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Seagate expansion hard drive not showing on computers

Q: Seagate expansion hard drive not showing on computers

Have joined to see if i can get some assistance, noticed others have done this with success.

I have a seagate 1TB expansion Hard Drive which was firstly coming up with I/O error and now the computer doesnt even register that its connected dispite connection noises from the drive itself on usb connection.

I have read through various topics and forums and carried out a number of the checks and processes to run through but still without success.

I have tried this on other laptops and issue is exactly the same. I have another Buffulo expansion drive which is working fine in all USB ports. The system is windows Vista and upgraded to service pack 2. I have cleaned up existing USB drivers on system also.

When disk management is opened the system doesnt read the drive is connected. There is no excessive noises coming from drive but lights on and small amount of heat is given off.

Needing help as i use drive to back up important photos and files dont want them lost. Can anyone help please?

Preferred Solution: Seagate expansion hard drive not showing on computers

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Seagate expansion hard drive not showing on computers

Sounds like the drive has failed as you had been getting warning signs with the I/O errors and now it has stopped working. There is a possibility that it is just the circuitry in the housing so you may be able to get it going again with a new housing. You could first test the drive by removing it from the housing and hooking it up to the internal connections of a desktop PC or by using a USB adapter.

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Can anyone help? I brought a seagate Expansion Drive less than a month ago to store all my music and pictures on. It worked fine until a few days ago when it started clicking and now under my computer it is showing as a local disk.

I'm not great with computers and have no idea what to do! I have tried running sea tools from the sea gate web site and all the tests come back fine! However, I still can't get the expansion drive to work or let me access any of my music etc. I just want to get my music back!!!!

Can anyone help???

A:SEAGATE 1.5TB expansion drive showing as local Disk

P.S. I'm running on windows vista service pack 2

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I bought a new computer with Win7 about a month ago which came with a 1TB Seagate hard drive installed so I decided to replace my previous 250 GB Aulartek External with a 1TB Seagate External Drive.

Well ... to make a long story short I tried installing the new Seagate 1TB Expansion Drive a few hours ago but up to this point I can't get the computer to recognize it.

However, there is a 'green light' visible on the end of the new Seagate External that is lit up and if I click on the 'Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media' button on the taskbar it does show something called 'Eject Desktop' under 'Open Devices and Printers'.

I tried going to the Seagate Community Forum but got even more confused than when I started trying to troubleshoot my problem with not being able to see it listed under 'Computer'.

My old Aulartek External had an 'on and off switch' and this new Seagate doesn't have one unless I just can't find it.

I have both the USB and A/C Power supply plugged in.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


A:New Seagate Expansion External Drive not showing up in 'My Computer'

Try right clicking on computer in the start menu, and select manage. In the window that opens after giving admin approval, selece disk management in the left column. It should show every hard drive connected to your computer. In the lower portion of the window, look for your Seagate, right click it and select change drive letter or path, in the next window click add and choosed a drive letter. Click OK. after the drive letter is assigned, you will be able to see the drive in explorer.

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Hey, wondering if someone can help

Bought my new external hard drive and put a load of my files onto it with no problem at all, but today, on the second time of using it, I plugged it in and it seems to be working because the green light is on and the icon to eject is there, but its not showing in My Computer.

I've seen people saying about the Disk Management and changing the name or path.... so when I open up that window, the disk is not named, when I right click on it, everything is greyed out apart from Help and Delete Volume options.

I've tried uninstalling the drive under the Device Manager and re-installing it again. but that doesn't work either.

I have tried this on my 2 laptops, PB and HP, and it is exactly the same on both. Both run windows 7 64-bit.

Hope Someone is able to help me out a bit, Thanks Lynne.

A:Seagate Expansion Drive 320GB Not Showing Up In My Computer Anymore!!

This may help....

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It is on a computer running XP SP3. Now, it shows up in ?My Computer? but with no statistics and I cannot open it. The drive does not show up in Windows Disk Management. I have gone thru the Seagate website's ?External Drive Trouble Shooter for WinDOWS xp/2000? as well as contacting Seagate Support with no success. I have tried Windows Format, DOS Format, Seatools for Windows, HD LFF Low Level Format, testdisk_win, and Disk Wizard with no success. The drive showed up but they all reported failure in testing and/or accessing the disk. Seatools for DOS sounds like it would do the trick but it didnotrecognizeeitherofmyexternaldrives, theotheroneofwhichisworking.Can anyone recommend a fix? Seems to me that it is a software problem, not a hardware problem, so there should be a software solution. I have very limited funds and can't afford to replace the drive right now. It is used as a backup drive so loss of the data on the drive is not an issue. I'll just run another backup when the drive is restored to health. My boot drive is not backed up on this drive, so that is not a problem.

