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Thin black/dead vertical pixel line

Q: Thin black/dead vertical pixel line

On my 3 year old laptop (HP dvEnvy7), a very thin line of black pixels has showed up. The first time it showed up was on the red background login screen, and I think tapping the monitor made it go away, but that might've been coincidence. I just noticed it again in the same place where the color of the screen is green. I was running an MBAM scan while that showed up and the line went away, again I don't know whether that was coincidence. I've read that this problem could be caused "by the traces going bad in the video cable going from the LCD the the main board" due to the laptop lid opening and closing. The lid is getting a bit loose. Is this the answer or could there be something more malicious, as my paranoia comes back to haunt me?

Preferred Solution: Thin black/dead vertical pixel line

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Thin black/dead vertical pixel line

If it's a single pixel width from edge to edge, it will almost certainly be a fault inside the LCD panel itself. Individual pixel drive signals are not carried on the LVDS cable connecting the panel to the mainboard, as that would require thousands of individual conductors. So a "hard fault" such as a complete black column or line is usually due to a bad connection in a heat bonded loom inside the panel, or an intermittent line or column driver IC which are also integrated into the bonded loom matrix inside the panel. Pressing or tapping the screen/frame can commonly make the symptom come and go in its early phases.
With that said, odd line-like faults can be a result of poor contact on the LVDS cable connector(s), and dismantling enough to gain access to this and cleaning the contacts with alcohol can solve it.

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Nothing that I know of just showed up today.

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This problem has just occurred for me. I am only on a single screen 27" Mac, running Windows 10 on Bootcamp. I have had this computer form about 3 years. The problem does not exist on the Mac side of my computer - as always everything on the Mac side
runs spot on, its only over here on the Microsoft Windows side that I end up with issues. The only reason I use Microsoft Windows is to run Autodesk Inventor Professional for design and drawing. Inventor hasn't been written in Apple language as yet but I'd
wish they'd get their finger out and get it done. I dislike having to partition my drive and lose space because of a business biase. I also use the browser Edge to run tutorials on drawings. The cursor change only seems to occur after a period of non use -
initially I though it was after a timeout but I notice that the screen doesn't have to go to screen saver or blank-out for the change to occur, only a certain period of non-use maybe 5-10 minutes. It would be nice to see so attention paid to this issue after
sooo mannnnny years of existence. I see this forum issue goes back to 2009. I have contacted Microsoft recently once so far without charge and was told to delete the mouse driver and allow the automatic reinstall to occur. This still hasn't resolved the problem.
I see your above work around of enabling a mouse trail as one of my alternatives otherwise it's a restart to rectify. I will log another call to Microsoft help in an endeavour to apply more weight t... Read more

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I have a Dell Inspirion 9200 Laptop with Windows XP, recently I have noticed a thin white vertical line that runs on the left side, top to bottom. Every once in a while there is one that shows up in the middle, but it disappears once it has finished uploading. Is there anyway I can check to see what may be causing it?

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I just got a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop and not even one day later, a thin squiggly vertical black line appeared on the right side of my screen! I had done absolutely nothing to damage the laptop. I have the latest drivers and everything. Is there any way of fixing this or am I going to have to exchange it for a new one?

A:Thin squiggly vertical line! Help please

Hi fredamdo,Thanks for posting.Apologies your computer is not working as you expected.  Please perform a diagnostics test by either using Dell Support Assist, or by pressing F12 at startup. Make a note of any error messages, and give Tech Support a call for additional troubleshooting and possible resolution.  You can contact Tech Support at 1-800-624-9896 or 1-800-288-4410, or you can initiate a chat session http://dell.to/2v4snVm

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I have a thin vertical green line that is going down my screen. It disappeared when I rebooted and went away for a short while. Now it is back. What can I do.

TOSHIBA Satellite L305-S5933

A:Thin vertical Green Line on my screen

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I bought my XPS 13 9360 during black friday and just opened it up for Christmas. Immediately during the first start up I noticed a persistent thin green vertical line in the middle of the display.
I hooked up an external monitor and i've confirmed that it is only on the laptop screen. Is this a common problem and is this something that Dell can resolve immediately with  replacement or is this something that will have to be sent in for repairs?


