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USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all

Q: USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all

Found this article this morning and isn't this about time though it will throw a bit of a spanner in the works but common sense tells me at least it should have been like this since day 1

USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all - CNET

Preferred Solution: USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all

We've come a long way from the clunky parallel and serial ports I had on my IBM PC in 1984!

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Does it effect the quality? I have most of the hookups I believe.

A:What type of cable is best to connect the audio reciever to the pc?

As per my other post, if your receiver has a HDMI input, I would go with that. HDMI has a much higher bandwidth compared to other digital interfaces thus allowing higher resolution audio. Toslink, or sometimes called SPDIF (or optical) does have limited bandwidth compared to HDMI - 24bit 96khz max. If you do not play media higher than that then you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. However one benefit with Toslink is that it is not electrically conductive therefore it will not pass any electrical noise from the source nor will it pick up RF interference. So if you get a loud hum, usually referred to as a ground loop, when HDMI is connected you may want to try a Toslink connection.

As for the quality of the cable used in both configs?? I would stick with name brands that have lots of positive reviews from actual users and not just professional reviewers. They don?t have to be expensive. Toslink is susceptible to breaking if bent too aggressively so keep this in mind should you be fishing the cable through a cabinet.

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My 9 year old SATA hdd went bad, preventing booting
I am hoping I can retrieve its data by connecting it to my laptop USb 3 port
It connected to the mother board with 2 cables.  See connector config photos below
What type of connector will I need to try to accomplish hopefully saving the data on it??
Thanks for your help

A:What cable type do I need to connect this removed hdd to my usb 3 laptop so I can retrieve its data??

these are the photos mentioned in my prior post

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Hi all, I got today Lenovo S510 model: 10KW005NAX I want to get a cable or adapter to connect Displayport to HDMI 1080p LCD I have from before There seem to be passive and active converters, what I understood from online is that if I have DP++ PC I can get a passive converter or else I need an active converter. I don't know if cables can be active and passive too?For example: Amazon linkSo the description says source can be DP or DP++, so it has a chip inside it? so it's active? So... can anyone tell me what is my displayport type (Lenovo S510) ? and maybe shed some light on what I need to get clear picture to HDMI in? Appreciate your help   

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Last week i decided to move my computers (2). Internet was working fine before i did this. After I moved them I havent been able to connect except for a usb cable. Both computers are using the Windows Vista home premium 32 bit. Before all of this happened I had 2 computers and an Xbox 360 all connected. I have tried everything I can think of and none of it worked. I have charter cable internet and they were able to get on the internet fine using the ethernet cable. when i go to ipconfig/all it gives me a IP address. I have read several places where people have been having problems with this but all the suggestions for them nothing worked for me! Please help

A:Cannot connect to internet using Ethernet Cable but can connect with USB cable

Do you connect via a modem or a router. Did you try the release/renew options when you were in ipconfig ?
If you use a router check it to see if it's still giving out IP's automatically.

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I am trying to network another computer located two floors down(basement). My router is upstairs and I need to have the cable running outside. What type cable do I need? Someone told me a heavy duty cable is necesary since the cable will be exposed to the elements. What type of cable do I need? Thanks.

A:cable type

It's a little more expensive but I would recommend setting up a wireless network.

I came across a cable mentioned on several websites. I have never heard of it but I guess this is what you use for outdoor.

10 Base-FL Fiber Optic Assemblies are ideal for long runs and outdoor applications. Available in non-plenum, plenum, or outdoor styles. Click to expand...

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Ok this might not be too computer related but I think since the main problem is concerning usb it should be considered hardware. I just bought a mp3 player (sony nw-e95) off of ebay, but the seller is not including the usb cables. I want to buy one but there are so many different kinds, I have no clue which one it is. Is there anyone who has a sony mp3 player who might know what type it is? I have a picture here, it's the clearest one I could find. maybe someone here can figure out what kind of usb cable it is from this picture?

Thanks for the help.

A:Help - what type of usb cable is this?

oh I found another good picture, maybe this'll help?

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Apologies if this is posted in the incorrect section & if it's a 'noob' question.

Basically I moved house and lost the power adapter for my external hard drive. I've looked in to buying a replacement but I have no idea what it's called to actually search for one, does anybody know?

I've attached a photo, any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:What type of cable do I need?

