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corrupted hard drive (trying to recover files)

Q: corrupted hard drive (trying to recover files)

i have a hard drive that suddenly went corupt. i didnt format it but did have to buy a new hard drive which i needed anyways for more storage and i reinstalled windows 7. when i pluged in the hard drive it comes up as a drive but asked to be formatted before in use. how can i recover my files off it. i have tried to use easeus data recovery wizard but it always stops and takes for every and wont complete. but i know my files are still on the drive.

Its is disk I

Preferred Solution: corrupted hard drive (trying to recover files)

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: corrupted hard drive (trying to recover files)

Hello cbwhat, welcome to Seven Forums!

When the Hard Disk Drive is connected does it show up in Windows disk management and if so does it have a drive letter.

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On my family's oldest computer (a Dell Dimension 8200, running Windows XP), we have recently gotten an error message that reads as follows.

"WARNING: Dell?s Disk Monitoring System has detected that drive 0 on the primary EIDE controller is operating outside of normal specifications. It is advisable to immediately back up your data and replace your hard-disk drive by calling your support desk or Dell Computer Corporation.

Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility."

Now, it says to back up the files immediately, but when I try and start up the computer, it takes forever but can get to the User Accounts screen (where you choose as whom you want to log in). When you select someone, it crashes and reboots. In my opinion, this computer is so out of date that we should just get rid of it, but my dad still thinks there are documents that he wants to save. I'm trying to just get the files off this machine and stored somewhere (on a different network computer or external hard drive on the network), but I can't access the files from anywhere.

I have the recovery console option or safe mode, but I have never used either of these, so I don't want to mess things up further. Any help would be appreciated!


(PS - If it really is a dud, just let me know?)

A:Recover files from (corrupted?) hard drive

Now I get a blue screen (Can't even get to login page!) that reads

*** STOP: 0x000000ED (0x822E5590,0xC000014F, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

I have no idea what any of this means!

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Any1 know of a way or if it is possable to recover files from a crrrupted hard dirve myself with an application or another way? I have many Digital photos on the hardrive and photoshop work. Any help tnx in advance.

Tnx, Bob

A:Corrupted Hard drive (recover files?)

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The hard drive is NOT physically damaged, only inaccessible due to the current state: I accidentally, began ghost imaging and completed about 10% of the initial process before I canceled it. So now the system won't boot. I get a single flashing cursor
in the top left corner of the screen. If I connect the hard drive to a SATA-to-USB adapter and connect it to my Windows XP computer it will show that the 'Mass Storage Device' is found and installed. But I can't see the device in My Computer or Disk Management.
What I think needs to be done is have the device connected via USB mounted so that I can use a file recovery program to scan the drive for files. Does anyone have any ideas? I know I can complete the reimage and then try to recover the file but its about 2.6
GB in size and I have a feeling that no programs will be able to successfully recover the whole file. I would like to recover the file without reimaging the drive because chances of the files being overwritten are much greater if the image completes.

A:I need to recover a zipped file from a corrupted hard drive

There are plenty of file recovery tools to deal with your problem. But whatever tool you use, I would still make an image of the damaged drive just in case that revovery tools makes more damage than necessary. Use Zip Restore Toolbox from

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The hard drive is NOT physically damaged, only inaccessible due to the current state: I accidentally, began ghost imaging and completed about 10% of the initial process before I canceled it. So now the system won't boot. I get a single flashing cursor in the top left corner of the screen. If I connect the hard drive to a SATA-to-USB adapter and connect it to my Windows XP computer it will show that the 'Mass Storage Device' is found and installed. But I can't see the device in My Computer or Disk Management. What I think needs to be done is have the device connected via USB mounted so that I can use a file recovery program to scan the drive for files. Does anyone have any ideas? I know I can complete the reimage and then try to recover the file but its about 2.6 GB in size and I have a feeling that no programs will be able to successfully recover the whole file. I would like to recover the file without reimaging the drive because chances of the files being overwritten are much greater if the image completes.

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I've been trying for 3 days to rescue my files from my hard drive and so far this is what I've tried.

-Windows is an infinite loop diagnosing and repairing on start up saying it's trying to fix disk errors.
-I jump into safe mode but that doesn't help it does the same thing.
-I open up a cmd from recovery mode, the only drives I can access are D, E, F, G, H, and X but it does detect the C drive.
-I just can't access it, I get a I/O error when I just to run commands on that drive.
-I tried repairing the RMB boot(I think that's what it's called?) That didn't work.
-I boot into linux and try to force mount the drive but I get an error saying that I need to disable Hybernate/fast boot to be able to mount it.
-Jump back into recovery mode and open up a command prompt and try to run the command "powercfg /h off",
it says powercfg isn't a command.
-I run the "Dir" on "X:/Windows/System32" but most of the system32 files are gone
along with the one that allows me to run the "powercfg" command.
I've also tried using a restore point but there aren't any and I've also tried refreshing the pc but that doesn't seem to be working either.

I'm at a lose and I really just want to rescue my files.

My last idea was to install windows on an external HDD and try to see if I can rescue my files within windows.

Any ideas would be really appreciated and I'm willing to try anything ... Read more

A:Trying to recover files from hard drive.

It sounds as though the drive has failed. and recovery from it isn't going to be easy. Doe the drive appear in BIOS in the boot order?

