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Tecra A10 - No Sound using Win XP

Q: Tecra A10 - No Sound using Win XP

Hello at all,
I have some Problems with the sound of my Toshiba Tecra A10. I already installed the Realtek Audio Driver and I see the little Speaker symbol down on the right side,too.

But I hear nothing. The Device Manager has a yellow Question Mark on "Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus".

I Installed the Agere Systems Modem, but nothing happened.

Can someone help me and give me a link for this Driver I need.
I use Windows XP.

Hardware Detail:

HDAUDIO\FUNC_02&VEN_11C1&DEV_1040&SUBSYS_11790001& REV_1002\4&9E9AEC4&0&0101


Preferred Solution: Tecra A10 - No Sound using Win XP

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Tecra A10 - No Sound using Win XP

> I use Windows XP.

Ok, I though similar issues with Win XP on other notebooks with new HD audio from Realtek.
The point is that you need SP2 and SP3!

The SP2 and SP3 provides important fixes and patches for HD audio?
So first of all uninstall the installed Realtek audio driver.
Then install the SP2 and SP3.
Then go to the device manager and delete the devices marked with yellow exclamation mark.
Then reboot the notebook.
Now Win XP should found a new audio device and should ask for the driver.
No you should install the sound driver from Realtek.
Reboot once again? and now the sound should works fine?

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I am new to this forum and looking for solution for continuous sound coming from the Tecra M10 laptop. I can not play any other sound. It starts as soon as start the laptop but can be muted after window starts. Not sure if it is hardware or software issue. I have spent at least 7 hours trying to fix this but with no luck. Many thanks for reading the post and any help will be very much appreciated.

Kind regards


A:Tecra M10 - Sound Issue


Since when you have noticed this problem?
Is your notebook preinstalled with original OS that you got with your notebook?

Have you tested functionality with ?factory settings??
Is this problem with internal speakers only or there is no sound if you use headphones too?
> I have spent at least 7 hours trying to fix this but with no luck.
What have you tried already?

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Having bought one of the above laptops, I was disappointed to find out that there was no sound. Investigation showed the audio driver was installed correctly, but no sound emanated.

Even the windows welcome screen wasnt heard.
I ran the Toshiba diagnostics program, and when it came to the test for both left and right speakers, each time it failed.

Strangely, when one plugged earphones into the socket at the front of the laptop, one does hear the sound. Also, I have discerned that the internal microphone is working too.

I dismantled the laptop, to see if perhaps the speakers had become unplugged accidentally from the board. However this proved not to be the case.

Also, seing that I had in my possession a spare sound card (the one that goes at the front of the laptop, I was able to change it.

However disappointingly, still no sound was forthcoming.

I would be most grateful if anyone might be able to advise.
Do you think this is likely to be a simple case of a faulty pair of speakers. I would prefer not to buy a replacement set if it turns out to be something else to matter.

However if someone on the forum with more expertise than me thinks this is the probable problem, then I would go for that option.

Sorry to trouble you all but any help would be most gratefully received.
Best wishes

A:Sound issue on Tecra A10

> Having bought one of the above laptops, I was disappointed to find out that there was no sound. ? I dismantled the laptop

I really don?t understand why you have disassembled the new notebook?
The warranty covers all hardware problems and this would be fixed free of charge by an service technician?

I think its hardware problem because the connected headphones work properly.
Therefore it cannot be an software / sound driver related issue.

However, in your case I recommend checking the settings in control panel -> sound -> playback device.
Check if the speakers are set as default device.
Furthermore you could recover the notebook using recovery disk in order to set the unit back to factory settings?

In cases these tips will not work, I guess the speakers are faulty and needs to be replaced.

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Hi there,

in the past this whistling sound appeared from time to time, but now it is on, nearly all the time.
It is somehow a bit difficult to describe...

It is a a very high sound, not very loud but still very annoying...

IN the moment I play a video in the internet it disappears when I click on hold it?s there again.
Even when I mute the sound the whistling sound disappears, when I start a video...