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I'm a new Plusnet customer and I cannot connect to the internet using wifi I just get a page saying the broadband is down. So I tried using an ethernet cable and after manually setting this up I can use the internet. I accidentally disconnected the cable yesterday but the internet didn't fault, it's now working wirelessly. I can connect to the wifi using my mobile and iPad but I cannot connect to the internet. A new router has been sent and the problem still persists, a bt engineer has also visited but cannot find a solution.

Can anybody please help me?

A:I can't connect to wifi but connect with an Ethernet cable works, even when it isn't plugged in

It gets confusing as to which device is being used so as a guideline
disable one or the other (wifi vs wired) and don't allow both to be active at the same time. Technically, which ever device gets an IP address from your router will become the gateway to your ISP - - ignoring the connectivity of the second device to access your router.

With a laptop, we just toggle the keyboard to enable/disable wifi and the wired is easy - - just pull the cable out.

create a desktop shortcut to \windows\system32\devmgmt.msc
to control the devices (needs admin access)
expand [+] network adapters and you'll see the list
mine are

Dell Wireless 1502 ....
Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
Just right-click->disable and you can always right-click->enable

The png posted shows both are enabled and the wired has the gateway.
If the cable is disconnected, this is quite impossible.

SO, first control which device is to be used and then make the connection.

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Hi, I want to ask what type of cable should I use for a 256kbps/64kbps or a ADSL2 24 Mbps internet connection. I am currently using a dial-up cable which is about 10 metres long. Also, would this improve my speeds or would it be relatively the same? Thank you for your advice.

A:Type of cable used for ADSL?

Dial Up Cable?

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I need to run about 75-100ft of ethernet cable from my modem to a ps3 in the basement. Would cat5e is good enough for this distance or if I should opt for cat6. And if it doesn't even matter then just tell me because I have minimal knowledge in this area

A:What type of ethernet cable do I need?

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I have a type c male to vga male cable plugged into my Yoga 910 laptop and a 32in Dell monitor (I used the VGA input because I am already using the monitors other input, an HDMI input, for the xbox), and it isn't working. The monitor still says no signal. Any advice?

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I read through lots of threads on HDMI, DVI and VGA Didn't find an answer to my question. I am getting a Dell XPS 8300 with onboard only video. As I read specs I see it has VGA and HDMI outputs. My monitor (dell) has VGA and DVI input connections. My questions are:

Is (cable connector) VGA to VGA any drawbacks to HDMI to DVI? I know HDMI carries audio but will DVI on the monitor use it?

I don't do games or very fancy graphics. What would be an acceptable choice of cable? I do still have the VGA cable from my current system.


A:Cable for PC to Monitor TYpe?

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I need a USB A B Type Full Speed 2.0 cable for my Brother printer and would like to know if the cable is the same that I ordered from Amazon Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Cable (10 Feet) if this is the right USB Cable for my printer?

A:USB A B Type Full Speed 2.0 Cable

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I have a type c male to vga male cable plugged into my Yoga 910 laptop and a 32in Dell monitor (I used the VGA input because I am already using the monitors other input, an HDMI input, for the xbox), and it isn't working. The monitor still says no signal. Any advice?
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity and moved post to proper forum.

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I am setting up a network at home with several computers. I have cable coming into the house connecting to a cable modem. What type of cable do I use to connect the mdoem to my router and my router to my computers. Would it be a CAT 5 cable? The type of medium that has the RJ45 connectors to it?
I'm drawing a blank.


A:What type of cable do I use for home network?

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Well I just looked at some new sound cards today and I have to say -

[RANT]OMFG how many more audio 3.5 mini-jacks will I have to plug into the back of my PC?

I say they take some other connector type and make it so all audio goes through 1 cable. Heck they can even overload the cable with a few extra not currently used lines for "future upgradability".

What are your thoughts on changing the hardware setup to something a little simpler -

BTW I am the same guy who loves HDMI inputs over the standard 5 plug High Definition inputs on my TV.

What are we living in the dark ages we can't come up with SIMPLE connectors that function well?[/RANT]

Whew now that I got that off my chest I'll sleep better. Am I the only one who thinks theres just a few too many plugs when it comes to audio?

A:Does anyone think they need a new cable type for the newest audio connectors?

Ha, I have RCA jacks running all over the place at my TV.
Dreamcast, Gamecube, XBOX, DVD player, Linux Box, 5.1 surround sound, digital cable. Those all cross through my TV somehow on RCA, then I have all the CAT5, coax and whatever other wires I can find! Don't mind though, they worh better then the RF modulators.

