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lenovo in a loop after ! update

Q: lenovo in a loop after ! update

my lenovo laptop wont start after i turned it off.
yesterday evening i let it on to do the update and when a wake up 8 hours later it whas still in the same process.
i whatched it and when its finished it starts up again and says the same en starts deleting the last update.
every time it finishes the update it starts up again.
i readed on this site that removing the batt. for 24 hour may be helpful.
how can i bypass the update so i can use it again?
exuse me for my bad english

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Preferred Solution: lenovo in a loop after ! update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My Lenovo Y700 has been suffering from an issue since October of 2016, one which I imagine many people on this forum (or at least those of you who have also purchased this laptop model) are aware of. The issue itself wouldn't bother me, if it wasn't for Lenovo's gross negligence and seeming apathy towards customers with the issue. Here is the story behind my infuriation:I bought the Lenovo Y700-15ACZ laptop back in February from my local Best Buy, at the cost of nearly 900USD (including tax), to replace my old Dell laptop, and up until late October I was relatively satisfied with the purchase. Then Windows sent out their latest updates for the AMD graphics driver. At this time, I had no idea what was going on, so I brought the laptop to Geek Squad, at the same Best Buy from which I bought the computer. They explained to me that the issue was caused by an incompatibility between the built-in motherboard graphics card and the AMD video card, a result of the most recent graphics update at the time. So, I had them roll back the computer to before the update in question was released, and disable all automatic updates. It's a good temporary solution, but as many of us probably know, disabling updates means that security updates, as well as graphics updates, will not install, thus putting my computer at an increased risk of malware infection. So, after three months of leaving my Lenovo update-less, I decided that I've tempted fate long enough, and called Geek Squad to arrange an app... Read more

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I had auto update for Windows Vista turned on and at some point it updated this latest update, and when I shut my computer down and restarted it I got into the same loop. I have done some research and found out that this is happening all over the place and Microsoft put out a flawed update. I found a forum with the solution, but you need to get to a command prompt. I can't get there because my HP pavilion only lets me get to one after windows boots? Well vista can't boot because of this loop, ergo I can't get to a command prompt to fix the problem! Microsoft URL for the fix is http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949358 but none of the remedies listed on this page will work on mine. SO I am UP a CREEK for NOW. Any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated. I am currently using a system utility supplied on my computer to back the whole thing up, but through a USB port it is taking forever.


A:Microsoft Update perpetual loop on step 3 of 3 Computer is hung in loop

Can you get into Safemode by tapping the F8 key immediately on startup and using arrow keys to select safemode and hit Enter key.

Did you get a Vista disc with the operating system on it?

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When I try to start my computer it cycles from a black screen to the Lenovo symbol. It will allow me to hit F2 or F12 but that is it. I am a novice and getting super frustrated. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
F2= Setup
F12= Multiboot Menu
Thanks Everyone

A:Lenovo Boot Loop Help!!!

Do you have the installation disk? Try to boot from that and run the startup repair utility

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I think it's a common problem, but i couldn't find any solution around the internet. I left my laptop for about an hour, and when i came back it showed a blue screen with some error. I was trying to fix it, but i just made it worse, now it's just showing the Lenovo logo over and over. I have tried many things, but nothing worked. My operating system is Windows 10.

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HIthe laptop keeps restarting it shows the lenovo logo and restart it only happns with an ssd drive... with a regiler hd it boots to the windowsif i shutdown windows with the ssd it boots up regileri have tried diffrent bios settings and no go... does the ssd simply to fast for the system help please


Hi Topsi,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with system restarting.
       Try to reset the BIOS to default and check for the issue.

Now access the BIOS menu press F2 when the Lenovo logo appears on the screen while the computer is starting up.
Then to reset the BIOS to its defaults click on ?F9? Key and select YES.
Now Click on ?F10? Key to safe the changes that are done in BIOS, restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved.

Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards,       

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This is what happens every time I try to turn my computer on:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4noqcgeePDwI have tried a battery drain, a system restore, removing every program not pre-downloaded off and booting in legacy mode. Some of these have worked temporarily and allowed me to get into the computer, but then the same thing happens again as soon as try to turn it one again.