And also when the Laptop needs to work in higher performance e.g. when I start a programm the sound disappears until the programm was started

Any idea?

model: Tecra M-10 13L

A:Tecra M10 13L - whistling sound

Is the Microphone playback volume set too loud?

Check the Mic "Playback" Volume (not the Recording volume) in the Speaker Settings (Control Panel ->Sound->Playback->Speakers->Properties->Levels).

If you have Skype installed, check the Sound settings in Skype. It may be automatically controlling the Mic volume.

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I have recently purchased an S11 and as a previous owner of the Tecra line I was quite disappointed in the Audio level. I realize that the S11 is a Business machine and not a multimedia machine, but I have to sit very close and make sure there is no noise in the room to hear the on board speakers.

Is there a way to overcome this? Even 50% more audio would be a tremendous improvement.

A:Tecra S11 - Low sound level

Hi Pman,

I?m not a Tecra S11 owner but I can?t imagine that the sound level is so low as you described.

What program you use for listening music?
What kind of files you have more music?
What operating system you have?

I can recommend the multimedia player ?VLC media player?. That?s a freeware tool which is really great and play the most audio and vide files.

Furthermore make also sure that you have highest sound level and try updating the sound driver.

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To cut a long story short I installed a registry cleaner via a usb stick.

After running the cleaner, uninstalling some unused programs too, the laptop became pretty fast but the audio disappeared as I accidentally uninstalled the Sigmatel AC97 driver. However I couldn't install the driver again because of an error message I was getting.

Without a XP cd I tried a system restore and proceeded. I managed to install the driver but again I got no sound while the icon and the audio console was in order. I run a scan and there was a couple of malware in the system which I got rid of.
No sound again. I run microsoft audio fixit it and the result was: "everything works perfectly".

Is there something I can do to regain the sound back without reinstalling the windows?
I dont have the XP installation CD anyway.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

A:Tecra A2 - No sound running Win XP

Solved. I downloaded the correct driver from the archives. Thanks Toshiba!

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The Sound sounds aweful!!! which speakers could I buy myself and replace in my Toshiba Tecra S11 ?

A:How to upgrade Sound on Tecra S11?

To be honest I?m really surprised with your question. Fact is that Tecra notebooks are designed for business purposes and designed for usage in offices, meeting rooms and by customer visiting so the sound is not so important in the whole ?package?. This is not multimedia notebook so you will probably not find any Tecra with high quality speakers inside.

Ok I can understand you and maybe it is not bad idea to have perfec sound on this notebook model but I think this is the wrong place for your question. What you need is professional advice.

I recommend you to contact nearest authorized service provider and ask for help. They have maintenance manuals and know which speakers are inside and which speakers can be built in as replacement. Maybe some high quality speakers from harman/kardon can be used for upgrade but which one is not easy to say.

If you will do upgrade successfully please let us know and share every useful info with us.

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Bought a 'wiped clean' Tecra A3-151 (from a reliable source, bought several wiped clean laptops from them before with no problems) Installed Windows XP on it for a particular purpose but despite my efforts it's producing no sound.

Everything indicates that the sound card is working - volume icon showing on taskbar, audio tracks showing as 'playing' in media player, but no sound via speakers nor headphones. All drivers are showing as correctly installed and no drivers missing. I've uninstalled and re-installed, done the usual taking away power and removing battery and obvious checks on audio controls (mute etc)

I would like to get it up and running and would be grateful for any help/suggestions,

Thanks in advance :-)

A:Tecra A3-151 - Realtek AC'97 no sound

My A3 sound was working till I did a Windows reinstall. Used "realtek" dirvers. Power light on speaker is on a unplug/reconnect sound port in the front of the A3 gives a crackle each time so to my thinking the sound side should work. Even tried an external sound card.

As the sound was working up untill reinstalling Windows, well, I'm no techo by a long shot but it has given me no pleasure that someone else has the same problem and I suspect will be the same fix.

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Hi everyone,
i really need your help,

Up until today i used a mini displayport to HDMI adapter to connect my Tecra M11-103 to the TV while doing so today something happened and suddenly i had video with no sound on the tv when i tried to unplug it and plug it again, it would show it at all and wouldnt recognise the tv from now on...

