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Very quiet case/water cooling fan

Q: Very quiet case/water cooling fan

Just a heads up if anyone needs a VERY quiet fan, I replaced the dual fans on my water cooling system with these;
During normal use or gaming, they are silent. When running a stress test ie prime95 or OCCT, you can hear them however they are a 100% improvement over the coolermaster fans they replaced.

While they are not cheap, the performance and silence is well worth the cost.

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Preferred Solution: Very quiet case/water cooling fan

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I'm looking to perhaps move to water cooling my CPU and then later my graphics card. I'm running a Pentium 4. My first question is, is water cooling worth it? Also, is there any risk with water cooling, I mean water and a computer don't mix. If it is worth it, I was looking for a good tutorial on how to set one up and a list of parts. Also, do I need a case that is water cooling compatible? Or will any case work? Either way I would like a new case. Basicly this is what I would like in a case:

Mostly, if not all, aluminum
Alot of fan holes, 4 or more
A really cool design
ATX compatible
I'll take any suggestions/comments for the case and water coolant.

A:Water cooling and new case

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I currently running Windows 10. Intel i5-750 Lynnfield since October 2009
Now my CPU have about ~72?C degrees when running a game.
I think it's too high and want a new Water Cooling
What do you think? Do you recommend? And how to choose?
Thank you :-)

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So i have heard that some water cooling systems do need new water in them every 6 months, and i have also heard that some never need to have the water replaced, so i have no idea of what brand/kind of water cooling system i have because it has no branding or anything, i got my computer custom built from ibuypower so it was professionally installed and stuff, so anyway here is a picture of it and maybe you guys can tell what i need to do, http://i.imgur.com/qxlPpCR.jpg

It looks like even if i wanted to replace the water its not built to open up, so yeah can any of you guys tell me what kind it is.
Thanks for reading this~

A:Do I need to put new water in my water cooling system?

Your system should of come with some kind of manual from ibuypower. If not I would contact them and find out what they recommend to use to replace the fluid and how often.

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I am looking to upgrade from the stock cooling that came with my AMD 1090T, the main reason being that it sounds like a jet engine when the PC is under load.
Any suggestions??

A:Quiet CPU cooling

The quietest CPU cooler is the Noctua NH-D14.

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Hi everyone,

I built my own pc this holiday season and it's running nice and cool with the 3 fans in it. However, safe and steady is never fun so i want to overclock this beast. I know it probably could work on air but i really want to put in a water cooling system to look cool and help with the temps genereated from oc'ing. I have no prior watercooling experience but have been reasearching it a bit. I'm wondering if I have all of the parts to make a working watercooling system for just my CPU and VGA. Also, do i need spliters and such so the VGA doesnt heat the water up before it reaches the CPU?

Here are the parts....

radiator http://www.crazypc.com/products/93110.html

pump http://www.crazypc.com/products/mcp355-93345.html


....Plus distilled plain water (or colored green), respective waterblocks for my AM2 CPU and nVidia card, and thermal paste.

Thanks in advance!

A:Water Cooling

For less than the price of the parts you listed, you can buy a kit from thermaltake that comes with everything including the cpu water block [which you have not listed] They also make a kit for gpus as well. With the gpu kit and the warter cooling kit, it is about the same as the parts you listed.

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My question here is, would water cooling without a chiller, make enough of a difference to make it worthwhile? I have a P4 3.0c and an Asus P4P800 mobo, and I OC to the max. I seem to have reached the limits with air, and thought I would like to try something more exotic. Probably would start with the GPU and NB, then do the CPU later...

Thanks for any input...


A:Water Cooling ?

i'd do CPU first if I were you..many good kits out there for around 120 bucks or so...start small..always can get new bigger radiator (with nice 120mm fans)

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I heard from one of the members of Techspot about the term Watercooling, and when I asked a technican, he told me that in our country it is not available.I have a lot of questions:
1-What is watercooling?
2-How much effective it is (more or less than the fans)?
3-Where (in a case) do we place the watercooling?
4-How much $$ it costs?
Thanks for the help!