A:Seagate expansion hard drive worked fine until I aborted a conversion to a compressed drive

Have you tried reinitializing the drive?

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I took my 3Tb out of it's external case and put it into my computer and it didn't show up so I put it back and it looked like my data was gone!

I tried a couple programs to get it back because they said the drive was empty or something.

I gave up and now I'm trying to get everything back again but the drive won't show up in windows 8 but my other one days and I'm using the same cords and everything.

It also boots up.

A:Seagate Expansion 3TB data recovery / not showing up anymore.

It looks like taking it out of the case makes it show up in diskaprt.exe now and I'm trying to recover the files with segate recovery

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I've got a Seagate Hard drive with tons of footage on and suddenly out of nowhere I can't access the data.

Here's the facts of the situation:

When I plug it in it whirls for a moment and then goes silent.
A blue light comes on the hard drive and stays on consistanly.
I've tried an identical Seagate drive on the PC and it loads without issues - this was also using the same USB cable.
I've tried plugging it into 3 pcs and it doesn't work on any of them.
I've gone on device manager and the hard drive doesn't show up there. When I show hidden items it's listed there. Following advice online I tried uninstalling it. When I then plug it in, it recognises it that it's plugged in, but still won't let me access the data.
I've tried the free trial of the Segate data recovery software, but that doesn't recognise the hard drive either.

Any ideas? It'd mean so much to get this working again!!

A:Seagate Hard drive not showing up - can't access data!

Hello sparkybuddy, and welcome to TSG.

Seagate has many models of hard drives. It might help us to help you if you narrowed it down to your specific model number hard drive.

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Hello, sorry if this potentially is in the wrong section. New to this website. 

But I come here asking for some suggestions or a step by step process on getting my external hard drive working on my pc again. 
It was working before, but I decided to plug it into my xbox one console usb port in order to download a game and play which it configured the external hard drive. When I attempted to plug it into my laptop usb port it no longer showed up under devices with
removable storage. I did a little bit of research and found my way to device managers to see if the computer even recognized the usb. Turns out it does recognized it but for some reason it would not show up on the laptop. So as of right now I cannot access
the files inside of it at all. The light is always on and I can hear the fan run inside the external hard drive, also it still works with my xbox one to play the games I downloaded in it so I know it still works. I am lead to believe that when the xbox one
configured it, it changed the settings so now it isn't compatible with my laptop.

Is there anyway to reset the settings on it or re-configure it so I may have access to the files on my external hard drive through my laptop? Thank you for reading! 

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We just got a new HP Pavillion Slimline desktop and attached our old Seagate external hard drive. The Seagate shows up as a device, but not as a drive. We cannot retrieve any of our information off it, and this is a BIG problem. Can someone please help??

A:Seagate External Hard Drive Not Showing As A Driver on New PC

Welcome to TSG:
Those HP Pavillion Slimline's are nice.
Have you tried going into safe mode and see if you can highlight it and select properties?
If you can - check the "Security" tab and see if you need to take ownership of the drive.
Are you using XP - Vista - or 7 ?




That Seagate Disk Wizard never worked for me - my friend here at TSG "Phantom" gave me some good tips about "Taking ownership of a drive in XP" that solved my problems - which are very similar to yours.

Hope this helps - and don't worry this is a great site and if none of the above help - I'm sure a member smarter than me will put the fix in for you.

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New Seagate Eternal Hard drive not showing in Windows 10. I never formatted it but I did copy it's files on to c drive the application only asks for you to register it. I went to clone my disk restarted and failed now I can't see it at all! Any help welcome thank you in advance.

A:New Seagate Eternal Hard drive not showing in Windows 10

Does it show up in Disk Management? If so, can you assign a driver letter to it?

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I've got a Seagate Hard drive with tons of footage on and suddenly out of nowhere I can't access the data.

Here's the facts of the situation:

When I plug it in it whirls for a moment and then goes silent.
A blue light comes on the hard drive and stays on consistanly.
I've tried an identical Seagate drive on the PC and it loads without issues - this was also using the same USB cable.
I've tried plugging it into 3 pcs and it doesn't work on any of them.
I've gone on device manager and the hard drive doesn't show up there. When I show hidden items it's listed there. Following advice online I tried uninstalling it. When I then plug it in, it recognises it that it's plugged in, but still won't let me access the data.
I've tried the free trial of the Segate data recovery software, but that doesn't recognise the hard drive either.

Any ideas? It'd mean so much to get this working again!!

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My 320 GB Seagate external hard drive is detected but not showing up in my computer. What should I do?