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I am using Windows 7 OS. I had two logical partitions, E & F. I saw an unallocated free space on my disk. I tried to to mount unallocated drive to another

logical drive , it asked for the folder,where I wanted to mount I gave one folder in E drive. it asked if i want to format...i said

no. and thats all,process completed! And just then I saw there was no other logical drive left...neither E nor F.
Now I can see only C drive and nothing else.
how to recover my hard drive and the files now?

A:How to recover my hard drive and the files?

Hi mpandey

I have deleted your other two posts for this same issue.
Please do not create duplicate threads. Continue replies for this issue in this thread.
If you feel your thread would receive more help in a different forum, please use the Report button at the bottom of your post and request it to be moved to that forum.
Thank you.

Also, it would help us help you, if you posted more information about your system.

Download the: TSG System Information Utility

Copy the results and paste them in your next reply.

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I need to get files from a laptop that died on me. It had an IDE hard drive (western digital 400), I have access to an emachines t2042 desktop. What do I need to connect the hard drive to the desktop. I'm clueless so be specific. Thank you.

A:recover files from hard drive

If the desktop is IDE .. and you want to get inside .. maybe this.

This should work with any computer .. with about any HD .. via USB

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A friend has a computer that will not start up properly and she has given it to me to try to recover some files that she needs. Although I can't verify it yet I think that she has a virus or something - on start up it trys to connect to the net and when it can't it reboots.

She and I have the same make and model computers running Windows XP Home. My question is this: Can I pull her hard drive out and connect it as a slave on my computer so that I can access the files she needs? It seems like that should work, but I don't want to do something that would compromise my computer.

Thanks in advance,


A:Swapping hard drive to recover files

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i have a hard drive that has not been used in 3 years due to a Multi-virus attack that made the OS unusable
i want to use a IDE to USB wire to try to recover some files off of it

my question is...
how do i connect a virus filled hard drive to my computer without geting infected by it?

the hard drive was from a computer with a Windows Me OS
my computer is runing on Windows XP Home SP2 and i have Norton SystemWorks installed
i do not know what viruses are on the hard drive

(sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but it was the closest thing to my problem i could find)

A:How Do I Recover Files From Bugged Hard Drive

info on how to get bugs off a floppy disk/USB memory stick might help me find a way to fix my problem

anyone know?

the best thing i can think of is to make a non admin user and connect the drive then use norton

EDIT: i tryed my way and it worked...but use bitdefender's online scanner...norton missed some bugs

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A friend of mine's hard drive was damaged so I replaced it and installed Windows XP on the new Hard drive. This was fine and no problem. In an effort to salvage some of his files from damaged hard drive I connected it as slave and windows recognised it with out a problem.

Now the tricky bit! I was able to access "My Documents" on the old HD but when I tried to open his folder(for his profile) I got an "Access denied" message. He then told me that he had a password on his previous windows profile. Since Windows is not booting from this HD and I don't have an option to enter a password, is there a way to access this folder?

I hope someone can help me.


A:Solved: Recover files from old Hard Drive

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We have two computers in my house... One day the older computer stopped booting past bios and since we had the other one, we didn't care... The problem is that we think that it stopped working because of the hard drive. When we pluggled the hard drive into my computer, it also woulnd't go past bios. Now, I am not very sure if we installed it right... It wouldn't show anything at all if it wasn't installed right, correct? Anyways...The hardrive (a WD Cavier Blue - WD800BB) has tons of pictures of my baby that I would be devastated to lose, and since I have no idea how to retrieve those pictures, I am here for help.

The hard drive doesn't make any clicking noises, which means that it probably doesn't have physical problems (I read that somewhere) Sooo... what do I do?

Sorry I don't have much information to give. I have no idea what kind of information you guys need or where to find it. I don't have very much knowledge when it comes to hardware, so please use "dummy language" with me, Thanks!

A:Hard drive not booting, need to recover files

I'm sure you didn't mean to write "pluggled", but I think it's great word.
What's the make and model of your computer?
This is a PATA drive, so the jumpers must be set correctly. Slave or Cable select should work if it's on the same channel as the other HD.
Do know if the HD is spinning?

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Hello,I have in my possession a hard drive that the recovery program had been run on, in error. It formatted over hundreds of Word and Excel documents as well as Outlook emails etc. So, I am trying to recover them.I ran PC Inspector File Recovery program and it found hundreds of files, the folders were green in color, meaning the chances of success of recovery were good. I recovered some Word documents. They appear normal, but when I open them they are all encrypted, or at least look like they are. I was offered the opportunity to change the way Word reads them, but none of the settings worked.Then I ran DataRecovery program. It found 37,000 recoverable files. When I recovered an Excel file the icon looked perfectly normal. Here is a screenshot:When I open the file, it looks like this:Any ideas?

A:How Do I Recover Files If The Hard Drive Has Been Formated?

After running into a similar issue myself at onetime, you need to find and obtain the Personal key Certificate you used when you made these encrypted files, and then install it in trusted certificats on your PC to be able to decrypt the files. If you already have that personal key, and the old SID of the machine, you could use a program like NEWSID to recreate the environment - and then decrypt them using the cypher command while logged on as an administrator. I used to have a link to some pages explaining how to do this, but since I back up my keys now - after that one time, I discarded them.