Now when i go to windows mobility center when the cable is conneceted as usual, i predd on connect display, it behaves as if there is an external display but on the display window when i try to identify the motiors for example i connected it under the duplicate screen option,
so it identify my notebook screen as both the external and the pc monitor...
Easiest way would be to post a screen image of what i see but i cant do it here...

In anyway all of a sudden it tells me its a vga connection regardless of wethear or not theres even a cable connected...
i need to get back my mini display port back... where can i c what happened to it if its damaged or something PLEASE ive spent hours trying to sort it out and nothing works... its not the tv for sure...
I run windows 7 pro 64bit and i already tried restoring the OS...


A:Tecra M11-103 - no sound on the TV using HDMI


Usually the connection to the TV should not be very difficult.
You have to connect the both devices with an compatible cable and then you have to switch to the external video output using the key combination FN + F5.

Furthermore you can check the sound settings in control panel -> sound -> playback tab.
There you should choose digital output (hdmi) as default setting.

My other idea is that something could be wrong with display driver.
Try to reinstall the graphic card driver and check if it helps.

It?s also worth to set the BIOS to default settigns? I doubt that BIOS could be the issue here, but it?s definitely worth a try..

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Hi, I'm having troubles with the sound in the notebook, when the sound stopped working I reinstalled the sound drivers but the sound doesn't work.

In other way, the FN keys don't work I can' adjust the brigthness and the sound with the FN keys. I have reinstalled too the Utilities, but when I run the 'Accessibility' a popup windows is showed in the screen that says : "Registry is missing or may be broken".

I don't know if the two problems could be interrelated but both started to happen at the same time.

Thanks in advances and best regards,

A:Tecra S5 - Sound and FN keys don't work

Hi dmorenob,

Which operating system is installed at the moment?

Is sound card listed in device manager?

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I have a Tecra 8100 running Windows XP.

I can get no sound out of the speakers or headphones outputted from the computer, e.g. beep sounds, CD, etc. But if I un-mute the mic, I can hear through the headphones what the microphone picks up (there's just feedback without microphones, proving the speakers physically work). All the volume controls are on maximum and unmuted. All the devices are enabled and chosen correctly in the sound control panels.

Any help at all would be welcome!! Is it the sound card, or am I missing a driver? can't find anything else on the web with similar symptoms. Thanks in advance.

Here is the Everest summary report:

Field Value
Computer Type Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC (Mobile)
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
OS Service Pack [ TRIAL VERSION ]
Internet Explorer 6.0.2600.0000 (IE 6.0 - Windows XP)
DirectX (DirectX 8.1)
Computer Name TECRA-8100 (Tecra 8100)
User Name General User
Logon Domain [ TRIAL VERSION ]
Date / Time 2009-07-15 / 14:18

CPU Type Mobile Intel Pentium IIIE, 500 MHz (5 x 100)
Motherboard Name TOSHIBA Portable PC
Motherboard Chipset Intel 82440BX/ZX
System Memory [ TRIAL VERSION ]
BIOS Type Toshiba (12/30/99)
Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

Video Adapter S3 Graphics Inc. SavageMX (8 MB)
... Read more

A:Tecra 8100 - no sound output except from mic!


That?s a good questions and I never heard about such an issue...

I think at fist you should start to update the sound driver of your notebook. Therefore you can look on the Toshiba website for an update:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Before you install the newest version, you should remove the old version first and restart the notebook.

Maybe a reinstallation of Windows with the Toshiba recovery disk could be also useful and in worst case it?s a hardware malfunction and you have to exchange the mainboard. :(


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Hi! Since today I don't have any sound on my sound jack of the port replicator II (PA3680E-1PRP) to run my external speakers. Instead, the internal speakers are running. On the notebook himself, the jack is working well, only the replicator port seems to be dead.

It worked fine over 10 months now without any complaint. I saw some similar cases in forums but no answer could help me. I don't have updatet any drivers yet.

I work with WIN7/64bit Servicepack 1.

Does anyone know how to fix?