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Just had to run a new (longer) cable from the wall outlet to the modem and downloading now _seems_ slower and I'm getting a lot of timed out when making a new connection.

I'm using a 50 foot "RG6 Quad Shield" with about 10 to 15 feet of excess. I've also recently changed over to a new router, but it didn't seem to be a problem until I changed the cable.

So, I guess my questions are: How can I be sure it's the cable that's causing the issue vs the router? Also is it my imagination or is most cable out there "thinner" then what the cable company gives you? And lastly is one cable better then another?

Any thoughts or opinions?


A:Can cable type slow internet connection

RG6 is superior to RG59 (the usual cheap CATV home wiring cable), so the cable is likely not your problem if you extended it less than 50-100 feet. Check for proper termination of the connectors, because that can have a major impact if the shield is open or if the center conductor is intermittently open or shorted.

Another problem area... if your modem connection is on the output side of a second or third cable splitter, or output of a distribution amplifier, your connection may not work at all.

You can test it by connecting a TV to the cable and tune to various channels 2 and up. If they are all ok (especially high channel numbers, cable likely isn't the problem).

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I'm looking for what type of power button board cable I have I need a new replacement

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Customer has an old accounting software package that is hard coded to print via the DB25 connector on his Desktop PC to a dot matrix printer which has given up the ghost.

He does not want to replace the accounting package and so I am thinking I should be able to print from the DB25 port to his usb laser printers.

Problem is there does not seem to be DB25 to USB Type 2 (D shape plug) cables available.

There are plenty od DB25 to USB Type A cables available but not those to connect to USB Type 2 which most USB printers come with these days.

I'd appreciate some advice on this and finding a solution.


A:Printer cable advice - DB25 to USB Type B

How about a USB Adaptor B-Male to A-Female.
USB Adaptor B-Male to A-Female + $2 SHIPPING AUST-WIDE!

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I am not able to connect internet via wifi (although I can connect to the router). I am able to connect to internet via plunging the cable.

I see that yellow triangle with "!" mark in the internet connection.

Please help!!

Shailesh Jajotar

A:Cannot connect Internet through Wifi but can connect via Cable

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I have a large screen TV that I need to run PowerPoint presentations on, and maybe video. The IT department set up Cat5 from the PC to the TV, but I cannot get anything from the PC to display.

I am trying this on two different computers. One is XP Pro, and the other is Win7 Pro. I would prefer the XP machine, but will sacrifice the Win7 machine to this if I have to.

Both the PC and the TV show connectivity at the ports, but there is no display on the TV. Multiple Monitors do NOT show in either machine.

Is this possible without additional hardware?

A:Connect TV to PC with a direct connect Cat5 Cable

Quote: Originally Posted by mac173

I have a large screen TV that I need to run PowerPoint presentations on, and maybe video. The IT department set up Cat5 from the PC to the TV, but I cannot get anything from the PC to display.

I am trying this on two different computers. One is XP Pro, and the other is Win7 Pro. I would prefer the XP machine, but will sacrifice the Win7 machine to this if I have to.

Both the PC and the TV show connectivity at the ports, but there is no display on the TV. Multiple Monitors do NOT show in either machine.

Is this possible without additional hardware?

Win key + P enables projection mode and displays it.

You sure it is Cat5, and not hdmi?

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Hi All,
I have Laptop Toshiba Satellite L775, windows 7. I used cable modem Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 and it was working fine. Then I changed my ISP to Century Link and used their DSL modem and still everything worked just fine. Now I moved to another city and used same cable modem (SBG6580) and connected my business PC thru ethernet and it is working fine. The problem is with my laptop which I tried to connect wirelessly but coudn't so I tried to connect it thru ethernet but it does not even recognizes it. Funny thing is my hard wired computer has picked up same network name thru modem and is working fine both thru ethernet and wifi (this computer I am using first time with this modem).
My laptop find available networks and when I select my network with password, some time it says connected with limited access and some time "windows was unable to connect" message. I tried most of the solutions by calling Suddenlink and Motorola but no luck. I am wordering if it has to do anything with centurylink's DSL modem being used on this laptop before and somehow blocking cable modem?
Any help?

A:Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne

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HTC TP2 windows mobile phone. Connects to laptop via usb cable.

