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advice needed for installing back up files after installing a new hard drive

Q: advice needed for installing back up files after installing a new hard drive

I've had a few problems with my hard drive & it is being exchanged by the manufactuer. I have backed the hard drive using the back up facility in sytsem tools windows 2000. I have backed it up to another PC I have on a peer to peer network.
My question is this. After formating the new hard drive will I have to install the O/S or just restore the backed up file. I should mention that I did a "back up everything on my computer" back up & I'm unsure if that would back up the O/S as well.
Anyway do i just restore or load the O/S then restore.
Many thanks in anticipation.

Preferred Solution: advice needed for installing back up files after installing a new hard drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: advice needed for installing back up files after installing a new hard drive

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I have just installed a second hard drive (spare) to a re-build computer
I now have an 80 Gig drive with windows on it and an empty 40 gig drive

I thought i would put all new programmes and documents onto the slave (40 gig drive)
(( i suppose i would ideally have the operating system on the smaller drive but didn't think about that till after i'd done it))
When loading new programmes they seem to go to the C drive by default
If i attemt to load a proramme onto F drive it doesnt load into a discrete folder but the files all seem to be dumped all over the place
Any advice how to best use or change my set up and also how to load programmes into discrete files in one place

Mark UK

A:Installing to a second hard drive advice?

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I have installed a new Western Digital 160gb hard drive in my Hp Pavilion model a310n. This computer came with a 80gb hard drive. I have only used about 25% of this drive but I want to be able to back-up this drive and all programs to a second drive. I have also purchased "Norton" Ghost 9.0, but I have not installed it yet.
After installing the new 160gb hard drive and restarting the computer system I could not tell if the OS had detected the new drive or not. I could not see the drive when I looked at the system hardware devices. The new drive came with an installation CD, but I was thinking that the XP Operation System would automatically detect it and let me partition and name it. I am also concerned that the drive letters might get shifted or renamed and cause a problem. I have checked the new drive and it seems to be spining when I start the system up.
Question #1 Should XP see this new drive automatically ?
Question #2 Should I use the CD that came with the new hard drive ?

A:Installing 2nd Hard Drive for data back-up

you need to format the drive before you can use it
Go to diskmanagement, start>run> type diskmgmt.msc and hit enter, you should be able to see it and format the disc it with ntfs

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My HDD died on me about a couple of months ago and I finally got a new one for my Acer TravelMate 2480 laptop. I was lucky enough that I had a set of backup discs that I made a while back...

But when I originally bought the laptop, its OS was Vista Basic so I upgraded it to Vista Premium. When I restored the laptop using my backup discs, it only came back as Vista Basic. It's a new HDD so I had to use my Vista CD to initially install an OS, but it is only a Vista Basic. How can I get my Premium License back?

A:How do I get Vista Premium back after installing a new hard drive?

How did you get the license in the first place for Premium?

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Hi, this is my first post so bare with me...

Im currently running Windows XP Media Centre. Ive got two internal hard drives. I want to instal Vista Business Edition and wanted to know if it would be possible to.....

Backup all my files to my 2nd hard drive.
Install Vista to my 1st hard drive.
Retrieve the backed up files once vista is installed.

Any advice that anyone could offer would me great.

A:Using 2nd internal hard drive for back up when installing Vista Business

I did just that.

I had XP pro with a new 2nd hard drive. I installed vista onto the new hard drive, installed all the programs I wanted and when finished formatted the initial hard drive to use as a backup drive.

This process can be a minefield so I found out. However if you go to here you will find all the assistance you need.

Hope this helps.

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one of my computers motherboard went bad and I can't afford to replace it for a couple weeks, but I need the files off that hard drive. So I installed the hard drive into my other computer. I took out the one that was in it and made this hard drive the slave but when it boots it don't give me the option of going under my old user name and if I install as secondary and look under old act it will pull up but no files are in the act. What do I do?

A:Installing Old Hard drive to new pc cant c old files.

You mentioin ACT - do you mean the PCM software sold by Symantec? If so you will have to import the data using the copy installed on the second machine.

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Hi guys,

Sorry about the title, i was unsure how to sum up this post in such few words.

Basically at the moment i am using Windows 7 Home and will be upgrading to Windows 8.1 in about a weeks time. I currently have Windows 7 installed on a 60Gb SSD and i have a secondary 500Gb Seagate Barracuda for other files. What i am wondering is if i clean install Windows 8 onto the SSD only will i still be able to use the 2nd drive in Windows 8? Basically this drive has a fair amount of music / videos etc and i would like to make to make sure i can use these. I would like to do a clean install and not an upgrade btw.

Thanks for your time

A:Files on secondary hard drive when installing Win 8.

1) Backup the SSD first.

2) Before cleaning Windows 8/8.1 remove secondary 500Gb Seagate Barracuda drive.

3) Clean install Windows 8/8.1.

4) When Windows 8./8.1 is working OK, refit the secondary 500Gb Seagate Barracuda drive.