Thanks, christophe

A:No sound on port replicator II (Tecra S11-12M)


Would recommend checking this thread:

*Milo_Tweenie wrote:*

+Didn't realise that the 3.5mm audio output jack is actually driven by a USB hub within the port replicator.+
+Found that the USB Multimedia Audio Device had no driver installed for the audio port. Clicked the update driver button, it found the driver automatically, and now I have sound.+

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On another thread about this sound problem a person said go to http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/faq.jsp?service=EU&FID=TRO0000001b59
Well I went to there and got the drivers but half way though installation it says warning drivers not installed and closes.

Can anyone help?

A:Tecra 9100 and sound problem

How to help if you didn?t offer exact description what you do with your notebook?
Do you make clean WXP installation?
Which version do you use (without service packs)?

Please post more info and don't afraid to write a little bit more.

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Hi everyone,

I?m still having problems with sound on my T9100 and it sounds like other people are having the same.

I purchased the laptop with dead mobo so got another to replace and fitted no problem, fresh install of XP Pro Sp3 and its up and running but no sound.
Having read other threads on the subject I used my Toshiba recovery discs and all went well but still no sound.

I tried updating drivers for the Yamaha sound card but still no good. So I got another sound board and knowing it?s a good one.
I fitted it but guess what no sound, at the moment its running Xp pro but I haven?t updated to any service packs.

If I used the recovery discs surely it should work because its how you would of got it from new! I?m lost now and don?t know what to do.

If I uninstall Yamaha altogether and restart I get found new hardware audio controller. Then I get found new hardware Yamaha sound device, then get Yamaha didn?t install and might not function.

Any ideas please rob

A:Tecra 9100 - OS recovered but still no sound


The problem is that your sound card driver from Yamaha does not support the SP1 or SP2.

You said that you have installed XP Pro and Sp3.
The SP3 can be installed ONLY if the SP2 was installed too? so the reason why you don?t get sound is clear; compatibility issue between the MS service packs and Yamaha sound driver.

Please check the Toshiba European driver page. In Archive -> Tecra -> Tecra 9xxxx -> Tecra 9100 -> sound driver you will find the two different XP sound drivers.

Try to update it!

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I own both a Tecra S2 and a Satellite L30. Both got smashed by a virus last week that caused me to completely format both machines, and re-install XP on them.

I've had not trouble getting them back up to speed (including service pack 3), however I can't for the life of me get the sound to work on either of them??

I have downloaded and installed every driver update on the Toshiba website (mytoshiba.com) with no success. I haven't done anything with the latest BIOS update though, as I'm not overly familiar with how that works, and don't want to wreck it.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue would be great...!

A:Tecra S2 - Can't get sound to work on Windows XP

Hi buddy,

As far as I know you have to instal SP3 before you install the sound driver because it contains an important update for sound cards and their drivers.

So if you have installed sound driver before SP3, remove the driver and install it again. This should work?

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First! Excuse me for my english!

I'm trying to install a Tecra 9000 with Windows XP SP2. The problem is the sound. My XP don't recognize the sound card, and i'm trying to install the drivers, but the system answer me "The driver was not installed", and I don't know how can do it to sound works.

I have read some post from the forum, but I can't solve this problem.

Somebody could help me.

A:Sound issue with Tecra 9000 on Win XP SP2

I think this Toshiba doc should help you:

[Windows XP Service Pack 1 and 2 incompatible with existing Yamaha sound driver|http://askiris.toshiba.com/ToshibaSupportSite/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=2772 91xml&sliceId=&dialogID=54976777&stateId=0 0 52121258]

There is a link to a sound driver which should help to sort out this issue.

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Dear all,

we are using the above mentioned laptop.
Unfortunately no one of us has sound when the laptop is docked into the station.
Away from the station the sound works.

Did anybody have an idea where the problem could be?

Funny is, that during bootup of the system the windows start meldody is available.
After the bootup is finished, no further sound.

Our System
Windows 7 Prof. x64.

Thanks in advance

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A:Tecra M11-15x in docking station - no sound

What docking station do you use?
Did you check if mute is not enabled?
Did you try a sound driver update?

