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Vostro 15 3568 built-in Graphics card for windows 10 32 bit

Q: Vostro 15 3568 built-in Graphics card for windows 10 32 bit

i can't find the driver in the download

Preferred Solution: Vostro 15 3568 built-in Graphics card for windows 10 32 bit

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Vostro 15 3568 built-in Graphics card for windows 10 32 bit

Dell doesn't support 32-bit on this model -- Intel should have a driver though.

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I have a Vostro model 3568 with CPU i3 6006u processor and I'm searching information about the maximum Ram memory supported. Some web sites as crucial said that this model support a maximum of 16 GB of memory Ram, since it is compatible with 8GB for each memory slot. By other hand, the Dell information is not clear about it, so I would like to know if some one has tested it.
Thanks in advance.

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When tried to boot laptop for the first time after buying(I bought it today earlier) it says hard drive not found. Is there something I can do about it, shall I call the shop to solve the problem, or go to service?
I hope for a quick reply,
Thanks, Ivan

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Hello Guys 

I bought new laptop of Dell Vostro 15-3568 and I want to press f5 key without press FN key how its possible the Vostro 15-3568 BIOS is too difficult for me can you please guide me. 
And resolve me issue please 

thank you in advanced.

A:F5 key without pressing Fn on Dell Vostro 15-3568 Please resolved

Take a look at your Esc key -- do you see Fn Lock or an icon of that sort on there?  If so, press Fn+Esc to toggle your F keys between working as F keys or working as media keys.  Whichever one you choose as the default, holding the Fn key will cause the F keys to perform the opposite function.

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Hello i have brand new vostro 3568 with intel hd 620 with troubles. After few hours of work my vostro hangs  with corrupted or shifted screen

Also i had onece BSOD with  igfx*.dll error and i have a lot of errors in event logger:
Nazwa dziennika:System?ród?o:        Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-LoggerData:          19.03.2017 19:11:15Identyfikator zdarzenia:17Kategoria zadania:BrakPoziom:        Ostrze?eniaS?owa kluczowe:U?ytkownik:    US?UGA LOKALNAKomputer:      DESKTOP-JO8T7OQOpis:Wyst?pi? skorygowany b??d sprz?towy.Sk?adnik: Port g?ówny PCI Express?ród?o b??du: Zaawansowane raportowanie b??dów (PCI Express)Magistrala:urz?dzenie:funkcja: 0x0:0x1C:0x0Identyfikator dostawcy:identyfikator urz?dzenia: 0x8086:0x9D14Kod klasy: 0x30400Widok szczegó?ów tego wpisu zawiera dodatkowe informacje.Kod XML zdarzenia:<Event xmlns="schemas.microsoft.com/.../event">  <System>    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger" Guid="{C26C4F3C-3F66-4E99-8F8A-39405CFED220}" />    <EventID>17</EventID>    <Version>0</Version>    <Level>3</Level>    <Task>0</Task>    <Opcode>0</... Read more

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Hi everyone,
I am having an issue with my Laptop, dell vostro 3568
I have set sleep and other function to never at all but whenever I am rendering video by appication like format factory, proshow producer, after effect, sony vegas, my laptop automatically go to sleep event it is running. i have to press the power button to open sleep mode. i have suffered this problem for a long time. Anybody know this issue, please tell me.
Thank you so much

A:[Issue] Problem with dell vostro 3568

maildangky142,Adjust your power settings. Right click on your desktop, then go to personalize. Then go to screen savers, and click on power settings. This is where you can adjust how long it takes for the computer to sleep, just change it to never and save the changes Also, right click desktop and choose Display Settings, then choose Change Advanced Power Settings.  Click on hard drive and change the sleep settings. You can also click on the sleep section and change them to never sleep as well. 