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While viewing Netflix and YouTube there is a thin red vertical line running through the center of my screen. HP support claims its an issue with Netflix. Netflix support claims it is an issue with HP...(sigh....) No one has been able to help. Who will save me from the evil red vertical line???

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a thin white vertical line on my laptop display ... a single vertical white line

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Hi please help me my laptop(HP630) is showing a thin red vertical line on the left side of the screen and it also appears on Bios screen. I have switched it off and on but it still shows the thin line it's really annoying, please help how to fix it. I have no warranty now my laptop has been with me for 6 years. I would appreciate a step to step guide on how to fix it myself.please help?

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I have been using this laptop for almost two years. i have figured out a design defect in this computer. The screen of this laptop is very fragile. It did not give me any trouble while working in my home. But as soon as I take it outside, that means carrying it around or putting in backpack, the lower part of the screen gets pushed from inside. The material is not stiff enough to prevent the inward force on the LCD inside. So the white lines keep appearing the more I put the laptop in my backpack. I am sure its not a software problem, it is actually a design defect. My warrenty date is over long back. I dont mind spending some money and repalcing the screen. But due to the design defect the white lines will keep appearing the more I carry it to school. Please give me a solution to solve this problem. I have checked the other thinkpad models even the old T410 and they have stiffer screen bottom. 

A:T440p thin white vertical line on screen

Hi fahadalam,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums!
Is your laptop hinges are seated properly, can you please check whether your laptop hinges and the LCD bezel is fixed properly or can you see any gap between the LCD bezel and the LCD panel, because even mine the lower part of the LCD is not stiff but I haven't experienced any lines till now. However, can you please share the snap shot of the screen so we can rectify whether it is a LCD panel issue.
Keep us posted with the results, so we can assist you further.
Thank you, have a good day.
Did someone help you today? Click on the ?upper half star? at the left side of the post to thank them with a Kudo!

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 Hi,I am noticing a strange issue with my recently bought laptop . Attaching some pictures for more details. To me it seems some kind of gap or break in the LCD display.I hope this can be worked out as it is still under a month when I bought it. Please suggest.?  ?  ThanksAD

A:Thin vertical line on my newly bought laptop

It could possibly be due to a faulty data cable and at worst the screen itself. Only solution would be to have it serviced by a Lenovo technician as it is most likely hardware related. 

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I have that blue vertical line that appears only on dark pixels, it's about 80% screen height starting from the bottom,My monitor is Samsung syncmaster 300 LED, and I'm running windows 7 64bit.

I've connected my laptop into the monitor and the line persists, it's probably a screen problem, but I wonder if there's anything to try on my part.also the mouse pointer covers that blue line but I guess that's only because my pointer is white and that line does not appear in the dark pixels.

any help would be appreciated.thanks

A:Solved: A pixel wide blue vertical line on my monitor

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That's my little problem... I have ignored the little thing, and now it it irking me to do something. It's a little annoying to see this kind of just see it just move down my screen, while surfing the web, or playing gmaes (like the picture there).
Could anyone help me with this?
As well, sorry for the toaster quality photo. I only had a tablet on-hand to take pictures with...
Here is a slightly higher quality photo...


A:Vertical, thin, pink dotted line on computer screen...

Do you have or have access to a different monitor that you could try your computer with?You could also try booting into Safe Mode to see it also happens there.

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Hello Guys,

I'm new here so pleae go east on me. Its my first post. I noticed yesterday that there is a very fine thin line on the left side of my desktop. In the screen shot you can barely make it out, but you will be able to once you see ot from the left corner of task bar. it does not appear when i open a browser or a folder or even start menu. It only shows on the desktop screen and is really annoying. I tried disabling some odd services and restarted the computer as well, but still no luck. A little help will be appreciated.

P.S: Screen shot is below.

A:Thin White Vertical Line on the left side of desktop

Hi there
If you are using an external TV type of monitor go into the menu of the Monitor -- usually via a remote controller etc. Somewhere in the Video / picture setups you should see an option like auto adjust picture / size or something like that -- then the image should fit the screen perfectly.

(Assuming of course that you have set the resolution (in the PC settings) of the monitor to one it can handle).