In cmd> diskpart> list volume it does not show up. (screenshot attached)

In Device Manager it gets detected. (screenshot attached)

In disk management it shows up as 'unallocated'. If I initialize it, will I lose all data on the drive? It had 4 partitions. (screenshot attached)

In My Computer also it does not show up. (screenshot attached)
Even BIOS recognizes it.

What to do? I don't want to lose any data on the drive. If I initialize it in device manager will I lose data?

I was installing window XP on my computer, usually I remove the external drive but this time I did not. The external drive was shown as 4 drives in partition manager during installation. But the installation failed. The next time I was installing windows again, the external drive was shown as 1 single unknown or unrecognized drive. I'm not sure if it was unknown or unrecognized. I'm sure I didn't format it. So what I need to do now? I don't want to lose any data.

A:Seagate external hard drive not showing up in my computer. It is detected.

Yes, if you initialize it you will 'lose' everything. You will want to try something like [email protected] Recovery or maybe Easeus Partition Recovery.

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Have a external hard drive that was backed up on a macbook pro
using time machine. I try to take the files out that I put on a windows 7 PC
and it wont show up in My Computer.
But it does on device manager.
is there a problem with the external hardrive?

A:Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive not showing up on Windows?

It is likely formatted as Mac OS Extended (journaled), HFS+. Windows can't natively read that.

"I try to take the files out that I put on a windows 7 PC" is a confusing statement. If you want to read the files on the drive from 7, you can't without a 3rd party tool. If you are just wanting to put stuff on there from the PC and don't care about the Mac backup, then just format the drive. Do that through Disk Management in the Admin Tools control panel.

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I have a 3g usb seagate expansion drive that is about 3 mths old. It has frequently disappeared from my computer. I would have to reboot and disconnect the power from the drive to get it to come back.

Is this a sign of a bad drive or just a glitch that some kind of a driver update will solve.

In the same system I have a 6g WD drive that works flawless.

A:seagate expansion drive

Hello again, Datman I have onlya few suggestions.
1. download and install the latest chipset drivers from your motherboards/manufacturers web site
2. Run Seagate's diagnostic tool, SeaTools.
3. See if tis tutorial will help. USB Driver - General Fix for Problems

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we have one of these for the Smart TV - which works great for that, but I thought I would be able to take it to my computer and copy my photos onto it. I have plugged it into my computer but am unable to see it as a drive - any ideas why?

A:seagate Expansion Desktop Drive

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I couldve sworn I posted this question over a month ago but I cant find it anywhere. Not surprising, I dont remember where I parked my car. I might have posted it to airheadsЯus.com for all I know. I have several Seagate 3TB STBV3000100 Desktop Expansion drives. I realize this question might be better suited for the Seagate support forums but I get this weird message when i try to login:

Login Error, your attempt using single sign on with an identity provider certificate has failed. Please contact your salesforce.com administrator for more information.

I have absolutely no idea what any of that could possibly mean. But that is neither here or there.* Its just that I am becoming desperate and Im hoping the huge wealth of knowledge here in sevenforums might offer some assistance. The drive has been working fine for over a year (just a little longer than the warranty of course). Suddenly it disappears from the drives listed in Win 7 Pro. I have tried switching out the data and power cables and USB ports and tried this on different Win 7 computers. When it powers on the blue activity light comes on as it should and I can hear it spin up Within a couple of minutes, the light goes off and it spins down. During this period Win 7 does not see it at all. Both the data and power ports seems physically stable from what I can tell from simple observation. I have not taken it apart (yet). If anyone could offer any suggestions on what my next step should be I would be extremely ap... Read more

A:3TB Seagate Expansion drive does disappearing act

Has the data on there been backed up? And after its disconnected and plugged back in does it turn back on but then off again

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Hi guys...I am having a big problem..you guys have to sort it out and tell me the what can i do to solve the problem...

The problem is..

I have seagate expansion portable drive of 1tb..which worked fine for somedays....but now i am got stuck with that...bcoz when i connect my seagate drive to usb and green light goes on and a safely remove icon also coming but there is no drive in the my computer and disk management also...When i searched some forums i got the same problem is having by others and got there a statement regarding to check whether drive is spinning or not...after that i found my drive is not spinning and i thinking a way to make it spin and to get all data back to my lap....

And also i had checked with uvcview usb viewer [by microsoft] when i connected my drive it shows the drive and also some other descriptions which i dont know...

So you guys help me to make the drive works and to get my data back....thanks in advance for your help guys....

A:Seagate Expansion Portable Drive

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I have a 4TB USB 3.0 Seagate Expansion Drive which dosn't seem to be working.

