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Change W7 desktop icon text color

Q: Change W7 desktop icon text color

Is there a way to change the text color for desktop icons in Windows 7? It seems that white is the only color available.

As I periodically like to change desktop backgrounds, there are times, due to a light background, that the icon text is difficult or virtually impossible to read.

In advance, thanks.

Preferred Solution: Change W7 desktop icon text color

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Change W7 desktop icon text color

I would think it would be one of these

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How can I do this? I'm just wonderin' if this is possible, because I have a white wallpaper, and I want to change the icon's text color to black. please help!

Oh by the way, I'm using Watercolor visual style

A:Change Desktop icon's text color?


Iconoid will do that and much more.

It's Freeware!

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I was just curious how to change the color of the text on Icons. if i have an icon like 'Msn 7.5' or whatever, it shows up in white text.. is it possible to change it, and if so, how would you go about doing it.

A:How Do You Change The Color Of The Icon Text On Your Desktop?

I don't think you can change the color in Windows XP, just things like font and size. I don't know about other Windows versions though.

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I have two PC's, both running Windows 8.1
This question does not pertain to Windows 7 or earlier versions of the Windows Operating System.
On the 1st PC, the text displayed under the icons on the Desktop is completely black with no shadows.
On the 2nd PC the text displayed under the icons on the Desktop is white with a black shadow, even when the background color is solid white!
I want to change the color of the icon text on the 2nd PC to a solid black, as is present on the 1st PC.
I have been through the following with no success:
 - Changed all personalization settings by right clicking and selecting Personalization on the desktop.
 - Ran Regedit and tried changing, and comparing  the Color Settings between the two PC's, under:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Control Panel, ColorsHKEY_CURRENT_USER, Control Panel, Desktop, ColorsHKEY_CURRENT_USER, Control Panel, Desktop, WindowMetrics
Within the Control Panel I have selected System, Advanced System Settings, Advanced, Performance, Visual Effects where I unchecked the "Use Drop Shadows for icon labels on the desktop".  I verified that the ListViewShadow is being changed
using Regedit at HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Explorer, Advanced yet there is still no affect upon the Desktop screen, even when rebooted.  I also tried changing ListViewShadow directly in the registry, again with no
I have read all of the similar threads that I could find o... Read more

A:Change Icon Text Color On Windows 8.1 Desktop

Hello Yolanda,
Your suggestion above about disabling the "show my desktop background on Start" did enable me to get black text/font under the icons on the Desktop.
I have also found another contributor to creating white shadowed text/font as follows:
If, when using the Control Panel, System\Advanced System Settings\Advanced\Performance\Visual Effects\Use Drop Shadows for icon labels on the desktop is set then: When using regedit, there is a correlation
between HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\PaintDesktopVersion being set to 1, which gives the white shadowed text/font on the Desktop.  Disabling (or setting to 0) allowed the black text/font to reappear, but only after entering
regedit for at least two times.  The change wouldn't take affect with just one entry into regedit.  Of course the real purpose of this property is to display the Windows version and build in the lower right corner of the Desktop.

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"...and what is the other word for Thesaurus?" Steven WrightClick to expand...

In XP, how can I change the color on the Desktop Icon Text? Or...any tips on how to make the icons and their text more visible against certain desktop backgrounds?

Changed the background and can hardly see the text but can make out the icons....great idea to have an easy place to change the text size and font on the icons and not have any other changes you can do from there!?? Way to go MS! Sorry, just so many little nuisances like this, easy to judge when not the one who wrote the program, huh!

Thanks for any input, help, tips, ideas....the list goes on and on...

A:How to change icon text color or...

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I am using XP home; is there a way to change the desktop icon text color from white to something else? I see I can make it bold & italic, but no option for color change? If you know of a way, let me know.


A:Change icon text color in win XP?