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Apologies if this topic has already been covered,

My wife has a HP Sleekbook 15-b050sa which came with Win 8 pre-loaded, problem is my young son knocked it off the table causing the hard drive to completely crash, doesn't spin up properly, when it does spin it makes a scraping sound and then a click/knock.

I have a new HDD and I also have a Win 8 ISO which I got through my Dreamspark account.
I have plenty of experience with building and rebuilding Win 7 systems but this is the first time I've had to look at a Win 8 install.
I have created a UEFI USB with Rufus and the Win 8 ISO, ensuring GPT and bootable are selected but I can't seem to boot into install, I have tried accessing the menu to select boot device, I can get into the bios

UEFI Boot order is

OS boot manager
USB diskette on key/USB Hard Disk
! Network Adapter

Legacy Boot order is

USB diskette on key/USB Hard Disk
Notebook Hard drive
USB CD/DVD drive
! Network adapter
Can anyone offer any advice?, I can't afford to send it to HP as it out of warranty.

Any advice would be brilliant.

Thanks in advance

A:Advice needed Re: installing Win 8 to a new HDD


UEFI BIOS will only list the devices which are eligible for boot in UEFI mode. The USB drive can be in either GPT or MBR partitioned but it should be in FAT32 format. Also the "Windows 8" you are trying to install should be x64 version - 32 bit won't work with UEFI. Are you sure it is x64 edition ?.

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am having a problem installing windows xp pro

Just finished setting up my computer and tried First install xp pro, everything was going great until I got to
"Windows installation" part. as it starts off with 39 more min to complete I recieve and error message:

Fatal error one of the components that windows needs to continue set up could not be installed. Data error (cyclic redundancy check)
if installing from CD might be problem etc.....

Error Installation failed: D:\I386\asms.

I shutdown check bios, everything ok, reboot np get to xp pro installation again and it runs for a few minutes then I recieved another error...

Same as before except added this ...

error SXSLL:syntax error in manifest or policy file "D:\I386\asms\1000\MSFT\WINDOWS\GDIPLUS.MAN"

Everything I doubled checked, connections and such all seemed right and ok, cables check...
boot from hd/boot from cd ok, error in windows installation.

I wiped and cleaned CD again, I checked surface before and after, brand new scratch free, I opened the sealed pack myself, not a pirated copy, all legit.

any advice pointers or something I missed appreciated

Im thinking bad disc? *scratches head* I know it rarely happens so i'm trying all other possibilities,
thanks for any bones you can throw my way.
Edit: PS I did format my HD with xp pro with in the install, and even tried to reformat it one more time just in case (slower option)
Edit : Thank you for posting links.. I have a new liteOn... Read more

A:Error installing XP pro, advice needed

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computer specs
AmeriComp, inc
ECS Elite group km400-m2 motherboard
AMD Anthon xp1800
phoenix award bios v6.00pg
Old hard drive western digital 120 gb
New hard drive Seagate ultra ATA 160 gb

My old western digital 120 gb hd crashed. I installed a new seagate ultra ata 160 gb, but when trying to install windows xp, all the files load, but it stalls at the starting windows screen of the install. I tried numerous times with two different good windows xp cds. Still the same. Does anyone know if this motherboard ECS Elite group km400-m2 supports 160gb hard drive. Are there jumpers to change??? Does the bois need to be updated??
Appreciate the help.

A:installing new hard drive on ECS motherboard, windows xp loads files will not start

you might need a bios update also read this:

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So, I've had this 2TB external hard drive for a while. I'd say about 3 years, maybe a little more at the most. It started when I was downloading some mods for one of my favorite games. I was making backups of the files just in case anything didn't work and I needed the original. So, after about 2 or 3 days of modding. I noticed my game would stop at the loading screen, music stopped too and the game did absolutely nothing but just sit there. Wasn't frozen, just waiting. I thought this was quite odd, but I didn't think much of it considering I was modding and changing files all the time (even if I did keep them straight and knew what I was doing).

So I re-installed the game without any mods, tried to load the game and play. Same thing and I thought it was related to the game itself until I noticed.. Windows 7 was checking the drive (and fixing, every time) errors on that hard drive every single boot when something on the drive had been changed. Windows must be detecting issues when writing files and thus, checking the drive. But it's weird, there's always just a few files missing. I've tried other games (installed them) and got the same result.

I haven't used this drive much. In fact, it used to be used for data storage. I know there aren't any issues with installing games to external hard drives. I've done it many times. The drive also runs off of a external SATA (eSATA).

Anyone have any ideas? The drive doesn't c... Read more

A:Solved: Hard Drive missing files after installing, copying, or moving anything.

Really? No one?

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Hey guys - new to the boards but hope you can help!