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So about month ago I bough Dell Vostro 3568 i3 7100U w/ Intel HD 620. Everything working fine except one thing - whenever i try to run some game which uses Directx (for ex. Civilization V or VI) I get freeze, crash and error.
Errors are almost same: DXGI device failed... driver failed, Windows has blocked app from using graphic device..
Already tried repairing DirectX, reinstalling video drivers, updated bios, updating other drivers i found on dell website, but nothing helped. I looked on the internet and found that my integrated Intel HD 620 is capable of running DirectX 12 games.
Please help :(

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Hello, I have a problem with a memory upgrade. I bought two different chips - Transcend and Kingston of 4 gigs and after mount on the 2nd slot of the laptop, the laptop turns on and immediately turns off.
The laptop is originally equipped with 4 gigs and I want to expand.
I called to Dell service and they preferred me to install only one module of 8 gigs but this is not my aim because it's more expensive and I will have one unnecessary module of 4 gigs.
Service tag of the laptop is 5GNB0F2

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hi ,
i'm saikumar few day back i purchased a laptop , its working good but i'm facing a problem.
that is the brightness of the screen is not decreasing or increasing, on the screen it's showing the control icon i.e the brightness of the screen is decreased but not.
i have search on the net and followed some methods also but that are not working, i reinstall the display drivers also but that also not working. please some one help me or guide me. 
my pc details is dell vostro 3568,and running with the windows 10 os   

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I have upgrade to windows 10, and I need to update my Graphics Card.
I have Dell Vostro 3450.
Thank you,

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Hi, my question could be childish I wonder if someone can guide me.
I am going to place an order but I do not know if  New Vostro 15 3000 (3568)  Core i3-7100U Processor 4GB(4GB×1)DDR4-SDRAM Memory 128GB SSD is faster to edit video/audio or should I go for i5?
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you

A:Is New Vostro 15 3000 (3568) Core i3-7100U Processor 4GB(4GB×1)DDR4-SDRAM Memory 128GB SSD faster to edit video/audio

For video editing, this system is by far underpowered -- you really need a Precision mobile workstation or an Alienware system for that.  If you can't stretch that far, look for an XPS system with hybrid (intel-nvidia or Intel-AMD) video.
Neither the CPU nor the GPU in the Vostro will handle what you want it to do.

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Hello,I can't seem to find specific information about this pc related to this topic. I have a client that wants to have a hdmi port and dual monitor installed. I looked everywhere in the bios settings, I tried using a usb-to-vga adapter & and vga, dvi-d cable & vga (this mirrors both monitors, but cannot extend the display). When I changed the settings on the bios to use the built in graphics, it gives me the option to enable multiple monitors but cannot use my pcie graphic card. If i select to use the pcie graphic card, i cannot use the built in graphic ports or the usb-to-vga adapter (it does not see the other monitor) and also if I use the dvi adpater and the vga it mirrors the display. I'm guessing that the bios does not support dual graphic cards but thought of asking here. The reason the client wants this is to be able to connect a projector using hdmi and to have dual monitors. Any information will be greatly appreaciate it. Thank you.   

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I have a dell vostro 260 pc and i purchased a gtx 750 ti. Can not find in device manager. Have a 300 watt power supply with no 6 pin connector. Dell tells me there is no upgrade for this power supply. Is there a power supply i can upgrade to or can i run graphics card off external power supply?

A:Dell Vostro 260/GTX 750 Ti Graphics Card

which 260 do u have ???


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Hello I have a Dell Vostro 200 mini tower and I'm about to upgrade it but I don't know what graphics card I should use. I want to use to play some games like counter strike. I would also like to know if it could run windows 7 ultimate, professional, or home.
Ram - 8 gigs
Core - Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Quad-Core Processor, 3 GHz, 12M L2 Cache, 1333MHz FSB, LGA775
Storage - Crucial BX300 120GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive - CT120BX300SSD1
Power - 350 PSU
Motherboard - Foxconn G33M03

A:What graphics card should I for my Dell Vostro 200

Hi Jchoiboi17,Thanks for posting.Another user posted this information:If you are just playing CS:GO you can pretty much get any card that fits your budget, a Radeon 260x or a 750ti will work just fine with games on good settings. You could get a 960 if you are playing a range of games too however if its just CS:GO then either the 260x or 750ti is a great choice.Another user posted:  EVGA GeForce 8400 GS Hope this helps