Looks like with a 3rd party download you can. Without it, it does not appear you can. I have never used the application so I can neither confirm, deny or vouch for it. But according to what I see in screenshot #2 hrere, It is possible.The application is a free download called Hook99. I suggest a download from here: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhan...ed/Hook99.shtml

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Is there a setting to change the colors of Icon text other than hilight and also a setting menu to change the Hottracking color?

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Find the program here---

D-Color XP Download - Softpedia

I made my text yellow with transparent background.

See pictures in order--

1~~~ http://i47.tinypic.com/2rddir8.png

2~~~ http://i50.tinypic.com/2ur9k7k.png

It works on win 8 pro.Not just XP.

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In my attachment you can see the black color under the desktop icon text/title. Is there a way to change the black to another color please?

A:Color under desktop icon text

Yes you can change the color in display properties.

You can also remove the border all together.


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On a Windows 7 desktop PC using Firefox 40. Where is the ability to change text color on the Google Docs toolbar? I think I had it once during a session and it vanished on me. I have included a picture of my toolbar as a reference.

If I can't get the text color to change via the toolbar, how do I do it from another menu?


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I am trying to make my parents computer a little bit easier to use, so I made the desktop icons bigger and the text bigger using the following tutorial:
Changing the Font for Icon Text

but it makes the start menu text also quite large which looks silly. is there a way to make the desktop text big and not the start menu text?


A screenshot of what i mean

A:Change Desktop Icon Text but NOT Start Menu Text

Welcome to the Seven Forums
Sorry but they are tied together I just tried to add a different font to the start menu and it did not work

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I was wanting to change around the text color on my desktop icons....i've looked everywhere for it and even downloaded a TransText app just for it, but to no avail....where do I change it? I would like some white wallpaper and the white icons dont work!


A:[Solved] XP Desktop Icon Text Color Question

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I use window XP with both the start menu and the desktop changed to "windows classic".
Normally I never have a background to the text below the desktop icon.
Now it shows an ugly blue background color behind each of the desktop icon's text.

I think what happenned is that i was viewing a MS Word document that a friend sent me and there was a picture in it. I wanted to save the jpg pic to the desktop, so i right clicked on it from within MS Word and selected "copy" and then when i pointed the mouse pointer on the desktop and right clicked and selected "paste" up popped an "active desktop" message stating:
"In order to add this item to you Active Desktop, you need to save a copy of the picture. Do you want to continue?"
I clicked on Yes. Then popped up a "save as" window which i clicked on "save". And then my all my desktop icon's text backgrounds turned ugly blue.

I went to search for an answer and all i could find was postings telling me to go to Control Panel\System\Advanced\Performance\Settings\ and change the "use visual styles on windows and buttons." Well, that didn't work and actually when clicking on "apply" that actually kicked my desktop out of "windows classic" view and into "windows XP" view.

Opps, well i just answered my own question. I will post this anyhow because I am sure that someone in the future will probably make the same mistak... Read more

A:winXP desktop icon's text background color

Reading your post was really helpful for me! On the same Web tab I simply unchecked "Lock desktop Items" checkbox and solved my problem connected with icon text background. So you did right not deleting the post!

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Anybody know how to change the color of the text on desktop icons? Not a big deal, but just found a wallpaper I really like. Only problem is that is has a lot of white in in and I can't read my icon descriptions.

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I have tried but I believe that Win XP home does not allow for a icon text color change[U/] on desktop. So, I'm asking does anyone know a way around this?

A:Change text color of icons on desktop

Probably these applications can help you to achieve what you are trying to do:-

Change Desktop Icon Text Color or Make the Text Transparent

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Until yesterday, I was able to remove the color background (completely) from the desktop icon text when I right-clicked on the desktop, next clicked "Arrange Icons by..", and then deselected "Lock Web Items on Desktop".

