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firefox download option problem

Q: firefox download option problem

hi all
My c:/ drive is 19.5 GB.My operating system is windows xp(sp3) which is installed in c: and firefox is also installed in c there is only 2.5 GB left in my c drive.so to download larger files like 4 or 5 GB I changed the saved files directory(tools>options>downloads>save files to) to G:/(another directory) which has large space).But still when downloading after some time the 'low disk space on c' message is showing.Why this message showing though I changed the directory? How to resolve this?

Preferred Solution: firefox download option problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: firefox download option problem

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Hopefully there's an answer out there. I'm a long time Firefox user currently using Version 14.0.1 on a PC with W7 64bit.
Since taking the upgrade to version 14, I no longer have the option to pin the shortcut to the task bar of start menu but have to be content with the shortcut on the desktop. When right clicking on the shortcut, I no longer see the traditional option of where to pin the shortcut. I've gone back as far as Version 10.0 but the option is no longer there either.

Any ideas on what's happened or how to solve this mystery?

A:Solved: Firefox any version - No option an option to pin shortcut to Taskbar or Start

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I am running a Gateway MD2614U laptop OS Win7 home 32bit. The laptop and Win7 are working just fine. Firefox v25.0 work's just fine except that Firefox can't download anything. Firefox was downloading just fine until a week ago. I have tried many diffirent file types. Firefox reports download completed without any errors but the file downloaded can't be found anywere on the hard drive (I did an in depth search of every last file on the hard drive). When I download the same file in Internet Explorer the file downloads just fine to the dir were it was supposed to go and will execute just fine. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox. I have tried turning off add-ons, extensions and plugins. No good still the same problem. I tried Firefox in a different Windows profile, no go. I tried Firefox in a different Firefox profile, still no go. I tried running Firefox in safe mode with network running to see if ZoneAlarm was the problem, still no go. I tried a restore to an earlier date. That didn't cure it ether. I still have the problem and I am out of ideas as what to do next. I could use some help please.


A:a download problem with firefox v25.0

Hello reble,

See if anything here will help:

What to do if you can't download or save files

Hope this helps,

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I have Firefox, and when i'm downling a file (ie *.rar) i'm unable to check off on the pop up box that allows me to automatically d/l a file of this type. it is greyed out. the check off box i'm talking about says: "Do this automaticallyf for files like this for now on".

any suggestions/ solutions? thx.

A:Firefox automatic download problem

See if it is listed in the Firefox file types.
Tools> Options> Content tab> under File types, click Manage button.
See if rar is in the list and click on it, Change Action> tick what you want to do.
Save, open with default program, or browser to your unrar program and select it.

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Everytime that I open up the download manager all the firefox pages freeze and say that they are not responding. I just ran all the virus and spyware scans and nothing. Here is my HJT log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 4:51:46 PM, on 4/24/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPLpr.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe
C:\Program Files\D-Link\AirPlus Xtreme G\AirPlusCFG.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Works Shared\WkUFind.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\BeClean\bca.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
... Read more

A:Firefox download manager problem

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I just joined - and I'm really not good at tech - a newbie - but read all the threads here -- and have tried anything and everything mentioned concerning a slow/jammed Firefox Download Manager:

-- I have uninstalled, then reinstalled Firefox (and all Mozilla files in C Drive) 3 TIMES -
-- tried all Options -- Privacy - Downloads -- clearing Downloads -- opening Downloads and trying to delete -- always freezes and not responds - I've cleared everything else -Cache, Cookies, etc.-- cannot get the download manager -- cannot find anything --cannot Clear it - it's driving me crazy
-- tried JayT's suggestion on one thread to go to Mozilla -Firefox - Profiles (which I could never find --- did repeated searches -- even tried to search for the files and or names of any of the documents that were in my download manager -- but could not find in any search -- through Explore or anything -- so I deleted entire Mozilla folder and reinstalled everything)
-- I cannot use the Download Manager at all - totally freezes -- took off Manual - which must have caused the problem -- but will not clean up

thanks for any suggestions!

