I could move the mouse around but that was it. I restarted the computer and it would load to a point and then just go to a black screen.

I then choose the option to use "startup repair" and it has been going on for 3 hours with no feedback. Any idea what i should do? Thanks

A:Vista Startup Repair

Hello Qetuoadg, welcome to Vista Forums!

If you haven't found a solution, have a look at the tutorials at the links below to see if you can do a system restore to a point before the issue started, I include the one for safe mode if you need to do the restore from there.

How to Do a System Restore in Vista

How to Start Vista in Safe Mode

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Hi guys,

I had an unfortunate incident where I had a PC reset right in the middle of an update and I'm now left with this:

http://i.imgur.com/SpI1jDF.jpg - an image showing that my system cannot find \Windows\system32\config\system. The error, while partially obscured by a flash, is 0xc00000e9.

Suffice it to say, this is a problem and I would like to repair this if possible. That brings me to this site and, actually, to System Recovery Options that page in particular. It seemed like a great guide and the answer to my prayers. But there was a problem. The version shown on the screen gives this lovely option: http://www.vistax64.com/attachments/...r_computer-jpg - this shows a nice big 'repair your computer' button. I would love to have this button. I get something different.

The first screen I see is this one: http://i.imgur.com/7DuA9ek.jpg - I can select my language but that's all I can do there.

The second screen is this one: http://i.imgur.com/QovQGo9.jpg - just a license agreement. Nothing special here.

The third one is this one: http://i.imgur.com/B1riCXK.jpg - asking me where I want to install Vista.

So... as someone in desperate need of the ability to simply repair an existing installation, where are the options to repair? I've searched top to bottom. Am I missing something. I could really use some help here.

My OS is Vista Ultimate 64 bit, and it was working fine until just two days ago. I really don't want to reinstall and... Read more

A:Vista Startup Repair

Hello were you unable to open safe mode or was that not an option.

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System is Dell XPS 410 - approx 5 yrs old; Vista Home (not sure on service packs)
* system would not display anything (no POST, nothing) during power-off boot
* replace motherboard, CPU and power supply with like Dell parts - no help
* replaced video card - different vendor - system now has video
* bootup shows Startup Repair; windows will not start if Normal starup is selected
* Startup Repair reports: cannot repair this computer automatically and indicates Bad Patch in the Problem Signature 05 & 06
* other information shows "a patch is prevening the system from starting"
* have run the startup repair several times
* chkdsk (no options) does not show any problems
* using F8 - system will not boot to Safe Mode

Previous help from this forum has been fantastic - I know you guys can help solve this.
Many thanks in advance

A:Vista won't start - startup repair no help

What steps did you take to reinstall Vista on the new hard drive?


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I just got this laptop, its only 6 months old, has had Vista Home Premium since birth. The other night I closed out of my programs and shut the laptop as I do everynight. The next day when I opened it up, it froze in the wake up process. It Stayed at a blank screen for an hour. I decided to do a Hard Restart, and then it brought up a boot menu with 2 Options. Run Windows Vista Startup Repair Program(recommended) or Start Windows Vista Normally. I Chose the startup repair option and it was there for hours, then it would reset, and go through it again. After the 3rd restart and startup Repair it would freeze at the loading screen. I ran the Repair again and pulled up the Diagnosis and Repair Details. It ran through a dozen tests, all ending in the same error. Error code = 0x0. At the bottom is says Root cause found: System volume on disk is corrupt.
Everytime I reboot, it only gives me those two options, I cant start in Safe Mode by pressing F8 or bypass windows and open the command prompt. I'm Stuck. Formatting my hard drive is an option but as always a last resort. Any help would be much appretiated. Thanx,

Zach Engle

A:Vista Startup Repair Errors

Sounds like you have a Toshiba.

Have you tried starting up normally?


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Hi guys

I am new to the forum, came accross a couple of your threads via Google and have been on flicking round the forum trying out some of the suggestions and nothing has worked so far. I am a bit scared that I will mess it up entirely but at the point that the darn thing won't work properly anyway.

The problem is my PC will start, brings up the scanning Microsoft bar thingy then goes blank.

I have tried a System Restore to various different dates - no joy.

I have run Startup Repair (numerous times!) and get the following:- Windows cannot repair this computer automatically

Problem Event Name StartupRepairV2
Problem Signature 01 Manual Repair
Problem Signature 02 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6001.18000
Problem Signature 03 3
Problem Signature 04 65537
Problem Signature 05 unknown
Problem Signature 06 BadDriver
Problem Signature 07 0
Problem Signature 08 3
Problem Signature 09 WrpRepair
Problem Signature 10 2
OS Version 6.0.6000.
Locale ID 1033

In the Diagnosis and Repair Details it says

A recent driver installation or upgrade may be preventing the system from starting.