On File Explorer on "This PC" the drive is recognised as E: Local Drive when previously it was recognised as E: Seagate Expansion Drive

Then I click on E: Local DriveThe PC will think about it for a very long time then the file Explorer will stop responding and eventually the screen goes black except for the mouse and will only start working again when I unplug the drive.

The Device Manager recognises as a Hard Drive as a Seagate Expansion Desk SCSI Disk device
The Disc Management recognises the drive as E: system Raw

The Drive was plugged into a Readynas 104 for a long time but it stopped being detected on there.
The drive was almost full

Thanks in advance

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Hi, I'm new to the forum so please bear with me!

So I've been using my external hard drive for over a year to store music and photos; it has a 500GB capacity.

But recently when I've plugged my hard drive in it's not showing under my computer, or if it does show it wont open and I keep getting an error message. Is there any other way I can go about searching for it on my laptop?

I don't know if it's my laptop or my hard drive that has the problem, and really need some help please!
(The only other laptop I have available is a Mac, which i cannot use to open the hard drive unless I format it, which means losing my data so i really don't want to do that)
EDIT: i've followed the troubleshooting on the seagate website, and discovered that my hard drive partition is RAW.. is there a way i can change this?

A:problem with Seagate Expansion Drive not recognised

Run Partition Wizard free's - Partition Recovery Wizard with a Quick Scan, then take a screenshot of the results and post here, quit/exit out of wizard and remove your external until further instructions from an expert.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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My Seagate Expansion drive is not being recognized on my laptop or any other computer that I have tried to put it on. It worked for a while

It is fairly new and I have about 500gb on it so far and I don't want to lose any of my data because most of it is my university files.

I don't know why this is happening and I also can't even change the drive letter, I really don't know much about computers but this forum seems to help people, hope someone can help me Please.
Thank you.

A:Seagate 1TB Expansion Drive is not being recognized on my laptop

Hi furstyear, Welcome to SevenFoeums.( I missed it. )

Please go through this troubleshooter and check whether it helps. Seagate Technology

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I have a 320GB Seagate Expansion Drive which worked fine for several months, but in the last week or so the only way I could get it to register on my computer was to push the USB plug into the port on the unit very firmly. This sometimes caused the drive to work for a while, but then later ceased to work when I let go. So, I decided to tape it place very tightly. Wrong move! The whole USB port came loose from the mother board! Is it possible to have this fixed? I have a lot of stuff on the drive I don't want to lose!!!

A:USB port loose from Seagate Expansion Drive

I'm not entirely clear on what you are describing. Are you calling an external hard drive and "expansion drive" or is the "expansion drive" a drive physically mounted in a chassis? An external hard drive doesn't have a motherboard.

If the USB port came loose on an external drive enclosure adapter you could remove the drive from the present enclosure and install it in a new enclosure if the external drive is an IDE drive or a standard SATA drive.

Posting a picture may help decipher exactly what you are describing.

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I have a perplexing problem. I have a Seagate 2TB external drive that when I plug it into my USB3 port it appears in Explorer and sometimes I can even navigate through some of its folders. However after 2-5 minutes it just disappears and a message comes up "USB Not recognized".
When I insert it into a USB2 port I cannot see anything. Whilst it is visible I can see it in my Disk Management but as soon as it disconnects itself this disappears. I have tried to format it but it does not stay connected for long enough!
I am running Windows 10. The same problem seems to also occur on a windows 8 machine.

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I got my new Seagate 2 TB Expansion Drive and made the first image of my new laptop (running Win 10 anniversary build) using Macrium Reflect. All went well, and I closed Macrium, then attempted to eject the external drive from the notification area. I consistently got an error message saying the drive could not be ejected and until the program using it was closed. Task Manager confirmed no application was running. Device Manager could not remove the drive, either. Shutting down the computer and then removing the drive was no problem, but surely this shouldn't be necessary. Any advice would be welcome!

A:Cannot safely eject Seagate usb Expansion Drive

Welcome to the forum anything that's connected to the drive can do this explorer or even word that may have file history open

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and i know it works just fine, had it installed b4 on the same comp. til it crashed and i had to reinstall windows, now the drive doesnt show up in my comper. but it show up in the device properties page on on bootup. and i cant get it to work again>CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 10:33:59 PM, on 1/26/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\sched.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\Unload\hpqcmon.exe
C:\Program Files\WildTangent\DDC\DDCManager\DDCMan.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\avguard.exe
c:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\avgnt.exe
C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero8\Nero BackItUp\NBService.exe
C:\Program Files\YourWare Solutions\FreeRAM XP Pro\FreeRAM XP Pro.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nero\Lib\NMBgMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\SUPERA... Read more

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I have a 2TB Seagate portable hard drive which worked perfectly fine for a few months and then one day it stopped appearing in file explorer on my Windows 10 PC. It gets detected by my PC because it appears in the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon but doesn't appear in file explorer (not mapped to any drive).