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Hello, I recently bought a Lenovo P50 workstation which came preinstalled with windows 10. I want to setup a dual boot system with windows 10 and windows 7. HDD configuration is the following: SSD1: NVMe SSD 512GB  - Windows 10 installedSSD2: NVMe SSD 512GB - EmptyHDD1: 500GB WD  I want to install windows 7 on the SSD2. I have managed to add the drivers for usb3.0 and nvme support package to the windows 7 image. After windows 7 installation is complete , on first boot i got an error message regarding driver signatures. After disabling secure boot, error message dissapapeared. Now the windows 7 boot logo appears and immediatly the laptop resets. I am not able to boot into windows 7. Does anyone here have an idea on how to fix this ? Best Regards,rdu03

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So Friday, I tried to boot my computer and ended up with an automatic repair loop. The screen reads automatic repair, then goes to diagnosis and gets stuck here for hours on end. I have a Lenovo G50-45 and Windows 8. After trying to do a hard reset, unplugging the AC and pressing the power button and it not working, I used the novo button on the side of the computer. I tried to reset BIOS settings to defaults but it did not work. I then created a recovery drive with a USB key using my brother's computer. Again, I used the novo button, and managed to boot from the recovery drive from there. I tried system restore but it gets stuck on system restore initializing for more than thirty minutes. I tried bcdedit and it did not work. I have tried bootrec up until rebuildbcd and when I come to rebuildbcd, it keeps processing for more than twenty minutes without results. I have tried chkdsk but it tells me that Windows is locked. I refuse to do One Key Recovery because it will bring me back to factory settings (yes I know, I did not think of doing a backup). I was told that System Refresh is not a great idea. I am trying to find a way to repair this problem. I have work to do on this computer and I would like it to be resolved.

A:Lenovo 50-45: Automatic Repair Loop

i have the same issue!! have you gotten som hjelp from the lenovo guys? i have also not backed up my computer. 

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Hello everyone,  I bought a y510p about two years ago and for the first year it worked flawlessly then one day it wouldnt start up. What would happen is it would try and boot up and show the Lenovo message then go into the novo boot menu and after 1-2 in that menu it would crash no matter what option was chosen and would keep doing it over and over. It also would only do it if the A/C cord was NOT plugged in. If A/C power was plugged in it wouldnt start at all. I gave up on it for about 9 month and it sat in my closet About 3 days ago i tried it again and it booted up fine no problem, did windows updates, restarted multiple times and no problems until today where it shut down and reverted back to what it did before. Any ideas? I am stumped and believe there might still be life in it.  Thanks! 

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Hey guys,I have a problem with my  lenovo w530. Some time ago the laptop suddenly restarted when I was working. Since then I can't boot to OS and if I try to boot from CD or USB it reboots. Please see the video for better understanding: https://youtu.be/VJH0YvU4qk0Does somebody have a hint for the root cause?Thanks a lot!Jur4ik

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My computer turns on shows Lenovo on the screen and then goes black and says Lenovo again

A:Lenovo PC on Windows 10 is stuck in a boot loop

What's the model name and complete model number of that Lenovo, and is it a desktop or a laptop?

What exactly did you do to it before this issue started?


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Not sure how to escape this infinite loop. It started with me copying the OEM recovery partition from my Ideacentre b540 to an external hard drive to free space on my desktop hard drive. I tested the recovery program and it couldn't locate the recovery drive.

I went ahead and copied the recovery partition back to the desktop hard drive to restore to essentially default settings. I tried the recovery program again but this time got stuck in an infinite loop where I'm told windows can't run the script X:\onekey\main\lrscall.vbs.

I'm thinking when I copied the recovery partition back to the desktop it was formatted with drive letter H instead of X so the path is messed up. I know my windows 8 partition is fine. meaning niot corrupt, but cannot boot to it anymore, the computer keeps trying to boot to recovery

Can someone please help me get out of this loop?

A:Lenovo Ideacentre recovery loop Hell

This is a tutorial by Lenovo using the Windows 8 USB Drive Recovery app.

Methodology to create Recovery Media and reload a Lenovo Think system with Microsoft Windows 8 preload

Originally Posted by Lenovo

NOTE: From this point forward in the recovery process, the choices for actual operating system recovery depend on the existing state of the computer hard drive.