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I have one laptop Tecra S5, i have deleted some old programmes for card readers.
Now the sound is not working anymore and by starting up the PC, windows is starting and i have the message: "THotkey error" this audio diviece is not supported.

Is this just the sound driver what is missing and how can i reinstall this?

A:No sound on the Tecra S5, "THotkey" error by starting up of WXP

Who knows what have you done with preinstalled stuff. THotkey has nothing to do with ?old programmes for card readers? but it is very important Toshiba tool.

At first let us know what the status of sound card in device manager is. Is sound card installed and listed properly?

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My system:

Tecra 8100
Windows 2000

I mistakenly removed some software labeled "Yamaha" something and this resulted in the following:

1) No sound
2) Upon booting, *2* devices need drivers - 1 with the label Multimedia Device
and the other "Unknown".

I spoke with Toshiba support (Tier 1) for over an hour, and the problem didn't get solved. I have downloaded the sound driver from Toshiba, and rebooted twice as asked, but have not been able to recover the sound.

Can anyone step me through this?


Jon Hanrath

A:Solved: Tecra 8100 Loss of Sound

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after xp installation my Tecra S11 didn't recognize the sound driver.
I have tried both drivers nvidia and realtech but both didnt work.

How can I solve this out ?

Also I got 2 unknown device in the device manager.
They named PCI Device Bus 0 Device 27 and Bus 0 Device 1

What are they?
how can I find related drivers ?

A:Tecra S11 - 2 unidentified device and the sound card


You should check the VEN_ID and DEV_ID of both unknown devices.
I found really nice description here:

This would help you identify the device / manufacturer of this device and you should be able to find the driver.

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I have read the user manual and I did not see anything about mini Displayport sound output.

Is Tecra S11 supports sound output via mini displayport?

Are there any mini displayport to HDMI cable which supports sound to send video and AUDIO to my LCD TV?

Thank You

A:Tecra S11 mini Dsiplayport - sound output

As far as I know there is NO sound using mini display port.
Using this port you can send video signal only.
For sound you must use External Headphone Jack (Stereo).

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Like every other Tecra 9100 user, I can't get the latest sound card drivers to load. THe ones on the web page dont fix the problem.

A:Toshiba Tecra 9100 sound drivers for SP2 or SP3

hi i have xp sp2 running on my 9100 and i got the drivers from this website.http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.c...?service=UK.go to this and then type in the serial number and it will bring up the europe toshiba support page for the 9100 and then go to the sound drivers and download them.these are,as far as i know,the latest sound drivers for the 9100 and they should fix your problem.hope this helps.

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I'm trying to repair an older Tecra 9100 Laptop that is having sound issues. I have one out of the two bulletins I need to fix it. I have TCR-0312, but I need TCR-0308 to fix the sound issue the laptop is having. I was wondering since it is a very old laptop, maybe Toshiba could release the bulletin so I could fix this vintage tech? Or maybe someone has it archived somewhere? A Google search has come up with zero results...

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if I plug in an external Monitor or TV Set, the Device is detected, Display is OK, but the Sound comes from the Notebook-Speakers, In the Device-Manager all is fine, In the Sound-Window under playback device only the notebook speaker is detected. The newest driver from toshiba-Website for Model PT43FE is installed, but it will not work. I have tryed different drivers, but without success. Is there a newer driver to use or what can I do?

best regards

A:Tecra R940 Windows 8.1 HDMI Sound

upgrade to windows 10, i don't have any problems watching movies via hdmi to tv.

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After installing W10 on a Tecra R10-10B no sound driver found detected by Windows update and Tohshiba driver web site.

I need help to find the driver for my Toshiba

I try to instlals W7 sound driver and not working.

Thank you


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I upgraded my Tecra R940 to Windows 10 and now my hdmi audio is not working. The video is working fine. The hdmi audio is displayed in device manager but no audio device is detected.

Is this a known issue and is there a solution for it?

Best regards,

Wim Vervoorn

A:Tecra R940 windows 10 no hdmi sound

Uninstall the HDMI driver from Control Panel (or the display driver if you cant see HDMI driver).
Uninstall the audio driver and related utilities in Control Panel.
Then run Windows Update to install the latest driver.
You should be able to select the audio output device in the sound card settings.