I've tried accessing it on a friend's PC and another's Mac but to no avail. My other hard drive works just fine using the same cable. I've looked at a few forum sites already and have re-installed drivers, swapped cables etc. but no luck so far.

One thing to note is that when I eject the device, it says "USB Attached SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device" instead of "USB Mass Storage Device". It seems to be appearing in Device Manager in the "Storage Controllers" section instead of the "Universal storage bus controllers" section.

Would appreciate any help.


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Hi there.

For the past week I have been retrieving 2 TB of movies from my Seagate 3TB Expansion Desk drive (USB 3). It started acting funny after my room mate accidentally flipped the main power circuit for my bedroom while I was in the middle of a transfer. Oddly enough, I was in the middle of retrieving videos from a 6+ year old Verbatim 500 GB which had an ongoing power circuit issue when he flipped the switch. I was salvaging those videos to this 3TB drive at that moment. He killed that Verbatim dead to rights with the surge, and I believe it caused the issues on this Seagate 3TB.

I can still transfer data to and from the Seagate anywhere from 35-90 MB/s depending on if the other drive is a USB 3 as well. But it just will not play many movies, and HD particularly bad. I mainly use Kodi (XBMC), but have tried VLC and MPC. All fail at the same points or close in the different players. I assumed corrupt files but when I copy them to other drives then play them they work .

So, I ran chkdsk I: /f /r . It ran thru quickly saying no issues. Every indicator has shown the drive as healthy. I ran the zero out option with a format in Partition Wizard. Didn't help. Frustrated last night I decided to run chkdsk I: /r one last time. It hung at 10%, and thinking maybe its doing something, I left it, but it was going for nearly 24 hours. I finally cancelled the chkdsk and ran a surface test with Partition Wizard and now after an hour or so, I am getting some bad blocks a... Read more

A:Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 3TB w/ bad blocks/sectors

You can try downloading: /62506/CrystalDiskInfo6_3_2.zip
then unzip it and run to check if your HD is in good health then we can go from there.

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Ok, something weird is going wrong with a seagate drive I bought for my girlfriend. Its working perfectly fine on my computer, and it did initially show up on her laptop too. However, her laptop froze up completely and it had to be shut down via the button while it was plugged into the laptop. Now it doesnt turn up in My Computer, but only on her computer. Its present under devices, but nowhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated and Id be happy to give any more details anyone might need to help me out. Thanks in advance.

A:Problem with a 500GB Seagate expansion external drive

Try this How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers

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Hi to all

Seagate Model: SRD00F2
Win 7 home prem... 64bit

I have had this external for over a year and it just recently started to respond very slow.

My aim is to save all the media files before this drive dies out or even solve the problem. Maybe it wont die out yet but never know what may happen. I have an older external and that still works.
When i plug the usb into laptop and other pcs, the drive used to appear quickly but now what happens is it appears in device manager/disk drives first but does not appear in my computer window. It takes a long while for the drive icon to appear. It normally shows also in disk management before it shows up in my computer window.
Next step is when its finally showing... when i go into the external it takes a long while again to enter the drive. The address bar turns green from left to right but moving very slowly as the external tries to open each folder.

I dont want to format or lose any data, its the first time i came across this problem. I brought a new usb cable and that did not solve the matter.

When it loads the files and folders, im trying to copy all the files to desktop to save everything. But the transfer speed is like below 10kb. Its very slow. The fastest its been is just over 1MB.

Another tip is when i plug in the cable.. the blue light turns on and the drive starts spinning and can hear the sound. I thought the drive seemed ok but maybe the proffesional guys on here will have a better understanding on how to... Read more

A:Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 3tb responding extremely slow

Is my external dying? It takes a long time for windows to recognise it in my computer. Its starting to not show up in disk drives and disk management.

If it shows up its after a long time.

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Seagate's website / the manual say the (this one: Desktop-Festplatte Expansion| Seagate) 5TB Expansion Drive is initialized in GPT (Expansion drives switching to GPT) but Windows 7 and dispart (http://i.imgur.com/1JxRAja.png) show it is initialized in MBR / not in GPT (the column under GPT is empty). The item to initialize in / convert to GPT is grayed out (I assume one have to remove the partition first to access that option): http://i.imgur.com/xeqkQmJ.png. And it looks like as if MiniToolPartizionWizard shows it was GPT as well: http://i.imgur.com/PsQfLY8.png

What could that mean? Is the display of Win / diskpart correct?