I currently am running a Gigabyte motherboard and a AMD PII X4 970 CPU. Based on gaming performance, I'm looking to make the switch to Intel (I guess that gamble of waiting for bull/piledriver to blow me away didn't pay off )

Anyways, I've got several questions:

1) Is it possible for me to do a repair install vs. doing a full re-install? The reason that I ask is that I have a boatload of programs, music, and files scattered across 2 HDD and 1 SDD that would be a real pain to reinstall. If it's not possible, so be it, as this upgrade is happening, but I would definitely like to avoid that!

2) If a complete reinstall is possible, how can I save some folders and files? My main drive is a 7200rpm HDD with OS on it. My storage drive has videos from gaming, my wife's back up information, and various other things. SSD is full of games. If I have to reinstall, can I just not connect the SSD and Storage drive and connect them later without losing my stuff?

3) My windows version is the OEM system builder pack. I've read all over the place that it's license is tied to the motherboard. I chatted with MS support, and they said that it should be no problem to reinstall with my new motherboard and CPU, but do any of you have any experience with this going well or not? I'm actually quite nervous about it even though I have hear straight from the horses mouth that it won't be a problem!

I'll probably have more questions after I... Read more

A:Installing New Mobo/CPU - Windows 7 Advice Needed

Quote: Originally Posted by STLYoungblood

Hey guys - new to the boards but hope you can help!

I currently am running a Gigabyte motherboard and a AMD PII X4 970 CPU. Based on gaming performance, I'm looking to make the switch to Intel (I guess that gamble of waiting for bull/piledriver to blow me away didn't pay off )

Anyways, I've got several questions:

1) Is it possible for me to do a repair install vs. doing a full re-install? The reason that I ask is that I have a boatload of programs, music, and files scattered across 2 HDD and 1 SDD that would be a real pain to reinstall. If it's not possible, so be it, as this upgrade is happening, but I would definitely like to avoid that!

2) If a complete reinstall is possible, how can I save some folders and files? My main drive is a 7200rpm HDD with OS on it. My storage drive has videos from gaming, my wife's back up information, and various other things. SSD is full of games. If I have to reinstall, can I just not connect the SSD and Storage drive and connect them later without losing my stuff?

3) My windows version is the OEM system builder pack. I've read all over the place that it's license is tied to the motherboard. I chatted with MS support, and they said that it should be no problem to reinstall with my new motherboard and CPU, but do any of you have any experience with this going well or not? I'm actually quite nervous about it even though I have hear straight from the horses... Read more

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Hi everyone, old techie but new poster here (very old, started on the trash-80, but I digress). Great site, lots of useful info I've already found. Here's my situation.

I recently bought a Samsung 840 Pro SSD, and before I install it, I want to make sure I've got everything done correctly so as to not have problems. My situation is not the common "clone drive, set ssd to boot, done". I'm very experienced in general, but this is my first SSD.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium x64, I currently have 3 internal hard drives, 2 of which are not germane to this discussion, so I'll ignore them from here on. My boot drive (technically drive 2 in Disk Manager) is a 1TB drive with a 75GB Windows partition C:, and an extended partition containing a 150GB Apps E: partition, and a 700 GB Data F: partition. All partitions are NTFS.

Note that there is no System Reserved partition. It was either not created by how I installed W7, or I deleted it to get the full space all those years ago. Can't really remember.

So, all my apps are on the E partition, I've been overriding the default install of every program for years. The only apps on C: are things that annoyingly forced themselves there. There are way too many apps and games to fit on the SSD and I don't need them all there anyway, so the plan is to slowly migrate needed apps to the SSD. The F partition has all my data, including My Documents etc, I moved them over years ago. So again, very little documents on C:

So, when the ... Read more

A:Installing SSD, advice needed on complicated partitioning.

Hi Mcannon & welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

To make it easier for everyone could you tell us what size your new Samsung 840 Pro SSD is & could you supply a screen shot of your Disc Management as well, showing all your installed discs & all the notation as well.

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I'm setting up a tower with these used parts I bought.
Athlon 1.6GHZ
DVD+R Memorex 16x Burner
HD1: Western Digital 15GB
HD2: Barracuda 7200.7
HD3: Maxtor (3.5 Series) 300GB

What would be the "best way" to connect and configure the 3 hard drives and burner? I am not sure how to go about this. I was thinking of using the 15GB drive as the boot drive, and setting it to master. Please excuse my little knowledge, but then again, that's why I'm here! =)


A:Installing 3 hard drives. Advice?

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I have just had to change computers. My old one suffered a Motherboard failue.

Both the old and replacement machines run Win XP SP3

The new computer has a CD Drive but no DVD Drive. The old computer had both.

Can I simply remove the drive from the old computer and insert it into the new machine? There is a spare space for a second drive.

If so do I just plug it in? Will I need to download drivers or software? If so what and where?



A:Advice re installing DVD Drive

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Hi guys,

I'm not really clued up on hardware issues like installing hard drives (at least, SATA ones) etc so I'm looking for some help please.

I have a spare hard drive bay in my PC and it's SATA connections on my motherboard. I have four SATA ports, two of them together (with one hard drive already connected) and two in a different area (with DVD drive already connected).