A:Water Cooling...What's this?

The question "What is watercooling?" still has me stumped for the moment, I just don't know exactly how to answer it. I'll read more. As for "How much more effective is it than air cooling?" It usually manages to keep your parts about 10 degrees celcius lower than air cooling. Water cooling units can be inside or sometimes outside the pc, and they usually cost about ?100-150 to the best of my (limited) knowledge.
I found this, though, and it'll definitely be of more help than me.
The music is good too.

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If i was going to do water cooling, should i buy a kit or buy the parts myself?

A:Water Cooling

Buying a good kit can save you some money and get you a decent water cooling system. Buying the wrong kit will be a waste of money if you intend to overclock. I would recommend:

Thermochill PA120.2 radiator
D-Tek Fuzion water block
Laing DDC 3.2 pump w/ Petra'sTech DDCT-01s Top Combo

You may want to substitute a Swiftech Apogee GTX if you have a quad core processor.

The above is about $300.00 with shipping and doesn't include a reservoir, fittings or tubing and various other stuff to make the install pretty if you want to go that route. It will do a great job of cooling even a hot overclocked processor.

22, the avenue that's the place where we all go. You will find it's warm inside, the red lights burning bright tonight.

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what is the best water cooling??? Right now im thinking about gettting a corsair hydrocool 200ex. do you guys reccommend a diffrent one? also what thermal paste should i get with it? artic silver creamique? thx

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Hello!I am thinking about installing a water cooling system to my PC.Since I rarely turn it off the temperature levels are borderline to overheating most of the time(I might be exaggerating a bit not really sure but it gets quite hot),especially the power supply unit,so the cooling system i.e. ventilators work very hard and loud to manage the given situation.This also results in slower functionality of the PC as a whole;OS lags a bit and some games become not so much enjoyable,although this might also be due to the fact that my video card is already a bit outdated, but still ...I am using an INTEL D102GGC2 motherboard,with dual core Pentium D250,3.0 GHz,Ati Radeon Xpress 200 chipset,1.5 GB of ram ,NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT ,...I would like to get the most out of my PC,the very upper limit and the water cooling seems to be a good way to achieve this ...so any thoughts,suggestions,tips and beginners guides on the subject would be very appreciated...

A:PC water cooling

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I was wondering if tube that has a 3/8 inch inner diameter and 5/8 inch outer diameter would work with 3/8 inch parts, or does the outer diameter have to be 3/8 inch?

A:Water Cooling Help

well, it depends on the specific "parts" you want to use. It's important to read the specs of the fitting itself.

most fittings use standard hose sizes...
some fittings (like hose barbs) reference only the inside diameter (ID) of the tubing they are designed for. with this type, the hose goes over the fitting, so the OD is irrelevant, only the ID matters.

some fittings (like compressions fittings) reference both the ID and the OD of the tubing they are designed for. with this type, the hose goes inside the fitting so both the ID and the OD are important.

then there are other fittings which are proprietary...
these will often state the physical ID or ID (or both) of the fitting itself, or sometimes just say which "model" of their own branded tubing they are designed for). these fittings may be used as well, but the sizes may not be standard so you'll have to test fit them first.

the bottom line is; there is no simple answer because there is no labeling standard for all "parts" to conform to. read the packaging carefully and if possible test fit the part before purchasing.

hope this helps :wave:

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Hey everyone, Im about 80% sure im going with water cooling for my new pc im building. Since I've never used water cooling I was hoping to hear some suggestions on water systems that get the job done for a reasonable price. I plan to run my qaud-core I orderd a few days ago on the ASUS P5N-E 650i, and plan to overclock it. Should I cool my graphics and ram as well with liquid? Going to be runing 8800gts 640mb and not completely possitive if im going with OCZ Flex XLC 6400 for ram.

any suggestions for a system and water blocks?
thanks in advance

A:Water Cooling

I dont know much about wc. As I'm about to get my first system as well, looking at the h20 120 TEC from swiftec, but its a TEC cooler as well as wc.