A:Firefox Download Manager Problem


See if the suggestions at the link below help.


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Hi Friends . I got the problem suddenly . My firefox was running good , but I didn't know what happened, whenever I tried to download an image using firefox (right click and save image as ) is shows this ... and obviously the download is a url , not an image.

How Can I fix it ? Thanks a lot in advance .

A:Firefox Image download problem

Hi Arc,

1) Try clearing the cache and see if that helps.

2) Otherwise, couple of workarounds you can try.

Instead of
RightClick "Save Image As..."
RightClick "View Image Info", then "Save As".

Though this involves 2 extra clicks.

Another one.

Load the picture. Then hold the SHIFT button, and Refresh/Reload the page. Then try "Save Image As ..."

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I just installed Vista But i want to download a MUI to turn it into chinese interface. Only thing is i run windows update and there is no option for me to download MUIs.

very freaking annoying.

anyone know why?

A:No option to download MUI

see if this is what you are after

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When downloading anything through a browser.. I used to have a small green arrow show its progress, or a download box appear, where you could choose to open it or go to it's location. Now in windows 8, when downloading. I have to go into the documents/downloads folder to find it.

Is there any way to change this?! I'm already struggling without a start button to even open programs!

A:Is there a download box option?!

Hello loopycerys,

In Internet Explorer, you can view the progress of your downloads in the "View Downloads' window.

Internet Explorer - View and Track Downloads - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,

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I have a bunch of videos on youtube.
When I open my video manager, and click on the down arrow next to the edit box, I have an option to download the mp4 file. Some videos have this option, and some do not.
Why is it only available on some videos, and not on others?

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I did something to change the option of where files are to be saved to and I cant find any of my files that were downloaded.
everything is going into a temp file, then if a zip file it automaticly opens in winzip ,etc tried using save target as but that saves the getfile.html instead of target file.
Have tried the MS solution didnt fix it

A:Download Save to option

fixed it ty

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hey i have a two or three year old sony vaio with windows vista thats running good but i want to download free fonts from a website called urbanfonts.com. i have downloaded many times on my windows 7 laptop but when i tried on my all in one desktop it downloads but the option to install never comes up. what am i missing?

A:install option missing on download

How to Install New Fonts

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am using ISA 2000 server.how to block the download

A:block the download option n ISA server

What do you mean and why do you want to change it?

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If you registered forr the Windows 7 Upgrade option disk and your manufacturer is supposed to send you a voucher that you can redeem online to microsoft to get them to ship you a disk, can you download the disk as an option? because I have no cd drive.

A:Download Upgrade option disk?

As far as I know, manufacturers ship out an Upgrade Kit containing a clean copy of Win7 DVD and a drivers/apps CD you can pick what you want from. No bloatware. Very nice.

What you would need to do is borrow a computer or use one at school or the library, put in a 4gb+ USB flash stick, format it primary FAT or NTFS in Disk Management, copy the files from the DVD drive directly into the root of the flash drive exactly as they appear in the DVD explorer.

Now take the flash stick back to your computer, plug it in and reboot, at bootup look on the first screen for Boot Menu F-key to tap repeatedly, then select the flash stick in the Hard drives given. It should boot, unless there are BIOS settings (enable USB) or Updates (check your manufacturer's Support Downloads page for your model).

The installer is driver-complete, meaning you might not need anything off the driver/apps CD, but if you do you can browse it later and copy those to the flash stick, which can hold other files besides the installer.

The other way is to connect your computer to a network and copy the files from the CD drive of another computer to your desktop where you can run Setup to install over your XP/Vista or to another partition or drive. But you need a bootable installer for possible repairs, anyway, so go for it!

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Whenever I try to download a speech pack Windows gives me this error message: ''Something happened, and we couldn't install a feature''. When I try to get it from optional features the settings page refreshes. Does anyone know how to solve it? I need the pack to get Cortana to work.