I bought a new SATA drive to add to the one I already have installed, but forgot to buy a SATA cable to connect it! (There is a spare power connector for the new drive.)

What I need help on is what type of cable to buy. I've had a look around but there are so many different ones and I'm lost as to which to go for. Is cable or connector colour important? Anything else I need to know before making a decision?

Thank in advance,

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This is a problem I was trying to resolve in another thread, but the situation is clearer and slightly different now and I need advice: is it possible for a hard drive to be faulty even after passing the HDTune scan and all the SeaTools (Seagate's software) tests?

The problem was crashes and BSOD's on a system I built last October, which ran perfectly until 2 weeks ago when I installed 2 new Seagate 7200.11 drives in RAID 0, connected the computer to the internet and updated drivers, etc. After many reinstallations of Vista (SP1), diagnostics, and mentally accusing different software and drivers, the situation is as follows:

I installed the OS on the 2 HD's seperately. On the 1st, I got 2 crashes inside a few hours of use, after installing programs and updates - no BSOD, just the screen went different colours and lines and then restart. On the 2nd HD, everything has been working perfectly all day, and installing all the programs I have has produced no crashes. I've meanwhile run HDtune and all the SeaTools tests on the 1st HD, which came up clear. Likewise on the 2nd HD, which has still one more long test to do.
A lot of the BSODS that came up previously were "page fault in non-paged area," which someone suggested implies the HD.

Anyone with experience of bad HD's please let me know!

A:Bad hard drive? Advice needed!

You may want to read this:

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I am going to purchase another hard drive and I need some suggestions.
The Western Digital 60 gig 7200 rpm 8 meg buffer is only ata/100.

The Maxtor 60 gig 7200 rpm 8 meg buffer is ata/133.

According to some web pages the WD ata/100 8 meg out performes the Maxtor ata/133 8 meg.

Does anyone have any idea wether this is correct ?
I would think that the ata/133 should perform better than the ata/100.


A:Hard drive advice needed

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Thank You for this forum. Just to let you know I refer to PCs for Dummies at times so Computers are new to me.
I just bought a new 200GB HD. I want to install it and make it the master drive, and use the old drive for backup.Will the utility that came with the HD called MaxBlast move all of my OS and settings over to the new drive, so that I will not have to reload all of my programs and reset my network. I have only had this new system for a short time and have done two restores, was told by CSR at store, that I would have to do this if I wanted to use the new drive as Master. I am learning fast but system restores slow my progress. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Installing new HD want to use old drive as back up?

However norton's ghost utility is pretty good for cloning a hard drive. that will physically copy your entire drive.

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I need to get rid of some of my computers/laptops and want to get a hard drive to use both as back up and also to consolidate all my old files to a single drive. I have an old Dell Desktop with a legacy USB (1.0?), Windows XP, and a Linux partition and was wondering what would be the best hard drive to get since they all seem to use 3.0 now.

Also, once I have the hard drive, what would be the best way to consolidate given the USB issue?

I also have a zip drive, and two unused laptops (I'm going to convert one to a linux machine.) My current laptop is an Acer Aspire V3-571G-6407, which will need the regular backup.

I'm not able to use sysinfo.

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My computer crashed the other day, and now it no longer boots up.

I was in the middle of a game when I heard the hard drive click and then the computer reset. After that whenever I try to boot up, the hard drive begins to click and the process stops there. The BIOS appears in order, the memory test is okay, and the boot up screen appears to recognise the boot partition of my hd

I've tried using a boot disk, but still run into the clicking, though it does works when I disconnect the hd.

My system is only 2 years old, and this is the first time I've had any major problems with it. I'm thinking its a physical failure of the hard drive, and if that's the case, is there any way to retrieve my data?

I'd greatly appreciate any insight or advice people provide.

A:Possible hard drive failure...advice needed!!

Depends on whether it's a freeze-up or not....but it doesn't sound like it. If it's critical data that you are willing to pay for, there are companies that charge an arm and a leg but most likely will get your data.
If you have another comp or a friend with one and it is stiction (plates freezing together) place the drive in a freezer for an hour. Remove it, connect it as a slave to another hard drive in a system and you might be able to "see" it from the system to retrieve your data. I've had this work twice for me.
Please be careful if you try this. Cold to heat (and vice--versa) causes condensation. You're working with electronics so keep the slave drive separate from the rest of it.

Good luck!

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I'd like to add a second 40gig Western Digital IDE drive to my PC (Windows XP SP3). I already have a 40gig HDD as the system drive and would like to slave the WD drive.
The WD HDD is from an old Pentium 2 and it has Windows XP installed so I need to format it but not sure if I can do this
from Windows.
I connected the second drive to the system drive and set the jumpers accordingly and started Windows. Once it had loaded
the WD HDD was recognized but then the PC just shut down.
Would I need to format the slave drive from the BIOS before it can be used?
Any help appreciated.