For some reason this technique no longer works. This is just a nuisance, and not a serious problem, but I would appreciate it if someone could suggest how else to remove the color backgrounds. And "No", I'm not sure what I may have done to cause this change, except that I have just defragged my hard disk and am in the process of packing the files to the front of the disk.

A:[SOLVED] How can you remove color background from Desktop Icon Text?

Right-click My Computer and select Properties. Advanced tab > Performance > Settings button > Visual Effects tab > "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop".

This will make the icon text background transparent. It's not exactly easy to find or clear what it does from the description, but it works.

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Anybody have any idea how to change the title text color on windows. The fact that it's always black makes it pretty useless on any dark colored theme... I would have thought they would have programmed this in. I thought wrong...

imgur: the simple image sharer
On vista/7 Aero put a 'glow' around the letters so it would always show, now that glow is gone, and dark themes are useless.

A:Windows 8 Desktop UI - Change Title Text Color?

interesting, looks like MS forgot something. Wooppss.
I can't find it either. Still searching.

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anyone know how to change the desktop font color?> by default it white,, i wanna to change it into black which more suitable for reading!
i have tried to customize --> right click desktop-->select personize--> windows color and appearce setting--> advanced -- desktop but the font color is grey not available to chaneg

thanks alot~~~!

A:Desktop Icon Font Color Change

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I need to know how to change the font color from white to black. I clicked on personlize then went to windows color and apperance then Icon but the color change was grayed out. Anyone that knows a work around I really need it. Right now the font color is white but the background I want to use is light which makes the fonts type hard to read when it is white. Changing to black would make all the difference in the world.

Ron Spruell Sr.

A:Desktop Icon font color change

Hi Ron,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

I do not think you can unless you switch to the Windows Classic color scheme.

This might work as an alternative for you though. In the Visual Effects Performance Options, check Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop. This should help make them easier to see.

Visual Effects Options


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Hello tenforums, I hope you can help.

A friend of mine who recently upgraded to Windows 10 is legally blind and is struggling with some accessibility options. Here is what we are struggling with: We need to change the font color of desktop icons to black. Certain contrasts are more visible for some impairments and in this case, a yellow background with black bold icon text is the best condition.

What I've tried:
Tried high contrast theme / modeTried to modify regedit based on a suggestion for 8.1 here.

Where I've looked:
Control Panel - System - Advanced System Settings - Advanced - PerformancePersonalize - Change Desktop IconsPersonalize - ColorsControl Panel - PersonalizationDisplay SettingsThemes - Theme Settings

I was able to get the text black when using the white high contrast mode, but that option won't work. While it does change the icon text to black, it also takes over many other options that deliver a less than desirable contrast for the user. We originally were thinking we could start with the high contrast theme, save as another theme and then systematically roll back the changes we didn't like, leaving the black text. Does not work - when in high contrast mode it effectively locks out your ability to make certain changes.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Desktop Icon Color Change - Accessibility Option

I struggled with this for some time but I found a way. If you have the background set to picture, set it to Solid color. Chances are it's black by default. This is forcing a white font color regardless what you select for a picture. Change it to say orange, which will make the font color black. Now change the background back to picture, and you should have a black icon font color.

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I struggled with trying different ways to change the desktop icon font color. I found this solution below that worked for me, so wanted to post it here to save others frustration.

Re: Desktop Icon font color change
Go to Control Panel > Personalization > Desktop Background and click "Change background color" which is text (doesn't show up as a link) at the buttom right corner of that screen.. There you should pick a white background if you want black text and black background to get white text..

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I have a friend who is elderly and has problems seeing. I went into the display settings on his XP Home Edition and was able to change the font and the font size on the icon captions for his desktop. BUT I CANNOT FIND HOW TO CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE CAPTIONS! I find that the menu for changing sizes and fonts for the various display items very confusing! If someone could tell me precisely how I can change the color from white to black I would greatly appreciate it!

A:How To Change Icon Captions Font Color on Desktop?

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This should be easy but I've found several instructions to the right page-- but the font box is greyed out.