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Hello everyone, 
I am new here, and trying to download message analyzer for the first time.  When I go to the link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=44226
and click on the big red DOWNLOAD button, this pops up:
"Choose the download you want"
So then I try to choose, but I can't.  The file names aren't "active" and I cannot choose any of them.  
Anyone have any ideas?
Thank you very much for any help

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Hi everyone,

It's been awhile since I've been here. Been tooooo busy.

Anyway, I hope I can find some help with all the knowledge on this site. I am wanting to add a page to one of my websites, where I can password protect access to the page and have zipped files on the page for the visitor to download, ie. ebooks, programs, etc.
I use Dreamweaver MX to build my web pages. (Self taught webby)

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, can't seem to do a "search" anywhere and find the info. Thanks so much...

A:How to give visitors option to download zipped files?

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I have just recently downloaded and started using Firefox for the first time.

I notice that every time that I put in a password on a website that the browser asks me whether or not I want Firefox to save the password.

When I went to sign into Yahoo a warning came up telling me that the site uses encryption or whatnot.

For security reasons, would you advise me to do this?

A:Using The Firefox Save Password Option

If you have already done it, go to Firefox Tools on the top tool bar, and Clear all private data, then to Security Passwords to remove that action.

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hi all.
have always been in the habit of telling firefox not to remember my passwords when i sign in to various web sites / forum / etc.,etc,..
so now when i sign in - i never get asked "do you want to remember password, bla,bla,bla"

now that i would like firefox to remember my password i cant get it to ask me weather or not to remember.

i ran ccleaner to clear cookies / cache and went to the site to sign in but still did not get asked.
any ideas?
thanks all.

A:Firefox, Remember Password Option ...

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Unbeknown to most users, Mozilla added a privacy-enhancing feature to the Firefox browser over the summer that can help users block online advertisers from tracking them across the Internet.

The feature is named First-Party Isolation (FPI) and was silently added to the Firefox browser in August, with the release of Firefox 55. Click to expand...

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I have PDF and PPT content in my browser application. I want users to just view the content. I don't want them to download or print it. How can I disable
the download, save as and print option in the PDF and PPT content?

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We all know that IE, Firefox, etc have the option to copy the download link of an ongoing download job. But it seems Microsoft had something really great in mind and has apparently removed that feature from Microsoft Edge I wonder wheres the 'Edge'??

Can someone please tell me how to bring back the useful 'copy download link' option of an ongoing download link in Edge?


A:Microsoft Edge - Missing 'Copy Download Link' option


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Hi all,

My first report of a crash so if I miss anything useful out, sorry and I will try and provide further.

Suddenly, firefox 3.6.13 has closed down the moment I select print, print preview or page setup. Running Windows 7 Professional with all current updates provided in 32bit.

I run Fineprint as my default printer driver but the problem occurs with other default printer drivers selected. Printing from Word 2007, Adobe Acrobat reader 9 or notepad works fine.

Running Firefox in safe mode still causes the problem.

Interestingly, IE 8.0.7600.16385 and IE9.0.8080.16413 also crashes, even with add-ons disabled.

I have uninstalled flash and acrobat reader as they were recently updated but no effect.

System restore is limited to a standard system point after a load of windows updates on the 10-02-11 were installed and no obvious changes were made since that point was made on the 13th

Any help, gratefully received. G

A:IE9, IE8 and Firefox 3.6 all crash the moment a print option is used.

Sorry for the poor formatting above. G

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When I click Edit>Find I get the program at the bottom of my screen, but the options are greyed out so I can't use the program. Any thoughts about how I can fix it?

My granddaughter does things with my computer that I know not of; I don''t know if she did something to cause this problem.

Unfortunately, I shut down System Restore to delete stuff there and failed to reopen it.

A:Find option quit working-Firefox

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Hi all, My first report of a firefox crash so if I miss anything useful out, sorry and I will try and provide further. Suddenly, firefox 3.6.13 has closed down the moment I select print, print preview or page setup. Running Windows 7 Professional with all current updates provided. I run Fineprint as my default printer driver. Printing from Word 2007, Adobe Acrobat reader 9 or notepad works fine. Running Firefox in safe mode still causes the problem. Interestingly, IE 8.0.7600.16385 also crashes, even with add-ons disabled. I have uninstalled flash and acrobat reader as they were recently updated but no effect. System restore is limited to a standard system point after a load of windows updates on the 10-02-11 were installed and no obvious changes were made since that point was made on the 13th. Any help, gratefully received. G Sorry for the poor formatting too.