How do i setup my Laptop so that I can surf the Net on my Laptop when my mobile phone is connected to my Laptop via my usb connection.


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Hey guys!

I have a vaio EB2S1E and one router Linksys WRT120N. Both devices have the N wireless standard. When i set the router to Wireless N-only, my notebook cannot conect to it anymore, i see it as a device but after i enter the SSID it will not connect. If i leave it to Mixed or Wireless G-only or set it to Wi-Fi Protected Setup the notebook connects fine and i am amble to copy with 2.5 mb/sec :??:
I have posted a picture with the settings, can anyone tell me what am i doing wrong?

PS I have two onboard LAN cards one Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller and one Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller. Is there any difference between them, besides the name? Which one is better to use with my router?

Thank you for reading this!

A:Vaio cannot connect to N type wireless

Looks like you solved this already.

As you found out, using the manual wireless connection set up in Windows 7 allows you to choose WPA2 and AES encryption which usually works best with Windows 7.

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Hey guys,
I am still setting up my computer and I inserted the usb bluetooth adapter and paired it with my keyboard. It shows that it is pairing, configuring, and properly configured (supposedly). But when I to to type with it nothing shows up. It didn't come with any software and the drivers appear to have installed correctly as far as I can tell. I have never used bluetooth with windows 7 before; can someone help me out?

A:Bluetooth Keyboard will connect but not type

After installing the keyboard did you reboot? Most keyboards will work quite well with the Windows 7 drivers.

You are having keyboard problems but yet you don't give us a clue what keyboard.

What do you mean by keyboard adapter?


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If you have been able to run a second display monitor, VGA or HDMI on this model using the USB3.0 type-c port and some model of docking port / adapter device, can you please post the make, model of the adapter you used?
Thank you
[edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]

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So, we have this Toshiba laptop running Vista, it's always had funky issues, but I don't know what's up this time. Just yesterday it suddenly stopped connecting to our Wi-fi, and at first its excuse was "Wrong security key" but today it says "Wrong security type". Then, after a few tries, it gives up and says "Call your ISP"

I've tried searching this and haven't gotten very good results (Porn popped up once, not joking), so I figured I could find help here. Anyone know what may be up?

A:Trying to connect to wifi-security type not matching

If porn popped up you must have malware/virus problems. Get an antivirus program like MSE and malware program like superantispyware.



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I want to connect my satellite receiver to my modem through Ethernet cables.

First connect the modem to Ethernet outlet using standard small Ethernet cable.

connect Ethernet outlet A to outlet B using Ethernet cable inside the wall.

connect outlet B to the receiver using standard small Ethernet cable.

I want to know how I make the connection in outlet A and outlet B to make this work.

A:how to connect the cable

If you are talking about how to attach the in-wall cable to the backs of the wall jacks ...

Depending on the maximum data you ever plan to run through that connection, you will need solid conductor CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 cable and suitably rated RJ45 wall jacks.

Most RJ45 wall jacks require a punch-down tool to attach the 8 individual wires to the back of the jack. Some jacks come with a simple, all plastic, tool that is OK for small jobs. Many jacks include color coded labels for the punch down terminals where the colors match the individual wires. The labels will show an EIA 568A and/or 568B configuration. It does not matter which configuration you use as long as you use the same configuration at each end.

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I was just recently given a computer from school after my first was stolen. I hooked it up to a cat 5 cable there and the internet worked fine. I get to my house and the cat 5 cable wouldnt connect. it kept saying limited to no activity on my computer. I hooked it up to a friends laptop and it worked fine. whats going on? If you need more info let me know? im not a computer wizard, and know little to nothing. Please help

Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

A:Cat 5 cable won`t connect to the net.

it's unlikely to be the cables, but the NIC card needs to be configured.

describe how you access your ISP (dial-up, cable, dsl) and all hardware
in the network.

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well i've had cable for only a few days now and already it's screwed up and won't work. since tuesday it's worked great but last night outta no where I lost all connection. where i'm unable to get on AIM now and look up sites on internet explorer. now I have a little icon on the bottom of the screen that's a local area connection for status says limited or no connectivity. I clicked on that for activity for send is at the moment 838 packets and for received none. my cable modem is a Linksys and model BEFCMU10. weird worked just great then outta no where lost all connection.

A:can't connect to cable

If you haven't done so already, power cycle the modem, and restart your computer.

I think your modem has the following LEDs. Which ones are solid on and which ones are blinking?