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These are the items Im going to buy in a few months, I'm still in the planing stage. What would you change.

1X EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ - Full Copper - $89.95

2X Danger Den Delrin Fillport - $23.98

14X EK-PSC Fitting 13mm - G1/4 - Black - $97.86

1X EK EKoolant Premium Liquid Cooling Premix Coolant - 1000ml - Blood Red - $12.95

1X EK-CoolStream RAD XTX (360) - $99.95

1X EK-DCP 4.0 (12V DC Water Pump) - $59.95

1X EK-RES X3 150 Reservoir - $49.95

1X Bitspower Matt Black "T" Fitting - $10.99

1X Masterkleer Tubing PVC 19/13mm (1/2"ID) UV-reactive Dark Red 3,3m (10ft) - $16.95

3X Corsair Air Series AF120 Performance Edition High Airflow 120... Read more

A:Haf 932 water cooling help

Hi Dustin,
I would have a look at a different fan model than you have there with the Corsair. The reason is illustrated in Martins Liquid lab tests.
63mm is a relatively thick rad and has a FPI of 11 compared to the Alphacool of 10FPI. The Corasairs have a static pressure of 1.2mmH2O at their max RPM of 1650 while a fan like the Evercool Titan TFD-12025H12ZP Kukri has a static pressure of nearly 3.0mmH2O at the same RPM.
In short, for a rad of that thickness I think you are going to want a fan with much higher static pressure.
I noticed you have three fans listed so I assume you are going to be having a 'push' setup so it makes it even more important to have fans that have a SP of at least in the 2-2.5mmH2O range. Better still in the 3.0-3.5 range if you are going to be doing any OC'ing. And of course your ambient temp situation should be taken into account as well. I am using the Alpha cool XT and UT series listed on the MLL charts you can see in the link below and tried a great many fans before settling on the CM Excalibur 120mm fans (3.53mmH2O) and can tell you that even going from the Cougar COUGAR CF-V12HP (2.2mmH2O) to the Excaliburs made a discernible difference in cooling performance.
My 2 cents worth

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Hello, I got a water cooler a few months ago "Evercool WC-202" I got it because i thought my system was getting pretty hot, asus booster read my cpu getting up to over 60C and i had a very expensive heat sink wit some heat pips on it. my first water cooler didn't work and i had to send it back and i stalled the new one last week. It is awful, it's running soo hott. My asus booster says it has reached around 80c and that cut the speed down in half since i'm running a pentium. Although the front panel says it's 47.2, even though i believe that is still hot for a water cooler. I have it attached to my geforce 7800gt as well. I have contacted the company and they responded askin me if i've installed it correctly and crap like that. i got back to them and they haven't gotten back to me, i'm really pissed off atm, i paid 92 dollars cash and as a college student, i don't have that kind of crash to throw around. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with this water cooling and if it's common. i have a lot of stuff in the computer as well, i'm not sure if that effects it.

here are links to it:


A:Water Cooling

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Hey everyone!

So I'm getting a new GPU for my PC, a Titan X Maxwell, 12GB VRAM. I'd like to water cool it, so I can overclock it stably and get optimal performance from it.

I have found the appropriate water block for it, the one made for it's model. However, I am not familiar with other aspects of water cooling. I don't know what kind of tubing I should get, what pump, reservoir, radiator, or anything else for that matter.

I don't need to overclock the CPU, just the GPU.

Could someone with some knowledge in this field please help me out? Thanks a bunch!

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I'm looking at water cooling just as a nice little project to work on...I'd like to clean up some of the clutter in my case, (most of it is molex connectors/splitter for the fans and fan controller) improve the cooling, and maybe quiet it down a tad. I currently have 3 case fans plus the cpu, gfx, power supply, and chipset fans. Now my question is this- What kit do I go with? There are quite a few I see out there...what's the best option without getting too pricey?
Also, Can I ditch some of my case fans when I go with water cooling? Any advice about water cooling is appreciated...thanks!