A:Installing slave drive help needed

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I own an Inteva PC-S846 which is from 1999 and is a Pentium 3 450 MHZ. that works great. It has a 13 gig HD and I was thinking about adding an additional 20 or 40 gig Hard Drive.
Problem is, I don't have a clue what type to buy and if the machine can be upgraded.
I think Inteva is out of business so I'm looking for HARDWARE advice.


A:Hard Drive advice needed- Inteva PC-S846

Any PC is upgradable (Well Compaq can be a pain in the jacksie)... You can put any drive in there... as long as you have up-2-date BIOS Drivers so the motherbaord can support larger disks.

You may need to partition the drive too if you are using W9x or WME... If you are using WNT, W2K or WXP then you won't need to partition the drive and have the whole 20/40Gb partition.

The type to buy: A normal PC will need a IDE hard drive. (May also be known as ATAPI)... Make sure that you are asking for a 3.5" type disks... It means its for a PC... 2.5" is for laptops (notebooks)... I worked in a computer reseller b4 and people kept getting their orders wrong!!

Fujitsu, Hitachi and Seagate are the main manufacturers to go for. They have the better reliability rate. Western Digitial is definatley NOT the one to go for... trust me!

Really all you need to ask for is a xxGb internal hard drive for your PC and they will help you out.

I hope that made some sense

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Greetings from Malaysia. Currently I have W7 32 bit installed on my computer (yeah 32 bit accidentally installed a few years back and didn't really bother to change then) and I decided to upgrade to W8 64 bit. I know in order to upgrade to 64 bit OS I need to do a fresh install. First, let me show my current hard drives

I have 2 hard drives on my computer, 80gb HDD and 500gb HDD. I made 3 partitions from the 80gb hard drive which are system reserved(B), Local Disk(C) which contains my applications and softwares and Local Disk(D) which contains my small junk softwares while my 500gb HDD stays only on one partition which is stuff(H) and contains my games only. I installed my W7 in Local Disk(C). If I want to install my W8 in my Local Disk(C), it means that I have to reformat my 80gb hard drive and it will erase Local Disk(C) and Local Disk(D) am I right? However during installation, I don't want my Stuff(H) to get deleted. So what should I do with my 500GB hard drive? Should I unplugged it during my w8 installation and plug it back when the new windows is installed? Or should I just leave it plugged during the installation? I do not want all my games to be deleted cause it will take such a long time to install all of them back. So which method should I use in order to keep all my games on my 500GB hard drive? If I unplug during installation and plug it back on new windows, will the windows ask me to format my 500GB hard drive in order to use it? If anyone knows any other... Read more

A:Going for a new Windows 8 installation, advice needed on hard drive

You should always unplug all other HD's during Clean Install Windows 7.
Be sure to delete all partitions on the target HD using Drive Options shown in Steps 6 and 7, create and format new ones as you wish.

If your games are installed they most likely need reinstall to to the new OS once you install it. Some games will run from their .exe file but games intended to be installed programs should be installed, even if you direct the Program files to the second HD.

Since the modern method is to rely for reinstalls on a backup image saved externally it's best with a large enough HD to install programs to C so that they are part of the image. Data is more easily linked from a second drive as shown in User Folders - Change Default Location or Library - Include a Folder - Windows 7 Forums. This way if you must reimage the HD or its replacement your data is waiting and current in its own partition.

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Inevitably every time I go to load SNMP on a machine it askes to insert the Windows XP (or 2000) CD into the drive. I want to rip out only the needed files for the install to go through. Can anyone tell me the required files that machine with already functioning TCP/IP installed needs to get SNMP loaded and working?

I have to try to fit a ton of other things into 1 CD so I am needing to streamline and can't dump 3 different OSes onto one disk. Basically I need to rip out as much stuff from each install and make it so the install will still do whats needed.

Thanks in advanced.

A:List of files needed for installing SNMP on a machine that already has TCP/IP loaded.

StumpedTechy said:

Inevitably every time I go to load SNMP on a machine it askes to insert the Windows XP (or 2000) CD into the drive. I want to rip out only the needed files for the install to go through. Can anyone tell me the required files that machine with already functioning TCP/IP installed needs to get SNMP loaded and working?

I have to try to fit a ton of other things into 1 CD so I am needing to streamline and can't dump 3 different OSes onto one disk. Basically I need to rip out as much stuff from each install and make it so the install will still do whats needed.

Thanks in advanced.Click to expand...

Hi StumpedTechy,

You might try the SPCheck Tool on a machine with SNMP already loaded to get the info you are after:

How to Use the SPCheck Tool in Windows XP

You can use SPCheck to determine the service pack level of various installed components on Windows XP-based computers. SPCheck generates a report that lists the origin of each file for each installed component. SPCheck reports the current service pack level for the following components:
• Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
• NWLink (IPX/SPX)
&#8226; Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) <======
&#8226; Client for Microsoft Networks

To install SPCheck, you must install Windows XP Support Tools.