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Hi all,
I recently bought a Vostro 3668 i7 7700 that came with a R9 360 card. From a little search on the web I saw that the TDP for this card is 85W, so I thought that it wouldn't hurt If I buy a 1050 Ti with 75W TDP  (/w stock speeds no extra power cables) to replace it.
Is there anything that I should be aware off? Any BIOS settings? Does it matter that I replace a single slot card with a dual slot card?
I am currently looking at these 2:
ASUS Phoenix GTX 1050 Ti
Thank you for your help

A:Vostro 3668 new graphics card

Unless your applications require nVidia support, this is going to be a lateral move, not an upgrade.  Those two GPUs are pretty evenly matched in terms of performance.
Yes, it may matter in terms of size - many smaller cases like the one you have won't take a dual-slot card.

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I have a Vostro 460 and I wanted to upgrade the graphics card. I just bought a Gygabye with nVidia GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 card assuming it was going to work fine on this PC. Wrong assumption. It simply does not boot. It displays the initial POST but it doesn't go past it.
This video card is PCI-e 2.0. I tried to check prior to the purchase the PCI-e version of the Vostro's motherboard and with big effort I found in one the posts of this forum that it's 2.0 (it doesn't say anywhere, motherboard or manuals). Also, the minimum hardware requirements are met: minimum 300W power supply: the stock PSU is 350W. Cool!  But no so cool, it's not working.
The BIOS's firmware is up-to-date. I can't figure out what's the problem as the card is compatible with the motherboard. It should have worked first hand. And I don't think the power is a problem.
Any ideas?Thank you

A:Vostro 460 graphics card upgrade

Thanks for writing to us. 
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 420
ATI® Radeon® HD 5450
ATI® Radeon® HD 5670
pci-e cards are tested by Dell and are compatible. GT730 is not tested so cant really comment on the same.
Hope the info helps.

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I have recently acquired a Dell Vostro 460 i5-2400 with the onboard Intel HD-2000 graphics.
I am wanting to upgrade the graphics card to support HD video streaming and some gaming.
Searching through this Forum, I have found information about supported cards (using the existing 300W PSU), but many of these are too old to but new. I have also read about the nVidia GTX 750Ti and Radeon R7250 working OK with the vanilla Vostro 460.
I have a budget of about £50 and am considering the following cards which appear to be compatible with a 300W PSU:
nVidia GeForce GT 730
nVidia GeForce GT 720
Has anybody had an success/issues using these cards with a Vostro 460? I am open to other recommendations or suggestions that fall within my budget.

A:Vostro 460 i5-2400 Graphics card upgrade

Just seen a post made by a member yesterday on the same topic! This member bought a GT 730 and it appears it is not compatible with the Vostro 460. A reply stated that the following cards are tested and compatible:
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 420
ATI® Radeon® HD 5450
ATI® Radeon® HD 5670
pci-e cards are tested by Dell and are compatible. GT730 is not tested.

If possible, please can somebody add a list of more modern cards that are tested as working with this desktop?
I might just have to bump my budget to £100 and get a GTX 750 ti (assuming this will actually work!?)

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Hi all,
Hope you can help. I am wanting to upgrade my GeForce GT 620 for a better graphics card that supports the latest gaming titles preferably GDDR5, is the Vostro 470 capable of having a graphics card that is beyond GDDR3? Your help would be much appreciated.
Kind regards,

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I'm running windows 10 on my vostro computer when the screen freezes. I have to (after a long time waiting) force shut it down and when I turn it back on 6 identical screens come up, even in the bios. after a few weeks of reinstalling the nvidia driver through device manager and getting it to work again, the driver fix I was doing the few weeks stopped working.HELP!
also in device manager it says windows has stopped this device, but i can't seem to fix it

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My computer loads up fine goes to the windows logo , then goes black , after about 30 seconds the computer restarts itself and does this same proccess over and over. I have tried everything disabling onboard, reinstalling windows , uninstalling drivers and doing a clean install, etc im really fustrated and dont know what to do next . Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

A:Dell Vostro 200 wont Boot up after Installing new Graphics Card

Maybe try different version of the drivers. I had one recently that the updated drivers killed the system. Also, is it possible the card could be defective?