Below are the instructions if there is an existing Microsoft Windows 8 install on the hard drive.
1.Select the target operating system of Microsoft Windows 8 to reload over existing Lenovo preload.
2.Select "Yes" to repartition the drives or "No" to keep existing partitions. For a clean install, the drives should be repartitioned.
3.Select "Fully Clean the drive".
4.Click Reset to begin the process.
5.The reset/recovery process takes approximately 90 minutes.
6.Once the reset/recovery is complete, the system will reboot into Microsoft Windows 8.

Below are the instructions if the hard drive is blank.
1.Select "Yes" to repartition the HDD or "No" to keep the existing partitions.
2.Click either choice, but these instructions follow the repartition scenario.
3.Select "Fully Clean the drive" as this will take several minutes to complete.
4.Click Reset to begin the process.
5.The reset/recovery process takes approximately 90 minutes.
6.Once the reset/recovery is complete, the syst... Read more

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So I've had my Lenovo G50-45 for almost a year now. About 6-8 months ago, I installed Windows 10 and shortly after fell victim to the whole "Repairing Automatic Repair" loop. Time passed, I forgot about it and put it off. Sent the laptop off after learning that the motherboard had been fried sometime around late March. Received the repaired laptop in April and it's fine. I'm running Windos 8 but it's fine. I got sketched out by going back to Windows 10 after reading about the plethora of problems that people are running into.A few hours ago today, I got the same Repairing Automatic Repair loop.
Three months (maybe even less) of a supposedly brand new motherboard suddenly just gone up out of nowhere.This has to be a joke, right? 
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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Hi so I I was doing a factory reset on my Lenovo yoga 300, it got to around 50% and suddenly said an error has occurred, I clicked continue as that was the only option and it rebooted itself, now it's stuck on a never ending look, it gets to the Lenovo logo, stays for about 5 seconds and just reboots again, I don't know what to do, can anyone please help.

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So 6months old notebook, been off for a good while as I've been using work laptop. Turned it on to do some little bits and it started up with Lenovo splash screen with "preparing automatic repair" then it goes to a diagnosing your PC SCREEN then stops on a blue screen saying "your PC did not start correctly" for the life life of me cannot get past this screen.... ive read all kinds of things and tried all kinds and nothing is working.... how do you install windows again on this? Or is it worth just going with warranty and taking it in to get them to look at it..... thanks for your help help in advance!

IMG_6242.JPG ?2604 KB

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I bought a Lenovo laptop in August 2016 and it has been fine till I system restored it because of space  that were being used up to try and clear all of it out. I system restored this laptop February 26 and it is in a start up loop. Lenovo appears on the screen and it says welcome and a little circle thing spins then it goes black then loops again. I can go into bios I can press all buttons but nothing happens even if I try to switch settings so I am asking for any suggesting and resolutions. Because I don't have the money right now to replace the labtop. Thank you for all the responses in advanced.

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Hi, i have a Lenovo Ideapad Y510p for about 3 years now. Never had any problems, but today upon returning to my computer, i tried to boot it up, pressing the on button, but nothnig happened. Then i unpluged the charging cable and the computer seem to start up, it brought up the Lenovo logo, then it went straight to Novo button menu, and then everything went black and the computer started booting up on lenovo logo and back to the novo button menu, and it goes on and on, and nothing changes. I had one  chance in the novo button menu, to press Normal startup, and it brought up the automatic repair, and then again it went into the loop cycle again... And the second i connect the power cable to the computer it just shuts down, and doesn't turn on. Have no idea where to start or how to fix this.

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When I boot my PC it only shows the "lenovo sign" and at times " Starting Automatic Repairs ". Then the screen goes black. I've tried to unplug and all. I can enter bios, but I can't enter safe mode? Is the computer gone for? Regards

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My lenonvo (thinkpad) t410 is stuck in startup. I was checking email and I noticed that my screen was freezing up a bit when an error message box came on screen (unfortunately I did not take note of what it said) and my computer began to shut down by itself. I hit the power button to make sure it wouldnt restart and gave it 20 minutes before i went to turn it back on. Now when i try to turn it on, it shows the lenovo splash screen but then goes black and shows the splash screen again, never proceeding to windows. I have spent most of the say looking up possible solutions, but while many people have had similar problems, most other posts involve system recovery options, which do not appear on my screen. It is allowing me to boot into BIOS but I have not been able to find a solution there. Do I need to reinstall Windows? Please help.