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Any ideas on what could cause a thin blue vertical line on side of screen? Any ideas on how to get rid of it?  I have  a Dell Inspiron 2200 Laptop.  New to forum, thanks for any help on this!

A:Thin Blue Vertical Line on Screen on Laptop Dell Inspiron 2200

I have the same laptop and have a thin green horizontal line on my screen.  Hope you get an answer here that will help me too.

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Hey all have had this laptop for almost a year now. Just got a vertical line of dead pixels today while I was using it. Did a shutdown and held the power button for 20 seconds and turned back on, but didn't fix the issue. I have extended warranty what would be the fastest way to get this resolved?

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Hello, So I started using my new Yoga 920, and so far I'm very happy with it, it's a blast quality-wise. But starting to do graphic work on it, I noticed a weird black spot which does look like a dead pixel, but moving my head around makes it move "above" the screen. For example if I put the cursor tip on it, if I move my head to the right the black spot appears more on the left of the cursor. It looks like something is inside the screen, or the glass has a small defect on that particular spot. Do you know how to adress thsis issue, or if I can send it for repairs ? Doing mostly graphic work on my laptop it could become bothersome quite fast. Also, I am located in France, if that changes anything. Thank you ! EDIT : I also have a pretty loud coil whine on heavy load, so it could be another reason to send it back...

A:Black dot Yoga 920 screen, unsure if it is a dead pixel.

Hi Solomai, firstly i would recommmend you to run following page for dead pixel detection: http://www.deadpixelbuddy.com/ If you find any dead pixels just contact Lenovo support, there shouldn't be any issues with the exchange/refund.  

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I have a vaio Z series notebook, and starting yesterday when I turned it on I had a small black vertical
black line maybe a quarter of an inch, today when I turned it on it is up the entire right side of my screen...Please help! I love my vaio notebook and dont want to loose it!!
Thank you for any assistance!!!

A:Vaio Vertical black line


If you can it would be useful to connect the netbook to an external monitor. If it is no longer present (and I think it won't be but , then the problem is with the laptop screen. It is possible that it could also be the connection from the netbook MB to the screen.

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I recently noticed a black vertical line on the screen when looking at it off-centerIs there a problem with the screen?It's the 1080P IPS touchscreen.Under normal conditions like surfing the web i don't see it, its only with black backgrounds. The photograph makes it look worse than it is.

A:T460s black vertical line on the screen.

Donīt worry It is only a line which has caused the pressure on the back of the screen, while the minimal chance that it will disappear. But do not worry it will not spread.

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 Recently i  have faced a problem that a black thin line in my laptop screen and seems it is geting longer.how can i get rid of this black line problem.what should i do??what is the solution of this problem??pls help me.

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yesterday, when my l4d2 did not work (black screen/vertical line freeze) for the first time, i posted in the l4d2 forums Vertical line freeze? (whole system crashes) - Steam Users' Forums but the problem is different now.

It used to be that whenever i played the game for ~5-10 minutes, it froze and i would do a hard reset. Then i updated my drivers to Today's released catalyst 11.1. it still wouldnt work!

so i forgot about teh game and i was watching a youtube video but it seems that the problem has branched out of the game and into the os. In the middle of the youtube video, the freeze happens.

I restarted and opened firefox but i forgot about my youtube tab so it froze again but this time it froze immediately when the page loaded.

now i downgraded back to 10.12 drivers and installed directx 11. i tried dusting out the fan and doing many other things as stated in the other l4d2 thread but it doesnt work!!

help ? i'm out of warranty.

i have an HP laptop dv6-2044ca with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200.
i read on the amd site that someone with the same problem updated his network drivers because it conflicted with his audio drivers and then it worked for him. FOr me, my network drivers are already updated and the thing is, this problem happened randomly!

Before i had this freezing problem, i did a presentation of an ISU and i put my laptop beside a projector which emiitted great heat. when i was done, the laptop was very hot (screen/fan hole area). could this be the cause th... Read more

A:Black screen/vertical line freeze!