A:Water Cooling Help

Check this out:


I can tell you that JohnWill is envious as hell over that water cooling system I installed!

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Hey guys well im new to the water cooling but ive done overclocking before and i wanted to get better temps by doing water cooling can any one give me any advice or guide to how to do it also links for kits or parts that it will require would be very usefull thanks

A:Need help with water cooling

You can look at all sorts of setups and read up on what parts they consist of, lots of people have articals of their water cooling builds, reviews, remade sets you can buy,etc.

I believe however you should only need:
Resivour to hold water, mounted in 1 or 2 5&1/2" bay depending on how big you choose (this is a container that holds water, but why its important is it lets air rise to the top of the container so that only fluid is sucked into the system, inlet hose in the middle of it, outlet hose on the bottom, air rises to the top of the container)
Radiator /w Fan attached
Hoses that fit radiator and waterblock inlet/outlet sizes
Waterblock(s) for cpu, north bridge, video card, ram, etc
Distilled water and perhaps some water wetter. Thermal paste under the waterblocks on top of the chips.

I always wanted to buy a car radiator cheap, maybe with a car fan too and hook up a vairible resister to control its speed/audible level, then mount it on the other side of the mobo tray, run tubes up through the top of the comp down into the water blocks, with a pump inside too.

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I am new to this but i am wanting to get a water cooling kit for my pc but im not too sure what is the best. I am looking to spend up to £130.

Also would it be better to buy a kit or get seperate parts.

Thanks in advance.

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hi im looking into getting watercooling for my Antec 1200 case but im kinda new to it so im wondering what would be better to buy a kit or buy the parts seperatly and what kit/parts i should get my limit for this would be $300 any help would be great thanks

A:Help with water cooling

what are you looking to cool? just the cpu or cpu + vids + more bells n whissles?

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Hi, im probly a medium-well overclocker and i think its about time to upgrade my chip and my cooling system. I was thinking about going with the P4 3.4 and the WaterChill by Asetek. Im a heavy gamer, and i dont overclock my video card much. Is there anything better than the waterchill in that price range?

A:Water Cooling

Hmm, are you sure you want watercooling? There are many danger that come with that. Go to www.thepcelement.com for reviews on good heatsinks. My friend OC'ed his P4 up like 800 MHz with a HSF.... check out the review on it. It's a swiftek.

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what is the best water cooling system i could get for around $200? it can be a stock system or accumulated parts..but i really need help deciding-thanks for all help

A:need water cooling!

This is a pretty good system:

I use this because it's internal, works well, and extremely easy to install:

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I am interested in upgrading my current computer to a water cooled one. I have no idea how to do this. I have no idea what I need or anything.

A:New to water cooling

Check this out http://www.water-cooling.com/ then pick yourself up a Water Cooling kit. That's the easiest way to go. It will come with everthing you need to install it.
This is good also: http://www.xoxide.com/watcoolcas1.html

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Hey hey,

I've often seen pics of machines that use water cooling to keep
those babies chilled. My questions are however:

1. When does it become necessary to use water cooling?
2. What different types are there.
3. How much do they run.
4. Are they hard to put in?

As a PC guy I like tp put em together but I've never really stepped into this grey area of building. I think maybe one day I'd like to Mod my own PC from scratch...maybe some red lights and a nice case to boot....but I've always been interested in water cooling..

So what say you water coolers...
Howz it work.

A:New to water cooling.

1. IMO its never really necessary, just when you want your cooling to be quieter, and maybe better at cooling in some cases.

2. For pumps, which are the main part, there is two main types. 1 type needs to be placed in water, and 1 needs a reservoir to hold its water.

3. When you say how much do they run, what do you mean?

4 I do not know, I have never installed one.

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Hello, All!