Repair Action: System Restore
Result Cancelled

Repair action: System files integrity check and repair
Result: Failed. Error code 0 0x2

I have run the System Restore Function to the oldest stored point, before a HP update which is the only update that I can see on there.

It will... Read more

A:Vista won't start - Startup Repair can't.. what next

Hello rosered,
Can you provide some system specs ?.
Follow the instructions in this tutorial, it will check and repair you Vista file system.


Also you can download these two free tools to check your registry and malware. (Backup registry when prompted).
Run Malwarebytes first, then CCleaner.


CCleaner - Download

Give it a go and post your results.

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.Hi, I'm using Vista Home Premium and is experiencing the Startup Repair Loop. I'm actually still using Vista SP1 and tried to install .Net Framework 4 for a program which then triggered the configuration of updates upon reboot. This configuration never made it past 19% in stage 1 (stuck even after half an hour later). A force-shutdown and reboot was attempted and the configuration actually made progress this time but suddenly stopped and rebooted into the Startup Repair screen which displays the "cannot repair this computer automatically" error and continues to do so at every reboot.

I've tried the following in reviving this pc:All f8 upon start up options (safe modes just lead to the startup repair again)This solution: Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery - Windows 7 ForumsChkdsk (no errors found but if I schedule the check after reboot, it doesn't happen and the sfc scannow doesn't work either)Memory Diagnostic Check (no errors found)Update: I attempted to disable the Startup Repair upon reboot by typing this into the cmd: bcdedit /set {default} recoveryenabled No

The only result was that upon reboot, I got to the Windows Boot Manager screen saying that WIndows failed to start. They asked for my Windows Installation Disc (which I can't find) and the following is shown as well:

File: ntoskrnl.exe
Status: 0xc0000098
Info: Windows failed to load because a required file is missing, or corrupt.

But I can still access the f8 options upon startup.

I do not... Read more

A:Help ! Vista Startup Repair Loop

Burned Ubuntu Live ISO into CD (tried with USB but got boot error all the time) and installed the OS alongside with Vista.
Backup-ed all the data and deleted Vista away (piece of crap) with Ubuntu as my main OS now.

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I've got a problem when I start my PC, it does not start as usual, but it automatically show the "System Recovery Options". So, I've clicked Startup Repair, and it starts attempting to repair disk errors...

After around 7hours, the task is finished.But when I restart my PC, the same "System Recovery Options"window pop up.

What should I do? I do not want to restore to factory setting as I got important documents in my PC.

Your advice is highly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Startup Repair problem with Vista

Does it give you the option to start Windows Normally?

If yes try that.

After Going to the Desktop

Back up all the Stuff from C Drive.

If nothing works try The Tutorials section maybe that might Help.

It would be better to reinstall the OS from a Scratch and get it working.

If you want help for reinstallation and other stuff Please PM me.


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By mistake i posted in wrong forum, here is the correct one.I am working a laptop computer.It automatically goes to startup repair.after it runs the repair mode for some time it tells me that cannot repair the problem.Last succesfull boot time 5/7/2009Number of repair attemps 23System Disk = Device harddisk0Windows Directory = c:\windowsautocheck run =0number of rootchecks = 1All different test were succesfull.Log again.I tryed to do a system restore but no restore point available.Being a laptop machine came without windows vista install disk.Please helpThanks

A:Windows Vista Startup Repair

Hi Iedq

do you have a seperate recovery partiion?

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No matter what i try i can not get past startup repair can not fix computer automatically. tried all safe mode options still get this message. i can't even get to command prompt.

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Dear Friends..
i have been into some startup repair problems in my laptop,
i am using an ACER 5530G Windows Vista(factory pre installed),
its slightly more than a year old.my lap was prefect until yesterday when starting up the lap, the acer arcade key got accidently pressed, thats kind of a media player i think and i've never used it,and it started before even starting up windows, and then it made some installs may be it was updating itself. then when i started the comp immediately there was this displayed as start up failed and attempting to repair, since then i restarted a lot of times but it was a vain, even i couldnt get a system restore point, and then no option it would give rather than finish and shut down.
my lap was up to date,with antivirus kaspesky,and windows updates.
Now since yesterday i've shut my lap completely without power and removed the battery hoping it might do a wonder after some time. can any body please recommend me anything what could be the problem and how can i bring back to normal.
bt finally apart from the options it gave me a series of other things where i saw even command prompt, but didnt open it coz i didnt know any commands.

Please help me,, your help is much appreciated.