Well, yes, heat kills hardware. However, if that projector had been so hot, your laptop would have at least restarted, if not turned off, in order to save itself from potential damage from the heat.
There are some programs for monitoring your laptop temperatures, you can use them to check if the problem occurs because of overheating (SpeedFan and Core Temp).

If the problem has something to do with your drivers and the restore point is before you have updated for example your Display Driver, then you could first try running in safe mode and see if the problem still occurs. If no, restore your system, it won't delete any files, it will only return your registry and drivers to earlier state.

That you are out of warranty shouldn't stop you from taking your laptop for diagnostics. You will have to have money of course, but at least they will fix the problem ; )

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I have been using Lenovo T and W series for years, but this is my first post, so if I am not following the etiquette correctly, please let me know. I just bought a used lenovo T440p (i7-4900MQ with Nvidia graphics, screen 1920x1080 IPS). The operating system is Windows 8.1. On white background I see a vertical line about 5 inches from the right of the screen. This line comes and goes but it is most often there. I have tried to view youtube videos full screen to use the Nvidia adapter to see if it is the screen or the video board (the line is always there). I have also connected an external monitor to the laptop and don't see the vertical line. I am wondering if this is a driver issue, operating system issue, or the screen is faulty. The laptop is still under waranty so I wanted to see what would be the best approach to taking action. Thanks for any suggestions. 

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Hi, Product: HP Deskjet 1050 - Print, Scan, Copy Issue area: scanner Problem: Black vertical line My scanner output suddenly started to have vertical line. Even blank scan produces single vertical line.The line is black and near to the centre of the page. Help appreciated. Thank you.  

A:HP 1050 scanner black vertical line

H_K Hello;Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your scanner problem and wanted to help -- but need more information. So, WHERE is this black line being presented:1) In the files that the scanner creates2) On the paper that the printer produces These are very different problems and we need to know which is the case, to proceed.

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I have a thin black line down the middle of my screen. It will not go away. I don't know what to do. Help please.

A:My HP Envy M7-n109dx has a vertical black line in the middle...

Double, use:https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Video-Display-and-Touch/My-HP-Envy-M7-n109dx-has-a-vertical-b...

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My Yoga had a black line appearing on the screen and it was replaced by Lenovo. Now the same problem has appeared again. The line is thick and black appearing 3/4 into the width of the screen. Occassionally it is strippy white. On some occassions a little tap can make it go away (but not much anymore) and rarely after the laptop has been on for some time the line will dissapear. Any help would be appreciated. Is this likely the screen, the power unit or what?

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I have a thin black line down the middle of my screen. It will not go away. I don't know what to do. Help please.

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Have a Gateway desktop here, and now this problem, which I've taped for you and posted on Youtube.

A:Wavy black vertical line on display screen

nuthin? No one?
Can anyone recommend another tech forum?

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I have a logitech mouse that has a smooth scrolling wheel no ratcheting. I wonder if it was possible to set up scrolling to scroll pixel by pixel rather than line by line. Anyone know?

A:scrolling pixel by pixel rather than line by line?

I don't know if it can be done or not, but I am certainly curious as to why one would want to do this?

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Hello all,

I have recently upgraded from 7 to 8. Have only one complaint - in 7 I used to be able to make my taskbar thin while in the vertical (LHS) of the screen, it was a bit hacky, you had to:

Set the taskbar to autohide
Stop the "desktop window manager session manager" service
Restart the service
Turn autohide off

I had written a batch file and just set it to run at start and it worked fine.

However it doesn't work in 8 and examining the list of services, it seems that desktop window manager session manager has disappeared. A quick look at the wiki page says that it now cannot be disabled and is running all the time.

Is there any way to do this in Win 8?

To clarify, I'm trying to get this:
Instead of this:
Any options considered!

Thanks in advance


A:Thin Vertical Taskbar

Right click taskbar - select properties. You will see taskbar location on screen box with dropdowns of bottom, left, right, and top. Select the position you wish it to be and click "apply". Taskbar will change to that position. Hope this is what you want. If you use small icons, it will be thin, I believe.