After reading SEVERAL reviews from SEVERAL websites, I can't make up my mind. All the water cooling thingys look cool but I was not impressed by the temperatures they wer giving...Idle: 36 and High: 62 (These processors were OC'd and some weren't). Is there a PC water cooling system that will chill the processors as such:

Idle: 25 - 29
Load: 40 - 45

I have the socket 939 AMD 4000+ CPU. Thanks.

A:What's the best PC water cooling out there??

aerain said:

Is there a PC water cooling system that will chill the processors as such:
Idle: 25 - 29
Load: 40 - 45Click to expand...

In your statement you use the word "chill". Did you mean it in the actual sense of the word...that the system would utilize a CHILLER (mechanical or electrical)???

It appears that you have done your Homework! Collecting opinions on "which is the best" isn't of great value. You probably are the expert at this point!

BUT personally, I believe that an air-cooled system can achieve the same same results as a non-chilled water cooled setup.

IF the air-cooled heat exchanger and fan are properly designed and sized for the task, then this is a straight forward Thermodynamics problem.

What I believe is the advantage with a water-cooled Hot System is lower sound levels. High Speed Fans are noisy!

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new to water cooling what would i need to get me started if was to change system to water cooled

spec are Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Intel® Core? i7-950 Processor the Corsair Hydro Series? H70 for cpu
Chipset Intel X58 ICH10R chips NVIDIA GeForce 480 GTX
Directx 11 Asus P6T SE
Realtek® ALC1200 8 -Channel High Definition Audio
Optical Drive ATAPI DVD A DH20A4P SCS
Optical Drive PIONEER BD-ROM BDC-202 ATA Device
Printer Brother MFC-490CW
power supply Corsair Professional Series HX1000W
Obsidian Series? 800D Full-Tower Case

any ideas and thanks

A:New to water cooling

where is the video card?

have you done water cooling before?

are you looking to build from the ground up or get a kit?

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alright im lookin for a good water coolin system for my cpu, im lookin to spend $100-$150 can anyone recommend any good systems? thanks in advance!

A:WHAT water cooling should i get!!!!!!

BUMP cmon guys

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Gonna get water cooling for my Graphics card and processor (see system specs), I want a custom setup. Any one know any good tubes, blocks, pumps, radiators, resevares...ect.

A:Help with water cooling

D-Tek Fusion CPU waterblock
Danger Den IONE G92 GPU and memory waterblock
Petra's Tech Laing DDC 3.2 pump with DDCT-01 top combo
Thermochill PA120.2 radiator. You'll have to buy the nipples seperately.
Swiftech MCRES-MICRO Hi-Flo Reservoir
10' 1/2" X 3/4" tubing from Home Depot.
10-15 7/8" thin tube clamps.

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two weeks ago I bought corsair cool water to cool my system because I was using air cooling and overclocked my amd x2 3800 cpu to 2.3 ghz and the temp shot up to 75 degrees at load. so I bought the corsair cool water and now my system is doing OK I guess I was able to overclocked the cpu to 2.5 ghz and at load it hits 50 degrees this time. however I got a little problem and I really need your help. I noticed that the water from the reservoir occasionally comes out the opening where you put water into it. when cpu is idle it does not spill but when at load i noticed that there are a lot of water bubbles and it comes out the opening where you put water in and in fact two days ago it was really dripping but thank God my system was not fried. is there a way out for this problem? or do I need a better reservoir or another type of liquid to use in the water cooling system? please I need your help.

A:New to water cooling please help

This really supports my argument on why you shouldn't use reservoirs in watercooling setups in the other thread....

Anyway, that aside, before installing any watercooling system into a computer, you should run the whole water circuit outsside the computer for a couple of days straight to check for leaks. No matter hoe careful you are, leaks are generally bad for the system.

And if you already had your comp dripping with water, I don't think there's going to be permanent damage to your computer. Just put it aside for a week or so to dry, and it should bounce back into working order. Or thats the theory anyway, a few people online said this for their systems, but bear in mind there are some that said their comps are permanently fried too. 50-50 chance.