A:Lenovo T410 stuck in start up loop

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I'm using "3" Broadband, which doesn't have it's own email, so I am using my Hotmail addresses and download these through the Outlook Connector programme, which is not very satisfactory at the best of times.

This morning when I opened Office Outlook, I got a message saying I had to update Outlook Connector, which I duly did but now it seems to be in a loop and I still get a message to download the update, even though I have done so, so the update has obviously not updated properly.

Without this updatge I cannot read any new emails through Microsoft Office Outlook and I have to go to my Hotmail account.

Does anybody know how to fix this? I have Windows Vista and my firewall is Comodo and my antivirus is Avira.


A:Microsoft Outlook Connector Update does not update and becomes a loop

This is what happened last time - I posted more or less the same question and then the Connector decided to work, but only after I had updated it about 4 times!!

So, once again, I don't seem to need anybody's help, but thank you for reading this, if you have.


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Hello i bought my computer a month and a half ago. Since then my has been doing fine not perfect but fine. It sometimes makes a small vibrating sound which goes away when i give a gentle tap on the computer.  However today i wanted to move my user from my ssd to my seagate after that everything went south. I needed to start fresh again so i started recovery which worked until a while later when it said the recovery didnt work. After that i clicked to proceed to windows. When it restarted i got a bios message saying "Configuration change was requested to clear this computer's TPM(Trusted Platform Module)WARNING: Clearing erases information stored on the TPM. You will loose all created data encrypted by these keys.Press F12 to clear the TPMPress ESC to reject this change request and continue" I pressed F12 because i wanted to recover my computer or it wont recover(in my knowledge). After i pressed F12 my computer went into a boot loop. Any fixes?

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Hello, I have been using a Lenovo Y510p since the beginning of 2014. It worked perfecly fine till a couple of weeks ago when it suddently turned-off while I was watching a video. From then onwards, it wouldn't start. Novo button or power cycling wouldn't help either. Since it is out of warranty, I took it to Geeksquad to see if they can diagonize the issue quickly but I was said the problem could be deep rooted and it needed thorough trouble shooting. I came home and started disassembling the unit part by part (Take out Hard Disk, Optical Drive, RAM, Wifi Card etc) to see if I could isolate the problem but the laptop simply wouldn't turn on. Suspecting that the mother board could be the problem, I purchased an used motherboard on ebay and swapped the existing one with this and assembled all the components back to their place. This time, when I power on, the keyboard would glow and I can see the heat dissipating fan spinning but it would spin for like 3-4 seconds and then it would stop and the laptop would power off. Then the laptop would start again, the fan starts spinning and stops after 4 seconds and this enters into a loop. All this while, the screen is totally black and doesn't display a thing. F9 or any other buttons are of no use. Novo button is of no use either. The laptop enters into the same loop with Novo button too. Would this mean that my CPU has given up on me? I request your kind help! Thanks,Shyam

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Hi, I have a c355 on Win 8 which then had a failed win 10 update. An attempt was made to restore the computer back to it's faactory settings using the Lenovo recovery via windows. When the pc rebooted and error " Lenovo Service Partition has been destroyed" followed by "cannot find script file " x:\onekey\main\Irscall.vbs".  This then loops and restarts when We hit enter. It does not matter what boot device we select in order to re-install Windows via a usb drive or DVD drive the pc ignores the new boot media and loops with the same message.  Can anyone see a way out of this. CheersAl

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My laptop is in a constant auto repair loop, I have tried just about every troubleshoot I've found via google and youtube, defaulting the bios doesn't working, the 'hold power button for 10,15, 30,60 secs' doesn't work. I dont have a windows boot disk as my laptop didn't come with one. I cannot get to the option to do a system restore, I can;t afford to get a windows boot disk and I don't have anyway of putting it on a usb and booting from there. I don't know what else to do as no forums are helpful for my problem.