A:startup repair problem/Vista

Im sorry that you are having problems, maybe this wiii help

If you create a recovery DVD, you may be able to boot to recovery options
Create Recovery DVD

The Vista recovery disk is used to boot Vista when it won't boot - to run Startup Repair, System Restore, access a Command Line, Recover using a Vista Backup Image, etc.
System Recovery Options. Choose an option tht will not cause you to lose your stuff.

If Vista will not start now, boot the Recovery CD to run Startup Repair which automates System Restore as well as numerous other tests including System File Checker which can repair system files which are not corrupted beyond repair.

If Vista still will not start, try booting into Safe Mode to run sfc /scannow to repair System files.
Special Thanks Given to Seven Forums.
Below is a bulletin distributed by MS to explain the start up procedure when Windows will not boot.
Startup Repair. Startup Repair is a Windows recovery tool that can fix certain problems, such as missing or damaged system files, that might prevent Windows from starting. Startup Repair is located on the System Recovery Options menu, which is on the Windows Vista installation disc. If your computer has preinstalled recovery options, it might also be stored on your computer's hard disk. For more information, see Startup Repair: frequently asked questions and What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista? If your computer does not include Startup Repair, your computer manufacturer mi... Read more

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My new HP laptop with factory installed VISTA shows a screen that says the PC is damaged and must be repaired. But after the repair sequence it says the PC CAN'T be repaired. then I restart and it starts.

I suspect I got a virus by visiting a nasty porn site that had a pop up advising to download a new viewer. I did not down load. I never download anything like that. but after I shut down after that session I had this problem.

I am using AVG (Anti Virus Group free version and Spy Bot free version) I am not using Norton.

Is there a way to repair OS files without a complete wipe of the hard drive?

I did make a recovery CD set. It is a new laptop about 30 days old.

Thanks for any help, advice, and yes snide remarks are also welcome.



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This morning, I went to start my computer, (HP desktop, Vista 32-bit, 4 GB RAM, 1 year old.) Right after the usual HP startup screens, I get a black and white screen saying something like "Windows did not start normally" and asks me to choose between:
-Running startup repair or
-Start windows normally

I choose to run the startup repair, and it begins and continues to "repair the startup" for more than 4 hours. I think that something got messed up, so I shut it down and run it again. This time, it runs for about 8 hours. It was responding fine, the blue bar kept moving back and forth the entire time. Both times, when I went to cancel the repair, nothing happened, so I had to shut it down.

I also tried the other option, starting it normally, but nothing happened, it just looked like it froze, on a solid colored screen.

I actually had this happen before to me, but the startup repair fixed the problem in about an hour, and it worked fine.

I was reading some other forums, but do I have to somehow repair it manually? Like do I need a Vista disc in order to fix it or something to that nature? I have no idea why this is happening. Can somebody please help me?

All help is appreciated!

A:Vista startup repair problems

Try running Startup Repair from a disk - sometimes it'll fix things that the built-in version doesn't fix. Also, try running it 3 times (don't let it go more than an hour). Here's instructions on how to use it (and how to make disks if you don't have them):

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I'm trying to fix a Dell Dimension 1501 with Windows Vista 32 Bit Home Basic for a friend. The problem is, when Vista loads I get the Windows Boot Manager screen which tells me to insert the install disc and repair my computer, file boot\bcd status 0xc000000f. When I do that and select repair the problem, a message displays saying that there are problems with your computer's startup options, do you want to repair and restart? I click yes and it takes me to system recovery options and wants me to select an OS.
There's no option to select an OS, it's completely blank as if it doesn't see Vista installed at all. I can either select Load Drivers, which doesn't help me because I don't know what I'm looking at, or click next. If I click next I get to the System Recovery Options.

Startup Repair fails and says it can not fix the problem automatically...looking into the details, it performed a few checks and then failed at the end with No OS files found on disk.
I then went back and tried to do an install from the recovery disk, and that seemed to work, however right at the end it gives me a message saying there was a problem preparing the computer to reboot and that the install failed.
My last resort was to do the factory restore, however upon boot up, I can't even get to the advanced boot up screen by tapping F8 or CTRL + F11 like I've seen in a few other posts.
Can anyone please help me on this one? I'm completely lost on this one.

A:Vista won't startup, won't repair, or let me reinstall.

You have sata drives. You must load the 3rd party sata drivers for Vista to see the HDD Windows volume and then perform the startup repair. Sometimes this repair must be done twice.

Reboot the system, at the Dell logo it will tell you what to hit in order to boot into the recovery utility-if it still exists. Dell still requires the SATA/RAID drivers be loaded even for system recovery/reinstall.