My opening statement said that you don't really need a reservoir, and I stand by that. There was a whole discussion on this in an earlier thread, read up on that for my reasons why (and links to support it). If you really want to use one, just make sure its watertight, use some sealant to ensure it is, if its not.

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I just ran into a good deal and I am wondering if I should mess with this water cooling deal.
I am running a Gigabyte mobo with a Q6600 NO OC, 4 gigs ram, dual video cards. Anyways on air I am 24c idle after some rounds of everest it "might" hit 30c, all four cores are within a few degrees of each other. My video cards run at 36c. This is in an Antec 900 case using the sunbeam cooler massive thing it is too. I have two additional fans rigged to the heat pipes and two box fans on the video cards 'moving air' and of course two in the front of the case, side and top with a rear, the hard drives have there own fans too.

If I OC is that where the water cooling would make a difference Vs. air given my temps right now? Thanx

A:water cooling

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Im thinking about water cooling my computer by christmas time and was wondering if i should buy a complete kit, or if i should buy parts separately. And whats the best site to buy water cooling parts at?

A:water cooling

That all depends on your level of expertise really. An all in one kit is much easier ti fit whereas buying all the parts separately is harder to put together but you usually end up with a better water kit.

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I got my new PC today,iam putting it together...BUT...i dunno what to do whit my water cooling system...this is the cooler- http://www.thermaltake.com/product/Liguid/DIY/cl-w0075/cl-w0075.asp
I dunno how to put it together...there was no instruction...

A:Water Cooling

Have you tried watching the video clip in your link? It shows how to put it all together.

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Could some just check the follwing proposed water cooling build?

Swiftech Laing D5 Vario 12V Pump - 1200LPH

TFC Xchanger - Single Radiator 120

XPC Resivoir

Zalman Anti-Corrosive Coolant 500ml (need about 4?)

And some 1/4 inch connctors and tubing.

What do you think?


A:First water cooling attempt

If you're only looking to liquid cool the CPU, I would just buy a pre-built kit. Swiftech makes a great little compact kit which includes a waterblock/pump and a radiator/reservoir all in one easy-to-install two-piece system. I can also recommend it because, not only do I actually own the kit, but it includes the coolant and is 3/8 ID... which is a lot better than 1/4. You can still purchase additional stuff if you're looking for a more custom setup, but it's a lot easier to start off with a solid kit over picking and choosing certain parts. This kit does a great job of keeping my overclocked Q6600 cool with a single radiator!

You can check it out on the manufacturer site... it's the H20-120 Compact

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Ok so i have built my now pc an now i am thinking of build a watercooling loop. I will be overclocking my i7 760. there are the parts(ps correct me plz if any of the parts are not compatibe) Im a complete nnoob at dis. I only want to cool the cpu:

XSPC BR525CL 5.25'' Single Bay Watercooling Reservoir - 20 pounds
Black Ice GT Stealth 240 Radiator - 33 "
Thermaltake P500 CL-W0132 pump - 23 "
Heatkiller CPU Waterblock - 30 "
OcUK Extreme Tubing PVC 13/10mm (3/8"ID - 3 pounds per 1 meter

I dont know which coolant i need to get so if any body can help me with that i would be very grateful(but it has to be Blue ) i also dont want to spend more then 120 pound(my utter most limit) Thanks everyone ! I hope to get a reply!!

A:Water cooling help needed

I will be overclocking my i7 760.Click to expand...

That'd be i5 760/ i7 920+.

I dont know which coolant i need to get so if any body can help me with that i would be very grateful(but it has to be Blue )Click to expand...

It'd most likely be water, its appearance will be dependant on the color of your tubes.

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HI... I am considering getting a water cooling system, they are quite expensive, so I thought I would make a decision, I was planning on getting water cooling with clear pipes, and then putting some UV water dye in it, so it would glow!! (With my UV light)--- But how often do I have to replace the water, and how efficient are they (I know that they look really cool already!!)