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I have just installed Windows 8 Professional edition alongside Windows 7 Professional, however I cannot use my built in monitor when within the normal mode of Windows 8, Instead I have to use an external monitor (I'm currently using my TV via HDMI), however, in safe mode I can use my built in laptop monitor, or if I disable the intel HD 3000 graphics driver, however I do not want to do this because I would prefer to still be able to use my dual-monitor setup, I have all of the latest drivers for the video devices and still no avail, could someone please help!

Thanks in advance,

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According to the owners manual the first few lines of the BIOS/System Setup section indicates that the amount of memory dedicated to the integrated graphics and the ability to enable or disable it are options in the BIOS.  The BOOT method is Legacy instead of UEFI, the BIOS has been reset, default options loaded, etc and no where are the specified options visible.  BIOS is version A7 which I believe was the version that it was shipped with and the latest.  This is not a huge issue, but the fact that the option is missing from BIOS and needlessly using a bit of RAM is enough to see if anybody is aware of an issue. 
I haven't contact support yet as I just got the box yesterday as a replacement machine at work.  I have already torn the thing apart looking for the old school jumper method of turning off the integrated graphics with no luck there either.

A:No way to disable integrated graphics on Vostro 270S when using PCIe addon card

Just a bit more information.  The add-on card is a NVidia NVS280 or NVS285 LP with pigtails to dual VGA.  With monitors hooked up to that card it has worked perfectly fine so far.  I haven't tried one monitor on the integrated card and the other on the card to verify both are still working, but the Intel integrated graphics still shows up in device manager and is using system memory.

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I have an older Vostro running latest Win 10, with a  0YJPT1 motherboard which has a PCI Express and I am trying to add a GTX 1060 graphics cards. Have updated BIOS, turned off Secure boot, enabled legacy mode and installed the drivers  but the graphics card won't work - no input is being sent to the monitor.
What else can I try? Or is the motherboard not able to support the graphics card.

A:Is GTX 1060 graphics card compatible with an older Vostro (motherboard 0YJPT1)

Most of these require a 6- or 8-pin direct connection to the power supply -- if yours does, how are you powering it (most power supplies in Inspiron/Vostro don't have the required connector)?

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I am trying for the first time to put together a system. Yeh I know...I need help. First of all is this a usable card. It is comming out of an existing system.
Thanks, ynotbme

A:Is the ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 graphics card compatible with a Dell Vostro 200?

If the card will fit in the box it'll probably work for you. When I looked up Dell Vostro 200 they were built into two kinds of cases. There was one type built in a slim case and the other type built in a mini case. The mini case is much wider than the slim case. It looks like both types of cases sport motherboards with X16 PCI-E slots for adding an aftermarket video card. Trouble will arise if your 9550/X1050 video card has an AGP connector instead of a PCI-E connector, or you have a full size video card and a slim case.

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I have a Vostro 460 MT from Dell.
The Specs:
320GB HD
Stock PSU - 350W

I had a NVIDIA GT 210 card in previously which I sold and bought an R7 240 to upgrade with. When plugging in the R7 240 and booting up. I get NO VIDEO SIGNAL. NO BIOS SPLASH SCREEN etc.
NOW if I take the card out and use the onboard VGA it works fine. The NVIDIA GT 210 worked fine too.

Why does this card not work? Is there a solution to my problem?

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If I have a built in graphics card on my motherboard is it possible that if I try to install Windows 7 using one in the PCI-E x16 graphics card slot I will get errors during the installation?