- Power
- Internet Cable
- Internet Activity
- Ethernet

If the Internet Cable LED is not on, check with your ISP to see what they think is the status of your connection.

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We're running an XP that had the Dialer virus. We reformatted and reinstalled XP, but we're having problems connecting. Comcast ran us thru up to CMD in RUN. The DOS Command has C:\Documents and Settings\Luke>
The Comcast Support was trying to get the IP address with IPCONFIG /ALL but with the line already in, we we'ren't getting an IP Address.
Should I just type in cls and when the board is clear, type in IPCONFIG /ALL?

Any info or suggestions are most welcome and greatly appreciated.

A:Can't Connect to Cable

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After hard disk formatting and reinstallation Windows XP Home Edition SP 3, all my attempts to install and connect HP printer and Logitech Quickcam failed.
Could you please help me in solving this problem ?

A:USB cable connectıon

After installing the OS did you install all drivers starting with the chipset driver? Open device manager - any yellow or red symbols?

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I have a HP Pavilion dv-6 with Windows 7 64bit on it. The internet connection suddenly stopped working. Meaning the previous night it worked fine, on the next morning it's just not working.

Windows doesn't even notice if the cable is plugged in. The ethernet plug in the laptop used to flash orange while using the internet. Now nothing.
Troubleshooting the network adapter wrote that that cable must be broken. But it's the same cable I'm using now plugged into an old computer with XP.

I tried to install Connectify Lite on the night it still worked, but I uninstalled it immediately and the connection was still on.

I tried System Restore to revert the changes (Connectify install and a Windows update) that might have caused this.
I also installed a new driver for my network adapter (Realtek PCIe GBE family controller) from the Realtek website. According to Device Manager the Network adapter works fine.

A:Win 7 can't connect to DSL cable

Welcome to Seven Forums,

Can you please follow the preposting requirements here so that we can better assist you?

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hi guys! my laptop is a dell inspiron 1200. my problem is that i cant connect to the internet using a DSL cable at home or anybody's house. i dont know why. i tried connecting with my firewall turned off, and even tried unplugging all the cables for the DSL and restarting my laptop but to no avail... however, i can easily connect to wireless connection anywhere. and i can also connect to my school's DSL connection without any problem. but if it's a house DSL connection, i cant really connect.. please help me... what troubleshooting stuff can i do to make it work?

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Hi, I tried connecting 2 monitors (mini DisplayPort and HDMI), they were recognised and showed up in the screen settings in Win 10, but only one would show an actual image.When I disconnected one, the other worked, but not both at the same time. Is that normal behaviour?So is it not possible to use 2 external monitors to work with?Do I need an extra device like a (OneLink) docking station?If yes, are they all compatible with my X1 (2nd Gen)? Thanks

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Hi, I'm having the same problem someone else was, but they decided to give up. I'm hoping we might try again... I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 with Windows XP. It has no trouble connecting wirelessly, but will not connect with the ethernet cable. (I know it's my computer and not the cord because someone else connected with their computer just fine; also I couldn't connect when at a hotel.)

When I go into Network Connections, for Local Area Connection 4 it says "Network cable unplugged, firewalled." If I ping yahoo.com when not connected with the wireless, it says "Ping request could not find host yahoo.com. Please check the name and try again." When I do the ipconfig/all, under Media State for the Ethernet adaptor it says "Media disconnected." I also tried uninstalling the Broadcom hardware and then having the system reinstall it when it rebooted, but it didn't make a difference. (By the way, the ethernet cord is in the ethernet socket when it says it's not connected. Also, the lights around it light up just fine when I'm wireless, but when I'm not, there are no lights.)

Once upon a time the ethernet connection did work, but since I prefer wireless and use that all the time, I don't know exactly when this problem began. There are two things that I can think of that may have caused it - 1) I had the motherboard replaced in January. 2) I installed my university's internet software in March. The latt... Read more

A:Can't connect with CAT5 cable

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This used to be a simple network trick -> connect two Windows PCs using network cable, go into adapter settings -> IPv4 -> set one IP to and the other, then you can easily see the other computer and copy/move files.

Not when I upgraded one PC to Windows 10 (can't upgrade the other one yet, as it's work machine). Tried the above, can't see the other Windows. Symptoms include:
- Windows 10 PC adapter status shows a lot of incoming traffic but outgoing traffic stays 0 bytes.
- tried to edit group policy for default location for unidentified network (which is the case on both PCs) to be Private so I could share files
- For "Private" networks, the network discovery is set to ON.