-- Tom

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Can someone help me to install windows 7 from a USB Drive. I have a Windows 7 DVD but my netbook do not have a Drive to put in. I expect a step by step guide.
Thanks in advance.

A:Help needed in installing Windows 7 from a USB/Thumb Drive

There are several ways to create a bootable USB Win 7 install disk. You can do it using diskpart utility but the sake of simplicity i recommends either WiNToBootic or WinToFlash. Download address are given below.
Both of them are easy to use and no need to explain in step by step. You just plug a USB drive (4GB or higher) , select source DVD and click Go.
WintoBootic faq and user guide - http://www.wintobootic.com/faq.html
Self explanatory video of WinToFlash

Both tool needs to copy the entire DVD to USB so it may take some time to finish. 

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I know, oh no!!!! Not another one of these.

I have spent a good portion of the last 5 days researching hundreds of sites, reading thousands of threads, and barfing millions of time at what I was reading. Bottom line is that for some reason, MS thinks that I am too stupid to manage my own drive so they are preventing me from seeing things on it. Yes, I know about the shortcuts, joints, pointers, etc, etc, etc...ad nauseum.

I have a simple problem that I seem not to be able to solve.

There are certain folders that reside on the C drive that houses the OS that are not visible NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, no matter how you change ownerships, no matter how you allow or deny, or no matter how you just about do anything, including using the "Take Ownership" process.

Here is a classic example. I use both Firefox and Thunderbird. There are certain files that reside on the drive that the only way to access them is using the %APPDATA% command which opens the roaming window which allows you to access data that used to be stored in the common files, specifically the Application Data in Win XP. Yes, I know that this is not XP, its a whole new OS and things are different.

So using the Start, Search, in the start menu and typing %APPDATA%, I get access to the Roaming window (BTW, it is now a shortcut on my desktop), I can gain access to some of these file (certainly not all of them) to check them out. Within these Firefox and Thunderbird folders that are only visible this way, there... Read more

A:Help needed with back up of certain files not visible on C drive....

Resolved mostly. I got access to a majority of the files but there are some that are still missing, especially on the OS hidden drive.

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Hello everyone.  This is my first post with a question.  I searched the forums and didn't see anything quite like it.
I have a Velocity Micro computer with a RAID hard drive (in case this matters) on which Windows 7 Professional is the OS.  I've forgotten the RAID number designation, but it's the one in which there is no data redundancy.  Both of the two physical disks (1 TB each) must be in place to form one usable drive, which has a 2 TB capacity. At least that's my understanding.  Again, this may not matter to my question, but I wanted to mention it because I'm concerned it could.
The computer also has 12 GB of RAM and a 6-core Intel processor, for what that information is worth.
A year or so ago (after using the computer for at least a year), software that had worked fine slowly began to fail, one by one.  I'm not sure of the order, but they include...
-Windows Update wouldn't download anything or even notify me of updates anymore
-WinTV stopped working; I could no longer record TV shows
-the Windows program that monitors whether I have security software running or need backups or updates vanished from my tray
-BOINC 6.10 kept giving me a message about zero status but no finished file, or something like that
-BOINC 7.0 wouldn't install
-Weather Watcher could no longer be double-clicked to open
-couldn't boot in one operation; I had to get to a point in the process (I've forgotten the details) and then shutdown and ... Read more

A:installing Windows 7 on a new hard drive; old hard drive is RAID

All your symptoms point towards malware in your old Wodniws OS.
There is no reason that you could not use your RAID array as your storage and boot off another drive, seems perfectly logical as there is no need for RAID with a Win OS as Winsxs.sys already exists within. Yes you change the boot order in the BIOS, set the cd drive first, then point the installation at the new disk which will default to C:\ No need to remove the RAID array, which will appear as additional storage. You may need to install drivers to get this to function correctly.
You could of course back up your data to another drive and re-install you rOS on your original disks...
Up to you.

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Hi. I'm always a little nervous about jumping into a forum--hope everyone here's patient with dumb newbies, 'cause I are one.

Anyhow, here's the problem: Toshiba laptop got infected with Vundo virus, tried many anti-virus & vundo specific tools, & the virus would always reappear (it seemed to actually keep some like spybot search & destroy from running at all). Got disgusted, tried to reinstall OS from recovery discs, install would never complete. Reformatted and repartitioned, then got error message saying hard disc was about to fail whenever I booted. Ran some disc recovery utilities, no go.

So I bought a new hard disc, installed it just now, and tried to boot from recovery disc to as to install XP on it. The computer starts, I get the COMPAQ screen where it tells me to press ESC to change boot order. I tell it to boot from the CD drive, it goes through the bios check and the CD drive runs, then everything just stops & I have a blank screen. When I put the old HD back in, I can boot from the recovery disc just fine, though it still says the hard drive is about to fail and I can't get to windows, but I can get to setup just fine. Is there something about the new HD that could keep the machine from booting from the recovery disc? Or am I just missing some obvious step I should have taken (I really have googled the heck out of this, so I don't think so).