A:IE9, IE8 and Firefox 3.6 all crash the moment a print option is used.

So how about uninstalled FinePrint and try another print software?

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How do I get Firefox to open Windows media player (when at a website that has wavs) and start the music immediately instead of buffering thru the whole song first?
In IE it plays it right away.

A:Firefox and Windows media player option

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I am using original Windows XP SP3 and firefox 4.0.1 installed. I have tried 'save image as' and 'save link as' options in Firefox. It is not working and it does not respond (stays idle) when I chose those option(s).

The above 2 options are working in Firefox 3.0.19 version. I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. I am sure that none of the softwares block those options.

I have even tried formatting and installed in fresh installation of Windows XP. Even then the problem persists.

The problem occurs regardless the site from which I download the setup file.

Any solution?. Kindly reply.

A:'Save image as' option is not working in Firefox 4.0 and later

It's working fine here, you need to reinstall firefox and yes you have installed Antivirus, first disable it and then check its working or not because sometimes antivirus block some operations may be this function will work after disable antivirus. I am not sure but may be this could be a problem.

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Like the title said, the theme program the remove the link to change the login icon on my PC. Yesterday I have to manually removed it since it cannot be uninstall in My Computer. I just remove the login Icon it forced on me but I cannot choose a new icon. Is there anyway to get the option back?

A:Download a theme program and it Remove my option to change login icon

Hello Ryner, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you could do a system restore using a restore point dated before this happened to undo and fix it.

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I'm wondering how many people are not aware of this. Now I'm sure not many use that option as they get annoyed with the popups asking if you want to accept cookies but I really liked that feature and it's what I used to effectively manage my cookies. I didn't get that many popups because once you block a cookie you also have the option to remember that choice so you don't get a popup for it again.

Apparently this was removed when version 44 was released in December 2015. I only discovered it when I checked my stored cookies and gee willickers, I saw a long list of cookies I never would have accepted. So of course I check my Privacy settings and I see there's no longer an option to "Ask me Every Time". It just disappeared.

I was thinking of going back to version 43 but of course there have been security issues that have been fixed since then so that would be risky.

I looked at the available add-ons and didn't see one that would ask me, only ones that will delete them after they are already accepted but I may have missed something. So I'm asking if anyone knows of an add-on or third party software that would ask if you want to accept the cookies and give you the option to say yes or no and to remember your choice so you don't keep getting the same popups over and over again for the same sites?

I was also considering changing to the PaleMoon browser because it still has that option but you can't use NoScript with i... Read more

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A few years ago Firefox started to refresh tabs when selected

There was an option in Gneral to disable that

That option has disappeared and now the tabs reload when i select them

How could i stop them doing this?


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Over the past couple weeks every time I fire up Firefox it opens alongside its error console. Browsing isn't hampered by all of the errors that it is reporting, but it is getting annoying to have to close it every time I open my browser.

Try as I might I can't find a way to disable it from popping up when Firefox opens. Is there a way to make that happen?

A:Solved: Firefox error console won't go away. Is there an option to make it go away?

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Not quite sure how to word this. All of my previous versions of FF (Current on 10.0.2) would give me the option to load all opened websites/tabs if firefox would crash/the computer would freeze and I would need to reboot, etc.

I've noticed with version 10.0.2 that capability no longer seems to exist? When I load firefox after a crash a blank window now loads.

Any idea how to fix this?

Its not THAT big of a deal I suppose because it doesn't crash often, but I tend to keep open 5 or 6 different tabs at a time and it can be annoying to lose any open webpages.


A:When firefox crashes there is no longer an option to load websites that I was viewing

2 suggestions:
Ccleaner or similar is running at boot time and clearing the Firefox sessions,
Try (Alt) History > Restore Previous Session as a workaround.