A:Built in Graphics Card Question

Quote: Originally Posted by Anpippin

If I have a built in graphics card on my motherboard is it possible that if I try to install Windows 7 using one in the PCI-E x16 graphics card slot I will get errors during the installation?

Sorry but I don't understand what you are asking.

If you have onboard graphics it is a chip on the motherboard, if you have an actual graphics card that will be in a slot.

I think that if you install a card you would disable the onboard chip.

Whichever you have neither will give problems during an install.

If that is not what you want to know please post back with a few more details of what you are trying to do.

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think of the endless possibilities...

1.higher than ever refresh rates

2.faster memory processing if built-in northbridge were also linked to RAM with an external data bus.

3.the AGP slot could be positioned anywhere on the board (limitations apply) since the built-in northbridge would eliminate the need to share a common transfer with the expansion buses.

4.Dual-Core Processor function would be optimized with two seperate northbridges (one in the card), the other still positioned next to the expansion slots.

5.the card should then accomodate speeds that rival that of the motherboard itself, since with the total data transfer speed of the card consists of the GPU and the northbridge.

I am hoping to research more on the possibilities and to try to come out with something realistic.

A:What If A Northbridge Was Built Into A Graphics Card...

The way I understand it, the northbridge is essential since it kind of bridges the gap between the graphics card and the CPU, and the northbridge also manages other stuff like PCI slots and perhaps some of the motherboard's ports as well.

So if the northbridge were located on the graphics card, it would need only to be an AGP/PCIe controller, and it would need to tie into the existing system, and you'd still need a northbridge on the mobo to manage PCI slots and some of the other stuff a northbridge does.

It's a cool idea though, since you wouldn't have to worry about your motherboard's chipset slowing the graphics card down.

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Hi all,

New to this so please excuse my mistakes, and not knowledgeable with computers at all

My computer seems to have a bottleneck judging by the Performance Information & Tools in Windows 7 Ultimate. I want to know if it is possible (and if so how do I go about it) to install a graphics card to enhance my computer.

Currently I have:
Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz
Memory - 2x2gb (motherboard is capable of 16gb - 4 x slots)
Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce 9300/nForce 730i
Motherboard - P5N7A-VM

I've been told by my local computer shop that I cannot upgrade my graphics by installing a graphics card as my motherboard has this built in. I understand not being able to upgrade the built in motherboard graphics unit without buying a new motherboard, but I thought it should be possible to install a graphics card???

Yesterday I got my system upgraded from Windows 7 32bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit so I could upgrade my RAM to 12gb (the 2 x 4gb Kingston RAM I purchased for this so I could have 12gb RAM doesn't work apparantly so I have to return them & get new ones).

Going from the Performance Information & Tools in Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit) my scores are:
Processor - 6.5
Memory (RAM) - 5.9
Graphics - 3.9
Gaming Graphics - 5.4
Prim. HDD - 5.9
* Giving a base score of 3.9

Before my upgrade yesterday my system was:
Processor - 6.4
Memory (RAM) - 6.4
Graphics - 4.8
Gaming Graphics - 5.5
Prim. HDD - 5.9
* Giving ... Read more

A:Upgrade built in motherboard graphics with card?

Shane04 said:

I've been told by my local computer shop that I cannot upgrade my graphics by installing a graphics card as my motherboard has this built in.Click to expand...

That is a lie, the man at your computer shop should be fired.

But if you don't play games or do any video editing you don't really need a graphics card upgrade. Your motherboard graphics should be enough.

RAM doesn't make your computer any faster, it only makes a difference if you have lots of bulky applications open at the same time. For you 4GB is fine, 12GB is a waste to be honest. Also your mobo only supports DDR2 so if you bought DDR3 RAM it wouldn't work.

If you want to make your computer faster I would suggest a clean install of Windows on an SSD!

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Is it safe to disable the built in graphics card in my Dell laptop?

The reason i want to do this is to figure out where a noise is coming from.



A:Is it safe to disable a built in graphics card?