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My Lenovo finally left automatic repair loop, and I find that all my data and folders are wiped. The apps are all there. This is an alternate laptop I was using temporarily, and though I am the world's biggest backup paranoid person, somehow I didn't even think to back up the last two weeks of work. I'm a writer; this is really devastating. Any suggestions on data recovery options? Any chance? I'll pay a few hundred to get this data back. It's text documents I care about; nothing else. Everything else is easily loaded again from backup.

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Hi,My X201 was working perfect untill my screen went black. I searched the web and found out that the Led backlight fuse is broken. I tried to bridge the fuse instead of replacing it, just soldered the connections. It worked perfectly and everything was normal again. After a while I noticed that no matter what I do, the laptop cannot restart. I shuts down completely normal but cannot restart. I thought it might be a windows problem but it was not. I replaced the hdd, installed new windows but no success. I was fed up but it was not a big deal since I could press the power button for 5 seconds and it would shut down. No the most convenient way but I had no other solution. A few days ago, I inserted another hdd in order to retrieve some files off the disk. The laptop could not boot, no matter what. It turn on, all the lights turn on but immediately shuts down. I do not even get to see the boot screen. Nothing at all. I tried with another hdd, same problem. I changed the Ram, no success. So I took the hdd out and tried to boot without any hdd. To my surprise it booted. I got the boot screen and I checked the Bios, everything normal.Then I inserted the hdd while the system was still on, it turned off immediately. It?s the same no matter what I do. As long as any hdd is installed, the notebook won?t boot. I tries to boot, I get no boot screen, just the indicator lights and then it restarts.With the hdd Not installed, I could manage to boot from a USB stick, it worked perf... Read more

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Hi there everyone!

I've got an issue with my XP machine. I've got a single update that just keeps showing up as an update in a loop. I can't get rid of it. It is showing as successful when I run the update.
The update in question: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=28608

I've searched online and have done the following per suggestions I found.

1) .NET 2, 3 & 3.5 uninstalled and reinstalled.
2) Searched previous updates for a failed install. No failed instance of a patch found.
3) Tried patching from Windows Update website. Showed successful then showed back up as a necessary patch seconds later.
4) Downloaded the patch and ran. Reported creating a system restore point, then patching. Reported success. After restart, patch shows as needing installed on auto update in the taskbar.

I've installed it through various methods over 40 times now, trying different things in the process. I just can't get rid of it. Any thoughts or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time!

A:Windows Update: infinite loop of one particular update

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Hi,I am Dr Simon Andrew casey. I have a Edge 15 that displays the Lenovo logo with dots moving in a circle during booting, it will stay like that for hours. What are my options to fix it besides boot from an installation USB and reinstall the OS?p.s. This problem suddenly appeared about two months ago, I am guessing after installing one of those Win10 updates on its own.

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I have the ideapad s510p laptop running Windows 8.1 and I am stuck in the diagnosing your pc loop and it's missing me off. I have tried everything that has been suggested. The problem is the screen remains stuck on the loop, my F keys don't work, power button on/off suggestion to get to advanced options screen doesn't work, it doesn't matter what I press- the screen just remains on the Lenovo logo (black screen background) and the "diagnosing your pc" message and the little thinking..... dots going 'round! Can I remove the battery and then try something? I don't have a restore point set up and I don't care if I lose what's on this computer, I just want to get it working again!!!!!! I'm about to throw this laptop out the window. I'm tired of asking for help on this. Thanks

A:lenovo ideapad s510p stuck in a 'diagnosing your pc' then 'preparing automatic repair' loop

Hi Zeropatience50 , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
After trying all advance recovery options and that you are willing to start fresh, you may want to factory restore it.
One Key Recovery (page 20) can be launch by pressing the Novo button (item8 page 74) while the pc is off to power on. Novo Menu should appear to offer System Recovery , one key recovery from initial backup. 
Hoping that the harddisk / OKR image is still viable , things should proceed as plan .
Else check on this option:
Booting to Recovery Environment with Windows 8/8.1 installation media or Recovery Drive/System Repai... 
Hope this helps.
Update us how it goes for you.