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Hey everyone,

I'm hoping you can help me recover data from my laptop hard drive. The machine is a Dell purchased in 2006, the drive is a 100g seagate IDE. The drive has a (somewhat) recent WinXP SP3 install. The information that wasn't backed up from the drive is priceless - the drive itself I don't care about.

Two days ago, I performed a windows defrag on my laptop. Once completed, the system was running extremely slowly - taking 30 seconds to open folders, etc. I rebooted, and encountered the same problem. Realizing something was very wrong, I attempted to start getting important files off the machine - but it crashed. Following that, I began getting BSODs. They give the error "Unmountable_Boot_Volume". I immediately purchased an external hard drive USB adapter, hoping I could save the files and format the drive. When I hook my laptop hard drive up to a second laptop (running Vista), Windows recognizes the drive, but can't browse it or anything else, and the Vista machine begins to struggle and pause when the drive is connected. Vista eventually says that the disk must be formatted before it can be used, which of course I don't want to do.

While connected via USB, I tried a couple of data recovery programs, PC Inspector File recovery and VirtualLab. Both gave NTSC read errors during the process, and one of them was eventually able to locate deleted files on the disk - unfortunately, I'm not looking for any of the files that had alr... Read more

A:Recover Files from Laptop Hard Drive

you could try this
Create a UBUNTU liveCD

You can put this into the CD/DVD drive and boot the operating system from the CD
then hopefully
You should see the Harddrive and be able to copy files across to a USB drive
I did this on a PC last wednesday and copied 7.2GB of there important data
hopfully this will work unless the harddrive is really broken

if you freeze the harddrive - you can copy data off - this has been suggested a few times here and worked - BUT BE VERY careful water and electrics are not good

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I am using windows 7 ultimate.
Today I booted the computer and it went to a message that said preparing desktop. After windows loaded the normal software was present, but my customized links were gone and the default background was present. My files that were in my normal user folders were not present, but were later located in the users/username folder. I moved some of these folders to the desktop as that is where they had previously done. In the users folder there were 3 folders (public, my username and whatever the new default user was called). When I restarted the computer everything came back to normal, except the folders of files I had placed on the new desktop. I went into the user folder, but it only had my current user and the public folders.

How do I recover the files from the desktop from the random corrupted profile that windows created which I can not manually log into? I searched for the files and the last record of them is linked to my user and says the shortcut is not valid. I tried a system restore and that did not help at all.



A:Help! Recover missing files from the hard drive.

Welcome to SevenForums NickMc46, give us your system specs and how long has this ultimate version been installed, any hard drive reconfiguration recently?

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My mom is so distraught!!! Here's what happened:

My nimrod of a dad (whom I love dearly) thinks he knows all there is to know about computers (including fixing them). Really, all he knows is how to mess with the settings, then he tries to fix whatever he did, and makes it worse. My mom then calls me, and I go and spend a few hours fixing what my dad "fixed" in the first place. Except this time.

My mom was out, and my dad was trying to "fix" one of his mistakes. The screen froze on him, so he shut it down, and started it back up. He then decided it would be best to just erase the entire hard drive and start from scratch. And, no, he didn't back ANYTHING up!!!

Both my mom and dad are computer illiterate. My mom has no problem admitting this, but you'll never hear my dad say it! I've given them things to do on a weekly/monthly basis, including step by step instructions. One of these things is backing up the hard drive. They've never done it! My mom used to, but when they got a new computer (a couple years ago), my dad lost the instructions on how to do it.

So, all of my moms stuff (including hundreds of photos) is gone (my dad just uses the internet and screws up the settings). Is there ANY way to recover what was erased, or is she just screwed?

Thanks in advance,

A:Can you recover files after erasing a hard drive?

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Hello all, I'm new to the site, but am having a problem with pictures loaded on an Acomdata external hard drive. I use it to store and back up photos, recently some of the photos have become corrupted. After returning from a vacation, I was trying to organize the pictures by combining photos from multiple cameras into one file. The photos came from four different devices: a Canon Rebel, a Canon Powershot, a Samsung Galaxy Phone, and an iPhone. The pictures were all viewable on the original devices and when moved to my laptop (a Compaq Presario CQ60). When I moved them to the hard drive, some of them moved over fine and I can still view them. Other files started with one picture that was messed up with gray or pink lines. After opening that picture, most of the other pictures in that specific file also corrupted with the lines through the picture. Some of the pictures won't even load and show the message "Photo Gallery can't open this photo or video. The file may be unsupported, damaged or corrupted." Some random pictures in the corrupted files staid fine. I have tried moving additional pictures to the hard drive as a test, and the pictures transfer fine. Lastly, when I open the files with corrupted pictures, the thumbnails load with the original correct picture, but then change to the corrupted picture in a few seconds. Does that mean the original picture can be recovered? I've attached a picture as an example.

What caused the corrupted pictures... Read more

A:Corrupted Files on an External Hard Drive

File corruption can be caused by a hard drive that's starting to fail (all hard drives fail eventually, it's unavoidable), and external hard drives of whatever brand have proved to be less reliable than internal ones.

