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Cortana in Windows 10

Q: Cortana in Windows 10

I'm using Cortana on a desktop computer.
I can type in a question to Cortana and that works fine but to speak to Cortana I guess I have set up a microphone, it that right? I know it doesn't have to be expensive but what of some of you using for a cheap mic?

Preferred Solution: Cortana in Windows 10

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cortana in Windows 10

yes , needs a mic

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A couple weeks ago, we got an early look at Cortana in Windows 10 and thanks to the new leak of Windows 10 build 9901, we have a lot more to share about the new feature.
As you can see from the images in this post, in build 9901, Cortana is much more refined in her appearance and she appears to be more responsive on our install. More so, we can also dig into the settings of the feature and gain a better understanding of where the feature is headed.

Windows 10: Cortana gets refined, adds "Hey Cortana" feature - Neowin

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First, I'd like to point out that I found and read this thread that, in the last post, tells me how to disable Cortana. https://techguy.org/1185771

But for me, that is not enough. I want her file gone completely. I opened the file location and moved Cortana's file onto my desktop. I've yet to delete it because I don't know what harm could or could not happen.

That being said, let me tell you about my laptop, in case that makes any difference.
My laptop is a SonicMaster by Asus, E403S Series (the biggest piece of sh*t that I will NEVER buy again. SO MANY PROBLEMS.)

If any more laptop info is needed, let me know. While I'm considered the tech guru of my house, all of this is way beyond my head.

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On all my pc's I now have a "get cortana for my phone" message in all the cortana action windows. How in the heck do I get rid of this? it is screwing up all my viewing habits for weather, sports score etc.

Why does microsoft keep jamming all this junk in the cortana window, I don't want anything except what I choose to have displayed.


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hi, I am absolutely upset by this. I just received my brand new lap top from Dell this morning and when I go to Cortana she ask you to sign into your Microsoft account so she can do more (like voicing etc) unfortunately when i click sign in I get a square black empty box just sits there. 
I have called dell was told I have to pay $129.00 for them to help me one time only or pay another $200.00 for software warranty.
It's suppose to be included in windows 10 and have had it maybe 3 hours at this point have had it since 9:00 a.m. this morning Haven't done anything just letting it set up.
I'm on my Dell all in one desk top and I bought it also brand new  about little over a year and Cortana works perfectly on it. it was windows 8.1 and i got the free windows 10 download for it.

So if anyone out there can help me as I'm ready to call them tell them send me a return label and skip a lap top all together. I had both miss my lap top this one was on sale got it for $242.00
Also tried Microsoft support tech but nope they say Dell should go good for it.and Dell said the software isn't put in by them not warranted only the hardware.
Thank you in advance

A:Cortana in windows 10

Try the various steps below to resolve this issue.
If you just made a new Microsoft account and are having this problem, then you have to verify it with your email.  
You can try the information below as well.
1. Type Manage your Accounts in the search bar 
2. Click on Your Accounts.
3. Click on Sign in with a local account instead.
4. Enter the Microsoft password if prompted.
5. Follow the on screen instructions to configure Local account.
6. Restart your PC.
7. Follow the same steps and change to Sign in with a Microsoft account instead.
8. Sing in to Cortana, Windows store and check.
Here is another option that seem to work for some.
Type User Accounts in your search bar and select "Change User Account Control Settings"- Check your settings---if the lowest option is selected, this is your problem! Change your option to the Windows recommended option (in bold). It should be one option below "Always Notify."- Restart your computer. Upon restart, you should see that Cortana is working. But if she's not, select the Windows store icon in your taskbar.- Click the Sign in option.- Sign in and answer that you'd like to use your Microsoft Account to access the computer. - (Optional) Sign out to make sure changes have saved.- (Optional) Sign back in and all should work (see notes below if you have problems with Cortana).
If, after your change, you're having problems with Cortana because you’re u... Read more

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These screens are appearing occasionally.

A:getting cortana windows

I am pretty sure I have turned this off before.

Does it modify to active when new updates get installed?