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I have the ideapad s510p laptop running Windows 8.1 and I am stuck in the diagnosing your pc loop and it's missing me off. I have tried everything that has been suggested. The problem is the screen remains stuck on the loop, my F keys don't work, power button on/off suggestion to get to advanced options screen doesn't work, it doesn't matter what I press- the screen just remains on the Lenovo logo (black screen background) and the "diagnosing your pc" message and the little thinking..... dots going 'round! Can I remove the battery and then try something? I don't have a restore point set up and I don't care if I lose what's on this computer, I just want to get it working again!!!!!! I'm about to throw this laptop out the window. I'm tired of asking for help on this. Thanks

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I use Thunderbird as a client for a few email accounts. It said it had downloaded updates and needed to restart to complete the update installation. I clicked OK, and it went into this loop:

Dialog box 1:
'Software Update Failed' One or more files could not be updated. Please make sure all other applications are closed and that you have permission to modify files, and then restart Thunderbird to try again.

So I close everything else down (and I've also restarted the computer several times), then click OK on the above dialog box.

Dialog box 2:
'Software Update' Thunderbird is installing your updates and will start in a few

(That's where the above dialog ends - it's not a typo.)

Dialog box 2 will stay open for maybe 4 seconds, then dialog box 1 pops back up again.

How can I at least stop Thunderbird from trying to update?

I am logged in as administrator with User Account Control turned off - so I have all permissions. Even if Thunderbird is the first (and only) program started after restarting the computer, the same thing happens.

Computer specs:
Asus P5W DH motherboard
Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz
Vista Home Premium
4x1GB Kingston HyperX DDR2-800 ram
4GB readyboost
2x Asus 7600GT 256MB video cards
650w Seasonic psu
150GB WD Raptor HDD
2x 500GB Maxtor HDD
3x LiteOn DVDRW drives

A:Thunderbird Update loop (won't update)

Backup the TB profile (just in case).
Uninstall TB from Add/Remove.
Reboot and Reinstall.

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Need help with a strange problem, with which I do not see a normal way to fix, after a successful recovery from the factory backup, after using Onekey Recovery. Not so long ago Yoga stop boot in the operating system (Windows 8) and there was only one way, use OneKey Recovery to restore everything back.  After the successful restoration from hidden factory partition, Lenovo Yoga refuse to boot into OS and constantly booting into OneKey Recovery, without using OneKey button. When you push Power button Lenovo logo pop on screen, than loading bar appear on bottom and after it load OneKey Recovery screen. I try use options from OneKey screen, like Boot Option, it bring nothings there , just empty blue screen. It going in loop no matter what option I try use..  Still same OneKey screen on start, what asking me to Reset or use Backup image. I did factory reset several times already, with successful confirmation, no fix done yet..  Is there a known problem or way to stop boot OneKey Recovery in loop? All BIOS setting in factory default, and searching on WEB bring nothings useful. There a lot similar problems with some type of variation but recommendations seems not apply on my situation. I getting sick of that.. and absolutely no idea what can be done else. Please, I need direct response from Lenovo tech support or someone who has same and was able to fix. This is Lenovo Yoga 2 11, model name: 20332. Made in 2014.

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I have a Dell Laptop using Vista that is currently in the update "stage 3 of 3 0%" loop. It will restart and come back to the same update screen again and again.
So far I have managed to use System Restore to get myself back to the log on screen and do everything as normal. Whenever I shut down or restart, I encounter the same problem again.

I?ve read that I have to rename/delete pending.xml file but all I get is access denied messages. Tried using Command Prompt to delete it but again, access denied.

I have no idea what to do to stop the loop happening again.
I dont have any Vista install cds, I?ve read most of the sites that promise a fix but so far with no luck.

Hoping someone on this forum knows how to get rid of the problem.

A:Update Loop

You probably need to revert the pending installs, rather than just delete the pending.xml file.