If that is indeed what's happening to your Acomdata drive, the problem can only get worse over time, more files on that drive will be affected, until eventually the drive fails completely and is then inaccessible & unusable. Deleting corrupted pictures from it will not stop the problem getting worse and will not stop other pictures being corrupted if the problem is with the drive itself.

You can test the Accomdata drive with SeaTools for Windows. Click "Downloads" here: http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/seatools/

There are two tests - a long one & a short one. Use the long test for a really thorough test.

Before testing it, copy all non-corrupted files from it to at least two other locations if possible, before they too become corrupted.

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I copied several large files (between 1 and 4 GB) from one USB hard drive to another. At the target destination several of the files had defects. They were in general not completely unreadable. Most could still could be opened but had clearly corrupted data.

My question now is how does this happen and how can this be detected/prevented.
Doesn?t Windows 7 have some kind of an integrity check when copying files?

Also is there any good software to compare files for being exactly identical down to the last bit? Ideally with the capability to compare whole folder contents so that it hasn't to be done file by file.


A:Files corrupted after being copied to a different hard drive

I had a similar issue awhile back. To make a long story short it turned out to be a bad ram module. Similar to your issue the data, whether copying between drives or downloading from the net, (depending on the size), would be corrupt. The fact that it was only with a certain size or larger file gave me the clue.

Tested this by switching the ram out, leaving only one stick in at a time. Took a little while but was able to track down the bad ram and confirm. Anyways, changed the suspect ram out and all was good again....

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At the moment, my Gateway M-Series laptop which has Windows 7 32bit will not do a system restore! It says my local disc ( C: ) has errors, it cannot check these errors so that I can restore the computer

My computer doesn't want to connect to the Internet also (lucky for me I have other means of accessing the Internet) and every time I open Chrome or any of my software it says there are corrupted files and the disk check will not run because there are corrupted program files? I haven't downloaded anything of late I keep a fairly clean hard drive, but when I went into system restore it set one of the restore points as 'DirectX Installed' which incidentally I haven't installed and isn't in any programs list.

I've already had quite a few issues with my computer...


After some tweaking I found I was able to check the disk and restore the computer but I would still like to know if any of you have any input on how to avoid future problems!!

A:Cannot restore hard drive because of corrupted files?

Please use CheckDisk to check your hard disk and more particularly your C drive for bad sectors. May be your hard disk is showing signs of packing up.

If CheckDisk gives a clean chit then perform a system file check by running the System File Checker and please let us know of the results of this check. The procedure to run it is described at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929833

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Every time I start my computer now, none of the icons are on the desktop, the background it black, no programs or accessories are showing up on the start menu, and I'm getting a million dialogue boxes saying "Failed to save all the components for the file \System32\00002455. The file is corrupted or unreadable. This error may be cause by a PC Hardware problem." Is there a way to fix this and retrieve my files, or am I pretty much screwed?
I'm running on XP. I'd tell you further specifications, but my computer isn't letting me access that information.

The error messages read the same, except with different numbers, like 000066ed, 00007d3d, 0000385e, 0000217b, 00005eab, 00002d34, 000001a4, 00001321, 00000167, 00001f82, 0000613b, 00003e6d, 00000ce4, 00002e66, 00005d0c, 000029c3, 0000748e, 0000616d, 00002243, 00007a5d.
The numbers seem different every time. Every time I close the boxes, a bunch more pop up with the same message and different numbers.

Some other error messages are as follows:
"Critical error: Windows OS can't detect a free hard drive space. hard drive error"
"RAM memory reliability is extremely low. This problem may cause system failure"
"Hard drive clusters are partly damaged. Segment load failure"
"Critical Error: Hard drive critical error. Start a system diagnostics application to scan your hard drive for errors and performance problems."

A:Corrupted files/"damaged hard drive"

I'm having the exact same problem as you are.
Try this thread and it should help.
Can you access files through a usb?

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I recently download a backup program that deleted everything off my external hard drive. There is now basically nothing on my external, so I doubt any data was overwritten. I have a Western Digital 800BB External USB 2 with FAT32. I've tried almost every program I can get a freeware/trial version of and haven't had any luck. A few of them have shown me some of the files I am interested in but are missing quite a few I want. I've also tried restoring a few .avi files that did show up and all I get is a bunch of my mp3 files oddly strung together. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Guys,

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. The end result is I need to recover the Documents and Settings folder on my HDD. Here is the scenario:

About two weeks ago, I came home to a dead computer. The fans were on in the case, but the monitor was off. Every time I rebooted, the same happened. I finally had to send my motherboard and CPU in. Intel sent me a warranty replacement Dual Core 2 2.4Ghz processor and ASUS sent me a new motherboard. However, it was not the original. It was the same type of board but the premium model (P5N32-SLI Premium, original was Deluxe) as they didn’t have mine in stock.

While I waited for the new components to arrive, I was able to hook up my old hard drive to my brother’s computer. The hard drive is a SATA Western Digital 250GB. I was able to grab a few files off but didn’t need any others at the time. Plus, the hard drive seemed to working fine so I had no reason to think it would be a problem to get files off in the future.

When I finally got the components back, I hooked everything up. The computer posted with no problem so I went through and configured the BIOS to my liking. Upon reboot, I received an error along the lines of “No Operating System” found. I rebooted but the same occurred. I then put in my Windows XP Pro CD thinking that maybe the new motherboard was giving Windows a problem. When I went through to choose the “R” Repair option (NOT Recovery Console), it should ask me which Windows installation I wou... Read more

A:Hard Drive Corruption - Need to Recover Important Files!