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Windows 10 asked me to logon. I used the password I had set up long ago but it did not work. I assume it does not conform to the new rules. No problem, I reset it and set up a new one! Then it asked me to enter my old password one last time. It won't take my old password or the new one. So I left it blank but that didn't work either. You would think that if one just reset the password that windows 10 would know that you don't have an old password to enter!

No problem, I set up a new account using my gmail account. Same problem! It asked for my old password even though this is a new account. I left the old password field blank as there was no old password! Nothing worked!

A:Windows 10 won't let me log on to use Cortana

Microsoft passwords transfer from Win 8.x to Win 10. You can reset Microsoft passwords at the link below. If you used a local password then you may need to reinstall Windows.


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I'm a newbie to this forum. Before I joined here, I remember seeing this video.

A user called "yamivalkri" replied to "kojak", stating that Cortana WAS available for Windows 7 before Windows 10 was released. Is this accurate? And if so, where can I get it? The link in the description apparently is a trojan, and I can't test it with a VM. (No Virtualization in processor)

A:Is it possible to get Cortana in Windows 7?

Welcome to our forum JingleXP.

To the best of my memory and knowledge Cortana is not available for Windows 7.

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Hello, Cortana no longer works for me. It was fine earlier. Updates current, microphone works per sound meter (on speaker icon>recording devices) also working per device mgr. Downloaded MS troubleshooter that said "Microsoft Experiences Host" and Microsoft Windows Cortana" need to be installed correctly' What's that supposed to mean? Ran admin. sfc/scannow no problems there. She won't respond to voice commands, also the search box is there but can't type in it. The 'Cortana' button at start menu isn't functional. Can't even find on/off button for Cortana in settings. Only other option maybe go to restore point. Really at a loss. Any ideas anyone? Thanks and please respond soon. Steve ..........

A:Cortana not working windows 10 pc

Hi, create a new user for test purposes. Does Cortana work in that?

If so, then see
Apps - Reinstall and Re-register in Windows 8 and 10 - Windows 10 Forums
Section 2
CTRL F and search for Cortana, and use that Power Shell command, noting the instructions at the start of section 2 as to how to do it.

Now sthg must have caused this- have you changed any policy settings, any Settings, changed language..

Another approach would be to use a restore point. Do you have System restore enabled? Do you have any useful restore points?

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Yes there are thousands of threads like this, but none that seem to match my specific issue.

I was having trouble accessing my start menu and cortana, I did some searching and found the issue was typical, so I downloaded the official trouble shooter for the start menu, Needless to say, the trouble shooter couldn't solve my issue, I figured maybe just a restart after the trouble shooter would help, since its possible the trouble shooter was a catalyst and I just needed to restart to solve it, and done, the start menu was working flawlessly, HOWEVER, the spot on the start menu cortana occupied was now empty, obviously I noticed immediately as I only have a few apps present on my start menu. So I did some checking and couldn't find her anywhere on my computer... Now, I know what you're thinking, 'you have to enable her in your 'locations' settings, because cortana needs to utilize your location....' Well, one step ahead of you, I checked my location settings and the cortana app is no where to be found... numerous searches show shes no where on my computer any longer.... I tried downloading her from the Microsoft website but all I get is a document explaining cortanas functions... please someone help, quickly, I use her often and I really need her particularly right now. which is why its so irritating all these problems happened right at this time...

A:Cortana Missing Windows 10

You can try running following command in POWERSHELL as administrator
Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}
and see if it helps. Otherwise you can hold down shift key as you press restart, go to advanced startup options, and do system restore. If none of these work, you can reinstall Windows 10 as an upgrade over top of itself, reset Windows 10 keeping all your stuff, or just do a reinstall.

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Hi guys. I did a fresh reinstall of Windows 10. Worked flawlessly, even the activation (pretty proud of myself lol) but bit of a weird bug happens sometimes. If I left click on Search next to start bar, it will light up but not open. It will on the second click but just a bit of an annoyance. Somethinf similar happened with Store where it flashed them closed. I clicked it again and its been working fine since and it also happened once on Windows Update. Not major issues I know but I'd love to know what it is. Thanks

Edit: I have done a SFC check and its come back with no errors. It did happen prior to the clean reinstall and I did the powershell command but it made all the apps go funny with a @ at the beginning of them.