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Hi i wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction too solving my problem.... evertime i turn my pc on the manufactures logo appears ( COMPAQ ) but with thin vertical white lines a bit like adidas stripes, then the moniter goes black and then thin blue vertical lines appear over the (microsoft corparation boot screen) and then fials to start up .. i have used my recovery discs and set it back to the original factory settings which wiped all my files, it works fine for a couple of hours and then goes back too playing up again , what do i do now and what is the problem...` iam using a Compaq presario pc with vista home, with a nvidia geforce 7500 limited edition grx card... hope someone out there can help .. many thanx..

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When openning folders of photos or using Windows Photo Gallery some thumbnails display as narrow vertical bands. If I start a slideshow using that folder they appear normally full screen. All images appear normally in Photoshop Elements.

Dell Laptop XPS 1530 with Vista Ultimate

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Had IBM Thinkpad 600E fixed under warranty for faulty screen (which had ceased to work) - problem turned out to be faulty motherboard, and motherboard was replaced.
Since getting the laptop back, there is a thin (about 4mm) vertical grey band down the entire screen which obliterates whatever is behind it. This line is about a cm in from the left hand side.
the band comes on from start up...ie through the black POST screen, and if operating in DOS - the same. The correct drivers and refresh rates, etc were already loaded. OS is Win98SE.
Wondering if it could be caused by something simple like a loose cable?
The reason I'm asking is that I'm in Sydney & have to send the laptop back to Melbourne to be fixed....if it is something that has happened in transit, there's no point sending it back to have the same thing happen again. Any ideas much appreciated.

A:Thin grey vertical band on laptop screen

That could be a physical flaw in the screen, but hopefully it's just a loosened connection in the wiring involved.

It probably did happen in transit, since the repair techs would have noticed and called you if they saw it.

You could have a local tech try to check the wiring first, but you'll probably have to send it to Melbourne again. If so, use a bigger box and ship it wrapped in something big and soft like a down-filled winter coat or quilt. You might also want to insure the parcel for the round trip if your postal system or courier company offers the option.

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I'm trying to determine the likely cause of a (minor, for now) laptop display problem that has recently started on my Compaq Presario M2000 notebook running Win XP SP2.

A few weeks ago a single, vertical (extending the entire height of visible screen), blue-green, one-pixel-wide line appeared on my 3 year old (out of warranty) laptop. It is about 3 inches from the left edge of the screen.

Doing a 'print screen' screenshot does NOT capture the line in the image.

It went away once briefly, but has been there at all times since and seems like it is now a permanent fixture across my screen.

Do you think the cause of the problem is the **LCD screen** beginning to fail?
Or is there a way to troubleshoot my **graphics drivers/cards** to see if they are the culprit?

A second line about 1/8 inch away has now appeared.
Is this growing problem an indication that my display will completely die soon, or is this problem not a precursor to anything more serious and I should not be concerned if I can liv with the tiny lines?

Thanks for any advice you have on this.

A:Laptop screen has developed two, vertical, blue/green, one-pixel-wide lines

The fact that a printscreen did not capture the line would indicate to me that it's a hardware problem.
Is the graphics card driver up to date?
I am guessing here, but could the battery on this machine be failing?

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My notebook's LCD has one dead-pixel, at least I think it's dead.... it can turn white and green, and that's it... no other colours... is it a dead-pixel? and I would also like to know why does this happen..

A:Lcd with one dead-pixel

it should be a dead pixel...
i also got 2 dead pixels in my 1.7 years old lappy
go here to check more...
this is not weird under old computer, but if it's under warranty quickly replace it.
btw my 2 years old BENQ LCD screen have 0 dead pixels, wonderful

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I took the risk of getting an LCD, hoping there would be no dead pixels... there is one. Anyway, I've tried rubbing it with my finger, that doesn't seem to work, so is there anything else I can do to fix it? It's only one but it irritates me.

A:Dead Pixel

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I have a dot on my monitor that I am trying to get diagnosed. You cannot see it when the monitor is bright and colored, but black screen it looks to me like a bubble, almost clear looking. It may be a bad pixel, and the dot doesnt bother me a ton but my curiosity is getting to me. I do have pictures of it, although they are not very good but maybe someone here can recognize what it is for sure.

I tried that flashing software that may fix stuck pixels, i did that for almost 3 hours but it is still there. I also posted on another forum but they just said if it bothers me than return it. Assuming I don't want to return it, please look at the bad pictures and let me know what you think.