Water cooling is great. I've had mine for 3 years. If you're careful and thorough in your installation it should be perfectly safe and you should not have to change the water ever. I use about 15-20% antifreeze in distilled water to prevent any organisms from growing in there. You may need to bleed off a little air every year or so on if you run a closed system. Water cooling is more efficient and quieter. If I was running air right now I wouldn't be able to keep this AMD CPU at 2620 mhz. I'm running 40C (20C case temp) at full load, 24/7.

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Thermaltake Aquarius2 Water Block

I'm torn between this and a new set of speakers. I've always dreamed of having water-cooling, I'm sure it would be uber-cool (both ways ).

But, on the other hand, I have my PC hooked up to my boombox. It's not like the sound is awful, but it leaves alot to be desired.

I have about $200 to spend, and this will buy either the waterblock or the speakers. I'm planning on buying whichever on Christmas...

What should I get?

A:What to Buy: Water Cooling or Speakers?

well the question is do you actually need the cooling??? if your system runs at a good to reasonable temp then you don't really need it.... even though water cooling would be really cool my advice to you would be the speakers beacuse if there is a lot to be desired then by all means go with the speakers

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Whats a good website to buy water cooling parts at?

A:Water Cooling Website


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I have been looking for waterblocks for an 8800GT, or rather a pair of. seems there are more than you can shake a stick at for a GTX, and GT is thin on the ground, the only one I found so far is over 80 quid, which seems a tad excessive. So, 2 questions really. Does anyone know if a GT/ GTX have the same mounts, ie will a GTX afterfit waterblock fit a GT, and secondly, anywhere that does a cheaper GT waterblock?
Please note I am in the UK, so preferably a UK seller, or at least asn overseas that doesnt charge an arm and a leg for postage!
Cheers all

A:Water cooling 8800GT

I found this card: Danger Den DD-8800GTX Water Block. See if you can find it at any of your local computer stores.

Good Luck!

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Just how big of a problem is this?

I've tried to get the bubbles out of my tubing, but it's proving really difficult to get all of them, and Im wondering if it will even make a big difference.

The trouble is, the only place for bubbles to escape is through the filling hole in the reservoir, but it's hard to maneuver them through the cpu block, radiator, etc..

I asked a friend and he said he left some bubbles in his by mistake- but he says he likes them because he can see if theyre flowing in the tubes. Claims to have had no problems, but I just want to be sure

A:Bubbles in Water Cooling

There is no real threat to having bubbles in your tubing. I purchased a Thermaltake Big water cooling system recently and there are always small bubbles throughout the tubing. As long is it is not impairing your cooling I wouldnt worry about it

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Right now I am running a side window fan, and 2 fans in the Back of my tower. I have thought about getting watter cooling but... come on... its water inside of my comp! How risky is it, and is it worth it just for a few degrees off my CPU and GPU temps? oh and is it worth the price? thanks

A:Fans Vs Water Cooling

Personally, I am not really a water cooling person.

Main reason to get it IMHO

1. It just looks so damn cool!
2. If you are an extreme overclocker
3. You want a quiet computer

As long as you spend the bucks and get a quality water cooling system, no it is not dangerous to have water inside your computer.

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In many occasions I've seen that HP Omen desktop 870-xxx has optional support for liquid cpu cooling. Does anyone know what liquod cpu cooler it refers to? The standard AIO liquid coolers are not good as the case fan hole is too small.

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Hi currently I have a pump, res, single rad, dual rad, cpu block, nb block, and soon to have a gpu block when i upgrade my gpu. I was wondering where i should place my rads. I have a few configs maybe someone can give me some pointers.

By the way, my single rad is one of those integrated res ones. So it has to go single rad- res

1.) res - pump - cpu - nb - dual rad - gpu - single rad
2.) res - pump - cpu - dual rad - nb - gpu - single rad
3.) res - nb - gpu - dual rad - pump - cpu - single rad

Or some other config.