The font size is ok but I want to make it look more like old XP which means light blue background with white
font lettering on the desktop. The default goes to black text for light background-- I already found that out.

Years ago I did this on another job but can't remember how to get around what Win7 _wants_ to do.

With this is mind is there any summary screen of what changes have been made?. As said, the usual
setup screen allows me to change b/g color but font is greyed out.

A:Change the icon font color on Win7 Desktop

I use a program called Iconoid Iconoid - Hide and show desktop icons, maketransparent backgrounds


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My desktop background became solid black colors and can only select from solid colors.
Even if I select image it still shows solid color and thumbnail of image in
win7/personalization does not work. (look at image 1 below)

another problem all folder, video and image thumbnails dont work (look at image 2 below)

and some of folder sometimes shows black square on it (look at image 3 below)

All these happened after taking word document from usb my flash drive.
Because those word documents are distorted in another computer
and their extension was .scr and i assume this may cause all these.
but I use Eset Smart Security 5 and no warning and after I scanned pc in
safe mode with Kaspersky 2012 and they found nothing.
I tried Malwarebytes and Spybot - Search & Destroy.
I also tried Combofix 4-5 times and it deleted some file but
problems are still present please help me I want to solve problems
without formatting..

My system:
Windows 7 Home Premium (Activated, not a copy license)
Nvidia Geforce 9600 GS driver is updated.




A:Icon thumbnail problem & can't change desktop solid color background

You may need to open the "Command Prompt" and execute: sfc /scannow
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Make sure those Word docs have doc or docx as their extensions.

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I know that there have been many people running XP who actually wanted to get rid of the background colour for their desktop icon label text, so it was transparent. Vista should keep those people happy on that score, though no doubt troubling them with other annoyances! However, because I myself prefer to have an image (changed about every 3 days) as my desktop background, a solid colour background to icon label text is essential for readability. The Vista default of having dark shading around white lettering does make those captions readable against all backgrounds, BUT they look ugly to me and against some pale backgrounds they are still quite difficult to read.

I've spent some time on Google searches for means to restore the user-chosen solid colour background for the icon labels as I had it in XP, and it rather looks as though in Vista there may not be a means to make such a change, at least in any usefully permanent way. My search did lead me to a little utility called D-Color, which actually does just what I want, and I was able to have my icon labels once again with white text on a 'teal' background, which was just what I wanted - except (yes, there always seems to be an 'except' in one's seeking to tame Vista!) that the colour setting isn't permanent and is wiped out with any screen refresh or restart. So, I have to have D-Color as a startup program to set the icon label background colour for the session and have it available all the time for me to run it and click O... Read more

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Hi, This is my first post. I recently was given a new Dell 15R touchscreen computer and it was upgraded to Windows 8.1. I've only used Windows XP up until 3 days ago. I am a novice user.

I liked the way the desktop icons looked in XP, the shortcuts for Netflix and Ikea were a nice big red box with an N in it for Netflix, a yellow and blue box for Ikea . They were medium sized, about 1/2" big, but I could recognize them easily and quickly because of the individual graphics.

Now with Windows 8.1, the shortcut icons are a 1/2" white square and a very teeny tiny logo in the center that I can barely see and have confused with other similar icons. I have found where to change the icon size and text size but not the icon appearance. Where would I find this? I have right clicked on the desktop, I've looked in the control panel, I've checked display.

8.1 is a heck of a learning curve for me and I am enjoying learning the new system but I would like to be able to quickly and easily see what I put on my desktop.

Thank you for any and all help. I appreciate it.

A:How Do I Change Desktop Icon Appearance, Not Size Nor Text

Hi Giselle, Welcome to 8 forums.

This link might be able to help you. Changing the Visual Appearance of Windows 8 | HP? Support

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I have a PC connected to my tv in the lounge which i use as a media centre mainly.
It's 4 meters away from my armchair and my eyes aren't so good any more so I increased the icon text size to 150%.
that was fine except the one other Program I use regularly, which has a fixed windows size is now too big for the screen.