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i just purchased a 22" NEC CRT monitor the FP2141SB and a little off from the center are roughly 9 vertical lines. very very hard to see but can be seen on a white screen...they aren't colored lines more like dotted grey lines. anyone know what this is?

A:what does a dead pixel look like?

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my laptop is lenovo ideapad 310 .....my problem is that after 2 months of buying my laptop i noticed a a very small green spot in the screen then i found that is called dead pixel .....my question is ....does my warranty  cover this problem or no......if it does what should i do ?

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Hello, i have had a dead pixel for a while now, is there any fix to it? it only seams to show on a black back ground, as when windows starts up you can see it and my desktop background is black so it appears then. When the colour changes it is totally fine and cannot be seen. Is there any fix to this, i did post a post ages ago but i did not get a response, i am not sure if my laptop is in warranted now but it may be.

A:Dead Pixel

I've been lucky and fixed a few
If a new monitor and a stuck pixel .. There's some exercising software (or run a movie) that may wake it up
I've fixed another by using pressure methods.

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hello, i have recently noticed on my laptop as i clean it that i may have a dead pixel. My Desktop background is a Intel xeon background and is mostly black, here i can see that near the top i have a white pixel. Ii have tried changing my wallpapers, most of them are black and i keep seeing this white pixel. I can see it right now as i have google chrome and have a black theme on and above the address bar i can see it. I have done an online test and i am not sure what i am meant to be doing however the instructions were clear. So what do you think is wrong

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As you can see by my screen shots below, it looks like I have a dead pixel to the right of the recycle bin.

Ive tried changing my desktop backgrounds but it still remains...

When I drag a window over the pixel its fine...
Whats very weird is that I have the same issue with the 32bit version of windows 7 on my dell inspiron 1525?

Thats 2 computers with the same little dot!

This dot disipears if I turn aero off...

(I know a screenshot would not capture a dead pixel) Thats why its odd!

A:Dead Pixel? Or not?

Dead pixels don't show up on screen shots. If it was a dead pixel the best way to fix it is to just flick it. I have done this a bunch of times and it always works.

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Hi everyone,

I recently saw that i had a resizable line in top of my menu toolbar :

but there is not in the screenshot from another user

Where may i make disappear this line. Do you have this too ?

Thank you for your help.

A:What's this 4 pixel resizable line ?

Hi funkybebel,

I don't think you can get rid of it. It is the space the menu bar fits in.

To see it. Organize->Layout->Menu bar

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Lately my pc has occasionally started making semi-random green pixels.

These pixels are print-screenable, zoomable and scroll along.

They occur in any application at random. (They do sometimes form a slight pattern.)


Any ideas on what could be causing this?
Any ideas on a possible fix?

I'm worried that it might be an indication of failing / overheating ram or something.


A:Dead-Pixel-like Artifacts

Is your monitor LCD or LED?
I think you have run-of-the-mill dead or stuck pixels. Usually is a monitor problem, I heard some Government thing called the "Dead Pixel Policy" but it only applies to brand new monitors or monitors that are still under warranty with dead pixels. There are some sites that host software/programs to diagnose dead pixels by putting different colored slides on the screen, like this program here:
InjuredPixels 2.1 Download - Freeware Files.com - Utilities Category

There are also programs to attempt the fix of stuck pixels. If it's new monitor or still under warranty with dead pixels than you will get a new replacement thanks to the Dead Pixel Policy.

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my laptop is lenovo ideapad 310 .....my problem is that after 2 months of buying my laptop i noticed a a very small green spot in the screen then i found that is called dead pixel .....my question is ....does my warranty  cover this problem or no......if it does what should i do ?
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

A:Ideapad 310 - Dead pixel

Hi kareem_alaa,
Welcome to the Community Forums,
As each OEM has acceptable pixel standards, running pixel test would help.
You can review the Lenovo Pixel policy to check if it qualifies.
Hope this helps answer your query.

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I am using HP 15 Notebook PC. It worked fine for many months but then I saw a dead pixel on my top-right side of display. It is increasing day by day. Please help me to remove it.

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