A:Windows 10 Search/Cortana Bug

Is this Windows 10 original version or version 10586? The new Windows version has a lot of bugs and I do believe that was one of them. I reverted back to the original version of Windows 10. If you choose to stay with 10586, you may to wait till Microsoft releases a patch. Although not everyone has experienced this issue.

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Ok folks some people do not want or use Cortana and seem to have a tough time finding a way to remove her. I found a Good link that explains how to remove Cortana in both the Home version and Pro version. This method DOES work if you follow the directions correctly. Just thought I would share this information and the link.

Cortana - Enable or Disable in Windows 10

Take Care, Mike

A:How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10

I used this and it does work perfectly.
Thanks for the info and link Mike.

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I have the following question please. How do I desable "Cortana" in windows 8.1 RT?.

Thanks in advance,,

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I have the following question please. How do I desable "Cortana" in windows 8.1 RT?.

Thanks in advance,,

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Cortana is the new assistant that Micorsoft is packaging with Windows 10. You can activate Cortana with a voice command, ? Hey Cortana?, and among the many things you can do with it, you can also set a reminder. The reminders can be set so that they alert you at a specific time or place. Setting up a time-based reminder is easy enough but before you can set a place reminder with Cortana, you need to first add a place to it. Here?s how.

Open Cortana, click the hamburger icon and select places. This is where any and all places that you?ve added will appear. Click the Add button at the bottom and then enter the name of the place you want to add. Cortana relies on Bing maps so depending on how well, or in my case how poorly your area has been indexed and marked, you might have to enter the name of your city as well. It might also ask for permission to access your current location. Hit enter and wait for it to list search results.

How To Add Places To Cortana In Windows 10

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According to the Windows 10 update site those in Canada will not get it however, yes to those in USA, China and a few other countries.
I have set up mine to update to Win10 on July 29 but a thought just occurred to me: this is about the time I will actually be moving to China and taking my PC and lap top with me.--Does it mean that if I wait and then have the update while I am there I would get 'Cortana'?

[This makes me think of another question: should I be notifying Microsoft of my move? I own Office as well and am thinking about this because of future updates and if a Chinese IP will affect anything.]

A:Updating to Windows 10 and Cortana

What you have to remember is that W10 is still in the >>> testing stage <<<.

I would stay with W7 for the time being, as and when it is released as a fully tested OS, you will have a year to upgrade from W7.


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Target of cortana is          Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy!Corta
but something is missing in this which is not visible and i tried many more times by guessing missing part but not able to find complete target
Plz help

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Hi, I recently upgraded to windows 10 education version from windows 10 home.
Now I don't see the Hey Cortana! feature in my laptop. How will I get it back.
I like the feature and I want it back...what to do??

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Hello, I have recently just upgraded to Windows 10 from a Windows 8.1 build (and did not do a clean install) and I have recently been experiencing some bugs.

Firstly, I am unable to download any apps from the Windows App Store. I have tried many different apps but I always get error 0x80070002. This only seems to occur when I use my Microsoft Account and link it to my PC. When I tried downloading apps using my Microsoft account for the store but a local account for the PC, they installed perfectly fine. I am using a third-party firewall, McAfee Security Center which I have disabled temporarily but the issue still occurs. I have tried several solutions on the Internet such as using WSReset.exe, deleting Download and DataStore in SoftwareDistribution in the Windows folder, using Windows FixIt (which detected a service registration error and claimed to have fixed it, although whenever I run it again this same error pops up with it saying it fixed it again.) and even reregistering the program (which didn't work either).