A:Problem installing XP on new hard laptop hard drive

and welcome to the Forum

The recovery partition is on the original drive, which means you have to install XP the old fashioned way:


This assumes you have an XP Installation cd . . if not, you can request a replacement from Toshiba or borrow an OEM version from someone.

Was this a typo?

I get the COMPAQ screen where it tells me to press ESC to change boot order

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After installing a brand new empty hard drive, per Dell diagnostics advice, I loaded my recovery discs, then restarted lap top per disc instructions. Screen doesn't go beyond Dell logo @ approx 75%.. ive read about reinstalling devices drivers and applications, yet am not understanding this. If I have a backup of my lap top on an external hard drive, would that contain the necessary drivers? I am tech challenged. Any detailed advice/instructions is appreciated.

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Ok, I work for a computer salvaging company. One thing I do is test motherboards, usually by just hooking it up, sometimes putting a video card in, and turning it on. I want to test to see if our volume windows will install on these boards, but doing it from a CD is too slow.

I already tried using the recovery console and using fixmbr/fixboot on this ntfs formatted drive and then copying the install files to it, but even though the windows xp install cd loads the normal NT kernel, it appearently uses a different boot sector on the CD to load it

so, anybody have any idea how I can do this? I tried mkbt, which no luck (it mostly support floppies, though I got it to work with my thumb drive once).

A:Installing XP from a hard drive...

Windows XP: Installing from Harddrive

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I am just finishing my Pc build and will want to install Windows XP pro. can anyone please tell me how to initially install the software. Is it a case of turning on, letting it settle and then insert the disc? ( sounds too easy) Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Installing OS on new hard drive

You should be able to insert the disk and then enter the bios upon booting and set the boot sequence to boot from cd drive first. It should boot from disk and start install process.

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I had to wipe a hard drive for a friend of mine due to numerous issues. I have an XP cd but I want to know if it's ok to install XP on the hard drive through my laptop. The hard drives are the same, but on the computer that is having the issue, the cd/dvd drive is broken so I figured i could put that hard drive into my laptop, load xp and then put it in her laptop. WOuld this cause any issues?

A:Installing XP on hard drive

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 that has two physical positions for hard drives.
However, I really want to add a third (ATA) hard drive (to use for backups).
If I only had one CD/DVD device (where there are two positions), couldn't
I use that position for a hard drive? I realize I might have to do something
strange to mount it, but is it the same IDE connector type? Wouldn't this work?

Maybe I should also be careful about exceeding the power supply, if HD's take a lot
more than CD/DVD's?

Please pardon my ignorance.

(The reason I'm not looking at using an external USB drive is because I would think
it would be WAY slower than IDE!)

One other related possibility ...
if my motherboard also has used SATA connectors could I just buy a new SATA
drive? (my other two are ATA)

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.


A:Installing a third hard drive

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The hard drive on my HP Pavillion 7935 has failed. I'm about to buy a 80 GB Western Digital hard drive with one of the system requirements being:
System Requirements : IDE-ATA interface (40-pin connector); 3.5-inch or 5.25-inch internal drive bay; Ultra ATA-capable system. My first question is does my Computer meet these system requirements,especially the Ultra ATA one?
Also, my OS is XP and I did not receive any Cds when I bought the computer. I have contacted HP will be getting from HP so-called System Recovery CD(s) that they indicate will be necessary to install the new drive. Any further advice to install the hard drive would be appreciated.

A:Installing New Hard Drive

Yes, the hard drive will work fine. It should be a matter of connecting the power and data cables and mounting it in the case. Then you will need to run the Recovery CD's to restore Windows onto it.

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Okay, so before I go into too much detail, I think I should point out that I know nothing about computers...or at least very very little. So to anyone responding to this post, please keep your answer as dumbed down as possible. Thanks! So I recently purchased a brand new hard drive, since my old one was making a very loud growling sound which apparently isn't a good sign. I bought it thinking that I could simply swap it out with the old one, but after some research, I found out that isn't the case. The current desktop I have is refurbished and came with Windows 10 already installed on it, but I don't believe it came with the operating system in disk form, which someone told me I need in order for my new hard drive to be useable. I have already swapped out the old HDD with the new one and tried booting up the computer, but it just shows an error message saying "replace/insert a hard drive" or something like that which is expected since the new HDD is blank. I have also tried pressing F1/F10 while starting up the computer which brings me to a screen that might as well be in a foreign language.  So I guess my question is, what exactly do I need to do (and in what order) to begin using my computer with the new hard drive and the correct operating system (Windows 10)? Any information whatsoever would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I have a new hard drive on it's way. It is a SSD so naturally I want my Win 7 Installation on it. I have purchased 6 total licences for Windows 7. Currently using 3 , I donot know if I have a remaining unused licence. I don't want to have to buy it again. What is the easiest way for me to do this installation. (I am using an upgrade disk otherwise , this probably wouldn't even be an issue.) I really would like to start fresh also.