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Good day all

My Toshiba laptop S11-15T has a sound driver problem, every time I restart my laptop in want me to install a
Microsoft UAA bus driver high defection audio driver.

I've tried re-installing the sound drivers but it doesn't do the trick.

Please assist...

A:Tecra S11-15T asks to install always sound driver


What Windows OS do you use?
Is it Win XP?

As far as I know the Win XP SP3 contains the Microsoft UAA bus driver high defection audio driver and some patches and fixes.

If you use this system, I recommend installing all patches and service packs firstly.
Then you should uninstall the sound driver and after new reboot install the driver which you could download from the Toshiba page.

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i have this laptop, the specs are, 256 ram, pent 3 m 933 mhs cpu, win xp home sp3, savage graphics, chipset???????
the problem is that i got this machine without a hdd, so installed one and installed xp home, the drivers came via driver detective, but i had probs downloading the chipset drivers which i think is the reason i dont have sound from the laptop, so a manual search of the model and CPUZ stated the chipset was intel I830mp, i went to intel web site and the advisor on there said i had no compatable intel chipsets and the chip set was by savage, i down loaded the chipset that was suggested by intel adviso and still no sound, i really belive that the chipset is intel, any help would be appreciated

A:Toshiba Tecra 9000 chipset/sound problem

the audio drivers wont work properly unless the chipset is installed correctly, the chipset link on the toshiba site is broken and wont work.

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Tecra S11 nVidia vs RealTek sound driver - which one do I install?

I've installed nVidia and realtek sound driver also. I've got BSOD when I plug in 3.5mm jack headphone. When I want to listen music with my Bluetooth stereo headset I also got BSOD.

I reinstalled nvidia and realtek sound drivers. My Tecra S11 is very slow since I installed latest nvidia video driver from nvidia website.

Windows 7 very very slow since then. Firefox start up time sometimes 20-30sec

A:Tecra S11 - nVidia or RealTek sound driver. Which one do I install?

Can you please post exact model name and model number?
You can find it on Toshiba sticker placed at the bottom side of your notebook.

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I?ve just formatted my hdd and installed WinXP Pro.

I?ve installed all latest drivers but I?m having trouble with one; sound driver for the yamaha ac device.
I keep getting the yellow mark next to it.
So I have tried uninstalling it but when I reinstall it I get cannot start code 10.
It?s the latest driver so I don?t know what?s causing the problem.

Can anyone shed any light on the subject, thanks rob

A:Tecra 9100: Yamaha sound driver issue


The issue is known to me.
The sound driver is simply not compatible with the Win XP SP2

The Yamaha AC-XG driver uses PortCls function for checking the operatingsystem version. XP Service Pack 1, PortCls function is changed, then the Yamaha driver cannot get operatingsystem version correctly. This issue also happens Windows XP SP2.

Yamaha already provides the fixed driver. The fixed driver version is the following;
yacxg.sys with software synthesizer
yacxgc.sys without software synthesizer


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Hi all,
Probably a usual post, but can't seem to find the answer anywhere! I have got a Tecra M5 running on Windows 7 and the sound was working perfectly until recently I linked up my laptop to my tv and connected an audio jack to transfer sound to the tv so I could stream a football game.

After I had finished and un plugged the cables, the sound refuses to play through the laptop speakers, but when i plug in headphones, the sound comes out fine. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling the sound driver but to no avail.

Can someone please help resolve this issue?

Many thanks,

Sunny nagra

A:Re: Sound not working through Tecra M5 speakers but work through headphones

I hope you must be clear that on this virtual way we can just speculate what the problem can be.
My first thought was that maybe small switcher placed in audio line out jack is pinched or blocked somehow and your notebook ?thinks? external audio jack is connected all the time.

What you can do is to check all sound settings and be sure everything is set to ?default? settings.

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I recently reinstalled my laptop with a fresh copy of Windows xp pro. After the installation all drivers where correctly installed but i got no sound.

When i put my headset in i can hear a very low sound.

Tried almost everything posted on forums but no luck.