I only wanted the text size altered. Why is this happening?

PC is win 7 and I altered the text size from control panel/display BTW



A:resizing desktop icon text seems to change the size of program windows

Im no expert on this but i thought if increasing above 100% you may need to reduce screen resolution to still fit display window

Although im not sure what that would look like on a big tv ?

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For instance, if I highlight a word in a text-entry field, it's a very bright blue. This is also true in Firefox, Thunderbird, Word, OneNote, various fora, etc. but not in Excel.

Prior to installing Windows 10, the highlight in a text-entry field was either pale grey (on dark backgrounds) or darker grey (on light backgrounds), which is what I'd like to have back.

Any ideas?

A:Would like to change the text highlight color in text-entry fields

Are you talking about doing this, but with gray and not red?

Open up Notepadcopy the registry settings in the code box(left click 3 times slowly)Paste into NotePadYou will need to find the RGB values(if the ones I have supplied are not what you want) for the color you want, and change them.Create a registry file by saving(to Desktop or Documents) as TextColor.regDouble click the reg file.Sign out, sign in and your finished.To change the values just right click the file and choose edit, make the changes, save, close and see point #6

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors]
"Hilight"="192 192 192"
"MenuHilight"="192 192 192"
Light Gray RGB=192 192 192
Darker Gray RGB= 105 105 105

Here is the reg file in case you have problems doing it yourself, using light gray: GrayHighlights.zip

Just download. Right click open Properties. Check unblock. Click OK. Extract(unzip) to where ever you want. Double click the Icon. Sign out and back in. Highlight something

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Is there a way to make it black? right now I can only make them white or white with a drop-shadow.

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Hi there. I've been customizing my desktop today, and I've found a pretty good theme, and I've been using Windows 7 Style Builder to change some of the colors to fit the rest of my skins. However, I'm having trouble with one tiny font color.

I can't seem to get the Icon Text Color to stay put. I can "Test" it in Style Builder, and it works fine. It shows up as the correct teal color that I want. But then when I save it, and I actually use the visual style...all of a sudden the text is back to the skin's default grey color. How come it won't just stay?

This is the text I'm trying to change:

The theme I'm using is Placebo.

I don't know if the theme is overwriting my Style Builder settings, or if Windows is being silly :P

Any help is appreciated.

A:Icon Text Color

sounds like it is overwriting it, you would have to change the font color in the theme, you need to either ask the theme maker to alter it or permit you to, or wait for Bongo to come online and he will look at it as that is his speciality

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i was just wondering how i would remove the background color of icon text on the desktop.

it has 120MB of ram and a 650 mhz via cpu...

A:icon text background color

Right click on an empty area on your Desktop and choose Properties. Go to one of the tabs (I think it's Appearance) and see if you can change it there.

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Is there a way to change the font attributes of the text on this screen and ones alike?

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So i downloaded a theme for windows and it made everything black but i dont think the guy was thinking that the default text color of windows was black so i cant see any text so my question is. How can i change the default text color of ALL the text on my os to white not black?

A:How can i change the text color to white?

right click > customize folder... lol

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How do I change the text cursor color? Not the mouse cursor. I mean the blinking vertical line that appears in every textbox.

A:How do I change text cursor color?

A few mac themes make the textbox outlines nice blue. I cant remember which one did it for me, but you may search at deviantart. (http://www.deviantart.com/)

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When replying to emails (using WLM) the text is dark brown ... regardless of the original email.

I have the font set to Arial, 14 pt, black ... for composing emails. New emails are fine, but the text color for replies is changed.

I can change the color for 'that' reply .... but want to change it permanently.

A:How to change the text color of WLM replies

Quote: Originally Posted by Win7rap

When replying to emails (using WLM) the text is dark brown ... regardless of the original email.