Right now I'm using
evga 680i sli LT
E8400 [email protected] 4.0
7950 gt ( soon to be a 260 55nm when it goes on sale again)
4 gb ddr2-800

I want to place the dual rad after something that creates alot of heat. My cpu and NB will get pretty high, and so will my 260. So i'm not sure.


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hi everyone,
i know that water cooling is less noisy, takes up less room and cools more efficiently. but how much do the temperatures drop on average from standard air coolers? i want to have a go at decent overclocking when i build my new rig
(not what it drops down to, how much it cools down )


A:Water Cooling Question

Hello lil domii,
I overclock all my rigs, (check my specs), but i have yet to be convinced that water cooling is worth the expense, my temps never go above 50C under load and that is on air cooling.
If you can keep your temps down to an acceptable level, then it doesn't matter how you do it.
I like the fact that if my cooling goes wrong, it can be fixed with another fan or heatsink, in minutes.
Dont get caught up in the hype.
Any way, thats my 2 bobs worth, good luck.

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What is the best water cooling kit? I want one that's stylish, and is very efficient at what it's supposed to do. I also want it to have it's own CPU and GPU blocks. It needs to be compatible with an Intel P4 Socket 478, and an ATI Radeon 9800.

Thanx in advance,

A:Best (and Most Stylish) Water Cooling Kit

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Hi all, thanks for reading, just a few questions I couldnt find out on google (probably coz its blindingly obvious):
1. Im looking at the Alphacool Cape Coolplex 50 external
This is quite a large res, and I thought it would look nice mounted diagonally across the side of the case im fitting it to, Does the res need to be flat or vertical forwater to flow (cant find a pic big enough to see how it works)
2. If i get the system I would want to cool my CPu, chipset and RAM, (X2 4200+ X1600XT Gigabyte GA-M55Plus-S3G), will i need a powerful pump to cool this???
Im looking at the AlphaCool AP700 Centrifugal pump 12V
which pumps 720litres /hour. Will this be ok to cool that setup (full specs in profile) looking at This: radiator, if thats important.

A:A few water cooling questions

jb444 said:

Im looking at the Alphacool Cape Coolplex 50 external
This is quite a large res, and I thought it would look nice mounted diagonally across the side of the case im fitting it to, Does the res need to be flat or vertical forwater to flow (cant find a pic big enough to see how it works)Click to expand...

if you look at the coolplex 10 (same thing, just shorter), you can get a better idea of how it works. That is a nice looking reservoir. as long as it's full, water will flow through it regardless of how you mount it. if you plan on leaving air at the top (which lets you see the water moving and arguably looks cooler, especially when lit up) then you the water level must be higher than the intake. it uses a "climb stencil" (basically a plastic tube) to keep air from entering the loop.

if I bought a resi like that, I would mount it horizontally on top of the case with the 'climb-stencil" at the top as the outtake and the other hole on the bottom as the pump intake. I'm not saying that's what you have to do it or even how you should, that's just what I would do

jb444 said:

If i get the system I would want to cool my CPu, chipset and RAM ~
will i need a powerful pump to cool this???
Im looking at the AlphaCool AP700 Centrifugal pump 12V
which pumps 720litres /hourClick to expand...

that pump should work fine. I use a 600L/h pump and it's more than enough to cool my [over... Read more

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Hi im very interested in this water cooler http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835118043 my cpu went up to 86 degrees Celsius when i overclocked my e5200 to 3.0 ghz ( I play games like Crysis Warhead and Far Cry 2 ) I heard water cooling would cool much better than air cooling.

Would this cooler....

Fit on my Motherboard
How much could I overclock my E5200 with this water cooler?
Last and not break in 1 month?


A:Zelman Water Cooling

yes, there's a bracket for your mobo
probably not much more, its a 5200
no one really knows,

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