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I am trying to hook up two montors. the graphics card i have has one slot
the trouble i am having is that the on board card does not boot with the
second video card in the computer. any suggestions

A:Two monitors on a emachine with built in graphics card

Depending on your PC this may be impossible as the motherboard may disable the onboard video as soon as you try to use an external video card. This is most common with older chipsets that have AGP video onboard and an AGP expansion slot. Usually it is recommended just to get an external video card with multiple monitor support (many low priced ATI/Nvidia cards support this)

No one is going to be able to provide specifics without knowing the specs on your computer, but the first place to try to mess with settings is to go into your BIOS at boot and see if it has options for picking/enabling your on board video.

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Ever since I installed windows 7, my Laptop for some reason on dxdiag says that i have a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, even though on vista i had a 9600m gt. Please help. I have put Dxdiag of my system as an attachment... Oh and if this helps I have installed windows 7 32 bit ultimate rtm. I also looked at these post and i was thinking about trying out NitroNate's solution since just dling the drivers did no work. But i can't seem to find to the drivers for the GX720 msi laptop.


I downloaded the drivers from the website brand (msi) and installed the drivers even though I heard reports of it not working o.O... Thanks for your posts and support from other threads which helped contribute to helping me.

A:Problem with comp not detecting built in graphics card

what you need are the drivers for your system, do you have them? i used the ones that were intended for vista 32-bit for my system. i downloaded them from dell's site and extracted them, found the NVxx.INF file in the extracted folders.

in there, there will be a string that looks like this: DEV_0649&SUBSYS_XXXXYYYY, with the XXXXYYYY being what you need to find. this is the subsystem ID of your card.

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I recently finished putting together a new build (my first time). It passed POST and everything seemed to be working until I noticed that a dialog popped up with "Display driver updated" and restarted my computer. Restarting caused the monitor to have haphazard white stripes all across it after the BIOS screen (on the Windows loading screen). (If necessary, I will put up a picture later - at work right now.) Going into safe mode and uninstalling the driver software allowed the system to start up normally again.
People across the internet seem to think that the graphics card might be broken (not as a response to me personally but to others with a similar problem), but my graphics card is almost brand new out of the box, so I find this unlikely. Others have suggested ensuring that all the motherboard drivers (including the BIOS) are up to date before installing the GPU drivers. (Once I get home from work today, I'll re-check this thread, update all my motherboard and BIOS drivers, and try again.)
I'd really like to ask for help and make sure there's nothing wrong with the GPU, or with any of my other components, before giving up on it and asking for a refund/exchange. Any help would be very greatly appreciated.
System specs:
Intel Core i7-4790 Haswell processor
ASRock H97 Anniversary motherboard
Crucial M500 240 GB SSD
WD Blue 1 TB HDD
Asus GTX 980 Ti GPU
Corsair HXi 850W Platinum PSU

A:Newly-built computer, graphics card woes

Its entirely possible you have a defective GPU. Make sure you have the GPU seated correctly, pop it out and pop it back in - just to make sure.
I would hold off on updating the BIOS drivers. Just make sure all others are up to date and you get the latest Nvidia drivers for the 980. I would do the BIOS update as a last ditch effort if the other newer drivers for everything else doesn't work. If then the BIOS update doesn't' help, I would RMA the GPU.

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I just bought a new copy of windows 7 ultimate 64bit and worked fine until i tried to open a simple or a complicated game like minecraft or Battlefield 3, then i noticed a HUGE fps drop assuming that i should have a pretty much high fps in minecraft as an example like 50 or 60 but instead i get about 25 and a maximum of 30. By random i decided to check the device manager to check if i need any driver updates but i noticed that there is that yellow triangle with the exclamation mark beside it saying AMD Radeon HD 7400m Series which is of course not my graphics card so i tryed to nuke it from orbit and download the correct drivers manually but noticed that the AMD website doesnt allow me to download the desired drivers and redirects me to another page and tells me to download the latest CCC which i infact did and opened it and followed all the instructions and told me to restart, after doing so, i checked again and saw that it still says 7400m not 6400m which i think indicates that theres is something messed up that makes auto detection detect my gpu incorrectly. Also i wanted to say that my brightness controlls are dead, totally no response and in the windows copy before this one, i used to see animations of volume up, down and mute aswell as brightness up and down, i suspect that this problem is coming from the driver issue.