If this fails, you can rebuild the boot config data (BCD):
Dual Boot using free partitioning software

The /RebuildBcd option scans all disks for installations that are compatible with Windows Vista. Additionally, this option lets you select the installations that you want to add to the BCD store. Use this option when you must completely rebuild the BCD

To repair/rebuild the Boot Config Data Use the Bootrec.exe Tool

To run the Bootrec.exe tool, you must start Windows RE. To do this, follow these steps:

How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows VistaPut the Windows Vista installation disc in the disc drive, and then start the computer.Press a key when you are prompted.Select a language, a time, a currency, a keyboard or an input method, and then click Next.Click Repair your computer.Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click Next.In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click Command Prompt.Type Bootrec.exe, and then press ENTER.Note To start the computer from the... Read more

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having a bit of trouble with a Toshiba Satellite Pro L40, its got vista home basic on, but all it does is loop on startup. it has a partition for the windows installation.

turn it on, POST's fine, has "windows is loading files" with loading bar, goes into startup repair and tries to fix, ends up saying:

"windows cannot repair this automatically"
like in this image:
but mine says "click finish to exit and shut dsown your computer."

in the diagnostic and repair details it says that there is a route cause but that it cannot determine the cause of the problem

all other tests come back with completed successfully. error code = 0x0

any ideas?


A:Vista Startup Repair loop

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My son has a laptop with him at college. Last term he thought he'd been infected with malware of some kind.
He's not very knowledgeable with PCs, (and I'm certainly no expert!) but he told me he'd gone into the Bios settings, but couldn't tell me what he'd done..(!)

The machine is with me now and I thought I'd see if anyone here could offer any advice with this tricky one....
I'm not sure if the current probelms are down to malware, or something set in bios....

The Laptop is a Dell XPS, running Windows Vista
MXG061 Series
Bios Revision A06.
Trying to boot-up, there is a brief Blue Screen, saying an error was detected (with more info but I was unable to read it all before it went off)
-on the following black screen I chose the recommended Startup_Repair.

A Blue Screen followed with this information:

STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
The NT Initial Command Process system process terminatedunexpectedly with a status of
0x0000001 (0x00000000 0x00000000)
The System has been shut down.

On another re-start attempt, I was taken to Startup Repair, but I got the message saying 'Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically', here are the probelm details:

Problem Event Name: StartupRepairV2
Problem Signatures are:
01: AutoFailover
02: 6.0.6000.16386.60.6001.1800
03: 6
04: 11796662
05: NoBootFailure
06: 0xf4
07: 0
08: 2
09: WrpRepair
10: 5
OS Veraion: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033
I also tried a System Restor... Read more

A:Solved: Vista -Startup Repair cannot help -can anyone else?

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After I shut off my pc, when I turn it on again, it's automatically go through startup repair, and it's said "startup repair cannot repair this computer automatcally" no matter how many time I restart the pc, it's said the same thing. I try f8, safe mode, doesn't work, last good configuration, it's doesn't work too, so I try to reset it into factory setting, it's being me back to the same page again.(in which I try f8 again, in which suprisely, it's happen the same)

Here the report.

Problem signature:

problem Event Name: StartupRepairV2

Problem Signature 01: AutoFailover

Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6001.18000.6.0.601.18000

Problem Signature 03:6

Problem Signature 04:131074

Problem Signature 05:FailureDuringSetup

Problem Signature 06:FailureDuringSetup

Problem Signature 07:0

Problem Signature 08:0

Problem Signature 09:unknown

Problem Signature 10:1168

OS Version:6.0.6001.

Locale ID:1033

I try command prom repair, it pick up nothing, the same as windows memory diagnotsis tool

PS:I'm using a 32bit

It's seem on F8, when I turn off automatic repair restart, it's appear a blue screen.

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer.
If this screen appears again, folow these steps:

Check for viruses on your computer.remove any newly instaled hard drives or hard drive controllers.Check your hard drive to m... Read more

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I am writing from my clean computer because my son's laptop has only a black screen with Startup Repair which states Windows cannot repair this computer automatically. A smaller "send/don't send" window appears on top of this which shows problem details. Lists of Problem Signature 01 through 10 as follows: StartupRepairV2, AutoFailover, 6.0.6001/18000.6.0.6001.18000, 6, 655370, NoRootCause, NoRootCause, 0, 1, SystemRestore, 0
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033

I have tried to restart in safe mode without success.

As I am semi-illiterate, I will need step by step instructions. I can get to the screen that has System Recovery Options and have tried Startup Repair, System Restore, and Command Prompt without success.

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.

A:Windows Vista Startup Repair Help

Hi and welcome to TSF what make and model of laptop is this, do you have either the install or recovery disc look in the manual to check if it has a recovery partition

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