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Yesterday, I cleared the directory "Search Results" thinking it was a directory with only references to files, and not files themselves (such as the "Recent" file). When I noticed it started deleting 100k+ files (22 GB), I canceled it as I began to grow suspicious. For some reason, only a handful of files were in the recycle bin, so I restored those files thinking that my computer would return to its original state. To my surprise, I realized that there were several folders on my computer (C: drive) that were completely empty. Somehow the files in those folders were deleted and did not get restored properly. I tried utilizing the Windows System Restore and by choosing a restore point from several days back, yet the files that I deleted were simply gone. Is it possible for me to restore my hard drive to a previous date/time completely? This means that files that didn't exist before the date won't exist after the restore. If it is not possible on Windows alone, is there software that you can redirect me to? I have seen software that has done something similar to what I want, except it only allows individual files, while I would like a full drive restore. In case you all are wondering, I have yet to back up my hard drive (I'm using a fairly new computer) in any way.



A:Recover all files on hard drive from a previous date?

Quote: Originally Posted by IndividualPercy

I tried utilizing the Windows System Restore and by choosing a restore point from several days back, yet the files that I deleted were simply gone.

This should really be known as "Windows Operating System Restore" -- as that is what it does. When it makes updates to system files (as in the registry when you install an app), it saves off the current version of every file it changes. When you later do a restore, all it does is overwrite the current file with the one that it saved. It is not a "time machine" that will reset the entire system back to an older date.

Is it possible for me to restore my hard drive to a previous date/time completely? This means that files that didn't exist before the date won't exist after the restore.

This is what an image backup/restore does -- it makes a complete backup of an entire partition at a certain time. When you later restore from that backup, it returns the partition to the state it was in when the backup was taken. However, you have to do the image backup BEFORE you can do the restore.

If it is not possible on Windows alone, is there software that you can redirect me to? I have seen software that has done something similar to what I want, except it only allows individual files, while I would like a full drive restore. In case you all are wondering, I have yet to... Read more

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I had an Acer laptop which fell off the bed and stopped working. I now have been trying to recover my data from its hard drive for about 2 months. I connected it with my new laptop via USB and am using Remo Recovery Software to retrieve the files but the problem is, the hard drive keeps disconnecting every couple of minutes (there is a click every time it does). I would really appreciate some advice on how to fix this problem, reconnect it different or ideally what software would not stop the recovery when the hard drive disconnects but pause it and wait until it connects again. Thank you!

A:Hard drive keeps disconnecting - unable to recover big files

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Ok, in my excitement and haste, I managed to format and install an OS on the wrong hard drive...

Long Story Short:

I used to be on 2 hard drives. a 250gig primary and a 300gb data HD. I had thousands and thousands of songs, videos, pics, and software on the 300 gig, and somehow when I went to format my new 1tb drive, managed to select the wrong drive instead; I lost everything and didn't realize it until it was done.

I was told by a buddy that there are programs for retrieving lost files and formatted hard drive. I have tried a few, but they all, including EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, find all the files the New OS installed, rather than what was there beforehand.

For the specific purpose of not overwriting the files that are still there, I haven't used it since, aside from installing programs on my new 1tb drive and trying to use them to salvage the data.

1) Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do, now that I've installed a new OS?
2) What software would you recommend I acquire in order to do it?
3) Anything else?
Thanks so much!!!


A:Formatted Hard Drive and Installed OS... Can I recover Files????

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My harddrive have 3 partitions. I accidentily formatted the one that I need. The Windows files are not in there, but almost every programs that I installed is installed in that partition. Now, I could launch any program, it says Avast snxhk.dll is missing. If I try to launch a portable program from my use, I get this "file system error (-1073741515)" message. What should I do?

A:[emergency] Recover files from formatted hard drive

If you can run it from one of the other partitions, this may bail you out:

How to Recover formatted Windows 7 partitions with Windows 7 Unformat software?

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Does anyone know how i can manually recover my files. I would prefer to do it myself cause its free or if you can point me to some good freeware that will help me recover my files...if not please please please i will pay as long as i know i will get my files back.
i lost lots of mp3's and family pictures....this really sux

A:Formatted Hard Drive Accidently..how can i recover my files

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I will start off by saying that I have 3 hard drives, a 60gig (Main HD with windows), a 40gig (Old HD used for Storage) and a 160gig (Music, Pictures and Video Projects). A couple days ago my computer froze and when I started it up again it said it was missing a important windows file. I ended up reinstalling windows then reformatting and installing windows again. There is nothing wrong with my 40gig and my 60gig is now clean with only windows, however I have lost access to my 160gig. It comes up in device manager and says its working but I does not come up in Disk Defrag or management. I'm very confused on what to do and help would be very appericated. I have a lost of time I invested in the 160 gig and I hate to see all the data i've worked so hard on being lost. Any idea on how I can possibly get the HD working again or at least recover the files before I have to reformat? Please Help!!!!!

A:Backup Hard Drive Probelm, need to recover files. Please Help!!

Can you see the HDD in BIOS?