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Here's the problem:
My computer is working fine. But - I can't download anything.
I can stream videos off Youtube
AVG will automatically update itself.
Firefox just updated itself to a new version
But if I try and download anything (Using Firefox or IE) it just sits there saying ....Starting.....and doing nothing else.
I've run a virus check, and I've even taken the PC to someone else's house and it does exactly the same - with the same ISP


Ihave posted this problem on 3 other forums, and as yet have recerived no answers anywhere. Come on tech guys, be the first!

A:Cannot download anything in IE of Firefox

Have you checked this out pertaining to firefox?


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This should be a simple problem- Firefox will freeze up when I try to download files (video files in this case0 and i have to go to the task manger and close firefox that way.
Any ideas?

A:Firefox will not download


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I am trying to use BitTorrent with Firefox. I originally had BitTorrent, and everything worked fine. When I installed Azureus, I changed the settings to where it would use Azureus to open my torrent files. I didn't like it, so I uninstalled Azureus. Now, when I click on a torrent file, the "Open with" section is blank on the popup, and even if I change it to "BitTorrent (Default)", the OK button at the bottom is unavailable. I CAN'T CLICK ON IT! I can only click on cancel. How can I get it back to the way it was?

A:Firefox download help

Please help!!

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I have the message who said ''the securit? set up refuse you to download this file'' ( I traduce it becaues it is in french). What can I do , I dont find the way to solve it.

A:can not download firefox

Your AV or firewall is set to intercept. Either change settings or temporarily shut off. Be sure you're using the official site: Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

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I've downloaded firefox over 7 times lately on a Gateway Laptop running Win XP. It comes up in the safe mode - I talked to gateway tech and they said firefox was changing my settings when I downloaded - ??? - told me to call Mozilla and I did - they have no tech support except some sub contractor that wants $40 or so which I don't want to pay as I've downloaded Firefox many times successfully on PC's. Does anyone have any idea about how to stop this loading in safe mode??? Thanks Chaulky PS Yes, I remove it every time it downloads this way before trying again.........

A:firefox download

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While running Firefox 1.0.7, I tried to download ver 1.5. Firefox would only freeze up. I uninstalled Firefox and downloaded the program using IE. The sownload was successful. However, Firefox will not download anything--text or images to my computer. It just hangs up and is very difficult to get out of the program short of rebooting. Am running Windows XP w/ SP 2. Until a week ago, evertything operated properly. I need help

A:Firefox will not download

It could be a Profiles problem. The Firefox 1.5 upgrade should bring your 1.0.x Profiles folder up to the 1.5 format. Perhaps that process didn't work for you. I think it's best to create a new Profile anyway when a major upgrade is released. So, perhaps try deleting the existing Profiles folder and get off to a clean start with a new one. I feel this would stand a fairly good chance of remedying the problem.

If you choose to try this, don't forget to back up your 'Bookmarks.html' file before doing anything with the Profiles folder. Extensions etc can always be reinstalled but losing bookmarks can be tragic.

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Finally got rid of internet explorer and downloaded mozilla firefox. http://firefoxdownload.blogspot.com . :grinthumb I feel like I have a new lease on life! How do i get favorites to appear on the left?

A:Firefox download

Press Ctrl + I

I'm using Firefox 1.5 RC2, that shouldn't make any difference though I'd imagine.

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If you don't want to wait around for announcements the build is on the ftp site. Here's the link to the US English 32 bit Windows version:

Index of /pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/3.6rc2-candidates/build1/win32/en-US

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Hey, whenever I want to click a link to download an application Firefox doesn't do it, I need to hold control for it to download the app, is there to make it so Firefox just asks me when I click on it, thanks in advance, any answers greatly appreciated.

A:Firefox won't download

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For anyone interested, Mozilla.org has released Firefox 1.0PreviewRelease today.Some of the previous extensions don't seem to work-need to be updated. That should happen shortly. Hope it's as good as if not better than 0.9.3.

A:Firefox 1.0 now available for download

Hey great to hear but I will wait on it.