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So i just bought a new computer. each with individual parts and i just got done putting it together. But my problem is that i don't have a built in graphics card on the motherboard i bough which is the ASUS M4A87TD/USB3 AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 AMD Motherboard. I have the EVGA 01G-P3-1450-TR GeForce GTS 450 (Fermi) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card. also have the AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition Thuban 3.3GHz, 3.7GHz Turbo Socket AM3 125W Six-Core Desktop Processor. Now how do i install the drivers from these disks without a screen and without the driver for the disk drive unless it doesn't need one. and without an operating system? i have an operating system disk to install on it later.

A:Solved: Installing Drivers without built in graphics card

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help my pc can only show 8bit color quality and i cant adjust it to 32bit......i reformated then this happend.....i have a Intel Desktop Board D845GVFN im using the built in graphics card......do i need to download a driver?!?!?

A:My built-in graphics card, has 8bit only color quality, after i reformated it

i tried it but it didnt help......i downloaded the exact driver for that motherboard

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Just finished building a new PC for my mates brother, all components seemed to be secure.
I turn on the PC with just the power cable in YAY! it turns on, so i think this is too good to be true, it turns on first time! I unplug it take it upstairs to my monitor, plug in my monitor into the AGP card i installed in it (Nvidia 5600XT) then booted it back up. The monitor stays on standby, no signal input sign floating round the sreen. AHA the motherboard has onboard graphics, maybe it defaults to that? I remove the AGP card, plug the monitors cable into the VGA socket on the motherboard, boot it back up! Still nothing!!!
I presumed that because the fan comes on, CD drive and HDD that the processor is intalled right. So then I reset the CMOS (normally solves most things in my case lol) boot it back up, and still i got nothing. The monitor and the Cable work fine, and the AGP card is fine to as my friend used it in his other PC before giving it to me! Motherboard is brand new, and i had the same model before, (just without the onboard graphics) Memory is also intalled right, i checked twice!

For the love of god help me!
Could it be something to do with the Hard drive??
Slave/Master wrong way round??
Disk Drive faulty
I DON'T KNOWW!!! lol
(the only old bits in the PC are the Hard Drive, 2 Disk drives and the case itself)
Please consider everthing before just saying faulty!
this the Motherboard in question

A:Newly Built PC, no input signal to Monitor, from AGP card and Onboard Graphics

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I have been using dell Vostro 2420 laptop for the last 2 years. I had windows 8.1 installed in it in the last month. When I was using windows 7 I got occasional display problem with display getting blurred(consisting of close horizontal lines, and picture getting shifted to left side of the screen). According to the instruction from dell, I uninstalled both intel and nvidea display drivers. They got reinstalled automatically after restart. Now I got the display error again. I uninstalled the display drivers. But only nvidea is automatically reinstalled. When I tried to install intel hd graphics driver manually, it shows that "the computer does not meet the minimum requirements for the installation to complete". What to do? Please help.

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Dear all,
have the laptop with installed Windows 8.1 po (cause it is corporate standard, other OS isn't supported inside my company, sorry). Any attempts to install Intel HD there wasn't successful: not from Dell site, nor Intel - "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software" in spite of Windows 8.1 is in the list of compatible OS on the driver's description, e.g.:
The only graphic driver was installed is Microsoft Basic Adapter, but I can't connect extra monitor by HDMI with this driver.
Please don't recommend me to install Win10 - I can't do it now. I need any other solutions! Thanks in advance!