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Hello, I am having issues with my external hard drive. I cannot access the drive from computer or device manager. I do see the icon for the drive listed but any left or right-click freezes explorer. The drive is a 1TB Iomega USB drive. I have tried to run chkdsk on it but it will not run. I do not have access to another computer at this time to see if the drive works elsewhere.

2 things : I have gotten a popup on startup that I need to reformat the drive to be able to use it AND I have also seen the cyclic redudancy check error box. After searching for answers I believe the problem may have been caused by 1 or more instances of power loss to drive while connected to my desktop pc.

Any help retrieving my files & photos would be greatly appreciated!

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I think I'm screwed but I want someone to tell me in writing. Yesterday I was on my computer when my hard drive started making a clicking sound ("click of death" from what I gather). My computer immediately froze and I had to hold down the power button to get it to turn off. It won't turn back on. I can't start it in safe mode and when I tried to use the recovery CD it said there was no hard drive. Since then I've been using my friend's laptop and searching all over the internet for answers. I booted it with a Linex live CD tonight but I can't access any files (confusing, I don't know if I'm doing it right).

I bought my Compaq computer online in 2006. It came with Microsoft Office 2003 installed on it so I don't have a disk. I've upgraded to Office 2007 since then but downloaded it online so I don't have a disk for it either. All I have on disk is Office 2000. I backed up my Documents and Settings a few months ago but that does me no good if I don't have the software to go along with it.

Paying a professional costs a mint and I don't know if they would be able to recover anyway. Do I have any hope? Do you think I should try a new logic board or should I just give up and start over with a new hard drive and new software (with all of that extra money I most certainly don't have)?

A:Dead hard drive. Possible to recover files w/out professional?

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My friend has a dell laptop, and now when they turn it on it just gets a black screen. I tried it, it just has a blinking cursor in the top left corner.
I booted to a linux mint cd, but when you try to mount the hard drive, it gives an error about the file system being half broken or something (sorry I don't have the exact error, but basically it said it couldn't mount and you should run chkdsk /f in windows)
So I took the hard drive out and put it in my usb drive dock. At first it seemed to add the drive, but, in explorer it only showed the dell recovery partition drive, not the main boot drive. I looked in computer management, and it doesn't show the drive at all, and then in explorer the dell recovery drive disappeared. Now explorer won't respond.
If I go to safely remove hardware it does show it as E and G, so I guess it's sort of seeing both the recovery and main drive partitions. I just clicked on it to safely remove but nothing is happening. Explorer is still not responding.
How should I proceed?

A:Trying to recover files from maybe dead laptop hard drive

10 minutes later safely remove finally comes up and says its safe to remove the drive (and explorer is no longer frozen) haha. I'm going to just turn off the dock for now and wait for some replies here because I'm not sure what to do next.

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Hi Is it possible to recover deleted files from an external hard drive or flash memory? If so, can someone explain how this is possible? I thought that once you had deleted a file, that was it..?

A:Can i recover deleted files from an external hard drive?

Quote: Originally Posted by Double

Hi Is it possible to recover deleted files from an external hard drive or flash memory

Not with certainty. It's hit and miss. Don't count on it.

"Deleting" in effect removes the file from the drive's "index" so it can't be found by standard means.

Specialized software may still be able to locate and recover the file if that space on the hard drive has not actually been overwritten and occupied by another file.

Recuva and GetDataBack are two such programs.

Some free software will tell you if the file can be recovered, but may make you pay to actually recover it.

The original file name may be lost.

Then there are professional data recovery services that examine the drive in a laboratory for a high fee--$1000 or more. Such services may have a higher degree of success.

I've fiddled with the free software a few times, but never had much luck.

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I have a Lenovo IdeaCentre K210 desktop. My hard drive ran out of room and now will not boot. I tired using 'safe mode' to delete some old files and I did recover some extra hard drive space but it still will not boot. (The .exe file that starts the OS appears to be hidden in a special 'Lenovo created partition and I am unable to find it in safe mode.)

I hooked my hard drive to another computer (using a USB device) to recover my data files but all of my data files are missing my latest saves? I seems that Lenovo creates a special type of file or partition called 'dynamic buffer.' I can only assume that my most recent saves are located there and are placed on 'C drive' when I 'release the dynamic buffer' (of course did not happen when the hard drive became full.)

Lenovo web site has a 'recovery' program but (if I understand correctly) it reformats the hard drive and reinstalls the OS. If this is true, all my data would be losted.

My best solution would be to be able to 'boot up' from my hard drive. I tried the OS cd to repair the boot problem but apparently it does not know where the special .exe file is and nothing is fixed.

The second best solution would be to find a software program that can extract my data from my hard drive. Anyone know of one?

A:Need to recover data files from Lenovo hard drive

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I will apologize now for being wordy, but I want to make sure I don't miss anything. OK, about 2 weeks ago, my computer crashed. This was preceded by a few days of it freezing. The freezing began to occur more and more frequently, so I used system restore to boot from a previous date. I also used my operating system's add/remove programs option to remove a game (Microsoft links 2003, to be specific). After removing, I tried to restart the computer, and I got the lovely error message "Windows cannot start due to files missing or corrupted" (not word for word) and it listed c:\\Windows\system32\config as the problem, and said I should use the original start-up disk to try an fix the errors (which I do not have). I called my computer maker's tech support, and after paying them an enormous amount of money, waiting a week to get a recovery CD, and again calling them to walk me through the process of trying to recover the missing/corrupted files, only for them to tell me after it did not work that my hard drive is corrupted, it needs to be erased and I need to download my operating system again from scratch. And, oh yeah, I'm, going to lose all my files by doing this. He recommended I go to a website called "bootdisk" to download the two programs I need - one to erase my hard drive and one to re-install Windows XP.