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Gateway Dual running Vista Home Premium SP2
Computer knowledge sustantial
Problem After a couple of weeks with no problems I can no longer download anything using either IE 7 or Firefox 3.0 (latest build).
*However* the new Google Chrome works fine!
I have done the ususal, empty tempfiles, etc., remove cookies, disable virus programs without success.
I can navigate around the internet just fine. I can download PDF files.
What happens is when I click a Download button the internet stops (hi speed satellite), if I click anywhere in the window it greys out, Task Master shows that it is still running for a few moments and finally goes to "not responding" (most of the time). Sometimes I can close the window and other times not. IE reloads.
Any ideas would be apreciated. I have logged over 10 hours on this already.

A:Cannot download in IE or Firefox

I have also been trying to troubleshoot a similar issue for a friend (for about a week or so now) and am stumped as to what could be causing it.

Anytime a download is initiated in Firefox (3.0.1), the download process completes but the file is automatically deleted (the tooltip in Firefox's download window says 'File Not Found' for one of the details listed). As for Internet Exploder (yes, I meant to call it that ) goes, the downloaded file is not in the designated folder/directory. And in both instances, the file is not locatable via the search string in the start menu.

The only file types that appear to be used ter downloading are .doc's and .pdf's.

As the OP said, any help would be appreciated.


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Hi, I canít down load or open my downloads in firefox in XP. When I do a box opens up that says:

Firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Then it gives me the option to see what the error report contains. We I choose this option, it says:

Error signature

AppName: firefox exe AppVer:1.8.20051.11116 Mod name: firefox
Modver 1.8.20051.11116 Offset:000ee3f2

Then it gives the option to view technical information about this error report, which has a lot of text then at the bottom it says the:

the following file will be included in this error report


Can you help?

Regards Ejaz

A:I can't download in firefox using XP

If IE works ok and the computer seems ok otherwise then you could try a system restore or last known good configuration or just uninstall firefox and reinstall it.

I have had good luck with firfox running but other browsers such as AOL's have had to be reinstalled so maybe that is what you need to try. I might add i picked up a virus a while back and ever since even though computer is supposedly clean i still can not get netscape to load off the desktop icon. it starts to to load then says it is done. so you may have an issue with firefox similar to this.

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Firefox was working properly...until I reformatted and reinstalled. Now, when I want to download something (legal, anything - even just images) it gives me the little popup saying "you have chosen to open ___" and "would you like to save this file?" but as soon as I click "save file" it goes away. Even if I click "open" it goes away. The file is not downloaded. I go under tools/downloads and nothing is in the download list.

Now if I click the button to display the page as Internet Explorer, then it works.

I've updated ff to the current version. turned off AV. no help. I dont have any download managers installed. There was a page with suggestions on the mozilla website and I followed all those, but it still doesn't work.

What could be wrong?

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Normally my Firefox will ask me if I want to open or save a zip. file when I clicked download.Now that options seems to be missing (the pop up window).I have recently clicked 'perform same action to this kind of files from now on' from the pop up option, and I no longer see the pop up now. I wish to have that prompt again, so I can choose to save or open a zip file. I have browse the help section in firefox, but couldn't find the help to have it enabled again.Pls help.... Thanks!

A:Firefox Download

Try this:Click on Tools then Options. Click on Downloads on the window that pops up. You'll see it near the top, 2nd choice from the right.Under Download Folder, see if there is a little green dot in the little radio button by Ask me where to save every file. If there isn't, click on the little radio button.Under Download Manager, see if there is a check in the little box by Show download manager when a download begins. Click on the little box if there isn't.If that doesn't work, then try this:Go to Downloads as you did before. This time, click on View and Edit Actions near the bottom left of that window. Another little window will open up, and you will see a list of file types on the left and the programs assigned to open them on the right. Depending on the file type, when you click on it, a Remove button will become active. In all cases, a Change button will become active. If you use the Remove button, Firefox will again ask you what to do with that file type the next time it comes up in your browsing. If you use the Change button, you can change the program Firefox will use to open it. You won't get the window asking you what to do with the file.Hope this helps,Orange Blossom

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