The other issue I am having is that when I was using sfc.exe /scannow in the Adminstrator Command Prompt to check for problems, it detected a problem of some sort of image in Microsoft Edge. I have used this command before on my previous operating system and it didn't detect anything. It also said that it failed to repair it and I have the log which is attached. I, personally, don't notice any problem with Microsoft Edge but apparently there is on... Read more

A:Windows 10 Store, Edge and Cortana bug?

I'll try to answer your question about Cortana. All it is is an app that using the bing search engine. The only magic there is that You can talk to it.

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As we all know, We can delete Cortana in Windows 10 but we can disable Cortana through Local Group Policy Editor Gpedit.msc.

Let's follow few easy steps to Disable Cortana

1# First open the RUN Box (Press Win+X key) and Type gpedit.msc inside the Run Box.

2# Now go to the following Location in Local Group Policy.
Administrative Templates>Winodws Components>Search>Allow Cortana

3# Now Open Allow Cortana and set in Disable Mode.

Note = This method doesn't work on Windows 10 Home because we cannot access Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 10 Home.

If you're Windows 10 Home user so you can use Another method,

For Windows 10 Home, You can go Here = How to Disable Cortana

Help to Enable Local Group Policy Editor (Gpedit.msc) in Windows 10 Home

If you don't want to use other methods to Disable Cortana, So Here you can know, How to Enable Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 10 home to Disable Cortana.

Here you can find = Gpedit.msc, Enable Windows 10 Local Group Policy Editor

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I really like the feature of Hey Cortana however it doesn't work consistently and it really annoys me, I've already check the mic setting and its on but still it wont work.

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With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, you can shut down, restart, or sleep your PC simply by saying any of these:
?Hey Cortana, lock my computer.?
?Hey Cortana, shut down my computer.?
?Hey Cortana, restart my computer.?

Head over here to read more about what?s new in the Fall Creators Update, and have a great week!

*Cortana available in select markets.


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Hey people, I just installed the latest update to windows 10 (pro) and I cant get cortana to work. Infact, every since upgrading from windows 10 home to pro i dont remember a time when cortana was working

Ive attached a picture of the taskbar where cortana is supposed to sit. Theres no initiation icon. "hey cortana" doesnt result in anything. the australian english language pack is installed. When I click cortana's search box, it doesnt look correct, as attached in picture 2 (2016-08-03). And I can't use the search box to search for files either.

in gpedit.msc in search, everything is set to "not configured" and "no".


A:Windows 10 Pro, Cortana does not seem to exist, Language Correct?

Hi, Changing the language completely and successfully is a several stage process, not as straightforward as you might think or hope.

You are correct that Cortana doesn't look right- when properly configured there should be 6 buttons down the left side.

I would suggest you first try reverting to the default language settings and see if Cortana works, so as to prove nothing else is broken. Having done that, check Settings, General and make sure 'Some settings are managed by your organisation' is not displayed.

Once you have got Cortana working, create a disk image (everyone should use disk imaging so as to be able to restore their system to a previously working state without technical help - e.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + its boot medium + external storage).

Now try changing your language. This requires also downloading the speech language and at least one other item, and setting your location appropriately. Cortana should indicate that things need to be done to keep it happy.

Finally, try searching Settings. If you haven't completed all the steps you may find you get 'Search results aren't quite ready yet' or similar.

Maybe this will improve in the Anniversary edition.. I hope so, but have seen no comment yet.

If you are struggling with this, I'd suggest you reset the language settings to default, and wait for the anniversary upgrade, rather than spending time trying to fix Cortana or do an in-place upgrade repair, for example, which will reset your language to default.

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Loaded a free copy of Windows 10 a few days ago onto my old Dell insprion 1720 running Win7. All ok apart from setting up Cortana. Will not allow her to select my location. I am UK running English(UK) and UK Keyboard. When clicking on Cortana button only shows Search, Home, Settings and Feedback on Start side bar...

No Notebook icon...

A:Windows 10: Cortana setup will not allow me to select Location

Hi, is the Location tile on the Action Centre (Windows key + A) flyout active- sort of 'lit up'- if not, what happens if you click it?