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Dear all,
have the laptop with installed Windows 8.1 po (cause it is corporate standard, other OS isn't supported inside my company, sorry). Any attempts to install Intel HD there wasn't successful: not from Dell site, nor Intel - "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software" in spite of Windows 8.1 is in the list of compatible OS on the driver's description, e.g.:

The only graphic driver was installed is Microsoft Basic Adapter, but I can't connect extra monitor by HDMI with this driver.
Please don't recommend me to install Win10 - I can't do it now. I need any other solutions! Thanks in advance!

A:(Redirected) Dell Vostro 5468 vs Intel HD Graphics drivers and Windows 8.1 pro

As you have a laptop, best to post this in the Laptop Forum here:http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/default.aspx

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Hi there, can you please tell me procedurally how to enable and use the built in webcam on the Vostro with XP for taking photos.I cannot seem to enable/start the camera.

A:Dell vostro - Enable built in webcam?


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I have a laptop(Acer Aspire 9300), and my graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce Go 6100.

Seven refuses to recognize said graphic card, insisting that in it's place, is a Standard VGA Graphic Adapter. Because of this, my screen resolution is amazingly low.

Proper drivers have been installed several times. I read something about having to manually install the drivers... but didn't fully comprehend.

After some research, I found that Seven has troubles with graphic cards built into the motherboard.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 7 and built-in graphics cards. Help.

NVIDIA MobilityModder - DriverHeaven.net

If you still need help after, I'll create custom strings for you to install with. They can be placed in the .inf

Let me know how this goes for you.

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I tried everything,installed the drivers for my AMD,disabled the drivers for Intel (it switched to microsoft basic graphics instead of the AMD),couldn't find anything in BIOS however...if anyone got some advice,please share it with me because I can't take low FPS in games anymore when I got a laptop with such good specs.

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I am considering the above machine, but need to drive two monitors in extended desktop -  note that this is for basic webpages and not intensive gaming.
Having looked around on the web for a budget card, the GTX 750 gets good reviews generally. Its capability is beyond what I require,  but it seems to be the best compromise from what I can gather.
My question is, will this fit into the above-mentioned machine?  Its length and height seem to be fine, as do the power requirements. I wonder though about the plate of the card that slots through the PC case.  it looks double width to me and I wonder if the PC case is big enough to accept this? I have had a look on the web and cannot find an answer.
I have considered the other option of driving a second monitor from the USB3 port, but this is not a clear cut option either and so I may be better considering the graphics card upgrade.
It anybody can suggest a better method,  or a more suitable card then I will be happy to consider all options.
Thanks in anticipation of your help.

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HI ALL. new to this forum.  i have a issue with a lenovo z50 laptop .the inbuilt  sd card slot on the right side  of the lap top does not reconise sd cards i have tried a scan disck sd car but nothing . i have up dated all the drivers for the lap top , but still nothing . i have ran a diagnostics check with lenovo but it is fine. any ideas what to do now ? help much appreciated 

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My son has a Vostro 270 Mini Tower with an i5 processor running Windows 10. He’s finding his games are lagging a lot. The graphics card is a Nvidia GT 620. We put in 16GB of RAM. Now we want to upgrade the graphics card. I’m thinking of this one:
Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 1152 NVIDIA CUDA Cores Mini 3 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
It’s a mini card so I hope it’s more likely to fit in the mini tower chassis.
Could anyone please confirm if this would be compatible with the PC?
And it says the recommended power supply would be 400w, whereas we just have 300w now. Is there a particular kind I should buy? This one seems good value, would it be the right kind?
Corsair CP-9020097-UK VS Series ATX/EPS 80 PLUS Power Supply Unit, 550 W
Any advice gratefully appreciated!

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I'm from Vietnam. I can't install driver Intel HD Graphics 3000 for my computer. This is a laptop Dell Vostro 3450 Core i5, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.
When I install driver Intel HD Graphics 3000 for VGA Onboard (include: R304300, R294607, R294609, R302025) then I receive an error message:
"This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"
Help me, please. Thanks.
Name: Nguyen Quoc Vuong
Mail: [email protected]

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