Is this message correct? DriveInfo shows: S.M.A.R.T. Drive Status: Drive is not OK! The device has detected a threshold exceeded condition! (http://i.imgur.com/5xfPSq9.png). What does that mean? A defect, a problem?
The entire report:

ChystalDisk shows this, does not appear to look that bad:

SeaTools shows this:

HDDscan shows:

What do those items marked with that yellow sign mean:

"Airflow temperature"
"HDA Temperatur"
A problem?

What does the display about "Health" mean, 90 %, 92 % (instead of 100 %) appear to mean the state of the drive is not the best (any... Read more

A:Seagate 5TB Expansion Drive not initialized in MBR or GPT? Drive OK?

everything is okay. delete the partition, initialize GPT. gute nacht.

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My husband and I purchased two Lenovo desk tops a little over 2 years ago, one for each of us.  I have always loved lenovo computers and trusted that they would work well. We have a ThinkPad that is running strong since 2011. So, last week, my computer would not boot no matter what I tried. It was the blue screen.  We took it to a computer tech who said that the hard drive was corrupted and needed to be replaced. $250 and he was able to recover a lot of my data but no software, emails, etc. as you may know happens with this sort of thing. So, I had to get it working quickly because I use my computer for work. Our income is modest, maybe $35,000 together just to give you an idea of why we find this so expensive. That was last week. So this morning, my husband's computer did the same thing. I assumed this was an unusual thing but I guess not...really, the same problem within a week with two different computers? The computers are identical and. like I said, we purchased them at the same time.  He is on his way to the computer shop now with his computer assuming it is the same issue nd we have to pay another $250 to get a new hard drive. I have had Lenovos last so much longer. And now the Lenovo safety performance checks and all are gone. In fact, it had just done a performance check indicating that all was well right before, the actual day of, my hard drive crashing. It was a Seagate; Barracuda; 500 GB; S/N: W3T0WETC Have you heard of this? It is the Len... Read more

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ok i have a Seagate Barracuda 250GB HP Model VB0250EAVER (ST3250318AS) SATA Hard Drive and i need to the max of hard drive i can run or allow on my DEll Optiplex 740  small factor tower plus  also need help about if i can upgrade my  ADM Athlon Dual core Processor 4850e  and higher?

A:want to upgrade my hard drive Seagate Barracuda 250GB HP Model VB0250EAVER (ST3250318AS) SATA Hard Drive

Any 3.5" drive at 2T or under should work fine.  Upgrading the CPU would mean buying used - these CPUs went out of production not long after your system was current - and that was a decade ago.

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I bought a 1TB Seagate passport then right after buying it I had to use it to back up my girlfriend?s computer, which happens to be a mac. So everything went well for my girlfriend but now when I plug the Passport into my windows 7 computer it does not show up in my computer. Then I downloaded swiss knife and tried to format the Passport. No such luck, swiss knife always gives me a Read/Write error. When I try to use the Win 7 disk manager program all I can do is convert the Passport to a dynamic volume but I can see the Passport in both disk manger and swiss knife

Here is my speccy summary with the info on the hard drive:

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1


Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.40GHz 31 ?C
Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology


16.0 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)


Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z77X-UP5 TH-CF (Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz) 28 ?C


VA2448 SERIES ([email protected])
VA2448 SERIES ([email protected])
AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series

Hard Drives

932GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-00RKKA0 (SATA) 27 ?C
932GB Hitachi HDS721010DLE630 (SATA) 31 ?C

Optical Drives



Realtek High Definition Audio

Disk drive

Device Kind USB storage
Device Name Disk drive
Comment Seagate Backup+ BK USB Device
Location Location 0

A:1TB Seagate Passport USB drive not showing up in my computer

When you enter into the disk management MMC console (start, control panel, administrative tools, computer management, disk management), does it show any trace of the disk?

This happens frequently with flash drives as well, drives that are formatted for mac FIRST usually have a hard time being used with Windows machines and formatted by Windows machines. My recommendation: plug it back into your GFs mac, use disk utility to format the drive to FAT32. Then move the drive back over to your PC and check your results.

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Hey All!

I have an old hard drive in a pretty old computer that im trying to put into my brothers computer for extra space for schooling. The problem is that I dont think it has jumpers to indicate slave or master so basically, is there any way i can add this hard drive to my bro's PC without having to do all that or taking out his old hard drive? Thanks for any help you guys can give!