Is the geolocation service running?
(Windows key + R, type services.msc in the box)

If you still have problems with Location, please see Fix 3 here:
Fix: Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10

Did you do an upgrade, or a clean install?

Try this:
Cortana - notebook icon missing - Microsoft Community

Note that in changing the language from US to UK English, several things need to line up for Cortana to be happy. See Fix 4:
Fix: Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10

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I try using the Windows 10 Start Menu Or Cortana and the 2 apps do not open I tried with my advice and I ran maintenance but never got fixed

|/sfc scannow|
(No Violations Found)
|*Restart-> System Restore*|
(Successful But Didn't Fix Problem)
|System Image Restore|
( dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
(Failed See Log)

PC Information:
ACER Aspire 5335
Genuine Intel(R) CPU 585 @ 2.16GHz x64 Bit
Windows 10 Pro (x32)
3GB Of Ram
Windows Information:
Windows 10 Pro (x32)
Endpoint Managed By "ANDTECH Network Hub"


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Loaded a free copy of Windows 10 a few days ago onto my old Dell insprion 1720 running Win7. All ok apart from setting up Cortana. Will not allow her to select my location. I am UK running English(UK) and UK Keyboard. When clicking on Cortana button only shows Search, Home, Settings and Feedback on Start side bar...

No Notebook icon...

A:Windows 10: Cortana setup will not allow me to select Location

Hi, is the Location tile on the Action Centre (Windows key + A) flyout active- sort of 'lit up'- if not, what happens if you click it?

Is the geolocation service running?
(Windows key + R, type services.msc in the box)

If you still have problems with Location, please see Fix 3 here:
Fix: Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10

Did you do an upgrade, or a clean install?

Try this:
Cortana - notebook icon missing - Microsoft Community

Note that in changing the language from US to UK English, several things need to line up for Cortana to be happy. See Fix 4:
Fix: Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10

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windows edge is saying: hmm, we can't reach this page
plese help

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Microsoft made an interesting decision with Windows 10?s Anniversary Update, which is now in its final stages of development before it rolls out on August 2.

Cortana, the personal digital assistant that replaced Windows 10?s search function and taps into Bing?s servers to answer your queries with contextual awareness, no longer has an off switch.

...but you can lessen her awareness.

You can't turn off Cortana in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update | PCWorld

A:You can't turn off Cortana in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Not sure I ever saw a turn off switch
I had to block usage in group policy and web search....

Sort of funny setting there
Do not respond when saying hey cortana wtf

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I have tried using Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register
"$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"} in admin powershell. It had no errors but did not fix anything is there any other way to fix this I am using update KB2267602

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Hi all,

So basically, my search is just acting really wonky on Windows 10. If I search for an app or desktop program, it shows up and I press enter or click it, and it opens just fine. But, if I search for a setting, say "Windows Update" or "Bluetooth", etc. (basically anything in the new "settings" metro app), the result appears, but I can't actually open it from the search window, clicking or pressing enter does nothing.

See sreenshots:

Note that I can still access the "Settings" app itself just fine, but when I search for an individual setting with Cortana, it shows up in results, but I can't open it.

EDIT: I thought it would be a good idea to add, I have 2 other computers also using Windows 10, and they can open search results completely fine... it only happens on this one computer.
If you need system specs I can provide.


A:Can't open search results w/Cortana on Windows 10 x64

Run the System File Checker.

Do you use any Anti-Telemetry tools?

Certain things can't be clicked in Start Menu search results ? /r/Windows10
Fix Search not working in Windows 10 - gHacks Tech News
How to fix your Windows 10 Start Menu

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Who needs Windows Calc? Cortana can do simple math, and with one extra keystroke you can display a full-featured calculator in the Start menu.
By Ed Bott for The Ed Bott Report | February 24, 2016 -- 12:27 GMT (12:27 GMT) | Topic: Windows 10

You don't need an app to do basic math in Windows 10. If you've enabled Cortana, you can perform those calculations by tapping the Windows key and then typing the formula in the search box.