Anyone got any solution

Kind regards

A:Tecra A8 PTA83E - sound through the speakers but headphones work

>When i put my headset in i can hear a very low sound.
This would mean that the driver is ok and possibly the sound volume needs to be increased?

Go to:
1) Control Panel -> Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices section
2) Choose Sounds and Audio Devices
3) Now Sounds and Audio Devices panel will appear.
4) In the Sound Playback section click on the Volume
5) In Volume Control panel set all controls to max volume (up)

If it does not help check this Toshiba FAQ:

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Hello, I am new to TecSpot. I only have notebooks and this one has no sound. How should I trouble shoot this.
Thanks for your help

A:Toshiba Tecra S1 Notebook has no sound, Software or Hardware??

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Check in your device manager. see if there are any yellow exclamation, or question marks. Make sure the volume isn`t muted.

Go to the Toshiba website, and download the sound drivers for your computer.

Install them, and see what happens.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hi all,

I need the sound driver for a Toshiba Tecra 9100 (I think Yamaha AC-XG Sound Driver ) for windows xp Sp2. Could anybody can give me a solution for this ? Please....

A:Sound Driver for Toshiba Tecra 9100 laptop Windows XP Sp2

Solution available at TOSHIBA WEBSITE, look for support, downloads, updates etc..

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I possess a tecra A10 complete with Windows Vista Business installed (and backed up to an image file using Easeus Todo backup

However I also have access to a Tecra M10 which came with no operating system, although the COA sticker (product key) is likewise for a windows Vista Business.

My question is: would my Windows Vista Business back up from the A10 work on the M10 (ie would it load onto the M10 hard drive and then work properly

If anyone can advise on this matter I would be appreciative please

Best wishes

A:Can I use Tecra A10 OS disk to install OS on Tecra M10?

At first I must say that Toshiba recovery image is created for each notebook model separately and it is 100% created to work on specific model. Why?
Every notebook model has different hardware platform and all drivers, tools and utilities for certain model are part of recovery image. These recovery images are also tested.

Generally speaking if both models have identical hardware platform (hardware parts) it can be used.

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Dear forum
The above says it all really.

I see the two look similar, but one is smaller. Are these two models different in other ways please.

A:Difference between Tecra A10 and Tecra M10

Of course the both notebooks are different.
There are different Tecra A10 models and there are different Tecra M10 units.

For example:
Tecra *A10-13B* supports an Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2,26 GHz CPU and Intel GM45 chipset.

Tecra *A10-1D2* supports an Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 2.80Ghz CPU and Intel GM45 chipset

You can find details about different discontinued notebook models here:
Then you can compare all the hardware parts.

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do you know, if it possible to install a SSD Driver for my notebook?
And if yes, which manufacturer/brand you would recommand?
I want to install Win7 Prof - Anything to take care of? Drivers, firmware, BIOS Version etc...?

Thanks for tips in advance.

kind regards


A:Can I use SSD for Tecra A8

Generally speaking it should not be a big problem to use an SSD instead of an common HDD.
The notebook supports the SATA interface and you have to use an 2.5? SATA SSD drive.
I cannot recommend any specific brand but in some very rare cases it could be possible that you will need to update the SSD firmware providing by an SSD manufacturer?

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I'm trying one of this popular caddy's that allows me to put a second hard drive in the optical slot bay, I use a Sata to Sata adapter, so there is not really an adapter besides connecting properly:

[http://www.akasa.co.uk/update.php?tpl=product/product.detail.tpl&no=181&type=Enclosures&type_sub =2.5%20Enclosure&model=AK-OA2SSA-BK]

My problem is with Toshiba BIOS that is expecting a ODD device in that Sata port and cames out with a "CD-ROM error", disabling the Sata port.

I have a workaround, if I start the PC, after BIOS post with anything in ODD bay, after starting Windows, I insert the second HDD in the ODD bay, go to "Windows Device Manager" do a "Check for hardware changes" and voil?, the second HDD is working fine, to me this proves a BIOS limitation.

Is there any help, a Beta BIOS or something else, I have the last BIOS 3.00 for this machine installed.