I have two problems - 1.) my floppy drive doesn't work, and hasn't for about 2.5 years. I could go into the system, l... Read more

A:computer crashed - hard drive corrupted - not sure which files to use to fix

Do you have your OS XP cd ,if you do boot from that,once everything is loaded use the option to repair currently installed xp system that might help.

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My 500 GB NTFS hard drive running windows vista DELETED all it's files except some of the most basic windows ones that where in use at the time.

This happened because I put the wrong setting into a program I was running, I now cannot boot up in vista, and I'm running Ubuntu from another hard drive in the same computer.

I have not used the HDD since this happened to avoid overwriting the deleted files, and I'm looking for a way to get all those 450 GB worth of files back.

Do you know of any software (freeware if possible) that can help me (it must be able to run from a cd or from linux)?

A:Software recommendation needed, to recover almost all the files on a hard drive.

I had to install windows on my other drive i was able to recover it all with a prog called 'freeundelete'.

No thanks to you guys...

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Computer died. Will not turn on. Motherboard has expired. So the Geek Squad backed up my hard drive onto DVDs for me. I had to go back and ask them to do the outlook express files, so I could recover my email. I even took them printouts with instructions on what to do.

You guessed it. What they gave me today is a CD with all the *.dbx files (in their folders), but I can't figure out how to import them into Outlook Express (loaded again on my new computer). When I click on 'import', I get an error message because it is looking for files that were saved in Outlook Express, not just saved as raw files.

There must be a way to work around this, but I don't know what it is. Can anybody help me? There are lots of things I need in those mail folders.

I see why people like web-based email like yahoo, where if your computer dies, your email is still allive....


A:recover Outlook Express mail files from hard drive

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Hi all, glad I found this forum, and am hoping somebody will help me out.

Here's the background to my issue. I have an older HP NC6220, XP Pro, with a Seagate 40gb ST94813A Momentus 5400.2.

While downloading pics from my camera to the hd, which I've done many times before, the laptop died. I think something with the power supply went bad. I pulled and re-installed the aux and main batteries, but could not get it to power up.

I bought a new HP G71 W7 laptop.

Someone suggested buying an external case for the old laptop's HD so I could get my files off of it. I did. The external case comes with two USB cables; one seems to be for power and one for data. I plugged the drive into it, making sure the one missing connector matches up with the same location on the pc board fo the holder.

I plugged it into my new laptop, the red light on the holder changes to green, but I get one of three results: driver missing, there is a problem, or no message at all. The drive does spin when plugged in with either or both cables.

I did go to the Seagate site, but all I could find on this drive was info related to the drive being inside a laptop. I could find nothing on accessing it in a holder. If you know of info there on how to do this, please send me a link to the section.

Then someone suggested that because the old laptop was XP Pro, the new W7 could not work with it. So I Plugged the thing into my homebuilt desktop that runs XP Pro. The light never turns green on the ho... Read more

A:Attempting to recover files from a removed laptop hard-drive

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I'm new to Vista. I bought a 320gig hard drive and a external case and formated it with EXFAT. Ran into some problems and now Vista won't read the drive. I've tried 9 different recovery programs but none works with EXFAT. Is there anything out there that will? (yes, I didn't know what I was doing when I formated it. I thought FAT was FAT!) Any help will be greatly appreciated -Dot

A:Solved: recover files off hard drive with exfat format

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My 500 GB NTFS hard drive running windows vista DELETED all it's files except some of the most basic windows ones that where in use at the time.

This happened because I put the wrong setting into a program I was running, I now cannot boot up in vista, and I'm running Ubuntu from another hard drive in the same computer.

I have not used the HDD since this happened to avoid overwriting the deleted files, and I'm looking for a way to get to get all those 450 GB worth of files back!

Do you know of any software (freeware if possible) that can help me?

A:Software recommendation needed, to recover almost all the files on a hard drive.

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I recently performed a full system restore, and lost all my music files I had downloaded with limewire, and now they're all gone, and I had alot of music files I still needed to burn. How can I recover all the music files from my hard drive??? I hate to lose all my music files I had in my limewire library due to this full system restore that was un needed when I thought I had a virus, and took my dad all of 5 mins to fix, but also lost all of my pictures, and favorites as well, and Im trying to get them all back off of my hard drive. Just not sure on how to do it. Can someone please help me!!!! I have alot of family pictures, and really want to get my music files as well as all my favorites back. Plz help you guys. Its greatly appreciated!!!!​

A:Recover music files from hard drive due to full system restore

Most are no doubt gone forever. Depending on what the restore did to the drive, some may still be present. You can scan with recovery software for those. but you should stop using the computer because each second you run Windows from that drive, more files are overwritten and lost forever.

You might check in the root of the C: drive to see if files were saved in a folder from the previous installation. How much space is used on the drive now after the restoration? If a large amount, maybe some things were saved.