Make your formula as simple or as complex as you want, using standard operators: + and - for addition and subtraction, * and / for multiplication, % for percentages, ^ for exponentiation. Cortana automatically groups internal calculations; use parentheses if you want to control grouping.

As soon as you type an equals sign or press Enter, Cortana displays the result at the top of the search results list.

Want to do more calculations using the result of that formula? Press Enter to open the full calculator shown here.

Note that the calculator vanishes as soon as you click away, and you can't copy the formula or its results.

Windows 10 tip: How to access Cortana's secret calculator | ZDNet

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Start menu and cortana don't work please help. when I click the start menu I get a critical error.
Critical Error Your Start menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign on.
Hogwash!!! I tried everything possible - eventually trying to reboot my computer to an earlier state - well I have now reached my earliest state and it tells me that I have no OS left - so I tried to reboot from my boot disc - also not working takes me to advanced options Startup Repair; System Restore; Sys Image Recall; Win Memory diagnostic or Command Prompt... When I try to run System restore I get the results that some of my signatures are not loaded. I tried a boot disc not working ... tried another boot disc still not working ... I am at the end of my thether

My PC is an Intel 2core Duo Samsung E7500 2.26ghz if that means anything to anyone -
Had Windows 10 - previously Windows 7 and as of now no OS so how do I reload? I have a boot disc ...

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start menu cortana not working on windows 10

A:start menu cortana not working windows 10

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Before I updated to the latest version of windows Cortana was working. After i updated it I noticed that Cortana was missing. WHen I checked the settings, I saw this.
I saw "Online Search is not available for this version of Windows" and I do not know how this happened

A:Cannot turn on Cortana on Windows Insider Build 14366

Originally Posted by mrgolfr

Before I updated to the latest version of windows Cortana was working. After i updated it I noticed that Cortana was missing. WHen I checked the settings, I saw this.
I saw "Online Search is not available for this version of Windows" and I do not know how this happened

I have the same on nokia 930, with this build and the last, no training in the settings or the ability to switch Cortana on or off

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Hi there. This is my first post, apologies if I have skipped forum rules or if this is in the wrong section but facing a slight emergency here.

Started facing this problem since today morning. Start Menu doesnt work upon clicking. Task Manager works when system first boots but then goes into "Not Responding" mode, doesn't work either. Cortana/Search doesnt work. Currently cant click icons on desktop either. Right click doesn't seem to be working either

Third party apps like games seem to be working fine oddly enough.

Tried a system restore, system restore failed. Tried reinstalling windows apps via powershell, command ran for a really long time, before I got the "Server Execution failed" message. Have tried creating a new user, new user creation via "Manage User Accounts" tends to hang again. Have tried running below from cmd, returned with no errors.
=> sfc / scannow

Have run a malware check, returned negative.
Have run the windows troubleshooter, got a message "Fix or work around emerging issue 67758"

Getting this message right now:: ms-settings personalization-background => This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

I haven't performed a clean install of Windows yet on my system, as I am trying to determine if there's any way to fix this problem without formatting my ... Read more

A:Windows 10 Start, Cortana, Task Manager not working

Hi, welcome to tenforums.

Assuming you are using build 10586, the powershell command previously used for fixing universal apps is broken- it actually breaks the apps. One person has suggested a method of taking ownership of the relevant folder and copying back the necessary files.

However your problems seem more widespread, so I would suggest this:
Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums
This will let you keep almost everything, programs and settings. It will create Windows.old, and takes as long as installing Windows- effectively it's almost the same procedure.

- your associations will be reset to MS default
- you will probably lose any non-standard fonts
- you will lose any system icon customisation
- system restore will be disabled- you will need to turn it back on again.

** Since we don't know what caused the problem, I would recommend you first
- run
chkdsk /F C:
from an admin command prompt (Windows key + X, click Command Prompt (admin).
- create a disk image of what you have now.
This is a big repair procedure, so you want to be sure you don't lose any data.

Everyone should routinely use disk imaging -
Start using disk imaging. Regularly. Before any major change, and after a big change or a series of smaller changes. System Restore isn't enough.. it can help sometimes, but only if you turn it on (it's off by default.. absurd).