A:Tecra M10-17U use second HDD in the ODD bay

Please check this thread:

It seems that Tecra M10 does not support an select bay which would allow you to use an 2nd HDD instead of ODD.
As far as I know select bay is supported on Tecra M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, S1, S2

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hi, it is possible to have a functionnaly laptop upgrade with win10
or it is definitively dead ...

it is easy and no time eating for upgrade windows ?


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we are encountering unusual problems with one of our Tecra devices.

Background info:

(The Laptop is used mostly in docked mode).

Occasionaly the screen won't turn on (laptop aswell as ext. monitor) while the laptop is used in dock-mode when the system is powered on by the user.

The user is also facing this issue, when the device is used outside the dock (eg. presentations) and reputting it into the docking station.

As said, the issues arrive occasionaly and we can't spot the problem.

Things I've already did:

- Update BIOS/UEFI to newest version
- Check multiple BIOS/ Windows settings e.g. Power-Settings -> disabled most of them that could cause this weird behavior
- Checked display drivers (Intel) and updatet them to the newest (no beta drivers)

The solution now exists of powering off the device via hard reset (pressing the power button for multiple settings), restarting the system and then putting it back into the docking station.

As you can imagine, this problem is very frustrating to us when the user has worked on something important and hasn't saved his progress before leaving meetings, because he knew he will be at his office, putting his device back in, but nothing happens and we have to hard reset it.

I appreciate any kind of help.

Best regards,


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I need some help please!

I have a Toshiba Tecra A3 laptop and it keeps shutting down.

It starts and after Welcome logo and antivirus and wirelss icons appear, it shuts down.

I looked up Google, and all i found was that the cooler might be dirty.It is not.
After 5 shut downs it runs perfect. I cannot explain it.
can u help me please ?

Thank you.

A:Toshiba Tecra A3

Hello ritter2881 & welcome to TSF

Just to rule out Windows as the probable cause. Go To: Command prompt and type: sfc /scannow. Insert XP CD if prompted.
Post back.

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After reading a recent article in PCPRO it mentioned about changing the wireless card in you laptop to a quicker one, has anybody done this and if so I would like to know the following things:

1) how and what does it require
2) How much was the replacement and what model
3) what is the situation with warranty and firmware.


A:Wi-Fi upgrade on Tecra M10

I have a few questions for you:

Which M10 do you have exactly (M10-xxx)?
Is maybe Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN WLAN card inside?
If yes, which standard you want to use to get it faster than standard N?

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Hi everybody

I have a Tecra M2, with 512 Ram.
when I turned it On, power light and cd rom light has turned on stay on.
I try to eject Cdrom and hdd but it hasn't any video yet.

A:Re: Tecra M2 has no video


On this way it is not possible to say what is wrong there. Obviously there is some serious hardware problem. Who knows what is wrong there.

Have you bought this old Tecra and try to get it work or what?

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I changed the login password on Tecra A40-D1432 the other day as Windows asked me to do that. I tried to remove the password with a password reset usb created on an old Windows 7 laptop, but it doesn't work.

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Does any one see any problems swapping out the 160GB HDD for a 1TB HDD i have already partitioned/formatted and installed XP PRO on the 1 TB HDD in my Satellite M-105 and it is working fine in there but would prefer it in the faster newer TECRA Laptop.


A:Tecra M10 - HDD upgrade


I think this should not be a big problem since the SATA controller should handle the 1TB HDD.

You can test it using the HDD from the M105? the replacement is not difficult and both units M105 and M10 supports the same SATA HDD.

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Hi, I've a Tecra that came with Win Pro 7 Sp1 that was upgraded with supplied Recovery DVDs to Win 8 Pro and subsequently online to 8.1 and Win 10.
Win 8 and 8.1 ran fine but with so many problems on Win 10, I eventually went for "scratch" install with the recovery Win 8 DVDs.

Zapped the entire HDD using the Recovery DVDs but finally get the following msg after Win 8 had been re-installed: "Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer"
Ran "MSoobe" , as recommended on other forums and while this advanced the process, Windows ultimately did not run.

Any ideas anyone?
Thanks - davidtjm

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