A:installing new SSD hard drive.

The best way is to do a clean install. Clean install with an upgrade disk. you may want to follow this tutorial on prepare HDD/SSD for reinstall. You will not need to run the 'clean all' command as you have a new SSD. also go to the part about alignment. Recommend disconnect all other hard drives except the SSD, and install the SSD to port 0. Boot from the installation DVD. at the first window, do not select your language, hold down shift and press F10 and a command window will appear. This is how I do mine. I did this for an example. You will have only 1 hard drive so will probably select disk 0.

Then you will type 'exit' and press enter, twice and will be back at the language window. Proceed as usual but do not format the drive as you already have done that.

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Alright, so after a few days of hardware checking I've determined that the cause of my computer being as messed up as it is is the hard drive.

Seagate's own SeaTools says it failed the drive tests, and I'm gonna have to call them later and get an RMA on it.

Well, how would I go about installing Windows 7 on my replacement hard drive? I've installed and activated it a few times on this same drive, but I think that's because the activation system detects the exact same hardware, therefore it lets me keep activating it.

If I put in a different hard drive, though, won't it see it as a different computer and deny me the chance to activate it? (Same goes with my OEM Student version of Office 2007)

So what would you guys suggest? Can I de-activate it from one computer then activate it on another? or what?

A:Installing On Another Hard Drive?

You shouldn't have any problems swapping the drive. If it doesn't activate over the internet, just call Microsoft.

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my neighbor has offerred to install a second hard drive on my system -- 60 gb. here is my question --

will this make my pc run faster [33.6] modem, or will it simply give me more memory? i'm too embarrassed to ask ...

thank you,


A:installing a second hard drive ...

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I need to istall a hard drive on my PC. I know where to put it and where to put all the wires but i am wondering if i need to do anything else or can i just connect it and then use it. It will be a slave.


A:Installing Hard Drive

As long as jumpers are set properly, all you would need to do is partition and format it.

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I am building a new computer and I am installing a new hard drive which I bough as an OEM drive. I have no disk or drivers and I would like to set it up where I can load Windows XP on it.

Step-by-Step, How do I do this? Thanks.

A:Installing New Hard Drive

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Hello, What is the best way to install a new hard drive on a emachine. All I have is the recovery cd that came with the computer. Thanks -- Jerry It is running windows XP.

A:Installing new hard drive

JL: Is this new HDD to be installed in addition to the one already installed, or are you replacing the old one with a new HDD?
Physically installing a new drive is a simple matter of setting the jumpers correctly, inserting the drive into a bay, connecting the IDE and power cables.

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GRRRRRRR. I am so mad, my brother was going to check out this hard drive he had and used my daughters computer, (he said he knew what he was doing) so I let him now her computer does nothing when turned on except comes up Compaq and then the monitor goes off. sometimes a screen will come up that says F1 to Boot or F10 for setup. Can someone please help me get this to running again? The origanal hrd drive is a Quantum Pioneer SG if this helps.

A:Help with installing hard drive

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i popped in my new maxtor 300 gig serial ata 300 now it had been found in the hardware panel but its not showing up in my computer any ideas?i try running the software cd wont go through im also on vista.

A:help installing new hard drive.

I have the same problem

I have the same problem. I just put in my new Samsung 250gb IDE into my computer. It wont show up under my computer, but it says it is detected in the bios, and in the system information.

It's just something i've done wrong. But in bios my harddrives shows like this:

IDE Primary Master: [NONE]
IDE Primary Slave: Maxtor (this is the one with windows on)
IDE Secondary Master: Samsung
IDE Secondary Slave:[NONE]

What is wrong? >_>

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first i would like to say im not the best speller or know much about computers. i will try my best. please help.

ok to start off i have a dell inspiron 1525 that came with windows vista. i have no more warrenty.

well i had a problem with the hard drive so i got a new one. now i try to run the vista disk that came with this laptop and get to the install now button. do the agreement thing blah blah and when it is installing windows it gos to expanding files then an error code 0x80070017 pops up. so ther for i can't install windows vista.

what do i need to do to get this computer working agan?

maybe a step by step instructions?

please help thanks

A:installing new hard drive help please

How to use the restoration CDhttp://support.dell.com/support/topics/glo...lang=en&cs=

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Hi all, Please help the tyro!I have installed a new 30g HDD in my system as a Master. I want to install win98se on the drive. I set the computer to boot from the "A" drive with the styartup diskette. everything loads well and I get the "starting your computer" msg. Then I get the diagnostic tools loaded sucessfully to drive D, next, File not found. Then the A\>. I switch to D so I get D:> and type SETUP hit enter and get Bad command or file name. I have made new diskettes from original Win98se cd and am still not getting anywhere. What am I doing wrong?
Any help would be appreciated.

A:installing new hard drive

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