Get a copy of Macrium Reflect or Aomei Backupper (both have free options). The first is more ... Read more

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Can anyone please advise me?

I enabled cortana on my fathers windows 10 install, which required the creation of a Microsoft user account.

I created a new Microsoft user account linked to my fathers email address for this^ purpose, and recorded the password in a document stored on the windows 10 machine.

Windows 10 then automatically changed the windows login from the user local account, to the Microsoft user account! Which I did not anticipate.

Now we are locked out of the computer.

His email address password is also locked behind the windows login! So we cannot access the email address the Microsoft user account is linked to for password recovery!

How could this happen? All we wanted to do was talk to cortana!

A:Help! Cortana Microsoft account changed windows login!

Did you by any chance set up a recovery email address when you created the Microsoft account , or link it to a phone number?

I'm assuming you've been to Reset your password already?

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Hi All,
Been pulling my hair out for months working with this OS and MDT. I'm creating a master image (Golden) on a virtual machine and when the software for our organization is installed, and a test user logs into the Virtual machine for the first time, Cortana and search are disabled. Logs also show errors with initializing "Search". Here are my image build steps:
-Install OS, log into machine with default Administrator account
-Create a local administrator account. Log off of "built-In" admin account.
-Log in with "new" local administrator account.
-Install updates. Rename and join computer to domain
-Log into VM with a default domain account (Used to customize apps for domain users). Install and configure apps.
-Log off domain account. Log in with "new" local admin account
-Copy domain user account profile to the "Default" profile. Use regedit to load "Default" hive. Remove references of domain account"
-Remove domain account SID and user folder.
-Remove VM from domain
-Sysprep, and Shutdown.
When I use a domain joined account to log into the VM, Cortana and Search is disabled. When I log into the machine as the newly created "Admin" account. Search and Cortana work as expected. For some reason it seems to be permissions related to the "Apps" folder, but Im not sure. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Windows 10 Will No Longer Let You Disable Cortana Starting August 2

The debut of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is just around the corner, and it turns out that Microsoft is making one unexpected change that will certainly lead to more criticism in the community.

Starting with the Anniversary Update, users are no longer allowed to completely disable Cortana, but only to hide it from the taskbar (shutting down Cortana will be possible with additional tweaks that involve turning off some services, but for the average Joe, that?s clearly not an option).

In the current version of Windows 10 (for retail users), Cortana can be turned off from Settings, and its taskbar icon is replaced with a search icon that lets you perform searches with Bing. The Anniversary Update changes this behavior, BI notes, and Cortana will continue to search for information locally even if you disable it.

The Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows 10, as well as the corresponding Education SKUs, will come with options to disable Cortana, but for Home users, that will be impossible.

One possible workaround for Cortana is to sign out of the personal assistant, so it won?t use an account when you perform searches. Microsoft can collect anonymous data, but at least it won?t be tied to your account - the company has previously assured that no account data is collected anyway, so users are supposed to be safe at all times.

?Users will love Cortana?
In statements released regarding ... Read more

A:Windows 10 Will No Longer Let You Disable Cortana Starting August 2

That is very bad news.

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Hi everybody,

I am having problems with Cortana opening up on a domain connected PC, I haven't yet tested this problem out on to multiple domain accounts but I have tested it on a local account on the computer and it works fine. With the local account on the computer, everything works fine. So, when I open Cortana on the taskbar whilst logging into a domain account - the Cortana bar disappears and reappears after a second.

Not just Cortana I just tested on a domain account, I have tested out the Store app - sometime this crashes and closes just after a minute.

So, what I might be thinking is that the operating system is not supported on to the domain controller (which I am running Windows Server 2012 R2) and not allowing as many features to be used via the policy. In the Server 2012 R2 policy only applies for computers that use Windows 2000 to Windows 8.1 Pro.

Thank your for reading!