A:Hard drive expansion

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I recently purchased a brand new Dell T3500 Precision Workstation. My existing internal 3.5" HD is fine. I have an external USB HD plugged into an internal USB port and mounted inside the chassis. I find it is not large enough for my needs. I want to get a new HD, internal or otherwise, to replace it. My computer has space for another 3.5" HD with SATA interface. Would that suffice if I got another 3.5" SATA HD? IF not, I have an eSATA port on the rear panel of my computer...how would I use that for my needs?

Ultimate goal: second hard drive of 250 gb or more...preferably internal.

A:Solved: Hard Drive Expansion

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Sorry, but I don't know if this question relates to windows but it kind of does but it's more of a hardware question. So let's say I have windows 7 as my main operating system on a 500 GB hard drive. But then I dual boot with linux which took away 200 GB. So I'm left with 300 GB on my Windows OS. One day however, I went out and bought a 1 TB hard drive. So then I clone my 500 GB hard drive to my 1 TB hard drive using a boot software. But what happens to my Windows OS? Will I get more space on my Windows OS which had 300 GB before? What happens to it? This kind of a small question, not really a huge one.

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So I have this Portable External Drive 1TB the problem is that I can't access the disk (It doesn't show up in my computer) In it's properties it says this device is working properly, in device management it's shown as Disk 1, unknown, not initialized. I tried initializing the disk in MBR it shows "The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error" and in GPT "The size is less than the minimum size required for GPT disks". already tried different cables but it still doesn't work, already tried uninstalling and re-installing but it still doesn't work. already tried a bunch of different software's but the drive doesn't show up there, except for AOMEI partition assistant it can read the external drive but when I tried formatting it, it said can't access.

Please help, I'd be a large help if I can recover the files, it's still fine if i can use it.

A:Seagate External Expansion Portable not working

Since it is a Seagate, try their tool, from here : https://www.seagate.com/ca/en/support/downloads/seatools/

If that reports that the drive is dead, then it is surely dead.

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please help me.. I bought my external hard drive for about 8 month now.. it use 2.0 usb and i'm afraid i cannot recover my files inside it.

A:My 1Tb Seagate expansion portable cannot be detected by any computer

Ameq, Welcome to SevenForums. Sorry you're having issue with you external drive. When you connect the drive to your computer have you gone into Disk Management to see if the disk was showing up there? Does this drive require an external wall wart type power source or possibly need to have dual usb ports to power it?

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About 3 months ago i purchased seagate 3TB expansion USB 3.0 external hard drive.
all worked well apart from windows 7 not being able to see that hard drive to do a back up which at this stage im not Concerned with this issue.

Now i have a 250Gb SSD with the same OS installed, now i plug in the external hard drive into a usb 3 slot & windows 7 shows there is a seagate external hard drive connected as "H drive" but will not read it.according to windows 7 the driver is working properly. i have uninstalled the usb driver & reinstalled with no luck, i have also tried to open up my computer management but it just freezes whilst i have the external hard drive pluged in. i have also plug the external hard drive into all available usb slots with the same issue.

Now i took the extnernal hard drive into work & pluged it into a windows XP works great, so im now 100% sure there is no problem with the external drive. i have also downloaded all the seagate tools for the hard drive & whilst the drive is plug into the computer the programs just freeze.

i have done extenive research online to try & find a solution to this & cant find anyone with the same problem. except one on the seagates forum & the seagate responed with its a windows 7 problem. i will post that link if needed.

i will upload some SS when i get home from work.

A:seagate 3tb expansion with windows 7 dont work

seems like other folks have run into this issue also: Seagate Expansion 3TB not useable for Windows 7 Ba... - Seagate Community Forums

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So I have this Portable External Drive 1TB the problem is that I can't access the disk (It doesn't show up in my computer) In it's properties it says this device is working properly, in device management it's shown as Disk 1, unknown, not initialized. I tried initializing the disk in MBR it shows "The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error" and in GPT "The size is less than the minimum size required for GPT disks". already tried different cables but it still doesn't work, already tried uninstalling and re-installing but it still doesn't work. already tried a bunch of different software's but the drive doesn't show up there, except for AOMEI partition assistant it can read the external drive but when I tried formatting it, it said can't access.

Please help, I'd be a large help if I can recover the files, it's still fine if i can use it.

A:Seagate External Expansion Portable not working help.

Since it is a Seagate, try their tool, from here : https://www.seagate.com/ca/en/support/downloads/seatools/

If that reports that the drive is dead, then it is surely dead.

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Yesterday my USB drive (Seagate Expansion Desktop 2TB) failed in a strange way. Let me describe the symptoms:

- When I power on the laptop with the disk attached, the boot process (or rather POST) is very long. The drive always spins up, but in this case I only get a blinking light. Nothing happens. No access to the drive whatsoever.