This is the command to run when booted offline at a recovery command prompt

dism.exe /image:C:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions

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I appear to be trapped in a Windows update loop where updates are downloaded and then applied. But the update fails with the following:100% complete

We couldn't complete the updates

Undoing the changes

Don't turn off your computer
There must be a fix for this problem

Here is some additional info:
Package KB3194496 failed to be changed to the Installed state. Status: 0x800f0922

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I appear to be trapped in a Windows update loop where updates are downloaded and then applied. But the update fails with the following:
100% complete

We couldn't complete the updates

Undoing the changes

Don't turn off your computer
There must be a fix for this problem

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What is happening with Lenovo System Update? We are getting an error that the package catalog is being updated? We have several models here and its happening on all of them. I can't find anything relating to this update on any Lenovo site, and the response I got from calling support was "Sorry." They were also not able to tell me when they think this will be fixed. EDIT: Spelling.

LSU.jpg ?19 KB

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Hi How can I run "Lenovo update" automatically from fresh installation? - I tried different parameters from the documantation, but nothing happens.  Thanks

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Hey guys, got a quick querie, whenever i shut down 7 it always wants to install 9 updates, so I was wondering if everyone is getting this or if it's a bug with my system?


A:Windows 7 Update loop?

are you using a loader/crack for activation?

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I am still constantly being asked to install these updates.
Irrespective of how many times they successfully update I find them again ready for installation through the task bar update icon.

These are the updates:
High-priority updates
Microsoft Windows XP
Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 and 3.5 SP1 on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP x86 (KB2418241)

Download size: 0 KB , 0 minutes (Downloaded; ready to install)
A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise your Windows-based system that is running the Microsoft .NET Framework and gain access to information. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. Details...
Don't show this update again

Security Update for .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 and 3.5 SP1 on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP x86 (KB983583)

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A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise your Windows-based system that is running the Microsoft .NET Framework and gain complete control over it. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. Details...
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Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 Security Update for Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Win... Read more

A:Update loop continues.

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My Dell Inspiron with Vista OEM is stuck in an update loop. It will POST, start booting into Windows, and say it's updating stage 3 of 3 0% compleate. after about 30-60 seconds, it will restart. It won't boot in safe mode either. I did a system restore in the recovery menu too a day or two back. But then it said stage 1 of 3 0% complete, rebooted, and this time it said 3 of 3 again. I have left it going through the loop for almost an hour, but no change.

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HP P2-1134
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD E-450 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 20 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3686 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 465640 MB, Free - 223881 MB; D: Total - 11196 MB, Free - 1342 MB; L: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 142152 MB;
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Has anybody heard of a just released Windows Critical Update for windows 7 causing a computer to go into a loop after installing?
I do backups every night. So Thursday night I went to bed leaving the computer running.
In the middle of the night I got up to discover the computer was “configuring windows” I sat and watched it for a bit.
It would finish “configuring windows” instead of going to the logon window screen it would restart and go back to the “configuring windows”. I shut the computer down.
The next day I did a “system restore” the only restore point was from just before a bunch of Windows Critical Updates
Restored everything was fine.
That evening before going to bed I decided to install the Critical Updates Did that the result was the computer again went into a loop “configuring windows”
Did another system restore to again just before the updates from the night before.
So the problem is in windows recent updates.
Anybody hear of this problem or suggestion who I should contact

A:Critical update cause loop

Select to not automatically install and it should bring up a list. Choose half of them and try it. If it loops again, restore, and try the other half. Repeat. The intent is to find which individual update is causing the problem.

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I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium on a HP Mini (1GB memory). I have uinstalled VS 2005, followed by SP1 and SP1 for Vista. Recently, I keep getting an update pending icon when I shutdown. This is followed by an installation of updates 1 - 8. The next shut down also installed updates 1 - 8, and the next, etc. I checked the list of pending updates and they are updates to VS 2005. How can I get beyond this? -ranz

A:Update Installation Loop

Can you right-click the Pending Updates? If so right-click and hide them.

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I did a new install of Windows 7 on my new SSD. It was working fine until today when some Microsoft updates were supposed to get installed, I got the never ending Windows update message telling me not to shut down the computer. After a while (a couple of hours) i held the power button and the computer will get back to the same stage, could not logon on safe mode, or not even the prompt screen. So i rebooted with my Windows 7 disc in, and manage to do a restore from January 8.
Once logged on, I went to windows update and here on the update history, I can see a lot of failed update (see attached screen shots please). What shall I do to solve this problem please

A:Windows update loop

Please download and run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.
Clicking on the link above will start the download automatically.

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