Best Regards,

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So I just brought a used razer blade stealth last night. Before I brought it I tested everything and there were no issues. I factory reset the laptop and now I?m unable to left click on the windows start button or the Cortana search bar. When I try to click on it the arrow had the blue loading circle for a few seconds then nothing happens. I?ve tried I feel like everything to try and get it to work. I?ve tried reset the computer multiple Times, I went the CMD and tried sfc scan and nothing came back wrong, I?ve went through powershell and still nothing. Please helps

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Hi, whenever i click on the "ask me anything" or the microphone or even type into the startmenu, the search does not work at all. no error code, just does nothing. I have been on contact support 3 times. they couldnt fix it and they are unable to escalate it to tier 2 because i would have to pay or because i am on an insider build. Things I have tried:

1. A really long powershell command that i dont remember the exact one
2. Restart
3. Rolling back
4. Making a new user
5. Using commands through command prompt
6. a clean upgrade
7. Disable and uninstall anti virus

If somebody can fix the problem they would be a legend to me!

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First let me start with laptop specs: Acer Inspire V V3-372T-5051Intel Core i5-6200U 2.3GHzIntel HD Graphics 5206GB DDR3 L Memory256 GB SSDRunning fully up-to-date version of windows 10 with no additional software It seems that whenever Cortana is enabled I cannot use the microphone or speakers because the windows audio srevice turns itself off. As well as some wireless networking and start menu/task bar issues whcih I will explain in detail here. I have experimented with cortana being off and restarting the laptop and it works flawlessly. If i enable cortana I will immediately get a red x next to the speaker logo in the taskbar and i get the error message, "The Audio Service is not Running". I go ahead and open up services.msc, and can see that the audio service is set to automatic but is not running. I restart the audio service yet I still cannot access cortana. After a few minutes the red x will appear again signifying that the audio service has stopped again. Once this happens I no longer have access to the start menu or the taskbar (none of the icons can be clicked on or selected). At this point my wireless icon in the taskbar will goa way and the symbol for a hardwired connection will come back on. Even putting the laptop into airplane mode and back off again my wireless adapter will not become active. To gain access again to the start menu, I have to use the windows key on the keyboard to "unfreeze" the start menu/taskbar. At this point I can access... Read more

A:Cortana disables Windows Audio Service, Wireless A...

See if this fixes ithttp://windowsreport.com/no-sound-cortana-windows-10/

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How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

If you are like me and have no use for Cortana, you going to want to disable it completely. There are two ways to disable Cortana.

1. Registry Tweak and 2. Group Policy Editor. If you have Windows 10 Home, you are going to need to use the registry tweak, if you are using Windows 10 or above, you can use group policy (gpedit.msc). Now you may be saying to yourself is there not a toggle switch to turn this feature on or off? There used to be this feature, but Microsoft have removed it. I guess they really want you to use Cortana.

Disable Cortana via the Registry

1. Open registry editor by typing regedit in run box
2. Now navigate to this location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search.
3.Don?t see a Windows Search folder? just right click Windows folder and select New / Key. Now name it Windows Search.
4. Now select Windows Search folder and Right click it and select New / DWORD (32-bit) Value.
Name that value AllowCortana. set the value to 0.
5. Log off and log back on and Cortana will be disabled.

Disable Cortana via Group Policy

1. Open group policy editor by pressing Windows key + R and type gpedit.msc and pressing Enter.

2. Navigate to this location in group policy editor. Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components /Search.

On the right pane find Allow Cortana setting double click it and set it to disable. You can disable the other Cortana feature b... Read more

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Microsoft has made its latest pre-release build of Windows 10 available for installation to members of its Windows Insider program. The build includes much of what Microsoft showcased earlier this week including the new Start Menu with the ability to...

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A:Windows 10 build with Cortana is now available to Windows Insiders

I was mulling over installing W10 preview and dual booting it with Fedora earlier today. I decided better of it. Welp, guess it's time download it again because I'll take this update as a sign from the reformat gods.

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Computer froze then this message keeps telling me to log out. It will try to fix it for next sign on but it is an endless loop. Please help me.

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