- When I attach the drive to my already running laptop, the disk spins up, make a strange noise that is identical to removing the power from the disc, then it spins down, and the process repeats itself like 10 times. When the disk is fully spinning, the drive is showing in My Computer and Disk Management, but because it makes that power-lost sound it Iimmediately disappears, and the process repeats itself.

I tried plugging it to my netbook - drive spins fine, no "reset", but I can't install the driver. It properly discovers the name of the drive, but driver installation always fails.

I opened it and plugged it the USB to SATA card from the other disk. It runs good, no "restarts", but because those two discs use different USB connectors I can't see if it's working in Windows.

Any suggestions? Is this failure fatal? Can I recover the data from this drive?

I don't have any proper SATA motherboard, so I can't connect the disk directly to check if it's working.

Thanks for any tips.

A:Seagate Expansion Desktop strange failure

Nothing strange there and that behavior is pretty common; external drives fail all the time and fail in various ways.

Best way to determine if its the hard drive or just the enclosure is to take it apart and try the drive by itself either by plugging it directly into a computer or with the use of a SATA to USB adapter. If you do not have access to either one you will need to find a friend who does or take it to local computer repair shop. It's impossible to say if the data can be recovered easily until you determine where the failure is. Even if the actual hard drive has failed there's always data recovery companies that can do it in most cases but that'll cost you.

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It's an external hard drive 1Tb and goes with a separate cord power adapter. Here is how i'm using it : I keep the USB port plugged in, when i use it i plug in the adapter to power it up, when i'm done I unplug the cord power adapter only. I use it once a week or 2 weeks, only for backup and store data. Is that good or I should plug the cord power in all the time ? THanks GUys

A:Solved: SHould i plug my Seagate 1TB expansion in all the time ?

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I have a problem with my seagate 2tb external hard drive.
when i connect the usb, i can hear it whizzing and the light flashes, but nothing comes up on the computer.

i have tried changing cables and adapters with no luck.
ive tried changing usb ports with no luck

ive tried going into disk management and it doesnt show up there either.

ive also downloaded the sea tools after googling the problem but nothing shows up there.

i recently transfered everything from a computer i sold over to the hard drive. i wanted to transfer it over to a second backup hard drive today but with no luck.

on he last use of the hard drive i did disconnect with the remove hardware safely option.

anyone give any suggestions please...

A:2TB Seagate Expansion light flashing but not recognised

1. Does the computer read other USB drives or is it only this drive a problem?

2. Did you try connecting this expansion drive to another working computer?

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I recently upgraded to windows 10. I purchased a 5TB Seagate External to back up my computer, and Windows is telling me there is not enough disk space for me to back up 900Gigs. Seems a bit odd.  I have tried everything I can think of, but still I get
the "BackUp Failed " error message.  

The computer says the drive has 4.54 TB unused, but still not enough space for backup and system image?  What gives?

Please help.

Richard Brown 

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This might be a silly question, but I have a Seagtate Barracuda 7200.7 hard drive 160GB that came out of my very old Dell desktop.

Is there any way this can be connected to my new desktop as an external drive?

A:Seagate Hard Drive

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Why won't my Acer Extensa laptop running Vista Home Prem. let me initialize a new SATA internal 320GB Seagate hard drive?It says device is not ready.When i hook it up to my XP laptop it initializes.

A:Seagate hard drive

are you doing it from the administrator account?

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I've got Win XP, and bought an additional internal 350GB hd from Seagate. I've had absolutely no problems with it so far.

I woke up this morning, and my computer was acting uncharacteristically slow, so I rebooted. It took several times to reboot in order to get to the password screen, it would just take exceptionally long to go through the waiting screen, on safe mode, regular mode, etc.

I finally was able to get on, and I opened a folder which is a shortcut to my Seagate for music, but I got a pop up from Windows claiming "The drive or network connection that the shortcut 'Music.lnk' refers to is unavailable. Make sure the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available, and then try again'

I've tried going into My Computer, the drive isn't there, nor does it appear when I right click, under manage...

There's been no physical trauma, movement, or anything to my tower. Could it possibly be a virus? I've used uTorrent for a while, but never had any issues with corrupt files (that I know of), and a full scan with AVG hasn't turned anything up.

Any thing I can do to get back my hard drive? I appreciate it :)

A:Seagate hard drive gone...

The slow boot times and the fact that the drive is no longer found by Windows, would seem to indicate the HDD has failed. If you disconnect the HDD, your boot times will return to normal. If it's still under warranty, you can have it replaced.

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