I'd suggest booting from a CD and not using that drive so more files can be spared. There is recovery software on Parted Magic.

Parted Magic disk partitoning tool (Bootable CD image)
If you prefer a bootable USB key, download and run Linux Live USB Creator. Choose the Parted Magic distro, and it will download it and automatically create a bootable USB key.

This CD (or key) contains many useful tools. You can partition, recover files, recover lost partitions, make disk images (by several different methods), transfer files between media, scan for viruses (It can serve as an Alternative Trusted Platform for search and elimination of rootkits and bootkits), examine and benchmark hardware, access the internet, and much more.


If you have UBCD4Win, you can also run other recovery programs from that.

Free recovery applications:

Dr. Freeware Boot CD (also has partition tool, drive cloner and imager)
DiskDigger &... Read more

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Hi all - I have this strange problem that I can't seem to trace the root cause of; I have a number of 4.4Gb MKV files which I drag & drop from my Vista PC to a portable USB2.0 hard drive.

The copy appears to go ok i.e. takes a few minutes and then when I try to playback the file on the same or other PC with the USB2.0 drive connected, the file is corrupted (display goes blocky within a minute and various playback programs will stop playing the file).

Both source and destination drives are NTFS and have been working correctly until sometime in July. I have tried changing the USB2.0 drive policy to disable write caching, reformatting the USB2.0 drive in Vista (it was originally formatted on XP) and have run various diagnostics and can't see any errors on either the RAID5 volume (where playback is fine) or on the external disc drive.

I have no error messages or warnings that are untoward in the event logs and no error messages are displayed.

I have Vista SP1 and all current security updates and patches installed. My motherboard drivers are upto date. The system is a Foxconn G965 board with Core2 Duo E6400 and 2Gb RAM, Intel RAID and a Marvell Yukon NIC. No overclocking has been done. I have avast4 installed for anti-virus. Windows firewall and UAC are enabled. Power Options are set to high performance. I have no other problems to report.

I have tried a copy from the RAID5 volume to the external drive with avast disabled - I get the same corrupt playback. I wil... Read more

A:Large files are corrupted when copied to USB hard drive from RAID5 volume

Have you tried a different USB device?

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While saving a microsort word document to memory stick using microsoft works the program started not responding and shutdown. The file i was trying to save it as was not created and the original file i was working on became corrupt and will not open. Would it be better to try and fix my corrupt file or would my I be able to recover the file I was saving too? What would be the best way of doing this?

To fix the corrupt file I have tried using Microsoft Text Recovery and that only returned 4000+ pages of code. The same thing happened while i previewed it in Docrepair. Are there any other ways of finding this file or is it completely lost.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


A:Corrupted Files, Fix or Recover?

the image on the flash drive is totally suspect and the last good doc was the original.

Try to recover it and SAVE AS another name.

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so i had a hd go out on me. so i order a new 1.5 tb hd and install win 7 fresh on it. when i try to access my old hd it just states it has drive I with no info and ask to be formatted before used. i want to recover my old files off of it. I really need them.

A:i need to recover files from a corrupted hd

Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR) might do it. If Windows will recognize the disk, which yours is, ZAR claims it can recover files off the disk. This includes deleted files. You can download it for free and try it out. It has a limitation of four folders it will recover until you purchase a license but that will give you chance to find out if the drive is recoverable. I've used it twice. Once on a camera module and once on a crashed disk. It worked pretty darn good and I was able to recover hundreds of photos and files. I think it paid for itself. On files that have had the index deleted or corrupted, it will assign the file a number id but that's better than loosing the file. It works from the inside out and walks the disk as it analyzes the data. It's worth a try.

Download critical data recovery software - computer data recovery with ZAR.

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Hi everyone!
Could someone inform software that are proven, can recover corrupted Office files.
Remembering that even using the Office 2013, could not correct them.
Grateful for the attention!

A:Corrupted files Office - How to recover them

Well...files which are corrupted are damaged...there is no guarantee or expectation that can undo that.
Typically, if the files are program or system files...the user can uninstall/reinstall the application or run the Windows tools which attempt to deal with file corruption.
If the files are data files used by a given program...IME, the only tool available that may work would be the chkdsk /r command.
Data-recovery software is pretty much designed to copy files which are otherwise inaccessible...it cannot repair corrupt/damaged files.  At best, it will copy those files to a new location.
I'm curious as to how you know that the files are damaged...and what type of files are they?

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My Mom needs a paper of hers for another project. For whatever reason the file has become corrupt and no longer displays correctly. I downloaded a recovery program trial from officerecovery.org, but since it is a trial it deletes some of the text in the document and replaces the words with "demo". If anyone knows of a free program that can save this file, I would really appreciate it.


A:Any free programs to recover corrupted .WPS files?

Recuva (freeware) is often suggested here.


Hope this works?


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Hey guyz!
Due to a program failuer (partition magic) some of the data are corrupted and some are deleted. By using PC inspector i could get almost all of them back but still some are corrupted. for example some JPGs and WAVs which are so so important to me!
by any chance do you know any program which can revover CORRUPTED files rather than try to undelete them???

this topic helped me out a bit but no one had correct answer to my problem!

Ill appreciate your help.

A:DATA recovery! (recover corrupted files)


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