I have the font set to Arial, 14 pt, black ... for composing emails. New emails are fine, but the text color for replies is changed.

I can change the color for 'that' reply .... but want to change it permanently.


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Today, Windows 10 Home version 1511, 10586 was forced on me and now my title bar text is an ugly white. It used to be black and I have no clue how to get it back that way. I searched and found this tutorial that tells you to modify a value in the registry, but that didn't do a thing. Is there a way to change this or is it stuck this way now? It's actually quite annoying.

A:Is it possible to change the title bar *TEXT* color?


you may give a look there

Title Bar Text Color - Change in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums[1]=Appearance%20Personalize


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How do you change the color of the text on a cmd button, or is it even possible.

Thanks for the help

A:Change text color on control button

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OK I can open cmd and type color 0a and that's what I like...

So is there anyway to keep this color default so I don't have to type it in every time...

A:Solved: Change Color of Text in cmd permanently ..

I don't know if I can help, since I don't have Windows7,but have you tried to right click on the title bar at the top of the box and select properties.That is how you do it in Windows XP.
Hope that's what you mean.

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I recently installed the U-7imate theme for Windows 7. I like it a lot, but one annoying thing is that it changes the text color in right click menus to white. As you can see, this works nicely with Windows Explorer and such, but Solidworks does not like it so much. I can't read anything in the menus now. Is there a way I can change the text color in a specific application? Or is it just one global variable? The theme also messes with Google chrome a bit but that is not such a big deal. If I could change that back too that would be cool.

Thank you!

A:Change text color in a specific program?

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Most likely there is not a way of changing that context menu in the program itself.

You'll find that problem with dark theme.


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All the text on the Start screen text is white (when using a dark background). Can this color be changed?

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Is it possible to change the color of text on the Taskbar buttons? It is unreadable as black text on a very dark background.

Thanks to various tutorials and threads in TenForums, and the Winaero Tweaker program, I now have all the other UI colors in Windows 10 looking how I want with a customized theme.

A:How to change text color on Taskbar buttons?

Have you figured out how to change the background color on File Explorer from that awful White??

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How can I change tooltip text without using something like WSB (Windows Style Builder)? I have looked at Shellstyle.dll but cannot pick out the right setting.

A:How to change tooltip text font and color

Hello Rdwray,

You can change the font and more for the ToolTip item in Advanced Appearance Settings.

Hope this helps,

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Is there a way to change my internet icon from blue to red without having to buy a $30.00 icon program?Thanks...Win.XP Home Edition

A:Change e icon color?

Moved? What does this mean?

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Hi everybody,

It's been a few days since I have been unable to change the text color, and insert emoticons from the composition format toolbar.

What is happening is this: 1. When I highlight a part of text of which I want to change the color it does NOT change (before now I was able to change some parts of the texts to the few different colors if I needed to), 2. Emoticon just does not insert when I click on it.

I installed Thunderbird over the current one. Sometimes it solved the glitches. But this one it did not help.
Does anybody else have this problem , or only me???

Any idea how to fix these problems??? May be it's a new version's bug??
Thanks a bunch in advance.
P.S. My Mozilla TB is up-to-date v. 31.1.1.

A:On Thunderbird - can not change text color, and also emoticons don't insert

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I have a legal form to fill out in WORD and it keeps printing the entries in the text fields in blue. The A text color tool is greyed out. How can I make it black again? I seldom use Office so I'm a newbie at this one.

A:can't change text color in WORD document fields

If the form has been designed as a protected Word document "form" (probably that is the case since it is a "legal form") then they may have formatted it in that manner because that is how they want it filled in, with your content in blue?

Hence the options are unavailable for you to change.

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I have a simple PP....it's complete already....how do I change the tex color for all slides? Thanks!

A:In Powerpoint 2002, how do I change text color for all slides?

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