Any ideas?

A:Can't connect two PCs using Ethernet cable any more - Win 10 & Win 7

You cannot connect two computers together using a normal network cable. Normal network cables are wired so that they are straight pass through. You need what's called a crossover cable, as these connect the transmit from one computer to the receive on the other.

These cables are fairly hard to find, so it's usually much easier to simply get a cheap network switch.

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I'm desperate because since yesterday I suddenly cannot connect my laptop to the internet via cable - have no idea what might cause the problem! I have not installed any new programs, etc; just get the message "limited or no connectivity" even though I connect with the same cable to the other computer no problem. renewing my IP by clicking "repair" does not work either, it just says "windows could not renew your IP address" what can I do???


A:I can't connect to the internet via cable

Double post removed

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I recently started adding many upgrades to my computer. One of the things i decided to do was connect it directly to the internet through a LAN cable rather than using wireless internet. I bought a network cable and connected it from my computer to my modem, which already has another computer connected to it through a LAN cable. Unfortuanately, my computer cannot connect to the internet using the LAN cable though. I hooked it up, the router recognizes my computer as well as the other one connected to it, my computer says its connected at a speed of 100mbps but it still won't get on the internet. Please help.


A:Can't connect to the internet using LAN cable.

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hi i'm really desperate, i dunno what to do now, i have 2 computers connected directly with crossover cable when i plug the cable to the desktop computer which has windows xp professional it just stops responding...I first had a REALTEK nic and recently I changed it for a D-LINK installed drivers and nothing


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When I recently resubscribed to a cable internet svce., IE will no longer connect, unless I have AOL opened and connected. Firefox, Netscape, NetZero all work fine without AOL being open. It's just IE. Now when AOL is opened, I can open IE and it works just fine. I had Comcast tech support trying to help, but they gave up and sent me to HP, who didn't help due to my warranty having expired (unless I pay a big fee). I have not even been able to eliminate IE thru add/remove. I guess it's tied somehow to AOL, and I can't figure it out, thus the post here. I am no computer genius, obviously, so I will need a fairly detailed set of instructions, most likely. Thank you for reading this far, and for any help you may offer.

A:IE won't connect unless AOL is connected. Cable

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I want to play movie on my tv from my desktop or laptop. My desktop is running xp, and my laptop is running vista. (not sure if this info help).

What kind of cable do i need to do the job? Where can I find them? How much do they usually cost?

Also, do I need any other hardware? some sort of card? I just want to display my pc screen on my tv. Do I need any additional software?


A:What kind of cable do I need to connect my pc to tv?

More information is needed. What outputs do you have available on the PC? And what inputs on the TV?
VGA, DVI and S-video are common on the PC side. DVI, HDMI, S-video and component video are common on the TV side.

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I'm trying to set up a connection with my desktop, running Windows 98 SE, and my laptop, running Windows 98. Whenever I try to configure my desktop as the guest, at the end I get this error message:

DIRECTCC caused an invalid page fault in
module RASAPI32.DLL

I'm using a parallel cable to connect.

A:Direct Cable Connect

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Greetings to all..

I'm a new member here. And also this my second day running my PC on win 7 ultimate. Not yet activated.

This last few hours i've got a lot of dizzy trying to connecting my old laptop with win xp into my PC win 7. And surprisingly win 7 use a new 'method' on sharing files with another computers.

Usually when i connect my 2 win xp pc, all i need to do is just setting up the IP addres for both pc and then plug up the LAN cable. Done, the xp connect themselves.

I did this one on my win 7. But it doesn't works perfectly. Both my pc and laptop were connected. i can see them on my windows explore network menu. But i can't browse the containing folder that shared on xp pc. And also on my win 7 pc.

Basicly, both my pc looks like already connected, BUT I CAN'T browse the shared folders that manually i set up to be share.

Plese help me how to connect win xp and win 7 ultimate properly.

Thank you.
Big regards.

A:[HELP] Connect Win 7 Ultm - XP Pro SP3 Using LAN Cable

Hi Raditz and welcome,

Did you add EVERYONE to permissions in Windows 7 shared folders?

Did you enable network sharing in the advanced Sharing Settings?

Here is an image. I'm not on my 7 Machine.

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